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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Peter Pank OPINION

Only drunks and children tell the truth, as I will always put you tell a few truths and cuffs ....
This very well play with the teams they face in Barcelona because so many driven out and admonished, jajajajajajaja by Carvalho and Sergio Ramos are the ostia ...
The big game I did not see it, I was fighting with Russian Vodka, but I was aware of the goals of Guaje Villa, if the crack was raised in the footballing Valencia.CF, this is not the house, this is Mestalla .-

The one that comes out is Roberto Soldado and Juan Mata, along with Air Jordan Aduritz we have another trio of cracks and with the applause of Unai that puts pressure on birthdays ... ..
And finally possible Fernández goodbyes "Kravitz", Soso Feghouli and Mature .... I certainly would not let out any of the three as much Soso at Levante to mature, jajajajajaja, Fernandez and gave him a guitar and invited him to a free Cuba, well, Miguel Brito invited but without guns .-
Dr. Marea says we're going to lose in the Cornabeu, but I get up from the table and say "WE ARE ALL THAT NIGHT DECK" and no longer are we going to GIVE TO THE PIPO WITH TWO BALLS ... ..

The Madrid press sold to Kill

Last summer, the Madrid press 'sold' to Juan Mata to Barcelona for twenty million and was to ensure that the player was signed by Barça club for five seasons. But the reality is quite another forward to this day still playing for Valencia and certainly very well. As expected and in June, Mata is also close to signing in the coming days a new contract that will bind to the Mestalla club until 2015 or at least until 2014, which are the two options that have been on the table in negotiations between the club and parent and representative of the Valencia player.

The 'signing' of Mata for Barça, as shown in the 'news' which is reproduced on this page, appeared in sports daily Marca on June 23, 2010, after that was totally unfounded rumor spread that same night also a radio station in the capital of Spain. In the letter published ensures that "Mata becomes new Barcelona player for the next five seasons and with a payment to the entity Barca 20 million euros." It also hints that Valencia had undersold little more than one of its most valuable players because during the 2009/10 season the club had offered an amount not greater "one year after the difficult situation has forced the club to accept this offer '.

In the Valencia CF hallucinated that day with this information to the point that Vice President Javier Gomez had to go to publicly deny the story, also spread when the player was in the World Cup and the Red played the pass to the second round to face or cross to Chile. "There is no agreement and no team has spoken to any of Mata" he said.

Llorente's SMS
A day after we talked last June 24, SUPER published since the merger of the Spanish in South Africa that Manuel Llorente had been forced to reassure the player via a message to your phone with this false information that they assumed their move to FC Barcelona, curiously from Madrid media. Mata himself did not understand what was happening.

That day our newspaper explained the real plans for Mata Manuel Llorente, in any case went to sell it for 20 million euros but to expand and improve its contract that became one of the leaders of the team after the transfer of Villa and Silva, as it has. Barca also not signed this summer to Juan Mata or any player like it, but two months later Mascherano.

The Real Madrid defender in box to the VCF

None of the players were warned of the fifth yellow Valencia to Almeria. Real Madrid has not been the same. A player had apperceived the white box (Carvalho) and was cautioned. Carvalho hand cut with a deep pass to Messi. To top it off, Sergio Ramos was sent off after she failed a chilling entry Messi.

So Mourinho must necessarily change two of its four defenders to get to Valencia. This fact, coupled with Garay's injury will force the Portuguese to do experiments in the rear.


Both of the century, as arbitrator, both galactic and both youth player and end the rout of Barcelona's team Mou pay us on Saturday at 22.00 hours in a game with a death foretold, because ye that Real Madrid do not win us by decretazo of the Bi-League either by hook or by the arbitrators, the League is Valencia.CF DOS and even then the game of his life ... miss .-
I do not want to discourage anyone, but it is apparently seen that last night, can allow one of the two big teams away?, This is MAFIA, is of little dignity and low competitiveness, this is a hoax .-
I just hope that this situation will change and equality to succeed in the sport, therefore there is no commodity exchange price and the Spanish players who are worth curran and have to balance cost offered to play while others come here stars and are paid a fortune for a house that could do better and feeling .-
To which we already digress, which may screw us on Saturday, but never kill us, we will follow launching truths loudly as Brave Heart and laughing at the world BIPOLAR sick of both large in Spain, but someday, someday everything will be different, be insurance, who laughs last laughs best and strongest .-

Monday, November 29, 2010



In a month, the assembly of Emery has chained four consecutive victories to recover the positive image.

The Valencia, that was imposed for 2-1 to the Almería in the thirteenth day of League, has obtained with this triumph to straighten finally the course thanks to the fortress shown by the team in Mestalla in the last month.

Thirty days in which the assembly directed by Unai Emery has chained four consecutive victories that have permitted to recover the positive image shown at the beginning of season and to take up again the pulse to all the competitions in which is immersed.

On the one hand, the two triumphs obtained in the League of Champions, before Rangers (3-0) and Bursaspor (6-1), they have permitted to assure their pair to the quarterfinals of the maximum continental competition of clubs.

The defeat obtained before the Logroñés (4-1) in Cup of the King has situated in the quarterfinals of the tournament of the KO and the league victories set against the Getafe (2-0) and the Almería (2-1) have stabilized him in the high part of the classification although still is fifth and out of the Champions League positions.

In fact, to find a rout in Mestalla one must mend to last October 23 when the Valencian team was surprised by the Majorca that was imposed for 1-2.

A rout that generated certain uncertainty on the play of the team in the first two-week period of October since in four parties the balance was of two routs - Majorca and Manchester United (0-1) -; a tie - Zaragoza (1-1) - and only a triumph, Athletic of Bilbao (2-1), what compromised in its moment the future of the Valencia in League of Champions and moved away him in so much League of the Real Madrid as of the Barcelona and even of the Villarreal.


The forward Valencian one notes the two so many of the VCF in two large played, an individual one and another of team.

It caused lacks him a week thus to be felt important, to show why the Valencia bet on him for occupy the empty one of the Guaje Villa, and this has been his. Roberto Soldado did two goals before the Bursaspor and before the Almería has been the man-goal. Two 'shots' that offer tranquility to the VCF in Mestalla, that return the illusion before the visit to the Santiago Bernabéu —con permission of the 'superclásico', clear—. Of the goal of the Almería, we do smudge and new account, but the defense cannot be permitted those luxuries.

The great problem was to begin with the initial blockade that is repeated already in various parties. The Almería put an escort for Tino Costa, Joaquín and Mata and with the line of creation watched cost to start. And that that the 'Pisha' ready was to raise Mestalla to the five minutes after seeking a vaseline in left band after a perfect pair of Mata. Certainly, the Asturian is again the he Mata desequilibrante and decisive same old. Welcome Sir Mata. By speak not of Joaquín. The '7' it seems another and has been marked a party of flag. It has a point of velocity that does the unstoppable in the one against one, and the necessary confidence to seek the entrance and even the goal.

The party was put ugly to the quarter of an hour and seemed that the manual of Oltra, that knows to the perfection to the VCF, could pass bill. Crown left ice cream to the fans sending the ball to the beam to the 18 minutes in a launch of lack, and the answer gave it Ricardo Costa with a crowning in the area where Diego Alves removed a prodigious hand. It did lack to mark the difference and Soldado raised the hand to do it. A center of Bruno since the right without apparent danger takes advantage of it the tip to break the mark of Carlos Garcia with a butt, to be opened hole by the defense and to put the esférico to the fund of the network by the short stick.

The goal of Soldado gave certain tranquility, but the party did not change its hyphen and arrived at the rest with advantage and also certain fear. Fear that did not disappear after the step by wardrobes. Among losses and pass inexact, the party was as cold as the time and caused lacks another sound to the Almería for endanger not the victory. Therefore said and done. To the 63 minutes shot again Soldado after a long kick-off of Guaita that prolong for Joaquín, the 'Pisha' it is put perfect to Aduriz in the right and concluded Soldier after a spectacular heel tap of Mata to leave only to the tip before Alves.

The Almería, then yes, he descended the arms although in the end he was found with a goal where Ulloa is in advance of the defense in the leap. What is important, without doubt, is that the team of Mestalla takes a step more and will travel to Madrid full of conviction. But that yes, the defensive errors have to go to less because the large do not forgive.

List of credits:
2 - Valencia: Guaita, Bruno, Maduro, Ricardo Costa, Jordi Alba, Joaquín, Albelda, Ricardo Csta (Banega, m.82), Mata (Vicente, m.66), Soldado (Domínguez, m. 78) and Aduriz.

1 - Almería: Diego Alves, Juanma Ortiz, Marcelo Silva , Carlos Garcia, Jacokbsen, Bernardello, Mo (Valeri, m.77), Uche, Corona (Ulloa, m.60), Piatti and Goitom (Ortiz, m.70).

Goals: 1-0, m. 26: Soldado. 2-0,m.63: Soldado. 2-1,m.90: Ulloa.

Referee: Turienzo Álvarez (School Spanish-from Leon). It admonished for the Almería to Juanma Ortiz, Mark it Forest, and Piatti and by the Valencia to Bruno and Ricardo Coast.

Incidents: party disputed in the country of Mestalla before 35,000 spectators. Land of play in regular conditions. Both teams supported the Iberian candidacy to receive the World Cup of soccer of 2018 and 2022.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekly training plan from November 29 to December 5

Monday, November 29: REST.
Tuesday, November 30: Afternoon session, at 17 am in the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna.
Wednesday, December 1: Morning Session, at 10.30 pm in the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna.
Thursday, December 2: Morning Session, at 10.30 pm in the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna.
Friday, December 3: Morning Session, at 10.30 pm in the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna (IN CAMERA).
Saturday, December 4: Real Madrid CF, Valencia CF (Day 14th National League Championship, 22 hours, Santiago Bernabéu).
Sunday, November 5: Morning Session, at 11 am in the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna

Bayern Munich may leave € 9 million in the coffers of Valencia

Louis Van Gaal awaits the arrival of January for trying to sign a player more resilient to the rear. As a connoisseur of Dutch football, the coach and would have to work to incorporate one of his compatriots.

And that player is none other than Hedwiges Maduro, according to Cadena Ser unveiled, which could land at Bayern Munich in the winter. In fact, that station will ensure that the Bavarian and would be preparing a bid of € 9 million to be presented to the directors of Valencia.

The Dutchman is one of the most used by Unai Emery, as it has started 5 league games and 2 of Champions League this term. At the moment we have to wait for the answer of combined che, and so far it is unknown whether the player will leave from.

Michael Emery recovers tomorrow

Goalkeepers: Guaita and Saul.

Defenders: Bruno, Maduro, Ricardo Costa, Miguel and Jordi Alba.

Midfielders: Albelda, Banega, Tino Costa, Joaquin, Pablo Hernandez, Juan Mata and Vicente.

Forwards: Soldier, Aduriz, Dominguez and Isco.

Miguel works overtime to get

Emery wants to have Michael as soon as it has been so said in a conversation I have had in recent days, and the Portuguese are working overtime to get the call. The defense came yesterday afternoon at the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna for a treatment session, after having begun to work with the group. His return may seem hasty, and that will only make two working sessions with the group, but Emery will decide after today's workout if included in the squad, as is his desire and thus it has been made known. Another thing is that it holds or not to Almeria.

As outlined in the roadmap, Miguel started working with his teammates after several days in which race has continued on the sidelines. Once you have narrowed down the trouble he had in the femoral biceps of his right leg, has gone a step further. Should risk? The player is available to the decision made by Unai, and that's going to be a key meeting today, despite not going to be tough. Michael can play Sunday, another thing is whether he will start or not. SUPER has been told, the idea that manages the technical born in Hondarribia is to include him in the squad when there are no setbacks in practice today, and depending on how you the game will play or not. Ideally, Miguel wait another week and prepare for Saturday's game at the Bernabeu, but wants to move Unai return, if only to play a few minutes. A player who only does two sessions with the group does not usually enter the call, but Emery has told the player you want now. Vila-real played inside left.

The VCF is meeting with the representative of Chori

Will the goal of Chori Domínguez against Bursaspor a turning point? Sergio Mandrini, a representative of the release of Jorge Cysterpiller, was yesterday afternoon at Valencia, and after talks with Argentine playmaker did the same with the head of the field sports club, Braulio Vazquez. It was a friendly meeting in which they discussed the current situation of the player, who in recent weeks had not entered into the plans of Unai Emery. And the idea is to do everything possible so that the Chori reach the level he showed in his time in Russia, where she captivated the technical secretariat of the VCF.

Unai handed the gauntlet on Wednesday when he chose to perform the 'first change'-entry Guaita by Moya was forced Chori-and responded with a great goal. The Argentine, who started behind the tip and ended the game as a forward, had not played since Oct. 27 when Valencia played in Logroño. At that time the figure of Isco broke, but two players Emery are compatible as evidenced in the appointment of Champions on Wednesday. Their representatives were not at the Mestalla, but yesterday met with Valencia to hear the opinion of the club on the player, who does not think change of air in the winter market.

In recent weeks, Valencia came the casual interest of clubs such as Rubin Kazan, Panathinaikos and several English clubs, but prefers to wait Domínguez Chori reconsider his future at the end of the course. Unai, who once demanded over the player, it will not put any hits to stay and will try to get the best performance. Wednesday's game is the example to follow. And it is in their hands have more prominence, as now they have won other partners, such as Tino Costa. It is true that Emery is now betting more to reunite the two strikers in attack, but the coach wants when he gives the alternative answer to the fullest. In his last appearance in La Liga against Athletic Bilbao in the day six, gave assistance to Vicente goal.

After the meeting yesterday the player feel more confident, and now expects the goal to help you grow within the Valencia campus.

'In League I have not shown what is expected of me'

It's nice to talk to Soldiers, too sincere when he speaks of himself. And that makes him special. Scoring two goals to seal qualification for the knockout stages of the Champions League is not enough for him, now wants to extrapolate effectiveness as soon as it has in the competition of the stars in the Liga, where so far "only" has set two goals. Instead of flowers lie asks for more, this character has led to Valencia, which now wants to take the top.

Two more goals in his account ...
"It was important to make another double in the Champions League, especially the importance of the match against Bursaspor. I'm happy but the level of Champions is one that I have to show also in the league, because it is resisting me a little more.
- Are there reasons?
"The way that I am taking I have not the Champions league, I think there I am not showing the level that people expected of me. I'm a little more demanding when it comes to make a number of goals and take two in the league, but I do more because they signed me to score goals. This is what I have to do.
- How do you feel to a forward a comprehensive win 6-1 in Champions League, even against Bursaspor?
"It's very difficult to see such a result and we must think positive, but also made mistakes in the first minutes of the game. It took into the meeting and not the first time we pass this season, we are creating very dangerous and we even scored a goal in the early game, and is an aspect that we must correct, because a rival who had some level than we would have gotten the first time that had the Bursaspor. We know that luck we had at first not going to be able to have every week and the team, after a start to the season where we went to parties very plugged now we have lost and we have to recover quickly.
"The Almeria have signed José Luis Oltra.
"As Valencian is'll wish you all the luck on Monday.
"Let them come with new coach is no excuse for them to surprise. Embedded in their final eight goals.
Not at all, our obligation is to make us strong at the Mestalla. Almeria lost 0-8 against Barca and we mentalizing that is a rival who is in a difficult moment, but we must follow the line on Wednesday and the last three games, because it certainly will not escape us at the Mestalla and parties confident of winning.
-Getafe, Villarreal, Bursaspor, can say that again the best version of Valencia?
"For example, although we beat Getafe people said that the level of the team was not good despite winning 2-0. Then we measure the Villarreal team that was showing a high level in his home because he had won every game until we arrived we were strong, but Valencia were stood up very well and these results have been good morally. We need that confidence to win games and Wednesday's victory in the Champions League was instrumental gain strength in Mestalla need to be a strong team, and was a great day. Is the line that must follow.
"After a mini-crisis in which they lost a lot of confidence, these results should come phenomenal.
"Yes, that confidence you need to give you the results and if they are positive, you're mentally strong, you go tumbling down. These adversities have been left somewhat in the past and now we must think about the present, enjoy the moment and although we have not achieved anything, it is the level that we must give all parties.
"There are good things and unreal, like a 6-1 victory in Europe. Moreover, a long time that there was no wave in the stands at Mestalla.
"I think the people that went Mestalla on Wednesday went home happy because the winning margin was solidly enjoyed and could hold several goals. It is essential for the team that people who go to Mestalla enjoy and support us, to sing and anime. That's what we passed in the field and what we do in every game we played in Mestalla.
"On the second goal he scored," that was the end I wanted to do or the goalkeeper stretched more than it seems?
"There is one thing to be improved, that is the turf, which is regrettable and we have to correct as soon as possible. We took two and half months holding all parties in Mestalla with that state, which is bad, it is very difficult to play ball with the boats hit the ball. And on that play, when I cut the doorman, I had to give two pat because there was no way the ball stopped, and then we had gotten two defenders under the goal and tried to push hard up, with the lucky entered. Yes they are details that, as we are required to win games, we must demand that the field in which we play is a hundred per cent, which is at an optimal level.
-Aduriz scored two goals and added another to his tally, are becoming a partner who understands perfectly.
"That's good for the team goals that peak benefits Valencia and especially there is no jealousy between us, which is important for this to work.
- Why your face is not spread the joy of the day after is to score six goals?
"I can not deny that I'm happy, but it pisses me off in the league I'm not giving that level that I have shown in the Champions League.
- Why is so self-critical? Has signed a double and the VCF has already qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League. His way of being is striking.
"I'm happy, but when you enter the dressing room you turn your head and think why not mark it in the league too. Effectiveness is important that the team has had in front of goal, you can create chances or not, but most have become the goal and that is important.
- What gives you so many times around the head?
"I try to demand more, a live front of goal and the figure in the league I think it should be higher. He scored two goals in twelve days and is a figure that I have to increase as soon as possible is one thing I look, because in the end the live front of numbers and those numbers are not good for me.
"Now expecting a higher figure, but the important thing is the end of the course.
"I'm convinced and I am confident that these goals will go up and hopefully be soon.

Mestalla will Kill for a while

The renewal of Juan Mata is a fact and only need to put the event date and time that will end a puzzle that has stretched too much time but will eventually have a happy ending. SUPER as published on 6 November, the Spaniard player will be linked to VCF 2015 and become one of the highest paid players in the template.

After the conversation between Manuel Llorente and Juan Mata father (yet representative) on 27 October, the agreement was fully outlined waiting to close the last fringes and squaring the agenda for an event like touches. And is that Juan Mata last summer became the franchise player template, following the departure of Villa and Silva, and now I will be in the contractual aspect, something that did not accompany him.

The parties sought to give the same purpose and fans have Mata Mestalla for a while. Mata's new contract will be retroactive, so that when the copper template tab next February and will receive their new salary. The player will see his work recognized in the field and charge a tab according to your role on the team.

The representative of Mata has this morning in Paterna, and signs indicate that soon could be formalized renewal Asturian pearl for the remainder of this season and four more.

This news was published in these pages in premium and should be wiped off by agreement with all parties to avoid influencing what we all wanted .-

The goal is to Guaita

Miguel Angel Moya will be sidelined six to eight weeks by the hamstring injury that occurred early in the match against Bursaspor, on Wednesday. Tests confirm that the goalkeeper has a hamstring Mallorcan about 4 inches "in the musculo-tendinous junction of straight right leg," according to the club.
With Moya idle two months, and veteran Cesar, owner since the beginning of the championship, rushing his recovery, has not entered the list for the match against Almeria, "the role in goal lies with Vicente Guaita. At 23 you get a great opportunity to have continuity in the elite goalkeeper Torrent. The confidence of the coaching staff in Guaita is total. As best endorsement has done a splendid season last year at Recreativo Huelva in the second division, where he gained experience on the basis of minutes and was confirmed with the Zamora Trophy for fewest goals in the goal category, as the goal of future at the Mestalla.
However, that position in the current Valencia was very well covered, with Caesar and Moya. Opened the possibility that given Guaita out again, this time with a team of first, so as not to stagnate their safe progression. Offers are not missed. Unai Emery insisted on staying in the first team in a move not without debate. Caesar and Moya were ahead and ran the risk that a year pass Guaita blank.
Traditionally, every winning team has been very clearly the figure of the target holder, which conveys stability to the rest of the eleven. Keep three goalies class that could be in possession of full guarantee on most of the templates of the tournament is an exception. It is a position where there is rarely any changes beyond specific rotations in the Copa del Rey. That is the case with Barcelona and Real Madrid. The ownership of Victor Valdes and Iker Casillas is not in dispute and their respective clubs have been chosen as second goalkeeper Pinto and Dudek, respectively. In both cases they are goalkeeper with experience, who are confident they will solve the ballot for any eventuality and professionally take your appointment. The same duality has been established clubs like Bayern Munich before the withdrawal of Oliver Kahn, Inter Milan, Liverpool or Manchester United.
Valencia lived in their own flesh the downside of competition in goal when they met in the club's golden era, Santiago Canizares and Andres Palop. The struggle for ownership led to a personal confrontation, with debates that periodically reborn in the press and statements within the template for Fabian Ayala-for Cañizares. Canizares was one of the best goalkeepers I've ever had at Valencia, but that fact did not prevent that Palop, once you leave the Mestalla, made history in Seville.
The coexistence of the Valencia goalkeeper is very cordial. In addition, Emery's bet has proved to be successful, regardless of injuries. Guaita will start against Almeria. In the 2008-09 campaign, and enjoyed a few minutes Guaita occasion Renan's injury and poor form of Hildebrand. On that occasion, accused over the inexperience, which led to the arrival during the winter of Caesar. Now Guaita again become one of the goals with more projection.


The hamstring injury suffered last week by Miguel Angel Moya, who have departed from the field for two months, leaves Unai Emery without their two top goalkeepers for Sunday's game against Almeria (21.00 hours)

Falling Moya, coupled with the already well-known of Caesar, has forced the coach to call Guaita Basque Saul and to defend the framework ché. In addition, Emery will be without Mathieu, David Navarro and Mehmet Topal but recovered and Miguel Fernandes.

The squad put together by the form Guaita Emery, Saul, Bruno, Maduro, Ricardo Costa, Miguel, Jordi Alba, Albelda, Banega, Tino Costa, Joaquin, Pablo Hernandez, Juan Mata, Vicente, Soldier, Aduriz, Dominguez and Isco.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tino Costa with fans on the Sorolla VCF Shop

It has become one of the most popular players, thanks in part to his two goals in the Champions League, and this time Facundo Alberto Costa has shared an intense week with fans. Thus, Tino has done a signing session at the Official VCF Shop located in the central Calle Pintor Sorolla.

They have not missed the autographs, snapshots and displays of affection for the Argentine midfielder. So, fans have used to meet personally with Tino Costa and take official products with the signing of our football. Without doubt, a great memory for all who kept in a prominent place.

Sergio Araujo, the jewel that appeals to Atletico Madrid and Valencia

In their search for early pearls that do not meet the exorbitant price of first-rate stars, Atletico Madrid and Valencia have been set in the Argentine market to find the signing of a promising gem they could give more of a joy in future, as is emphasizing Mundo Deportivo.

Specifically, it is the young striker Sergio Ezequiel Araujo, footballer of 18 years which debuted last year with the first team Boca Juniors and which accumulates only 5 meetings with the Boca Juniors squad, scoring his first goal last weekend in victory over Arsenal (minute 27).

As such information view the 180-player ctms. and 72 kgs. Taste is both Valencian as Atletico, although it seems that is precisely the set of the capital of Spain that has begun to make a move, since the very athletic director Jesus Garcia Pitarch has been following its evolution in situ.

The Valencia is not alone in bidding for Adil Rami

Since acknowledged its poor economic situation, Valencia is specialized in signing players at 0 cost. Sofiane Feghouli, Ricardo Costa and Alejandro Dominguez are some of them, but the agenda ché no room for other players to finish the contract on 30 June (see article).

One of these potential targets is Adil Rami. The central Gaul, 24, faces the final stretch of his commitment to Lille and has already shown a willingness to try his luck in a more competitive league.

In that sense, the Valencia team presents itself as an interesting option, although his arrival is subject to the magnitude of other suitors, as we are talking about a player who has reached the absolute French Selection (6 caps) and accumulates 135 games in the tournament France.

So far the Spanish side know that a major Premier League club Liverpool, is also ready to tempt you. In fact, as shown by France Football, defender forms, along with midfielder and striker Eden Hazard Gervinho, the trio of players from Lille desired by Roy Hodgson.

Miguel returned to the group

After the rest day on Thursday and the classification of Valencia CF for the knockout stages of the Champions League after thrashing at Bursaspor, the staff has returned to training. The good news of the day was the return of Michael Brown to the group, but with only two training sessions there would be a fair bit of shape to play on Sunday against Almería.

Topal, Mathieu and David Navarro has worked the room to continue with the recovery from injury. The Turk still suffers from his injured right ankle and will resign, just as David Navarro and Mathieu, who has worked in the cage of the gym at a rate not to push too soft. Meanwhile, Miguel Angel Moya have tested this morning but has not yet disclosed the extent of his injury.

Fernandes assignment of Besiktas, which aims

It is already a classic. It is about opening up the market shift in this case, the winter-and comes out the name of Manuel Fernandes to the fore. He who has put on the table now is the Besiktas, who is interested in getting the assignment for six months with option to purchase the Portuguese midfielder. The historic Turkish group seeking a boost for his mediocre performance in the league, which is six to nine points behind the leader, and is already negotiating with Valencia.

Mestalla club welcomes this operation. It has therefore not been difficult to lead it in a short time, the black and whites would get rid of the portion of the information about the midfielder now and the end of the course, which would be borne entirely by the Ottomans. But the problem could be the same as always. The player has not completely sure what to do and could derail any hypothetical agreement. It happened last summer, when Zaragoza, Malaga and was raised similar deals Manuel personally that closed door.

The fact is that Fernandes is not opposed to a change of scenery. Quite the contrary. Do not just earn a spot in the starting of Unai Emery, whose preference has been to overcome today by Tino Costa and Banega, and is new in mind a change of scenery in search of greater prominence. If however, England, Portugal and Italy, not necessarily in that order, are favorite destinations in case of choice.

The agency representing Manuel, headed by Jorge Mendes, also operates two joint proposals Ottomans: Fenerbahce and Galatasaray. Besiktas is, yes, the best position at this time. If crystallize, the midfielder would coincide with two old acquaintances of Spanish football. Would mate Guti and Schuster ward.

And was on loan at Everton
The Luso International knows what he is to go on loan to another club during the winter. It has done so twice in his career, most recently, as a player and the property of Valencia. It was early 2008, when he returned to Everton for six months after being involved in an incident at a nightclub in the city of Turia.

Fernandes was reinstated at the beginning of the 08/09 season, where he has not come out. Despite a good scratch with the second team in Liverpool, those responsible for it refused to pay the purchase option of 10 million contained in the loan agreement signed with the Mestalla.

Moya will be two months out

Valencia goalkeeper Miguel Angel Moya, who has undergone various medical tests to assess the extent of his injury, suffered a hamstring injury three to four centimeters on the muscle-tendon junction of the rectus muscle in his right leg, which will hold between one and a half and two-month layoff.

Mallorca goalkeeper was injured last Wednesday in their Champions League debut. Moya owner left in the match against Bursaspor Turkish which Valencia won 6-1, with physical problems that dragged his comrade César Sánchez, but the ball was hit this injury that forced him to retire in 23 minutes the game, right after all Valencia scored his second goal.

Therefore, Miguel Angel Moya loses the remainder of competition until the end of the year and still be low even in the early weeks of 2011, since according to schedule, can be recovered by the time he faces Valencia Racing Santander in El Sardinero or Hercules in Mestalla.

Unanimous complaint on grass

I usually cheap out expensive, the saying goes, and that's what seems to have happened at Valencia in Mestalla state turf. Since President Manuel Llorente, decided to forgo the services of an agricultural engineer who oversaw the state of the pitch in the last fifteen years, both the stadium and the sports city of Paterna, health field has gone worse. Nobody remembers a picture as unfortunate as it now presents the Mestalla grass, although the current maintainers reseeded the lawn few weeks ago and hired a "team" to deter predatory birds eat the seeds urban . An expensive plan, and very attractive to the media, which, so far, has not been results.
The origin of the parlous state of the turf from the past summer, when it burned for alleged over-fertilization. Was the reason Llorente decided to dispense with the former head, Vicente Izquierdo, claiming to receive a lot of pressure from other members of maintenance, led by Javier Sanchez, the only employee of the department from the time of Juan Soler survives in the club. Now is the boss. "It is as with the coach. It is better to shoot one to five," he argued the president to engineer hired by the Valencia in 1996. His last request was to buy a vertical mower cutting Mestalla. He was rejected before being fired to avoid further expense, although the mower required "reduces long-term costs," according to experts.
Weeks later, the Mestalla grass shows a worrying state of decay, although it was renovated last season. The final seeding has no depth. The area has many bald. "In the same way that we are required to win games, we demand that the grass is in good condition," said the striker Soldado after the match against Bursaspor.

Albelda demanded Llorente
Players say that after reseeding, the grass has not been sufficiently implemented in the land, which is released and causes irregular boat and sinking the ball stud boots. Some even blame the poor condition of the lawn the muscle injury epidemic plaguing the team and that the complaint is extended to the training grounds in Paterna. "It would not hurt the club 300,000 euros was spent on what the club has entered the UEFA Champions League, to solve the problem once," says one player. On Wednesday, before the game, David Albeda, even in civilian clothes, jumped into the field, bent down, touched the grass and, with a look upset, went into the tunnel to express their discomfort Llorente.
In the vicinity of the technical area occupied by Unai Emery, Wednesday was very visible abundance of sand by the lack of grass, a gap that could not be disguised this time using green paint, as is done in league matches UEFA because it prohibits. According to the coach, "the club is aware of the problem and is working to resolve it. Gradually, the grass comes back." The problem extends to the sports fields where the risk of injury are multiplied by the surface condition worse.

The grass had its splendor Tuzon
Mestalla lived grass stage of development during the period of the policy Arturo Tuzon, thanks to the care of former Vice President, horticulturist Pepe Domingo. The employer of La Punta grass that became the envy of Spain and half of Europe and even patented horizontal advertising painted on the grass, the LFP did not approve. Was implemented in pilot scheme for a party of Orange Trophy to the surprise of the fans who flocked to the stadium that night.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yesterday was the night of Juan Manuel Mata, as my brother Knight of Castile and Leon, Prince of Asturias, King of Valencia, the first maximum penalty goal and executes Juan "without fear", he had the guts to take the bat and barrage of goals in the second goal on a pass magic involved (of which was another magician) to tuck a golapio Soldier (formerly more than one we said so instead of golazo or rejection, in the third out of band Jordi Alba back-heeled (but of course not far from Guti heel), is much better MADRILES, Air Jordan for the third goal and fourth who starts the play and gives the pass to Jordan Alba for this is the yield to Joaquín .... as Juan Mata .-
The fifth is the only one not involved, but it is the play behind Air Jordan and in the sixth and finally, direct play Vicente Guaita, play a very difficult ball Juan Mata and gives the goal to Chori Domínguez and they could fall again, although playing goleamos yesterday did not play as always, make no mistake and believe that we will go to Manchester and we will rout ... .. that no mistake that Valencia is still the same safeguards to try to enter Champions League knockout depending on the opponent will be difficult or very difficult, yes, Unai is no fool, knows that being first will take away many carats of equipment to knock down an eternal sleep .-
But today this ... ... Juan Mata D'or has been the player of the match, is what you get .-

Valencia: The "discarded" Feghouli has 3 escape routes

Sofiane Feghouli was one of the signings that made the Valencia last summer, but the Frenchman has not had much continuity since. To date, has only played 3 games (1 goal) in che box, so have started the rumors about his departure (see article).

Now, the Super Sport newspaper says that both Palermo and two squadrons of the League of which has not revealed the identity has been nominated as candidates to sign him. All they could offer the opportunity to play minutes as his 20 years need to complete their training.

Valencia: I get a new replacement for César Sánchez

The performance of César Sánchez unquestionable since it landed at the Mestalla has made the background a fact that in other cases, it would go unnoticed: his age. The keeper turned 39 last September, but its sensational performances have turned that figure at a mere anecdote. And they endorse their statistics: total 71 games in almost two seasons at the club ché.

Although Valencia can not criticize anything, the board wants to cover himself with the hiring of a goalkeeper who can inherit the gap that inevitably end up leaving the Extremadura.

The experienced Pepe Reina (see article) and the young Joel Robles (see article) have already been cast on the agenda Valencia, and now the paper adds As a new candidate: Gorka Iraizoz.

The Navarre end contract with Athletic Bilbao on June 30 and has not yet given approval for the renewal (see article) so that it could even reach 0 cost.


VCF historic rout in the Champions League

Valencia reached on Wednesday the best result in its history in a Champions League match by winning the Turkish Bursaspor 6-1 in a match in which victory would qualify for the knockout stages of the competition. Goals from Mata, doubly-Soldier, "Aduriz, Joaquín Domínguez and certified the highest score achieved by the club Valencia in their seven appearances in the continental showpiece in the format of the Champions League, since its debut in the first competition Continental in the 1999-2000 season when he reached the first of two finals he has played in this tournament, and in his only year in the European Cup.

This is the best marker Mestalla all get into the Champions League, while not the first time he scored six goals and winning five of difference. In the 2000-2001 season won by 0-5 to Sturm Graz in Austria, with many of Ayala, Kily Gonzalez, Carew and two of Diego Alonso. Later, in the edition of the 2002-2003 season tournament won by 6-2 at the Swiss Basel with goals from Carew, who scored two, Fabio Aurelio, Mista, Aimar and Baraja. With the 6-1 to Bursaspor the VCF signs its biggest victory in Champions and even the result achieved in UEFA before the Legia. The European party which has scored the most goals the VCF was a 3-7 in Budapest in 1962. And with 14 goals in five games, the Emery equated with only Chelsea and Arsenal and Tottenham, with 15, are more scorers in the current tournament.
In the end the rout remains among the best in the Champions League by Liverpool overcome by the Zilina 0-7 Olympique to this course, Juve's 7-0 to Olympiakos in 2003 and a 7-2 to PSG Rosenborg in 2001.


CHAMPIONS: Bursaspor 6-1 VCF 24/11/2010
UEFA Legia Warsaw 6-1 VCF 01/11/2001
CHAMPIONS: 07/03/2001 VCF Sturm Graz 0-5
UEFA: 27/09/2001 VCF Chernomorets 5-0
FAIRS CUP: 13/03/1963 VCF 5-0 Hibernian
FAIRS CUP: 02/05/1962 M. Budapest 3 -7 VCF
CHAMPIONS: 02/10/2004 VCF Basel 6-2
CHAMPIONS: Bursaspor 0-4 VCF 14/09/2010
CHAMPIONS: 05/04/2000 VCF SS Lazio 5-2

Three million more to reach the knockout

Valencia adds to income and guaranteed by its participation in the current edition of the Champions League a sum of three million euros due you for reaching the knockout stages of the competition, which guarantees thirteen million euros play this year in Europe.

According to the distribution of income criteria set by UEFA, each of the 32 teams contesting the group phase gets a bonus of 3.9 million euros for participating in the Champions League, plus another 550,000 euros per game played, which is 3.3 million euros over the six matches in the group stage.

These two concepts fixed amount to 7.2 million, which will be added revenues from the results, with an amount of 800,000 euros for a win and € 400,000 for a draw in the group stage.

Valencia has been completed for these items income of 2,800,000 euros, owing to their three wins and a draw in the first phase, amount may increase if he can tie or win at Manchester on the final day of competition.

This represents a total of thirteen million euros (7.2 2.8 3), which added 800,000 euros if they win at Manchester and 400,000 if they draw.

Later, as the tournament progress, there are set amounts for equipment to continue in the competition set at 3.3 million for the four finals, 4.2 million for the semifinalists, 5.6 and nine runners-up for champion.

In addition, clubs will receive a percentage of market value of the sale of television rights in national markets and other parameters of sports.

Manchester United is the best paid since 2003 and Valencia took the third place 21

The trajectory of Valencia in Group C of the Champions League with the logic not only in the sporting aspect, but also economically. The differences with Manchester United, group leader, are abysmal in terms of salaries in recent years by UEFA. The English club has received for his involvement in the "Champions" in the past seven years, a total of 216.6 million euros, the amount it paid the best of Europe in this period of time. Valencia is ranked twenty-first, having received 49.5 million since 2003. The difference with the Rangers in Scotland is minimal. The third team of the group, very common in the group stage of Europe's top competition, has become virtually the same as Valencia. Is ranked twenty-third with 47.1 million. Farther away is the Bursaspor (83 º), after not having played the Champions League since the 2003-04 season.
The balance of the money distributed by UEFA between the teams in the past seven years situated at the Spanish club in a surprising sixth place, behind Italian, French, German, Dutch and even Scotland. UEFA distributes 75 percent of 530 million, if the figure is higher, up to 82 percent. One part is fixed to participate in the run (2.1 million per team and staying out of shared 10.3), while the bonus is 3.8 million in the group stage over 550,000 euros per game played. Here's an incentive to win (800,000) and tie (400,000). Reaching the second round is 3 million, 3.3 in the quarter, 4 for being a semifinalist, 5.2 for being runner-up and 9 for lifting the Cup The trend is going to stop payments to countries with greater input of TV.

Fernandes talks with Besiktas

Manuel Fernandes could close in the next few hours his transfer to Turkish Besiktas until the end of the season. Portuguese midfielder still does not have to Unai Emery and in more than one occasion has hinted his desire to leave. In fact, last summer to look for a footballer, but ultimately found no destination and coach insisted he was a member of the squad.

Negotiating their transfer to Besiktas are well advanced, but are not closed and is not the first time that his departure is thwarted. In January this year was a step out on loan to Inter Milan but finally advised against his signing citing problems in the medical.


The black and white triumph and the rout of the Rangers places to those of Emery among the 16 better than Europe.

The Valencia has completed one of the large objectives of the season, that is not another that to surpass the phase of groups of the League of Champions. Besides, it has achieved it with a day of advance.

The defeat from the Valencia to the Bursaspor leaves the Valencia with ten points, while the rout of the Rangers before the Manchester United (0-1) leaves the Scotch with five points, to so many more of distance of the Valencia. For lack of only three points by playing, the 'protestant' of Glasgow no longer they can dream of reaching to the Valencia.

Besides, the Valencia continues opting to the first plaza of the group (that would permit to play at home the return of the quarterfinals). Achieving it, that yes, passes obligatorily by winning in Old Trafford to the Manchester United in the last day.

The Valencia returns to this Champions League qualifying round four seasons later. The last time was in the crossing against the Inter that to put an end to a monumental oar in Mestalla. In the end the team would finish eliminated in rooms by the Chelsea of José Mourinho.

Also economic prize
Beyond the sports thing, the Valencia was carried to the pocket an abundant figure of money. To the fixed one by playing yesterday 800,000 euro by the victory they plunged themselves. But there is a lot more, the Valencia CF agreeing to the eighth will see increased its incomes in seven million euro more.


The Valencia beats with facility to the Bursaspor (6-1). They marked Soldier (2), Mata, Aduriz, Joaquín and the 'Chori'.

The Valencia gave a Turkish bath to the Bursaspor with six goals that, united to the victory of the Manchester United in Ibrox Park, they certify their pair to the quarterfinals of the League of Champions.

Few in Mestalla could foretell the recital of goals to which they were going to respond when to the eleven minutes the step dedicated to the team a sonorous puff. The team left badly to the theater valencianista or, better said, did not leave. Was the step the one that had to recall them the players what there was in play so that they awoke of the European siesta.

The Bursaspor was found of start with the party desired, had to its mercy to an inexact one Valencia during the first minutes but left the alive. Here the Turkish team was finished and began to grow that of Emery. To the quarter of an hour, Aduriz received inside the area, trimmed to Erdogan and the Turk dragged the foot of support of the forward one. Mata transformed the penalty deceiving to Ivankov.

The Bursaspor disappeared of the party and Mata various minutes after its goal put an interior pair to Soldado. The rival goal left him all the long stick free so that over there executed the forward Valencian one. The unique one that could not celebrate the so much second was Moyà, that had to be withdrawn in stretcher after the 2-0 by a wound in the cuadriceps and to leave him the position to a newcomer Guaita.

The Valencia had the goal looking and to Aduriz, after a crowning in the first stick that struck in Ivankov, remained him of way magnetized the ball so that entered hopeless inside the entrance. After the goals of Kills, Soldado and Aduriz, remained only a player of the front of attack by marking... Joaquín.

The from gaditano yet he had not marked in League of Champions and he wanted to dedicate him the so much one to his daughter Salma. And he go if him he was dedicated. The wait was worthwhile and Mestalla enjoyed a derechazó that did that the ball to fall just in the squad.

The second part remained practically without incentives. The spicy one put it Domínguez, that received some timid honks of the step that incited him to be premiered as the scorer in the Valencia. Before, the little hand summarized it Soldier, that took advantage of a great pair of Mata the space. He was the fifth goal of the team and the fifth one of Soldier in the competition.

For the last minutes he remained the goal of the honor of the Bursaspor and the début in the competition of the young one Isco, that continues giving steps in his road toward the consecration in the first team.

List of credits:
6. Valencia: Moya (Guaita, m.23), Bruno, Ricardo Costa, Madura, Alba; Joaquín, Albelda, Tino Costa, Mata; Aduriz ('Chori' Domínguez, m. 60) and Soldado (Isco, m.70).

1. Bursaspor: Ivankov, Keceli, Ozturk, Erdogan, Vederson (Aziz, m.46); Insúa, Ergic (Battle, m.57), Svensson, they Are; Bahadir and Yildirim (Odabasi, m.84).

Goals: 1-0, m. 17 Mata, of penalty. 2-0, m. 21 Soldado. 3-0, m. 30 Aduriz. 4-0, m. 37 Joaquín. 5-0, m. 55 Soldado. 5-1, m. 69 Battle. 6-1, m. 77 'Chori' Domínguez.

Referee: Bruno Miguel (BY). Admonished for the Valencia to Albelda, and by the Bursaspor to Erdogan and Aziz.

Incidents: party pertaining to the fifth day of the phase of groups of the League of Champions, disputed in Mestalla before 32,000 spectators.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Autograph session with Tino Costa

Next Friday, November 26 player of Valencia CF Tino Costa held a signing session at the club shop located on Calle Pintor Sorolla. All fans shall have the option of meeting the Argentine midfielder, who will sign official club products that lead Valencia CF fans.

Emery wants to drown the Bursaspor

Black and white coach has been the worst in the preparation of tomorrow's match. Although it is likely to arrive relaxed and Bursaspor more alternates, as they are already mathematically out of round and have almost no options to reach the third place group, Unai Emery prefers to think of a rival hipermotivado and not give room for any concession. Maximum tension and concentration are the maximum, as stated in yesterday's session, which was on the grass weapons to be used by the black and whites to win.
The straightest path to victory would be the pressure, according to the Basque. So, he and his deputy, Juan Carlos Carcedo did not hesitate to get the monkey of task and actively participate in an exercise to instill in his pupils the urge to bite for every ball. Unai and his deputy posing as the Turkish players, who had to chase the black and whites like possessed to try and steal the ball and launch the counter without compassion or consideration.

Emery also influenced him to do nothing more to recover the ball in midfield. Considered key goal seek opponent to vertical and the least possible touch, as he wanted his players put into practice during the session. The aim is to shock the face as soon as possible and then sentenced to base to catch the defense off guard Bursaspor.
With the return of double-pivot once the experience of 3-4-3 in El Madrigal, the work of the midfielders are fundamental seems to get the technical purpose of Valencia. David Albelda and Tino Costa, the couple who acted in the final match at the Mestalla, ten days ago against Getafe in La Liga, is intended to start acting in that position.

The problems are now concentrating on the defense

Unai Emery recovers virtually all players that were left out of the clash of El Madrigal injury (only Mathieu still injured) but today it has confirmed that two players who played on Saturday, David Navarro and Miguel paths will not play after suffering contractions during party, to which is added the absence of Marius Stankevicius can not play the group stage of the Champions League. Thus, Hondarribia coach will be forced to introduce changes in the defensive line after improvising a new 3-4-3 in Vila-real by low defensive men.

Jordi Alba's return back to the technical possibility of having a lefty for the rear, but even with the recovery of many other players, the problems on defense and will not end after an absence forced new safe and Miguel Navarro. Without the captain of the Port of Sagunto, the presence of Ricardo Costa appears safe. Doubt is the player who accompanied the Portuguese as the range of options is wide.

The recovery of Albelda and Topal allow Maduro, who acted against Villarreal midfielder, delayed his position to defense. Dutch is the central room of the template and is poised to have more choices than Dealbert to play.

In the right wing are fewer alternatives because, without Michael, logic says that Bruno will continue in the band. On the left, meanwhile, Jordi Alba recover ownership.

Joaquin parodies the ritual of launching failures CR7

Valencia CF recovered at the meeting on Monday November 22 players who have overcome their discomfort and have joined the training. The preparatory exercises towards the Champions League clash against Bursaspor have had the presence of Topal, Mata, Fernandes and Cesar. David Navarro and Miguel have not exercised with the group for physical ailments. The session has given much prominence to the ball and the definition of face-to-door.

Monday, November 22, 2010


The footballer of the VCF asks to the fondness the maximum endorses and expects to give the final leap toward the classification.

The player of the Valencia Jordi Alba affirmed today that expects that Wednesday be seen a Champions League environment in Mestalla in the encounter before the Bursaspor Turkish, in which its team will try to take a step ahead toward the classification for the quarterfinals of the tournament.

" Against the Manchester United, perhaps because was the day of the strike, and then against the Rangers do not there was that environment. I have not lived large European nights in Mestalla and i would like to do it", continued Jordi Alba, who asked openly to the fondness that respond to the stadium.

" The team has been well in this competition and this Wednesday even we can give the final leap toward the classification", Alba said, who in these moments does not think about the advantage that they have charged the Real Madrid and the Barcelona in the League.

" It Remains a lot of League and is certain that last year they moved away very quick and that has a great potential, but we should think about ours objective that is to repeat the campaign that we did last year and to classify us again for the League of Champions", added the player of left band of the Valencia.

In that sense indicated that has not changed its illusion and that the wound of its companion Jeremy Mathieu does not condition him. "We have also other players as the Miguel or Bruno, that also they can play in the left band. Only I think about playing and in being at the disposal of the coach", added.

It asked by the visit of the Almería to Mestalla of next Sunday, after the rout before the Barcelona for 0-8, indicated that the Andalusian team will travel very motivated and with a new coach, for which themselves they cannot be trusted. "It will be a very different party to the on Saturday before the Barcelona", concluded.


Unai Emery he will be seen obliged to vary again the back line after being confirmed the drops of David Navarro and Miguel.

Unai Emery recovers practically all the players that remained out of the collision of The Madrigal by wound (only Mathieu continues injured) but today has been confirmed that two players that played on Saturday, David Navarro and Miguel, they will not play after suffering paths contractions during the match, to what the absence adds itself of Marius Stankevicius that cannot play the phase of groups of the League of Champions. Thus, the technician of Hondarribia will be seen obliged to introduce news in the defensive line after improvising a novel one 3-4-3 in Despicable-Real by the drops of defensive men.

The return of Jordi Alba returns the technician the possibility to include a left-handed one for the rear, but still with the recovery of so many more footballers, the problems in defense are not finished and there they will be news obliged after the sure drops of Navarro and Miguel. Without the captain of the Port of Sagunt, the presence of Ricardo Costa seems sure. The doubt is the footballer that will accompany the Portuguese since the fan of options is extensive.

The recovery of Albelda and Topal will permit that I Maduro, that acted of midfield player before the Villarreal, he delay his position to the defense. The Dutchman is the central room of the staff and all causes thinks that has more options than Dealbert to play.

In right band they are except the alternatives since, without Miguel, the logic says that Bruno will continue in the band. In the left, in turn, Jordi Dawn will recover the ownership.

Valencia: A Spanish talent to meet with Miguel?

Since I landed in Valencia, Miguel Luso has not gotten rid of the controversy. Irregular, the dubious physical fitness has been shown at certain times and, especially, their non-sporting exploits have generated a constant headache ché policy.

Still, his statistics deserve a few criticisms. Accumulate 199 official matches (2 goals) with a demanding club is not a figure available to anyone, especially taking into account that in this time frame Valencia coach has had as varied as Quique Flores, Ronald Koeman and Unai Emery.

In recent days, as happens regularly, have revived the rumors about his possible departure and some media have dared to venture on behalf of its hypothetical replacement.

In particular, the Cadena Ser put just the young Hugo Mallo as one of the best candidates to inherit the post of Luso International. The young defender, only 18 agreed to the first team Celta de Vigo last year and this season has been a permanent fixture on all the commitments of the Vigo painting.

The troops recovered Valencia

Valencia has recovered in the training session today with four of his players were out through injury last weekend against Villarreal, while David Navarro and Portuguese Miguel Brito continue with the recovery of muscle problems.

Thus, in the first week preparatory meeting attended by the Turkish gunman Mehmet Topal, Juan Mata, Portugal's Manuel Fernandes and César Sánchez, absent in El Madrigal, and may be available for the Champions League match on Wednesday against Bursaspor Turkish.

By contrast, Valencia reported today that tests defender David Navarro has revealed that player suffers a hamstring contracture of the left leg which has ruled for the match next Wednesday. It so happens that Michael suffers from the same type of injury, so the recovery treatment by the club's medical team will follow the same guidelines. In both cases, make new explorations along to check the progress of the disease.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Dear fans / foreros / clubs / associations / etc ...

We are a group of fans who have come together to fight for a fair distribution of television rights, with the current distribution and proposing what it encourages is a greater difference between the two behemoths of our football and the others who end up to convert the Spanish league in a competition called into question the style of the Scottish Premier League, where every year the titles are reserved for a pairing of teams that stand out above the rest.

The reason for us to contact you is to make known to the initiative we are undertaking an initiative that emerged just days ago that a huge amount is being extended throughout the Spanish and with which we intend to bring together all fans unhappy with the likely distribution of television rights posed by Real Madrid and Barcelona.

We would like to have all your support as the clubs, federations and associations are you active and important part of our football can mobilize many fans and so I ask you to join our global initiative in the fight for a fairer and more competitive league .

We must end monopoly in which our competition has become, thanks in part to the large quantities that are Madrid and Barcelona for a TV rights unfairly distributed. What we have established these two teams in Spain is a real dictatorship in any competition as powerful in Europe there are differences as abysmal as in our country.

All clubs want to fight for great goals and all the fans want to enjoy football, we enjoy our team and we fulfill our dreams because we all have dreams and we all want to enjoy great players in our templates.

We ask your help, but do not want the thing to be left alone in that, to receive your support, we want you to join us and difundáis this initiative to the extent that you can, soon there will be another meeting for the television rights and many teams are content with the leftovers of the great, but the taste is much more than a leadership that sold for two coins, the fans have dreams and want to meet them and so before that meeting, the leaders of our clubs have to know our opinion and the leaders of Madrid and Barcelona have to know that we are here and we will not allow anything but an equitable distribution is as in other European countries.

There are already some rocks that we have joined the initiative and we are in direct contact with many others as well as federations and associations thereof which are showing great support, example is the Federation of Peñas del Real Zaragoza . We have also been sent to FC Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido the lead which he has covered since the club's official website headed these being the first media echoed our movement.

We hope your support and join the initiative.

Together we can.

We can find in and the various social networks like Facebook ( 157742097598322? v = wall), Twitter ( or Tuenti ( l.php? u = # m = Page & func = index & page_key = 1_822_60939372 & h = b6eea).

Without more, a warm greeting and thank you for your attention.

Fair League




It seems like yesterday when supplied to Ernesto Valverde, a gentleman of football, but you ... who you think you are you, the Pep had with the Camp and now Unai ....
Do not want to shake his hand you better, so when you come to the Mestalla but we will give the entire palm and singing it hurts more if you believe you have to know that neither you or your team have won nothing yet, that that does not mean to recognize that for me do the best football after FC Barcelona and I think a big team not only in Spain but worldwide, but as you know and know you're a football man, who lives analyzes the nonsense you've done it, stop being an idiot or a kid of 10 years and know that in football many things happen, let us now draw the two teams and fans played, but it is there and Match things remain the same .-
I mix things for me not to forget, but your personality makes you despise, you're not well, so I preferred as before, a guy working and that is football, not a cocky idiot .-
Villarreal-Valencia ANALYSIS
A preview of what I've seen and I only stayed with the balls that we have after the draw and expulsion, we went for the three points, I love, this is my team not to relax .-
For me the strategy today if, Unai PERFECT, only one input failure Rossi has cost us a draw and of course I'll tell Unai untouchables:
-Moya: It must be the future with Valencia goalkeeper Vincent Guaita .-
-Miguel Brito: Intocable and the best players .-
-Stankevicius: You play games and all God .-
-Tino Costa and Ever Banega: asshole both the perfect duo for a champion Valencia .-
- "Air Jordan" Aduritz: And recognize that I did not want to paint this pearl or ... .. I recognize my mistake, this guy is my God .-
I love the touch of Valencia's midfield and how easy they did, today we deserved to win for conduct football and we have not stopped playing the Submarine, which again is a piece of football great team, the referee quite right, I love the braids that are to what they will and will not marry any of the two teams .-

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Mestalla defends his leadership

The subsidiary of Valencia CF are faced with a new commitment on Sunday November 21 to stay on top of the table. The appointment will be at 12:00 am at the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna to the Torrevieja. The rival of the Valencian is a seasoned veteran team and more located in the temperate zone of the table. Five points of La Nucia, the subsidiary of Valencia CF face this encounter with the only absence of Montoro, who is sidelined through suspension.

The board responsible for leading the match will be Roberto Pintos French.

The Swedish first division club Djurgardens, to The Academy in Valencia

Technical Swedish first division club Djurgardens IF Fotboll (1891) is located in Valencia, thanks to the efforts of the Foundation Training Centre Valencia Club de Fútbol "The Academy".

There are four coaches who have come to see how Valencia School and the International Campus management by the Fundació VCF.

In addition, on Thursday afternoon had the opportunity to attend a training of Valencia CF and talk with Unai Emery.

Djurgårdens IF Fotboll born in 1891. Has 11 league titles and four cups. The four technicians are: Lennart Was, first team coach, Carlos Banda, second, Anders Bengtsson, Under 18 coach, and Anders Johansson, the Sub17.

Squad for the Villarreal CF - Valencia CF

Valencia CF coach, Unai Emery, has invited the following players for the league match against Villarreal CF. The clash will be played this Saturday, November 20, from 18:00 pm in El Madrigal.

Goalkeepers: Moya and Guaita.

Defensas: Miguel, Bruno, Navarro, Maduro, Ricardo Costa, Stankevicius and Dealbert.

Midfielders: Ever, Pablo, Joaquín, Tino Costa, Vicente Domínguez and Feghouli.

Forwards: Soldier, Aduriz and Isco

Spanish talent facing Sevilla, Valencia and Manchester City

Sevilla, Valencia and Manchester City have begun to provide tight bid to gain the services of Pablo Insua, a young defender who is active in all filial Deportivo La Coruna.

Although the Galician bank wants to avoid the escape of the youth squad, their position is very weak. The player is connected to the club by an amateur contract and any entity could take it by paying a small amount for training.

Therefore, if the central reaches an agreement with one of her suitors, his departure will be inevitable. Moreover, the daily As talented certifies that the defense might abandon Abegondo market during the next winter.

Insua progress, represented by Eugenio Botas, is a notch over the bad relationship that holds this agent Augusto César Lendoiro, because the matter Piscu, and also risks alienating Depor three of his clients who complete the contract on 30 June: Manu Fernandez, Anthony Thomas and Adrian Lopez.

The Assembly approved a budget of 108 million

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Valencia, which will take place this Saturday from 9.00 pm in the Alameda Palace approved with the votes of VCF Foundation (about 72 percent of the shares in the company) a budget for the current season of 108.8 million euros, which will yield an expected benefit from the exercise of 357,249 euros.

The budget for the current year includes revenue of 108.8 million euros and a cost item, plus amortization, financial expenses and taxes 108.4 million euros. In the section heading more substantial revenues are EUR 42 million television broadcasts, followed by 23.2 per sporting revenues and 22.9 per fertilizers and partners.

In the section on costs, most of it takes personal spending amounting to 59.2 million euros, although the managers have managed to reduce that amount from one year to another in about 14 million euros. Depreciation of fixed assets and financial expenses amounted to 46 million euros.

In addition to approving the budget, the Assembly will also vote on the annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement, report, statement of changes in equity and cash flow statement) as well as the club's Management Report and the consolidated group for the financial year 2009/2010.

One benefit of 15,085 euros from last season

These accounts reflect a benefit amounting to 15,085 euros at year-end. Last season he completed the capital increase amounting to 92 million euros and also in the profit and loss account from the sale of players federative rights of the balance in favor of Valencia has been 54 million euros. The transfer of David Silva and David Villa have helped balance the books.

The other three points on the agenda will be the reappointment of CJC Auditors for the current year as auditors of the Company and the consolidated group, the removal and appointment of directors and will conclude with questions and answers.

In the section on dismissal and appointment of directors will notice the departure of Fernando Gomez as a counselor and will have to appoint a new one in the coming days, as the articles of association provide that the minimum is seven now the Board of Directors consists of six.