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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Valencia CF coach is confident that both players keep their half scoring and give many joys. Walking calmly through the street you grew up goalkeeper Andres Palop, SUPER has a conversation with Emery. He is happy and calm, rather than the failure to cross with no soul in the streets to the point of destination, the house of delegate Voro VCF and friend for lunch awaits you on the break which led to Fiorentina win . Everything went as he wished; clear victory, good game, we were able to infect the fans and other aspects not overlooked, "marked the two strikers, and Aduriz Soldier." It is impossible not to remember Villa, but the two front tabs for this season have done an outstanding preseason and they can relax. Or so he sees them knows who else, Unai Emery.

_ Are Aduriz Soldier and a couple lethal?
—"They are two men in goal, with their characteristics, a similar and different ones, each one will bring that to service the equipment. It is important to mark the two, because it will be a reflection of what we want the season, the two men who bring in the Valencia goal.

_ Can add a couple more goals than Villa-Silva?
— "We have to have pressure, but act naturally. Playing with the team we want to set scoring goals I do not know if more or less than the sum of Villa and Silva, but are certain to score many goals for Valencia and I am sure that will be on your media.

—Aduriz has not come to occupy a secondary role to date was Zigic.
— "No comparison, the role of each player will go based on what they offer in the field. Fiorentina face was an important step for us to see our strikers score and the team jell a good match. Each one in his side, including the auctioneer, were as we want them during the season.

— What is the best virtue of Soldier?
— "The goal, has the intuitive ability to find the goal in the last minute.

— What Aduriz?
—"The power spiker, apart from the shots that he has that.

_For what purpose were signed?
—"We wanted two strikers who were highlighting in their teams, one in Mallorca and one in Getafe. They have earned a place in Valencia and now have to win to be the players of the present and immediate future.

— Are more static than Villa? Soldier always gives the first touch and control and pass it Aduriz.
—"They're different and we should not compare them, has been a very good player and they would like to take the same route as Villa knowing that is difficult. They will provide what you need to Valencia, which is goal.

— "To be more finishers, human beings are more important band in the team now?
—"Yes, more pure shooter is Soldier. Head is stronger Aduriz, has very good jumping ability, but also knows how to soldier space to find the goal. Band players will be important in the aspect that they had last year, Mata had 14 goals, between Joachim and Paul scored another 15. 29 goals are three-band players. We want to be able to attend and also score a goal, we must seek the balance point.

—Vincent signed a great match.
—"Vincent is very dear here, has scored much in the VCF but it is present. When expressed as Wednesday we all enjoy, it can not be more positive and when you regularly get us all to be happier.

— Ricardo Costa has similarities to Ayala?
— "A great virtue is the cogency that is used in each of their shares.

—How to decrypt competition between Albelda and Topal?
— "Here we have a good pair that pervades, David is a player in the house, a veteran and a great experience. Topal is a young player, you need to adapt to the Spanish league, but we both have that position covered by warranty.

— How Mature are going to see more central defense, as they go out with the ball under control from behind and is one of the leading exponents?
— "Maduro is a player who has a great virtue, which is its performance. Rarely has not been optimal performance for the team, its ideal position is the pivot, when he played for Central has been good and that is best for both the team and for him.

—Is the team prepared to give a lot of joy to your liking?
— "We must prepare to give a lot of joy and we must. Tengo confianza plena. I have full confidence.

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