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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Silva went for 30 and not 33 million

David Silva was transferred to Manchester City for 30 million euros and not 33 as in principle was announced, nor in its day 30.5 as reported from Valencia. Why this dance numbers? According to Radio yesterday unveiled in September, in previous negotiations between clubs, established two quantities. First, the transfer amounted to 33 million euros if payment is staggered, and therefore was financed, and 30 if the payment was made in cash. When Smith passed the medical examination and therefore signed the documentation, when Valencia was in anticipation of future problems, he demanded a lump sum of thirty million, which, apparently, has already entered the Valencia box. With this choice, the Valencia, at least, it was assured full payment of the transfer and did not run the risk that the City did not do against it.

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