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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Valencia have not been able to overcome rivals any of the level to which it has enfrentadoA three weeks for the start of the league, Emery's team is far from all his fans waiting

When about to be completed one month after the staff returned to work Valencia, Unai Emery does not yet have a team of security and to transmit enough positive feelings to the fans of Mestalla may harbor hopes of enjoying this season. Quite the contrary. In that Valencia has a long way and we must expect that the new additions give the high level which seems necessary for the block has not acknowledged the casualties have occurred.

It is true that we are talking about the preseason, with the reservations that goes with it because obviously room for improvement must be broad. So you have to think. All in all this, however, the first team appearances leave many unknowns in the air.

Valencia has played six games of preparation, ranging from low to high in the level of rivals are concerned. The first three, more affordable. It was against them when they obtained the best results. Victory over Al Hilal Arab defeat by Slovenian Celje and another victory against Hannover 96. Put another way, when he had to play against strong teams, the last three-, showed his lack of experience and shortcomings. Olympique Marseille, Aston Villa and Manchester City were far superior to Valencia was unable to score a goal in any of the three sets.

Unai Emery has been alternating the players and the system. At 4-2-3-1 known and most widely used has joined the 4-3-3, which has not finished working. In Manchester, to quote the last game, Banega, Tino Costa Topal and formed this trio in midfield, but the test was positive as expected. In mitigation, if you like, you can apply it was the most powerful rival, with a spectacular staff more time to prepare.

siempre que aparezca algún club dispuesto a soportar sus elevadas fichas. Although it may be premature, it is not overly complicated venture the role to be played by most players who are on the payroll, some of which point to leave, if you see any club willing to put their high cards.

In goal is discerned more competition than last season. Caesar continues at a high level, but Moya is showing signs of significant improvement, and ready to exploit any loophole, appears Guaita.

At the rear, a priori, Bruno and Miguel alternate on the right side. Mathieu is the owner left with Jordi Alba as a replacement, because Emery does not have Del Horno. In the center must adopt David Navarro and Ricardo Costa, because Alexis does not react, let alone as a side-which relegated him to the substitution with Maduro and Dealbert.

In the center of the field is glimpsed most battle for ownership, though there will be rotations in the different competitions to face. With dual pivot, Albelda and Topal be rotated in a booth. Banega and Tino Costa, on the other, with Fernandes as the worst place. With three men in midfield, a 'stopper' and two more creative, there will be more options to play for them. Feghouli is in the air, with good manners, you win, but young and lacking in concrete. Could leave transferred.

Forward midfield, the big revelation is Isco. Is to play for Valencia. Emery has shown and should bet on him as it did in the preseason, despite competition in the post, which also accommodates Mata. But you can not waste the talent and the conditions of the youth squad.

Of the remainder, Joaquín, Vicente Paulo and fight for the bands, as Aduriz Soldier and the only square like tip. The Valencian-top scorer so far in the preseason, "leads into Basque, valid for other things. In summary, there is no secrets, everything is quite clear, as much as we need to improve much yet.

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