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Saturday, July 31, 2010


The contented technician mostro with the victory of the equipment and put himself like but as much German; he has “confidence” in the quarry. Unai Emery has been satisfied with the work with the equipment in the second victory of the preseason against the Hannover 96. The Basque technician kept awake that the equipment lowered the service load in the training to elevate the rate of the party, “something that we have noticed”.

On the shock before the Germans, Emery emphasized that the equipment “has created sufficient occasions and in the end the unique one but it is the goal of them in whom we must have been more concentrates”.

The valencianista trainer, also had words of praise for the party of Isco, del that said that “it has done it very well”. “We have confidence in the quarry, they are young and that youth is the one that will mark whatever advance, those that demonstrate it will have their opportunity and can are been based in a short one, half or long term in the equipment”.


The one of the Pobla Llarga has had to take to the way captainship circumstances in the last minutes. Besides one better better in the last friendly image than, the party before the Hannover 96 has left a at least peculiar stamp. And it is that David Albelda has become to hang the captain bracelet after long time. The circumstances have wanted that, by awhile, it has had to carry the captainship of the equipment although the one of the Pobla Llarga has made clear in more than an occasion than no longer it wants to return to take that responsibility after the problematic one with Ronald Koeman.

The film has been the following one. David Albelda has jumped to the field in the final straight line of the party. At those moments, David Navarro took the “hung senyera”, but she has left the field shortly after. On the turf no longer he was Vicente, one of whom has taken to the bracelet this preseason and that will be safe one of the captains, as Emery confirmed. He was not either or Joaquin, who or shone it the season last in some sporadic situation, and Caesar was in the bench. With Moyà, Iván Rubio, Mature, Mathieu, Of the Furnace, I dye Coast, Banega, Feghouli, Pablo and Paco Alcácer, the midfield player has assumed circumstantially the captainship like soccer player more veteran than it had on the field. A peculiar image, that without a doubt it will generate more of a commentary.

Albelda was captain of the Valencia during many campaigns, but after being separated from the equipment by Ronald Koeman in December of 2007 and to maintain a judgment with Juan To be accustomed to, then president of the VCF, never put the bracelet more. Marchena and Baraja assumed the captainship at that time, being the Sevillian the one that has taken to the bracelet the last course. Albelda, since then, has made clear by active and passive that no longer wished to be again captain, and proof of this is that the past course got to take it Miguel in a party that yes was Albelda.


The gaditano and the Valencian attend and write down in so many of the victory before the Hannover; Isco returns to vindicate itself.
The Valencia CF solved without great shows his first serious test of the preseason against the Hannover 96. With a game more effective than showy, excepting the plays that happened through the boots of the canterano Isco, those of Unai Emery folded with a 0-2 the first rival of organization with which the faces were seen.

The Valencia CF did not find its soccer in the first quarter of hour and the Hannover 96 wanted to please in the presentation before its public. The centers from the right of Schulz put in doubt to Dealbert and Navarro. With the equipment already seated on the game land it began to appear the figure of Isco, that returned to vindicate itself with one complete action, and the connection between Robert Soldado and Joaquin Sanchez, that demonstrated on the game land which they speak the same language.

Those of Emery threatened the goal in minute 20 with a great play from the left. Jordi Alba attended Isco, that sent to door with danger. The later one rejects hunted it Fernandes who insitió without success with a new firing.

The following action served to open the German tin. Like against the A the Hilal, those of Emery returned to make profitable a corner serve. In this occasion the one was Joaquin that received in short, raised the head and saw in the first wood the entrance of Soldier, who with an academic closing turned the neck to put the ball far from the reach of Fromlowitz.

Soldado it had one to him to the gaditano and it took ten minutes in giving back it. Joaquin started from the right and left the ball in the crown of the area where Soldado put a great one to him passes of first the space that made possible the definition with masters of the “Pisha”.

With this good flavor of mouth and without changes the second period began. The Valencia lowered the revolutions of the party and the Hannover 96 was infected of it. Emery tried to revitalize the shock changing the bands of attack and, later, the center of the field, that return to the experimental one vows.

Pablo, to changed leg, Vicente and Banega tried to put the finishing nail to him to the German equipment, that in the last minute of party did the 1-2 in a failure in the marking of the rear blanquinegra. The Valencia CF changed of face and left better sensations in this third summery skittle. Now it lacks to authenticate it against the French champion tomorrow, the Olympique of Marseilles de Didier Deschamps.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Ricardo Costa: "I am looking forward to"

Ricardo Costa, the Portuguese international defender said after completing his first practice with his new teammates in concentration made by the Valencia in Slovenia, which comes with great desire to work and join the team soon.

"After the holidays are here to begin to work well, meet colleagues and working hard to start well in the league," said the footballer Luso, last night joined in Ptuj concentration with compatriot Miguel Brito, after close both your holiday after the 2010 World Cup challenge.

"I come to many minds, willing to work hard and hopefully no injuries and we can start well," said the defender, who arrived this season Valencia from German Wolfsburg on loan after playing the final part of last season in Lille French.

After participating in his first practice, the Portuguese player proved to be in a good shape, despite the break from the past few weeks. "It's normal to have a good physical tone on holiday because I take good care to get a good pitch," he said in this regard.

INTERVIEW | Tino Costa......"I think I play better with three midfielders"

Let's start at the beginning, why Tino?
It was my grandfather, who is no longer among us, who had a soap opera when I was born in Argentina there was a little kid who said she looked at me and called Faustino, began to call me that, reduced Tino and I was from two years.

It's a nice source for his nickname
Yes because then I have this to my grandfather who also was the person who told me "you will go far in football and I'm not going to be able to see" and that phrase stuck with me because unfortunately I did not get to see this level.

With his arrival at Valencia is true that premonition that made him
I spent ten years in the territory of France and now I get to a big club. It's something that makes me think of what my grandfather told me that day.

Speaking of France, there was talk that they could call to the selection. If this does happen, do you prefer the gala or Argentina?
Undoubtedly, Argentina Argentina's because I'm 200%, but if the albiceleste not tell me, I raise the option of playing for France.

Let's talk about Valencia. You are presented as the new Shuffle
First of all, Ruben Baraja was a great and will remain in the history of Valencia and replace it would be very difficult. Only tell me I come to play in his place and I know, but each has its qualities and there is no comparison. I come to do the maximum, a sweat shirt and tell people and if I did what I expected them or not.

In his first two friendlies lost balls that should not
I am very unhappy with myself for losing those balls, but two months ago since I played a normal game and passing through the fatigue, the desire I have, knowing that people are watching me makes all things do not go as yet expect, but I will improve this month left until the league starts.

It is good that you recognize your mistakes, right?
I do self-criticism that ended the game right away, I do my review and if things work out I'll tell you why I'm a phenomenon if I did everything backwards. That does not help.

Also has been involved in the pressure up.
The coach wants us to do a pressing forward, that when we lose the ball go up and I like that because in Montpellier so doing, defended forward and now is something that I'm doing here.

As he says, "best played with three midfielders in the middle, with the 4-3-3?
Yes, I think I play better because I feel more comfortable with three because I come to play like two years ago. But if the coach decides to play with two, elect those who think that are best to do in that position. In France we put back as a pivot or Topal Albelda and I had more freedom in the subject offensive.

Recent campaigns have featured on the side scoring 15 goals in two years.
For me it was also a surprise because prior years ended with four goals and always wanted to do more. Last season I projects later, I saw more and I did very well in the offensive. I hope to keep improving and that made ten goals this year instead of seven.

To do so, is aimed at throwing errors and penalties?
Sure, I sign. If you have to hit me raise my hand first, but here there are players who have for many years and if they grab the role of paste I understand it. But if not, count me in no doubt.

All technicians speak wonders of you
I do not know if I will live up to what was said about me, but certainly not reproach me that I never leave it for this shirt I wear, to defend it with everything and run for every ball as if it were the last. Then he will do better or worse things, but my delivery sure to be maximum.

Llorente confirmed the agreement with Villarreal for Marchena

Manuel Llorente has joined this afternoon to "stage" Valencia in Ptuj (Slovenia), and no more land has confirmed the agreement between Valencia and Villarreal for the transfer of Carlos Marchena, the player has been dismissed from several private partners. VCF Is losing your identity with these sales?

"The issue of Marchena, between Valencia and Villarreal agree and that is what is" the president said upon arriving at the hotel of concentration. After insisting to be more explicit, Llorente said that perhaps "Villarreal also has something to say." Maybe between Villarreal and Marchena own? "Exactly," he said Llorente. In conclusion, total agreement between clubs as I told you several days ago, all fringed slopes between Castellon and footballer. Marchena's departure is a matter of days.

Marchena himself, aware that his time at Valencia is coming to an end, has already dismissed privately, by phone or through text messages, some of the colleagues with whom I have more respect within the template black and white. The football environment is expected to formalize the transfer before August 3, the scheduled date for players who reached the semifinals of the World (Nacho, Mata and Marchena himself) into the workforce with the template.

Llorente also used to refer to his arrival to the state of the workforce this spring: "It is too early to draw conclusions. This period of work is to prepare and at the same time, players are gathering pace to meet after the competition," said.

Saltor Bruno "will compete with anyone so great"

In the first game of the preseason did not play a single minute, but was a precaution. His ankle is being spoiled. He is eager and hopes to begin to help their peers as early as possible.

"One season, the mess, is not it?

"Yes, we are in a new preseason I face with lots of enthusiasm, because then there will come a difficult campaign, with changes, but willing to start looking forward. All.

"In the preseason, to suffer, that s what it takes, right?

"That's right. But it is essential to take the necessary physical background, muscle tone and have to suffer also very hot. It's typical of each year.

"You, by constitution, does not have too many problems with the physical.

"No, no. Luckily I have not, but this year is the most I am suffering because I have been long standing with the ankle injury. Fortunately, I'm finding it quite well and adapted to the phenomenal job.

- How's that ankle now?

"Okay, I'm training to keep pace with my companions, all sessions running well and that's good, that the ankle is responding well, although you have to go mimándolo to go every day picking up more strength and more confidence . I'm pretty happy.

- Did he feared last season he had to undergo surgery?

"Yes. He had two options: surgery or a cast to immobilize the ankle. We chose the latter and fortunately it worked.

- Have you had to sacrifice during the holidays?

"Sure, it's my working tool and must be cared for. I spent all summer with the cast, except the last week, which took it away and was more relaxed. Holidays have been quite different.

- Could make a trip out?

"We've been in Formentera, Madrid and at home with the family because later in the season, you can not do as you want.

- Have you enjoyed your small two and a half years?

"All that I could. You have to take holidays in this aspect because then the competition started, you wear a pace of life a little stressful and you can not enjoy them.

- Was it a surprise to find 36 and 37 degree temperatures the first few days in Slovenia?

"Yes. The truth is that we all hoped we would be much cooler, but it was not. We heat, as they suffer in Valencia, something that you flee for better and, above all, to rest and sleep cooler. But you have to get used to everything.

- Determined to fight for the position and perhaps Miguel Ricardo Costa, which also operates smoothly at right back?

"Sure. I will give one hundred percent by the team for the club and compete with it, as long as you play. That competition is good, mainly because the ultimate beneficiary will be the team. I care all summer to be fit, go for it and be at least the same level as my peers.

"Exciting season for the return to the Champions League, without forgetting that this is a competition that takes its toll, do you agree?

"Yes. We have a staff large enough to meet all competitions. The Champions League is the largest in the world at club level, with a high demand and we know that will wear the team a lot. But we are prepared for this new phase that starts in Valencia have become major players, I think the style of play will be different, but there are security and illusion because we are ready.

- Do you think that the fight for the league again will be limited exclusively to Barcelona and Real Madrid?

"Yes, it's hard to admit, but I think so. One of the objectives we have is to cut the minimum difference that existed. As I said before, we've lost some players, although I am sure we will win on other things. You have to make a block very strong, very hard and with it, go very far. For now we must set itself the goal of competing with Barcelona and Real Madrid, and then there will be time to see what happens. And if they're better than we congratulate them and presto, there is no other.

Miguel says Emery stopped his departure at the end of season

Miguel Brito, the Portuguese side Valencia, said that at the end of last season there was a club interested in hiring, but revealed that coach Unai Emery said he had with him and prevented his departure.

"There has been much talk about my possible departure. The Late last year I had the opportunity to go to another team and end the coach said no, he told me and I'm happy about that," he said in a statement provided by the club.

The Luso International is in Slovenian town of Ptuj, where Valencia is concentrated, which has joined this week after his vacation after the World Cup play.

"I feel good, I really enjoyed the holidays and I made the most with my girls. Now I am here and I'm happy, now have to work," he said.

Michael has been with compatriot Ricardo Costa and 'played' by physical problems, David Albelda and Alejandro Dominguez, the only ones who have exercised this morning.

The rest of the team, yesterday played a friendly match against Celje, some players have been bathing and massage, and others have opted to play golf at one of the areas annexed to the team's training area.

This afternoon, the team will make the final working session in Ptuj, after a week of intense training in a double session because this Friday will travel to Hanover to dispute the third friendly against Hannover 96.

Prior to the last meeting, the mayor of the town Slovenian expedition will visit an act of appreciation for the permanence of Valencia.


The Guaita Chori and return today to Valencia

Chori Guaita Vicente Dominguez and concentration today leave Slovenia and land in Valencia. The Argentine and Valencian drag different physical problems are advised to be recovered in the sports city of Paterna as the team this weekend will not be in Slovenia because he plays against Hannover on Saturday and at Marseille on Sunday to return to Valencia after the match.

Therefore, at a meeting held in the afternoon between the medical and coaching staff agreed that today are in Valencia for Saturday and Sunday to work in the sports city under the command of Jordi Candel, head of services Valencia doctors and thus accelerate recovery. In this sense, we must bear in mind that the team, which returns Sunday night, will not work on Monday because he will rest and return to training on Tuesday afternoon. Therefore, as both Chori Guaita, take advantage on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and on Tuesday morning with the intention of staying with the group on Tuesday afternoon.

The tendon and the shoulder
The Chori suffering inflammation of the patellar tendon on the knee and missed the meeting last Wednesday against NK Celje Slovenian first division and in which Emery fell 2-1. The Chori if he played 45 minutes, he did on the left wing-in the first pre-season friendly.

For its part, the young goalkeeper Valencia have some discomfort in the shoulder not only prevented it from playing a single minute in the two friendlies, also allow you to stop working.

The bracelet and have an owner

Caesar, David Navarro and Vincent are the three captains of the new Valencia. Emery has chosen the new owners of the cuff in the first two pre-season friendly against Al Hilal and Celje. The decision is made. The finger has been appointed on the eve of the parties and among the rest deposited in them the responsibility of representing the team in Slovenia. The bracelets are already owners and now just need to decide in what order they will be. First, second and third.

The coach has been solely responsible for decisions. He did it in both games. Veteran was wanted by Vicente Navarro and not the one who shone in the first half of the premiere summer. Cesar wanted me and no other player with more seniority-Del Horno was of the eleven players who had more time in the club, which shone the cuff in the second part of the Valencia-Al Hilal. He returned to give the responsibility to de Coria in the first half of the Valencia-Celje ahead of other 'veterans' as Alexis. And perhaps the most significant decision, gave the bracelet to Navarro at halftime of that game when it was Vincent who was to take him by seniority in the club. Four choices for games played in Slovenia show that Emery has already found his three captains, pending official confirmation Marchena out of Villarreal. The only thing missing from the Basque coach is to decide the order. Everything else is safe.

The three meet perfectly the requirements demanded by the coaching staff. Leadership and personality in the locker room, commitment to the project, responsibility and authority with peers, sense of community and consensus group 'moral' of all. All this is what they represent Caesar, and Vicente Navarro. Emery is the first to know and so committed to them. The de Coria has become one of the strong men of the team in only a year and a half. The good cheer and fellowship transmitted, hierarchy in the field, his spirit of excellence and extensive experience make him an example to follow. Another leader is Navarro. The Port of Valencia Sagunto is, the house and has taken a step forward to not only the head of the defense as last year, also the team. And, of course, Vicente. The Benicalap is an institution of the club and is the only surviving captain last year after the departure of Villa Barca and the imminent release of Marchena Villarreal. Three natural bracelets. The three captains of Emery.


For me I think the goalkeeper this season will undoubtedly Moya, so I think there are value judgments to name Cesar Unai unless you have a plan B, this does not deserve to be Cesar Captain, nor think, for us, this kid almost 40 a'ños deserves a monument .-

Vincent seeks to renew and hopefully get it, but I raise doubts about Mata, the Spaniard will play in another position, you will Unai logic in the decisions of Benicalap?, Mata will be bespoken with Rosell for next season?, I like to think in it, so I leave it there .-

About David Navarro I have no doubt, this player was resurrected by the one to be Coach of Valencia.CF in the not too distant future, Don Gregorio Manzano .-


The Argentine midfield player not yet has been able to offer everything what he is expected of him, although yes has left interesting details. One does not hide and he recognizes that he must give much more. For it, one feels more comfortable with 4-3-3. We begin by the principle, why Tino?
He was my grandfathers, who no longer are between us, that when I was born was an Argentine soap opera in which there was a very small one that said that it looked like and Faustino was called, began to call to me thus, reduced it to I dye and I had left myself both from years.

Origin for its nickname is a tuna
Yes because thus I have present grandfathers who, in addition, she was the person who said to me “you are going to arrive far in soccer and I am not going to you to be able to see” and I had left myself that phrase because unfortunately she did not get to see to me this level.

Its arrival to the Valencia that one premonition is fulfilled that did to him
I have been ten years in territory of France and now I arrive at a great club. He is something that makes think me about which it said to my grandfathers that one day to me.

Speaking of France, that was spoken of could call to him to the selection. If one occurred, it prefers the finery or the one of Argentina?
Without a doubt, the one of Argentina because I am Argentine to the 200%, but the albiceleste would not have me, would raise the option to me to play with France.

We speak of the Valencia. They present to him as the new Deck
First of all, Rubén Baraja was a great one and he will continue it being in the history of the Valencia and to replace it would be very difficult. Only with which they say to me that I come to play in its position already reaches to me, but each has its qualities and it is not necessary to make comparisons. I come to make the maximum, to transpirar the t-shirt and people or she will say if I have done what they of me waited for or no.

In its two first friendly ones there are lost balls that do not have
I am very disconforme with same me to lose those balls, but it matches two months that a party and is not normal that it happens through the fatigue, the desire that I have, the knowledge that people are watching to me All causes that the things still do not leave as delays, but I am going to improve in this month that is until Liga begins.

You are positive that you recognize his errors, no?
I am immediately made the self-criticism that finished the party, I become my critic and if they do not leave the things to me why I am going to say that I am a phenomenon if I did it the other way around everything. That does not serve don't mention it.

Also one has been to him involved in the pressure arrives.
Trainer wants that we do pressing forwards, that when we lose the ball we go upwards and that I like because in Montpellier also we did it, we defended for ahead and now he is something that itself doing here.

Reason why he says, he plays better with three midfield players by means, with 4-3-3?
Yes, I believe that better game because I feel more comfortable with three because I have been coming thus playing for two years. But míster decides to play with two, will choose those that thinks they are the best ones to do it in that position. In France we put a pivot back as Albelda or Topal and I had more freedom in the offensive subject.

The last campaigns are outstanding in the anotadora facet, 15 goals in two years.
For me also it was a surprise because before it finished the years with four goals and I always wanted to do more. The last season I projected more ahead, more was seen me and it was to me very well in the offensive. I hope to continue improving and that this year makes ten goals instead of seven.

For that, one scores to throw lack and penaltis?
Yes, clearly, I score. If am to stick I I will rise to him I flow first, but there are players here who have been many years and if they take hold the roll to stick it I I understand it. But no, that has me without a doubt.

All the technicians speak wonders of you
I do not know if I will be around which he was spoken of me, but certainly they will never reproach to me that he does not let everything to me by this t-shirt which I take, defend it and to run yet by each ball as if outside the last one. Soon they will leave better or worse the things, but my delivery certainly will be maximum.


The lateral one straight confronts the new season with illusion and its ankle already reclaimed of the injury Bruno Saltor Defense of the Valencia In the first party of the preseason not one minute could not play, although it was by precaution. Its ankle is being mimado. It is with desire and hopes to begin to help his companions before he can.

- One more season, to the mess, it isn't certain?

- Yes, we are already in a new preseason that I confront with very many illusion, because soon a complicated campaign will come, with changes, but arranged to initiate it with many desire. All.

- In the preseason, to undergo, which it is what touches, truth?

- Thus it is. But it is fundamental to take necessary the physical bottom, the muscular tone and is necessary to suffer, in addition by far heat. He is the typical thing of every year.

- You, by constitution, do not have excessive problems with the physicist.

- No, no. Luckily I do not have them, although this year is the one that I am suffering more because there am been time stopped with the injury of the ankle. Luckyly, I am being rather well and adapting to the phenomenal work.

-How it is now that ankle?

- Very or, I am training to the same rate that my companions, finishing or all the sessions and that is the good thing, that the ankle is responding or, although there is to go mimándolo so that it is taking to every day the more force and the more confidence. I am quite contented.

-It got to fear the past season that it had to happen through the operating room?

- Yes. It had two options: to operate to me or to place a plaster in the ankle to immobilize it. We choose by this last one and fortunately it has worked.

-It has had to sacrifice during the vacations?

- Clearly, it is my tool of work and it is necessary to take care of it. I have spent all the summer with plaster, except the last week, that cleared it to me and more was stretched. Quite different vacations have been some.

-It could make some trip, leave?

- Yes, we have been in Formentera, Madrid and house with the family because later, during the season, you cannot do it as you would like.

-It has enjoyed his small one two year and a half?

- Everything what I have been able. It is necessary to take advantage of the vacations in this aspect because then, with the competition in march, you take a rate of somewhat estresante life and you cannot enjoy them.

-It was a surprise to be with 36 and 37 degrees of temperature the first days in Slovenia?

- Yes. The truth is that all we hoped that we would be much more fresh, but was not thus. We pass heat, as we underwent it in Valencia, something than you flee to work better and, mainly, to rest and to sleep chillier. But it is necessary to be accustomed to everything.

-Decided to perhaps fight itself by the position with Miguel and with Ricardo Costa, who also develops without difficulties like lateral straight?

- Surely. I am going to give the one hundred percent by the equipment, the club and will compete with which it is, with so playing. That competition is good, mainly because the great beneficiary will be the equipment. I have taken care of all the summer to be recovered, to go to by all and being, like minimum, at the same level that my companions.

- Illusory Season by the return to the Champions, without forgetting that one is a competition that passes invoice, it agrees?

- Yes. We have an ample group sufficiently to confront all the competitions. The Champions is most important of the world concerning clubs, with the highest exigency and we know that it is going to wear away much to the equipment. But we are preparations before this new stage that starts in the Valencia; important players have gone away, I believe that the game style is going to be different, but is security and illusion because we are preparations to do it.

-It thinks that the fight by Liga will be limited exclusively Barcelona and Real Madrid again?

- Yes, he is hard to admit it, but I believe yes that. One of the objectives that we have is to trim to the minimum that difference that has existed. As I before said, there are lost some players, although I am sure that we are going to win in other things. It is necessary to make a block very hard, very hard and, with him, to arrive very far. At the moment the objective is necessary to mark itself to compete with Barça and Real Madrid and, later, already will be time to see what happens. And if they are better than we will congratulate ourselves to them and ready, it is not another one.


Manuel Llorente has gotten up himself this behind schedule to “stage” valencianista in Ptuj (Slovenia), and nothing else to land has confirmed the existing agreement between Valencia and Villarreal for the crossing of Carlos Marchena; the soccer player already has taken leave to prevailed of several companions. Losing is the VCF its identity with these sales?

“The subject of Marchena, between Valencia and Villarreal we agree and that is what there is”, it nothing else indicated the president to arrive at the concentration hotel. After insisting to him so that outside more explicit, Llorente aimed that perhaps “the Villarreal also has some thing that to think”. Perhaps between the Villarreal and the own Marchena? “Exact”, Llorente sentenced. In conclusion, total agreement between clubs as already we told you several days ago, pending flecos between the set of Castellon de la Plana and the soccer player. The exit of Marchena is question of days.

The own Marchena, conscious that its stage in the Valencia is arriving at its aim, or has taken leave of deprived form, telephone route or through messages of text, some of the companions with whom blanquinegra has the more relation within the group. The surroundings of the soccer player hope that the crossing is made official before the 3 of August, predicted date so that the players who reached the semifinals of the World-wide one (Nacho, Bush and the own Marchena) get up themselves to the work with the group.

Llorente was also useful to its arrival to talk about to the state of the group in this preseason: “It is soon for drawing conclusions. This working cycle is to prepare itself and, at the same time, that the players are taking rate to confront the competition later”, it sentenced.


The VCF organizes an act to be thankful for the hospitality of the locality of Pjuc; there are been present the mayor, Unai and Navarro. The Valencia CF feels like in house in Ptuj and to be thankful for the hospitality of its people, the valencianista organization has realized a small act in gratitude signal. Thus, Unai Emery and David Navarro have been the ones in charge to give to the mayor of the Slovenian locality, Stefan Celan, a t-shirt of the first equipación with the name of Ptuj.

In the same way, the technician also received a present from the town hall. Next to the mayor also he was the councilman of Deportes, Stanko Glazar, and a representative of Sportfive Nichola Macgowan and the director of the complex where is the Grand Primus Hotel, Andrej Klasinc.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Miguel has behaved like a “man new” Miguel Brito assured today that great part of the things that say to envelope he is lie, and assures that only it thinks about playing soccer; the lateral one has kept awake that, in spite of being spoken much on its exit, Unai Emery has him. You think that Miguel will avoid the extrasport problems east year?

The presents in the press room have deluded when Miguel has spoken on the extrasport problems that usually carry out of habitual way. “I arrive with the clean mind and, since I have always done, only thinking about playing soccer. But I am a person, I have life, I do not choose the friendships, as I do not choose where to be born and for that reason, sometimes, they pass things that you do not want. I am going to try not to return to live those situations or at least not to be present when they happen”, noon indicated the east Portuguese.

To the thread of this subject, Miguel has denied who was present a month ago in a shooting happened in Lisbon, something that already his representative did at the time: “He is that there are absurd things, that are not maintained. In a same day I was in Lisbon, in the Algarve and to 150 kilometers of Lisbon… in three places at the same time. He is incredible, because for that it would need to have a deprived airplane”, there is this Miguel Brito, who has confirmed that their legal services have interposed the pertinent demands by these accusations.

In the sport thing, luso has talked about to the supplies that it has had in the last seasons to leave the club, although has stressed the importance of the figure of Unai Emery so that it follows in the Valencia: “It has been spoken much of my possible exit. The year last to last hour I had the possibility of going me to another equipment and in the end the trainer said that no, that he had me and I am contented for that reason”, he concluded.


Éver will play even though with Batiste of selector who the list is of “Down”; the means, been thankful for with both. Armando Maradona included to Éver Banega in their testament. The valencianista entered the list of summoned that the AFA presented yesterday for the friendly party against Ireland anticipated for next the 11 August in Dublin. To the albiceleste combined one the technician will direct it You beat after the decision of the AFA of not continuing with Maradona to the front of the selection, although, the call for this party gave it own Down to Julio Grondona, president of the AFA.

Banega received the news during the breakfast in the concentration of Ptuj. He was a happy man. “I give thanks to Diego to remember Him me and also to You beat”, Banega indicated SUPER. It is the third occasion in which the name of the valencianista figure in a call of the absolute Argentinean. Banega made debut with Argentina before Guatemala in February of 2008. In that one occasion it was mentioned for a tour of four parties of which it played two. The second and last time in which Banega was called to defend the colors of its country was the past 22 of December, for a party in the Camp Nou against the selection of Catalonia of which it disputed last the 35 minutes after replacing Gago.
“I am in favor happy of the call, still gives more confidence me of which already it had for this year”, it points Banega. By the way, Batiste will be selecting of minimum Argentina until end of year, that is to say, besides against Ireland, also it will be in the friendly albiceleste bench in against Spain anticipated for the 7 of September in the Monumental one of Buenos Aires. “Clear that I would like to be in that party against the champion of the world… but we do not advance dates, first it is to enjoy the concentration in Dublin”.
Banega will be in the selection with one of the technicians who of have always more trusting in him. You beat is classic of the categories inferiors of the selection and, to mention a date, went the trainer who took to Argentina to proclaim Olympic champion in Beijing 2008, with Banega in its rows. “The presence comes to Me well from Batiste, it knows me perfectly and I know as she works, he will be pretty to return to find with him”, the valencianista affirms to me.

To Banega, everything is saying, the news that arrive from their country on the matter from the selection him to him have pillaged a little out of place. “The truth is that everything has surprised me what it has happened with Diego, because it seemed that it was the one that did not want or was not going to follow and in the end the one has been the AFA that has made the decision, I only can say that him desire luck goes where it goes and I return to thank to him”.


The new selector of sub' 21 has summoned to the lateral valencianista; Michel, a fixed one for Expensive Lopez, will not be. The player of the Valencia CF, Jordi Alba, has been summoned for the party of the qualifying phase for the European that will dispute to the Spanish selection sub' 21 against Finland next the 11 of August. The list has made it public the ex- player of the Valencia CF and new national selector, Luis Mile, that will be released with sub '21.

The left end, now reconverted to lateral to the orders of Unai Emery, came being a fixed one in the calls of Juan Ramon Expensive Lopez. Mile will continue having the skillful left-handed person something that has not made with the midfield player of the Valencia CF yielded the Sport Michel Herrero, who came entering the plans from Expensive Lopez, or Aaron Ñíguez, more intermittent in previous citations due to its problems with the injuries.

Next to the valencianista he will be in the call the flaming champion of the World with the Absolute one, Javi Martinez, next to other soccer players with experience in Liga BBVA as They measure the perimeter of Krkic, Diego Capel, Dani Parejo or Ander Herrera. The party against Finland will gamble in the stage Arto Tolsa Areena, of Kotka (Finland) and will be directed by the Welsh referee Mark Steven Whitby.

The list of 20 summoned is formed by:

Athletic Bilbao Club: Mikel San jOse Domínguez, Javier Martinez Aguinaga and Ander Iturraspe Derteano.

Athletic of Madrid: David De Gea Quintana, Alvaro Domínguez Soto and Francisco Merida Perez.

Barcelona: They measure the perimeter of Krkic Perez and Jeffren Suárez Bermúdez.

Sport of Corunna: Adrián Lopez Alvarez and Rubén Perez of the Marble.

RCD Espanyol: Victor Ruiz Torre.

Getafe: Even Daniel Muñoz.

Olympique Marseilles: Caesar Azpilicueta Tanco.

Real Madrid: You take Mejías Osorio.

Seville: Diego Capel Trinidad.

Real Sporting Gijon: Alberto Botia Rabasco and Roberto Canella Suárez.

Valencia: Jordi Alba Ramos.

Villarreal: Marine Diego Billiards.

Real Zaragoza: Ander Herrera Predicts.


39º Match Orange. Valencia CF - ACF Fiorentina, 18 of August, 21:30 hours. Entrances with the most popular prices, from 6 Euros.


Hildebrand, Helguera, Carleto, Viana… are players in whom Emery has not seen quality, commitment and competitiveness. Emery has one cantinela this preseason that to the minim that can repeats it. In SUPER we have nicknamed it like the three plan of ´C´: commitment, quality and competitiveness. The technician says time and time again who all that one that does not fulfill them does not have capacity in the Valencia, although as it said to Pablo Hernandez some ago days: “Such exigencies of míster are not new of this year”. And throwing the view back the of Castellon de la Plana one is right all the, because in the curriculum of Emery as trainer of the Valencia are a few the three victims of ´C´.

Unai Emery has a few discardings that to realize before the Valencia presents the definitive list of the group in Liga de Professional Fútbol and the UEFA. The players are several who in parties as the one of this behind schedule and in each training of the equipment in Ptuj gambles their being or not to be. The history of Emery in the Valencia says that the trainer neither house with anybody nor is not himself either of which they are closed in band, and if not that asks it for example Mature.

Emery speaks much this year of three concepts that begin by ´C´ and which they come to be like the condition sine quanon to dress the t-shirt the Valencia. If one does not have quality, he is not competitive and it is not it jeopardize… goodbye very good. Logically all the exits had in both last years been have not marked by this landlord - cases for example of Villa or Silva-, although yes in whom the technician has had voice and vote - in the exit of Deck, on the contrary, the opinion of the trainer was not taken since Emery yes still saw him with quality, it jeopardize and with capacity to compete by the position.

The three more showy cases were those of Timo Hildebrand, Iván Helguera and Miguel Angel Angle. Each of them wanted to throw a pulse to the trainer and the Club ended up giving the reason him to the one of Hondarribia. In some cases, like the one of Helguera, still having to pay a succulent amount for settlement.

The German guardameta began the preseason of the opening of a priori Emery like the titular doorman. But already in the concentration in Ermelo, the technician put the cross to him by how he saw him train. The arrival of Renan and the benefits of Guaita convinced to him more than the fame than accompanied by ex- international the German. Emery understood then that Hildebrand, to once cleared the gallons him of titling, neither was competivo in the training nor was it jeopardize with the group. The exit of the German took place in the middle of the month of October.
The same happened to him to Iván Helguera, although if so its march took implicit the retirement of the Cantabrian. Emery and Helguera nuna agreed and the technician never saw him it jeopardize nor to his age maintained the quality that took to him to be international. A joke with dyes of insubordination of the Cantabrian towards the technician - a phrase written in the slate of clothes overwhelmed the glass and in December of 2008 then president From Soria Vicente and sport director Fernando gave the reason to Emery and the club paid to Helguera which it had left of contract, as a year later - with Manuel Llorente in its present position happened to Angle.

The list of soccer players who have left the club not to fulfill some of the three ´C´ of Emery not remains in Hildebrand, Angulo and Helguera. Nor it will remain, because in fact according to what some does in Ptuj it can be extended shortly.

NK Celje (SLO) - Valencia CF (ESP) 28/07/10 2-1


Tino and Isco, the best, in the exciting debut of Aduriz

Valencia fell into their friendly against lowly Celje in a game that left the collective to be desired and in which two names stood out above the rest: Tino Costa e Isco. The Argentine was leading symptoms and know what goes in hand until the forces left him while the guy was brazen and quality. In addition, on Wednesday afternoon will be remembered for playing the premiere of Aritz Aduriz Valencia. After the debut of the Basque striker, Ricardo Costa needed only to play from the new signings, have not done yet this spring for several reasons Bruno, Albelda, goalkeeper Guaita and Javi quarry. Who did not play was Roberto Soldado. In fact it was the only transfers that are available to Emery who remained on the bench during the ninety minutes of the game. Emery reserve it for the next games against Hannover and Marseille.

Valencia lost in their second friendly of the preseason against Slovenian Celje in a game in which Unai Emery's team showed that there is still much work ahead to achieve their best version.

In the first half, Unai Emery experimented with a 4-3-3 tactical picture, which like the first game again sinking. Without any personality in the field of play, the only player with overflow capacity was again Pablo Hernandez, who brought together in his boots the main chances of his team.

But where else will have to correct the Basque coach is on defense, where his men suffered greatly, largely because of the numerous turnovers that led to weak Slovenian team have the best chance of the first act. Thus, in this period Bezjac Ecuador took advantage of a fumble by Costa in the central circle in an individual move, stand alone with Caesar and wasted a clear chance on goal.

Following this notice, the home side ahead on the scoreboard did, ten minutes before the break, after another fumble, this time by Jordi Alba Mocic resolved with a low shot from the edge dry that slipped with strain of the post.

The Valencia was able to achieve the equalizer five minutes later, but Aaron did not use the hand to hand with the Slovenian keeper and subsequent auction of Feghouli what prevented a local defense when wearing road goal.

The lace to the very poor first half of Valencia arrived in time extension, when Brezice took a rebound from outside the area to hang the ball from Vaseline to score the 2-0.

In the second act, Emery completely changed their lineup and tactical re-drawing his classic 4-2-3-1, in addition to allowing the ram debut Aduritz Valencia.

The Valencia set was more compact and orderly than in the first half. The fruit of his best game, Valencia differences cut twenty minutes, after a great shot of David Navarro that repelled the crossbar after a failure chain local defense, Vincent took the rebound to score the 2-1.

Although it was more solid, Valencia showed that still lacks fresh offensive, both in creating the game as in the auction. However, Topal could avoid defeat Valencia to ten minutes from time but his shot from the penalty spot came out.

Fact Sheet:
2. NK Celje: Mujinovic; Bakarik Sasa, Gobec, Andelkovic, Mijatovic, Medved, Brezice, Mujakovic, Mocic, Gorazd Zajc and Bezjak. They also played Fink, Horjak, Klun, Pantovic, Golub, Stanojev, Klebcar, Rahmanovic, Krljanovic, Purisic, Popovic, Klun and Straus.

1. Valencia: Caesar, Alexis, Mature, Dealbert, Jordi Alba, Paul, Tino Costa, Fernandes, Aaron; Feghouli and Alcacer. Also played: Moya, Ivan Rubio, Navarro, Del Horno, Mathieu, Banega, Topal, Joaquín, Vicente, and Aduritz Isco.

Goals: 1-0, m.35 Mocic. 2-0, m.45 Brezice. 2-1, m.66 Vicente.

Referee: Zelimirko Pavlovic (SLO). Admonished by the Celje to Golub and Popovic, and Alexis Valencia.

Incidents: second pre-season friendly of Valencia, held at the Arena Petrol Celje.

Ricardo Costa has thoroughly prepared

Ricardo Costa has become physically as if he had not gone on vacation. The data handled by Julen masajid obtained from physical and medical tests carried out between Monday and Tuesday in Valencia, indicate that the development of the Luso to enter into group dynamics will be faster than initially expected. For something his team-mates nicknamed Tarzan. The player has been preparing thoroughly for their retirement on the beaches of Portugal and reaches the concentration in Ptuj not want to lose time to go into Emery's plans ahead of friendlies in England.

"I feel good, I care three weeks and arrived in good condition physically," says the Luso. Ricardo Costa continued during the three weeks of vacation that has taken after removal of Portugal's World Cup with a view to competing from day one for a place in the side of Emery. Moreover, as he himself confessed, "one can not be neglected because working in summer suit you to avoid injury in the first weeks of spring training."

With Soldier, Bruno and Albelda
Ricardo Costa and Miguel Brito made on Wednesday morning the first session of training. They first participated in a round with some friends like Bruno, Soldier or Albelda, and then perform a physical circuit and a career according to the data continues to handle the physical trainers. At one point in the session, Julen masajid and John Torrijo talked with both to know their feelings. The situation is different either because Ricardo Costa reaches more ro Miguel because he had more presence in the team matches Lusa.

As confessed both to the technicians of Valencia, Carlos Queiroz, coach Luso, just working in practice and meetings in South Africa were mainly concentrated in recovery between games and focus on tactical aspects. So Miguel, although only three weeks has stopped, comes to worse physical condition than his compatriot as only played one match during the World Cup.

Emery does not precipitate the dates of incorporation of Ricardo Miguel Costa and the normal dynamics of the group, though logically expected as soon as both are able to compete with other colleagues, especially Ricardo Costa, who has pinned much hope for forming plants with partner David Navarro.

Both are going to follow a specific plan devised by Julen masajid. The idea is to perform the same exercises that the other fellow, but at their own pace and without participating in the first days in excessive work load. This morning, yes, both are exercised alone and perform a physical circuit. The remaining players will have time bathing and massage. In the afternoon, at the last session tactic in Ptuj, Emery hopes to have Ricardo Costa and Miguel to play some minutes from the sided games, at least to participate in the actions of the financial strategy and output transition ball and attack -defense. Yes, as noted above, Emery has no intention of seeing them in action until the parties in England.

Almost a return to Miguel
Ricardo Costa has come in better physical condition that Michael was demonstrated yesterday. The central pulled him turned over to the side for a continuous race track around the pitch. Truth be told, both were at the pace they had to go, they mark the trainer to have the results of the tests that were submitted in Valencia.

"De la Red not talk to me '
One of the anecdotes
am the starred Miguel. In a moment of conversation with peers and technical, they joked with one Red and the defeat of Portugal with those of Vicente Del Bosque. On issues of confidence, most were baited with Michael, who responded with grace:
"De la Red not talk to me that
I command Ricardo Costa ...».

Delighted with the team
Ricardo Costa was pleasantly surprised by the reception he has had from colleagues. The vast majority met them at breakfast yesterday, but on Tuesday night after arrival, Miguel introduced him to all those found in the hall and corridors, and Albelda, Vicente and Bruno. Both share a room. "I am happy here, I wanted to be with my new colleagues'

Mathieu opens with the French

Jeremy Mathieu The Frenchman has been shortlisted for the first time, for a friendly dispute over the selection gala will play against Norway in Oslo next Wednesday, August 11 at 21.15 against Norway. The coach, Laurent Blanc, made public the final list on August 5.

From these humble pages CONGRATULATIONS CHAMPION .-

The striker left Valencia go

Ruben Rochina (Sagunt, 1991) is too close to happiness as to stop and listen to offers that have sent several Spanish clubs. At 19, this daring Valencia striker is the only part of the Spanish U-19 that, under the command of former Valencia Luis Milla, is one step to imitate the "major." "The Red" will play tomorrow's final against France, the European youth, although still not be able to believe it, there will Rochina.
Become one of the leaders of the national team, with which scored a splendid goal in the quarter-final against Italy, has been identified as one of the new values of the insatiable quarry of Barcelona, La Masia. Al Saguntine you have a year contract with the Catalan club, and sensations that pass from the county town have convinced him to continue in the ranks Barca at least another year.
Not so clear was six summers ago, when only 12 years old, celebrated his goals Rochina still wearing the shirt Valencia for all areas of the Region. At that time, the de Sagunto Child B was part of Valencia, and no one dared to discuss his promising future at the Mestalla club. But the loving care with which the pearl was treated in Paterna football was not the most appropriate. "The truth is that if I did too, until after playing a summer tournament in Barcelona came and showed interest in me, then I talked more with me," revealed the Valencian Levante-EMV at the end of the semifinal against England. The talent, the effectiveness in front of goal and the reasonableness of the then "child" of Valencia, served as bait for the Barcelona scouts came to fishing the player without since Paterna could stop the operation.
"I did not have any contract with Valencia, so we listen to Barca and we thought it was the best." But it was not an easy decision. Rochina only child, and change the city with just a dozen years posed a challenge too risky. "Barca gave us an apartment for me and my parents in Barcelona, because they not only wanted me," recalls the front. It was the 2004/2005 season and made the bags Rochina to strengthen the Child to the Catalan club, coached by Sergio Lobera then, the main guarantor of the player. But the famous adaptation process noted, and in the early years at La Masia, Valencian left only touches of talent. Already in the Junior B, the full potential of Sagunto exploded with a splendid beginning of the course, where he scored 15 goals before the month of December.

Injury overcome and new challenge
A hamstring injury last season kept him away from the pitch a few months, but still, Rochina was crowned top scorer in the Junior A with 21 goals. Consequently, Luis Enrique, Barcelona coach of athleticism, and has the Saguntine for this season in the Football News. A new challenge. However, while claiming to Rochina football in Barcelona, Sagunto has not ceased to be their city. "Every time I have days off or holidays always go to Sagunto because there I have all my friends and especially my family much," said the gunner. Little more than six years after she decided to switch home and colors, Rochina hopes to win the European Youth tomorrow. Maybe I scored one of those goals that dazzled in Paterna, fell in love Barca, Valencia and let it out.


The technician has assured that the one of Benicalap will maintain his estatus although the bracelet did not shine before the Celje. Two soccer players have carried before the Celje the captain bracelet. Caesar first, and Navarrese after the rest have been those that have been contained the senyera in the forearm. Most peculiar he is than no of them was captain the passed course, not thus Vicente Rodriguez, who yes was it and although he has jumped to the field next to the power station has not taken the bracelet. In any case, Emery has wanted to go out to the step to confirm that nothing will change in this aspect.

For want of the official confirmation of the signing of Carlos Marchena by the Villarreal, the captainship of the VCF becomes one of the debates of the summer, and in spite of the circumstance that Vicente has not been captain before the Celje, the technician has confirmed that the one of Benicalap will be, yes or yes, one of the captains of the equipment. “Vicente will continue being captain”, the Basoue asserted. The technician has not meant if it will be first captain and he has limited himself to say that “we will be it seeing”. Emery has said that “it is not necessary to give importance him” to the fact that in the friendly second the captain has been Navarrese.


The soccer player already has contacted with some companions by telephone to announce his goodbye to them.

Carlos Marchena already has begun to take leave of the VCF since its exit will take place at the moment closes the exit of Godín in the direction of the Apple orchards. To the fact that already it has passed the medical examination with the Villarreal - Monday in the clinic Jaime I did it of Castellón- is united, as unequivocal sign of its goodbye, to the telephone contacts that have maintained with some of their companions who are concentrates with the equipment in Ptuj. Caoitán would have spoken directly or through text messages to inform to them into the situation that follows slope, only, of the exit of Godín in the direction of the Villarreal.

It would have to return Tuesday
Normal it is that the crossing becomes public in the next days - if not in the next hours although, in case were not closed before Tuesday of the week that comes - day 3 of August, in principle is predicted that as much the Sevillian as Juan Bush got up himself to the group once finished their vacations after proclaiming champions of the world with Spain.
The club, to day of today, does not have intention to contract no other short term player in case Carlos Marchena leaves since covers are considered the demarcations as much of central defense as of average defensive center well that are those that occupies the Andalusian.


The midfield player arrives with the loaded batteries and arranged to gain the site from the preseason Pablo Hernandez comes with the loaded batteries this course. The one of Castellón has had to do the World-wide one of South Africa from house, after to have reached the dream of the selection, and is arranged to fight from the first day to reach its better version. The soccer player assured after the second test of the preseason that is “rather well” and physically takes the new season “with much illusion” because it wants “to demonstrate from the beginning” that its desire is to be in the eleven, “and that happens to demonstrate it”.

The midfield player recognized that the VCF did not play a good party before the Celje, but also wanted to make clear that the new faces are many and first it is to find the adaptation. “There is new people, we mixed much people, and these parties are used for that, to try that it enters all we look for the block. Now it is almost impossible that it leaves all perfect one, and with the accumulation of minutes and parties the improvements will arrive”.

The matador insisted on which now the minutes are being distributed to much, but later will go “playing more” and that will be what it will give “the party rate them that we needed”.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The international Portuguese arrived at night from Tuesday at the concentration and today he has trained with the group. Ricardo Costa, Portuguese international defense, indicated after completing their first training with their new companions in the concentration that the Valencia realizes in Slovenia, that arrives with many desire to work and to integrate itself soon in the equipment. “After the vacations we are here for beginning to work either, to know the companions and to work to the maximum to begin or Liga”, luso indicated to the soccer player, that last night it was gotten up to the concentration in Ptuj next to its compatriot Miguel Brito, after concluding both its vacations after disputing World-wide the 2010.

“I arrive with many spirits, desire to work and we hope much that there are not injuries and we can begin well”, it affirmed the defense, that this season arrives at the Valencia coming from the German Wolfsburgo and after playing like yielded the final part of the past campaign in French Lille.

After participating in his first training, the Portuguese player demonstrated to be in a good physical form, in spite of the rest of the last weeks. “It is normal that he has a good physical tone because in vacations I take care of to me well to arrive with a good tone”, he aimed on the matter.


The French has been preselected, for the first time, for the dispute of a friendly encounter of the Gallic selection. The French Jérémy Mathieu has been preselected, for the first time, for the dispute of a friendly encounter of the Gallic selection that will play before Norway in Oslo the next Wednesday, 11 of August, to the 21:15 hours before Norway. The selector, Laurent Blanc, will do public the definitive list the five of August.

Time for Albelda, Joaquin and Aduriz

This afternoon at 18.30, Valencia will play the second preparatory meeting in Slovenian lands, with the NK Celje as a rival. Unai Emery will grant forty-five minutes to all players who rushed the field, as it did in the opening match against Al Hilal. For three players from the template, Albelda, Joaquin and Aduriz, will premiere this spring, as none of them played against the whole of Saudi Arabia.

Everything indicates that no act Guaita goalkeeper and defender Bruno, to be safe and allow completion of full recovery of physical problems they suffered last season. The goalkeeper in a right side shoulder and ankle. The only question is whether the Valencia coach will give a few minutes the young keeper Javi quarry.

Today's game bit you can comment. The Celje is a much more modest rival Al Hilal, as evidence continues to be a workout over the initial phase of the new campaign, focused exclusively on the development, particularly physics, and the conjunction of block and adaptation of new players who have come to the template.

Unai Emery will not repeat either with respect to formations that drafted on Sunday. Alternate players, with the intention that all play together and become known on the pitch.

David Albelda will take their demarcation in the midfield, which may be accompanied by Tino Costa or Banega. Valencia midfielder looking forward to facing his final season with the club contract and does so excited about the good time that is, it is not simply the extension of the great performance shown in the last year.

Joaquin publicly acknowledged yesterday that it has a thorn, the lack of continuity in the lineup during the last campaign, which is to be obtained. Today should begin to show.

Different is the situation of Aritz Aduriz, one of the reinforcements hired who, together with Soldier, you have to make offensive play and goals for Valencia. The two forwards are going to fight for the only position that leaves Emery tip for the attack, although there will be games for everyone. The question can be attractive and the team the ultimate beneficiary.

That certainly is not is Alejandro 'Chori' Dominguez. The Argentine did not practice yesterday afternoon and Emery did not have at their disposal. The reason, some discomfort in the patellar tendon in his left knee.

It is also virtually certain low Ñíguez striker Aaron. The young of the quarry was in the final minutes of the afternoon session a hit between the ankle and instep. It was so strong that it had to be treated and left the field with gestures of pain Huesca. Their share the grief of this afternoon before the joint Slovenian seems quite complicated.

The today will be the last friendly in Slovenia, as the expedition will leave this country on Friday to fly to Hannover. The Celje, Slovenia league finished last in fifth position and was a semifinalist in the glass. This modest club was founded in 1919, the same year as the Valencia.

Mehmet Topal

Data archiving and Julen Unai Emery masajid in your database do not lie. Mehmet Topal is physically more complete player that is in the template, at least today. The Turk, by making an analogy to cycling is in the lead pack, and even escaped alone-in facets such as strength, power and flexibility, technical talk only when the speed in the race not included among best of record. And such a physical deployment made him the best signing that feelings left in the first game. He, and Soldier, in the end he did what he has to make a scorer.

Topal logically expect much more than what was seen, although he gave glimpses of his physical deployment and its virtues as a defensive midfielder. In the end it was just training with rival guest. But Topal technicians like the clarity with which it treats defensive concepts and the broad field space it occupies. In fact, one of the reasons that led him to try to Emery in the second half against Al Hilal 4-3-3 system and not on the first was precisely in this period the lineup of the Turk. But Topal is not just a physically gifted player. Own technicians and are delighted with their attitude, the intensity with which it competes and its peaceful and conciliatory spirit in the dressing room, although the language is not allowed to make jokes.

Turkish does not like talking about himself, though, when asked by a virtue says that "those who know me say I'm too good person, I do not know, I say this because in my flaws is that I have a very ugly soon. " SUPER Topal could chat with through the mediation of a Turkish translator. The player tries to make his first steps with Castilian, but beyond the "hello very good", "well, well, thank you" does not come out. Topal value family above all things. For the Turkish parents, his nine brothers and his wife are the "life, what moves me." Believing and practicing Muslim, but "respect all religions, because we each have our faith and respect among people," the young midfielder slept with a poster of Patrick Vieira in his room, one of his idols as a player, until extent that his colleagues nicknamed him Viera, although the player for the one Zidane felt was admiration.

From Galatasaray has always been, but "Spanish football caught my attention and I could always see him on TV." So when the call came from Valencia did not think twice. The illusion that made him sign for the Mestalla club when he grew his first tour of the city. "I am thrilled to paella", says Turkish football. Yes, vacation is clear that he would go "anywhere in Turkey and the island of Ibiza." And beyond Valencia, Madrid called "a trip I took with some friends" and has also curious to visit Barcelona. "

Precisely the "curiosity" is one of the things that move every day. Among his favorite hobbies, the less appealing a case of a footballer. "Walking through the streets quietly reading a book." Nor is it to Twitter or Facebook. In fact, what new technologies do not do much. Is the Internet? "I just rather little." Take a Blackberry though "I bought it I" and actually admits that only "use it to talk on the phone."
Another anecdote from the likes of Turkish defensive midfielder. His favorite numbers are 4, 8 and 14. Only 8 free speaking of numbers, but has little intention or even of asking. Why? "That led him Baraja, an institution in Valencia."

The third of nine children
Mehmet Topal for the family "is everything, is life, is the end, the family is most important, is what motivates people." Last May, he married his lifelong partner, Selda Duman, and as he confesses in Test SUPER is one of his desires "to have children soon," Valencia? yes, of course, I have signed for four years, "he says. The fact is that Turkish is used to a large family. And if not, read below. The Turkish midfielder is the third of nine children, five boys and four girls, with whom it maintains an excellent relationship and that always welcomes the New Year. Surely he is happy.