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Monday, August 23, 2010


The striker felt discomfort in the groin and subjected to tests to confirm their presence in Malaga.

The only bad news from the Lecce game last night in the starred Roberto Soldado. The Valencia striker was forced to retire the injured from the field in the 70th minute when he felt some discomfort in the groin of the right leg. The new '9 'of Valencia will be submitted between today and tomorrow to try to learn the full extent of the injury and confirm that it may be next Saturday in the Rose Garden to face Malaga in the first match of the league. At least that's what goes through your head right now of the former Don Bosco. He feared for missing the team's league debut just throw his hand to groin and removed the pitch, but left the field much more relaxed and upbeat after a first examination in which it was established that the injury was not serious. Soldier breathed a little, but you can not do it until now. Last night was a big scare on Italian soil, and all he wants now is to stay in it.

Worst of all is that soldier knew before the game was going on something in his groin. Valencia striker became the first muscle discomfort during heating, but gave them no importance.'9 'Failed to disclose anything to the team doctors and came on in the 60th minute Emery multiple change the picture changed also. However, it would take a lot on the pitch. He could only do ten minutes. The time it took to realize that the discomfort in the groin could go further and become a more serious injury. ´'Rober' realized quickly and before she felt a prick he went to the band to be attended by a medical body and to be replaced.

A setback that could be avoided if the player would have taken these complaints to the club's medical services before jumping into the field. Fortunately, the injury appears to be more a shock than anything else. Nevertheless, it is expected that between today and tomorrow to undergo medical tests to rule out more serious injury and to confirm its presence in the league start of Emery. The coach himself referred to his physical state at the end of the match as "only negative". "The penalty was the Soldier's injury, to see how it evolves, has noticed a pinchacito and that was the party a negative note."
A note expected to be less negative with each passing hour. And that is, the '9 'wanted and want to start with a goal in Malaga.

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