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Monday, August 16, 2010

Mata expects a signal from Valencia

Manuel Llorente and Juan Mata's father faces meet again next Wednesday in the game presentation that will play against Fiorentina Valencia at the Mestalla. The president and the Spaniard's agent, which plans to go to the stadium and has always done over recent years, have not spoken again since the meeting of July 21 in the city of Valencia in the club tasarle refused a sale price, he said transferable, not moved the proposal of extending his contract has been promising in recent years and called on a future with renewed determination to solve.

Now, nearly a month after that appointment and taking the ball round the Mestalla, the Mata expect a signal. A gesture by the club to see if anything has changed or the situation may continue to dilate over the coming months.

The situation began to irritate the player's environment. They think that the club wants to keep giving long to start the competition and can not make any movement and, especially, think they are many times that the words have finally been without facts. Recall that the club promised to make improvements last year contract at the time to complete the capital increase and that this never happened.

Now they fear that something similar happens again. And is that renewal is not dated. In fact, he was the player himself who stated publicly in the press room of the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna his "tired" and his hope that the promised improvement "is resolved as soon as possible." That was a sign in the form of statements by the player. It now wants to take the club with them. And that is, the 'case Mata' continues without a meeting. For lack of consensus is not or duration of his current contract. Valencia said that linking the player runs until 2013, while the player's father says it is until 2012.

In the midst of this disagreement remains on Barcelona. The Blaugrana club has already lost Cesc, who will continue one more season at Arsenal under the command of Wenger, and know they have it almost impossible to Ozil. The German has an agreement with Real Madrid and his signing could be closed either this summer or in the coming months. Discarded these two priorities, the name John is still on the table. The market is very fickle and from the county town has not yet ruled out an offensive. The forty million Cesc still in the coffers of the club. Meanwhile, Mata, with improvement or no improvement, is the flag of Valencia.

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