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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chori Dominguez......."Before there were leaders, I prefer the block"

How is your injury?
Much better. Hoping to return to work group and has no relapse. This seems to be going slow but we have preferred to recover in peace and security.

Has this come to frighten tendinitis?
I do not scare me. The snag is that I was during this time outside the group and now I have to recover training. And that does not like a soccer player ever.

It's a bad time to get hurt, right?
On the one hand, it can be seen that way, but we also know this is long and there are many games and the tempo is picked up quickly in the actual competition.

Have you been bothered all that there has been speculation about this injury?
I know I have said many things but I'm at peace with my conscience. Club doctors are also calm because I suffer it is tendinitis period. No more. It is true that I had this same injury two years ago but, in the same way we now suffer this pain, in a few weeks I can be injured otherwise, as happens to all players.

You have stressed since coming who wants to please the fans. Still can not
It's a shame because I have the anxiety of doing this. But at the same time, I think I'm losing friendly matches which, frankly, I do not say anything, because now we can lose to anyone while later, in the league, win all crashes.

In line with this, you know there has already been doubts about the team and coach?
That happens in many clubs. And we should isolate ourselves, convinced that what we do is fine. In football, there are always people who disagree with players and systems, but we must continue our journey in search of the target. Pressure is large and Valencia.

Do you get good vibes this project?
Yes, because it is a very compact, which goes into battle and not going to have a clear leader, as this will be the block. Now, do not look for a leader in the field, but on the whole. And this is very good.

Villa and Silva Were they leaders?
Yes, as well Marchena. What we have now is stronger as a whole than in the individual.

And prefer the block to the leadership team before?
Nor is Yes to remove differences, but when a team is a block goes further than when based on names. It's my way of thinking. In addition, you can not live looking back, because we're here looking for the best for the club.

Would you like that this was the great year of Chori?
I honestly prefer to point to the team as we won a title, we first, we are unbeatable and we generate a lot of confidence. I prefer that to the personal matter, in which God will tell.

Do you think this season is presented with a test?
I do not take well, because I have to look first one, then do not start play on Monday. I know I came to give my best to Valencia and so far I have not been able to accomplish this. Now try again offer the best.

AS you said a few months ago that it had found here what I expected ...
Then I said this because, although I found an armed team, thought he could have had more minutes in some games. That belongs to the past and now starts a new stage.

After all this, how has your relationship with Emery?
I am a front and sincere. That he knows it and acts the same way with me. We have a good relationship.

You came with the tag 'Silva substitute. " "Take on the challenge now?
I work for the coach can count on me. Of course I can play in the playmaker, or wherever he wants.

Would you hurt that played with trivote?
I do not care how it plays. My work must be the same, which is trying to pass and score goals. Also, I think the whole team should be put equally, regardless of the system that makes the boss.

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