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Sunday, October 31, 2010


The player of the Valencia CF Juan Mata passed through the press room of the sports complex of Paterna to speak of the present time of the team. Is certain that in these moments we do not obtain what we want, but is not a problem neither of motivación neither of attitude. So much the Mallorca as the Zaragoza marked us quick and we have played cross-current. On the other hand, the international one has been referred to the next encounter of Champions League before the team escotich, a decisive collision for the future of the team in Europe. We must that to play for band and to be patient as we had before the Rangers in Glasgow, because the teams that close a lot of the encounters complicate us. The aficion knows the role that should play and encourage us¡ to death, as did the aficion of the Rangers in Scotland. The moment is not good but confíor in a change ráI ask", concluyó.


The pursuers of the Valencia do neither win, for which the VCF continues room. The Madrid, to six points

The day 9 of the League BBVA, fortunately for the Valencia, has not been so bad. And the fact is that none of its more immediate pursuers could win. The Espanyol lost with force in The Coruña (3-0), also finished scalded the Seville (5-0 in the Camp Nou before the Barcelona) and the Athletic one gave that of lime before the Almería (1-1 in the Vicente Cauldron).

In the classification, after the 9ª day, The Valencia is room with 17 points, the Espanyol is fifth with 15 units, while Athletic and Seville they are drawn with 14 points.

Even, the Villarreal, third in the just board in front of the Valencia, achieved the same scoreboard that those of Emery, 1-1 (in its case to residence before the Sporting). Therefore, the of Elegant they continue three points above the VCF.

To there the positive reading. The evil, that Real Madrid and Barcelona begin to put land in between (23 points the jams and 22 the culés). The Valencia remains in the board to six and five points respectively. Besides, if the Valencia to have completed with the logic before Majorca and Zaragoza would be to the height of both and to have achieved a mattress already of certain importance with respect to its opponents.


The head office of the Port of Sagunt emphasizes also that was object of a penalty "quite clear".

In the same sense the captain was pronounced David from Navarro, that considers that "against the Rangers is going to live an end in which does not fit the margin of error". For the head office of the Port of Sagunt "the dynamics with the one has reverted itself that began itself, when was marked at the beginning of the parties, and in the last the rival one has marked very quick".

From Navarro considered that the team left "revolutionized by the desires" to be met again with the victory, but that in the rest was corrected. From Navarre added that in the first time Contini does him a penalty "quite clear". "It seems that in Mestalla cost that penalties beep us", added.


In its more it unhinged version, the team of Emery does not pass from the tie before the bottom team Zaragoza The black and white assembly, with the ideas blocked, draws with a goal in own door and barely shoots despite include numerical superiority

The Valencia was put, he alone, in a labyrinth of the one that was incapable to leave before the bottom team Zaragoza. The party of yesterday in Mestalla, resolved with an embarrassing tie that should be considered positive before the benefits offered, unmasks all the current lacks of the black and white team, without soccer and very scarce of conviction. The problem is not limited to a question of fashionable, tactical drawing or phobias, of of holders or acting. Emery did not find answers to a team unhinged, that never approached the victory -only shot two times to door-, and all it in spite of the fact that the chance was allied him in two fundamental actions: a goal in own door and the numerical superiority in the last section after the undeserved expulsion of Ander Blacksmith. The fondness dedicated its players the first row of the season. The encounter resulted to be a depressing trial of the first end that awaits to the Valencia, next Tuesday against the Rangers, in which its good and European future is played splits of its financial forecasts. While, in the League, I am blocked just before confronting the part more criticism of the calendar.
The first half attempted against all the implacable logic that was presumed in the prior one of the envite. Because with worse sensations not the Zaragoza could be presented: bottom team, without knowing the victory, with a defense of five troops that was the weakest one of the championship. Nevertheless, it dominated with an amazing facility to a Valencia that left asleep and that with the early goal of Launched plunged itself in an unbreathable climate of nerves, for torture of its puzzled fan. If the soccer was an exact science, that it is not -there situates to a large extent its spell- the Zaragoza would have closed the party in the first act with the four clear opportunities that had in the disastrous fifteen initial minutes of the Valencia. But without coming to shoot among the three sticks, the assembly of Emery equalized before the rest with a goal in own door of Launched, that imitated to the American one Edu, of the Rangers, upon being becoming executioner and friend, later, of the black and white.
The blockade valencianista in the first half was total, in all the zones. Do not there was neither I play neither intensity. Nothing functioned, no sparkle emphasized among the "bird" generalized. In the goal, two minutes into the game, Miguel, yesterday in its more indolent version, remained nailed in the exit to the away in the defensive rejection after a corner. The ball remained to the feet of the head office Launched, that repeated to pleasure.
The so much one against prostrated to the Valencia in the hysteria. In attack did not last him the ball, with evils you deliver, with Pablo and Vicente lost in the extremes, with Aduriz without possibility of crowning... all the production was simplified shipments telegraphed that the pediment of three head offices of the Aragonese assembly cleared without complications. In defensive tasks the capsizing caressed itself. Miguel and Mathieu offered an immense hole to its backs, territory in which Lafita wove to its craving all the contras zaragozistas. So much he as Braulio could have sentenced the party of intervene not Moyà, providential. Such it was the frustration that Banega gave kicks of pure impotence with more than middle parted in front.
Only in they played ball stopped, seeking the head of Ricardo Coast and from Navarre, the Valencia approached you Double. In one of those cash actions was demanded a more than possible penalty to David from Navarre. A ridiculous argument as to draw, excessive prize that in the end of the first part the impetuous one Launched gave to the Valencia upon trying to clear of head a clear ball so that it blocara you Double.

Neither against 10
The even one renewed the vigor of the Valencia, a more determined point in the second part, with Topal and Kills with more gallons. Only that it sufficed, more aggressiveness and the clear ideas, to enclose to a Zaragoza very limited, as could be seen in the forgetfulnesses of you Double or in the deficiencies of Contini, slow and easy to split. The party opted in the final straight line in favor of the Valencia by a gift of Thin Ferreiro, that expelled to Ander Blacksmith with an exageradísima red direct upon cutting an against. The referee, perhaps conscious of the committed error, threw of clearing upon not decreeing a penalty to Kills and to extend only two minutes the discount, in spite of the six changes, it mentioned expulsion, and the interruptions caused by small rows that happened themselves to the end.
Emery removed to Joaquín and added another tip, accompanying Soldier to Aduriz. With a player more did not achieve neither to mark neither to create a real siege, with permanent danger. The recovery would have been an undeserved reward for a team that said good-bye by the half of the capacity, the one that resisted stoic to the end, with the first one pañolada of the season. A sign of worry before the signs that emits its unknown team, once coarse and waiter.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The VCF Female to continue the gust of wind

The valencianistas have chained very good results in the last days, against the Gimnàstic of Tarragona the third consecutive victory can be obtained.

The VCF Female visits to the Gimnàstic of Tarragona, last classified of the Group B of Superliga. It is a matter of the first party of the second return, besides, the black and white they conquered 4-1 in the departure, he does not mean that he be going to be easy, but yes that there are options to add a new victory.

The encounter, he will begin to the 12:00 h in the Camp of San Pere and San Pau.


The Valencia receives to the Zaragoza, bottom team of the League, with the mission to dissipate the doubts and to trim the distance with the head.

Seven days later to the Valencia arrives him the hour to fix the disaster of last week against the Mallorca. Unai Emery has transmitted to the staff the need to win to the Real one Zaragoza yes or yes. And the fact is that a victory is the only form to evaporate the ghosts that were born after the actions in Glasgow and set against the assembly to shoot in the stadium of Mestalla and, in transit, to continue with firmness the path that began to be drawn in Logroño this Wednesday in the Cup of the King.

The first notices of the course have done that the technical valencianista measure the rotations exclusively by the criterion of performance, that is to say, that today and Tuesday against the Rangers they will play the better. Circumstance that the míster Basque left very clear yesterday: "The alignments are won, themselves they are not given". In principle, Emery will bet on the couple of attack that more connects with Mestalla, Aduriz-Soldado. The forward one from San Sebastian is the maximum gunner of the team with six goals, three of them in the League. And Soldado continues him with three, two in the competition of the regularity.
With the couple of gunners the Valencia, although he was incapable to draw to the Mallorca, yes he could equalize the clash against the Athletic one and to set right the triumph at home before the lions of the Athletic. The other possibility that shuffles the coach is that of placing to Mata in the mediapunta and to situate in the left-handed extreme to Vicente. Nevertheless, Unai is conscious that the ´10´ recovered in Cup its better version since the left side, since where attended for double entry to Aduriz. The arsenal they will complete him Joaquín or Pablo in the right and Éver Banega, who is outlined like the organizer of the attack after on Saturday acted as mediapunta. And in the stool more he dynamites: The extremes that do not play of start more the Chori.

The Valencia is obliged to conquer to the bottom team to be able to eliminate the distance with the trio of head. Real Madrid and Villarreal have travel complicated to Alicante and Gijón, respectively. While the Barcelona receives in the City Condal to another of the contenders to be alternative to be able, the Seville of Gregorio Manzano

Emery does not want piety with the last one classified, the Zaragoza, that has not earned neither an only parted in eight days. The team has been proposed to come out with the maximum concentration so that themselves not errors be repeated like seven days ago and with the objective that not points fly from Mestalla. From Navarro, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu and Topal —la backbone for the two next parties— will be in the eleven reinforcing the airline of the artillery and, of course, the defensive system, since since the 0-2 in The Molinón the team does not leave the entrance to zero… AND at home, since the 1-0 to the Racing September 11.

Friday, October 29, 2010


The player returned from Logroño with inconveniences in the ankle. He should not have problems to be join with the group.

A blow in the ankle impeded to Jordi Alba to carry out Thursday the same work that its companions. The player returned from Logroño with problems in the ankle and yesterday he was enclosed in the gymnasium to be recovered of a strong blow, that in principle should not impede him to be united today to the training next to the remainder of the team in the session prep school that will carry out today in the afternoon, behind closed doors, in Mestalla and to be at the disposal of the technical one Unai Emery for the Saturday tomorrow League encounter before the Zaragoza.

The player, like the remainder of the footballers of the team that were holders in the party of Cup of the King of The Gaunas, they carried out in the sports complex of Paternal a smooth session of recovery. Jordi Dawn, worked next to the remainder of its companions in the gymnasium and in the pool, but did not do continuous career for thus force not its ankle. That of Hospitalet of Llobregat met again in the encounter on Wednesday in Logroño with four footballers —son Oscar Arpoon and Mario Gibanel, now captains of the OR.D. Logroñés, José Izquierdo and Juan Antonio Osado—wich the ones that coincided when exploited in the Nàstic two years ago.

Maduro, without problems
The nursing one of the Valencia has more boarders, although none seriously. Hedwiges Maduro, that had to be substituted by Unai Emery —por precaution— in the minute 52 of the encounter of Cup of the King before the Logroñés, by a light overload in the isquiotibiales, was exercised yesterday to the same rhythm that its companions and should not have problems to be at the disposal of the technician for the encounter before the Zaragoza. The Dutchman returned to the team in the encounter before the Mallorca after suffering a microrrotura in the same zone, circumstance that caused his change by precaution. Also he played with physical inconveniences before the Logroñés The Chori Domínguez, with an edema in the gluteus that does neither he cover too much gravity. The Argentine played infiltrated in The Gaunas for have not pain in the zone, but at first, he as reported the leader of the medical services of the Valencia, Jorge Candel, his inconveniences should not impede him to continue in the dynamics of the team and to be in the list, if the technician considers the opportune, for the Zaragoza.


If Aritz Aduriz is the offensive reference of the Valencia in these moments, its companion Juan Mata has been converted already in the leader of assistances to do goals. Not in vain, of the boots of the recent champion of the world five have left of the so many that has marked his team, the majority of them served since the left band, natural habitat of the small one great international player. Mata has distributed its assistances among all the competitions in which participates its team. To know, the first one was so that Maduro did to the Racing the goal that would signify the triumph in the second day of the championship of League. The following one arrived in Gijón, serving to Roberto Soldodo the so much second valencianista.

In the League of Champions, Mata also attended in one of the four goals that the Valencia marked to the Bursaspor in its own feud. In the Cup of the King was not going to be less and does so alone a pair during the day, in Logroño, served two goals in silver tray to its companion Aritz Aduriz.

Juan Mata, one of the values more to the rise of the Valencia current, with greater future due to its youth, has shone again in a left band in which unfolds as nobody. Among its qualities, nevertheless, emphasizes likewise the multivalence that characterizes, which permits to play in any another position of the front, to the ones that adapts with sum facility. Even in some opportunities, when its coach has considered the opportune, he has acted as average tip, behind the most advanced companion.

His magnificent path has never absent minded to Juan Mata, chiefly by the human values that gathers. Because of it, when him he is reported that is the leader of the staff in assistances is limited to respond: "With forward as the ones that have all he is a lot more easy", he affirms, in allusion to his companions responsible for the goal, with Aduriz and Soldado to the head.

After not it to be aligned in Barcelona and in Mestalla set against the Mallorca, Mata he returned to the team in Logroño. He was shown more fresh and dynamic that in previous apparitions, what is a very good news before what comes on top to the Valencia in so alone four days. Tomorrow the Zaragoza, with the need to win, greater if fits next Tuesday in the Champions before the Glasgow Rangers, where will be in play the classification for the quarterfinals.


Mata and Aritz Aduriz bet to continue helping Valencia

Juan Mata and Aritz Aduriz formed before the Logroñés a perfect society. Spaniard's boots precise born two assists as the Basque striker scored the first two goals in Las Gaunas and, incidentally, became the first player from Valencia to see goal this season in all three competitions. AS was with them in the next day and both insisted on sending a clear message: "Hopefully we can make more goals for the team." And it goes through your head just keep helping to add Valencia victory. Over two games now arriving committed against Zaragoza in the league and against Rangers in the Champions League.

As the company has set up in Logroño, Mata recalled that "with top players such as Roberto Soldado Aduriz or very easy to give assistance because they are a great reference. With its quality can make any pass goal." Some praise it returned the Basque International. "Kill the sets of scandal, like all my classmates of attack. Before the Logroñés only had to push the ball," said a Aduriz which is undergoing a sweet moment. "I've already marked in all three competitions, but the important thing is reaching out to your computer and is on goals, the better. What counts is that the join Valencia wins," he said.

What we do not agree it is still in the gift Aduriz is 'promised' to Mata for his double in The Gaunas thanks to the assistance of Asturias. "A gift? Well, ask him to give me some support it," joked Mata.

The 'column' of Unai Emery

A Unai likes to have controlled the opponent, soaking up information to see what is the quickest way to hurt them, but in setting up a call also takes into account what comes ahead. Before traveling to Logrono, the coach met with his troops and sent them the following message: "our next two matches in Mestalla are key to bury any doubts Liga and regain second position in the group of Champions." On this occasion the Cup match could interfere, but Emery chose to minimize any risk and 'forgot' in the list to include Ricardo Costa, Navarro, Mathieu and Topal. Were not alone, but in his sketch work, it is expected that this quartet plays from start to finish and one hundred percent the next two matches in Mestalla. They have become an impromptu morning spine to face Zaragoza and Rangers on Tuesday.

It is true that the coach wants to "hook" to cause the maximum number of players, hence you have multiple combinations, but when the slope is steep considers that betting on the quartet mentioned above is a safe bet. In fact, three of the four were not involved in the outrage against Mallorca, only Ricardo Costa wrote his name in that duel. The idea is that they are fresh as possible, physically and mentally well, if the head is not going full ... the legs are not responding. In all other positions, Emery believes that the alternatives are expanded.

One of the virtues that the coach wants to get born in Hondarribia over the next two games is the fortress. Valencia suffered a lot against Mallorca and in Glasgow, but is aware that you have quality in attack, keeping a clean sheet guarantees success. And he has not bolted from the September 25, when the team won comfortably in the Molinón 0-2. Get it in the next two hearings that are played on the table the Mestalla will be essential if the VCF is not to take a different direction to which it belongs. Too many errors together have alerted the technician, who will bet on which he considers "better than today." Unai unexpected setback to any people will opt for pressed from behind, but the sketch to retrieve the path of seriousness is already designed. The rotations will continue to exist, but for now, there is a spine head start ...

Dealbert to what is needed

Office, delivery, concentration, intensity and forcefulness. Angel Dealbert demonstrated in the release to the cupbearer Logroñés that what he is talking on the pitch, no frills, and Emery is available for when and what he wants in the remainder of the course. The '15 'black and white owners left his business card in Las Gaunas, where he regained the title in the eleven-white 205 days later.
Despite the paucity of minutes of previous weeks (I had only played 37 on the third day at the Rico Perez), Benlloch soccer player finished the game feeling "good" at the individual level. Not that the hosts are lavished too much in offensive actions, but it demanded the pressure and the balls pumped. Central facets resolved with the note, to the delight of the Basque technician, who had warned he did not want surprises in Logroño and take several meetings and insisting that the team should be given fewer opportunities. Just what happened yesterday.

Dealbert, who has always liked to run away from the spotlight, highlighted the "great game" studded collective level. He also called "respect" for the Cup "to try to get as far as possible," possibly because it has been suggested that the KO tournament is their particular platform of demands, when it seemed to be permanently relegated to the role of the central room, with performances like the curd yesterday.
It is not their primary function, especially when you consider that have not been marked as Valencia, but even on occasion let's see Benlloch in attack. Strategy was in stocks, which came to pitch in a couple of times, but not too dangerous.

Emery gets the urge to have Isco

Black and white coach encountered a minor setback when he went to start the session. His idea was that the playmaker Malacitano strengthen the first team, but when she found that request their services and had a good time working out with the reserves, despite some slight discomfort in his finger and had to back down. Isco took no plans to Logroño after Emery returned only hours before his trip to the sub? 19.


It kills smiles again after playing only 24 minutes before the Barça and to be remained on Saturday past in the stool.

The Valencia rescues in the stadium of The Gaunas to one of his main referring, Juan Mata. In the away game of the eighth of end of the Cup of the King the Asturian recovered his better soccer and, with it, the smile in his face. After ten days in which he chained three late to forget in the personal thing —front to Barcelona, Rangers and Mallorca— Mata was again decisive in the play of attack of the Valencia. The ´10´ it was again the determinant player that practically has always been since put on file for the black and white club in the summer of 2007. The left-handed one was the author of the two assistances that did good Aduriz to sentence the victory and to set right thus the pair to the eighth of the Cup.
"To he Kills I will give him what want. The two goals are his, I only I have had that to push them", he said in the mixed zone of the field logroñés the high-scoring maximum of the team in these two first months of competition, Aritz Aduriz. So grateful he was the Basque with the left-handed assailant that when he was substituted by Roberto Soldado approached the ´10´ and even a small and loving kiss in the face gave him.

The black and white completed a serious party, doing gala of the maximum concentration for 90 minutes. Nevertheless, it was in the second time when the valencianistas placed the fifth march with two incisive extremes as Joaquín Sánchez and the own one Mata. To the 54 minutes the international Spaniard took advantage of a fast kick-off of band of Jordi Alba to win in career to its scoreboard in the right winger and to center of first, with the poison that characterizes him, for the arrival alone of Aduriz. And as well it said the from San Sebastian, only there was that to push the ball to goal.

Four minutes later the left of Mata did of new bits to the Rioja defense. The left winger controlled with his habitual ability the ball, he descended him to the lawn and, again with a great velocity of movements, he attended the killer Aduriz. Now the ram repeated to goal with its left leg. The team assured the victory and was removed of the body in less than five minutes the psychosis of the last days. Thanks, in good measure, to the reappearance of its more decisive left, that of Mata.

The action of the born player in Hamlets could be still more complete, if the referee Undiano Mallenco had not annulled him in an incorrect way a second goal before the 0-2. When Joaquín attended Mata, this was found to the same height that the ball and not in away. The left-handed one felt to flavor in the left band, the position in which better performance has given. Even, it dared to do a pipe with the heel to attend Joaquín instants before being substituted by Vicente Rodriguez in the 67.

Then, at the moment of the change, the fondness of The Gaunas —que carries 13 years without being able to enjoy often of the players of First— applauded in unison to Mata. The followers rewarded to the only champion of the present world in the stadium and, of course, their good action in Logroño. A perfect dose of morale for a player that was a substitute in the Camp Nou and that, after two gray actions —24 minutes in Barcelona and set against the Rangers—, remained without playing neither a minute on Saturday before the Mallorca.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New schedule: Sevilla FC - Valencia CF, Monday November 8, 21:30 pm

As confirmed by the LFP, the league clash between Sevilla FC and Valencia CF will be played eventually, next Monday, November 8, from 21:30 pm at the Sanchez Pizjuan. This game in the tenth round of the Liga will be broadcast on Channel 9 open / La Sexta.

Zaragoza did not win at the Mestalla for 17 years

The Valencia Zaragoza received this week at the Mestalla, a team that throughout its history has won five times in Valencia area, but where it has achieved victory since the 92-93 campaign, seventeen years ago.

Zaragoza, who has achieved his five victories in 54 league visits he made to Valencia, concentrating all these victories between 1982 and 1993, winning just half of the ten games played then at the Mestalla.

Saturday's game is played after a run of three straight wins at Valencia, and Aragon scored the set recently in this field to tie it at two in the 2005-2006 campaign.

Valencia and Zaragoza have resolved their 54 matches on the ground Valencia with a record of 33 wins and sixteen local ties, in addition to the five wins of Zaragoza, with 109 goals scored by Valencia CF and 41 by all outsiders.

The last match between the two contenders was held on November 8, 2009 and ended with a 3-1 home win. Mata, Villa and Paul scored three goals before the break and Abel Aguilar made zaragocista both in the second half.

Valencia played by Cesar, Miguel, David Navarro, Dealbert, Mathieu, Albelda (Marchena), Banega (Deck), Pablo (Joaquin), Mata, Silva and Villa and the Zaraqoza did López Vallejo, Pulido, Ayala, Pavón, Paredes, Ponzio (Gabi), Abel Aguilar Lafita (Alex), Jorge Lopez (Babic), Ander and Ewerthon.

'I am satisfied with the work done'

Moya, for one, summed up as found, both he and the team, before the Logroñés: "I felt good, comfortable, had a relatively quiet game. The object was, in the few times I came, to be focused and convey safety . I think I did. " On the team's performance said that, above all, made "a very serious game, and although in the first half cost them more in the second half and with" the goals will be improved. "

The Balearic Cerberus is valued throughout the two parties (Mallorca and Logroñés) that has been in clubs: "Note to numbers I do not get any, but I'm satisfied with the work done in those games."

Mata left foot returns to its poison in Las Gaunas

Valencia rescues in the stadium of Gaunas one of the main references, Juan Mata. In the first leg of the knockout phase of the Copa del Rey the Spaniard regained his best football and thus, the smile on his face. After ten days in which to forget chained three afternoons personally-against Barcelona, Rangers and Mallorca-Mata was again instrumental in Valencia's attacking play. The '10 'was again the decisive player almost always has been since joining the club Valencia CF in the summer of 2007. The left-hander was the author of the two assists he made good Aduriz to sentence the victory and put back on track and pass to the second round of the Cup
"To Kill'll give whatever he wants. The two goals are yours, I've only had to push them, "he said in the mixed area of Logroño field team's top scorer in the first two months of competition, Aritz Aduriz. So grateful was the Basque left-hander with the attacker when he was replaced by Roberto Soldado came to '10 'and even gave him a little sweet kiss on the cheek.

The black and whites completed a serious party, boasting the highest concentration for 90 minutes. However, it was in the second half when the Valencian placed fifth gear with two ends incisors and Joaquín Sánchez Mata himself. At 54 minutes the Spanish international took a quick throw-Jordi Alba in the race to win his marker on the right side and focus on first, with his usual venom for the coming solo Aduriz. And as you said in San Sebastian, just had to push the ball into goal.

Four minutes later Mata lefty did it again shredded the defense of La Rioja. The left end with his usual skill controlled the ball, fell to the turf and, again with great speed of movement, attended the killer Aduriz. Now the striker drove home a goal with his left leg. The team secured the victory and took off the body in less than five minutes psychosis of recent days. Thanks in large part to the reappearance of his left more decisive, Mata.

The performance of the Burgos-born player could be even more complete, if the referee Undiano Mallenco had not improperly annulled a goal seconds before the 0-2. When Joaquin Mata attended, it was at the same height as the ball and not in an offside position. The left-hander felt comfortable on the left flank, the position that has given better performance. Even dared to make a pipe with the heel to assist Joaquin moments before being replaced by Vicente Rodriguez on the 67.

Then, at the time of the change, fans of The Gaunas-that it takes 13 years without often enjoy First-players cheered in unison Mata. The fans rewarded the only world champion at the stadium and, of course, his good performance in Logroño. A perfect dose of morality for a player who was a substitute at the Camp Nou and, after two shows gray -24 minutes in Barcelona and against Rangers ", he was not playing a minute against Mallorca on Saturday.

Regenerative meeting headlines in Logroño

Due to significant future commitments, no pause in training despite having played yesterday. So after the victory against the Logroñés, Valencia template has changed the chip quickly and Thursday morning have returned to training.

Yes, the players who started in Logroño have had a smooth ride and Regenetics in the gym and pool inside the locker room.

As good news, noted that Cesar made of the work with the group, but remains doubtful for Saturday.

High-risk states antiviolence Valencia-Rangers

The State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport, held in the Sports Council has agreed to testify at high risk Valencia-Rangers match for the next round of the Champions League.

At this meeting and for the First Division, the commission has imposed a fine of 3001 euros to a fan who introduced an alcoholic beverage in the Xerez-Villarreal match played on 22 October.

In Division Two agreements were as follows:
- A fine of 3,001 euros to C.D. Teruel by shortcomings in the control of retention and evacuation of spectators by failing to prevent a flare was introduced which was launched onto the pitch during the match played Teruel-Castellón on 24 October.

The VCF won the Cup the last time he debuted with a 0-3

The last debut butler of Valencia with a 0-3 victory at Mestalla club opened the doors of the title because with that marker began the competition of the season 98-99, which became champion by defeating in the final Atletico Madrid 3-0 in Seville.

In that season, Valencia began the tournament with a derby against Levante. The first leg was played on January 20, 1999 and ended with Valencia victory in the Ciutat de Valencia stadium by 0-3 with two goals from Ruben Navarro and one of Gaizka Mendieta.

On lap Mestalla he won 1-0 with a goal by Jocelyn Angloma.

That day the Valencia, coached by Italian Claudio Ranieri fielded Cañizares, Angloma, Djukic, Bjorklund, Carboni, Mendieta, Farina, Popescu, Angulo, Ruben Navarro (Jandro) and Claudio Lopez (Curro Torres).

Subsequently, Valencia beat Barcelona and Real Madrid, before playing the final against Sevilla Atletico where he received the sixth and penultimate title butler in its history.

In addition, the 0-3 is a result that Valencia has won five times in the Cup tournament and has always ranked after do, although this is not the bulkier marker obtained by the Valencian team at home in this tournament, which has come to get a scorecard 0-6.

Valencia have made their six markers 0-3 in the Cup against the following opponents: Deportivo La Coruna (season 42-43), Osasuna (69-70), Rayo Vallecano (73-74), Burgos B (77 -78), Hercules (97-98) and Levante (98-99).

Iturralde beep the match against Sevilla in the Pizjuán

Mallorca-Zaragoza Stops Romero (Andalusian)
Sevilla-Valencia Iturralde Gonzalez (Basque)
Getafe-Barcelona Ayza Gamez (Valencia)
Villarreal-Athletic Borbalán Fernandez (Andaluza)
Sporting Almeria Estrada Fernández (Catalan)
Real Madrid-At. Madrid Mateu Lahoz (Valencia)
Osasuna-Hercules Rubio Pérez (Madrid)
Real Sociedad-Racing Alvarez Izquierdo (Catalan)
Espanyol Malaga Pérez Lasa (Basque)
Levante-Deportivo Teixeira Vitienes (Cantabria)

Chas Amoedo Gimnastic Tenerife (Galician)
Córdoba-Huesca Lesmo López (Madrid)
Numancia-López Melero Alcorcón (Andalusian)
Barcelona-Villarreal B Sureda B Basin (Balearic Islands)
Ontanaya-Granada Cartagena López (c.manchego)
Xerez-Recreativo Jaime Latre (Aragon)
Celta-Betis Ceballos Silva (Extremadura)
Rayo Vallecano Valladolid Mariscal-Sanchez (Andalusian)
Salamanca-Albacete Sagués Oscoz (Basque)
Girona-Ponferradina Cerro Grande (Madrid)
UD Las Palmas-Elche Pineiro Crespo (Asturias)


That's what happens in football Valencia.CF that nothing is happening to the whole and vice versa, because Vicente Benicalap The Dagger of telling the truth and there are already Unai thesis?
Sera that everything turns upside down, I'll see the movie AGORA again to see if I understand, Unai not work, the Valencia.CF finally it plays, thanks Ramon (an Argentine friend of my neighbor Matador Kempes) , I can finally sleep, Valencia.CF (the 11) running play, this is the best kept secret of Unai and again, thanks Ramon, if the expires Valencia.CF scores a goal or a draw, but not against the great ... hehe ...
Both agree that the best football in the first half of the season so is the Villarreal and the modern game is so physical that happen where I do not want to mention, but either it changes or there will be more deaths and more scares in the dynamics of be a soccer player in the professional league in any category .-
In short, what my mother says, our generation knew what I ate, our children do not know and grandchildren had better plant a garden and make a well, because water does not come from the Sierra, is the shit. -
I leave a nice song as always and emails received since I leave the letter for the entonéis any day now, yes, with a good carajillo .-

We're going to have if I can not trot,
if you put birdseed on my bars,
and there is no god or faith that I discuss,
I turn bastard if I get ...
I'd rather have an empty trough,
and I'll throw mouth world,
then look where you spit.
stir and I take care to look ...

if no pa lunch I go up the apple tree
to see them come in a wagon
of things to do, to groping blind,
that life is a bitch and I've become very bad,
and if encarta solitude, for solitude pal sack
I will give myself as being given
I do not think leaving pa ná ná of worms
mew moon pa me I wiggle the tail,

at the height of parsley have been all of my dreams
I get a dress with everything I've lost
and it makes sense to smile
pa flying leads lying, waving like wheat,
and so say that since you're gone
As I dance with you than without you,

if you try to understand my sleepless nights
I want to buy Fist of candy,
bundles of losing juice puddles,
crushing mortar, I have in your hands,
and I wish you well, and hang pa
you seed for you, especially when I remain silent
I will not mention what is, what exists is what touches
pa touch the heart and is best not open your mouth.

at the height of parsley have been all of my dreams
I get a dress with everything I've lost
and it makes sense to smile
pa flying leads lying, waving like wheat,
and so say that since you're gone
yet nobody has beaten me,

Today I put my realm of debris in these places,
where the first time we put the dawn to juggle,
and I shall not return to see the sweat blurring portals
I get so upset when I look back ...

I will open my veins, I will words
beware the bell, attach them to another goat,
that I do not fit, I've been hanging
too many keys, all losses,

at the height of parsley have been all of my dreams
I get a dress with everything I've lost
and it makes sense to smile
flying leads lie pa, pa undulate as wheat,
and so say that since you've gone ...

I think I stay, or a moment or a while
to plan who will pay for meals
my despair, my hot flashes,
I know who has gone crazy expected,
we will have ...


Luna Sea did kick off

On the eve of the meeting, just before they put the ball in motion, and from center field, the Valencia based in Logroño Mar Luna and her husband, Javier Jimenez, a follower of Logroñés, perfectly dressed in the Valencian regional costume, gave him the new leader Valencia, Manuel Llorente, a plaque commemorating the first clash between the UD and Valencia CF Logroñés from Rioja's charitable foundation. Along with Llorente, nor did your counterpart in the UD Logroñés, Felix Revuelta, Tami received this present from the hands of the happy pair.
Mar La Rioja moved up by his love for Javier, but despite the distance, he lives his passion for Valencia CF as if he could go to Camp de Mestalla in every game. In addition, Sea belongs to the Casa de Valencia in La Rioja. On this day, the Valencia has felt more than ever at home and had the great honor of performing the kick off.

'We have removed the bad taste'

Aritz Aduriz doubly scorer in Las Gaunas, was "pleased" after the 0-3 victory against UD Logroñés, a result "good and strong than expected."

Donostia striker would not talk of sentenced tie and said they will take precautions for the match at Mestalla. "Let's take back exactly the same, though more quietly, yes." For the two goals scored by Juan Mata assists paths, the forward left the prominence of the goals for Burgos. "The goals are Mata, I have simply had to push."

Subsequently interviewed on Radio 9, Aduriz said the team wanted to leave behind the recent setbacks the team. "We wanted another feeling that was not the Saturday and we have removed the bad taste that we all."

"It's clear they have been two games (against Mallorca and the Rangers) that the feeling was not good. But this is football and you have to get up, follow and the good thing is that every so often we have time to indemnify us," he said.

Dealbert felt good
Dealbert Angel, who reappeared on the team after playing in the league against Hercules, said he felt good on the pitch despite the time not to compete, "and somehow they have made a very strong first half, but slowly We have been picking up the pace to match. We had a great game. "

Dealbert also wanted to be cautious around despite the 0-3 achieved. "You have to respect the competition, we go far and for this we must win at Logroñés" he said.

Valencia opens from Monday to Sevilla

Valencia will be released on Monday this season at the tenth day of league. Against Sevilla, at the Mestalla, Valencia will play the first day of the week and 22 hours, not 21 hours as usual.

- Schedules of the 10 th day of the Liga-First:
. Saturday, November 6
20:00 Real Sociedad-Racing
22:00 Espanyol Málaga
. Sunday, November 7
Zaragoza-Mallorca 17:00
Villarreal-Athletic Club 17:00
Sporting Almeria 17:00
Osasuna-Hercules 17:00
Levante-Deportivo 17:00
19:00 Getafe-Barcelona
21:00 Real Madrid-Atletico Madrid
. Monday, November 8
Sevilla-Valencia 22:00

- Timetable 11 th day of the Liga Adelante-II:
. Friday, November 5
21:00 Elche-Las Palmas
. Saturday, November 6
16:00 Numancia-Alcorcón
Córdoba-Huesca 18:00
18:00 Barcelona 'B'-Villarreal' B '
18:00-Granada Cartagena
18:00 Xerez-Recreativo
Rayo Vallecano-Valladolid 18:00
Salamanca-Albacete 18:00
. Sunday, November 7
Celta-Betis 12:00
17:00 Gimnastic Tenerife (island time)
Girona-Ponferradina 17:00

Three goals and little else

Are ninety minutes. But the tie is already on track. Valencia, as expected, won in Logroño. Although the overwhelming 0-3 does not do justice to what happened in Las Gaunas. In Mestalla, within fifteen days, shall endorse the victory. In the hand (or foot) of the players is to sneak into the knockout stages. And dreaming. Last night, and now they're more matches, Valencia returned to show that it is a team with two faces and only when applied takes on the task. In the first part, stopped, in the second, the connection Mata - shattered the beardless Logroñés Aduriz.
And, to disarm a second B, in theory, should be an easy task. But it was not. Hardly. At times, the gals are imposed not only by the quality of the largest, but because the child is smaller, gripping and gives to cede the possession and control the opponent. But logic does not always triumph. Emery said in the preview that every game is a test for everyone and so I wanted to take the match the players. As your message was not the intended depth. Neither had heard the coach's reflections of his players on Monday when he said "preferred-matter of education," playing with the 4-4-2 system because they were more assimilated. Well, in Chori as a striker, the system was more of a 4-2-3-1 and Aduriz, isolated, or smelled.
In the first half, Valencia was the most thick with ideas and lack of clarity in the attack. It is true that he tried - mention it - but without the depth and wisdom that assumes you have a team that faces another infinitely inferior. And this team, so strong a few weeks ago, cracks for such basic details as silly turnovers, failures in delivery of the pass or inaccuracies. And lucky that Logroñés was impressed by the cache Mata, Joaquín, Albelda and Banega.
But in football are the goals that tip the balance and, as more grown was the Logroñés, Jordi Alba surprised the defense and gave the ball to Mata so that it rode on the left and gave him a perfect pass to Aduriz. Gol. And broke the game. The Logroñés, a team coach debut showing that was not very well, collapsed. Only four minutes after opening the set, Mata pushed the ball into the net in an offside picky, but disallowed the goal. Valencia wanted, or more specifically, Mata and Aduriz and only one minutes later, before the local confusion, Mata Aduriz reconnected with one ball to serve against the euskaldun only had to push. 0-2. The tie was starting to get on track and Emery to think of Zaragoza. With twenty minutes to go, the coach sat the couple that had unbalanced the game to give entry to Soldier and Vicente. And he was right. After a few minutes of relaxation, Joaquin highly participatory, "after a move by his band, stood in line and crossed for, at the wrong target lock Rubio, Vicente the rebound and put the 0-3 in the marker. It was as justified Emery, "the work that had to do."


Logroñes. Rubio, Pepe, Molina, De las Heras, Left, Gaspar, Gibanel (Guira, m.55), Nacho, Iñaki (Popo, m.59); Bold and Gregory (Cervero, m.70).
Valencia. Miguel Angel Moya, Jordi Alba, Angel Dealbert, Maduro (Stankenvicius, m.51), Miguel, Juan Mata (Vicente, m.66), David Albelda, Ever Banega, Joaquin, 'Chori' Domínguez and Aritz Aduriz (Soldier, m 62).
Goals. 0-1, m.54: Aduriz. 0-2, m.59: Aduriz and 0-3, m.79: Vicente.
Referee: Undiano Mallenco navarro school. T. TA Yellow: Banega, Dominguez, Albelda from Valencia and Inaki by Logroñes Stadium: About eight thousand spectators flocked to the stadium of Gaunt. Observed a minute's silence in memory of former President of Valencia, Arturo Turzón. The kick off was made a partner, she dressed him faller and the regional costume of Logroño. A Llorente On delivery a plaque commemorating the first clash between the UD and Valencia CF Logroñés from Rioja's charitable foundation.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The coach of the Valencia stands out that the team has confronted the party with the mental preparation and correct predisposition.

Unai Emery showed its satisfaction by the result and by the level shown by its team: "The team has done the work that had to do", emphasized the technician, adding that "we have had the offensive capacity to win in the second time"

He deepened that of Hondarribia on this upon commenting that "the objective maximum, to win today to play in Mestalla with more tranquility" has completed itself. "To arrive far away in Cup we need these parties".

The question of the mental preparation for this party was also undertaken by the coach, that exposed that "the predisposition had to be the to do it well and they have done it. The base for the party was to respect to the rival one, to put intensity, and from there, to be equalized with them, to make uneven for quality. It has been obtained"

It has assured that the triumph has a special value "because now we can center us in the two next parties" and for "to obtain confidence. In a team one must generate confidence every day, in the training, in the parties and even when we eat together, and that is something that did not have in the party before the Majorca", has admitted, in allusion to the last rout of its team.


Those of Emery sentence the qualifying round in The Gaunas in the second part with the connection Kills-Aduriz.

The return to the tactical normality in the Cup of the King functioned. The Valencia beat in the second part to the UD Logroñés thanks to two chispazos they left the connection Kills-Aduriz and a third so much one of Vicente. The logic in Logroño carried to Emery to return to a system of best-known play for all and with more pieces in its place, that had as consequence the 0-3 end and the to leave practically sentencianda the qualifying round of dieciseisavos.

The Valencia wanted to impose its rhythm and technical superiority on the Rioja and obtained it in the first minutes. With this, those of Emery were capable to avoid the push to which are accustomed the teams of lower category in the Cup of the King.

Before the little or nonexistent soccer among lines, the Valencia trusted its luck to the soccer by bands. Joaquín was the first one in knock on the door of Blonde to the ten minutes after a good untidy one of spur of the Chori. Tried it next the own one Domínguez, very inexact in the delivery of ball in the first act.

The two Argentines of the VCF, Éver and the Chori, they showed their hot blood in only a minute to finish admonished by paths actions for mark land. From the half an hour the UD Logroñés wrote down in the playing field and tried to combine, but their approaches to the area of Moyà were more by long balls that caught confused to the black and white rear that by quality.

The drowsiness seized The Gaunas during these minutes and part of the start of the second half. The Logroñés came out with energies renewed and in only some minutes threw away four corner kicks that finished without consequences.

To the nine minutes of the second period themselves together all. The naughtiness of Jordi Dawn in a corner kick served so that Kills to break the away. The of Burgos attended the point of penalty and Aduriz thanked him the first one of the goals that served him in tray.

It kills wanted to squeeze the minutes in which was located in its natural position to repeat move and assistance. Five minutes later, connected again with the from San Sebastian in a clear exercise of velocity and last even. To Aduriz touched him doubly to be thanked with Kills.

The two goals were a stick for the Logroñés, that came itself down and barely crossed again the center of the field with criterion.

Thus, each arrival from the Valencia to the Rioja area carried danger, although those of Emery alone marked again in an occasion, thanks to a move of Joaquín culminated by recently entered Vicente.


0.- OR.D. Logroñés: Blond; Pepe, Molina, Of them Wound, Left; Gaspar, Gibanel (Guira, m.55), Nacho, Iñaki (I Pamper, m.59); Daring and Gregory (Cervero, m.70).

3.- Valencia: Moyá, Jordi Dawn, Dealbert, Mature (Stankenvicius, m.51), Miguel; Kills (Vicente, m.66), Albelda, Ever Banega, Joaquín; 'Chori' Domínguez and Adúriz (Soldier, m.62).

Goals: 0-1, m. 54: Adúriz. 0-2, m. 59: Adúriz. 0-3, m. 79: Vicente.

Referee: Undiano Mallenco (from Navarre). Admonished to Ever Banega, 'Chori' Domínguez and Albelda, of the Valencia; and to Iñaki, of the Logroñés.

Incidents: They parted pertaining to the dieciseisavos of the Cup of the King disputed before some eight thousand spectators in the stadium of The Gaunas. A minute of silence in memory of the former-president of the Valencia was kept, Arturo Turzón.



First to congratulate this "Bull" as we nicknamed it the first day we saw him play for apart from all the praise of Manu Sarabia Canal Plus yesterday, so my brother told me also praised the Argentine Canal Internet and the national press, made a sober party in the site, I think the one that yesterday choked him dinner was to Unai Emery, a coach who has never committed to Carles Marc, who has given opportunities to players alternate Valencia.CF and sister team of Marc Carles not been given opportunities for a player in front of the defense impressive in itself and where you put behind it is a crack .-
Apart bat is a player, a player who has tattooed on his heart and feelings Valencia.CF and all that that implies, another player of ours that does not serve the Palmas and his entourage, a player close friend of all good Valencia who prides himself as a player who owes a t-shirt, owner of six of our team .-
You know what it means to feel?, Well I can assure you that cries for his Marc Carles Valencia and whether to give him the opportunity he deserves to be our Great Captain, our flag, our flagship and our emblem for many years, take the captain's armband proud body and soul because Carles Marc knows FEEL, which other experiments and unhappy clappers not watch what we have at hand, all that can be polished, diamonds are born in the darkness of your eyes Unai and the good of the Valencia as Your best bet is to go, I at least know what Marc Carles' I can not forgive his lifetime, because it is not just the player, is his holy family and we are part of it .-

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It is clear that the Cup and we play tomorrow?
We should be on death row in Valencia.CF y?
Let me ask this one to death with Unai because they tell you that we have 3 seasons up to the hilt, not to death with him, we are 3 seasons up to the balls and saying it was one second here, there and especially in Mestalla and saw encouraging because I thought football, now I see nothing, nor is the tactical and legs are heavy workouts friends, Unai .-
Is that you are tired of reading the newspaper, watch the games and still want to know what the hell we play, we are a big club, a club with great history and it seems incredible that this coach (which is excellent for Almeria, Racing, Málaga, etc.) continue with the confidence of all fans, directors and players .-
I hope for the sake of Valencia to end my experiment, which ran for many, as the season ends and the next is fiche a coach with experience to compete and leave us "future coaches," what is feasible in these time is experienced people in the league and Champions League and the security of having a man tell the players what to do and not the reverse .-

The template asks Unai aside the 4-3-3

Just last week visited the Camp Nou Valencia to defend their status as league leaders and yesterday Capt. Vicente Rodriguez called for a system change after Saturday's defeat against Mallorca. Water down a bit now riots Mestalla, where the results are passed from heaven to earth in a few days.

"It is rather surprising the system of choice, especially when playing at home," Vincent pointed out yesterday about the 4-3-3 that Emery decided to measure the Laudrup. Word of one of the masters of the wardrobe. "The team did not just pick the trivote and hurt us a little bit, because this system does not have so worked," he said left-hander.

Coaches and players met yesterday for about 50 minutes in the locker room. Emery gave his point of view and a player, the overall feel of clothing. The players did not want to play a coach, but they feel more comfortable with the 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 (with Soldier and the spearhead Aduriz) than with the approach of the Sabbath.

Make a team.
They are also the players the first to admit that Emery may not want to please everyone. This is a football locker room and are aware that a team needs no more than 15 or 16 players to feel confident and the rest must wait their turn. And one last point, feel that during the week the training is too heavy and legs notice it in games.

Guaita says that "in December if all goes well, we must speak"

The Copa del Rey may be critical to gauge the current situation within the Guaita Vicente Valencia goalkeeper Torrent is the only member of staff who has not debuted yet, if things remain the same, does not rule out the winter. Should I leave Guaita transferred?

In an interview published today in the daily Las Provincias, the young keeper openly admits that his situation is uncomfortable, despite the choices you have to play in Cup, "Cesar is playing and a good time but we have to make life difficult. These parties are for it. If I can play on Wednesday I have to do a hundred percent, "he stresses.

"We must be realistic. If I have to start with the Cup as try to use it. We all thought that Caesar was going to play everything and this time he has had to play Michael," he says in reference to the game against Mallorca. Therefore, it does not hurt to admit that not having a good time professional: "It's hard. I am a boy from the quarry, ready to play. Last year I took the assignment to take minutes and was a year pretty. I wanted to have another years nice and do it at home with my people. "

Guaita continues recalling that in the event of not having the opportunity to prove his worth, not rule out in January: "I was told at first that was a doorkeeper more. Right now I have nothing to ask for explanations, season finale and talk to him to ask me if it has or not. In December we will see, there are two months. You can change everything, do not yet know what may come, or how good or bad. If it's all business as usual we must speak, I'm with the coach or my agents with the club to see if there is an exit or not, "sentence.

Sing the 'my fault' is not enough

All eyes directed toward the same protagonist, even long before the meeting, when he met eleven. Emery Nobody understood what I wanted to do, then what happened happened. Sing the mea culpa is not enough. Be more cautious, realistic and understand that all life on a computer there and alternate. The mode of rotations, for me, one of many milongas that coaches take his sleeve to get along with staff and reduce the bad faces in the locker room. What sometimes goes wrong? It's true. But the fact remains that throughout a season the results are not the most optimal. The resounding no to these changes, either. There are always injuries, penalties, low forms that require it, but from there to more than half of eleven each game is different, with players off-site and do not know how many more rarities, an abyss. It's time to maintain the credibility of which had earned the team so that the soothsayers of the day to stay quietly and only need a minimum of common sense. Football is not that hard, you just have to have the best are and put each one in its place.

And tomorrow Cup
Since the failures are few butlers. All hope is not. The UD Logroñés walks the line at Second B and not fear the outcome always in normal circumstances, but like those around the Valencia after the final games are not, there is some uneasiness. We are waiting for the call and eleven. Who will be elected? Who would have thought after the first six days of League two after that should be making such comments. For some football. For me football is how they want to be protagonists. The players play and coaches to train and not to be experts in the laboratory.

VCF The former replaces Sergio Pellicer Visnjic

The Board of Logroñés UD, led by club president and owner of La Rioja, the entrepreneur Felix Revuelta, yesterday took the decision to terminate the contract of Serbian coach Josip Visnjic. The former of Hercules was blamed for a series of poor results has chained the group II of the first third division rival butler of Valencia this season. Starting today, the staff had day off yesterday after the league defeat against Deportivo de Mieres-Flow coach on an interim basis will be the former Valencia and CD player Mestalla and Valencia in the early 90's, Sergio Pellicer.

Felix Revuelta and Josip Visnjic reached an agreement to terminate the contract of Serbian coach, who curiously coincided with the second VCF today, Juan Carlos Carcedo, on the sidelines of the UD Las Palmas in-white first season as an assistant technician. Visnjic also ceases to perform the duties as sports director had set Logroño. Now Sergio Pellicer, natural Nules, shared bench for the upcoming game with the coach of a subsidiary, a leader of the group Third, Gonzalo Santamaria.

Pellicer occupy the technical area against which it was his old club in training, but the will to revolt, which saw the players' confused ', is to hire the' Tato? Abbey.

Miguel and Joaquin will be in Las Gaunas

Valencia CF coach, Unai Emery, has called for the following 17 players to play the game for knockout phase before the UD Logroñés in the stadium of Gaunas this Wednesday, October 27, from 20:00 . Emery gives rest to David Navarro, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu, Bruno, Topal and Fernandes. In addition to Caesar and Feghouli injured.

Goalkeepers: Moya and Guaita.

Defenders: Miguel, Stankevicius, Mature, Dealbert and Jordi Alba.

Midfielders: Albelda, Éver, Tino Costa, Joaquin, Pablo, Mata and Vicente.

Forwards: Domínguez, Aduriz and Soldier.

Next group training: Thursday, October 28. Morning session at 11:00 pm in the Sports City Paterna.

The club must pay 282,117 euros for the contract Romario

The Supreme Court recently ordered the Valencia Football Club to pay 282,117 euros to finance the contract you signed Romario in 1996, as recorded by the failure to have accessed Levante-EMV. Is the second sentence that has transpired against the club last week after forcing Valencia to provide 333,955 euros to finance the first contract of Claudio Ranieri. The High Court found that Valencia, who at that time presided over Francisco Roig, signed a fictitious image rights to save part of the taxes from the salary of Brazilian striker.
The ruling notes that "the assignment of the image is logically a commercial purpose. The operation involves incorporating the image to any hardware, radio or audio." However, the judges have concluded that the simulated Valencia contract. "The peculiarity of this case is that the sports authority does not provide or establish the existence of image transfer agreement" reflects the failure.
The Supreme Court holds that the transfer of Romario's image rights are actually "earned income" and has to pay tax on them.
The club, in an operation similar to Claudio Ranieri's contract, paid the Dutch company International BV Football Managment transfer of Romario's image rights. Valencia claimed that the money paid Managment BV Football was not compensation expenses, but not been able to show.
The payment of salary as a part of image rights was widespread among the Spanish football clubs at the end of the decade of the nineties. The equipment cost a percentage of the contract as a normal salary and other taxed through interposed companies based in tax havens.
The key is that the Supreme Court considers that the payment of duties Romario image was actually a ploy to avoid a section of the tax on income from Brazilian striker. The judges warned the club that the law considers both the money wage payment in kind for what is required to pay taxes. The High Court has imposed on Valencias court costs, which means you have to pay another 6,000 euros for the state attorney's job.

Also Djukic, Louse, Popescu and Oscar García

In a third statement issued the same day that Ranieri and Romario, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Valencia. The club will save part of EUR 3,724,486 which claimed the Treasury for income tax in 1998 and 1999 players Miroslav Djukic, Louse Claudio Lopez, and Oscar Garcia Juyent Popescu. The judges considered that the simulated Valencia payment of part of contracts with the sale of image rights by companies based in tax havens. An example is that of Claudio Lopez through Sport Kiscowin Company BV, a Dutch entity based in tax haven. However, the ruling concludes that a portion of the contract was exempt from income tax.


The cephalopod was done famous for its certain predictions in the World one of south Africa.

The octopus Paul, that fame during the World one of Soccer of south Africa by their wise predictions of the winners of the encounters won, has deceased this night in their fishbowl of the aquarium Be Life of Oberhausen, announced its attendants.

The famous cephalopod succeeded along the not alone tournament the ending of the encounters that disputed the German selection of soccer, but also the end between Spain and Holland that won the Spanish assembly.

Known as the "animal oracle", Paul was tempted with each placed mussel meat baits in two equal containers of Plexiglas and adorned with the flags of the countries that were faced and among the ones that elegy to which considered that would win the encounter.

From Oberbausen they explained that Paul passed away for natural causes due to its advanced age, when had completed the three years of average age of life of an octopus, and as a nausea, since did not come sexual life have.

Despite its eight tentacles, its dozens of suction cups and its gummy body, Paul managed to convert this summer in the star of the World one of Soccer and to snatch prominence to the players but acquaintances and admired.

To 600 television networks of the entire world they came the images retransmit of Paul showing its gifts of guessing and even the CNN was overturned with a "breaking news" and interrupted its programming to offer in direct to the octopus choosing the piece of mollusk that more desired him.

Of 700 grams of weight, gifted of nine brains -as all the of its species, one rector of the head and the remainder distributed in its eight tentacles- and three hearts, Paul there was born in English water and had been transferred to Oberhausen shortly after its arrival to the world to enrich the fishbowls of its aquarium.

Paul came surpass in number of news on the internet to all the main protagonists of the Spanish selection of soccer because of the World one, according to a study that analyzed more than 2 million informations and selected at more than 150,000 impacts of the south african tournament carried out by the group of communication Image Group.

And with the fame an amazing increase of its quotation arrived also, since businessmen of the council of Orense of OR Carballiño came they offer to 30,000 euro by the acquisition of the cephalopod, to which they intended to become figure promotional of the octopus "to feira".

The "animal oracle" was converted also in protagonist of the film "The murderer of Paul the octopus", a production of the Chinese Film Group and Beijing Filmblog Average, that made the film with a double one of the famous marine inhabitant.


The coach is carried 17 players and he leaves he went to from Navarro, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu, Bruno, Topal and Fernandes.

The coach of the Valencia CF, Unai Emery, has called the following 17 players to dispute the encounter pertaining to sixteenth of end before the UD Logroñés in the stadium of The Gaunas this Wednesday, 27 of October, from the 20:00 hours. Emery gives rest to David from Navarro, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu, Bruno, Topal and Fernandes. Besides them they injured Cesar and Feghouli.

Goalkeepers: Moyà and Guaita.

Defenses: Miguel, Stankevicius, Maduro, Dealbert and Jordi Alba.

Midfield players: Albelda, Éver, Tino Coast, Joaquín, Pablo, Mata and Vicente.

Forward: Domínguez, Aduriz and Soldado.

Next training of the group: Thursday, 28 of October. Morning session, to the 11:00 hours, in the sports complex of Paternal.

Monday, October 25, 2010


The UniOn Sports Logrognes, that the next wednesday receive to the Valencia in the departure of the dieciseisavos of end of the Cup of the King, has announced this Monday the destitucion of its coach, the Serbian one Josip Visnjic, victim of the bad results of the Rioja team.

Visnjic, that has abandoned the charges of coach and of sports director that was practising to of silmultaneous form , was hired to guide to the red and white team toward the League Ahead, but the reality is very different, since the Logrognes fourteenth in the Group II of Second B, to seven points of the plazas of ascent.

The rout from this Sunday set against the Volume (0-1) in the New one The Gaunas has hasty the dismissal of the Serbian coach, that in the encounter set against the Valencia will be substituted of temporary form by Sergio Pellicer and Gonzalo Santamaria, as it announces the president of the club, Felix Revuelta.


Is not well the lawn of Mestalla. At least is not all how well they wanted the professionals of the ball. The problem for the club is that last season the field of Mestalla gave many headaches of head in the league starter, to the extent of that after the first party against the Seville, the Valencia was seen forced to reimplantar all the surface taking advantage of the habitual stop of League. The new herb was brought U.S. and of Australia and although delayed logically some days in being adapted, in the end endured without any type of problems.

This time, has not had need to place sods but on Saturday, in the encounter against the Majorca, an evident wear of the land of play in some zones could be observed. To the rest, as is used to being habitual, various operatives you left to repair the zones in which jumped.

The worse thing of the case is that the players have complained, neither without charging too much the ink, by the state of the fields of Paternal. One must keep in mind that there they have been various footballers that have been injured and has been indicated to the lawn as one of the main causes. The last one in suffering a swerve without no companion intervened in the dispute of the ball was Joaquín, already recovered. This Saturday, again there will be party and Tuesday day 2 is received the Rangers.


Both companies endorse an agreement that converts to the mark ‘Valley of Cadenas’ in Official wine Cellar of the club
The Valencia CF and wine Cellars Vicente Gandia, compañíto viníValencian queue founded in 1885, they have subscribed in the day of this Monday 25 of October an agreement of colaboración by virtue of which, the wine cellar passes to be become wine Cellar Official of the club valencianista and appoints to the Chains Valley mark as official wine cellar.

It is a matter of an agreement, by virtue of which, the wine Cellars Chains Valley wines Vicente Gandia estarán present in the Box VIP of Mestalla, así as in the boxes of business and that además converts this compañíto relative in supplier of the Asociación of Footballers of the Valencia CF.This agreement has materialized in the visit that the footballers Joaquín Sánchez, Hedwidges I Mature, Pablo Hernández and Jordi Dawn they have carried out this Monday to the complex one enoturístico the Chains Valley Farm, located in the locality of Utiel. This act también has counted with the presence of Javier Gandia, Corporate director and of Marketing of wine Cellars Vicente Gandia, and of a representación of the club comprising its director of Marketing Maríto Vanacloig, the director of Comunicación, Damià Vidagany, and the External and Institutional director of Relations, Jordi Bruixola,In the course of the act, the footballers have signed a cask in the room of you try of the wine cellar of elaboración of the Chains Valley Farm, comprising más of 15,000 casks. After this formal act, players and members of the wine cellar and of the club have been transferred to the family Farm where they have taken place the interventions. In turn, Javier Gandia has declared its gratitude because an institución as the Valencia CF have bet on the Valencian wines for its official acts, emphasizing likewise the unión with one of the sports institutions más emblemáCosta Rican of the Valencian Community with a business whose path the sitúto like one of the wine cellars with greater penetrated in the history of the Valencian wine. To this respect, Maríto Vanacloig, director of Marketing, resaltó the próspera relación between two referring of the Comunitat in the fútbol and in the world viníqueue. On the other hand, Vanacloig también wanted to emphasize the tradition with the one that counts the wine Cellars Vicente Gandíto that exactly this añor complies its 125 anniversary.As colofón of the visit, has been carried out in the ancestral farm of 1820, a tries of broths ‘ Valley of Cadena’. The valencianistas have been shown very interested in the elaboración of the wines and they have chatted animated with the responsible for the wine cellars. Wine cellars Vicente Gandíto generates yearly some four million bottles, thanks at 300 o'clock hectádefendants and the 15,000 casks in which rests patiently. Some númere that become the greater wine cellar it of the Comunitat.‘Valencianistas of pure cepa’ At the same time and as a consequence of this agreement, both institutions también have prompted the campañto ‘In search of the valencianista of pure cepa’. It is a matter of a project thought to encourage to the afición to share the goals of the Valencia CF with all the valencianistas lovers of the wine, who podrán to agree to the same one since the web The participants in this campañto podrán to encourage to the afición sending a fotografíto or a video celebrating a goal of the Valencia CF. The participating entrarán in a drawing that not dejará indifferent to ningún enthusiastic of our team.With so sóit to participate, wine Cellars Vicente Gandia regalará two pass to visit the complex one enoturístico Valley of Chains. The fotografíto or the vídeo that winner result recibirán two entrances to enjoy the encounter that enfrentará to the Valencia CF with the Barcelona FC since the box VIP of Mestalla.The wine Cellar también reservará four second prizes that permitirán to the winners to attend other encounters in the environment más privileged of the club -Box VIP- and supondrán, at the same time, a Motive más to celebrate the goals of the Valencia.A wine cellar with the sport The path of wine Cellars Vicente Gandia –compañía viníqueue líder in the Comunitat and situated among the fifteen first wine cellars españolas–, has been characterized for its support and difusión of the culture and the sport. Not in vain, wine Cellars Vicente Gandia is official supplier of the Valencia Street Circuit, he collaborates actively with the Valencian yearbook and también sponsors the School of Esquí of Valdelinares.