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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Valencia defender suffers a vertiginous syndrome, while Cesar has muscular problems. The Valencia player Alexis Ruano suffers a vertiginous syndrome, why not be exercised in the day Friday in the return to work after the triangular Paterna played by the Sicilian land Valencia team against Naples and Palermo. The dizziness that began to suffer from early on the morning of Thursday and prevented him from playing this tournament friendlies Italy and led the comprehensive battery of tests that he underwent back from Malaga and Valencia.

Alexis morning person at the Sports City, accompanied by his girlfriend, the television Elisabeth Reyes, Miss Spain 2006 - as this prevents dysfunction of balance placed at the wheel. In Paterna defender passed a series of medical tests and from there visited a ENT specialist. The review ruled that the player suffers Andalusian organic pathology of any problems. The test did not identify any neurological or metabolic defect and the cause of the syndrome has been rapid inflammation of the ear.In a case with yours, it is normal for the dizziness and swelling begin to recall after two or three days of rest and medication.

Alexis afternoon was again reviewed by the chief of medical services Jordi Candel, who informed him that the studies were satisfactory. The player left his home quieter accompanied by Elisabeth Robinson to bed rest. In principle, Malaga will Resting in the day on Saturday and is expected to be incorporated to work with other partners next week.

Cesar withdraws from train
If the scare on Thursday as Alexis starred in Palermo, in the return to work Friday in Paterna who had to retire before the hour was the goalkeeper Cesar Sanchez. The Extremadura suffered discomfort in his right leg soleus. Caesar left the Sports City in pain. Medical services on Saturday to observe first hour as the pain has evolved in the soleus of the goalkeeper and, probably, Caesar moves to a clinic to undergo an MRI to determine the extent of muscle injury. On the other hand, who also worked at a slower pace in Friday's session were Ever Banega, who played 90 minutes with the selection of Argentina, and defender David Navarro, the only completed 90 minutes of triangular Palermo.

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