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Sunday, June 27, 2010


It may seem an exclamation rhetoric, but let's go even further and above all back ... ... that is football, a game of 11 players against 11 players and no more, he showed Don Rafael "Corleone" with their two league Benitez collected by a staff of men and not sell shirts and other figures ... .. we also wear white

In a match of 11 to 11, can earn Alcorcon, also any team other issue is playing against 12 .-

Speaking of Valencia.CF, I am convinced that next season may be the last of Emery if he fails with a template prepared by the same, once ousted Fernando Gomez, successfully completed and that means being in the Champions League without Villa or Silva ... ... competing with the two largest in Spain, to annihilate all those out in the Copa del Rey and finally make a decent reach Champions League where octave is not talking in a dream

What if ... I want to win it all .... But like a lot when I dictate Emery pit that is realistic ... well I am, gives me the most when I see a Spain where every day you lose a bat in my heart

But let's talk football, every match is a final where you can not speculate, if they were 11 players on the campaign ... but it is not, are 22 for all competitions and therefore should feel 22 bats that Valencian and if not ... door and take by ass, to be told Charles that is willing to crush their glory for worthless Mestalla and the coach still prefer take train alternate Mestalla, is that nobody sees "

Well, football is not enough for them to play friendly matches and decided to create a competition, the League of the Stars, and this is a lie which is preferred sign cracks that make bicycles, shooting fouls, make romarias or just fuck all night because they earn but with ads playing football, so I want my Valencia.CF fiche 22 players to break the horns in every game as Rufete, and Albelda, and Carles, as Hector Greens, like Alberto Camarasa, and Edu, as Javi Piquer, as Roberto Soldado, as the latest games Zigic, as the 13 soldiers who know they are going to die to be reunited with their parents and struggle with giving equal honor and dignity against the person or persons .-

That is the Valencia.CF we expect next season "

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