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Friday, December 31, 2010

JUAN MATA "My treasure is a ball that 'stole' from the final"

Has returned to take in hand the World Cup?
Once, while visiting Valencia, although sleep with her as I was lucky to make the plane back in South Africa I have for a lifetime.

"Hugging her?
Yes, we took turns the few colleagues, was the best sleep of my life.

What object in your home keeps the World Cup?
The medal, a couple of shirts, but my treasure is a ball in the end he 'stole' a ball boy just make Iniesta. Has screenprinted date selections, the stadium ... I understood that he had only ten scattered around the field and before the final will beep the referee went over to a guy who was behind the bench and took it. Then he came to ask me ... but I stuck it under her shirt and ran towards the middle.

What arrived safely?
Yes, a kit-man told me to look after him as his son ... and, boy, if you cared.

Also in 2010 the classification achieved with the Under-21 for the European ...
That was another nice experience. Fernando Hierro called me and told me he had thought of me and I gladly accepted, as Harvey (Martinez). Hopefully now we get a place in the Olympics and I called.

But they agree with the Euro 2012 ...
Yes, a month apart (laughs). If I could be in both events ... 2012 could even exceed what was experienced in 2010.

How is Valencia and the objectives to mark?
If the League had just now say that would meet the goal of being among the top four. We should be more regular and we know that we can be. The aim is that, although we can not wait to get the tie at Schalke 04 and we have high hopes of reaching as far as possible in the Copa del Rey.

'The Mouse' Ayala retires

Defender Roberto Ayala, with vast experience in Spain and Argentina's national team, announced his retirement from football after informing the leaders of the Racing Club of his country would not renew the contract with the club, which expires this Friday, sources said on Friday close to the player.

'The Mouse' Ayala, 37, played 115 official matches and scored seven goals for the national team between 1994 and 2007, a period in which he won the gold medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004 as a crowning achievement.

With white and blue shirt, the defender played the World Cup France 1998, Korea-Japan 2002 and Germany 2006, and is, after Javier Zanetti, Inter's Italian, the second most capped player has worn the jersey of the Argentina team.

Ayala came earlier this year to Racing Club, the team never had continuity, after a long career in European football. Debuted at Ferro Carril Oeste in 1992, two years later played one season in the River Plate and then went to Naples in Italy, his first club in Europe.

Change of scenery
In 1998 he was transferred to Milan and later moved to Valencia in Spain, where he played seven years and was chosen the best defense in the history of the club.

Ayala won the Spanish league in 2002 and 2004 with that institution, plus the UEFA Cup and European Super Cup in the last season.

In 2007, Villarreal bought his card but gave it to Zaragoza, where he played three years, suffered a demotion and returned to the First Division, all before returning to Argentine football.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


The head office of the VCF sees the Espanyol as "a rival direct one"; wait to return to the team before the Raise.

David Navarro does not contemplate any surprise in the commitment on Sunday before the Espanyol and in fact only thinks about a victory that would permit to the team to move away to the Catalonian assembly of the leaving Champions League positions three points. "It is a matter of a very complicated party, is a rival direct one to which one must win yes or yes to distance him in three points that is a small mattress that would come us very well".

Besides, the head office of the Port of Sagunt sees the league encounter as a possibility to insert in the better possible way the return game before the Villarreal, that will be played next Thursday 6 of January. "A victory would be a point of motivation and of very good confidence for the qualifying round of Cup". The captain, that has been in the stand of the Generalitat and Valencia himself CF situated in Expojove, assures that accelerates its recovery to try to arrive at the derby before the Raise of the next week. "I am very well, coaching without inconveniences. I do it to the margin to do it stronger and to see if I can reappear against the Raise".

Without fear to the arrival of new head offices
 Navarro has valued positively the contracting of players for the defense as is the case of Adil Rami. "The competence is good, does better to the team, provided that being be as up to now, welcome be".


Albelda joins casualties to receive Espanyol Valencia

David Albelda was left yesterday at Caesar's low, Moya, Chori, David Navarro and Soldier, and it looks like it will not be able to play Sunday against Espanyol ... if in the end no match. Valencia midfielder has returned to acknowledge problems in his knee, after forcing his return to participate in the last game he played against Villarreal team, with the casualties was the coach.

Albelda suffered a major stroke in the joint synovium, which prevents you from working. Yesterday afternoon went to the Sports City, where he underwent treatment to continue in the coming days. All indications are that will not arrive in time to play against Espanyol. The rest of the players mentioned will be available either Unai Emery, in the case of Soldier through suspension, and the rest all through injury, while David Navarro is also suspended for accumulation of cautions.

Tino Costa arrived yesterday afternoon and did not train with their peers, due to the inconvenience and charged when he left for vacation, in this case following a small contraction. As regards Banega, did not participate in the morning session as a precaution, but it did in the afternoon a perfectly normal, so be ready to play again. The Argentine has spent the Christmas holidays in Valencia did not travel to their country, to recover, going to therapy every day at the Sports City with David Navarro, except 25 and 26.

The staff returned to work last Tuesday afternoon and yesterday there was a double session, and with all players entered. Caesar, absent the first day by having a hectic process, also joined the group to continue his recovery. Unai Emery has set today's workout for the evening.

Prices and schedules VCF - Schalke 04

"Stankevicius has given a lesson Mathieu"

What happened yesterday Stankevicius wrong with newsroom Paterna, but emerged victorious after facing the press in Castilian and without an interpreter. A lesson for Jeremy Mathieu, who has promised to resume their studies in Spanish at the time he left citing lack of time. Avoid missing more workouts and language problems.

"Stankevicius has given a lesson to Mathieu. It seems French presentable. A person who trains two hours a day can not make the excuse that they do not have time, "says José Ramón Alcocer, of the rock Llíria. Add to speak a language "is not a matter of time but will, and Stankevicius have it. "

José Miguel Peris, president of The Peladilla Casino, is more diplomatic: "For someone coming from another country, language is always difficult. " Moreover, the difference between the two footballers blames the way of being: "Mathieu looks like a quiet person; Stankevicius has a more open. "

But yes, the issue is non-sporting and should not be prime. At least is Eduardo Escartí, chairman of the rock Guillot, Waldo. "The most important thing is that both players speak in the field, although obviously the effort to learn the language is valuable. " In fact, this amateur thinks not know "may hurt the players, communication is crucial. "

Joaquín Navarro of the rock Yátova ensures that the players of this "always had an ability to learn languages. " Navarro, as Escartí, the players think they can affect this asymmetry. "To get along with peers or the referee is essential. "

The Lift-VCF will be played on 9 to 21 hours

Real Madrid matches and Levante-Villarreal-Valencia will be played on Sunday 9, while the Hercules, Atletico Madrid will be held on Monday 10.

- Schedules of the 18 th day of the First Division (Liga BBVA)
. Saturday, January 8, 2011
Malaga-Athletic Club 18:00
Real Sociedad-Sevilla 20:00
Deportivo Coruna 22:00 Barcelona (\ u00D7)
(\ u00D7) This match will be broadcast open

. Sunday, January 9
17:00 R. Mallorca-Almeria
At 17:00. Osasuna-Getafe
17:00 RCD Espanyol-R. Zaragoza
17:00 Racing Santander, Sporting Gijon
Real Madrid-Villarreal 19:00
Levante-Valencia 21:00
. Monday, January 10
21:00 Atletico Madrid Hercules

- Times of 19 th day of the second division (Liga Adelante)
. Friday, January 7
21:00 Villarreal 'B'-Granada
. Saturday, January 8
16:00 Nastic-R. Valladolid
18:00 Alcorcón-Recreativo
Cordoba 18:00 Ponferradina
18:00 Numancia-Las Palmas
18:00 Barcelona 'B'-Girona
Cartagena-Salamanca 18:00
18:00 Elche-Celta
. Sunday, January 9
12:00 Xerez-Rayo Vallecano
Huesca-Betis 17:00
Albacete 17:00 Tenerife Time (GMT).

'Nou Valencia' contest the last general meeting

Valencia Nou platform has announced in a statement that it has ratified today the demand for impeachment and social nullity of agreements reached at the annual general meeting of the organization held last November 20 and asked to be imposed judicially veto holding actions Valencia CF Foundation.

This platform consists of shareholders and supporters of the club, has already announced this week that Valencia CF has asked to convene an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to propose a social liability action against the former board of the club.

The legal address of the process has been entrusted to the firm that led the impeachment process of the agreement of social capital increase that took place in the summer of 2009 and became the Valencia CF Foundation "Valencia's parent company, reportedly in the statement announcing the appeal board.

"The aim of the platform 'Nou Valencia' aim is to neutralize the political rights of the foundation and that this opportunity to small shareholders to participate in the formation of social will of the Valencia CF-SAD", as shown in company spokesman notes that this platform, Andres Sanchis

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The Argentine returned without problems at work next to the group; is the offensive only middle that has Emery.

Éver Banega is recovered. After six days of rest, the staff of the VCF returned yesterday to the training in the sports complex of Paternal with the good news of the incorporation at work of the group of the mediocentro Argentine. The player has passed his holidays in Valencia and he has worked in Paternal these days for his put ready after being lost the two last commitments of the team by a swerve of ankle. Yesterday he had a test after the days of individual work, an exam that passed from positive form since could complete without problems the work next to its companions to the orders of Emery.

Some good news for the technician of the Valencia with a view toward the encounter before the Espanyol, that will be disputed on the 2 or 3 of January, once the conflict among the League of professional Soccer be resolved (LFP) and the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE). I find in which Emery will not be able to include the Tino Costa, with a muscular contraction, as well as with Manuel Fernandes, that already has abandoned the team and has gone to Turkey to be incorporated to the Besiktas. Éver Banega will be, therefore, the offensive only midfield player at the disposal of the coach of the Valencia for the important encounter before the Catalonian assembly in Mestalla, for which its presence is fundamental. In principle, the sensations of the Argentine player are positive and all aims at that if the evolution continues thus, will not have problems to be to the a hundred for a hundred in the encounter of Mestalla. Today the team will have a double session of work, that will also be fundamental to see the development of the ankle of the Argentine.

Banega was injured in a training in the left ankle after a blow with Feghouli, in the prior days to the last encounter of League before the Real Company, where no longer could play, and later itself did not recover the the away game of the quarterfinals of the Cup of the King before the Villarreal in Mestalla. To the player, that dragged pain, they were done him a series of tests that ruled out a wound of greater reach and themselves him diagnótico a swerve of light ankle. Banega has worked during the last days in Paternal, since was of holidays in Valencia, to advance its put ready. The Argentine trusts in forgetting in 2011 the wounds that have complicated up to now to yield to a good level in the team in recent months.

A player less in the nursing one of the Valencia, that still counts on the Coast Skill drops, the Chori Domínguez, David Navarro —que besides is guilty person— and the goalkeepers Cesar Sánchez and Miguel Angel Moyà, that will not be able to be in the next party. Will also be drop Roberto Soldado, that should rest before the Espanyol by sanction.


The Argentine has suffered a misfortune of the one that was reported the club; the Chori has arrived on the 11 hours.

Tino Costa has not arrived on time to the training of this morning but is predicted that yes be exercised in the predicted evening session by Unai Emery. So much he as the Chori Domínguez had permission of the club to be incorporated at work a day later but they have suffered some last minute misfortunes of the ones that was to the day the club.

The Chori, in fact, has arrived also late after to have landed in the airport of Manises on the 10 in the morning. The Argentine has gone directly to the sports complex of Paternal, arriving on the 11 hours, and immediately he has placed hands to the work in interior dependences to continue with its works of recovery, and the fact is that one should recall that at the beginning of December suffered a muscular break in Old Trafford.


The Lithuanian only thinks about the present and he assures that when the moment arrive "we will speak of the matter".

The Lithuanian defense Marius Stankevicuis, that plays in the Valencia yielded by the Sampdoria Italian, affirmed today that still is very quick to speak of its continuity in the club in the end of the season since the current campaign yet has not arrived at its half.

" When the moment arrive, we will speak of the matter and we will decide what be more convenient for all", indicated the Lithuanian player, that has participated in eight encounters of League, in which has scored a goal, but that cannot play with the team in the League of Champions upon impeding it to him the regulation of the UEFA.

Stankevicius is in the Valencia as yielded by the Italian club, although an option exists so that the player be put on file by the company of Mestalla.

With respect to its situation in the Valencia, team in which gradually he has begun to count for the technician, Unai Emery, Stankevicius recalled that was the last one in arriving at the team and that that complicated its possibilities of entering the alignments.

" Nevertheless, very well I was received by all the companions that have become a family for me. since the principle, the deal has been very easy and I am very thanked with the companions", indicated.

Also it affirmed that in these moments has the exclusive mind put of form in the party of League against the Espanyol of Barcelona.

" They are well and they have a lot of hunger of good results, but in the Valencia only we think about imposing our play and in trying to fight for the victory", concluded Stankevicius.


According to our sources are very interested in signing Emana (Betis player football) as of today, this is an operation where Unai has cleared and we found out yesterday but we did not publish because it was the Day of the Innocents and people would think it was a joke .-
We do not know if they sign the player because the Betis have economic problems but their "brown" economic have uncovered the issue of the strike and this has turned the surprise signing by the club che .-
We look forward to any circumstance partners .-

Vicente Mir: "Not only have Alcácer Isco and projection for the first team"

- What do you prefer Vicente Mir, which raise the Mestalla to Segunda B or climb to the first team players?
"At first the two things, but what is clear is that we are to train players and I would go up much more enthusiasm than three players that he ascended the team and not go up any player at Valencia, but the goal of Mestalla in the beginning was to play the promotion and I think that is something we have quite advanced, and as a second targetup to Segunda B ,but I have no doubt that we are here to train players . If the count Valencia next year with three players, not both and we all know who they are, but with one more, because I would be delighted.

- Three? Isco, Alcácer y. ..
"They Isco and Alcacer, but more, as Montoro, who is doing an exceptional year, Ivan Rubio, Carles Gil or Portuguese, I think they are players in the future have to be players of Valencia.

Valencia Foundation exceeds the sale of 11,000 shares

Valencia CF Foundation has surpassed the sale of 11,000 of the more than 44,000 shares of Valencia CF put up for sale last 20 days, which means it sold nearly twenty-five percent of the titles can be purchased.

So what sources said the foundation, who reported that a total of 933 persons have acquired 11,042 shares in eight business days of sale, the days from Monday 20 to Friday 24 and from Monday 27 to Wednesday 29.

These figures represent an average of 11.83 shares acquired by each buyer and the sale of a total of 1,380 titles sold each weekday and an income, so far, almost 625,000 euros.

To Tarsilo Piles, president of the Foundation VCF, these data are "very satisfactory because, in addition to demonstrating a good rate of sales, show that the profile of the buyer is the small shareholder", which is one of the priorities foundation in this process.

The sale price is 56'50 action? and those interested can purchase one hundred shares at any Bancaja office until next January 31 or until they run the 44,247 titles that have gone on sale for a total of 2.5 million euros.

Emery and Braulio want to 'sign' a Banega and Topal

Emery seems difficult to get him some reinforcements in January. Only provide for the hiring of a striker (a playmaker to be exact is what you would like the service) and only if it improves performance in that position Chori Mata and also it is good, nice and cheap. Since there is no easy task is urgent, the coaching staff, as well as Manuel Llorente and Braulio Vazquez, have another purpose of amendment for the new year: make the best version of Banega and Topal.

The Argentine has shown less commitment to work during Christmas every day (except 25 and 26). From the famous birthday dinner Emery, Banega has not returned to the same player be fixed with Argentina. The technician had several private talks Ever, but the performance of Tino and injuries have departed from the alignments. Manuel Llorente Emery delegated the task of directing the course of Ever-the president said that was a function of technical and non-apparel club control. Once recovered (yesterday and worked with the group) is Banega who must step forward in the field.

Who also awaits like a signing is to Topal. Turkish has cost more than expected to acclimate to the change of life and its role in the team has worn thin over the months. Mind still in Turkey and has not operated as if Tino Costa or in recent games Stankevicius. To do this both as Braulio Emery spoke before going on holiday with the player to know first hand why it does not perform as qualities to it.

No midfielder among the most used
Emery is a man for that position online and has played almost everything, except for midfielder as no specific player reach 700 minutes in the league. The five most used by the Basque are: Costa, Aduriz, Mata, Joaquín Soldier and over 950 'each. Then comes a second group that exceeded the barrier of 700 ': Caesar, Miguel Maduro, Mathieu and Alba. These are the eleven most frequently used by Unai and they do not see any midfielder. The injuries and suspensions, are responsible.

'Clarín' says Pochettino 'is in the plans' of Valencia

The newspaper "Clarín", the same group as the sports 'Olé', reported yesterday that the Espanyol coach, Mauricio Pochettino, "is in short-term plans of Sevilla, Atletico Madrid and Valencia. " The paper highlights Argentina's most prestigious technical projection, under the title "Pochettino is fashionable in Spain. " 'Clarín' indicates that 'popularity still further achieved by Josep Guardiola and Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho ... Argentina is reached in recent days, a place of privilege. "

The newspaper said the coach of 38 years began to emerge and gain a reputation in Spain after succeeds Espanyol Jose Manuel Esnal, Mané and get to avoid relegation "so almost miraculous. "

Among the merits which highlights the work of Pochettino at Espanyol is "the promotion of players. " The central exdefensa have debuted to 13 young players in the First Division. Players like Victor Ruiz central or the most offensive and Callejon Marquez submits to Espanyol has become one of the most competitive teams in the league, fifth, level on points with Valencia and 12 behind the leader.

'Bugler' adding that Pochettino was formed as a coach, mainly with Bielsa.


José Angel is back to shooting

The left side Sporting de Gijón, José Ángel Valdés, continues in the market and still throw for Valencia. Beyond the recruitment of French central Adil Rami Lille and the search for a striker to complement Aduriz Soldier and the technical secretariat of the club also works in the left lateral position. The proof is that black and whites have rated leaders in this market seriously winter to negotiate with the esportinguistas to become one of the new pearl of the pool of dizziness.
The clause is José Angel in the Principality club is 18 million euros and the Spaniard player's contract expires in June 2014. However, the Sporting is willing to let the player leave for an amount much lower. The red and white body needs to settle accounts and the left lateral position has more than covered it with two players of great renown, by José Angel and Roberto Canella. With this background esportinguista president, Manuel Vega-Arango, has priced the player at three million euros.

Until a few days the Valencia has thought to address that amount or negotiate a discount through the transfer of some of the lesser-used players by Unai Emery in the first four months of competition. However, earlier this week and it was assumed the acquisition of Jose Angel for Malaga for that amount of three million. The Malacitana quadrupling the tab that is on the side Sporting Gijon but the club backed down under pressure from the fans contrary yogurina and apologizing to the fact that the player had not publicly stated his desire to leave the Molinón.

The obvious conclusion is that Valencia are looking to market a left-back and the refusal of Sporting to close the deal with the causes Málaga José Ángel remains one of the preferred options for strengthening the demarcation. The technical secretariat of the Mestalla club hunts for a left side to improve the defensive performance so far has shown the Frenchman Jérémy Mathieu.

This gem should be in the orbit of Valencia.CF and materialize before the coming of another team, as happened with Diego Castro has apparently already bespoken with Getafe's Angel Torres and the military to next season Michel orders .-
We are there to wake up the Valencia BALLS .-

Valencia Sailing offer

Carlos Vela, Arsenal's young Mexican striker has been offered to Valencia, as well as other Spanish clubs in the top of the standings, as is the case of Villarreal, Sevilla, Espanyol and Atletico Madrid. The Aztec attacker wants to relaunch his career after failing to get links to English football, where this season has added only four appearances in the Premier League competition.

Valencia, like Sevilla, are quite aware of the situation of the player. Carlos Vela is a lefty playmaker, able to play as second striker and even as an end, noted for his speed and technical quality. Yes, his physique is light. The Mexican measures 1.72 m. and weighs 71 kilograms. Vela fits the profile of forward looking for the technical secretariat of the VCF. A very fast player and deadly on the counterattack.

However, there are other alternatives on the market at the moment, convinced most Braulio Vazquez and the coaching staff headed by Unai Emery. That is the case with French art Kevin Gameiro Lorient, who in addition to providing mobility and speed in the offensive game highlighted by a clear killer instinct. Gameiro is placed among the best strikers in the French Ligue 1, which has scored eight goals in 17 games of the competition.

As for Carlos Vela, the technical secretariat of the player manages positive reports on the stage in which Javier Subirats was the technical secretary of the institution Mestalla. Before even that the Mexican had just calling in London with Arsenal just 16 years from Club Deportivo Guadalajara. Until May 28, 2008 the player was unable to obtain a work permit in England and therefore the team coached by Arsene Wenger gave Spanish Sailing teams. The young man stood in Salamanca and, above all, in the Osasuna where he scored 33 Premier League games.

The player and the player's environment have fond memories of his time in Spain and consider that the Liga game is ideal for international Aztec again offer its best version. Vela is a player who will not fit the English game, which avoids the crash. However, following their development teams have no doubt of its quality and projection. Arsenal's intention is to transfer it to the tune that revolves around seven million euros. Even Espanyol have given the assignment to a future purchase option.

I do not really think of it, this player was at Osasuna in Pamplona and was the best team pinko, a pure strain that only really need a coach to retrieve it, as happens to Chori, so, with better Unai that does not come, if you pull and put out a good psychologist .-

'Valencia Experience' will pay five million Valencia

The company S.L. Product Management Council has been ordered to pay five million euros for Valencia Football Club for breaching the contract signed in December 2007 for the promotion of Valencia Experience Foundation, a brand that wore the club's equipment in the 1908-2009 campaign.

According to the ruling of the Commercial Court No. 1 Valencia, which had access EFE, is considered consistent with the law the unilateral termination of contract by the Valencia Football Club, which became effective in September 2008 for failure "radical" of committed payments.

It also states that Product Management Council "has not addressed the timing of the monetary obligation (six million euros) on the terms committed" and gave no guarantees to ensure payment to the Mestalla club.

Moreover, the decision as a "nonsense" that the firm ordered to "Pretend that Valencia had to wait for the chronological expiration of the contractual relationship where there is no guarantee of recovery, because the first payment was missed and not delivered guarantees. "

The judge has not appreciated by the negligence of the directors of Valencia, whose teams wore sportswear with the sign "Valencia Experience. "

The payment of money committed by the sponsor was six million, but since the club finally got a contract with a third party who paid a million, the amount claimed and eventually upheld by the court is five million.

In addition, the firm defendant must pay interest accrued legal for the amount due from the date of filing the initial claim (November 12, 2008) to complete payment of the debt and also must deal with legal costs.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The holandñes radiates happiness next to its girlfriend Stephanie and in a club and in a city that also they court him.

Before beginning I give again the thanks by opening to SUPER the doors of his house… Good, there is not more than seeing in his smile the happy thing that is found in Valencia.
—Sinceramente, I am very happy… Good the two we are very happy. My girlfriend is with me at home in a city that I love and I am managing to play enough minutes in a club as the Valencia. He is to be happy.

—Llegó to Valencia of the Ajax in winter of the course 2007/2008 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 2007/2008 end_of_the_skype_highlighting with 22 years. A year and a half of contract remains him, ¿but for how much time would remain here?
—Me would remain here, in Valencia, for always. The Valencia is a great club, the Spanish League is of the better of the world, I am comfortable in the team… Besides, i like the city a lot, the people and I am comfortable with Stephanie, my girlfriend, and to her also him likes.

—¿Qué such the days of Christmas?
—Fantástico, is always pretty when you are with the family. I have passed these days in Holland with my parents and other members of my family.

—¿Le imports to present a little to Stephanie? She has passed the festivals with Mature in Amsterdam?
—Ella is of California, but already he lives eight years in Spain and he speaks perfectly. In the end he has remained in Valencia next to his parents, but there is not you doubt that some day we go for there of visit.

—¿Hay many differences between the Spanish tradition and that of his country?
—No too many, are some festivals to be with the family and to rest. Good there to the children the gifts San brings them Nicolas, although already was December 5. For example, we do not eat the grapes, only we offer for good things for the future and we do a little festival. The main difference is the cold and the snow (laughters).

—Para to avoid the cold has always Aruba, the Island of the Caribbean of where is its father, ¿each how much time visit the place?
—(risas) The truth is that yes. There it does more sure heat, but now was a trip of few days and to go to Aruba one must pass nine hours in the airplane. In Aruba I have my aunt and uncle, aunts, prime and cousins. It does two or three years I was there.

—Pasemos to the soccer; because, aside from by to have found the love, also he is very I please by his year 2010 in the Valencia. What balance does of these 12 months?
—El balance is good, has been a year in which I have played enough parties. To level of team we classify us third parties it passed season and, thanks to it, now we are playing the Champions League. In the League we are the rooms, we continue with life in the League of Champions and in the Cup of the King. For the Valencia has been a positive year this 2010.

—Y I Mature… as usual; at the beginning does not enter the theoretical onces and then finishes playing more than many that leave with the placard of holders.
—Yo I am happy with what I contribute to the team because in the end i like to help. For a footballer is very difficult to play in different positions. Each place is different with a different mission and one must have a different rhythm. I have finished the year playing five parties in the half a field and I find me a lot better with rhythm and my position in the middle.

—Durante 2010 the coach, Unai Emery, has him placed as an example of constancy for its companions of team. I suppose that is to be proud…
—Siempre I want to help the team and when we win, I also win. Then, the first thought is the team. That is clear, but also I should think about me, in improving. I have only 25 years. Normally, the players that can play in various places are men of 30 ó 33 years. I already have acquired experience in various places, but is the constant moment to be in a demarcation.

—¿Qué would tell him those people that thinks that I Mature is not a valid player for the Valencia?
—Pues that there are the figures so that they see them and that I play in the selection of Holland, that is not a team any, is the runner-up of the world. I am a valid player or, I do not know, all the coaches that have had owe of are lunatics… OR is it the people that criticizes me without wanted to see the reality. My problem is that when is played in many positions is easier than they thinking of one. Now I have managed to play in the half a field with more regularity and that is better for me and so that the people can speak with more criterion and have of course I Mature is a midfield player.

—Siempre says it, he can help the team where the míster require it, but his demarcation is ´stopper´.
—Claro, by my multivalence I am unique. What another player in Valencia can play of head office, mediocentro or lateral? Neither one, neither one. I am to help the team always, but personally for a player him more positive is to be adapted and to have continuity in a position.

—Quizá value him themselves more he was that at home… is evident Me that teams of Germany, Italy or other Spaniards have been interested in you.
—Sí, me followed by many countries… important Teams in Germany, also in Italy, Spain and some English club. What has played in my against is the image, that the people has not seen me in a fixed position with constancy and it more important for the player is to coach each day in a position and to play there. In 2011quiero to center me in winning me a place in a demarcation because I want to improve in it personnel also.

—¿Qué more asks to the future in the year 2011?
—Jugar many parties. I have the illusion to play in the half a field and, of course, to comply the objectives of the team, to remain us among the first four to play again the Champions the next campaign and to win a title. The League already is very difficult, but there is the Cup of the King. The League of Champions is a very complicated tournament, but we cannot renounce anything, we should compete.

—¿No there would be that to give him more value to the Cup of the King? The League is thing of Madrid and Barça…
—Sí, we have to give him a lot of value. The Cup is important and is an official title. Besides, the team also wants to offer a very good image in Europe, we are among the better 16 teams of the continent. Now we play with Schalke 04 and we have the opportunity to win them and to place us among the eight better.

—Qué injures not to have earned to the Villarreal in Mestalla and to go to The most tranquil Madrigal, ¿how does he see the qualifying round?
—Fue a grief because we had many occasions at home for to have earned with comfort. Nevertheless, the result is not evil, one must mark in Despicable-Real and we will complicate them a lot of the things because they could not do a goal in Mestalla… Any tie is worth us to continue alive.

—Un objective personal for the year that approaches will be to be in the Eurocopa 2012; above all, after returning to the Holland of they Go Marwijk after the World one.
—Es another motive of happiness. I am with the selection and playing very well in the half a field. The truth is that I am growing. It touches me to show that I can maintain me in this good moment and to continue improving.

—Continuemos with Holland, ¿what told him Afellay when asked him counsel on his suitors?
—Ibrahim wanted to come to Spain. For its form to play, by the systems, since my point of view, the best was Valencia or Barcelona. I told him that here, with us, was going to have more options to play. In the Barcelona considers before a lot players of great talent: Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Pedro… In I tempted that came here, because is a to play with a lot of quality, young and remained free, but the Barça was a very hard competitor also in the economic thing.

—¿Hay a good opinion of the Valencia in his country?
—Sí, in Holland there are two Spanish teams that are darlings: Barcelona and Valencia. Perhaps they agree of Hiddink, of the offensive play…El Barça has a philosophy seemed to the Dutch school of the sound and the 4-3-3. That it is the typical system there, I played it all my life.


With the visit of the Espanyol in doors, the technician will cause he will work to the team on the 1; the return; on the 28 in the afternoon.

The black and white staff barely will be able to celebrate the new year's Eve because of the league encounter that has on the 2 in Mestalla set against the Espanyol. Unai Emery will permit that its even boarders that affectionate evening with family and friends, but will not be condescending at the moment of to work in New Year. With the blue and white visit to 36 hours view, the technician has planned a morning session in the sports complex for January 1.
That of Hondarribia he has ruled out the possibility to delay the training of first from year in the afternoon by various motives. The main one he is that the members of the team have more room to maneuver the previous night and there be some unpleasant start.

The recommendations of the technical body for the holidays of Christmas are also quite strict. All the players were carried home a work plan that requested them that they avoided the copious foods and the excessive consumption of the alcohol. The ideal thing, although is somewhat impossible to control, would be that the footballers barely will test the typical Christmas candies and they avoided possible the maximum thing to the toast with champagne.

It will be the scale the one that determine what degree of responsibility they have had the members of the staff these days. The first thing that will do the boarders of Emery to their return to Paternal, the next day 28 to the 18:00, will be to be weighed and to verify if they have earned some kilogram during the week of rest of the one that are enjoying since the sorrow waiter before the Villarreal.

The main news to the return of Christmas should be the physical improvement, beyond the three Argentine, of people as Albelda, Guaita, Caesar, Mature or Moyà. The current unemployment is fancied pure oxygen for that of It Populates Llarga, who carries weeks with inconveniences in the knee, as well as for the Dutchman and that of Picassent, who they finished Tuesday with muscular overloads. As for the other two goalkeepers, they are receiving processing during holidays and they would be able to return in conditions to confront the final section of the recovery of their respective wounds.


The team has planned the week leaving from the official schedule; Tino and the Chori return tomorrow of Argentina.

The Valencia coached again after its holidays of Christmas to prepare the next party of League, although without know if against the Espanyol will play Sunday 2 or Monday 3 as a result of the differences among the League of professional Soccer (LFP) and the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE).

The first session after the holidays included the absence of the Argentine Tino Costa and Alejandro "Chori" Domínguez that will begin to work tomorrow to its return of the holidays in its country, while David Albelda, with a problem in to the knee, worked with precautions in the morning day of today.

So much Chori Domínguez as the goalkeepers Cesar and Moyà will be drop for the next party by wound, just like David Navarro, that is injured and guilty person, and Roberto Soldado, that should rest before the Espanyol by sanction.

The Valencia will coach again tomorrow and will do it in double session, while Thursday will do it in evening session before closing the year with a morning session in day of on the 31.

For Monday day 1 is predicted that the team work in the morning, from the 11,30, in which will be the last session prep school that the club has set officially before the first party of the year.

To the wait of the resolution to the situation stirred up before the positions found between the LFP and the AFE on the first party of the year, the Valencia maintains the official schedule of the encounter, set for Sunday 2 at ten o'clock at night.


The VCF trusts in which Tino Costa have French passport in March; the double one nacioidad of Banega will delay more.

Last summer the Valencia CF predicted that for this next month of January would be able to obtain the common passport of two of its Argentine players: Tino Costa and Éver Banega. Nevertheless, the paperwork in this type of questions causes delays and that, consistently, the forecasts change. Now the club trusts in which Tino Costa can obtain the French nationality in a time limit from three to four months. It of Banega still will delay slightly more than time. The main consequence is that will be from the next campaign when both to stop occupying plaza of non-EU players.

In the Tino Costa case, the former player of the Montpellier has the roles completely in order and he has delivered him to the administrative authorities. Nevertheless, remainder that the prefectura French give the seen good in these last procedures before the midfield player can swear the Constitution of the neighboring country. To do it before January 31, the Valencia would be able to change its license to common in the LFP (League of Professional Soccer), although in the VCF no longer counts on that possibility and is understood that will be, approximately, in the middle of March when Tino be French to all the effects.

To obtain the French nationality are necessary five years living in France. Costa has been six years since 2004 in which he has played in Paris, Pau, Sète and Montpellier. Because of it, the mediocentro already counts in its power with the letter of residence, indispensable to give the following step toward the nationality. One should recall that once obtain it, next to the common passport, will be able to be selected by Laurent Blanc for ´Them Bleus´, if before has not debuted with Argentina.

In turn, with Éver Banega the Valencia considers that will have to expect a little more than time. To be a Spaniard a latin-American, as is the case of Éver, should reside at least two years in Spain before can be done cash the double nationality. Éver debuted in the League BBVA January 13, 2008 set against the Athletic one of Madrid after to be put on file of Mouth Juniors. Soon they will comply three years, but the procedures began later. Since the cabinet of representation of the player they expect that "for January be all the roles in order". Nevertheless, it would lack the okey final of the authorities and to the Valencia does not remain him material time.

If, as it is foreseen, Tino Costa and Éver Banega are common in March and before summer, respectively; the Valencia will include the two as common in the next season, the 2011/2012. A condition, that of common, that already has the third one Argentine of the team, Chori Domínguez, that counts on Italian passport


He expects that the possible suspension of the day be solved; wants to the VCF fighting in the three competitions Joaquín Sánchez has appeared in the first press conference after the return of the team of the holidays. The from Cadiz conciliator with the situation of threat was shown to be remained without soccer January 2 and that the LFP decide to suspend the entire day.

"All the parts are mounted in the ship, by good of all I expect that an agreement be reached, without dramatizing and without they be produced scandal". For Joaquín, "we are crossing a difficult moment in the soccer and in other many aspects but inside the bad thing we cannot complain because if you these badly sure that always there is someone that can be worse than you", indicated the extreme one valencianista.

On the position of the captain valencianista of what day to play against the Espanyol, "to me, personally it is all the same to me to play Sunday or Monday. I believe that we are professionals and we have to play the day that tell us, but what is important is that be fixed this matter and that both parts leave benefited", he insisted.

He wants to fight for all
As objectives for the next year, Joaquín he considers that the things are being done well, for which "we want that the Valencia be where all we want, that all we contribute what we have and that the team is fighting for which now we have among hands: It ties, Cup and Champions ", concluded


Through the Spanish actor Jordi Molla, American actor and millionaire John Travolta made famous by the movie "Carrie"by Stephen King and "Saturday Night Fever"but the version of "Grease " Jesus Christ Superstar with the approval of Camilo Sexto Rome Valencia.CF Foundation has been bought by the actor in play .-
Everyone knows that John Travolta is compulsive gambler, alcoholic and with gusts Sexomano ....... so as have had a dialogue with George Clooney and Richard Gere, who are Buddhists and members of the congregation of the Greater Dalai Lama Tibet to make a good in the world before 2012 where Tibetans say that disappears the world as we know it .-
According to sources close to the actor, John Travolta was a terrible depression and after smoking a "fly", be a colony of Carlos "Love"and listen to "La Macarena" saw a man clapping in a football field and learned that it was Uni and team coaching Mestalla clapping all the time and decided to purchase the Foundation .-
What else will happen ?......., friends do not know .-

Monday, December 27, 2010


The Portuguese coincided it passed campaign with the Moroccan in the Lille; the press considered them of the better double.

Ricardo Costa is one of the players of the staff of the Valencia that better knows to Adil Rami. The Portuguese head office coincided it passed season with the Moroccan rear in the Lille, where the black and white player played yielded six months, before saturating this summer in the VCF. Then it did a good duo with Rami, that would be able to repeat the next campaign in the assembly of Mestalla.

"When a good player arrives at a club, is always good news. In this case, if the acquisition is confirmed of Rami by the Valencia, I think that is some good news, is an excellent defense and an important associate", assured the Portuguese, that commented that it passed campaign in the French assembly did "a good double one" with the one that will be its companion in Valencia the next campaign. In fact, Ricardo Costa indicated that the French press recognized, him and to Rami, as "one of the better defenses of the championship in the second return" of the competition in France. "If Rami puts on file by the Valencia, should do the same thing that I when put on file, to respect the players that already are here, because all they have a great quality. I believe that is the opportunity of their life for Rami, to arrive at a club as the Valencia", added the defense of the team of Unai Emery.

"I liked the Lille, is a good club, but Valencia is a step ahead the career of a player. Rami is an excellent player, very physical, but with a great margin of improvement and to which him does not he be going to result very difficult to be adapted to the team. In this club, all the players that take in serious the professionalism, they do not have problems of adaptation. And Rami, also, since I know that is a great professional", he assured Ricardo Costa, on the characteristics of the Moroccan and his adaptation to the team with a view toward the next season.


Liverpool and Tottenham have asked for the castellonense, that praises the level of the Premier and admits to feel anxiety in the Valencia Pablo Hernández. Forward of the Valencia

Pablo Hernández he is found on the road toward his better state of form in a season that for the moment he turns out to be a little irregular for him. He started well, showing a good level, doing goals and returning to the assemblies of Vicente of the Forest in the national selection. But the rotations of Unai Emery and the good performance of Joaquín they carried to the castellonense to the stool, place in which he feels uncomfortable. Coinciding with the end of the year, has offered again his better face and is impelled in maintaining the ascending line to recover the ownership. Nonconforming and ambitious, itself does not close the doors to a possible exit of the Valencia if does not vary its role. It aspires to be an important footballer inside the staff, for that reason be not resigned to star in sporadic apparitions.

-They arrived at the winter stop, ¿which would be its personal balance?

-Well. It could be better if to have played more, but is also certain that remains a lot of season in front and I continue working to change the situation.

-¿He believes that he deserves more minutes?

-Normal. It is what desires every footballer. I was playing, the things turned out well me, had managed to return to the selection and suddenly to stopped doing it.

-¿It influences that lack of minutes in its irregular performance?

-To be to a good level you need parties, continuity, and if it do not have is difficult. When you are not playing and an opportunity arrives you want to do it all in a single party and that anxiety damages you and does that do not turn out well you.

-I see him uncomfortable...

-In the Champions and in the Cup of the King I am playing more, in the League, nevertheless, not so much. But I have to be tranquil and when itself present the opportunity, to try to take advantage of. Already I have shown what I can do and I dedicate me to work to be each better day.

-In some occasion he has complained that himself him he is not measured like to other companions. He feels discriminated in that sense?

-Good... he Is normal that be not happy when do not play, because he is what we want to do all. At times heat you a little because want to play more, but he does not pass from there. Never I have sought excuses to justify me.

-¿How the future be planted?

-Is very quick to think about nothing that be not the present. It remains a lot of season in front and right now only plant me to continue working to recover the importance that desire inside the team.

-¿Wants to be felt important?

-Of course. Always I have said it. I have considered me thus during the last years, because I have played a lot, my actions with the team served me to arrive at the selection and, obviously, are achievements that cause they feel you you important.

-¿It has the sensation that has lost prominence?

-During the first part of the season all was well, with the team and with my return to the selection. From then to today it has not been the same thing because I have passed to a flat second, I am not being holder and that does that have smaller prominence.

-¿It be planted to abandon the Valencia?

-That is something that do not think right now. Three years they remain me more than contract and today for the present me nothing plant on the matter. Passed through situations seemed in other occasions and always I have shown that I can play and I have finished doing it.

-They assure me that I has come the possibility to leave contemplate. Is certain?

-In these moments I do not think about that, but is also true that do not I want to be thus an entire year and if this is the role that am going to have in the future of course would present me other things. Nevertheless, my intention now is to work, because I know that I am qualified to be again fixed in the team.

-Recently it signed with IMG so that carry its representation. It did it with a business contrasted so that seek him alternatives of future?

-Not. it Does some time I broke the professional relation with my old representative and after being a time without having another I have signed with IMG. But it I have not done so that seek any exit.

-¿He likes the Premier League?

-Yes. Along with the Spaniard, is the most important league and the one that possesses a greater level.

-In the last parties him has been seen a higher level, what shows the importance to have continuity, ¿truth?

-Is fundamental. As I said before, if do not you play habitually and it a day ago want that leave you all perfect. Not one must put nervous, because wanted to show more than what cannot help. The haste one must leave to one side and to be tranquil.

-In the party of Cup set against the Villarreal him was seen contradicted when was replaced. The change displeased him?

-Just then yes, because when you have few minutes want to take advantage of to the maximum. He was playing well, I got a chance of goal of course I did not manage to transform, but something inside me told me that was going to obtain it. When the replacement is produced do not you like. It is normal, because you want to help, but then passes the annoyance.

-¿It was that the party in which the Valencia exhibited its better play of the season?

-Yes, is possible that yes. We presented again the encounter with a different system to which we utilize habitually, the same as we did in that of League also against the Villarreal, and turned out well us. We had more possession, we ran more than they and the fact can be that yes that have been the best party up to now.

-Pity that did not obtain any advantage, ¿is not certain?

-Yes, above all because we deserved it. We enjoy very clear opportunities for to have acquired an important income with a view toward the encounter of return. But the soccer has these things. Other times you play worse and nevertheless various marks goals.

-¿How does he see the decisive encounter of the qualifying hostess in The Madrigal?

-Difficult. Sure. Nevertheless, when do not you manage to win in the away game the best result is the tie without goals. If we do them one in its sure field that we will complicate them the qualifying round. When we visit them in the League already we show that we are qualified.

-¿The Cup of the King is the perfect alternative so that the Valencia can opt to a title this season?

-Yes. Is a very tempting competition. We were champions does little time and would be very pretty to win it again again. Already they remain less teams and we are going to try to arrive as far away as possible.

-¿And in the Champions League?

-Is the most difficult tournament, by the highest level that have all the teams. Never is simple, but already we are in the quarterfinals and we are going to continue fighting with the same illusion and desires that we have done him in the first phase.

-¿It benefits the Valencia not to be among the favorite?

-It is possible, it do not I know... right now we are already among the sixteen better and I believe that is to be felt proud. We have seen that the team has given a good level in complicated fields and before rival large, as in Manchester, and although we know that is going to be complicated we do not renounce anything.

-¿Is a motivation extra the presence of Jury and above all Raúl in the Schalke 04?

-Not, but for which it has been in Spain, a footballer that has passed to the history, is always pretty to be faced him. It will turn out to be rare me me to to see it with the undershirt of a foreign team, but is a pride to play against a footballer thus.

-¿What opinion has of Raúl?

-Therefore that is a player that forms part of the history of the soccer for everything that has done. Only he has lacked to obtain titles with the Spanish selection, therefore to level of clubs he has earned him all. Now he is showing in Germany the great footballer that is. All we have him as reference by being humble and exemplary.

-Although seem accessible, not one must give credit of the German teams, ¿eh?

-Not, not, at all, always they are very dangerous and when is among the sixteen better is because is a matter of a great team, that besides has been classified like first in its group. The German soccer, to the margin that have greater or smaller quality, is based a lot in the physical thing. They are hard, strong footballers, and not one must confront the qualifying round with any type of confidence.

-¿Optimistic with respect to the ending that can be produced?

-Will be a pretty qualifying round. Myself am convinced that if we play our level we will pass to rooms of end. I have the maximum confidence in the team and in all the companions.

-¿Is a grief not to be able to opt to the title in the Spanish League?

-Yes, the truth is so therefore this season very is being seemed to the past. The two most powerful teams seems that they go escaping already, because they are a step by in front of the remainder, and is very complicated to compete with them.

-¿It discourages that so much difference exist?

-Not. what we should cause is to forget us of them and to fight for our initial objective. From there, if there are possibilities to be near of both and to fight for other things, we will try to take advantage of.

-¿Can be more expensive this season the classification for the next edition of the Champions?

-It seems that can have more fights, but I trust fully in the team and I am sure that we are going to obtain him.

-¿He would sign now to arrive far away in the continental tournament and to be champion of the Cup of the King?

-Yes, he would be well


The Basque has not given continuity to a block in all the course. The VCF has presented onces different in the 25 official sorrows

Each black and white alignment is unique and unrepeatable. Above all in which goes of season, since Unai Emery has not wanted or has not had the opportunity to present a same one eleven in two different encounters. Wounds, sanctions and the own technical changes have caused that the Valencia have gone mutating constantly its physiognomy in the 25 official commitments that has disputed up to now in the 2010/11.
In previous years already was done difficult to find a fixed block. But it is that the Basque coach has exagerrateded still more its innate tendency to the changes along the last months. Pure nerve, as is he, has sought imaginative solutions in every moment. Thus, for example, surprised in the Camp Nou with Banega of mediapunta and Mathieu of interior; when put Miguel of left winger in The Madrigal; and likewise, although already in the last minutes, upon situating to Dealbert as mediocentro set against Osasuna.

Emery not alone innovates at the moment of to concoct each one of the alignments. Also draw them. To three different drawings there they are employee the black and white: the 4-2-3-1 of head, the 4-4-2 propped up by Soldier and Aduriz, and the 3-4-3 anti-Villarreal.

The multiple physical problems suffered by the staff have helped a lot that nobody be capable to recite an eleven of the Valencia in succession. The wounds have been baited even with the entrance, a position normally given to the preservation of the status quo. So much Caesar, regular at the beginning of campaign, as their punctual replacements, Guaità and Moyà, they have had that to pass before or later, more or less time, by the nursing one. Banega and David from Navarre, other two of the called footballers to include a role protagonist in the team, they have arrived at Christmas already with almost two months of drop to their backs.

The Basque technician has had that to switch his plans in more than one opportunity by disciplinary motives. Aside from internal questions, like the one that affected to Éver after the birthday of the technician, various players have been lost some that another collision by sanction. The last one affected was Albelda and the next one will be Soldier, although also passed through a situation seemed Stankevicius, Topal or that of the Port of Sagunt.
In the meantime movement, the unique that have left in the photo of no eleven league have been Dealbert, Isco, Feghouli and Alcácer. The clear-algerian one and the jovencísimo forward of Torrent, is more, it they have not done neither in the other two official competitions: Cup of the King and League of Champions.

Mention aside deserves Chori Domínguez. The Argentine barely has formed in the eleven six times in which he goes of season, but four of the same have been in the maximum continental tournament. Two before the United; was in Old Trafford where was injured when jelled its better action in the Valencia.


Stankevicius knew its countryman Javtokas in an encounter organized by Superdeporte.

"And you, ¿how much you measure?", asks Marius Stankevicius to Robertas Javtokas upon being known. And the fact is that to the defense of the Valencia a lot of the attention called him the height of the center of the Power Electronics. "My wife always tells me that I am very high", the footballer with its countryman joked. Both they arrived this summer to Valencia and SUPER he did of celestino so that they could be known. "It is pretty to be able to speak with someone in Lithuanian", they commented after melting their hands upon being greeted. Later already the moment to exchange arrived the phone numbers and to be summoned to court to attend the box of Mestalla and to that of the Fonteta, respectively, and to be followers the one of the other. "Little by little we are going to know as the people, what is important is that we have will in knowing us and to be able to come to the parties of basketball and that come see soccer to Mestalla", he indicates Stankevicius, to which its friend Blankets Kalnietis —jugador Lithuanian of basketball— already had spoken him of Javtokas and even had tried him to put in contact with him.

"I like a lot the soccer, I do not play, but provided that the basketball permits I go it me to Mestalla to see the Valencia", assures the center of the Power Electronics, that dares to give its opinion on its new friend: "I am not a professional of the soccer, only a simple fan. I have gone to any Mestalla time this season, but I have not been able to see him to play, although if that I have seen him in other occasions and I think that is a good player, he is in a great team as the Valencia, one of the strong teams in Europe. In Lithuania he is one of the few important football players. They are few the Lithuanian players that leave to play other leagues and they are very popular". "I also know him as basketball player. We are of the same country —bromea—. Now I do not see a lot of basketball, but if invites i to the building I will come to see the Power Electronics —risas—, me like the sport and to see a building with many people, but me likes more to play that to see basketball. When Zalgiris won the Euroliga —en 1999—, I was about 17 years old, was very enthusiastic, sufría with the team… but later I opted for the soccer", comments Stankevicius.

Lithuania is a small north country of Europe. Between Siauliai and Kaunas, separated by some 150 kilometers, and with a year and three months of difference, they were born Javtokas and Stankevicius. A country, considered one of the cradles of the European basketball, and where as opposed to Spain, the sport king is the basketball: "The basketball in Lithuania is more important and for now is the sport number one. I since small played the soccer in the school with a friend. Since small i have liked the soccer, although also I have played the basketball, even saw more basketball than soccer in the television with the friends", indicates the defense of the VCF. "As the footballer I see a very different structure, in Spain there is a lot of fondness also to the bàsquet, but the soccer is an insanity. I believe that even there is more passion by the soccer in Spain that by the basketball in Lithuania. The soccer in Lithuania is growing, I think that can have a good future", adds. For the center of the Power, that says that in its case the election when was small between soccer and basketball was conditioned by its height, the environment in the infancy is decisive: "Depends a little the friends, the family… the environment in which you grow since small. There are children that play soccer and other that play the basketball. My parents are large, like I, and my mother he played the bàsquet and since small always we have played the basketball, so much I eat my brother… but if that there are children that play the soccer in Lithuania, although not so many as in Europe".
For the time being, both qualify his professional experiences in Valencia as positive. With a dream in common as is to win a title, they work each day to obtain it. "We are very happy to play in the Euroliga, as well as the Valencia play the League of Champions. We have a new coach and we are beginning play well, better and better and I think that he is good for the city that the two teams are playing in Europe, also the team of female basketball —en the Ros Casares also there is a countryman its, Agne Abromaite—. I think that Valencia has a great sports level". In turn, to the defense of the Valencia he would like to repeat the successes of it passed season with the Seville in the Cup of the King: "I had a great experience last year in Seville. My first title in Spain, was very important for my and I have did very happy, caused grew me as the player and like person. It is a competition that excites me and i would like to win it again with the Valencia".

Since its arrival to Valencia, both have been acclimated perfectly to the city. Both they have had the opportunity to do ´tourism´ and they coincide in indicating the Oceanográfic and the Biopark as the most visited places, above all "by the children", like aims the footballer, that their countryman is watchful that what more he liked they were the "sharks. It impressed me because I could see him very closely. He was a very pretty experience". Upon listening his words, the Lithuanian center he began to reir and later he explained to Stankevicius, that to they nickname him the shark —incluso carries tattooed one in his arm— because was born in the month that in Lithuania is that of the fish, so positions to elect a fish, "I elected the shark".

These Christmas time, they will have a different celebration. Javtokas will pass the festivals away "for the first time in many years, although my family to Valencia comes", while Stankevicius travelled after the encounter of Cup before the Villarreal to Italy to be with relatives and friends during the holidays: "I like a lot to be all together on the table, speaking, noting the family close". Two Lithuanians, two top-level sportsmen that succeed in Valencia, in two Valencian teams and that were known through SUPER… from now on, two new friends for always.

Friday, December 24, 2010


The canarian says that in Spain "Barça and Madrid they have an important advantage" and that in England the fight is more open.

David Silva, Spanish footballer, of the Manchester City, considers that the Premier League is "more entertained and pleasant" that the Spanish League, since there are more teams involved in the fight to be done with the title.

In statements to the web page, Silva indicates that "the Barcelona and the Real Madrid are going well, and they have consolidated an important advantage", while in England "there is a harder fight" in the first positions of the board. "You would be able to have any number of teams approaching the higher. This does that be a mild and more entertained league", the canarian says, that put on file for the City originating in the Valencia.

The international Spaniard recognizes in the interview that cost certain time to be adapted to the soccer and to the life in England, but that in these months he has begun be felt better, as the two trophies of player of the month obtained show it recently. "I have adapted, but him due a lot to my companions, because they helped me to accelerate the process", Forest says, that emphasizes that "the parties in England are very competitive; many teams can embitter you the life, what represents a great challenge".

The City could have celebrated Christmas in the higher of the board for the first time since the year 1929, but the rout at home set against the Everton for 1-3 frustrated once more to the "blues".

The rout arrived in a party played in temperatures below zero and the local press criticized the team -that has many players originating in hotter latitude- of be not capable of maintaining the level in the hardest circumstances of the English north winter.

Silva rejects you criticize them: "It did a lot of cold when we play our last party to residence. Is when more cold has done. In field of the Fulham (London) did a lot of cold and we win with comfort. We adapt without problems to the cold".

Despite the constant instability that seems to surround to the richest team of the Premier, property of the sheik Mansur Bin Zayed, Silva does not repent of to have emigrated to Manchester. "The City showed a real interest in my since the principle and they were who they did me an offering. He was spoken of the Real Madrid, but he was not nothing but that. Of course, he not to have swum concrete. It wanted to have the experience to play in the Premier. It was something that really attracted me", assures the footballer.


Tino and Éver, that work these days to be recovered, image of a campaign of Cáritas and the stores N&S.
Not only of soccer they live Tino Costa and Éver Banega. The two Argentine footballers has also other anxieties out of the land of play, like they show this Christmas with their participation in a supportive campaign. They are the image of ´our commitment wraps 2011´, that will take charge of helping the neediest through Cáritas and the clothes stores chain N&S.

Nacho Seguí, owner of it cited firm and driving force of the initiative, was who was digested to the two midcenters to ask them its aid. And they did not think themselves it. The unique thing that had to cause was to promote the participation of the people with its apparition in the placards anunciadores of the same one. "They proposed us to Éver and to me to be the image of this social work and we liked the idea. I never had done something seemed up to now", confesses the ´24´.

Costa has of course its small contribution can suppose a great aid to whom worse they are passing it right now. "Thus we show that we are the first in putting our grain of sand so that the things go better in the company", affirms the midcenter, that incites to the people to donate clothes to Cáritas, in exchange for receiving an important discount in the articles of N&S.

Banega is of the same opinion that its countryman. "We support the cause because we are conscious that there is many needy people everywhere", emphasizes the ´21´, that notifies that will be "the first one in doing a donation to be able to help the others". "We should worry about the ones that more they need it. If with things as these we achieve something, therefore better than better", finishes Nacho Seguí.

But the two Argentines not alone are going to show their more human side along these days. The week of holidays will serve also to leave patent its more professional side. As muchTino as Éver work each morning to be put ready when before after its respective physical problems. The only difference is that the author of the first goal of Anoeta is found in its native land and the international albiceleste has preferred to be remained in Valencia.

The ´24´, that treated in Mestalla hours before travelling to Argentina, is being exercised with physical therapists of its confidence in The Flowers. Alternate its stay with the family with the work of stretcher, as well as the one that should do in future days in pool and of career. All provided to leave behind the muscular contraction suffered last Saturday when executed the lack that supposed the provisional one 1-1 before the Real Sociedad.
It ruled out as is for the collision before the Espanyol, and possibly for the return hostess before the Villarreal, Emery has granted to Tino a day more than permission. The midcenter will remain next to its to the same one 28, when will undertake the long trip of return, of more than 12 hours of duration. The 29, that yes, it is cited in the sports complex.

The recuperador black and white, Jordi Sorlí, is who is entrusted personally of the recovery of Banega. This preferred not to be displaced to Argentina after its recent paternity and responds promptly to the sports complex to be exercised and to receive processing. Wednesday did it, did it yesterday and thinks again this morning ago and in future days. Alone Christmas Day would be able to be taken an I breathe, because its objective is to be reinstated to the group in full conditions to the return of the week of holidays. Éver the left ankle in the training was twisted of the past day 16 and a small one of swerve was produced that set apart him of the two last official encounters of 2010.

Travel Villareal: Villarreal-Valencia C.F. 1 / 8 CUP (06/01/2011)

Roundtrip bus in the day, out of Penyes Agrupacio (Mestalla - Av Aragon)

Departure: Day-06 Thursday - Time-16:00
Return: After the game

◦ peñistas Price: 6 € (Card club members)
◦ peñistas No Price: 10 €
◦ Admission: 25 €
The sale of tickets for the trip began on Friday morning 24.

For party only deal in the pool by the morning.

Travel will only be sold to entry.


The Mestalla the first round undefeated (1-1)

It is the only team in the Spanish league that has been
CF Valencia - Mestalla deserved finish the first round undefeated after the great efforts made since last August. The Mir Vicente began below the marker after Cortell scored the maximum penalty, but then seven minutes later, Borja Granero marked tables. Without doubt, a great record that has more value if it is as the subsidiary of Valencia CF is the only thing that ever has all the Spanish League.

If the first half was more even, to our cost them adapt to the pitch after the resumption, the 'Mestalleta' completely dominated and provided up to three four clear chances to take all three points. Isco, Alcacer and Carles Gil stood alone with Jordan, which in two of those occasions was able to tackle and another one came out. In addition, the Malaga striker had another failure. The ball crashed against the barrier and head right off the goalkeeper, but eventually grazed wood. In the only move Saul was speaking at a kick from midfield that poisoned the air and our goalkeeper prevented the escuadra.Si slinks in 2010 was a year for the Valencia CF - Mestalla has broken statistics the staff expects that 2011 will materialize next promotion to second 'B'.
Ribarroja CF 1: Jordi Elies, De la Torre, Pablo Revert, Kiko, Fran (Toni Thorn, min. 75), Galindo, Gustavo (Manu Moreno, min. 88), Taberner (Ricardo, min. 68), Diego Rivera and Alex Cortell.
Valencia CF - Mestalla 1: Saul, Joel, Thomas, Borja Navarro, David Fornies (Bernat, min. 65), Ivan, Portuguese (Roger, min. 76), Borja Granero, Carles Gil (Carles Salvador, min. 88), Isco and Paco Alcácer.
Goals: 1 - 0 Cortell (p.) (min. 26), 1-1 Borja Granero (min. 33)
Cards: They saw cardboard by Pablo Revert local, Kiko and Galindo, and were reprimanded Joel Mestalla, Portuguese and Alcácer. Subs: Day 19 th National Championship Third Division, group VI. Estadio Municipal de Ribarroja del Turia.

Silva: 'The Premier League is more entertaining and enjoyable'

David Silva, Spanish footballer, Manchester City, believes that the Premier League is "more entertaining and interesting" that the Spanish league, because there are more teams involved in the fight to win the title.

Speaking to website, Silva said that "Barcelona and Real Madrid are going well, and have consolidated a major advantage, while in England" is a harder fight "in the early positions of the table. "You could have any number of teams coming to the top. This makes the league more entertaining and enjoyable," said the canary, who joined City from Valencia.

The Spanish international recognition in the interview that it took a while to adjust to football and life in England, but in recent months has begun to feel better, as evidenced by the two trophies earned player of the month recently. "I've adapted, but I owe a lot to my teammates, because I helped expedite the process," Silva said, noting that "parties in England are very competitive, many teams can you make life miserable, which is a major challenge. "

The City could have celebrated Christmas at the top of the table for the first time since 1929, but defeat at home to Everton 1-3 once again frustrated the "blues."

The defeat came in a match played in temperatures below zero and the local press criticized the team, which has many players from warmer climes, of not being able to maintain the level in the hardest circumstances northern English winter.

Silva rejected the criticism: "It was very cold when we play our last game at home.'s When cooler has. In the field of Fulham (London) was very cold and we won comfortably. We adapt easily to the cold."

Despite the continuing instability that seems to surround the richest club in the Premier, owned by Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed, Silva does not regret having emigrated to Manchester. "The City demonstrated a real interest in me from the beginning and the ones who made me an offer. There was talk of Real Madrid, but it was nothing more than that. Of course, there was nothing concrete. I wanted the experience of playing in the Premier. It was something that really attracted me, "said the footballer.

Villarreal-VCF finally be played on Twelfth Night

The second leg of the second round of the Copa del Rey between Villarreal and Valencia CF eventually be played on January 6 to 18 hours, as reported by the Spanish Football Federation. Parties have also developed on day 5. Levante, meanwhile, host Real Madrid on the day of Reyes at 22 hours. The schedules are:

. January 5: Time Ida
18:00 Sevilla 3-5 Malaga
20.00 Córdoba Deportivo 1-1
2200 Athletic Club-Barcelona 0-0

. January 6:
Getafe-Betis 2-1 12.00
16:00 Mallorca 3-4 Almería
Villarreal-Valencia 0-0 18.00
Espanyol-At. 20.00 Madrid 0-1
Levante-Real Madrid 2200 0-8.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


ALAN, the Penya Valencianista Guiri of
The first time I visited was at the end Valencia
80's or early 90's when I
Vacation on the Costa Blanca. A guard
Security at the Mestalla invited me in and
I stood there admiring the view. From
then, I was hooked. I left
Mestalla and then bought me my first
Valencia shirt with the sponsor
Valencia Mediterrània ...
Since that time I identified as
Valencia. I managed to travel to some games
Valencia by Spanish friends, one
of them was a Valencian, Anna, I
Castilian taught in evening classes. She
I got tickets for example to the
Manchester United in our first
season in the Champions League.
But first he had attended live to the great game
semi-final of the Copa del Rey in 1999, when
6-0 win against Real Madrid. Shortly
I later discovered the existence of the Che-Penya
UK, a fan club of Valencia
Tristan had White in the United Kingdom, and to
Through them I met and became a member of the
Guiri Penya. Since then I went to many
Mestalla games, against Racing,
Deportivo, Valladolid, Betis, etc., And Barça
Valencia in the Nou Camp, and all parties
Valencia has played the British land
since 1990, and many friendly too.
In 2002 I got a tattoo of the shield
Valencia in the leg. The last ten years, I
worked as a policeman for Staffordshire (a
county in central England). Recently
I decorated for saving the life of a man
that was about to commit suicide off a bridge
crossing a highway with heavy traffic.
Unfortunately, in 2007 I got divorced, but
fantastic and I have two gorgeous daughters, Rebecca
(14) and Amelia (6), and come to me a lot
parties. The two have been at the Mestalla, and
Rebecca's first match was 6-0 to Real
Madrid when she was 3 years old.
I love everything about Valencia, stage,
the city, Penya, the Agrupació, people.
Amunt Valencia, toujours!