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Monday, May 31, 2010


'Isco' he slips past for the first time between the values of the Spanish quarry with the bronze in the mediapunta. The Santiago Bernabéu prepares itself to receive this night the most select of the Spanish quarry. They are rewarded of Football Draft 2010, which celebrates his awaited annual show.

In the lawn of the stadium will appear Jordi Alba , Channels, De Gea, Muniain, Fran Mérida, Domínguez, Parejo, Bojan, Azpilicueta, Jose Ángel, Ander Herrera and the rest of rewarded in the Eleven of Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Jordi Alba has been chosen as the best left interior of the League of the JASP (young women though too prepared). The left-handed one of the Valencia, in spite of that the majority of parties in which it has taken part has done it as defense, has been an award winner with the gold as the best player of left band of the midfield in the prizes Football Draft 2010, which recognizes the players more out-standing of between 16 and 20 years of the Spanish quarry. Jordi Alba replaces to also valencianista Juan Mata, who during last two years had been a better chosen mediapunta

In spite of that one could not have unrolled where more he likes it, the minutes with which he has had a good time in the second return of the season and the fact of receiving this prize he supposes the whole stimulus for the near season. Jordi Alba overcomes players as Iker Muniaín, that taken the silver, or the player of the quarry of Real Madrid Pablo Sarabia.

Besides Jordi Alba, also one of the pearls has been recognized of the quarry of the Valencia CF. Francisco Roman Alarcón 'Isco' slips past for the first time between the big values of the Spanish quarry receiving the bronze in the category of mediapunta. The whole honor bearing in mind that the young person football player still has not given the jump to The First Division and, ahead of him, they have remained Ander Herrera (Zaragoza) and Sergio Canales (Racing de Santander).

The juror of the prizes, integrated by technical personnel as Iñaki Sáez, Juan Santisteban, Ginés Meléndez, Ignacio Quereda and Mariano Moreno, chose the winners between 55 candidates and for the first time it admitted also at eleven o'clock jugadoras that they will be distinguished by the first feminine prize.


The options of Tino Costa and Cabaye, to the players' wait like Apoño or Ander Herrera. Tino Costa or Cabaye they must wait. The mid-field players of the Montpellier and Lille are in the players' short list that they might occupy the vacancy left by Rubén Baraja, though, the Valencia is going to think the contracting of a brain that puts pressure to Ever Banega coolly. It is one of the aims, though the managers of the entity remember again and again that we are " still in May ". In addition, one of Unai Emery's priorities for the above mentioned position is that the player who joins to the insole knows to the perfection the Spanish league.

The Valencia is attentive to the economic situation for which they cross several Spanish clubs and which can carry that on the market there are interesting players to good price, a few equipments in which militan mediocentros that fulfill the profile that wants the technical secretary and the technical body for the insole blanquinegra. They are the cases of Royal Zaragoza, club that has a debt superior to hundred millions and that has marked a plan of viability that happens for reducing the cost of the current insole and doing box this summer, where it plays Ander Herrera; the Málaga, on the other hand, is in negotiations to change owner. In this club Apoño plays nowadays. The one who seems that it is practically rejected - at least less this season to incorporate it - is Javi Marquez, player of the Espanyol.

The financial problems, that since it remains clear are not a thing only of the Valencia, can provoke that the price of market of someone of the mentioned football players - or others also of the Spanish list that Fernando has in agenda - it is lower than those of both French football players who please to the technical secretary, since they are Coast and Cabaye, operations that would be about seven or eight million Euros. What has the Club clear is that besides two forwards, a mediocentro will come.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mata's agent will come with special offers nowadays.

It is expected that the father of John brings to Valencia next week Proposals for clubs to hire his son. All players ches are transferable and out of Villa, now could be attached to or Mata Silva.

The agent and father of Mata is due to visit Valencia in the coming days to meet with President ché, Manuel Llorente, and put on the table several offers for the player from Asturias, which is now concentrated with the national team preparing the World Cup.

Mata performance, one of the franchise players for their goals, assists and performance, has attracted interest from several teams. Barcelona should be recalled that through the player's agent, submitted a bid of 20 'kilos' last summer, which was rejected by Llorente. Even so, this interest has not disappeared and Guardiola has gone on more than one occasion his admiration for Mata. In fact, the Spaniard has not disappeared from the orbit of the Catalan club.

Also outstanding are badly '10 'che in Madrid, which seeks to reinforce his left flank in attack. While all eyes point to Di María (the price could soar to 35 'kilos'), the white dome handles the name Mata. Do not forget that Mourinho was interested in him when he was coaching the Inter (in February the two sides met.) This is coupled with the poster that Mata is in England and Italy.

All transferable.
In planning ché was planned sale of a player who reported very high income (Villa), transfer to others like Zigic and to reconcile accounts and make the necessary signings, there are two players that are managed for other important income: Silva and Mata, in that order of preference. The Valencia are aware that, if not sold to Silva, the Spaniard would be better placed, on which there are doubts about his contract, the club said that three years left and his agent says two. One point of friction in a relationship cystic. Not forgetting the message of the club: "Here all are transferable."

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Marchena than undefeated record Garrincha

Carlos Marchena has joined Saudi Arabia in Innsbruck to meet international without losing 50 in a row, which becomes the record holder of matches without defeat in front of the legendary Brazilian Garrincha.

The Andalusian central Valencia debuted with Spain on August 21, 2002 with a draw against Hungary (1-1) in a friendly match also marked the debut as coach Inaki Saez, and since then has only missed one meeting of 56 he has played. It was against Greece in La Romareda from Zaragoza, 0-1 in a qualifier for Euro 2004, which marked Stylianos Giannakopoulos.

The spell of defender of Las Cabezas (Seville) began meeting in the next, in a poor goalless draw against the modest Northern Ireland in Belfast, also qualifying for the European Championship in Portugal, and has lasted for 50 shocks.
At this stage, the Spanish national team has linked one of his best series of games without losing their history and which was interrupted by the 2-0 defeat against the United States embedded in the Confederations Cup semi finals in South Africa.

Marchena was not involved in that game, which has allowed him to extend his current streak. Moreover, the record could have been improved if he had participated in the Spain friendly played in France in March, in which the national team won 0-2 and in which Marchena was summoned, but did not play.
Garrincha, the 'joy do povo ", played 50 times and his only loss came at the 1966 World Cup against Hungary 3-1 in the match that marked his farewell to the selection.

Brazilian winger extended his streak between 1955 and 1966 and in that time won two World Cups of 1958 and 1962. In the historical classification who now leads Marchena, followed Garrincha with 49 games, and France's Zinedine Zidane 39.

They have a first contact Aduriz negative

Valencia has already had an initial approach Aduriz, one of the favorites to take their lead, empty plot behind Villa and Zigic sales. Ché was President, Manuel Llorente, who contacted Inaki Ibanez's agent (and also Emery), to probe the intentions of a player who knows his current club Mallorca, you need to sell.

The evaluation made from the Valencia of this first contact with the player's agent is negative, following the two requests Aduriz put on the table as required conditions in a possible deal. The Basque, the February 11 turned 29 years called a four seasons, something that does not fall within the initial parameters che club. And the other aspect that has left disappointed at Valencia is the card that asks the player, it is superior to that received in Mallorca (around 1.5 million euro net a very large file.) Thus, if only the first contact, the matter has been complicated Aduriz, although the environment of player knows that his first choice is Valencia, closing the doors to foreign countries.

"You can continue to grow here"
In the locker room there are players who know Valencia very well Aduriz. An example is Moya, who agreed with the Gipuzkoa in Mallorca: "I would be delighted to sign for Valencia Aritz because we have a great relationship and it is a great striker. After the season he has done, can continue growing in the Valencia. " The goal Balearic added: "In the locker room and personal attention is excellent. It is not confrontational and tries to group. And as a striker plays well in the face and is a great finisher with both feet. This year he has shown and has delighted us with more than one attendance goal. Therefore it is very complete. "

UNAI "The crowd wants to send an optimistic message for you know the equipment will be ARRIVA"

Despite selling more than Villa and Silva possible exit, Emery was convinced of the potential of the Madrid Silva VCF

"I'm not prepared to answer that. I think the most important for Valencia things will go well is discretion. The team is working with one or other next year there will be a good team."

Substitute Silva

"Without anyone if we finally figure out that Dominguez was the last market and is ready to play. Feghouli presence also may be important to play behind the strikers."

Output Fernandes

"The club is working on many possibilities. Has a contract in principle but Valencia need to make a profit. We do not anticipate any departures or arrivals, I think even that is not news, we should not venture into many things."

Vicente and Atletico Madrid

"Nobody told me anything, Vicente has a contract and you know what I think, is a player that if we want to have continuity."

Four goalkeepers

"The idea is to have three goalkeepers. We split a subsidiary in third so it is not in that sense as the goal will cover. We have four goalkeepers on the payroll and we want to stay with three."


"I have all the Valencia players have on the payroll. There is room for everyone and some have to leave. If anything it will be for the good of Valencia and it is good for the club."

Paco Alcácer

"We must be very careful and be aware that they still have an age that needs to continue taking steps. Still want him near us, we look after him. It is a good example of the work being done at the quarry" .

Soldier and Aduriz

"They're very good players with a very important trend. Fits the level
of players who want to Valencia. "


"The goal is to make a competitive team to be as high as possible in the league and in Europe, without neglecting the Cup footballers have come to give the optimum size."

Inequality in the League

"We see that football is not immune to the crisis. Barcelona and Madrid are to yours but the other teams and we too have to lower our estimates. Hopefully next season we are more fine and we can fight with them anymore. I that these differences are not good and should be taken so that the differences are not getting bigger. "

Repeat as third

"I do not like to sign anything at the beginning of the season. Whatever you do Barcelona and Real Madrid, we will have our own personalities and we'll be up, fighting for top spot while leaving important people because we will have a team ambitious ".

Experienced players

"That a player who knows the league and know the language is certainly very important and that's something we want to watch, players with no added cost to fit the team."

Luck in the World

"I wish the best to all the Valencia players who are with the selection. We want to do my best and have a very important role within the tournament."

Message to the fans

"We sent an optimistic message, that people know that Valencia will remain up. Let's Champions enjoy a competitive workforce that will provide the best level."

Friday, May 28, 2010

Valencia think Van Nistelrooy

The direction of Valencia, led by Fernando Gomez, has emphasized in its agenda the name of Ruud Van Nistelrooy. The strategy that manages the Mestalla entity passes the hypothetical inclusion of former Real Madrid player, now enrolled in the ranks of Hamburg, in the case of Manuel Llorente only allow, given the ailing economy valecianista, the incorporation of a lone striker by transfer: Soldier or Aduriz.
Van Nistelrooy's arrival, according to Radio 9 last night, would be through an assignment. The operation has two keys: First, the negative factor is the high card that receives the front free 2.4 million euros per season, while playing for Valencia that his family still lives in Madrid and the player seems delighted to return to the Spanish League to be near theirs.
Van Nistelrooy, 34, arrived at Hamburg last winter market at the lack of opportunities at Real Madrid, where even Raul or Benzema, alternates have been in much of the championship. In six months in Germany has played 11 games and has scored five goals, two in the Bundesliga and three in the Europa League. In his debut against Stuttgart scored two goals in just three minutes.

A new team of First for Asier del Horno?

Following his assignment at Real Valladolid (13 games), Asier del Horno to Valencia back knowing that the renewed technical ché, Unai Emery, just trust your qualities.
Therefore, the directive set Valencia has told the player to find a team for the upcoming school year and is even willing to give him a free agent so as to facilitate their transfer.
Although it seems clear that the player will have various proposals, Deportivo La Coruna could have started already, according to Ace, the negotiations to include the left-back who became the ideal replacement Luis Filipe.

Quique want to sign Vincent

The good end of the season he has done Vicente Rodriguez and the fact that only fits one season left on his contract to have Benicalap midfielder back into the market. So much so that it was Valencia coach Quique Flores has thought of it to strengthen the left flank of the whole mattress. Quique has officially renewed as Atletico coach and works for reinforcements next year.
In that sense, lefty Valencia is an excellent choice. Quique, full confidence in the possibilities of Valencia, has been very unsettled by him in the last stretch of the season in qualifying fact that all Unai Emery played against Atletico Quique, Vincent was the best of the Valencian both in the first leg at the Mestalla and back. In one way, his goal was the pass which meant the tie after the rojiblancos be ahead on the scoreboard. Vicente's goal gave the Guaje just six minutes after entering the field. That goal gave Valencia life days after Calderón visited the options of getting into the semifinals.
In the Calderon
As in the first leg, Vicente was also substitute and also revolutionized the game from the left wing. In fact, Benicalap served on a plate of a ball to the Serbian Zigic could not finish off a goal because it was the subject of what is probably the clearest penalty in the world, one in which the defender Juanito had to break his shirt so as not to leave shoot at goal. Two good player encounters Benicalap have undoubtedly opened the eyes of Quique, who has thought of it as a booster to the left.
To the left flank of midfield has Quique Reyes. The Seville, who has said repeatedly that Quique has been the major culprit for their 'return' to the best play, has been one of the key pieces to finish Atletico won the Euroleague. The right wing has been this season for the Portuguese Simao, although many parties have exchanged positions to enter the diagonal. In is respect, Atletico Simao has put on the market. A Leg changed, both Vincent and Reyes can be compatible.
For now it is an intention to Quique. Sporting intent, because it is seen whether Atletico end up making a bid for Vicente. If so, is more than likely to Valencia because the study only one remaining season of the contract and the intention of the club's black and white 'to box', and if Vincent is not renewed, a situation which has not raised yet, but it is possible, Valencia would go free.
As regards Valencia, Unai Emery has Jordi Mata and Alba for the job, but the second has adapted very well to the left back position if you exit the furnace could be played the position with the Frenchman Mathieu, who has successfully supplemented since injuring. And conversely, for Valencia coach was also pleased with Mathieu when he has placed in the middle. If the offer comes, be taken na decision.

The club does not pay 204 000 euros a year to the change of venue

El Valencia se mueve. Se mudó su domicilio social. Al igual que cualquier inquilino buscando pagar menos al mes, más aún cuando se insta a la deuda y el período de crisis es general. Al día siguiente, en junio la sede de Valencia estará ubicado en el centro de Valencia, calle Roger de Lauria.

La entidad valenciana pagará € 26 000 mensuales de alquiler, que era lo que estaba en su ubicación actual en la calle Pintor Monleón, va a pagar 9.000 euros. Los ahorros son considerables: 17.000 euros al mes, lo que hace un año 204 000.

El dinero va a salvar el club irá a la conveniencia de la propiedad que lo contrario ha Valencia Mestalla en la que, una vez terminado, será la sede. Esta propiedad es más que suficiente para albergar a trabajadores en el club y, entre otras cosas, tiene un número significativo de plazas de aparcamiento, cerca de setenta.

The Valencia saves 12 million in salary

Since Manuel Llorente was chosen to manage the Valencia and stop the unstoppable economic decline of the institution, the current president has been forced to work on that goal, but with the dual mission of the team did not lose sporting potential. The president entered scissors action since it landed, there was no alternative to try to stem the bleeding and, for the time being in compliance with the guidelines provided. This season has been reduced debt significantly, by about 100 million euros, to which must be added the revenues from the sale of players.

Right now, between the transfers made and the players finishing the contract, the Valencian entity has been saved and 12 million euros. On the one hand, the sale of David Villa to Barcelona is that the black and white club avoid the payment of six million euros it would cost the player next season. The transfer of Nikola Zigic to avoid Birmingham afford another 2.2 million.

Moreover, progress reports Ruben Baraja Valencia saving three million, while the transfer of Michel Deportivo La Coruña-a-closing step, should work to avoid paying the € 600,000 that has the football in respect of the tab.

In total, almost 12 million euros that the institution will no longer pay Mestalla, an amount that could even double in the coming weeks with the departure of other players. For example, Valencia would save six million more if transferred to David Silva. More than six it is clear from Asier del Horno and 1.2 where the Portuguese Hugo Viana it definitely is owned by Sporting Braga.

Apart from the figures, which refers to the negotiations held for the departure of players, the closest, slightly less than imminent, is that of Michel who, except for a sharp change in the last minute, will play in sport next season. The Galician club hopes to present it on Monday.

The only difference is that Riazor want to include a clause that provides for a future purchase option, to which is denied Valencia. However, it is not expected to break ground for the operation.

Deportivo, while Valencia have asked about the possibility of joining them to Jordi Alba, but here is more difficult, so much so that just has hopes of getting their services after the magnificent evolution of the young footballer in the final stretch of this season. Everything will depend on Valencia in the final roster, right now, lefty Catalan has no place.

Finally, Zaragoza are interested in Rubén Baraja, even though it seems unlikely that club and player join their destinations.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mourinho does want to Silva

David Silva, the Valencia midfielder, has already received the approval of the next coach of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho, whom the club could present tomorrow at the Bernabeu.

Real Madrid have been re-operation with the Valencia Silva, sources told Efe the white club that has stagnated in recent days to resolve the pending exit Chilean Manuel Pellegrini and the arrival of Portuguese Jose Mourinho.

During the day, Thursday, met in Milan to address the situation of Mourinho, Rinaldo Ghelfi, Vice President and manager of financial and economic affairs of Inter Milan, Marco Branca, director of the Italian club sports, Jorge Mendes, representative of the Portuguese coach and Jose Angel Sanchez, general manager of Real Madrid.

These talks are also seeking the possibility of closing the transfer of Brazilian defender Maicon, one of the first applications for Mourinho.

The directors of Madrid manages the possibility that tomorrow, Friday, Mourinho in the Royal Box, or the Bernabeu on Monday.

Meanwhile, work on closing the signing of Silva, after receiving approval will be their new coach. The current focus Valencia player with the Spanish isolate of negotiations. He travels tomorrow to Innsbruck (Austria) to play the first two friendlies of the Red, and if all fruit would be presented before moving to Murcia, before traveling to South Africa where he played the World Cup.

Viana wants on a free to go to Sporting

The Valencia has set as its priority the departure of the football operation not covered by the plans of Unai Emery. Within this group fall the Portuguese Hugo Viana and Manuel Fernandes. The former Valencia want the letter granted freedom to engage with Sporting for the upcoming four seasons. While the second has stated in its country that is 'in agreement' with Valencia in the best thing for him is a change of scenery this summer.

Hugo Viana, with existing contract with Valencia until June 2011, would be willing to forgive your chip-about one million euros, if the club releases him from that year of his contract remaining. The midfielder has a proposal for the 'Lions' for four years, the newspaper Luso 'A Bola'.

For his part, Fernandes said on the same day that looks good that Valencia want to leave now. "They could have told me four months ago, when I leave in the winter market and not let me. Now it's easy to say, "he said.


The promising youth of Valencia CF was the author of two goals that helped to defeat Turkey.

The youth of Valencia CF, Paco Alcácer, continues to amaze with his goals to half of Europe. '9 'Of the Red has given Spain a spot in the final of the UEFA European U '17 which takes place in Leichtenstein thanks to two goals that served to break the prevailing balance in the score until the 63rd minute when he tied against Turkey.

It was here when it emerged the figure of Alcácer to break the deadlock somewhat. In the first receives a pass between lines and controls with the outside of his right leg to enable the trigger with the left and shoot the Turkish goal Uysal. A goal of true 'killer'. Little touched him suffer the combined Gines Melendez, then two minutes later the same Paco Alcácer transform a penalty to give the peace and for the final ticket to Spain.

Valencia striker records in the event of Leichtenstein, twelve goals in nine matches, he corroborated as the leading goalscorer and confirms its explosion and the fact that it has become the leading figures in the tournament and the object of desire clubs like Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter and Milan.

The rival team in the finalísima Alcácer this Sunday (17:30 pm) will be England who have qualified after a 2-1 win to France.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The English club is following the Valencia CF striker's youth during the European Under-17 Arsenal wants the new jewel of the quarry Valencia: Paco Alcácer. Alcácer Paco Valencia striker, 17, is being followed by the gunner in club matches so far as a member of the Spanish team in the European Sub'17 this category, which is held in Liechtenstein, according to Britain's Daily Mirror.

Although the English club would not specify today if they had maintained contact was with Valencia, the British press these days includes comments on the interest of the entity for the player, who signed four goals in two games with Spain.

The summary each week the BBC about possible transfers of players between clubs from the Premier League yesterday included the name of Valencia, but has not yet been informed of the amount that could reach such an operation.

The coach of the Gunners' French manager Arsene Wenger, recently announced its intention to renew its staff deeply after five years without a title for the north London club, traditionally considered one of the four largest in England. However, the tabloid Daily Mirror, whose information was also collected by the tabloid The Sun, Paco Alcácer claimed that Arsenal would be an investment for the future rather than an immediate impact player with the first team.

As early as the debut selection Liechtenstein, Alcácer scored a decisive goal for a 2-1 win against France. In the next match, thrashed Spain 4-0 Switzerland with three goals which takes its name. If confirmed the interest mentioned by the press, the semi-finals will play the 27th Spain to Turkey, after beating Portugal 2-0 on Monday, will attract the attention of Arsenal.

He transferred to Deportivo MICHEL

Michel leaves to gain experience in First

Michel Smith on loan next season will play in all Galicia, its incorporation will occur at the express request of Miguel Angel Lotina. Is that okay, this assignment?

Deportivo La Coruna has announced through its official newspaper, an agreement in principle with footballer Michel Herrero and Valencia for the transfer of midfielder next season. Moreover, from the point-white club that the player has been "specifically requested" by Miguel Angel Lotina (who wanted done with his services last winter market) "to strengthen the squad for the 2010-11 season."

The contract has not include any option to purchase, so the player will return to the discipline of black and white on 30 June 2011. Michel, born on January 29, 1988, in A Coruña seek continuity of which has not enjoyed this campaign, in which he played almost half a season with the Valencian branch, although he initially said he would enjoy first-team opportunities.

The transfer was made official in the coming hours.

MISERY by Vicente Ordaz MANAGE

That is the mission of Llorente, which brought him to Valencia. For the two crisis Valencia, of all and motivated management Soler, Llorente fight against both each day. So far, public bill which has been running is minimal. Almost everyone understands the sale of Villa, and all know that there is another way to sell to Smith, if the canary finally left the club. The question is how I will react aslata respectable if things go wrong sporting. The Mestalla tier is like the spirit that emerges of the Lost Ark in the famous Spielberg film. First you love, you duped, but suddenly becomes a demon and debora everything.

Before this Llorente has a first and only shield, Unai. Dear little bear tier social pressure if the season does not start well. If something showed Llorente, in his years of power in the shade, coolness is that he has to keep a coach when they are wrongly made. Cortes gave Ortí face but commanded him. Ranieri endured in his first season when the team would not face the air. Cuper maintained when the results and Tier said the opposite. He lived on the edge of the abyss with Benitez, but started none.

In the box there is no money, one of the reasons that follow Unai. Lorente faces his first season at 'bare-chested', no its stars, no liquidity and no room to maneuver if things goes wrong. The future, in the mouth of the president is bad for the next three years, and misery is to manage, it is very ...


The Serb will play in England the next four seasons. Passed the medical examination, after obtaining permission to leave the concentration Antic selection Serbs. Nikola Zigic has just put their signatures to the contract you join Birmingham over the next four seasons, after the English club and Valencia have reached an agreement to transfer by the entity che receive seven million euros, figure and well regarded by the former Serbian club, which had declared transferable, although they have been with him alone in the lead after the sale of Villa Barcelona. Thus, the Valencia may proceed with its planning, in which it was not included Zigic and other rams as Soldier, Aduriz and Sergio Garcia.

Having passed the medical examination early in the morning Zigic, who had a special permit for Radomir Antic, coach of Serbia, with which these days is focused on preparing the World Cup striker from South Africa, has signed his new contract with Birmingham, a club in recent days had launched an offensive that has resulted striker after Valencia has agreed to the seven million euros, in addition to alleviate the ailing economy of the entity che ( by money transfer and thus saving the high tab of the player), Emery can serve to reinforce the spearhead of his team with a striker who is more to his liking and according to their pattern of play.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The VCF will "box" with the World Cup

FIFA has set up a payment to the clubs $ 1300 per player and per day from fifteen days before the start of the competition, so the clubs will receive at least thirty days for nearly assignment of his players since the first phase of Tournament runs until June 25. In this way, the club paid around 36,000 euros per player.

In the event that Valencia is present in the tournament with a total of seven players, Carlos Marchena, Juan Manuel Mata, David Silva, David Villa (Spain), and finally confirmed, in addition to the probable presence of Miguel Brito ( Portugal), Nikola Zigic (Serbia) and Ignacio Gonzalez (Uruguay), these become 36 000 252 000 euros.

This amount will increase if any of these selections than the first stage of the competition because of an estimated basis, the income of Valencia will be about 300,000 euros. The exception will occur in the case of David Villa, as the benefits generated by this player will go to Barcelona as of July 1, the date on which the Spaniard player starts officially belong to the staff of this club.

In any case, the presence of a player in the competition from start to finish will mean a revenue close to 60,000 euros for their club. The Valencian lawyer specializing in sports law, Juan de Dios Crespo told EFE that "if the player by another club statement dated July 1, revenues will be for new equipment and if the player runs out of equipment, there will be any payment "he said.

Crespo recalled that this type of payment came into operation on the occasion of Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland organized by UEFA and FIFA indicated that the first applied in this World Cup. "At the moment, payments are not applied in competitions like the African Nations Cup or the Copa America because these confederations do not have your financial resources to tackle them. We will see if in the future in FIFA environment generates a fund to also the payment in these competitions, "he said.

Crespo long view these credits represent an advance whose significance goes beyond the specific amount paid to the clubs and are independent of insurance established by the possible injury to the players. "It's probably not too much for the money currently manages in football, but, while not a panacea, is an important recognition for the clubs," says the expert on legal issues in the environment of sport.

Before the World Cup draw in December 2009 in Cape Town (South Africa), the general secretary of FIFA, Jerome Valcke, confirmed after the meeting of the Executive Committee of this body that a total of 32 million euros would go to clubs whose players participate in the World Cup and Euro 1300 Fixed allocation per player per day.

Dominguez: "I want Valencia to compete for the league and the Champions"

Alejandro 'Chori' Dominguez, who joined Valencia in the market last winter, hopes to be one of the leaders of all 'Che' for next season and the team that trains Unai Emery is very competitive in the next edition of the Champions League.

Argentine striker, who made a positive assessment of the season just ended, he acknowledged that he spent a week very bad when he refused to train after a game that did not play. "I'm not upset by it and, except in the week that was very complicated, I have always tried my best," said Dominguez. "That was a time when inappropriately handled the situation and that is something that I had not ever happened, but I'm still the same and I have great ambition to play," he said.

The 'Chori' Dominguez said "could have played a bit more" in reference to the thirteen matches played in the Liga, and could not play the Europa League to have done previously with the Rubin Kazan. "I hope for the coming year is up and Valencia to compete for clear goals in the league and the Champions League. To do this we will work hard," he said.

Whether going to be a replacement for David Silva in the event that he leaves the Valencia, said that in the first place, he is not who should say whether to go or should stay. "It would be wrong for me to say that," continued Dominguez. "The most important thing is the club, is who you are. If Silva goes, he plays there he will have to win and we will all have the same opportunities. It will not change anything," he concluded.

"To offer 30 million that neither call Silva"

Manuel Llorente was last night, the protagonist in the program 'The Rail', de la Cadena SER. There, the president of Valencia reviewed what has been this season for the Mestalla institution, the first with him as leader ché. And the first message was blunt: "sport has been a good season, we have been third in the league and Champions we direct. It was like the Real Madrid ...". A sporting achievement in addition to social peace has returned, so he made clear that "I do I'll calm down the street. I think we're on track. Now we have to level the balance of results."

In this plot, the economic, the star operation so far has been the transfer of David Villa to Barcelona, something that was needed for the club coffers. "Our approach was expected last summer and maintain the equipment to create illusion. Now reached an important supply of Barca and we have closed. Last year, Real Madrid and Barcelona offered 42 million and this year 40, which is a good figure. It was a good sale, "said the president, who did not close the door to new outlets:" Transferring to Silva? not rule out any other player because to balance the balance will not sell any more. The major operation is made, which is the Villa. For 30 million, Silva will not leave Valencia. To provide that number, do not call anyone to Valencia. "

Competitive project.

Despite the departures that may occur, Manuel Llorente insisted that "we will make a team that will remain competitive. Jugadodres costing not reach more than 18 million, but there are also competitive at lower cost. All operations shall be in cash, now look not include players. Money is needed to meet club commitments. " That itself would not confirm how much will be invested in reinforcements. "I'm not talking about whether spending 20, 30 or 40% of their earnings from sales. The fans remain hopeful," the president Valencia.

Meeting with Emery in goal Soldier

Manuel Llorente met yesterday afternoon with Fernando Gomez Emery and planning to discuss next season's sports without being able to fulfill them how much money will be available to sign players. The reason is that it is not known how much it will raise revenue at the moment there are 40 million after selling David Villa. The president told the coach and sporting director that everything depends on whether it passes or not and how Silva, which is still in the air. Yes, it was clear that the priority of the three parts is to incorporate a Roberto Soldado, Getafe striker. As previously reported by this newspaper, Valencia striker is the name of consensus but Llorente negotiation will personally and told them his own who will be reporting the status of the operation.

Silva revived in the selection harassment Villa suffered a year ago

Silva could read the manual Villa survival. The Spaniard is an expert in the jungle of football. In the interest of Real Madrid to sign him last season broke harassment came to unhide the player. While his family worried such a way that even travel to South Africa was raised as the Confederations Cup was played to be by her side. And is that the questions were directed at single-issue front. Will you go to Real Madrid? Would you like to play in that set? Is the team of your life? At the end Villa stayed in Valencia.

For now the film stars David Silva. Madrid has been reached to focus the selection and give the starting signal for the operation 'stun the player to say that the illusion of his life has been playing on the computer merengue. " In the capital of the world takes for granted that will mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

Transfer Machinery Florentino Perez has been running for months, but it's outstanding operations Mourinho's approval. And the first is David Silva. The interest from Real Madrid for the international canary comes a year ago, which have been compiled in a comprehensive follow-up reports. In the absence of an agreement with Valencia, the Primera Liga club already know the opinion of the player, who chooses to Madrid before other powerful English clubs also claim.

It is true that the agreement with the player will be a breeze. The environment of Silva admits that there will be no problem and the best thing for him is to change of scenery. But Valencia is not so easy. Sources said yesterday that no-white Real Madrid have called to inquire after the signing of the canary. In any event, if you do have to be in writing and with a reasonable figure. Especially after filling gas tank part of the sale of David Villa for 40 million. In addition, Florentine Perez and how he spends know Manuel Llorente.

But now any gesture he sharpens. The Spanish team focused yesterday to prepare for the World Cup. You could see the group of Barca, who already belongs to Villa and was incorporated which is destined to be his next signing, Cesc Fábregas. But with the part of international Real Madrid were also mixed his other alleged cases of Smith and Javi Martinez. It would be coincidence, but most likely look increasingly further away from Valencia and Athletic, respectively, and closer to the White House, especially the canary.

Silva did not release lien on his future. The Valencian still insisted on being focused on the selection, like Cesc, although the Arsenal star has repeatedly expressed his desire to sign for Barça as soon as possible and therefore, there is only at the expense of the negotiations between the club English and Catalan. Cesc was also a little worried for his fitness, although he admitted he too recovered from his injury and advanced fibula that even might be available for the friendly on Saturday in Innsbruck (Austria) against Saudi Arabia. In this upcoming game will not Fernando Torres after a meniscus operation even questioned his participation in the first round of the World.

Of the three new, Víctor Valdés, the shy Peter has chosen the number 2, while Marchena will be the 4th, 13th and Silva Mata 21 - and Javi Martinez, Athletic midfielder was the most requested and no longer received congratulations. He acknowledged that at no time could have imagined the call of the forest for the World Cup and said he was still "fliplando" by joining the group for the champions of Europe. "I'm here to enjoy, and learn," said Javi Martínez, eager to begin now to run and play ball with Spain. "To me what I like is to train", he asserted, while those around him did not fail to highlight its impressive floor (1.90 meters). "Whenever you're more famous. It covers sales in newspapers in which points that Madrid would be willing to pay 30 million from you, "he said. Javi Martinez, with the lesson very well learned, did not enter the rag. He just smiled and said that he knows nothing about anything.

A starting 18 days and 23 World premiere of Spain in South Africa, European champions selection lived, on his first day of concentration, one of the most important and emotional events in the City of Las Rozas Football. Prince Philip, in his first official visit to the headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF), attended the inauguration of the Museum of the selection and wished luck to the 23 international and coach, Vicente del Bosque, "in the second most important sporting event in the world. Also transmitted to the players' embrace of His Majesty the King and the entire Royal Family, "with the hope that the year rubrique" with a very great news, "one that would not conquer the world title.

Don Felipe said during his improvised speech, the 'quality, desire, effort and desire to win' selection and was convinced that the players "are going to maximize the use of" in the World Cup.

Llorente, Fernando and Emery designed the new Valencia in Paterna

Chairman, manager and coach of Valencia yesterday afternoon held a regular meeting of the end of the season, during which he began to shape the template of next year. The head of the group of players, Unai Emery, the leaders discussed a comprehensive analysis of the performance offered by individual players throughout the campaign ended, obviously with interventions also Fernando Gomez as sporting director.

The meeting was designed at the same time the template of next season, which excluded a number of players with which is not counted. Those affected already know, while in the case of other players that they have been placed transferable label has told their representatives to be put to work in search of employment.

In some cases there is no turning back on the decision, known in advance, as they are, to name some, Hugo Viana and Nacho Gonzalez, players who came with an aura of design and development and that have hardly counted.

On the other hand, clarify that apart from some minor exceptions, almost all players are transferable, and that if they bid on any of them will be explored and, if interested, you accept the transfer. Affect many: Renan, Miguel, Alexis, Fernandes, Maduro, Joaquín, Vicente, Zigic ...


The sporting club would risk leading to the generation Alcácer.

Valencia can meditate Alcácer that Paco is not the only member of the Junior A this season in the preseason that will stage the first team in Austria. That is the intention but the entity meets the handicap posed by the high number of professional players who are on the payroll -37 in total-but, in contrast, for young kids that play at least six players -Mata, Marchena, Silva, Miguel, Ricardo Costa, Zigic and can not be incorporated at the start of the preseason, having played the World Cup and that leaves vacancies in Austria.

The final decision is not taken yet but will go beyond the preseason. Alcacer will almost certainly but with him in the juvenile A is a list of players (David, Nacho, Oscar, Joel, Javi Rey, Portu, Ivan Rubio, Carles Gil, Isco, Cifo or Roger) that the club understood as players for the future. His athletic potential coupled also to the delicate financial situation, the club invited to risk the young generation that is leading the Torrent and it will be translated into a gradual integration into the first team what does that imply? This implies that every week the players who excel in the branch, many of which are still young age, be exercised orders promptly at Emery.

Unai decide

The technician will have time to see some of them on stage and later during the season and he will decide the players who normally work, or even play-depending on specific needs and also, in turn, the level projection to have. Of those who this year have been in the subsidiary-with the exception of Isco-references are not good but the arrival of 'Los hombres de Paco' opens a new horizon and the club has already mapped out his plan.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Real Madrid began the negotiations by David Silva

And a name that is on everyone's lips is the canary Valencia striker David Silva (24), footballer who will attend the next World Cup with the Spanish and which has already expressed his desire to close their future before the start of this appointment, as has happened with David Villa and his move to FC Barcelona.

To achieve its objective, and as highlighted in this respect Cadena SER Radio Valencia, Concha Espina club is already down to work to make a first approximation and the disposition of the table chairs Manuel Llorente, although there is still no formal offer for the player.

In this situation, Valencia has already replied to the meringues and opens the door to a possible arrival of the player-which depends on the approval of Mourinho, but has not hesitated to say that the possible change of scene will depend heavily on the Real Madrid bid lodged by the player, the sale is critical for the Valencian team manages to survive economically.

The Premier could leave 11 M € in the coffers of Valencia

Large star template (the attacker or midfielder Juan Mata David Silva) are not the only player that could leave Valencia in the coming weeks.

According to reports the News Of The World, an important group in the Premier League, Aston Villa, is willing to invest 9.5 million pounds (11 M €) for a couple of players who do not seem to have full confidence Unai Emery.

To begin with, the villains want to convert to Nikola Zigic in the new reference of his attack, as it is more likely that two of their current strikers John Carew and Emile Heskey from leaving the state.

Complete the Birmingham box bet the Portuguese Miguel (30). The side accumulates five seasons at the Mestalla, but-sporting his enterprises have placed him repeatedly in the ramp.

FC Barcelona has chosen to spare Ibrahimovic

However, the Spanish striker is not the only punch that has prepared the table culé for next season, as of Pep Guardiola also evaluate other options for the future such as player of Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas , star of endless speculation in the last week.

Now, a new name has been added to the agenda. This is precisely what stands out daily Mundo Deportivo, according to which the FC Barcelona continues to have on its agenda the name of the attacker Spaniard Juan Manuel Mata 22 years, raised in the quarry player of Real Madrid who played his third season in the Valencia (96 games, scored 25).

Despite this, as such information relates, the Barca box must comply with a condition before embarking on the recruitment of football ché clause which stands at 60 M €. This is none other than the sale of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, soccer reached last summer to Barcelona, whose performance has not been as expected (45 games, 21 goals).


Juan Sanchez and now 'Interstar Sport' agreed his contract and the price of the deal, but Azkargorta stopped him. Diego Milito is the man of fashion in European football. On Saturday his two goals gave him the Champions League with Inter Milan in the Bernabeu, but the Argentine could not played that game with neroazzurri Why? Valencia because it had everything agreed with him in the absence of signature in the summer of 2008 until Azkargorta Villalonga and appeared on the scene.


The first event in Barcelona

I played the B-Mestalla Valencia, a subsidiary of Valencia, against Sant Boia in promotion to Segunda B and the exact Barcelona-June 8, 2008 at the Hotel Juan Carlos I, Juan Sanchez and the representatives of 'Interstar Sport ', and José Manuel Vicente Fores Tárraga, began to negotiate with Adrián Faija, attorney for Diego Milito in the presence of Javier Gomez.


Villa With or without the computer

At that time was John Smith who guided the designs of VCF sports and he was clear that Milito was the player who needed the VCF Villa regardless of whether sold or not. In fact, the plan was that the club had occupied the square Milito of Fernando Morientes in the team.


Signed until June 2012

In early July, a month after the start of negotiations, the agreement was complete and the player agents offices went out of the contract Monleón Artist drafted and signed by the VCF to give to Diego and sign as the 'Prince 'came to Zaragoza.


Eight 'kilos' of signing and 2.2 net for him

The amounts agreed by the agents with Zaragoza were eight million for the club hand in the transfer concept, which had just descended, and alongside Milito had already agreed a revenue of 2.2 million per year to which were added a few variables that could increase the quantities


Javier Gomez wrote the contract

The current financial right Llorente, Javier Gomez, the one who drafted the contract and in fact it was he who gave the financial OK to an operation in which he had negotiated in the economic section.


Also had the approval of Emery

Unai Emery had just landed in the VCF but Juan Sanchez, who also was the one who signed it, "he promptly informed of the movements were made. Hondarribia technician had also given the green light to the signing of Prince.


The beginning of the end called Villalonga

On July 7, 2008 San Fermin-Villalonga landing in Valencia and he did it with Xabier Azkargorta as sporting director. Juan Sanchez, in principle, a step down in importance but the possibility remained open because the contract was agreed and drafted.


Azkargorta do not see a "priority"

On July 11 officials responsible for carrying out the operation themselves at the office to report that the negotiations are closed and not yet signed, but Azkargorta, initially it was contemplating, he decided in the days after the signing no a priority.


The Genoa enters the fray with the uncertainty

Genoa, in parallel, is brought into contact with the environment of the player to show them your interest and that's when the Valencia, exactly on July 24, there is the arrival of Vicente Soriano, Fernando Gómez Colomer. At that time the player is already negotiating with the Italians and although Fernando arises as an option that came ceded operation vanishes.


Valencia's Serbian striker sounds like possible reinforcement of Birmingham, Aston Villa and even Liverpool. Nikola Zigic is already used to being in the door, and this summer is no different. Serbian striker has not had much to Unai Emery and is one of the players that the VCF seeks to exit the market in summer. In this sense, the giant love Valencia template to several teams in the Premier League, both in sports as it seems viable economic.

The latest rumors point to multiple destinations. On the one hand would be the Birmingham City. The newspaper 'The Sun' includes a statement from the club's general manager, Alex McLeish in which ensures they are doing "good progress with 3 or 4 players, and the English press Zigic places between them in a move that would be about six million pounds (seven million euros).

'News of The World' published over the weekend that Aston Villa would be willing to offer to Valencia around 11 million euros for the transfer of own Nikola Zigic and Miguel Brito. The English press even suggests the possibility of an exchange with Liverpool for the striker would become 'red', next to Rafa Benitez, while Spanish Albert Riera come to Mestalla, which collects environmental information 'Caughtoffside'.


Gignac is almost ruled out by economic issues and the jury in the top Soldier, Aduriz and Gameiro. Valencia will try to sign Roberto Soldado. Fernando and Emery are clear that the Valencian is the first choice to strengthen the attack and Manuel Llorente will consider this week the conditions under which the Club may consider hiring the Getafe player. By age, performance and experience, Soldier is chosen by the experts, but beyond the handover to negotiate with Getafe Angel Torres, the information received by the player, which in its day was at Real Madrid can play discover of the operation.

Emery is clear that Villa wants to supply a Spanish striker, the less you know the Spanish league. For that reason and also as requested by the Toulouse, Gignac footballer of the technical secretariat has reports from two years ago is practically ruled out. The trio of technicians is thus led by Soldier and Aduriz, although there is consensus on the choice Kevin Gameiro, French footballer of Lorient. From here, the way forward is at your own Llorente.

Valencia have started the summer with strength. In a week to transfer to Villa and has made the signings of Topal official, Ricardo Costa and Feghouli. But now the club is going to take the inputs and outputs possible renowned Silva-call-with more calm. Llorente will hold for the next few days a meeting with Fernando and Emery, but the cards are already on the table and will shortly have contacts with Getafe to see first hand the willingness of Angel Torres to negotiate the departure of one of its players to franchise.

However, as noted above, the setback for that Soldier to become Valencia player may lie more in the emoluments of players that monetary aspirations of Angel Torres. The economic department of the Club will take flatly designed Feasibility Plan last year and this dictates that there must be a cut of between ten and fifteen million in annual cost of staff salary plus depreciation, where each signing. Valencia has released the most expensive card I had, that of Villa, and also from the Shuffle, though, have yet to get other players before he could take the contract of Roberto Soldado, who now receives in a Getafe figure of around EUR 2.3 million gross.

However, leaders Valencia are also aware that the statement is in line to the Soldier for a striker of its features and any scorer of certain warranties, when negotiating a contract will request a higher quantity but close to it those of Getafe striker.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Valencia: The Premier stalks the futurist Gignac

If Valencia want to make the Frenchman Andre-Pierre Gignac (24) in the heir of David Villa (see article) must act quickly. Because, as the website collects, an outstanding team in the Premier League is also willing to bet on this irregular ram.


And West Ham's interest also seems quite serious, because the portal supply amount of hammers at 12 million pounds (13.7 M €), an amount that seems excessive for a player who has just joined in August goals for Toulouse in the course just completed.


Getafe Real Madrid must pay if the transfer exceeds 6 million euros, which is interested in negotiating. Roberto Soldado is clause 10 million euros. That figure is out of the market for Valencia. The Club will not try to buy if I had to pay that amount. But there are 'fringe' on clause signed with Getafe Valencia striker that let you open the door of Valencia, among other reasons because these 'fringe' Angel Torres invite to negotiate a transfer before leaving football to escape its path Clause .

The Secret Soldier contract has its origin in the transfer agreement that once signed the Getafe and Real Madrid. All mallard paid 6 million euros per Soldier. Real Madrid included a definite plus. Getafe must pay 50 per cent of the equity you pull on his transfer, that is, if Getafe Soldado sold ten million, the two would join Real Madrid and Getafe only eight, if they sell for eight, the institution Florentino Perez would take a million Angel Torres and Seven. But every law loophole.

Getafe interested negotiate with any club that would like to sign Soldado. How? Agreeing on an amortized amount that the signing of forward-six million euros, for example-and perform other operations in parallel transfer of players with which to strengthen his team at zero cost. Valencia in such terms it would be launched by soldiers to reinforce the front. Put another way, the signing of Soldier is negotiable.

The Valencia-born striker has earned an important place on the list of possible reinforcements for the team of Emery. In their meeting last Thursday in Paterna the coach and the technical secretariat of Fernando, the name of more consensus was that of Soldier. The coaching staff showed a preference for strengthening the team with players who know the league to perfection and if possible national product to facilitate adaptation. SUPER As published yesterday, Soldier and Aduriz are the first in the list, because the Valencia not only wants to sign one but two front-also a midfielder.

For now, the tab has not moved Valencia or Getafe nor the representatives of the player, Toldrá Consulting, although the technical secretariat is aware of the details of the contract. Next week is a meeting between Fernando, Emery and Llorente, which will ultimately planning, some say the sport preferences, other economic possibilities.

When there was no talk Miku

Valencia did last January with Getafe operation. Rather, the Mestalla club provided the club by signing Miku marbled. Unai Emery did not have the Venezuelan and Valencia reached an agreement to rescind the year and a half that still remained to contract. Therefore, Getafe took Miku services without paying any transfer. Consulting Toldrá sources, representatives of both Miku as Soldier, denied this newspaper that at the time or Valencia or Getafe come to link the facilities for the signing of a future Miku Soldier operation.

Malaga: The "inevitable" fate of Jesus Gamez

Malaga has not yet received a formal offer, but the rumor mill gives almost for granted that Jesus Gamez right side will become the new player of Valencia in the coming weeks.

In fact, the Southern Daily said that the painting begin shortly ché a strong drive to recruit the services of defender who accumulates 155 league games (1 goal) with the elastic-white.

Last year, the board tried to close Valencia and the signing of this player, but ended up pulling a lack of liquidity trading by land. Now, after selling David Villa, money should no longer be a problem.


The team faces a new summer required to post at least a dozen football players who are on the payroll. Another year with the obligation to make room. Valencia will end the season, after the sale of Villa, Baraja's farewell and the signings of Ricardo Costa, Topal and Feghouli, with 37 professional players on the payroll between now has staff and those who have been assigned this year " What you mean? So that means that over the next two months, regardless of trying to sign players to cover the exits there has been, is looking for a player to assume the role of organizer of cards as well as two natural strikers, Fernando Gomez will to try to place at least twelve players ... And this assumes that Unai Emery have access to 25 men on staff, an option that has never been supported. The number of 'placeable' also automatically increase when it takes any new signing.

From there the analysis does not seem too complex lines as in all-lines-on players. To begin, four porters with a contract in force and those who remain in the team will be Caesar and Moya as if Unai maintains its policy of the current campaign to have two goals and lay hold of the branch when necessary, will that Renan and Guaita place.

In defense of the matter is very similar. A Del Horno was desperately looking out for its huge cost of all proportion to their performance, even more so after the 'discovery' of Jordi Alba and side-and with him three homegrown (Lombán, Jaume and Ximo Navarro) should return after their assignments and can not get to Mestalleta as this year given the fact that the players have already signed professional contract can not play with the subsidiary as it was in Third Division. With the signing of Ricardo Costa and closed, the only movement in this line would be as a result of departure, the club would not look askance at a good price a sale of Michael Brown.

On average, and outstanding to find a replacement for Baraja, the bands seem covered unless there is a sale and the center is where the problem is back with Sunny, Viana, Nacho Gonzalez, Montoro or Fernandes himself. There is a priority to streamline payroll, even if it is selling to some of the players who have participated this year would be welcome and at the same time we must put a whole battery of returning unless the agency decides Unai have some of them .

And finally the line of attack. Here comes the jam in the lock position where Silva, Chori Domínguez, Michel-Feghouli or is about to close his loan spell at Deportivo and may be the first to lighten the workforce, become plugged. The canary, obviously, would be fixed if the economic situation was not the who is and who, as the president said, could force to sell more players. There, if Silva comes out, it is less clear sign to be a substitute because the priority now is to find a cutting edge, or rather two, to cover the absence of Villa striker born since the VCF in now has to Nikola Zigic, a player who has hardly counted for Emery, whose output would welcome if you leave money in the bank, and Aaron Ñíguez, a player for his young age and his undeniable talent has yet to break bank but that was just recovered from a serious knee injury and is a real mystery.

In short, the song repeats as in previous years ... must be removed as well as matching between.


This is reportedly the 'sensitive', which aims to negotiations already underway by the canary After selling David Villa to Barcelona, the football market attention will fall on David Silva. Real Madrid wants and the club's first offer presiding Florentino Perez could have been 25 million euros. This information portal 'The Confidential', who by the hand of the journalist José Félix Díaz, with a close relationship with President White, suggests this figure as the start of negotiations with Valencia CF.
In fact, it also points to which there would be a total agreement between Madrid and the player, who signed a five campaigns at a rate of four million euros.
The truth is that the rapid sale of Villa Valencia and now enable the president to negotiate stronger future transfers, although it is clear that the Mestalla club is obliged to sell more assets to balance its budget football and make up substantial debt.


Madrid and Arsenal have already tried to be the pearl of the VCF, but the player and its surroundings are committed to stay here in Valencia is the pearl its ranks by half sighing Europe. Paco Alcácer (Torrent, August 30, 1993) have been confirmed in European sub'17 being disputed in Liechtenstein as the star of the championship (in just over half game and has four goals and an assist) but for major European clubs to explode as no surprise and the proof is the fact that the vast majority have already formally or informally asked about their situation.

The list of interested clubs including Real Madrid, Barca, Chelsea, Arsenal, Inter and Milan among others. In fact, the Real Madrid and tried his contract when he joined Valencia from juvenile age of the kid EF-Torrent and time involved in test matches against Valencia CF months before joining the club and child age-freshman and then what led him to choose between the two bids VCF was Valencia-character marking and that of their surroundings as their parents, Paco and Inma, Valencian also to the core. But today's the big threat is the Arsenal has been the team that most insistently asked about the situation of the player though that, so far, has not yet been translated into a firm offer and, even if it were, The player now has the intention to continue in Valencia.

International since sub'15 category, and despite having 16 years now, "Paco has come to exercise and even three times in Las Rozas sub'20 the national team. In fact, during its recent history is common to see him play on computers that do not correspond to age and proof is the fact that this year, with first year junior, will start the season with the Junior A Division of Honour and end up playing regularly with the subsidiary and even working out in training first-team spot.


Valencia is no stranger to the projection of the player and therefore the intention is that this summer the young player Torrent make the preseason with the first team. Valencia, after the departure of Villa, is on staff only two forwards are born as Nikola Zigic and Aaron Ñíguez and although the intention is to sign for the remainder of summer, or Isco Alcácer players like (there are also other notable projection as Ivan Rubio, Portuguese, Joel and Carles Gil) is intended to make the preseason as long as the 'overbooking' of players permitted, it is recalled that at present the VCF has 37 players with professional contracts.

First Fernando management

He claimed himself to football SUPER early this season, José Giménez was the person who saw him and signed him for the VCF five years ago from one of football teams Torrent base while Fernando Gomez Colomer who was recently landed on the VCF, he signed his first contract with the VCF for four seasons during the 2008/2009 financial year in which he was one of the first steps taken by the vice president now sports. The footballer was dawning years and in Fernando lower and gave him a contract that binds temporarily to the entity as its current contractual link is amateur and ends in 2012 which means that if the player is offered to a professional contract from any another club and I accept, who have no intention today neither the player nor the environment, "the Valencia CF should go to court for a trial before FIFA compensation for rights training amount, roughly as a 90,000 euros for each of the seasons, the boy has been in the lower VCF (takes five).

The player's contractual situation, of course, requires a review without much delay even over contractual issues as is clear in the entity is that it is time to bet very much for the quarry since now both of the situations permit. The first is the economic situation of the entity that does not allow large outlay or transfers, so Manuel Llorente said in a press conference where he announced the sale of David Villa, and the second is the fact that the VCF is found Now before one of these 'layers' which according to experts are willows to get to make the leap. The youth team was proclaimed runner-up in Benidorm, Spain and now plays around the knockout round of Copa del Rey final against FC Barcelona and directs Vicente Mir accumulates a number of players in the situation futuribles almost forced to bet today.

Paco, meanwhile, remains concentrated in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) with the selection where Monday morning at 17:00 MP the third and final game of the group stage. The Spanish team has already virtually achieved his passport apparatus semifinals but won his goal now is also the third game to go top their group which, a priori, would lead to an easier crossing. Paco is still feeling the championship and tomorrow will have a new opportunity before it to show all the potential it has.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Kevin Gameiro (Senlis, France, May 9, 1987), French footballer. Plays as a striker Current club FC Lorient in Ligue 1 of France.

Years: 23.
Height: 1.70.
Weighs: 64 Kg

Their clubs.

RC.Estrasburgo from 2005/06 to 2007/08.
FC.Lorient from 2008/09 to 2009 /?.


SEASON 2008/09 - 11 goals.
SEASON 2009/10 - 10 goals.


We'll see how IS this because, there are two teams who want to take CHOP.


Three sets of the League fight for Radosav Petrovic

Although they leave at a distinct disadvantage, three major Spanish League teams still harbor some hope to gain the services of promising Radosav Petrovic.
The midfielder, 21, had reached an agreement with Sporting Lisbon, but a series of problems with the bank guarantees have quarantined this operation.
"Our intent was to move Radosav before the World Cup so he could go head quiet, but Sporting have to solve the transfer problem quickly because there are other clubs interested, as PSV, Racing Santander, Sevilla, Valencia and PSG, "he acknowledged Jovica Radonjic, player agent, was quoted by A Bola.
Formed in the quarry of Partizan Belgrade, the player agreed to the first team the past year and has since undergone a dramatic progression allowing them to become one of the pillars of his team (45 games, 8 goals) and crashing recent calls for the Selection of Serbia (8 caps).