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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Senso Carles, l'Alcúdia.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Uzbekistan National Team Ecuador National Team 0-1.
Ecuador wins in the final minutes, opening the door of the classification to Vila-real.

Uzbekistan National Team.
Viktor, Isroiljon (Azamat m. 63), Salim, Farrukh, Vladimir, Akramjon (Juraev m. 29 TA), Mirgiyoz (TA), Timurkhuja, Akbaryon (Rustan m. 41), Egor (TA) and Mutal (Alibdbo m. 41).
Manager: Marat Kabaeva.

Ecuador National Team.
Jaramillo, Quinonez, Ganchozo, Minda, Marlon de Jesus, Juan Cazares (Álava m. 47), Montaño, Penilla, Arroyo, Pinillo and Noboa.
Manager: Xisto Vizuete

0-1: Carlos Álava m. 77

When it appeared that the tie would qualify for Ecuador and Uzbekistan to the semifinals, the Brazilian Carlos Álava pulled a lash from the right side three minutes from the end of the party that gave the victory to those of Xisto Vizuete, opening the possibilities Vila-real to achieve the classification. Ecuador will be the faces in the semis with Valencia CF.
Despite its ranking in the pocket, the Ecuadorian combined remained faithful to his philosophy and began to attack the party. Theirs were the first two occasions, with distant shots but Penilla dangerous and Cazares. Ecuador, however, showed no intensity in the game of the first two games of the championship, when steamroll Etoile and Vila-real. Uzbekistan, meanwhile, required a single point to be in the semifinals and in the first third of the match seemed to speculate on the outcome. The first chance arrived in the 28th minute when he escaped Montaño between defense and Viktor rose above with no success. In the central Asian highlighted its Farruch, a real chief in his behind.
Mirgiyoz Uzbek striker opened the second half with a distant shot that Jaramillo was limited to clear a corner with the fingertips. The defender Viktor avoided after the Xist be ahead Vizuete after an auction of Marlon Jesus. Ecuador lost the interned Penilla band that did so much damage to Vila-real. The 14 South American stood as an organizer of the game of his team, which did no harm. In return, the coach Marat Mirgiyoz striker delayed, drying his great eye for goal.
The Ecuadorian both reached the victory three minutes from time when inside right Álava Carlos built his own power play and fired in the hands of Uzbek keeper. Then there was no chance to react Asians, qualifying as group winners Ecuador.
The Ecuadorian fans remained loyal to his team despite knowing that it was classified. Three thousand people in Els Arcs.
Miguel Bosch, assisted in bands Manuel García and Angel Sanchez.

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