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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Going for the goal without Chori

Two Englishmen will play two Italian League Europe also have stayed at the continental level II. The Valencia is measured with bittersweet, Aston Villa and Manchester City and tonight (20:30, GOL T) tested a new test against two teams from the same fur: Palermo and Naples. The difference between the exponents of the friendlies against Premier and today compared with Calcium is that this time it is a triangular lot and that limits and analysis to make since it only played 45 minutes against Naples (after two Italians are measured together) and then another three quarters of an hour against Palermo. Yes, no one escapes the Valencia arrives in Italy with a whiff of need. As much to say that the preseason is for testing, it really is for that work and to charge the group, Unai Emery will not make any fun back to Valencia dry.

From the wardrobe of Valencia want to convey a sense of logic even the fact of having lost against Manchester Silva 2-0, by the nuance that the England team is about to enter the competition. Still, no one misses the fact that the City of Champions label does not look like it does on Valencia. Nor does the look in this case or Naples or Palermo. Interestingly, if Manchester and Aston occupied the fifth and sixth place respectively in the Premier last season, Palermo and Naples repeated in this order but in the calcium position. With the theory in hand, Valencia should be one point ahead of both, but this is something that certainly at this stage of summer is only for a little pre-rinse.

What has just over crumb is the question of the goal. Much is going to talk about this season with this issue. It will be inevitable given the farewells of Aston Villa. The comparison with what happened last year will possibly be a constant. Soldier's boots and Aduriz mainly going to be the side to park this debate.

For now, the balance has many doubts about the current ends of Valencia, especially because the team has shown on many occasions have the resources to do harm. Since the goal that got Joaquín against Hannover 96, Valencia has remained mute. 325 minutes Emery's team has stuck because neither against Marseille (1-0) or against Aston Villa (0-0) and against Manchester City (2-0) was changed this trend.

So far yesterday, and maybe it was by coincidence, the fact is that the team spent much of the entire training session rehearsing actions of attack, at least half the men in the field below. With Soldier and Aduriz as spikes, the men of band (Joachim and Paul, on the right, Carles Gil Vicente and the left), it was getting the ball into the goal. The touch of soldiers above the rest but one thing is play dolls and cones and quite another to do it against rivals who will be playing European competition and, last but not least, Italian. At least if one of the two manages to undo the knot tonight to face prospects especially the Orange trophy will be much more interesting.

Looking to the party next week and will have all the troops Emery. What today will be an incomplete Valencia. With Mata in Mexico last night, wearing the albiceleste Banega, Jordi Alba in the under-21 and Maduro trying their luck with the runner in the world, the technician took everything I had. In total, the expedition was comprised of 23 players (three goalies), suggesting that they will play two different onces and only one player will be left without participating.

Those displaced are Caesar, Moya Guaita, Miguel, Bruno, Navarro, Dealbert (recovered from a small sprain ankle), Alexis Costa, Del Horno, Mathieu, Albelda, Topal, Ivan Rubio, Pablo, Joaquín, Fernandes , Vicente, Feghouli, Carles Gil, Tino Costa, Soldier and Aduriz. Only Gil Rubio and representing the subsidiary.

Importance is the absence of Chori. What the Argentine, without concern, at least gives cause for some attention. Following the departure of Smith, Valencia expect much from a player who last season was halfway, and that since wine was not seen on the field or loose or completely integrated with the group. Now, patellar tendinitis is forcing him to work only in the gym. It is not the first time the Chori, which just celebrated the birth of her second son suffers from such problems. Still, Emery wants involved in the dynamics as soon as possible and the player himself believes that this Saturday and will get to work with the group.

Without him on the field, to be seen if Emery was decided to align together Aduriz and Armor (which is unlikely), if he returns to combine with the 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 if finally David Navarro and Ricardo Costa shared dedication to the center of defense.

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