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Monday, August 30, 2010

Banega collapsed in Málaga

Ever Banega had enough. The heat and effort spent on the Rose Garden bill once you finished the game and despite the brilliant victory he had achieved the Valencia fell exhausted. Argentine midfielder finished the game exhausted and as they come into the locker room had a dizzy result of how much he had run for 90 minutes in Malaga. Yes, fortunately, things did not go beyond that, a mere scare, because soon he was fully recovered and full conditions.

As the player got sick, medical services knocked on the Argentinian club on a table with legs up and put ice on his chest and head. The situation, though striking, is not without a certain dose of normalcy under the circumstances. And the circumstances were a considerable effort throughout the game, stifling heat, humidity and especially significant, the first game in which competition was greatest. This causes the minimum voltage drop and raise the maximum, increase heart rate and normal under these conditions is the occurrence of dizziness.

The player himself, and at quieter and Malaga airport, told this newspaper that "I ended up dead after the game. He could not, were without power. " In fact, Banega was one of the players who made more effort during the Argentine encuentro.El began running the show and after a few minutes that focused their effort on defense issues, began to appear on the left side to create a hazard to the area jellyfish.

Jokes on the plane
On the way back and having verified that there was nothing ne, the player even dared to joke. "I had a really bad," he said, "I even thought I was going up ...». Already at the time of takeoff to Valencia, and knowing that most eyes were focused on him and that one way or another his dizziness had become the topic of conversation, made a joke when he put the heart pounding more than one member of the expedition.

The fact is that taking off gave several consecutive blows luggage tray causing a loud noise, causing the occupants of the front rows of the aircraft is again thinking he had been afraid to fall again, while other components Valencia template-remember that the players sit in the back of the plane, "they laughed, sure sign that the good and the victory Ever the environment on the flight back was unbeatable.

Beyond the dizziness, the attitude of the players to give everything on the pitch in a game that despite the good performance of Aritz Aduriz and despite two goals from Joaquin, Argentina was the better team. Ever carried the baton of a Valencia which was much higher as a collective game is concerned. A Banega is seen very plugged again this season in which the signing of Argentine Costa has not done more to motivate you because it is a clear authority, and above all, is thrilled with the call of the Argentina team. Banega was not in the past world, a tournament that showed that the albiceleste not have a creative midfielder.

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