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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Medical report this Thursday, September 30

Joaquin: According to tests in the last hours, the player suffers a psoas edema in his left leg, so low to cause the next game.

Maduro: After suffering in the game this Wednesday, discomfort in the hamstring of his left leg, the player will undergo medical tests Friday to determine the extent of his injury.

Milla returned to commend Mata against Croatia

Juan Mata and Javi Martinez, Valencia CF international and Athletic Bilbao, will help back to the Spanish sub in the '21 final tie against Croatia which will give access to a place in the Championship of the category. If you reach Spain in this tournament will also have the option to search your passport to the Olympics in 2012.

The 21 invited by Luis Milla for meetings of 9 and 12 October in Burgos and Varazdin respectively are:
ATHLETIC CLUB: Mikel San José Domínguez and Javier Martínez Aguinaga.

Club Atlético de Madrid SAD: David De Gea Quintana and Alvaro Dominguez Soto.

FC BARCELONA: Bojan Krkic Pérez, Jeffren Suárez Bermúdez, Thiago Alcantara Do Nascimento and Rubén Miño Peralta.

RC Deportivo La Coruña SAD: Adrian Lopez Alvarez and Ruben Perez del Marmol.

RCD Espanyol de Barcelona SAD: Victor Ruiz Torre
Getafe CF SAD: Daniel Parejo Muñoz
Olympique de Marseille: César Azpilicueta Tanco
REAL MADRID CF: Sergio Canales Madrazo
RCD Mallorca SAD: Emilio Nsue López
SEVILLA FC SAD: Diego Capel Trinidad
Real Sporting de Gijón SAD: Alberto Botia Rabasco and Roberto Canella Suarez
Valencia CF SAD: Juan Mata García
SAD VILLARREAL CF: Diego Mariño Villar
REAL ZARAGOZA SAD: Ander Herrera Agüera
Players will focus on Monday 4 October at 13.00 am in Madrid Barajas Airport. The training will be held in the City of Las Rozas Football. On Thursday October 7 in the morning, the selection will move to Burgos sub'21.

The meeting Spain - Croatia, for Phase Intermediate sub'21 XVIII European Championships, will be held on October 9, 2010, at 21:30 pm in the Municipal Stadium planting. The meeting will be directed by Hungarian Istvan Vad.

On Monday 11 October, the Spanish team will travel to Croatia sub'21. The second leg will be played in Varazdin, 12 October 2010, at 16:00 pm in Varazdin NK Stadium.

Joachim and Maduro will not be against Athletic Bilbao

Valencia CF has been reported that Joaquin Sanchez, who was not involved in some discomfort in the Champions League match against Manchester United, is not in the league match at the Mestalla next Saturday (22:00 am) against Athletic Bilbao. The Andalusian player suffers suffers a psoas edema in his left leg.

As has been postponed until Friday the exploration should be carried out to Hedwiges Maduro, who finished the game with discomfort in the Champions League on Wednesday at the Mestalla.

The Dutchman could be several weeks away from the pitch. Maduro ended completely broken the game against Manchester United but, in the absence of medical tests on Friday, everything indicates that it could be a hamstring injury, so it would be between two to three weeks injured. At the moment it is considered safe for low commitment on Saturday against Athletic Bilbao at the Mestalla.

Less than ten minutes remaining, the player threw his hand back and even got to request a change to Emery, but the coach had already used all the changes. Maduro endured as he could the last minutes of the game but with clear signs of pain. At the end of the shock, the defense was pessimistic about the extent of the injury and lack of evidence seems certain to have a tear in the hamstring of his left leg.

The British detainees are brought to justice

The two English fans were arrested yesterday after the unrest in the vicinity before the game Mestalla Valencia and Manchester have gone to court, according to Reuters sources have informed the National Police of Valencia.

The detainees, two boys of 30 and 51, were arrested for participating in one of the riots that occurred shortly before the start of the game, when fans from both teams threw glasses and there was some aggression.

Following these incidents, two people were treated by members of the Red Cross and had to be taken to a hospital.

'The two parties at the Mestalla will be decisive'

César Sánchez, Valencia goalkeeper, believes that qualifying for the next round of the Champions League depends on the games at home and believes that winning the two remaining matches in Mestalla, with the Rangers and Bursaspor, ensure classification. "The two home games will be crucial, I believe we can ensure that the classification at the Mestalla and if, moreover, we are able to add something in Glasgow or Manchester, much better," said the goalkeeper Extremadura.

Referring to the defeat against Manchester (0-1), César acknowledged that "it was a bad result, although the game was not all bad." "These games are played at a very important and are decided by small details. The Valencia had more chances, but it has much the effectiveness and there we won," he said.

Asked by the Manchester Mexican striker Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez, Valencia goalkeeper said the "quality" of the staff of English side. "They are players who do good things and that cost a lot. In general, all employees of Manchester has a great quality, but especially the forwards," he said.

Despite the defeat, Caesar said they already want to return to deal with them. "This match at the Mestalla has been only one point and continued for us," he said.

This is the Champions League

                                                             They managed to win 2-1 if                                                          
Much later, the game gave the slip to Valencia yesterday. Manchester was unfairly Mestalla three points thanks to a late goal, an action that left painful Emery players wondering what went wrong. Without playing a great game, limited by the challenging script that raised the rival Valencia deserved more than the United goal. Comfort, as sometimes happens in such cases must be sought in the attitude. And in math. With a football game in the second half, not to mention the corporate nature that characterizes the group of Emery has room to spare, four games-to achieve one of the top two spots. The accounts are very easy: The team continues to rely on himself.
The start of the meeting uncovered the dynamic style of United, playing more likely to slow than expected, nothing to do with the English calling for air combat and physical supremacy. While studying the opponent, Emery raised the logic game with caution. After a false start in which he served as ruler, then waited Valencia, cautious in their field, seen as the Manchester not backed off his idea of playing with their advanced lines. So the commitment to verticality, a value traditionally British, was in charge of Valencia, who clung to the rapid departure of the ball and lashes of Paul as the main offensive action. Meanwhile, Manchester, launched from the middle by Anderson, a clone of Manuel Fernandes, and Carrick was devoted to exercise local computer. He took the ball in property and moved in all directions. Well protected by Albelda, Navarro and Maduro not capitulated to the movements of Berbatov. Worse was spent Mathieu, who knocked him to make a bullet like Nani, who managed to enter the area for his band in a couple of occasions. The two waged one of the most intense duels of the night.
Chori That was in the field was not a coincidence. Opted for speed. Emery looked a very elastic offensive line, with Paul and Mata swapping positions on the balcony of the Soldier area, which was isolated above. To 9 just reached the ball ... and is "swallowed" in a shot from close range with goalkeeper sold, was not expecting.
Football provides Weird coincidences. Paul is the case, yesterday rescued the memory of electric movements "Pablito", the small end of the 80 Valencia to outwit defenders with subtle pat, with astonishing ease. Paul was yesterday the great annoyance of United with similar movements. Unhinged his marker, Evra, and dared to shooting on several occasions. Just missed something accompanying Mata, more hasty in their decisions, and support of Chori on arrival. Valencia void in the production of game, it was not a good night for Tino.
The match went to the second half with several issues to be defined. For example, the decision of Valencia to advance meters or keep waiting. Emery soon solved the mystery with Aduriz entry and withdrawal of Chori, which had a low participation. In Basque, the team won muscle in the opponent and the game opened up completely. Caesar went into action to Berbatov, who found a passageway to the left in action more clearly.
The tension and competitiveness of Valencia within minutes announced good news. Coinciding with the arrival of Fernandes, Valencia improved significantly in the development of the game. Began collecting cases: A cross shot of Paul, a header Soldier, a shoe Fernandes and several arrived in the area very dangerous. To the trumpet lacked the goal, because for a while Valencia defaced the imposing figure of Manchester.
Although the United did not play at home before the herculean approach of its rival, never disappeared from the lawn. Never a team of their caliber resignation to victory. It is a powerful and worked together, an extraordinary physical quality and full of football experts. Their arrivals in the second half were few, but enough to get the maximum return. The executioner was Chicharito. Advantage of the spaces to receive the ball on the edge of the area and shot to Caesar in the hardest moment, with little reaction time.

Valencia to pay a million to PSV by a clause in the contract Koeman

Valencia will have to pay one million euros to PSV Eindhoven for a clause still in force Ronald Koeman signed contract with the Mestalla club in October 2007, while Juan Soler chairing this body.

This was said today to journalists Manuel Llorente, president of the club Valencia, following a press conference in which he had provided data on the economic situation of society, the budget last year and the current season.

Llorente reminded that Valencia have qualified for the current edition of the Champions League, the Dutch club, to which he belonged when he was hired by Koeman and Valencia to replace Quique Sanchez Flores last three years, has requested to meet the requirement.

At that time, the largest shareholder of Valencia agreed a payment of one million euros and another 800,000 euros for the technical representative, in a season that ended Koeman at Dutch club contract.

These amounts are added the additional payment of one million euros in the case of the Valencia qualified for the Champions League in three years, as has occurred this year.

Ronald Koeman was hired by Valencia in late 2007 and dismissed in April 2008. In his time as coach, the club took the decision to depart from the template to Santiago Canizares, Miguel Angel Angulo and David Albelda and the team won the title of Copa del Rey

The Valencia low debt by 150 million

Valencia CF has reduced its debt by 150 million euros in the last year, as it has risen from 550 million to the four, said today the club president Manuel Llorente, following a meeting of the board of the club .

The council unanimously approved the accounts of the 2009-2010 season, when there was a profit of eighteen million euros as a result of asset sales, and raised a loss of seven million for the 2010-2011 season that has just begun.

In the current economic scenario of the club, Llorente said that the sale of players in the case where they occur, be driven by operational issues and sports, but not for budgetary needs.

For the season just starting, Llorente said it expected revenue over 108 million and spend 120, with losses of more than eleven million euros, of which four have already been entered, so the figure is at seven million .

This amount will be neutralized if Valencia beyond the group stage of the Champions League, as expected income in this case exceed those seven million.

Llorente reminded that in the 2008-2009 season, the last before the club chair, losses were 69 million euros and insisted that that amount in pesetas, is 12,000 million.

"We turned around the club's accounts with adjustments in every game," said Llorente, who also reported operating expenses will be 74 million euros from 92 of last season, recalled that the 2007 season -2008 came to reach 115 million.

He also reported that there had been a reduction in staff costs of a twenty-one percent from the 2008-2009 season, a reduction that affects all levels of the club with amortization of jobs and reducing salaries had also affected him as president.

"In June 2009 we find 550 million euros of debt, which a year later was 430 and now is four million," he said Llorente, who added that they are far from over work and have a long way front, although they had achieved a level income statements with "industrial losses."

"The losses from 2005 to 2009 were 213 million and now we have two outstanding issues, the reduction of financial expenses this year will be fifteen million euros and that of the stadium, where we have invested 150 million still have no field "he said.

Llorente is important for revenue to exceed operating expenses, but so is the reduction of debt is generating significant financial costs, since the aim is that this concept oscillates between two and four million.

Management expenses in the club have been reduced by 35 percent and staff by fourteen percent, and that, including depreciation have passed from 94 to 84 million euros.

"Before these costs accounted for 120 percent of revenues now are 77 percent," said Chairman of the Levant, they did not announce the date of the annual general meeting of shareholders of the club, which in recent years have concluded in November.

'May the League Valencia can fight him at Real Madrid and Barca'...

Manchester City. World champion at age 24, David Silva (01/08/1986, Arguineguin, Gran Canaria) is a newcomer to the UK, like many other young Spanish in this country seeking a new adventure. Adapt as quickly as possible to life at Manchester City is his biggest challenge.

? Silva is a smiling and relaxed in the City's training camps, where and moves like a fish in the water despite its recent landing (in August), which is presented in the interview. Under the guise of shy but gifted boy shaker owed to its roots canary, lefty feel welcome in the team, now fourth in the table, where he quickly found confidence "Mister", Roberto Mancini, and captain, Carlos Tevez. Satisfied with his decision to move to the Premier, the player who looked like a "good-natured, dark face and slanting eyes, would be delighted to welcome many former colleagues of the Spanish league in England. And do not forget the Valencia.

After only one month in England, scored his first goal with the new colors at the start of the League at the Salzburg Europe. Did he give you confidence to start a new stage scoring, now at PremierSí gradually. It's been a hard, abrupt. I'm adapting and now I feel better physically.
Could you repeat that goal today against the JuventusHombre, hopefully. I want to win, then, if I have the luck to score again, that's fine, but the important thing is to get the three points and stay well in this competition.
How was your relationship with the coach in these mesesEl Mr. has always given me confidence since I arrived. I have had fitness problems because we have gone through the selection, we have long trips and I have not trained almost anything here. But now I'm taking the form and I'm finding more and a little better.
And what the capitánBien, well (laughs). Always good to gain confidence with people I can connect, especially at first because I still have not mastered English, but I'm starting to teach. The best thing is to learn the language to communicate with other colleagues and is all much easier.
What is special about the Argentinian has been at this time that you do take the brazaleteCarlos has lots of character and that's good for a captain. And parties also note, is a team leader and is also scoring goals, which comes very well.
What details of Mestalla would equiposLa export to other people, I believe, has always treated me like I was in my house. Although I have little time here, but I am being treated very well and it also is important to me because always the first month, the first year is more complicated.
And speaking of Valencia, what do you think of his lead in the table? Do you think it a worthy candidate to compete for the title with Barcelona and Real MadridHombre, hopefully yes. I am glad you are well and continue on that line because it is a great team, has signed very well and hopefully stays that way until the end of the season. We know that the Madrid and Barcelona are also going to be there, sure, but hopefully they (Valencia CF) to fight for the title.
Why Manchester City and not Barcelona or Real MadridPorque at the time was the team that gambled on me and stronger. They showed me all his confidence and because he was a new adventure, I also will enrich not only as a footballer, but as a person.
Did dudasNo was a brilliant opportunity because it interested me, in Spain there was this interest so strong and I did not think.
What is it compared to the Premier LigaBueno is still very early but, above all, the game here is much faster. In Spain it is always more to strategy rather than possession of the ball, here always want to find the goal quickly. It is also a beautiful game and striking.
How is the life of a Spanish player in the Premiership? Do you often coupled with compatriotasNo, for now, I have not seen. The truth is that I have not had much time, because on top, there are many things around the house, a little of everything. We have also had many trips. But I hope that when they are more acclimated to stay with "El Nino" and Pepe, who are here more closely. A Cesc or I have a little bit more away, but someday you may be visiting.
And his family, where the latter has momentosMi the family is in here, Valencia, and in Gran Canaria, but tend to come and when I can have free time I'll be able to get away to see them.
After being champion of the Euro and the world, do you still have challenges which continue creciendoPor course. In my club, win a title and have a great season. And with the national team, hopefully we can try to win the Championship again. It would be nice.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The 'heroes of 1982' expect another victory

Today marks 28 years of the first and so far, only Valencia victory against Manchester United. It was at the Mestalla on 29 September 1982, in the second leg of the first round of the UEFA Cup. After the 0-0 at Old Trafford, all won 2-1 che-behind Roberto Fernández Solsona and the initial both Robson. El Diario AS met yesterday at the headquarters of the Veterans Association to seven of the players who signed that feat: Sempere, Arias, Tendillo, Subirats, Reel, Robert and Paul. He was also Quique Moreno, who was injured in the leg. "Most do not even remember how we came because we were more concerned about what was happening in the stands. There was a huge mess with England fans. I think many people I wanted them for what happened in the Cup Winners Cup final in front of 80 Arsenal, "Arias recalled. And that day the police had to do several loads to contain the 500 United fans.

"I do not know is why the penalty shot Solsona and not Kempes 1-1 draw," said Reel. "I have pictures of that round. I've changed!, Said Roberto, author of the winner." Those pictures will already have a lot of dust, "he joked Subirats, to which Tendillo added that" to be seen how the English are now. Look at Rooney, how fat you are ...".

Regarding the commitment of this night were optimistic. "1-0 or 0-0," said Arias. "It's a decisive match for them," he said Subirats. "They can not lose," he said Roberto. And, 28 years later, everyone dreams of a new victory for Valencia against United.

"The Valencia is a great line
The good start to the season they are signing the Emery also increased optimism among the "heroes of 82 '. "The Valencia is in good line. So far it has beaten the rival to which, in theory, be imposed, something they have not achieved either Barcelona or Real Madrid," said Javier Subirats. A regularity that they now expect to maintain also in the Champions League. "English football has not changed much since then. Physical play and ball into the box," he added Tendillo. "In broken balloons go with everything and will have to be very careful," he said one reel that, like the rest, do not miss the clash of Mestalla.

Tino Costa: "This game is four dreams at a time"

The Argentine midfielder is responsible for carrying the baton tonight Valencia game. A special quote for a Costa Tino did not hide the emotion that gets to Manchester. "If I look three or four years ago, I remember I was 14 or 15 hour bus to play a third match in France. Now I will fulfill many dreams at once: one, to play with Valencia, two, do at the Mestalla, three, to be in the Champions League and four, face to Manchester. That's crazy, "he said. In addition, Tino Costa, who signed a big goal against Bursaspor, insisted that "there is nothing bigger than playing in the Champions League and to a power like Manchester. I fought a lot and I waited so long for this."

'Red Devils' without the smell of legend

Manchester United. The name of the European rival that tonight is the Valencia is synonymous with legend. For decades the identity of the 'Red Devils' is linked to the names of legendary players. Sir Bobby Charlton, George Best, Bill Foulkes, Alex Stepney, Denis Irwin, Mark Hughes, Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville ...

The last three are the only survivors in the current template, together with the central United Wes Brown, the latest clash between Valencia and Manchester in 2001. However, no member of the legendary trio is now on the lawn of Mestalla. Neither Ryan Giggs nor Paul Scholes nor the eternal captain Gary Neville. Although Alex Ferguson's team landed in Manises height veterans such as goalkeeper Van der Sar, the central Rio Ferdinand and striker Michael, the truth is that he has left at home that give the characteristic aroma players more years have defended the red shirt of all Old Trafford.

Manchester played in Valencia with part of its essence, no substantial part of your spine: Giggs, Scholes and striker Wayne Rooney with a sprained ankle. The Bad Boy is 24 years the star of the Red Devils and is poised to become, as long as the lapses in his private life do not hinder them, for the next legend of a club that has played six seasons.
The last time Manchester United played in Mestalla fielded Barthez, Brown, Gary Neville, Stam, Silvestre, Beckham (Butt), Scholes, Giggs, Keane, Sheringham and Cole (Solskjaer). Only Brown, that has traveled with the expedition could be repeated nine years later in the side of Alex Ferguson.

Giggs, about to turn 37, play with the Old Trafford since 1991 and is the player in the history of Manchester with the most matches played (845 and 156 goals) in front of Bobby Charlton (758 and 249 goals). In addition, the Welsh player, who injured his left thigh in the last match against Bolton, 129 total duels Champions League. Paul Scholes (49 and 150 goals) and Gary Neville (599 and 7 goals) are also in the history of the Red Devils are the fourth and fifth player, respectively, with more appearances. The two veterans of 35 years over 15 years at the club and 100 games in the Champions League, but Ferguson has preferred, to the surprise of most of the English press, book them with a view to Saturday's game against Sunderland and focus on youth in a call for 22 players, which will have to discard three technicians.

Without their historical references and with two long-term injuries, such as Antonio Valencia and Canadian Owen Hargreaves, the main threats are the far right Luso Bulgarian striker Nani and Berbatov. The former Tottenham this course seems to be reunited with their best performances in the Premier League after its first two years hesitant in Manchester. '9 'Will be joined by veteran Michael Owen or the Mexican youth interested Valencia, Javier' Chicharito 'Hernandez.

Interestingly, Valencia will play again with Owen, a striker who will soon turn 31, but takes on the elite since 1997, when it opened in Liverpool. Since then the quick tip is facing a four-time defending VCF Liverpool shirt and once again with Real Madrid. Indeed, in the 2004/2005 season Owen scored the controversial goal with which white won in the Bernabeu Ranieri's team on October 23, 2004. English scored on leave in the absence of Curro Torres, but Perez did not say anything Lasa. Another player who will be tonight's big event and already knows what is measured at Valencia is the central Rio Ferdinand. The former England captain was in Leeds that eliminated the VCF Cuper in 2001 before the final in Milan.

Miguel: "The fans deserved to be in Champions League

If a player on the staff wants him to Manchester is Miguel Brito. Everyone goes out to bite, but the Portuguese is an ingredient of motivation to feel fond of his biggest rivals in England and will not miss the opportunity to put their two cents as 'red'. Following the spectacular start of course signed by the VCF, with five wins in six games, there is no need to fear the group coached by Alex Ferguson, although they are considered contenders to win the Champions League after play two finals in the last three years. In Mestalla not going to be easy, especially with the support of a hobby that is hooked to the computer.

Are on the verge of a party to case.
Yes, it's a game we all want to play, pretty, with one of the best teams in the world and we must enjoy the final fight until victory.

"Having the option of sending them to five points come to impress.
"Yes, it is important, but we are doing well the line of thinking every game, and Manchester will be one more. We know the difficulties we're going to find, but they also know that we are a pretty good team. We fight for the game and playing at home with the support of the fans, with that extra motivation, I think we're going to put in a lot trouble.

- Is it the best way to earn respect in Europe?
"Yes, we have been two seasons without Champions and is a penalty for the environment that prevails, as Valencia CF fans deserved to be there. Now we have to enjoy, make the best paper possible and try to give joy to the fans trying to get as far as possible.

- How the Champions League has seen these last two years?
"It was hard to see from outside, because at club level is the competition we all want to play, but now must fight the most. Living the competition from outside is very difficult, are very nice game, you play against great teams, everyone sees you, the club is winning the respect it deserves and Valencia.

- Imposes a club like Manchester United?
"Yes, it is a club that in recent years has won a Champions League final has been in another, we must have respect but no fear. Nothing is impossible, we have a good squad and we are showing in the season opener, you fight on equal terms to Manchester.

- Would you like to see the team led by Alex Ferguson?
"I like to see teams who play good football and Manchester is one of them, along with Chelsea or Barca. They play the ball well and in recent years have gone far because outside to play well know racing, so it is very important. These are games where if you can not compete you're out, and they have that spirit in their squad although many young people, but I think we have many options to pass the group stage.

"On the pitch is going to meet with Nani.
"It's a good guy besides being a good player, is in great form and if I have to play will be a nice match. We are friends, but friendship is going to be left out.

- Did you talk at the last camp in Portugal?
"Yes, we were talking about the crossing and he laughed, we find it funny face you meet friends for some time. It will be a special game, but who prefer a positive to our side.

- Will you send a sms to change the band and not have to deal with you?
"No, no (laughs).

- What is out of bounds?
"Very funny, very funny. Long live football and when something is not doing well can see, we met in the selection but I have a good relationship with him. It was one of my kids in the selection. Nani Fernandes has grown, have lived in the same neighborhood, and the last time you remembered how they would agree to play football in small fields. And I laughed listening. I noticed that they always liked football and have struggled to get a place on the elite.

"Before we go to Manchester, his name was on the agenda of Valencia.
I do not know it would have been a great signing. It is a very powerful player, fast, unpredictable, you never know what to do, has a good kicking ball with both feet ... has grown tremendously during the past year and a half with Manchester. Ferguson has been a very important person for him.

- Manchester surprised the tie in their first game?
"Yes, in theory should win at Glasgow, besides being the strongest team, but again, plasma is the beauty of football is that in the field have to prove it. And if not, the game is complicated, that's extra motivation for us because we believe we can beat them, also playing at home. We have better team than Rangers and we can win at Manchester.

- What do you think the absence of Ferguson during an official party to spy live?
"Yes, it shows that Ferguson is very respectful of us. In theory they are the strongest, but if you do not show ... we played great against Bursaspor, coming very plugged in from the start. You must respect the adversary, but not fear them.

- How would you react if the outside to greet Sir?
"I do not know, but for the work that has unfolded in football, you have to respect the most.

"I remember that very little was fixed in Eric Cantona, one of the legends of Manchester.
"I loved it for its style and for being an irreverent and unique player in football. How to celebrate goals ... and what he did in Manchester is still in the minds of his followers, years pass and still is an idol. I was 16 or 17 when he was in his full football and admired him, I fixed a lot of people like him because at that time I was playing earlier.

- Do you imitate rising neck of the shirt as him?
"No, no, but many are repeating their gestures.

"In this interview he is giving much importance to the role the fans can have on Wednesday, what would you do if you were in the stands?
"I would encourage the whole game without stopping.

"You had to Queiroz as coach, do you find some explanation that seems so little to Ferguson despite being at his right hand?
I do not know what happened, the indications I had of him before coming to the selection was very good, even said it was he who planned to practice in Manchester, and sometimes you do well in a team and to change nothing comes out . As a second Queiroz was well, but with the opposite choice.

- Have you had options to play in English football?
"Yes, but years ago. I have spent several years at Valencia and I am a Valencian more. Is a more physical football, but after so many years here in England you do not look, I feel good here and I hope things go well. Let's see if we get the targets and if possible a title, which is the most beautiful out there.

- Which English club he would like to play?
"At Liverpool, England team has been my life. I have a passion for Liverpool.

- Do you have any explanation?
I do not know, as a child met twice in the Champions League and we always won. I cried and everything. Have four or five years, and since then I liked Liverpool is my team in England.

"There is a classic par excellence Liverpool-Manchester.
"Yes and I was about to sign when I was Rafa Benitez before coming to the VCF.

- Why a follower Red victory there is no better than putting their bit defeating them in the Champions League?
"Yes, I always win the Liverpool and if not, you lose Manchester. I remember the final against Milan perfectly, at halftime (3-0 for the Italians) I received several messages from fellow Benfica who knew my passion for Liverpool telling me not to cry next year and will win the Champions League. But rallied, won and was an explosion of immense joy for me. I experienced more as an amateur and now if I can win at Manchester ... delighted.

Joaquin Sanchez falls off the list for some discomfort

Early on Tuesday night, Valencia found himself hit with a low sensible to play against Manchester United: Joaquín Sánchez. Andalusian end suffered in training a muscle discomfort that will prevent him playing against the English.

Therefore, Joaquin has been dropped a call, in which, moreover, no surprises.

- List of invited:

Goalkeepers: Caesar and Moya.

Defenders: Miguel, Bruno, Ricardo Costa, Maduro, Navarro and Mathieu.

Midfielders: Topal, Albelda, Tino Costa, Fernandes, Feghouli and Paul.

Forwards: Domínguez, Mata, Soldier and Aduriz.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


SEPTEMBER 29, 1982.
UEFA Cup (1 / 32 finals of the UEFA.


In a vibrant and emotive match Valencia has qualified for second round of the UEFA Cup by beating Manchester United 2-1, in a comparison that has had extraordinary alternatives that have emotion and color, because Manchester achieved its goal missing a few seconds to finish the first half and it weighed so decisively on a Valencia, a hard trouble finding overcome until midway through the seguda part, thanks to a penalty which masterfully transformed Solsona, managed to straighten the meeting and take wing to achieve a victory they achieved a few minutes later.

The match was played amid many incidents promoted by England fans who went to the Stadium "Luis Casanova", and that have led to police intervention at various stages of the game, especially when the penalty mark the referee.

The meeting, in part, offered an alternative game that at first had a slight color to assert Valencia after all British, with a classically English football, was domineering and dangerous, however, created several chances Valencia goal was not duly exploited, as their lead was not anything lucky. The marking areas of the English game quite neutralized Kempes, Paul and were advanced Saura Valencia.

Arecio Cuandop the first half ending scoreless in the final seconds of game a Robson delivery Wilkins took advantage of it to beat overlooked Sempere. In the first twenty minutes after the restart, the Valencia football made a low quality and little nerve, while Manchester countered with much danger. A 2 minutes Tendillo was replaced by Ribes, a player would have a decisive influence on the game, as three minutes it appeared in the field star in a spectacular penalty shot down by Moran.

The maximum penalty was executed by Solsona, beating the English goal. It was 1-1. Valencia extremadmente was encouraged by that goal and increased its offensive, now gave him a clear mastery of the situation. Just when you met half an hour, and fully muddled British defense, a rendition of Robert Kempes finished him off by low scoring the second goal which gave the victory at Valencia. The arbitration was conducted by the Romanian Ignacio, who had a good job.

0-1 Bob Robson (44)
1-1 Daniel Solsona (Pen.) (71)
2-1 Roberto Fernandez  (73)

Equipment Holders
José Manuel Sempere, Ricardo Arias, Miguel Tendillo, Angel Castellanos, Daniel Solsona, JavierSubirats, Mario Kempes, Pepe Reel, Botubot Manuel Enrique Saura and Roberto Fernandez.
Mr. Manolo Mestre.
Tendillo - Ribes (48).

Bailey, Albiston, Duxbury, Grimes, Moran, Buchan, Whiteside, Moses,
Bob Robson, Stapleton and Wilkins.
Mr Alex Ferguson.
Macari - Buchan (86)
Coppell - Moses (80).



Ferguson: "I see Valencia as one of the favorites for the Champions"

The Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has pointed out in the second day after the Champions League that his team "has already played against Valencia and will be a difficult game."

The technician said that "after the draw in the first game against Rangers was a little disappointed" and was full of praise to his rival on Wednesday: "I see it as one of the favorites for the Champions League. The Last week I saw it was a good team, are leaders in the league. It's not important who is the favorite before, but what happens on the pitch. "

"It's tough to win in Spain by the values and the quality of football because it is one of the best competition in the world"
Ferguson said it is "difficult to win in Spain by the values and the quality of football because it is one of the best tournaments in the world." "It's a great place to get the win, but it will be difficult because the best teams are in this tournament and Valencia is one of them," he said.

The United manager believes that Valencia "has a strong defense and a midfield also very strong." "Despite the passing years, there have been many significant changes as to how to play and be a great team to beat," he warned.

Manchester United arrives without the injured Scholes, Giggs, Rooney, Valencia and Gary Neville. "The most worrisome are Giggs and Rooney, who has injured his ankle and will not be able to play until two or three weeks. He would like to be here," he said.

The coming out of a five-month injury is Rio Ferdinand.
"Slowly condicicones is in play, it's been five months since his injury and is still not suitable for playing. The party of Valencia will be a physical challenge and hope to see you soon in the field, wanted.

Regarding Michael Owen, the Scottish stressed that "much improved since being at Manchester United" and that "his contribution to the team right now is critical," as seen last weekend when he scored the tying goal ( 2-2) at Bolton.

He did not talk about De Gea
Moreover, Ferguson became the 'Swedish' when asked about the alleged interest from Manchester by Atletico Madrid keeper De Gea and after I was watching in Mestalla Valencia-Atletico Madrid last week " I have a match against Valencia and was here to see the Valencia, "he laughed.

On the other hand, joked to reveal his secret to carry since 1986 on the bench for Manchester United: "It's the energy, living in a proper way, drinking the right wine."

Brown: "To win in Valencia will be difficult, but we need to exasperate"

Manchester United defender Wesley Brown, will visit Wednesday the Mestalla stadium to play against Valencia in the second round of the Champions League, said that while winning the Valencia set at home "will be difficult," Manchester needs " exasperate "Valencia's players to get it.

Speaking in the English club's Web site, Brown said that Manchester has to "frustrate the Valencia as the home team" as long as the England players might feel more comfortable and get "needed three points after drawing with no goals against Glasgow Rangers on the first day. "

"We can go there and win. We know we can do. The Valencia is a good team, but we can beat them. If we fail, a draw would not be a bad result since Valencia is a good time and we will put difficult, "said the England defender, who also moved that the meeting" will be hard, "but qualified that the staff of Manchester United" always hopes to get a result to straighten the season in Europe. "

He went to spy on Valencia
On the fact that Manchester United coach, Alex Ferguson, dispense to lead his team in the Carling Cup to observe the meeting of the Liga between Valencia and Atletico Madrid last week, Brown said this "shows how Ferguson thinks that this game and team. "

"We know it will be difficult, but we know what to do. The question is out there and do our job on the pitch," he said.

Guide to European meetings follow

18:30 on Gol TV: Spartak Moscow - ZILINA (Champions League Group F)

20:45 Gol TV: AJAX - AC Milan (Champions League Group G)

20:45 on TVE 1: Auxerre - Real Madrid (Champions League Group G)

18:30 on Gol TV: RUBIN KAZAN - Barcelona (Champions League Group D)

20:45 Gol TV: INTER - WERDER BREMEN (Champions League Group A)

20:45 on Autonomic: VALENCIA - MANCHESTER UNITED (Champions League Group C)

19:00 in Soccer Channel 2: RAPID VIENNA - BESIKTAS (League Europe Group L)

19:00 on Channel League: YOUNG BOYS - GETAFE (Europa League Group H)

19:00 in Sportmanía: UTRECHT - LIVERPOOL (League Europe Group K)

Soccer 19:00 on Channel 4: PSG - KARPATHY LVIV (League Europe Group J)

Soccer 19:00 on Channel 3: ODENSE - STUTTGART (Europe League Group H)

19:00 on Channel: BORUSSIA DORTMUND - SEVILLA (League Europe (Group J)

21:05 in Sportmanía: Rosenborg - ARIS THESSALONIKI (Europe League Group B)

21:05 in Channel League: MANCHESTER CITY - JUVENTUS (Europe League Group A)

21:05 in Soccer Channel 3: SPORTING CLUBE - Levski Sofia (Europe League Group C)

21:05 in Football Channel 4: PALERMO - lausanne (European League Group F)

21:05 in Telecinco: Atletico Madrid - Bayer Leverkusen (Europe League Group B)

21:05 in Soccer Channel 2: PAOK THESSALONIKI - DINAMO ZAGREB (Europa League (Group D)

21:05 in Channel: VILLARREAL - Bruges (Europe League Group D)

Villa will play against Valencia

David Villa will finally play against his former team in two weeks. Asturian striker has only been charged with a one-match ban for his attack on Gurpegui on Saturday, which saw the red card.

Although there was speculation a larger penalty, the final competition has imposed the minimum punishment of a party. The Guaje not play this weekend against Mallorca, but against Valencia in the Nou Camp.

Which certainly will not play against the Valencian is the Athletic defender Fernando Amorebieta. The Basque center was ejected for a hard tackle on Iniesta has been punished with a party.

Javi Martínez: 'Valencia is the form team in the league'

The Athletic Club player Javi Martinez stressed that the Valencia, which will meet at the Mestalla on Saturday, the team is "more fit" of the League and without Villa or Silva in their ranks, "changed" to form a block "more compact" than last season.

"This year we are stronger than last year. They play with a lot of support from midfield to defense when they attack and that makes them do a few times and few goals," stressed the Navarrese, who hopes to tap the "invoice" might happen to the whole 'che' European morning match against Manchester United.

"This type of equipment is used to playing on Wednesdays and Sundays, but we go with the advantage of being a whole week to prepare the party and we'll see if we can take," he added.

Martinez has also acknowledged that the numbers in recent years in Valencia, where the Athletic has lost 15 of their last 20 visits, not favor them, but pointed out that "statistics do not count for anything" and will travel with intention "to change that dynamic."

The world champion has reviewed some aspects of Saturday's match against FC Barcelona and about the red card he saw Amorebieta, said that his friend "paid the piper" so commented the athletic entrance Leo Ujfalusi Messi the previous day.

"For me this lack is not expulsion, but an arbitrator to decide and hope that the penalty is a minimum. This is football and there must be contact, always thinking that a player is not going to hurt the other and goes to the ball "said.

Martinez also spoke of the whistles that most of the fans dedicated to Andrés Iniesta Bilbao after the controversial move that cost him his expulsion Amorebieta and noted that "everyone is free to express yourself as you want."

"We have come pitados from many fields and not armed fuss" has settled.

The United again a decade later Mestalla

The Manchester United again Mestalla a decade after his last visit to measure up to Valencia in the Champions League with the same coach, Alex Ferguson, but without the players from that team still remain on the payroll and played that game.

Paul Scholes, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, who still belong to the discipline of Manchester United and playing regularly in the England team, have been in England for different reasons, in the case of Giggs for the injury suffered by the Welsh end on Sunday against Bolton.

Of these, the only return is the least time makes Mestalla was in, coach Alex Ferguson, who travels to Valencia on Wednesday to watch the league match between home team and Atletico Madrid.

The last time Manchester United played in Mestalla fielded Barthez, Brown, Gary Neville, Stam, Silvestre, Beckham (Butt), Scholes, Giggs, Keane. Sheringham and Cole (Solskjaer), so that no player who played in that game will own at the Mestalla.

In any case, the most illustrious of English is a whole issue of Ferguson, who turns twenty-four seasons on the bench for Manchester United, a position which debuted on November 6, 1986.

Another of the survivors of the template for the English team is the defender Wesley Brown who, however, and despite his 31 years and 64 matches in the top flight has not reached the level of significance of their peers, although that has entered the expedition.

Ryan Giggs is the oldest of all because, about to turn 37, still has minutes and although it has slowed down, Welsh is an institution in the dressing room among other things, the 129 Champions League matches that accumulates which may not improve in Valencia.

Gary Neville, right side 35, has not yet found relief and perhaps for that reason was renewed one season at the end of last season and has stayed in Manchester.

Now begins its sixteenth season in the club with the intention of increasing the number of 115 games in the continental showpiece.

The third of the list is Paul Scholes, who does a great job in midfield, as it accumulates in 119 crashes twenty-five many in this tournament and is the third veteran team that has not traveled.

Of the current members of the staff of Valencia, only the Valencian David Albelda and Vicente Rodriguez were active then in the Mestalla club where owners were already regulars.

In the year 2000.-2001, Vincent came to play a total of 48 official games for the club in the set of all the competitions and participated in 33 meetings Albelda.

However, none of the two players that day was chosen to play by then Valencia coach Hector Cuper of Argentina.

Jucilei agent says that Valencia remains

The Brazilian player's name Jucilei Da Silva has entered the orbit of Valencia and has been following statements by his agent Esporte IG, which has said that "it is a fact that Naples and Valencia will continue."

The player's agent has referred, in addition to the Valencia club, also in the interests of the Italian team Napoli, against the preseason Valencia played in Palermo in the triangular-and added that "it is early to talk about it, the links ( of Italy and Spain) have recently begun and teams have not yet decided on the reinforcement to be taken in the January transfer window. "
It is true that Valencia was sopensando the possibility of the midfielder, who is campaigning today in the Corinthians, a fact which coincided with the arrival of Tino Costa Valencia. On the other hand, Valencia was in Brazil, and during his visit, Jucilei was one of the players to which he was seeing. The truth is that Valencia is still possible to register a new tab in the winter market, but not urgent midfielders at the moment at the Mestalla, with Banega, Tino Costa, and also, Fernandes.

Emery: "We have no fear '

Unai Emery, coach of Valencia, said today facing the Champions League encounter against Manchester United with "optimism and high expectations" because it has confidence in the ability to "see the best version of Valencia at the Mestalla."

In the press conference before the match, Valencia Basque coach has insisted that such meetings is hardly necessary to motivate the players, "first because it is played in Mestalla and second by the rival entity."

Referring to the low of Manchester United (Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Luis Antonio Valencia, Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney), has said it expects a "huge rival" regardless of absences.

"It would be possible to apply various time scales to predict who is the favorite. Some would win ourselves and in others not, but we forget which one is the favorite teams to focus on knowing your opponent and deliver the best possible version of Valencia. For this is key Mestalla and fans, "he added.

"At Manchester we have the utmost respect, not fear," added Emery, who said "the next game is always the most important, the rival it."

In view of the technical Valencia the proper way to address this meeting is "from the regular" so that the team does not give "two different faces, as it has done so far at the Mestalla, and get closer to what we want for most the match. "

"I hope my team play with maximum intensity, since the Manchester football as it differs very little local or a visitor. They are offensive and defensive with maximum intensity, so it will not be easy for our properties are imposed," he added.

Asked by Alex Ferguson, Manchester United, Emery recalled that coincided with him in a friendly last season and he believes "a mirror to look to learn as a coach and manager."

Also, he referred to his understanding of his profession and any similarities with Ferguson. "As a footballer I thought like a coach and now I'm coaching I often think as a player," he said.

Referring to the gaming system that will opt to be measured at Manchester, Emery has pointed out that "there should be no surprise that Valencia played with two strikers as in Gijón, and the team has shown it can win with multiple systems. We While playing with two strikers, either with a 4-2-3-1. "

On the physical state of Juan Mata, Alejandro "Chori" Dominguez and Vincent Rodriguez, explained that the first two will be ready to play tomorrow, while Vicente "trained well and regularly need to perform their best."

In reference to the claim made by President of Valencia, Manuel Llorente, on the impact of computer media in the capital, Emery has said that trying to do my best to achieve that transcendence.

Scholes and Neville to join United in Mestalla low

Valencia striker Juan Mata has said in the prior against the English side in the Champions League "facing Manchester United is always complicated and difficult, besides having important players."

The Valencia said that Manchester United has "staffing levels and class players." "It is true that Giggs, Rooney or Scholes but those who enter do so well," he said.

Mata believes that at this stage of the season "is not positive euphoria." "We know that we do well and has started well, but needs to be done. Mestalla We want to make a field in which many points are removed, wanted.

The attacker said that "the costumes do not think the game is won before playing, despite the euphoria that is experienced around the equipment.

The arrival of Manchester, said Mata does not mean that Valencia have to change the way you play. "We must be faithful to our philosophy of play, to have the ball and hit. We must be very well to keep up because the Manchester-consuming," he added.

An admirer GIGGS

Mata pleaded since childhood fan of Ryan Giggs will not be tomorrow against Valencia. "He's a player I always liked their caracaterísticas and is one of the best midfielders in Europe," he said. "It's an important low-level experience for them, but that he will play very well. For the good of football that Giggs is recovered and can play many years," he said.

The Valencia did not want to get into non-sporting issues of Wayne Rooney. "We have to separate the private life of losprofesional and it has not affect. It does not come through injury and will come one hundred percent," he said.

Mata said the Valencia-level results are doing very well and that gives confidence to face an important game against a team with a high level. " "Tomorrow we go out to stop from the first minute. Mestalla has to offer beautiful surroundings of Champions does not live long," he added.

The Valencia admitted that "today has not considered changing competition, because the Liga along with the Premier, the most powerful in Europe." On the coincidence of the party with the strike said it was "a fluke." "The SLA has released a statement with the unions, we play and try to win," he concluded.

Without Rooney, Berbatov is the great danger

Wayne Rooney has been finally felled the Mestalla appointment by the disease in the ankle dragging since last season, was injured in the Champions League against Bayern Munich, and that he played last weekend in a visit to Bolton Wanderers . Without Rooney, the main threat to Manchester United's Dimitar Berbatov. The Bulgarian striker is one of the sweetest moments of his career. At 29 years, detached from the Bulgarian selection willingly returns to remind the striker who excel at Bayer Leverkusen and Tottenham Hotspur, the club than Manchester United paid 35 million euros for his transfer.
Previous campaigns overshadowed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney's scoring form, Berbatov seemed condemned to a secondary role of intermittent shake-up. The Rooney game slump, capped by a disappointing World womanizing and uncovered by the British tabloid press, has opened a new opportunity that has not missed. Berbatov has scored six goals in six games with a hat-trick star against Liverpool. In scoring hit (good head and both feet) must be added its ability to hold the ball, play with his back to goal and enable spaces to second Delano? Lapwings and media arrival.

The second youth Scholes
The veteran Paul Scholes, 35, is in a great form. Fiero to cut the ball in midfield, easily adds to the shot from the edge of the area. Without Giggs and Valencia, also injured, the United's attacking options ends are reduced to Portuguese Nani. The set of Ferguson, second in the Premiership to three points behind leaders Chelsea to win pa? Ra remake of the first round tie against Rangers.

The handyman of Old Trafford

Ferguson, temperament and success. You are about to meet a quarter century on the bench for Manchester United, the club has returned to the forefront with eleven league titles, five Cups, one Cup Winners Cup and two Champions Leagues. Unchallenged in his post, its explosive nature has led to problems with coaches and players.

Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson (1941), Alex for friends and enemies, is a living legend of Manchester United and, by extension, of European football. His myth is not only in longevity raises, in the 25 years that is about to turn on the bench for the Red Devils. In fact, the major British clubs have not exceeded the twenty coaches throughout its century existence. Fergie is, along with Sir Matt Busby, the club's leading coach of Old Trafford. Busby's team lifted the ashes of the Munich air crash in 1958. Ferguson returned the winning character to a computer installed in the mediocrity that had bottomed out with the fall of 1974. With Fergie, in 1993 the Manchester United win the league again after 26 years of drought.
As a player raised in the Old Firm derby in Glasgow, defending the colors of the Protestant Rangers. His first success came with the Aberdeen coach. With this club broke 15 years of bipartisanship of Celtic and Rangers in 1980, and Real Madrid snatched a Cup Winners Cup in 1983. In British football, the figure of the manager has traditionally been beyond all understanding. Of the players, managers and fans. This work left Busby, Shankly, Paisley, Graham, Clough ... Aside from that respect, if for some quality differs Ferguson is his temperament and leadership qualities. Michael White, an analyst with The Guardian, called it "a very unpleasant bully, but hugely successful." In Aberdeen and earned the nickname of "Fergie fury" for his iron discipline. One of his players, John Hewitt, was fined in advance with your car.

Beckham's eyebrow
Already in the United, in 2003 he broke an eyebrow at David Beckham to deal it a shoe after a loss. The friction with rival coaches have also been continuous. Apart from Mourinho, with which it seems impossible not to dodge no controversy in recent times also had an exchange of accusations with Benitez, who reproached him to hold "privileges" of being the only coach "could not be punished" and be "above the law." Ferguson said broaching the former Valencia coach was a man "angry and upset." With the Scot Gordon Strachan, who was his own player at United, he joins a feud locked in more than 20 years of disagreements.
In the ManU, Ferguson took the first team to a batch of home-grown to become the foundation of the team that dominated England and, years later, finally regaining Europe: brothers Phil and Gary Neville, Giggs, Beckham and Scholes. Young joined signings like Schmeichel, Ince, Hughes, Cantona, Keane, Ferdinand, Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. In the fourth century in eleven league club has won five Cups, two Champions Leagues and one Cup Winners Cup.
As Arrigo Sacchi at Milan, who has mentored a generation of technicians, as Gullit, Van Basten, Rijkaard, Donadoni and Ancelotti, who were once under him as a player, Ferguson has already faced on the bench a number of his former pupils: Mark Hughes has been in the Blackburn, Manchester City and Fulham, Roy Keane went to the Sunderland squad now led by former United defender Steve Bruce. Another former player of red devils, Bryan Kidd, now an assistant to Roberto Mancini in the City, was his coach. Mike Phelan is now his assistant on the bench. McClair Solksjaer and train at the club's youth ranks. By contrast, Cantona has preferred the film path that could follow Beckham. Ryan Giggs, still active and more than 800 appearances for the club, said she would be his successor.
However, the moment in the furious Ferguson 69 years there is no trace of fatigue.


Valencia's run from the euphoria and think that despite their losses, the rival Manchester United will be a "difficult."

Juan Mata is wary of Manchester United, which has arrived in Valencia on Tuesday morning with Wayne Rooney and low Ryan Giggs: "Facing the always diíicil Manchester and complicated, whether it comes with heavy casualties, has staff sufficient to meet the secured party is always difficult to cope with Manchester. On Gibbs, who admired since childhood Mata, stressed that "is one of the best corners of Europe, it is important to elllos low, but the player who plays for him will do well, but for the sake of football I hope Giggs gets well soon. Regarding the covers that Rooney has grabbed her marital problems and their impact on his sporting life, the Valencia said: "We have to separate the private life of the professional field, and I think it should in this case does not come from Rooney injury. You have to respect private life. "

Valencia faces the match of the Champions League as the leader of the Liga, and after winning his first match in European competition, results that give confidence but do not drop our guard to the team: "We either by trust, level of performance we're doing well and that gives you confidence going into this type of games, but done so far does not matter and we must stop playing the ninety minutes to win. I have not played Champions in Valencia and a night importantly, we hope the support of our fans. "

However, Mata wants to escape the air of euphoria that the environment we live in Valencia and says that the costumes are not carried away by it: "It will be difficult, this is a good time, but any euphoria and more at the beginning of season is not positive, there is still much to do, a very important match is on Wednesday, thinking the game is won not in the dressing room thinks nowhere near. "

Although he played the Champions League, the midfielder is looking forward to the match against United, "debuted last three field seasons at Chelsea, but perhaps the biggest game in tomorrow's Champions League is, everyone wants to play against this opponent. I feel good at the individual level, I'm happy, playing minutes, just thinking to play and bring things to the team. "

The fact that the meeting coincides with the day of general strike in Spain, does not worry the left-handed: "Is it a coincidence, the date of the matches is predetermined, in this aspect, the AFE has reached agreement with unions to avoid problems, but we are to ours, to play and try to win. "

The theme of renewal, of which Manuel Llorente said that was about it, Mata has shown unequivocal: "Today is not time to talk about that."

. Finally, the Valencia ruled out playing outside of Spain: "Today I did not argue, I'm fine at Valencia in the Spanish league, which along with English is the strongest of all, and today audience did not change competition. "

Monday, September 27, 2010

Results and activities of the School


Wednesday, 22.09.1910, 17.30 h. National League Championship 3 rd Div - G º VICiudad Paterna
VALENCIA Sports CF - MESTALLA - 1 - CD Olympique XATIVA - 1
(DAY 5 th)
GOALS: Paco Alcacer
Sunday, 09.26.1910, 12.00 h. National League Championship 3 rd Div - G º VICamp Mpal. José Claramunt
U.D. Puçol - 0 - VALENCIA CF - MESTALLA - 4
(DAY 6 th),
GOALS: Montoro, Pardo, Joel and Isco
Sunday, 09.26.1910, 12.00 h. Honor Division Youth Championships - Gr VII Ciudad Paterna
VALENCIA  CF  Juvenile "A" - 0 - Villarreal CF - 1
(DAY 4 th)
Saturday, 25.09.1910, 12.00 h. National Youth League Championship - G º VIIICiudad CF Sports Paterna
 (DAY 4 th)
GOALS: Gaya, Miguel (2), Nando, Fenollosa, Federico (2)

Sunday, 10.03.1910, 12.00 h. National League Championship 3 rd Div - G º VICiudad Paterna
(DAY 7 th)
Sunday, 10.03.1910, 12.00 h. Honor Division Youth Championships - Gr VIICiudad Sports. of Alicante
(DAY 5 th)
Sunday, 10.03.1910, 12.15 h. National Youth League Championship - G º VIIIPol. Mpal. "Terroir"
(DAY 5 th)
Saturday, 10.02.1910, 11.30 h. Autonomy League Championship Sports Paterna
(DAY 1 st)
Saturday, 10.02.1910, 10.30 h. 1 st Regional Championship Cadete Polideportivo Batiste Subies
(DAY 1 st)
Saturday, 10.02.1910, 10.00 h. Autonomy League Championship Sports Paterna
(DAY 1 st)
Saturday, 10.02.1910, 09.00 h. 1 st Regional Championship Cadete Polideportivo Batiste Subies
 (DAY 1 st)