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Saturday, August 21, 2010


The Extremeño longs for the Champions League, a competition "special and owes much to Valencia ' Cesar takes half a living playing football. 21 years. He spent five seasons at Real Madrid and stayed in London's Tottenham billionaire after his time at Zaragoza. He has won seven titles, including the exclusive Champions League. Save countless indelible memories of moments. But now, two puffs of turning 40, the extremeño goalkeeper is excited about hosting Mestalla especially the night of the presentation. A crowd of 40,000 chanting his name, Select Symbol as captain of this new adventure.

"I do not remember any pre-season in 21 years that the fans are so up your computer. Never seen so many people in a presentation. The stadium was full two hours before the game was unique. Mestalla behaves well with us and in that sense I have a lot to be thankful, 'said Caesar microphones THE PROVINCES Punto Radio (92.0 FM).

Escape from the hackneyed topics related to football players and continually speaks of love, of feeling of responsibility. César Valencia and maintain an idyllic relationship from the goalkeeper landed in the black and white club early last year.
"It's a match, one gives and receives. I put a lot of generosity in my effort, my sacrifice. From the first day I arrived at Valencia I found things like love, something much more important than people think. There are players who by their youth or their understanding of life seek other targets. Mine on today are based on other things and do not have this type of incentive was not long in saying goodbye, "said Cesar.

Fundamental part in the schemes of Unai Emery, the figure of the extremeño win the more important in the dressing room. His colleagues have endorsed and included in the list of men who will wear the bracelet with Vicente, Joaquin and David Navarro. Cesar remains relevant to the matter. Bring the tape is not a priority. "The most important thing is that many people have integrated into the team, get swept by the team, a passion, the feeling of responsibility that the captaincy brings. Anyway, for a long time since I experienced that feeling and it is rewarding. When you're little you dream about something and if we add that it is an entity such as Valencia, then so much the better "settlement.

The small injury he suffered last week is now water under the bridge and the only thing that hurts "in the soul" is not to see their children. Cesar has become sensitized to the new season and during the holidays is prepared to return to training in physical fitness. I feel better than before I went on vacation. My feelings are very good, especially this season with all the challenges that lie ahead. Every year my career that stretches more special and if you do not feel well taking what I have in front ...», watchdog said.
César matches Albelda."The team is valid", say two of the players with more weight in the locker room. "The best players are those who are with me, I do not care less about the rest. No longer worth talking about last year. We have a future ahead, starting with the league opener, "Cesar said, referring to the casualties of Villa and Silva.

The preseason has been good except mediocre game against Fiorentina, but the experience helps to play down. "The preseason is for what they are. I do not care that they are neither very good nor very bad, because you can blame the pressure of positive or negative. This time must serve to take shape and rhythm and when you return to the full competition requirements. In the match against Fiorentina team did provide a good level with a good rival. We are still very solid and we were having a hard time reaching the top, but there have been many additions and many casualties. It's time to find alternatives and make the relevant evidence, "Coria beat out the goalkeeper.

"You drop your pants"

Caesar and not even remember the last game he played in the Champions League. "There have been very good if I do not remember ...», sneered from Extremadura. But he played a few, including the final in Glasgow that faced Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen.

Now he prepares to return to European football's showpiece with the Mestalla club. "We have to enjoy every game. We should go without complexes, but seriously. The level is very high and any equipment with which we measure it will have been champion or runner-up in their respective leagues. We must do well to try to be in the mix as they pass the competition, "he said.

His advice will be essential for all those who have not played the tournament. "When you hear the music of the Champions get excited a lot, but if you can hear it in the end you pants fall down, is unique," said Cesar Valencia psyched to achieve turn the bad luck that has suffered over history in the tournament.

"It is a competition that owes something to Valencia. In recent history there are not many clubs who have reached two finals and consecutively. The first against Real Madrid may be lost because of inexperience, but in the second against Bayern Munich team fell unfairly. On the merits, on how he had behaved throughout the whole season, this Valencia deserved to win the Champions League. Everyone saw that Valencia deserved to have at least one Champions' recalled Cesar.

Extremadura goalkeeper prepares for a season the longer the better. Longs for a team "solid, which is very difficult to beat." And for that coach, Unai Emery, employs "offset", with two players per position. With an interesting mix of youth and experience. And with Cesar Sanchez as one of the great team concerning black and white.

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