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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Muslims prepare to celebrate Ramadan. The holy month, which commemorates the revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad, begins tomorrow and runs until 10 September. And as required by the Koran, during this period, Muslims can not eat or drink, perfume and should abstain from sexual relations from sunrise to sunset, in order to deliver the "sawn"-fast ", a of the five pillars of Islam.
Mehmet Topal and Sofiane Feghouli, two of the six new additions are declared Muslims, believers and practitioners and, therefore, are obliged to comply with this mandate. But according to yesterday unable to confirm Levante-EMV, players adapt their religious obligations to work so that during this month, is not disrupted their fitness or performance. The players, who unlike his colleagues, for example, never eat pork, try to fast, but in different ways. And is that in countries like Spain schedules, began to spread the change the night the day to follow the precept, as the day is long and not adapted to this practice. However, players like Benzema Karin Mahamadou Diarra and do follow strictly all the provisions, so that Real Madrid have been assigned a doctor who, during this month, the ninth in the Muslim calendar, they follow up especially for the day, counted from last year coexisted with them, or drink.
According to Amparo Sanchez, president of the Islamic Cultural Centre Valencia (VCCI), although fasting is the best known facet of this celebration, Ramadan, "is not just not eat or drink during the day," but rather "a means of purification" for Muslims to cultivate the spiritual side. "During Ramadan, all qualities that Muslims must grow, as forgiveness, mercy, brotherhood and charity, must be strengthened: it is a month for spiritual development and growth," explains told Efe. Reinforcing the sense of community is another of the purposes of Ramadan, as during this month, Muslims gather with family and the neighborhood to break the fast, so in most Muslim countries, "says Sanchez-faithful feel "much more clothed." Fegholi Topal and away from his family, are difficult.

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