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Thursday, August 19, 2010

'The club must renew it or sell it'

Juan Mata, father and representative of the player Juan Mata, Valencia should be noted that the renewal or transfer to the world champion, after revealing that from the Primera Liga club has not received any approach for treating the contract extension after refusing to pierce the Barcelona.

Mata, despite the new role from the club has been given to be the new flagship of the team, not one of those who has one of the highest specifications in the template, although a year ago have been talking about an improvement or extension to his contract which still has not materialized.

"The situation is just as she was, standing. There is no conflict or anything, but by the club have not made an offer of renewal and this is stretching too much. The club has to try to renew it or try to sell it, it is illogical to let it end of the contract, "he said in a statement to Radio Nou.

Asked by Barcelona's interest in signing Mata, his agent said that Valencia would not put a price on the player, so it does not pose a departure and still has a contract in force.

"The theme of Barcelona was the club that closed its doors to the exit. We have nothing to do because we contract. At the last meeting I told him I had wondered why many could go out and the president said he had no interest to come out, "he explained.

He added that he has no deal with the club FC Barcelona for a future exit of Valencia. "It is true that there has been interest and normally when this happens the club will renovate or sell you but here there has been neither one thing nor the other and is not very normal," he said.

Mata said that if this situation was resolved "that would avoid having to talk about this and my son have to ask every day. As my son said it's best to get this over with as soon as possible because he is sick and tired and worth more than the club make a decision when they see fit, "he said.

One of the problematic aspects between Valencia and the player is the duration of the current contract because the club means that he still three years remaining, while the player and his representative understands that there are two.

"That was a problem last year, now another. Last year there was a proposal that included that year of more, and we understood that the proposal was not good and did not accept this year, so his remaining two years of contract "he said.

Finally, Mata's father said his son is happy in the city and the team, although he insisted that since the club receive this recognition it receives from the fans.

"My son in Valencia is thrilled by the recognition that has the fans in the street and everywhere, here is an idol. What happens is that you will not collated with the attitude and the recognition by the club," concluded.

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