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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Lithuanian defender, who played last season at Sevilla, coming from Sampdoria - You can play central or side and has a powerful throw The player Mario Stankevicius Lithuanian, which belongs to the discipline of Italian Sampdoria will play on loan at Valencia this season, as confirmed by the club Valencia, which reserves an option to buy the player.

Stankevicius, 29, was born in Kaunas (Lithuania) and has completed much of his career in Italy (Brescia, Cosenza and Sampdoria), although in the second half of last season played on loan at Sevilla, the club he completed a total of twenty official competition matches.

The player is currently focused on the selection of Lithuania, which has official engagements in the qualifying campaign for Euro until 7 September.

After an absence of Marchena and Alexis, and the possible way out of Tottenham Fernandes, Emery asked Braulio strengthen the defense and looked at the Lithuanian. Able to play center and right side, has a powerful throw. Valencia will not have to pay any amount to Sampdoria and only take care of the football tab.

Espanyol and Osasuna fought his transfer, but the end it was Valencia who has taken the upper hand. Stankevicius left a good impression in Seville, while the club was about to exercise its option to purchase. However, it was lowering its performance at the end of the season, leading to discard its acquisition


The striker is recovering from his injury and, in return to work of their peers, has been with them. Valencia CF is back to work without internationals after the triumph in Malaga and two rest days scheduled by Unai Emery. The good news of the day is that the recovery of Roberto Soldado is on track and on Tuesday was able to practice with his teammates in a part of training. Mathieu, however, worked outside the fisioterapuetas.

Valencia striker on Monday did not enjoy the rest day and used to perform specific work in a double session. Valencia CF striker made continuous run in one direction to not force the muscle and from the medical profession is estimated to be ready for the match against Racing Santander, which will be held in two weekends.

Soldier suffered in the team's final friendly against a microrrotura Lecce adductor muscle in his right leg median recovery of which was a period of two to three weeks. However, the continued work of black and white front to shorten the time allowed and, if it suffers from the discomfort, Emery will be available for the second day of league.

On Tuesday, the staff has had an hour of physical training, continuous run, sprint, and then move to touch the ball in the typical round and finish with the typical sided game. An intense workout that has left the Valencian tired.


The Cadiz has scored in an official match with the number 7 the same goals in all last season. This year will not have many complaints about how the season has begun ...
— "The truth is that I started well, I can not complain. Somehow I think that Valencia is gradually working much better and that gives you more confidence. When all-wheel better, it seems that things go more easily. I'm happy because I feel good, the team has responded to a very difficult team as Malaga in a very complicated as is the Rose Garden and the sensations are good. We have to stay with that, good start, and help us to fill this responsibility and know that the year will be long because we were playing three competitions and all three are important. And all three want to go as far as possible.

— Did you expect this individual-level league start?
—"The truth is that no, one always begins with desire, with the idea of taking the fast fitness, count as much as possible for the coach and more in my situation last season or in previous years, then start playing, marking and giving victory to your computer is to be satisfied. Moreover, as I'm concerned the preseason has been positive, has served to prove to get a point, to go slowly taking that philosophy to go play and taking concepts. I am happy with the work so far.

—The worst enemy has been Joaquín Joaquín?
—"It may be that at times yes, because all influences. But when so much is hard to fit them. The important thing is that this looks good, no hay quinto malo and somehow, this Valencia has good feelings. Just begun, we must be smart and responsible, but you have to know that we must continue in this way.

— "I have given the captain's armband, is the year to the final step and assume full responsibility to settle as a permanent fixture and one of the leaders of Valencia?
— Settle in the team? I would say to arm myself with confidence, which is how I am now, and that the team also go to more and can help in any way possible. The year is over, we have very strong competition to rivals high-level and Valencia should make the cut. From there, the regularity and trust will help me also to be fine.

—"He said at a press conference to mark content with half goals as Villa to show off the '7 '.
—"The road started well, but it has nothing to do with the '7 ', that the goals I have set myself (laughs). It is the number which marks, but it is a ridge that always liked me, think I will bring luck and brings the goal.Before I looked Villa, who had a goal between the eyes, and see if taking it also fills me with a goal.

—¿Is it too early to determine the real objective of Valencia?
— "Yes, it is the first league game and the goal was to start well, with good feeling and that is what we have done. The team gave a good image with a tough opponent, but Malaga is not easy, and at times the game we have complicated things and might even be ahead on the scoreboard with a good scoring chance, but we learned to respond. It's early, but it is clear that we know where to be at Valencia and we will fight for it.

— Do I have to share the responsibility this season to win every game between several players?
—"Man, there are players who at certain times you can fix games, but when it comes to responsibility and pull the car, we have to pull all. We feel better if we throw all that if we do it all, that is the law of life and I think it is true that major players have left, but we are who we are and we are that we face this season so beautiful that we have.

—"Of the two goals he scored against Malaga on Saturday with what is left?
—"I'll take both, because they have served, the first to put us ahead on the scoreboard and the second to give us peace of mind in the game and eventually take all three points. At 1-2 I think he plays a bit like Ivan Gonzalez, but the move has to be done, right? (risas). (Laughs).

Sampdoria Stankevicius TO SELL A VALENCIA CF

MILAN, August 30 -
Stankevicius, Lithuania Sampdoria defender, was transferred to Valencia. For a return to Spain because the same Stankevicius has already played in the second half of last season, the ranks of Sevilla., + + at + Valencia Stankevicius



According to sources close loan would come with a choice of 3.5 KILOS PURCHASE, although there is some buy it for that amount or close .-

Monday, August 30, 2010

Activities on school teams this weekend

The subsidiary will play on Sunday, five in Crevillente at 19:00


National League Championship 3rd Div - G º VI

Mpala field. Crevillente


VALENCIA CF - Mestalla -

(DAY 2 nd)




Honor Division Youth Championships - Gr VII

Ciudad Deportiva Albacete Balompie

Albacete Balompié -

VALENCIA CF - Mestalla -

(DAY 1st)




National Youth League Championship - G VIII

Ciudad Deportiva Elche - Field 6

C.F. ELCHE "B" -


(DAY 1st)

INTERVIEW | Joaquin Sanchez.........."The '7 'gives you wings, but these are my legs that are"

Great game and double ...
I am very happy with how everything went, the team won, he gave up a good image and I scored two great goals.

The team leaves a good feeling in his first game ...
It was very important to leave a good taste and we did. We took a picture of strong team throughout the match, although it is true that we suffer a bit at times, they played good football and most importantly, the team continues its philosophy and should continue on this path, never deviate.

Do you have offensive players more freedom this year?
The boss wants you do not have a fixed position to seek the center, by a band then switch to the other. I think we are benefiting from the mobility you have players like Aduriz, Mata, Vicente, Pablo, Banega ... There are top quality.

The captain's armband and the '7 'seems to have given wings ...
- (Laughs) My goals in Málaga come thanks to the team. It is true that the '7 'seem to be touched by a magic wand and have the star scorer. I'm getting lucky every time I take, but it is anecdotal, because then they run are my legs, ever.

The first goal it cooks and eats Joaquin, but what a great complicity between the partners in the second goal ...
We understand very well, we are a group that takes many years working together, with the same philosophy of playing and was shown on that play there are no egos in the dressing room.

Unai put as an example of player who is taking responsibility. You happy?
Years ago, I lacked the regularity of matches and goals and this year I took the initiative for me, I would be fine, so I took the quick way and the first impressions are good. I've taken a step forward because other years back I have missed being a decisive player. This year I want to enjoy to the fullest and I hope that never end.

Albelda told AS that the cuff to that better was to come was to Joaquin ...
I feel important and loved by my classmates. Show me every day all the love and respect that I have that dress, and that will benefit from my side football because they always help. With my way, all this is helping me be better.

He kept his word and when the truth was won in Malaga ...
The preseason is evidence and we knew what was at stake in Malaga.

What do you like most?
The gestures I saw in the hugs and smiles from colleagues. It is noted that there are a large group of people.

Who gave him the double?
My partner Bruno, encourages me and is a good friend. To my family who was in the rose garden and my future daughter who is about to be born, my wife and my daughter.

Banega collapsed in Málaga

Ever Banega had enough. The heat and effort spent on the Rose Garden bill once you finished the game and despite the brilliant victory he had achieved the Valencia fell exhausted. Argentine midfielder finished the game exhausted and as they come into the locker room had a dizzy result of how much he had run for 90 minutes in Malaga. Yes, fortunately, things did not go beyond that, a mere scare, because soon he was fully recovered and full conditions.

As the player got sick, medical services knocked on the Argentinian club on a table with legs up and put ice on his chest and head. The situation, though striking, is not without a certain dose of normalcy under the circumstances. And the circumstances were a considerable effort throughout the game, stifling heat, humidity and especially significant, the first game in which competition was greatest. This causes the minimum voltage drop and raise the maximum, increase heart rate and normal under these conditions is the occurrence of dizziness.

The player himself, and at quieter and Malaga airport, told this newspaper that "I ended up dead after the game. He could not, were without power. " In fact, Banega was one of the players who made more effort during the Argentine encuentro.El began running the show and after a few minutes that focused their effort on defense issues, began to appear on the left side to create a hazard to the area jellyfish.

Jokes on the plane
On the way back and having verified that there was nothing ne, the player even dared to joke. "I had a really bad," he said, "I even thought I was going up ...». Already at the time of takeoff to Valencia, and knowing that most eyes were focused on him and that one way or another his dizziness had become the topic of conversation, made a joke when he put the heart pounding more than one member of the expedition.

The fact is that taking off gave several consecutive blows luggage tray causing a loud noise, causing the occupants of the front rows of the aircraft is again thinking he had been afraid to fall again, while other components Valencia template-remember that the players sit in the back of the plane, "they laughed, sure sign that the good and the victory Ever the environment on the flight back was unbeatable.

Beyond the dizziness, the attitude of the players to give everything on the pitch in a game that despite the good performance of Aritz Aduriz and despite two goals from Joaquin, Argentina was the better team. Ever carried the baton of a Valencia which was much higher as a collective game is concerned. A Banega is seen very plugged again this season in which the signing of Argentine Costa has not done more to motivate you because it is a clear authority, and above all, is thrilled with the call of the Argentina team. Banega was not in the past world, a tournament that showed that the albiceleste not have a creative midfielder.

A game every three days

Valencia played a total of seven official competition in twenty days from 11th September, after not competing this weekend as the league is interrupted as a result of the commitments of the Spanish team.

The staff of the Valencia rest this weekend and only half of the next can begin to have their international players, and that men like Miguel, Manuel Fernandes, Mata, Maduro, Banega or Topal parties have been invited to your selections.

The first game of the series of seven that Valencia played between September 11 and October 3 will be played in Mestalla against Racing Santander on Saturday 11, and that all have to play Valencia on Tuesday 14 in Bursa (Turkey) against Bursaspor in the Champions League.

Of these seven, five are in league, whose dates are not officially set, and two Champions League, whose days are definitively known.

The last game of the series will take place on October 3 at Mestalla against Athletic Bilbao, date after which there will be another break in the league.

The match schedule is as follows:
September 11 (Saturday) Valencia-Racing
September 14 (Tuesday) Bursaspor-Valencia
September 19 (Sunday) Hercules-Valencia
September 22 (Wednesday) Valencia-Atletico Madrid
September 26 (Sunday) Sporting de Gijon-Valencia
September 29 (Wednesday) Valencia-Manchester United
October 3 (Sunday) Valencia-Athletic de Bilbao.

Miguel & Fernandes, Portugal called up

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Carvalho (Real Madrid), Miguel and Manuel Fernandes (Valencia) and Tiago (Atletico Madrid) are the five representatives of the Spanish league invited to the meetings of the selection lusa against Cyprus on 3 September and Norway, 7, valid for the Euro 2012.

Ente major developments, highlights the inclusion of the right side of Braga, Sylvia, who at 22 has entered the call after only three games as a starter in his team.

The disclosure of the list comes at a time of instability in all Portuguese, as their coach, Carlos Queiroz, meet one month penalty for insulting the Authority Anti doctors while they control lusa surprise last May.

Queiroz, who is replaced by Agostinho Oliveira in both parties, still faces two other trials for the same acts that may deviate from the direction sports a minimum of two years.

Twenty convened:
Goalkeepers: Eduardo (Genoa, ITA) and Beto (Oporto).

- Defenders: Bruno Alves (Zenit, RUS) Rolando (Porto), Miguel (Valencia, ESP), Ricardo Carvalho (Real Madrid), Nuno André Coelho (Sporting Lisbon) and Silvio (Sporting Braga)
- Midfielders: Miguel Veloso (Genoa, ITA), Raul Meireles (Liverpool, ENG), Fabio Coentr \ u00E3o (Benfica), Tiago (Atletico Madrid, ESP), Manuel Fernandes (Valencia, ESP) and Jo \ u00E3o Moutinho (Porto .)

- Forwards: Dani (Zenit, RUS), Hugo Almeida (Werder Bremen, GER), Nani (Manchester United, ING), Silvestre Varela (Porto) Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, ESP) and Liedson (Sporting).

Goalkeeper: Rui Patricio (Sporting)
Midfielder: Paulo Machado (Toulouse, FRA)
Front: Ricardo Quaresma (Besiktas, TUR).

Hugo Viana signed for Sporting Braga

The Portuguese international Hugo Viana, who recently split from Valencia, is committed to Sporting Braga in three seasons, reported the Club of Minho.

The midfielder returns to the team that represented last season and that this course gives you the chance to play Champions League.

In a message released by the club luso, Viana acknowledged the difficulties in the negotiations, but stressed that "the enormous efforts" of the entity and its "full readiness and willingness to return" was possible "happy ending" that everyone wanted .

At 27 years, the middle, formed in the quarry from Sporting Lisbon and has played in Valencia, Osasuna English Newcastle, clubs he did not succeed.

Albelda reach the 400 games of 50 and Caesar

Albelda records reach the 400 games of 50 and Caesar
In the match against Racing Club in Mestalla, on the second day of the season, could be a record in the careers of two veteran Valencian. David Albelda is only one game of reaching the 400 encounter with Valencia and goalkeeper Cesar Sanchez signed a season and a half ago, at 50. Albelda, 33, has 13 years in the Valencia first team. Of these four parties, 297 correspond to the Championship League tournament this Saturday in Malaga played his last game with Valencia, which remained on the pitch for ninety minutes and in which lived a win by 1 - 3. Of the 49 games of Caesar, eighteen belong to the League from 2008 to 2009, thirty-one championship in the past to the present and summarized with a balance of twenty-seven wins, nine draws and thirteen defeats, with a total of 54 goals conceded, which an average slightly higher than the per meeting. Its incorporation has been a success.

Scotland Rangers suffer to defeat bottom club (2-1)
Like Manchester United and Bursaspor, the Rangers, a rival of Valencia in the Champions League, also won their league match. All Glasgow Protestant, yes, to defeat suffered in Ibrox Park stadium at Saint Johnstone, bottom side classification, 2-1. Papac and Miller in the 79th minute, moving up the opening goal of Grainger. The Rangers dominated the standings with nine points from 9 possible suit with his rival, Celtic.
Champions League 15 to 46 euros, tickets for partners
Valencia announced yesterday the price of tickets for the group stage of the Champions League. Prices are more expensive to watch the game against Manchester United, ranging from EUR 18 Gol 46 Xicotet Stop the Tribune. Before the Rangers and Bursaspor, prices are far from 15 euros to 40. There is the possibility of acquiring, with rebates, a "pack" for three games. Prices for subscribers ranging from 37 euros to 114 euros.

Airport Manises Valencia agrees with Sevilla
The staff of the Valencia Sevilla coincided with that of the airstrip Manises. The Valencian returning from Malaga and Seville had just beat Levante UD. Players from both teams waved and exchanged views.

Mathieu's injury will not prevent play against Racing

French defender Jeremy Mathieu valence suffers hamstring contracture and will not train in a week, said sources with the Primera Liga club.

According to the medical services of Valencia, the player suffers contracture in the proximal third of the hamstring of his right leg, as was confirmed in tests carried out today.

During this week the player will be introduced gradually to the group and is expected to shortly be able to exercise normally.

This prevents the French player to come to the notice of your choice, a fact that has already happened twice before, one before and another to get to Valencia, last season, and as a player at the club.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The coach does not dare to innovate their repertoire

More of the same. Or similar. Last year Valencia Málaga was the three points thanks to a goal from Villa and yesterday he repeated the story without the Guaje. He appeared again with a '11 '(Aduriz) and one already known by the '7' to shelve the case and leave it in place. Valencia wins where you have to win. Perhaps not as it should, but as expected. The result, after all, is what counts. Now or 4-3-3 or bagpipes. Both Emery swim upstream to return to the same place, what is going to better this team. The public confirmation by the coach that the players are comfortable with this picture tells us to think that the Basque is careful to draw on the board in other games. If you do, you know what happens. Critics Llorente baited with him and can give you a patatús.

For now, the president breathe. After ventilation of stars that the team wins, Valencia started the course on a high note. Nothing to do with his colleague Arabic. Al Sheikh is loved in Malaga and he even unfurled a giant banner welcoming. When things start to go wrong, will have to see what is in the stands. In football you know, it has what counts. Points. View a marker for is rewarding for all. There is good humor, as they showed last night the players when they exercised after the meeting on the same turf of the Rose Garden. There running around and even some children accompanied them. One of them is not a hair cut and even received the caresses of Miguel, one of the few certainly repeated in the first eleven compared with a year earlier.

In fact, reviewing the alignments, only Miguel Mata Banega and that starting August played against Sevilla and they did it again last night in Malaga. The Andalusian team does well and especially the Malaga, which is stoking since that 3-0 Dely Valdes in 2001.

Since then, Valencia does not know what a date is defeated in the field. As the streak continues for a team that returns to Caesar's need for situations of serious commitment. Not that the goalkeeper had to do a great job yesterday, but it was very accurate when a header from one of the sought-white brown 2-1. The good work in Paterna is keeping alive the veteran goalkeeper, who after the clash a dialogue on the pitch with Ochotorena and Unai Emery.

The coach, of course, does not change. It is true to his style. Suit jacket despite the heat and fell over Malaga in their thirties degrees to game time. It was the embarrassment of Valencia but seeing the suit only invited to compassion. Despite this, the Basque coach repeats the script. Too bad that in his repertoire of gestures, including some innovation that will serve as a ground for gathering. Not for. Continued gesturing while the new will probably hallucinating. Hearing in the middle game is difficult but understanding it is because people question the mental capacity of Mata-cultural.

For though one tries, football is difficult to understand. Without going any further, Valencia and Malaga have agreed this summer in an unusual appearance. Emery While Valencia has been rounded up and either by his insistence that drawing of 4-3-3 in his Portuguese colleague Malaga tactical variant has brought him only praise. Not because of their effectiveness, because last night was taking in water on all sides, but the hue offensive they say wanted to inject the team. What a contradiction. Emery seeks to protect the Valencia 4-3-3 on the go and give it more strength back and that Jesualdo Ferreira, with three decades of professional soccer, it is to give the opposite version. The one who understands, that explains it.

Yesterday, incidentally, in Malaga recalled a game against Valencia for 60 years, with people like Eizaguirre, Alvaro, Juan Ramon and Puchades, among others. Times change. Then they played very different. A few back and all up. Football has evolved a lot, but at Valencia the thing seems to do well at the moment. Starting well is always a point to keep in mind.

The bad thing about this boot is the injury of Mathieu. The Frenchman felt a sharp pain in the back of the thigh of the right leg and had to be replaced by Jordi Alba. The first observation shows that the side have a contraction and not expected to jeopardize their presence in the next league match to be played in Mestalla against Racing withina two weekends.


The first thing that strikes me when watching the game is that this young team has a system rowed ultimately knows what to play and this tough season lies ahead is very important as the team and the fans know that behind it there A Trainer's very interesting that the definition is clear resulting game .-
It is very easy to discuss the players who will have specific weight on this team, in my opinion Alcacer Paco is hungry, explicit and necessary condition to be a scorer and the team believe, have faith in, Paco is a man who should be Moreover, Vicente Mir (great training) asked more diagonals, the break will uncheck strong for Paco Alcacer and the definition is very similar to a fast striker, is easy to hook the right leg and even to invent, as David Villa was emulating shot while trying to cross legs, on Saturday had the hamstrings (biceps femoris, semitendinosus and
seminembranoso), headgear, so he was replaced, go to more, much more and is a fundamental piece for the safe and subsidiary .-
I loved the central Pardo, a strong player and sure of himself he does not hesitate to jump on the attack because it will score many goals this season, to give a reference is Tendillo Miguel style, but much better, a technical architect with attached damn, a center that soon should be with the big, do not forget you .-
Another great gear and fundamental piece that is Montoro, much effort and hard work, is the soul of the team, Mestalla bat, is where all the staff hopes to bring down the opponent's attacks, an above-road has the ability to know what to do at every moment, destroy and create is their job and perfectly fulfills .-
Portuguese I love, what a great midfielder who had opportunities to score and preferred to return for another player without success mark, a pass that ended in his goal canceled it for alleged offside, you need to believe in himself to shoot more to door, we have the core, the future of more than Valencia.CF already determined that the proper name of this computer is called ISCO, this is a crack or as they say today's modern mega crack, Isco has the baton, leads goal in the veins, ladies and gentlemen Isco is football in its purest form and it is certainly a luxury for the Mestalla who is playing in the category, it is very big and I'm not sure if it's good for your progression, what I am sure of is that they have to go to the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna just to see this great player who loves football has an appointment every week .-
In short it is the gerund, a very young team, very flattering future quarry Valencia and above all a piece of Coach as Vicente Mir, with very clear ideas and without reference DeSUS remain unaware older to play .-

Saturday, August 28, 2010



Emery: "The team has taken a step and says, here we are '

Unai Emery could not hide his satisfaction after a win in the league debut. The coach has said that the team has made "one step further" and that "has laid a good dose of confidence," noting that next week will stop the competition for international commitments. "We had a preseason high load, we'd gone from less to more and more important was the confidence level. The team from the beginning has come out with a mentality that we sought and found, that was the mentality to win. And I think the team had control of the game, ball control and we have generally been higher. "

The Basque coach has recognized the fact that the match has suddenly put "face", but also the mental strength of the team after the tie before halftime. "At half we had a difficult time but we know the difficulties and adversities. The tight Malaga, had their options, and the team has shown a dose of maturity and intelligence. Obviously there are things to improve the team ... breaks at certain times, just having more possession as the team has players ...".

Emery has been very pleased with the attitude of several players, and customized in the case of Joaquin. "There are players who have started with a loaded line responsibilities such as Joaquin. We need to find that regular Joaquin and he's doing. There are players who are taking this step forward." The coach has insisted that this party was a "fixation" to show that the team could give "a step and says, here we are."

Mathieu just 'touched'

Jeremy Mathieu has left the pitch with visible gestures of pain after an action that has been damaged and it has been impossible to continue the game. Unai Emery, after the game, has merely said that "we have to wait" because it was too early to make an assessment, but the fact is that French has caught the back of his right thigh and could be a problem muscle. The side has been replaced by Jordi Alba and waits to be relevant medical evidence in Valencia.

Valencia, more effective, takes a well deserved victory

Valencia took advantage of numerous errors in Malaga defender to get the first win of the season (1-3), with an excellent Joaquin, who scored two goals, and again the of the best times.

The confrontation was two opposing clubs. Malaga with more economic power, becoming the third club that has spent every moment in signings, some 15 million euros, and Valencia, beset by debt, had to sell his two precious jewels, as well as World Champion , Marchena or Malaga Alexis.

The more experienced Valencia thrashed in the opening minutes to Malaga scared. Albelda Banega and asserting themselves in midfield and Fernando Silva Sandro and bands Vicente both left and right of Joachim were faster to your bookmarks.

In addition, Mata, located in the top half did much damage. His was the first time with a shot that the goalkeeper stopped Arnau. Malaga team roamed the countryside, messy, and with many gaps. The goal was about jellyfish and the goal came after a corner kick headed in Aduriz, in minute 9.

The premises were powerless to stop the Valencian. In sporadic attacks without a warrant, searched Cesar's goal, but Valencia know in these situations handled perfectly, no mistakes, dominating and playing on the counterattack. Argentine midfielder Ever Banega, could sentence with a shot that did involve Arnau.

Malaga goalkeeper is the best in Spain in one on one and saved the second goal when Mata, only after a beautiful pass and accurate Joaquin's body satin topped Arnau. Only albiceleste Quincy in all he tried with his speed. I helped some Eliseu and Rondón, but little else.

The draw was difficult to arrive, although the Malaga took the pressure and began to push much higher. The rest was about, but a rookie, the Uruguayan striker Sebastian Fernandez, tied to-kick, beat on low to Caesar. Everything had changed.

The goal of Malaga had aupado to the altars and the beginning of the second half was completely different. Now he wanted the ball that was many minutes in the Valencia area, which was somewhat surprised, but his idea was to speed and make a mistake from the opponent.

The match rate had declined. The two teams played a tired parsimoniously. Quincy, offered the best of Malaga center classy Rondon headed in and Caesar, made the stop of the afternoon disrupting the goal with his right hand. It was the 55th minute.

Anyone could win, because then failure Weligton Ivan Gonzalez and left the ball dead in the small area in the middle Aduriz failed because it was found again Arnau.

Ferreira saw the problems he was having his team back into the midfield, and Fernando Apone changed. But he did not work, because the defense of Málaga wrecked. Joaquin went down the left flank and launched from inside the area playing a defender and a dislocated Arnau, in the 70th minute.

The blow was hard and unexpected, but the back was broken and the midfield did not exist. Valencia started playing pleasure and Joaquin again in a fumble, threw strong and in place, getting the third goal and the sentence in the 74th minute.

Technical data:
1 .- CF Malaga: Arnau, Gamez, Weligton, Ivan Gonzalez, Manu Torres, Quincy, Sandro Silva, Fernando (Apone, m. 67), Eliseu (Juanmi, m. 75), Fernandez (Edinho, m. 83) and Rondón.

3 .- Valencia CF: Caesar, Miguel Navarro, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu (Jordi Alba, m. 71), Vicente (Pablo Hernandez, m. 59), Albelda, Banega, Joaquin Mata (Tino Costa, m. 78) and Aduriz.

Goals: 0-1, M. 9: Aduriz. 1-1, M. 44: Fernandez. 1-2, M. 70: Joaquín. 1-3, M. 74: Joaquín.

Referee: Muniz Fernandez (Asturias Committee). He showed yellow card to players of Málaga Sandro Silva (m.16) and Manu Torres (m. 16), and the players of Valencia Albelda (m. 34), Banega (m.37), Navarro (m. 38), Mata (m. 43) and Caesar (d. 56).

Subs: Party for the first day of Premier League match at the stadium of La Rose Garden of Malaga before some 30,000 spectators.

Juan Mata, organized by the U 21

Juan Mata has been convened by U 21 international matches for the European Championship qualifier against Poland 2011 and the Netherlands. The meeting Spain - Netherlands, for Phase Classification XVIII European Championships U21, will be held on September 2, 2010, at 20:45 pm in the Municipal El Collao. The meeting will be led by Mr. Oliver Drachten referee, and Mr. Roland Mr. Stefan Brandner Kuehr, assistant referees, and Mr. Louis Hofmann, fourth official, all of them Austrian. It has also been designated as a UEFA delegate, Mr. Gudmundur Petursson in Iceland and observer arbitration, Mr. Kyros Vassaras of Greece. The meeting Poland - Spain, for Phase Classification XVIII European Championships U21 will be held in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, 7 September 2010, at 17:00 pm in the Inter Groclin Auto SA

Valencia: The substitute Alexis plays in the League

Although Valencia this summer has seen many of its stars (David Villa, David Silva, Carlos Marchena ...) leaving the Mestalla, the club has been quick to find a replacement. Now, the recent departure of Alexis has caused the coaching staff requested the arrival of another defender.

Valencian managers are not willing to spend more than € 3 million in the new defense, according to the newspaper Las Provincias. This lock definitely complicates any signing during the last days of the market, but the same source said that table ché could wait until January if there is any player who meets those requirements.

However, according to the station RNE points, the combo led by Unai Emery could exploit the discarding of Deportivo Coruna, who later transferred. This is the Portuguese Ze Castro, a center that does not fit in the plans of Miguel Angel Lotina and is seeking a destination for the new course.

Soldier will be between two and three weeks off

Valencia striker Roberto Soldado will be between two and three weeks off following a fibrillar microrrotura, sources with the club Valencia.

The player suffers a break in the median adductor right leg, an injury that occurred on Sunday in Lecce (Italy), where Valencia playing in his last preseason game.

As a result of this injury, Soldier will miss his team's debut in the league, scheduled for Saturday in Malaga, but will have the opportunity to exploit for competitive inactivity recovery next week, since there are no commitments League for the Spanish team.

Soldier: "It's a setback because he wanted to start the competition"

The Valencia striker, who scored a total of four goals in the preseason of his team, admitted he was "a bit annoyed. It is a setback because he wanted to start the official competition."

However, Soldier appealed to "remain calm" and respect recovery times, but hoped to be available for Valencia coach Unai Emery, looking to the next league match, which all receive at the Mestalla Valencia Racing Santander in the second round.

The deal gives the Valencia exit 60.7 million

Not longer striking announced that Valencia has sold many of their heavyweights, and some that they were not, as long as a year to alleviate its battered economy. After consummation of the transfer of Alexis Ruano Sevilla, the balance of the summer period leaving 60.7 million euros in profit in the coffers ches. That yes, do not peek Mestalla premises Villa, Silva, Zigic, Alexis and Marchena. The five have led to the entry of 86 million euros, a record.

Instead, Emery will have signed six players, two of them at zero cost, by 25.3 million, with Roberto Soldado (10 million of its clause) the most expensive of all. With this, the surplus for Manuel Llorente is 60.7 million, which will go to pay part of the debt and the commitments made at the stage of Juan Soler.

Now remains to be seen if the tap closes Valencia arrivals or reinvesting a small portion of the proceeds from Alexis. If it does, look for a central left-handed, or a playmaker and that are attentive to Eman, otherwise goes to Galatasaray could request their transfer.

Savings cards
Valencia save the difference between the wages of those who leave and those who have come. It has also given players of non pay part of the tab, cases of Michel, Aaron, Del Horno, or Nacho Gonzalez.

Fernando pulls out: "A Llorente you want to read that I'm hurt"

Fernando Gomez Colomer yesterday broke his silence in an exclusive interview to The Point Radio Provinces, the former director of sports does not stop and charged puppet head hard against the president, Manuel Llorente.
Cakes and breads. Harsh accusations. Reasoned responses to some of the things said about him in that infamous day of June, when Ferdinand himself and Valencia CF in the form of Javier Gomez, the stuff thrown at his head. The exfutbolista spoke without mincing words, without hiding, in a statement that will raise much dust insurance. Below we highlight the most relevant sentences of the interview.

Hurt with Llorente. "The damage that has made me Llorente is very large, mentally, personally and professionally. I know you read this you will love. I will enjoy reading that I'm hurt. The first weeks I had a really bad time. Now only times when I think I departed from a position that was the dream of my life. "

The report unfavorable to the continuity of Emery. "If I had doubts in January, I know one person who did still more: the president. I changed my mind because in four months Unai showed better manage the group and achieved good results, but above all was to change the template so that we would enter a new scenario where the coach should feel much more comfortable. "

Disagreement with Javier Gomez. "Our relationship was very narrow. He knew many things that I passed to me at the time of Soriano and only had to know me. Full Trust. But his change of attitude with the arrival of Llorente was complete. I do not understand someone who can say "I go and collect the same as if you miss me 'read accept this statement. The expression on his face and how we read it to think that he agreed. But no, I think that played a role. (...) sitting heard in the car the statement read Javier Gomez. I do not like it, but I was completely ecstatic. not provide any information or lay down my statements. "

Llorente never "swallowed." "I admit it. Neither I liked that he was elected president or that I was his manager. Llorente gave me at the right time that it was impossible to find another place to work and no time to plan, and at least had to pay me compensation. It was all very well thought out and planned. (...) Here we do not act to do, but as Llorente wants it done. "And who corrects Llorente if what you think is wrong? (.. ). That will lower the salary 10 or 15 percent see it bullshit. "

Mature, organized with the Netherlands

Hedwiges Maduro has finally been summoned by coach Bert Van Marwijk, two commitments for the EURO 2012 Qualifier Ukraine and Poland to the 'oranges' will play on Friday, September 3, against San Marino at the stadium from Serravela from 20:45 hours on Tuesday, seven, against Finland in the coliseum Feyenoord Rotterdam at 20:30.

Fernandes and Feghouli, was first cited

Valencia travels to Malaga to start the league championship with no technical decision of Portuguese Manuel Fernandez, the French Sophiane Feghouli, Angel Dealbert, the goalkeeper and Argentine Vicente Guaita Alex Dominguez.

These five absences of injured binds Roberto Soldado, who will not be able to make his debut for Valencia in two weeks.

Of these the most striking is that of Fernandes, whose progress the club has not yet been dismissed, while the "Chori" Domínguez latest recovery from injury and was practically decided that she would not traveling at this time.

Therefore, the Valencia travels to Malaga with a total of 18 players: Caesar, Moya, Miguel, Bruno, David Navarro, Maduro, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu, Jordi Alba, Albelda, Topal, Banega, Tino Costa, Pablo, Joaquín, Vicente , Mata and Aduriz.

The staff of Valencia Mestalla club rest on Sunday and Monday and will return to training on the day of Tuesday 31.

Fernandes wants Tottenham

There may still be changes to the template from here to Valencia season finale. At least significant changes and players when spring training began entering Unai Emery's plans. Is the case of Portuguese midfielder Manuel Fernandes.
At present, the Valencia still has not heard of it, but more than likely in the coming days is directed Tottenham Hotspur official club interested in black and white for the recruitment of Luso. It remains to see if it is an assignment or if the English side shows a more serious interest and even raises the possibility of a transfer. Tottenham's interest may crystallize now that the British team is in the first phase of the Champions League, in fact qualified on Wednesday after eliminating the Young Boys of Switzerland and on Thursday entered into the draw for the Champions League. Indeed, it has been drawn in Group A with Inter Milan, Werder Bremen, and the Netherlands Twente.

Fernandes output is a possibility if an offer arrives, in fact, the very coach Valencia, Unai Emery has given the go-ahead to a possible solution since it is a position in the template is well covered. Today, players such as Banega, Tino Costa or Topal have advantage ahead of Fernandes and the actual football is willing to go.

Viana at Sporting Braga
Moreover, another Portuguese may also leave the sport. This is Hugo Viana, although this is a much less important exit because it does not account for Emery, unless surprise has no place in the first team. In this case, the Portuguese side Sporting Braga, who recently got off to Seville in the Champions League. And it is this aspect, as in the case of Tottehnam-which causes the Portuguese team decides to sign to Viana.
In this regard we must remember that Viana and spent last season on loan at Sporting, and that with him as owner of the team took second place in the Portuguese league behind Benfica and gave option to play the preliminary to the Sevilla. Now, with the money guaranteed to be in the playoffs will come to at Viana, who is a contract season. Of course, to let him go Valencia wants to give up much of the tab that fits this season.

The club provides the arrival of a given central

While Sevilla presents Alexis as a new player in spite of the elimination of Champions and the ensuing economic setback, Valencia remain calm as the recruitment of a central referred. Even the black and white club following one after another but none offers defense ends to fit. The club plans remain without haste, but very aware of everything that can offer the market at any given time. The latest development in this regard is that Valencia now considering the possibility of reaching a given player as long as they can ensure a profitable future option if the player given the size.
This possibility of the assignment option extends the range as possible to come now players whose transfer price can not face Valencia at the moment. Even so, remain remote possibilities. This also conjugaría with a top sporting the address marked on the central case, and that is not going to come a patch or anyone that does not improve what is already on staff. In this sense we can agree on the transfer and for the next season, or even for the winter market, the amount to be paid by the player. It would in any case to defer payment because it is now impossible because the club is unable to cope with a large transfer. That is not going to sign a player now as well as Alexis was sold to Sevilla .-

Malaga curtain rises League

A Emery ran out of time for Pronatura and testing. The Rose Garden check this afternoon to kick off a career transformed Valencia without Villa nor Silva, who clings to power block and the philosophy of aggressive football for at least repeat qualification for Champions League , the only passport to economic salvation of the entity. The team travels to Malaga full of good feelings, especially after the last two wins against Fiorentina and Lecce, which all showed Valencia a stronger version than that offered in the beginning of the preseason, and in the only setback was the low Soldier.
Without the front Basque coach is determined to go for the dominant system last season, ie 4-2-3-1, which is the basis Aduriz in the attack after he left without calling the Chori Dominguez still without a good physical tone due to tendinitis that has left out the last weeks training. Aduriz behind all point to Joaquin and Vicente will be responsible for the bands starting with Juan Mata in the playmaker as heir to the magic of Silva. In the rear, the question is whether the ball out Maduro preface to the gallons and the weight of Navarro, while Albelda, Mathieu, Miguel and Ricardo Costa seem fixed on the technical scheme.
For its part, Malaga starts a new stage with a new owner, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani Arabic, a new coach, Portuguese Jesualdo Ferreira and seven new players, with the aim of consolidating the project in the Liga. Ferreira will have six of the seven signings since the Argentine defender Javier Hernán, is injured, as one of the fundamental pieces as Luso midfielder Duda, surgery on his discomfort at the pubis.

A field talisman
Valencia have not lost at the Rose Garden since 2001, when it fell thrashed 3-0. In Malaga, the Valencian twelve wins have been achieved in twenty-nine hits, the last by 0-1 last season. The global record of goals for the games in La Liga, Valencia total 38 goals for and twenty against. Two of them were 0-2 on the season of 2001-2002, which confirmed the Valencia's league title.

Viana returns to Sporting Braga
The Sporting de Braga will count in their ranks with Hugo Viana. The Portuguese footballer played on loan from Valencia last season with all Luso, which gelled a great campaign and helped greatly in their qualification for the Champions League. Back to Valencia, Viana was discarded by Emery in the month of July and the club began to seek a solution without success. However, after passing the group stage, and the 7 million offered by UEFA for it, the Portuguese club has grown to become interested in Viana, and is very close to finalizing an agreement with leaders to incorporate valncianistas midfield, which will lower your current tab, estimated at 1.2 million. For his part, Fernandes, who does not travel to Malaga, Tottenham want English, trying to align our positions with Valencia

General strike in Champions

The Valencia forward on Monday a report to UEFA about the incidents that may occur on 29 September, the day in which there is called a general strike in Spain which coincides with the dispute in the party Mestalla Valencia-Manchester United League Champions. According to club sources said Valencian is virtually impossible to change both the date of the party as their dispute in Manchester rather than in Valencia because there are requirements of the tournament (Valencia play, if you change it, three straight away from home) and television in England that would prevent it. In any case, in Valencia that the fact that the strike has been called to the same game day, at least not detrimental to the displacement of the delegation of Manchester. "They, in any event, ride the day before the 28th, and can return to England in the early 30th, when there will be no strike. What will be the more complicated the movement of the Manchester fans wanting to follow the Valencia the same day of the meeting, "sources said.
Since the club Valencia is recognized that the case is "bad solution" because any change of date would affect clubs in other countries, so that it will be "very difficult" to make changes.
The report to be sent on Monday, the club's UEFA inform all circumstances which may affect the organization and party dispute and which may be conditioned by the development of the strike planned for that day. Valencia will be the only Spanish club who dispute the Champions League which directly affects the strike, as Barcelona are playing the same day in Russia before the Rubin Kazan and Real Madrid will receive the eve corresponds to Ajax in Santiago Bernabéu.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Sporting Braga has also shown interest in the Portuguese Hugo Viana, who account for Emery Still may be changes in the staff of the Valencia season finale here.At least significant changes and players when spring training began entering Unai plans Emery. Is the case of Portuguese midfielder Manuel Fernandes.
At present, the Valencia still has not heard of it, but more than likely that in the coming days the Tottenham Hotspur club is officially directed black and white to be interested in recruiting Luso. Be seen whether this is an assignment or if English side shows a more serious interest and even raises the possibility of a transfer. Tottenham's interest may crystallize now that the British team is in the first phase of the Champions League, in fact qualified on Wednesday after eliminating the Young Boys of Switzerland and on Thursday entered into the draw for the Champions League. Indeed, it has been drawn in Group A with Inter Milan, Werder Bremen, and the Netherlands Twente.

Fernandes output is a possibility if an offer arrives, in fact, the very coach Valencia, Unai Emery has given the go-ahead to a possible solution since it is a position in the template is well covered. Today, players like Banega, Tino Costa or Topal have advantage ahead of Fernandes, and the player himself is ready to go.

HUGO VIANA terminate its contract with Valencia CF.

Hugo Viana signed for three years

Hugo Viana will be player of SC Braga. Midfielder canceled Monday with Valencia and Arsenal will be signing a contract for three seasons.

Some time ago, the club is trying to ensure Braga Hugo Viana and the shape was completely free when the player ends up with Valencia.

Hugo Viana has 27 years of age and maintained in 33 games last season with SC Braga shirt, scoring seven goals.


The draw for the Champions League has raised a few games full of uncertainty, to be sure, several surprises in store. English and Spanish have all the papers to qualify, but both Scots and Turks can achieve major victories in their stadiums.

Manchester United, the 'coconut' group

The 'Red Devils' are a group of players with a B average category, but where world stars include the likes of Wayne Rooney, who scored 26 goals last season in the Premiership, being second only to Drogba (29) .
The doorman is none other than Van der Sar, one of those 'old rockers' to which its 39 years not weighed. With leadership, good placement and unbeatable over, the Dutchman is a life insurance under sticks and one of the best goals in recent history.
On defense, the Serbian international Nemanja Vidic is a pair of category with Rio Ferdinand and his firmness in the air will be a tough test for Soldier, Aduriz and company, to be fajarse role in every ball divided. In addition, Evra French, far from his best, is still one of the best side of the continent.
The center of the field combines youth and experience, but in any case quality, high quality. In the first group, the sizzling Ryan Giggs (36) and Paul Scholes (35), while among younger are Nani, Anderson and Valencia.
The best of Alex Ferguson's team in the land offensive, where Rooney will be well supported by Berbatov, Owen and Javier Hernandez. Precisely the Mexican, who has only 21 years, and it is surprising to those who did not know of its existence until the recent World Cup.

Glasgow Rangers, to overcome the group stage
The team 'Protestant' won the league title in his country after overcoming Celtic in what was a very similar to the Spanish championship, two teams far above the rest, a distance tracker and the majority of clubs in a fist .
The Scots achieved the league title thanks to the 87 points scored and only three defeats they harvested. On offense shines striker Kris Boyd, scorer of the championship with 23 points. The striker, who recently celebrated 27 years, has the honor of being the player who has become the most goals in the Scottish Premier League, beating the iconic Henrik Larsson.Gone was the influence of Spanish Nacho Novo, who this season has washed up at Sporting Gijon.

Bursaspor, Turkey Cinderella

Debutante in the Champions League, the Ottoman set is known as 'green crocodiles' and will be represented by a campus without figures and with great influence of Argentine soccer, represented by four components.
The Bursa is one of the biggest teams in the country because of its 47 years of life (an eternity in Turkey).
Stresses in the Turkish championship champion Sercan Yildirim, a front of only 20 years with remarkable quality and great ability to beat the rival frameworks. The young talent is developed with ease in any position to attack, as offensive and even half the band. His speed could be a headache for Miguel Brito, which should not neglect the Turk.


Could purchase option but still the possibility that still more complicated.

While Sevilla presents Alexis as a new player in spite of the elimination of Champions and the ensuing economic setback, Valencia remain calm as the recruitment of central concerns. Even the black and white club following one after another but none offers defense ends to fit. The club plans remain without haste, but very aware of everything that can offer the market at any given time. The latest development in this regard is that Valencia now considering the possibility of reaching a given player as long as they can ensure a profitable future option if the player given the size.
This possibility of the assignment option extends the range as possible to come now players whose transfer price can not face Valencia at the moment. Even so, remain remote possibilities. This also conjugaría with a top sporting the address marked on the central case, and that is not going to come a patch or anyone that does not improve what is already on staff. In this sense we can agree on the assignment and for the next season, or even for the winter market, the amount to be paid by the player. It was in any case to defer payment because it is now impossible because the club is unable to cope with a large transfer. That is not going to sign a player now as well as Alexis was sold to Sevilla


The Portuguese do not travel to Malaga, the technician has not convened Guaita, Feghouli, Chori Dealbert and Dominguez.TTravels to Valencia Malaga to start the league championship with no technical decision of the Portuguese Manuel Fernandes, French Sophiane Feghouli, Angel Dealbert, the goalkeeper and Argentine Vicente Guaita Alex Dominguez.

These five absences of injured binds Roberto Soldado, who will not be able to make his debut for Valencia in two weeks.

Of these the most striking is that of Fernandes, whose progress the club has not yet been dismissed, while the "Chori" Domínguez latest recovery from injury and was practically decided that she would not traveling at this time.

Therefore, the Valencia travels to Malaga with a total of 18 players: Caesar, Moya, Miguel, Bruno, David Navarro, Maduro, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu, Jordi Alba, Albelda, Topal, Banega, Tino Costa, Pablo, Joaquín, Vicente , Mata and Aduriz.

The staff of Valencia Mestalla club rest on Sunday and Monday and will return to training on the day of Tuesday 31.


The new '7 'hopes to start the season with victory but warns that the duel in Malaga will be "very difficult." Joaquín Sánchez, the new '7 'Valencia staff following the departure of David Villa due to Can Barça, appeared yesterday before the media in the sports city. The Cadiz, which has been one of the most prominent juadores in the preseason, explained the reasons why it has taken up the new cord and, as usual, ended up joking about comparisons with the Guaje: "The '7 'is a number that I liked. I took him in the lower Betis but then I could not take the first team nor in the selection because I was a kid ... . such a Raul. Man obviously gets the goals not the number of puts the player ...». but I pop in the middle of which has put the Guaje with '7 'I settle ...».

The back will be a news for Cadiz, the other novelty will be the position that opens this season as captain. The Andalusian took the opportunity to thank the support they have provided to their peers and also hinted that the responsibility that comes with the captaincy can help optimize even their performance in the field, "Above all what is one is happy I love that show peers to choose you. The captain really is true that I can give as in previous years plus I've missed. . It's something that makes you grow and feel more identified with the club, with people ...». Joaquín again a heavyweight in the template.

Regarding the league debut for Joaquin difficulty and importance of the points at stake in the rose garden is greatest although some people may seem an easy compromise: "There are three points to take moral and come very well because they are First, outside of house that will be very difficult, and it then there is the rest of the selections. " The Cadiz is aware that the season starts now going to ask the players plus the VCF after the many variations it has been this summer but, contrary to what many think, does not believe that what Real Madrid and Barca will be as easy as they did last season in domestic competition, "We have to aspire to the same as them and we have to see if we can go up a step on the previous campaign. We hope that Real and Barca are not as easy as last year. . It's early, but I think they will not be as easy ...». Joaquín promete dar guerra. Joaquin promises to war.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


The team will start the race in Turkey on September 14
The team will start the race in Turkey on September 14

•Group C
Manchester United
Valencia CF
Glasgow Rangers

Week 1
September 14, 2010
Bursaspor - VCF

• Day 2
September 29, 2010
VCF - Manchester United

• Day 3
October 20, 2010
Glasgow Rangers - VCF

• Day 4
November 2, 2010
VCF - Glasgow Rangers

•Day 5
November 24, 2010
VCF - Bursaspor

• Day 6
December 7, 2010
Manchester United - VCF


Cesar believes that Valencia will pass to eighths Cesar Sanchez has appealed to the strength of the local Valencia move round in the Champions League, which groups have been drawn today. Do you think that Caesar is right?

Al de Coria is not afraid none of the rivals (Manchester United, Glasgow Rangers and Bursaspor): "The competition is going to compete in four areas warm with a great atmosphere, so it will be very important rate in places where the stage will for the host team. Therefore, I repeat, the key will be, first, to be strong at home, "he said.

Cesar said he is confident that the three opponents would have preferred another team rather than the hype rival Valencia two of the draw. "We face two league champions as the Scottish or Turkish, which certainly has not been easy for them, as a rival to the power of Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs in Europe," he said.

On the lack of equipment as Bursaspor, recalled that there are teams that sneak in competitions without any many references to his game and then achieve their goals and set an example to Sporting Braga against Sevilla.


Valencia coach recognizes the difficulty of two landmark as United and Rangers and calls for respect for Bursaspor. The Valencia coach Unai Emery said after learning that his team's rivals in the group stage of the Champions League are Manchester United, Rangers and Bursaspor, the group is "attractive and strong" and has left them "satisfied."

Emery said, told the club's website, the presence in the group of Manchester United, "one of the best teams in the world, recent winner of the tournament favorites to win again,"
" "Another who is also a historical, both in Europe and at home, is the Glasgow Rangers. The third team is a stranger, the Turkish Bursaspor, but we must respect because last season he won a prestigious league in which teams compete well "he added.

"We accept what the draw has given us and also we know that the fans will be very nice to see a Manchester United Valencia at the Mestalla and for those who can travel and to those components of the template will be very special live matches stadiums like the Rangers or Manchester, "he said.

The coordinator of the technical secretariat, Braulio Vazquez noted that none of the eight groups drawn today is easy.

"Manchester is a first-class team, whose record speaks for itself, with a huge complex and important individuals like Rooney, or Bervatov Chicharito, and has extensive international experience," he said.

On the Glasgow Rangers, said his champion status in the Scottish league. "Its primary virtue that we see are very strong in their stadium," he said before indicating that the Bursaspor has won the Turkish League clubs ahead of tradition.

"There is a team of great individuals but also very strong at home and has a large block. The Manchester has many names but we can not rule out the other two teams. I respect very much, because if you are among the 32 best Europe is for something, "he concluded.


The VCF was measured where English or Scottish rivals in the group stage, went as far as possible. Valencia reached the final of the Champions League when they coincided with Manchester United and Glasgow Rangers, teams with those measured in the group stage of the current edition of the Champions League, according to today's draw gave in Monaco.

The Valencia in Group C of the current edition of the tournament with two teams with the British and Turkish team Bursaspor, which first staged the Champions League and Valencia all have no precedent for fighting.

As far as the top seed of the group, Manchester United, Valencia met with Alex Ferguson team led both the 1999-2000 campaign and in the next, 2000-2001, in which two Mestalla all reached the final of the tournament.

The four games played in this competition for the Valencia to Manchester all have been resolved with three draws and a victory of the England team and a global scoring a balance for both Valencia and four for the English.

The first confrontation took place in the second group stage of Champions League 1999-2000, the first he played for Valencia.

Manchester United won 3-0 at Old Trafford and the match at the Mestalla ended goalless draw and both teams to qualify.

A year later, in the second group stage, both parties ended in a draw, to zero in Valencia and one in England, with an own goal from a local champion in the final minutes of the meeting. Also the two sets were successful qualifier.

Earlier, both teams had been measured in the 1982-1983 UEFA Cup, a competition in which the Valencian have achieved their only victory so far against Manchester United.

It was in the first round of that edition of the UEFA Cup, in which Valencia, after a goalless draw in the English field leg, rallied in the back one side and won 0-1 in the return by 2-1 with goals from Solsona and Roberto.

Before the Glasgow Rangers, history fully supports Valencia, in the first group stage of the tournament of the season 1999-2000 won both games.

In Mestalla did 2-0 with goals from Kily Gonzalez and a own goal in the Scottish team Glasgow won 1-2 with goals from Gaizka Mendieta and Claudio López.

However, it was the last confrontation in the Cup Winners Cup 1979-1980 campaign, which has entered the history of Valencia, for in that edition of the tournament champion team.

In the second round, after a tie to one in Mestalla, Valencia appealed to the epic and Glasgow won 1-3, which opened the way to the title, after overcoming Barcelona, Nantes and in the final , Arsenal London.

Among the four games against Scottish club, Valencia has scored a total of eight goals and has received three goals.

The fourth team in the group, the Turkish Bursaspor has never been measured with Valencia to date.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The best mark is 33, did in his youth, but rather "be too generous and check another." Mates rave about it and step by step is demonstrating that it wants to partake in capital letters in Valencia. The striker has scored in the last two pre-season friendlies, comes at the beginning of the League of sweet and although he is not 'promise' figures, going to fight like the best to overcome the 16 goals that are its best professional . With his attitude and work will have at their disposal.

Do you like football or dedicated to him by his qualities?
— (Laughs) I love it, especially playing soccer.I'm not the kind that is usually glued to the TV watching a lot of games, but I love playing football. También me gustan mucho otros deportes. I also like other sports.
—"I practice I can, like golf, that I can combine and is a distraction to the mind away a little from day to day what is football. I also love surfing in summer, while snowboarding is more dangerous and less practical, also play tennis, paddle tennis, a shovel, the front wall ... since I have little cross-country skiing with my parents who always went to Mt.
—When do the Olympics?
—I am a lover of sport and I love them.
— Have you challenged and Paul, Mata and Bruno to play golf?
— "They told me that usually go to play and I will point.
— "He looks a very quiet person, you dare to speak out?
—"Someday, I'm pretty quiet but I have my soon. Over time I have been checking over my character, especially in the field, I believe that before a player was very temperamental and impulsive, and sometimes I have played some trick. Drivers to improve performance.
—¿ Do you have a baby face good or only think?
— "I'm more like I am, my parents tell me it was quite small bug.
—"In a 4-3-3, what position is placed?
—"Upstairs obviously more focused than the sides. If I play one side or to another I try to do good, but my features as I am better placed in the center.
— "Everything indicates that in Malaga will be played with a 4-2-3-1," or behind the reference point?
— "Usually I play more advanced than in the second line, but I always think to help. For example, the Athletic after returning from Valladolid, many games played by the band with that system and had no problem.
— What band fell?
— "Of the two.
— What is your best course record goalscorer?
— "The best record was in youth when I scored 33, and professionally made 16 goals in the Segunda B Burgos, 14 in Valladolid and Mallorca.
— A striker misses score 20 goals every year while others contribute?
— "Of course I love to score goals like that again, I wish I could make 30 each season. It is true that my numbers have never been very high, but I like also that mark around me a lot of goals and help those that mark. I'd like to score more goals, is one of the handicaps I have always, but I'd rather be too generous in some time to check a partner who sin of selfish and not do it.
— Did you choose to be front or put him there?
— "Since childhood I can see your strengths and put you ahead.
—Why everyone speaks wonders for you in the clubs he has been?
— I do not know, is a difficult question, but I always try to help as much as you can, be a friend of my friends, trying to be a normal kid, honest and sincere.
— What target has been marked?
—Assist in Valencia all you can, try to become important in the team to help my teammates and to all ... nice to do a year.
—Would you leave the Athletic hurt?
—"Yes, in due course. I raised the output by economic problems, they came Mallorca option was to pay five million euros and opted for a gourd that money hole that other sports were the topic covered and took the step.
— "When I left the Athletic, what was proposed goal?
— "I left my house 18 years to go and try to study INEF Vitoria, in the end I could not because I did not for a few tenths. Antiguoko was in a neighborhood team with Xabi Alonso, Mikel Iraola, Murillo ... We had a wonderful group, and then went with the excuse Vitoria study. Alaves was going, but eventually played in Vitoria Aurrerá because I offered to play in Segunda B and wanted to go a step further, instead of being in the youth. I did a very good year and I went to Athletic Bilbao, where I was three years before going to Burgos, Valladolid, returned to Athletic, Mallorca and Valencia. Leaving Bilbao was a stick hard because you're home and it was my computer, I have always tried to be happy where I've been there. Perform better if you're happy.
—He had the option of signing for Valencia before?
— "Not as clear as this summer.Last season may have interest, but it was very remote.
— Do you consider yourself superstitious or maniac?
—"Not too much.
— Does the dorsal '11 'for a special reason?
—"It was a number that would leave because he had options Asier out and is the day I was born (February 11). I've been several times as a child, my girlfriend Ainhoa also liked and was a nice number to start this little adventure.
— Have you been impressed by a striker?
—"Many who have seen it on TV, as Van Basten, Romario in his prime, Ronaldo ... But I've really liked Urzaiz agreed, was a show how header.
— Why is Fernando Llorente said springs on your feet?
—"For my career in all categories I have heard a lot of balls at the top and, if I wanted to download, had to jump a lot to try to catch it with his chest and grab it. I had to jump a lot in my life and have been improving.
—Have you used the tips of the porters to improve?
— "Yes, many times. The porters will help us to the front to improve, they will discuss what they see at the last moment when you go to shoot or what they think and react when a front facing you, there are many things that help you.
— Do you check hours a Play?
—"I'm not a fan of games, occasionally play a game with people, but only because I never get bored.
—"I just have to choose a partner to play in attack," Villa, Private or Higuain?
— "Take a Mini identical to Villa.
— "He told me Asier, with the same colors and everything, I had no idea.
— "It's hard to see two very good goalkeepers in the club," so are two strikers if you only play one?
— "No, a team like Valencia, the more good players is better, and if power is ten good better than two good and four points better than two.
— In home care of some work or bargain?
— "The truth is that I try to help as I can.
— Did you come to the Mestalla Cup final between FC Barcelona and Athletic?
—"Yes, I saw it in a fund for the families of the players and was a nice game. I wanted to come and spend the whole day to see the atmosphere, but I could not live long because they recognize you and then you stopped. The fans of one thing Athletic live is special, it feels a lot and was a revolution in Bilbao.
—Lee on the nightstand?
— "I read recently, occasionally recommend a book that I am not a fan of reading, really. "The last? La trilogía de Millenium. The Millennium trilogy.
— What has inherited locker in the locker room?
—I do not know, I sit next to Dealbert at the Mestalla, but I wondered who he was.
—Ensaimada, paella or ...
— Chop-I (laughs).
— Are you being happy?
—"Yes, try to be at every moment of life. I am very happy.
— Unai How do you see?
— "I see a coach with an incredible excitement, that enthusiasm has passed and can not wait to do it very well, is the ideal coach now.
— Are you surprised a partner?
— "On the personal side of players, footballing know them, in the dressing room pleasantly surprised me.
— Is it true that she changed her agent to sign for Valencia?
—"I'm surprised that a journalist can publish anything without contrast the news or have any contact with me, I feel a terrible lack of respect. My relationship with my former players was completed before I had a lot of interest from Valencia and I have signed has nothing to do with the change nor who my representative. Is independent of the VCF Aduriz have wanted to sign the player and not a particular agent.
—"His colleagues say he has many freckles on his face, did you ever know how many have?
— "It's impossible because I have a small pile and had more.