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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

THE Valencia.CF belies the MATA JUAN OUT TO BARÇA

Vice-president Javier Gomez Valencia CF for the Spaniard says "there is nothing, absolutely nothing." Javier Gomez has come to pass information from various national media have reported the transfer of Juan Mata FC. Barcelona for 20 million euros.

Valencia wanted to deny the reports of a strong and Javier Gomez has met the media gathered daily in the club offices seeking information on possible exits and entrances-white team: "As for the news that has left our player Juan Mata, I vigorously denied, there is no agreement and has not spoken to any team of Juan Mata. "

On the continuous rumors that the Mestalla club has had to counter, Gomez said: "The summer is going to be this long, but I insist there is nothing Mata nor has discussed this issue."

As to whether Valencia would consider an offer for Mata 20 million euros, Valencia CF vicepresidnete said: "We study all sorts of offers for all players but I insist that the issue there is absolutely nothing Mata . Besides, I prefer novalorar figures. "

Javier Gomez also mentioned David Silva: "As for Silva, there is interest from Manchester City, but neither has reached no agreement and no figures have spoken with the English club."

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