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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Javier Gómez leaves its executive function in the VCF

December 31 no longer will belong to the executive chart, but will continue being vice president of the VCF.

After the past day 12 from December the Valencia reached an agreement with Bankia, a restructuración internal in the company has been initiated, with the one that Javier Gómez Molina to will stop belonging the next one 31 from December to the executive chart of the Valencia CF. Javier, that entered in the company April 28, 1999, will continue being member of the board Meeting, since will continue exercising of vice president.

In the month of June of 2010 Javier Gómez already communicated Manuel Cry you its intention to abandon the company, but the president wanted that continued to its side until obtaining one of the fundamental milestones inside the plan of viability that had the club. Javier already carried time meditating this theme and now takes advantage of the restructuración internal to carry out the change, for which Cry you will be the visible only head of the executive area. It is curious that some weeks ago was the own one Javier the one that displaced to Holland to negotiate with the Ajax the acquisition of they Go der Wiel, but from now on that responsibility only will have it the president.

Up to now that bicefalia existed executive, motivated chiefly by the two large ways of work that there were in the club; the matters relating to the day by day and the plan of viability. For which once consummate one of these matters, has determined to seek a solution, that passed through the exit of Javier Gómez of the executive chart and its functions will remain limited to the board Meeting. Manuel Cry you, that already undertook this matter in the last meeting of the Counsel carried out the past day 22 and that continued with a lunch the next day, values the excellent work carried out by Javier in recent years, and from now on will be he who take all the decisions.

The vice president of the club, Mr. Javier Gómez Molina, to will stop belonging the next day December 31, 2011 to the executive chart of the Valencia Club of Soccer. After obtaining the club some fundamental milestones in the plan of viability, the company attacks a restructuring in the cited professional chart. Gómez will remain linked to the Valencia CF as member of the board Meeting, in which will continue occupying the Vice-presidency.

Albelda has the word to continue in the Valencia

The Sports Direction will offer to continue and will be he who, harmonious to the role that be going to have, will decide.

In the Valencia there are five footballers that finish contract the next one 30 of June, but little by little they go being watchful the intentions that has the Sports Direction on its future and one of the proper nouns is David Albelda. So much Braulio Vázquez as Emery are delighted with the performance of the captain to their 34 years and in some weeks they are going to sit down with their representative to present him the option to stretch a season more their stay in the first staff. With his current performance, the club has very clear his so much continuity for which gives on the lawn as for which signifies in the wardrobe for the youths, and the captain is also conscious that if he is seen in conditions to be protagonist like up to now, he will continue a season more. Albelda is not going to be in a hurry at the moment of to make its decision, prefers to wait for that the exercise be near to conclude, but he is going to have the last word to continue connected with the club a season more.

To David does not he like to look at long-term, prefers to live the present and is satisfied individually with the first section of course, summarized in 15 parties disputed, 11 of which they have been complete, with some very good sensations. Physically it is to a great level, in part because Emery is distributing the minutes with Topal so that both be it more fresh possible when they play. Tactically David is an insurance of life and in the parties him is seen distributing orders and doing corrections to its companions seeking the benefit of the collective one. In spite of the step of the years, the born midfield player in it Populates Llarga he has not lost the hunger and that is being key to maintain its current level. That illusion the transfer to the day by day in the training and while maintain wants to continue it playing, although in its waybill has a clear thing as declares to its environment: "I am not going to be in the Valencia by being, only if I feel useful". Here its intentions are seen, in which Albelda will continue if is going to be an important piece, wants that of him recall a positive image and not to prolong too much its career in the club, being multiplied its stay in the step. That has it clearly.

Another aspect that Albelda is going to value at the moment of to decide on its renewal will be the opinion that have the coach. Of what serves to be felt in conditions to play if later the technician does not count with you? This road continued it to end of the last course and Unai communicated him its desires so that continued. The current coach finishes contract June 30 and not yet is known if the Valencia will offer him to continue or not, but the opinion of the technician also is going to have it very in account the player. And the economic plan is going to be secondary for the footballer, for which in that aspect there will not be discrepancies between the two parts, as passed to ends of the past course.

The Sports Direction of the Valencia, as carries out in other positions, is continuing midfield players with a defensive profile by if Albelda does not continue the next season, since Mehmet Topal has contract until June 30, 2014.

The other cases
To the margin of Albelda, the Valencia already has decided on the future of the other players whose contract expires June 30; to Dealbert already they have him placed over the table a proposal of renewal, but different is the case of Bruno Saltor and Miguel Brito. Until the lateral one Portuguese did not arrive late November 27, the Sports Direction was being presented even to have three right wingers the next course offering him the continuity with a most minimum fixed salary and cousins by party disputed, but now that option no longer is contemplated. And later is the future of Mature. The VCF has communicated the agents of the Dutchman that report him if has some proposal, since its continuity is played when recover of the wound.


The goalkeeper go to the sports complex to try a contraction in the isquios that "evolves of positive form".

Diego Alves has returned this Wednesday to the sports complex of Paternal, in order to being put on the verge of face to the resumption of the competition after the Christmas festivals. The Brazilian goalkeeper already was Tuesday, two days before the predicted date for the return to the training. The Brazilian takes advantage of his presence these days in Valencia to respond to the sports facilities of the club with the objective to advance the process of recovery of the wound that suffers in the muscles isquiotibiales of the right leg.

Diego Alves, that was a dad in the middle of the past month of November, he has not wanted to travel to his native land in these of mini-holidays. The month of life of his son light up and the contraction in the subsequent part of the thigh that suffered in the penultimate training of the year they did that to decide to pass this Christmas in Valencian lands, where has been accompanied by various members of its family.

Last December 20, while was coached with the group in a session presided by the intense cold, Alves suffered a puncture in the isquios of the right leg; even so could finish the work. The next day, after the doctors submitted the goalkeeper to a new exploration in the sports complex, was afraid that could have a microrrotura that set apart him of the lands of play between two and three weeks. Fortunately, the magnetic resonance on Thursday 22, practiced in the Center of Recovery to Raise, revealed that the wound was less serious. The goalkeeper breathed tranquil and all he remained in a contraction with a time reckoned for his recovery around ten days.
Now, trascurridos six days, the sensations of the goalkeeper are positive. Since the medical services is indicated that the recovery is reflecting inside "the normal parameters". Because of it, so much the environment of the player as the own physicians see very probable that Alves can be again at the disposal of Unai Emery for the first party of 2012, the departure of quarterfinals in the Cup of the King set against the Seville of next Thursday 5 of January.

Finally, the wound of Alves, that was lost the last party from 2011 set against the Cadiz, has remained in a badly smaller one. This contraction in the isquiotibiales has been the first muscular wound that has suffered the goal in its career. Since his arrival to Spain in 2007 the former goalkeeper of Athletic Mineiro has been characterized for the regularity. In this sense, before putting on file last summer by the VCF he had played an average over the 30 parties in the three last courses.


The technicians coincide in which "is very centered in the professional thing", what will help him to be "more to regulate".

"Éver is done greater, him is seen more mature", "is appreciated a more centered player", "is giving a radical change" . This is the opinion that generates the new one Éver Banega among the professionals of the Valencia, who they work with him daily. The commitment that is showing the Argentine this season has been key so that the club have placed in motion the negotiations with the representative Mark it Simonian and to try to renew the midfield player, that finishes contract June 30, 2013.

The metamorphosis of Banega is founded in the "spirit" with the one that undertook the season, especially in the moments in which the doubts, first by their delay from 20 minutes to a training returned and, subsequently, after falling injured in the party of Champions set against the Bayer Leverkusen. Nevertheless, Éver "has been centered" a hundred for a hundred in it professional giving a positive answer. "It is very centered and thus all is a lot more easy", the technicians coincide.

The first break with the past arrived in summer. As opposed to it it happened in previous pre-seasons, this time Éver came in "good percentages of weight". For example, the passed course the lag in the scale, united to the wound in the ankle that the racinguista produced him Diop, were the factors that caused that since the start cost him to show its play with regularity. The Argentine was not that of a year before and only he gave his talent with intermittences.

Nevertheless, this campaign 2011/2012 Banega is offering its soccer with greater consistency. The dispute of the Cup America with Argentina in July served him to be presented in the pre-season "super active and finer". Unai Emery has utilized to the international one albiceleste as its regular organizer since the principle. In spite of to have been five weeks in the dry dike, on account of the distension of knee that was done against the Bayer, that of Rosary continues being one of the players of the team with greater prominence in the League.

The pillar of the central one
Only seven men surpass it: Soldier, Rami, Víctor Ruiz, Mathieu, Guaita, Jordi and Pablo. And none of them has suffered a wound of importance as he. There is no doubt that Éver is one of the pillars in the eleven of Emery. Without going further, in League of Champions was a holder in the four first parties of the group AND, playing it practically all to the wound of November 1 in the minute 23 after a throw with the captain of the Leverkusen Michael Ballack. In the league competition, in turn, only the sorrow before the Athletic one was lost €Emery sat down it in the stool to ration him, giving entrance to Skill Coast€ and that of October set against the Majorca. That of Palm was the party after its delay to a session after a long flight from Venezuela, where had been with Argentina. Emery did not cite it, but already had thinking to give him rest with a view to the BayArena. The performance of Éver has caused that that slip did not have consequences.

At the beginning of November happened unexpectedly the most difficult moment. The wound in the knee. The references of years ago revived the doubts. It will be left to carry Banega in its recovery? Not. All the contrary thing. The doctors clarify their "predisposition to return as soon as possible". The mediocentro shortened in a week the time limit predicted. "Has worked hard, with constancy, tomorrow and late. Each day at nine in the morning and at four o'clock in the afternoon had to the recuperador in Paternal provided to be recovered".

"The things do not leave for art of magic, but with work", the same source says. An effort that has given him fruits. In spite of count not still with the high medical one, Éver showed its "will to help" to the team in the party against the Chelsea. Few days later was already in the stool of the Villamarín and in Cadiz, in the departure hostess of December 13, the return was consummated.

It it offered by Éver, playing practically two complete parties to great level before Malaga and Cadiz after a wound of month and medium, is a fact that values in great measure the technical body. The attitude improved and their perfect physical condition they impact in the play of a vital footballer. "It is fundamental, the best option to clear the play", explains one of its companions of wardrobe. Similar opinion to that of the technicians that see in Banega to a player "referencial". With the international one albiceleste the play of the Valencia flows with more facility. Besides, the commitment of the player is being seen reflected also at the moment of to recover balls and to help in defensive tasks

At Christmas, far outstrips Soldier to the rest of Spanish scorer

So difficult was a year ago to foresee the astonishing situation that currently pass through Spanish scorers, like venturing to make assumptions at this point who will form the front of Spain's European Championship next summer. But beyond that, the reality is that the name of Roberto Soldado stands in this debate.

At the Christmas break, the Valencia striker has achieved the best results a Spanish footballer scorers so far this season. In Cadiz scored with the Cup on Thursday, Soldier has scored 17 goals in 24 games. Eleven of the targets has been achieved in five League and Champions League. Is pounding so hard the door of the Spanish team that made the player at Real Madrid is very close to be called by Vicente del Bosque for the international friendly on February 29, one trial before the Euro.

If Soldier is also highlighted by the sudden crisis in their scoring clubs in front of the Red usual. The severe drought of Fernando Torres sounded (this season has four goals in 18 appearances for Chelsea), there are the unusual numbers at this point in David Villa (who before his serious injury had nine goals in 24 games) Fernando Llorente (eight in 19) and Alvaro Negredo (five in 16). Until recently, these four players were vying with no debate to attack the positions of world champions.

Raul, the main persecutor of Soldier

The spicy has put the return to scene of an old rocker like Raul Gonzalez, who is signing a season at Schalke 04 striker worthy of his best years at Real Madrid. Right now is the second killer after Spanish Soldier, with 13 goals scored in 25 games. His ten goals in the league championship (if the Bundesliga, who fights for his team) also exceeded only Che striker 11, the other Spanish players are behind the Madrid veteran. Hence it has rekindled a debate on his back who captained the national team until 2006.

For the strange situation of pure front, stand further brilliant Cesc Fabregas numbers in its first four months in the FC Barcelona. The former Arsenal, unusual in the top scorers' tables, has made eleven goals in 21 games spread over six competitions. He has scored in four of them, highlighting the eight goals he has achieved in the league. Cesc Spanish third leading scorer at this stage of course.

Still above the normal rams Red is Adrian Lopez. Atletico de Madrid Cesc follows closely with ten goals in 24 games. This good time, coupled with their promising step for the selection sub'21, it stands as one of the likely developments of the forest in a near future.

January and February test for Torres

In this analysis have a place men and Jeannie and David Barral. The first is pleasing in his first season at Benfica, where he has seven goals in 18 games, but eleven of them started on the bench. Meanwhile, striker Sporting Gijon Cadiz is doing a good face-to-door season, also scored seven goals so far this league. Without going too far, both have better numbers than Negredo and Torres.

The latter is in the INIC of the year its real test. With the departure of Nicolas Anelka and mandatory time off during weeks of Didier Drogba and Salomon Kalou for the African Nations Cup to be played between January and February, Torres will to face Chelsea in the attack and regain his scoring vein, one that lost in the move to London. The only way to maintain their Spanish international status and secure a place in the summer appointment of Poland and Ukraine.

The tracks will list in February, but Del Bosque will wait for the final in May to decide on who should be on the attack in Spain, and then these numbers and this analysis may be very different. Or maybe not.

Javier Gomez is no longer on the payroll in exchange for one million euros

Settled the Operation Bankia ', he left over to Valencia and Manuel Llorente executives went to work yesterday. Year and a half after the amortization of Fernando, the scissors back to the stage to lighten payroll output Javier Gomez. It is not going empty-handed. The vice president had a salary of about 350,000 euros a year and a shield of three years, so that the dismissal compensation translates into close to a million euros. On the other side of the scale, more than a decade of dedication from that in April 1999, left the opposition to tax inspector to enroll in Valencia. The job interview that led to this technocrat into the world of football had the examiner's own Manuel Llorente.

The club announced the restructuring of its organization through an official statement, and attributed to the achievement of "a few milestones in the viability plan." These 'milestones' (the sale of plots) are those that have been delayed so far out of Gomez, confirmed by all parties has been made from the utmost cordiality. Evidenced by the fact that it will keep their positions on the board of directors, though now without pay. Even the players will say that Javier Gomez at the Valencia "until Llorente want."

The vice president was instrumental in Bankia intervention, and that inspired the financial institution had squandered the trust Vicente Soriano. His figure, for many years in the shadows, dimensioned in March 2009, when the club dropped the powers to maximum previously commissioned leader and Gomez, and as CEO, the development of a viability plan that resulted in the expansion capital as an alternative to bankruptcy.

Javier Gomez shielding contract had three years in case of dismissal, but to assume the role of Soriano demanded extension to the hypothesis that there were a change in the shareholding in the club or he suffered a cut to his duties as an executive. More responsibility, more security.

The day paid off for Fernando Llorente was also scheduled to depart Javier Gomez. This is what the president said the former director of sport. However, the hype generated and the significant challenges that lay ahead recommended the change in plans. Or rather, the delay of a decision already taken and agreed.

Llorente then asked their managers the power to renegotiate the contract of his right hand. Fernando only voted against, on the understanding that the President should agree with the council's new salary, and not only to inform post the signed agreement.

Soldier's shirt is the best selling

The shirt of '9 'in Valencia, Roberto Soldado, is the most sold in official stores of Valencia, where she now, for the purchase of one of two official jerseys second and third kit € € screen printing is free. Beyond the front of Ever is the second most requested by fans, followed by Albelda, Adil Rami, Jonas and Jordi Alba.

Paco Alcácer, the European hero, forgotten

His two goals against the Czech Republic at Euro last summer Sub'19 exalted him to glory. It was the big winner of 'very red' in the championship of Romania. Spain got the fifth title of the story and Paco Alcácer hung his first gold medal back home to Valencia, as a great 'killer' for all-white. However, four months after its balance sheet in the VCF is less encouraging. The European hero been forgotten: he has not played any minute and has not even been summoned. Was only included on a list of 20 players, down by Aduriz sanction for the game against Granada, but was dropped at the last minute. Of European oblivion.

While Paco Alcácer is claimed with his ten goals at the Mestalla stadium in the Second Division B, many of his colleagues in Romania have already debuted with their respective teams in First Division? and in the Champions League, as is the case of Gerard Deulofeu with Barcelona. Others, like Jon Aurtenetxe in the Athletic and Pablo Sarabia, Getafe have won a place on their computers. But are not the only, in fact most of the champions in the Sub'19 have had at least a chance.

The presence of Alcácer with Valencia's first team had been very sporadic in practice, but Unai Emery a few weeks ago took the decision that the attacker be integrated with the team. The coach wants to see the close-Torrent, wants to train more and more with the first team, which is more in touch with them because it is the next to take the leap. Soldier, Aduriz and Jonas are a lot of competition for the front and further considering that Valencia is playing this season almost every game with a single point: Soldier, who is at a high level and is eclipsing even Aduriz. A handicap, but also a positive because working with them, Alcácer can learn many things from them, especially of soldiers, who also joined by a great relationship. Train orders Unai Emery, but he plays with the team of Sergio Ventosa.

It is the great pearl of the quarry of Valencia. A player that the club wants to care and monitor developments closely, but for now, for one reason or other, has had his chance with the first team and made his debut in First Division. The VCF bet big striker and renewed until 2016 last November, with a buyout clause of 20 million euros. The striker is currently experiencing a situation similar to that experienced last season Isco his former teammate, who eventually chose to change of scene and find your opportunity in Malaga, in the absence of parties in Valencia, although they came to play with the team and now holds with Pellegrini. From the club have always said, both his coach and from the technical secretariat, which must be calm and quiet with Alcácer, although their situation, compared to his team-mates, not positive. Forgot?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So Valencia CF card

One of the vital functions in a football club, which has to walk alongside the comprehensive economic control that many clubs have not paid attention until now required by UEFA, the sports management lies in the time of the signings. Nobody has a magic wand to succeed in all its contracts, in an exchange of players there are pressures from many people (brokers, presidents, sponsors?) And when you have not a blank check to sign players to hit book, err at least possible becomes vital. How Valencia tab? Braulio Vazquez leads and directs a group of five people, with a very clear philosophy.

You should try to sign players for which a minimum transfer payable if you can not bring freedom to the letter. And for this we must have well-controlled players 'tagged' interesting, at a minimum of two years to his contract expires. Regardless of their contractual situation, the idea that driving is signing young players to land in Valencia with the slogan of grow, without giving shelter to those already in the final stretch of his career at the club can find a golden retirement. Why? One message that has subrarrayada Sports Management refers to the 'self-financing'. The philosophy of the club is to have the option to sell a player you've signed in a period of two or three years in order to achieve a surplus. Just as it contemplates the introduction of youth players in the first team to Maximize the investment of the school.

With the addition of new players, regardless of the sport only issue is economic, since another of the guidelines set by President Manuel Llorente is to try to lower the cost of staff with wages that are more relevant to the current economic climate . In the VCF does not tolerate very high salaries (as was the Mata in the new contract which came into force on August 1), just as there is avoided a great disproportion between the remuneration they receive about other players as that may go against him later. Each of these guidelines marks the work of a technical secretariat that attempts to minimize the risk in return on investment operations, selling assets, but always to remain competitive.

Step by step, until the objective
How do you get those players? Day to day handling many documents, including press clippings about players who stand out. Thus passed to individual viewing of the players individually through the "Scout 7 ', a step prior to viewing live. Each member of the technical secretariat is making their reports, and when they are favorable to the next step, which is to follow in practice, in social life and see the relationship with peers and coaches. Initially it was going incognito, with the intention to adjust the report to the reality in every way possible, trying to get the player through the people closest to him, avoiding the presence of representatives that often only think about expensive operation. When you see the desired player all members of the technical secretariat and with the OK of all is the report which "recommends hiring." Here the issue is left to Manuel Llorente.

The renewal of Éver, ongoing

The Dodici agency representatives, with Marcelo Simonyan at the head, you know that the first person to ever want to renew Valencia Banega, and negotiations are underway. Excellent first half of the season and the attitude has been key to change the opinion of the Sports Management, which last summer signed watched his departure and Dani Parejo, but ultimately remained in Valencia Ever. Today it is considered an essential player in the first team and seeing the difficulties that have to find a player on the market that have the level of Argentina has decided its continuity, which is already in the hands of President Manuel Llorente Financial Area club to renew two additional years.

Éver started the season on a high level, but it was a situation similar to that of previous years that start after a course at a high level intermittent entered a phase. No need to go far back in time, just to review their performances last season. This circumstance created doubt, but despite the injury, Banega has maintained a regular line. Beyond the performance on the pitch, Braulio Vazquez has talked many times with Argentina, ready to play an important role in the Valencia, which together has been key to start talks to extend a contract which ends on June 30, 2013 . Following the road map for the renewal of Jordi Alba, the goal is not to reach the summer without having signed their new contracts, as Manuel Llorente believes that at this point the players have more force in a hypothetical negotiation because they are just one year to go with the charter of freedom. First came the turn of the Catalan side, renewal to be closed earlier this year € the matter is in the hands of the president and Javier Gomez and representatives of the player €, and is now Argentina.

SUPER has been told, the player has been clear continuity from the start because they feel valued. When Éver last summer are in the market, the midfielder was not happy because I had no continuity in Valencia, but now feels an important part, and so told his representative Marcelo Simonyan the OK to come to an agreement. In recent months the player has received interest from several clubs, but none has made a formal proposal to Valencia, now that door wants to close the player, who is also willing to get that role for his country.

Rami: "My head is in the VCF, not thinking about other places'

The French central is "delighted" of life in Valencia and in the club. 2011 has been his dream year and it shows when a chat with him. She radiates joy, feels comfortable and soon manifest in his usual good humor. Like, for example, when he smiles that next season would like to take the captain's armband € so if you seriously is the desire to lift the Copa del Rey in the month of May.

Since it's an anniversary, take the opportunity to ask what would be your best gift.
€ Personally, it's best to have good health, both in life to enjoy loved ones and athletics. Greatly complicate injuries a player's season.

€ Where is going these days of Christmas?
€ My sister, her boyfriend and her son were a few days in Valencia, but now we are in San Rafael (France) at Mom and all my brother, my sister, her partner, her daughter € With the odd friend, we are ten or twelve at the table.

€ What is the best of the holidays?
€ This we are talking about getting together with family. I live in Valencia, I've been working six months and to me it means a lot to return to the home environment, see the friendships that I have a child, laugh with them € For many things is a special holiday, I really like.

€ How long child what was his favorite holiday, 25, 27 for his birthday or New Year?
€ It is a difficult question. I do not think I was lucky to be born on December 27 because I had to settle for a gift worth two. The Christmas gift was also the birthday. That was a m. .. (Laughs). Nor because I liked 25, 27 and 31 are good dates for a player because too many holidays. But now I'm grown, I have focused my head and make a celebration for all. Usually the day 27 for family and friends.

€ So far Rami talk about the family, go to football. Why does this ask Valencia?
€ to end the season as well as we are now. Above all, a stunning gift would be champion of the Copa del Rey. We can. And why not the Europa League, I am confident that we will go far in Europe. Not forgetting the league, we play next year's Champions League again.

€ After winning League and Cup with Lille, want to keep the standard of qualifications in Spain.
€ The goal is to champion Valencia is again, with a bit of time we made sure. Anyway, we know that Madrid and Barcelona are very strong and have more qualities than we do. It's normal, is the reality, but I have no fear of fighting them.

€ 2011 has been his years as a player, do not think the same?
€ Gee, yes I have played many games € and I have physically tired. 2011 has been impressive: double championship in Lille, I started all matches with France, we are in Euro, and my signing with Valencia € Coming here has been an important step, is a big club Lille. At first I was afraid for the adaptation, language and all that. Now I can say just super happy 2011.
€ Satisfied but tired.

€ Yes, it's a difficult situation. When you're a bit tired head is not the same. Do you think your body is good, but not well. In Lille the same happened to me, I played everything. There comes a time when I have not seen the same speed, same punch. Now there are days off. I do not worry, it's normal when you play a lot.

€ He also said that when he signed himself was concerned about the adaptation. With the teaser it does not seem very credible, but well, tell me who helped in the beginning.
€ He talked and I talked a lot with Juan Carlos Carcedo € € coach. Then with all partners in a very natural. At the end it was easy with my outgoing personality.

€ Even as I have been Rami which has better integrated the French. For example, Jérémy Mathieu.
€ Do not know how it was before.

€ A little talkative.
€ Yes?, Now speaks very normal and laughs with everyone. Do not know if I'm to blame or not, but still a good thing for the team.

€ He that has exploded in the four months of competition has been a good friend, Sofiane Feghouli. In almost no count has become one of the holders in the middle.
€ 'Soso' is a very strong player. Young, but very aware that with hard work and sacrifice can become a great player. Feghouli is technical, physical and I like it because it helps the defensive work. It is a fundamental type of player that the block is more solid. He puts a lot of heart.

Back to Adil Rami €. In France went on to say that the club wanted to extend his contract one year. There is no doubt that in a few months has convinced widely. Do you how he digested?
€ I like to be in Valencia and in the club. My head is here, I do not elsewhere, in other clubs. I like to do a story here, replay the Champions League, finishing at least third in the league. Then there is the Euro and I do not think of anything else. Also, I'm comfortable with the coach, I like the president, Carcedo, players € The city does not know her very well, but I have time left to meet her at ease.

€ So you can tell the fans that, at least, Rami 2012/2013 season will also continue in Valencia?
€ Yes € I would like and the captain's armband (laughs). Just kidding, eh. Beware! Really, I would make a good path here.

€ Do not refuse to see that clubs like Barcelona and Manchester go back to one up the ego.
€ All right, but it is to sell newspapers.

€ Well, well €
€ Yes, for me is it means I'm doing well. Even for the club, if one day I go to a big club € But now I have no hurry, I have time.

€ Thinking about the future, what would you choose, England or stay in Spain?
€ In Spain is very good. I think it's different. In England, much depends on the physical and I have fortunate enough to have a good physique, but here you can play more, play € I know sometimes I'm a little crazy with the ball (laughs), with Unai Emery I'm a little less, we're polishing. My mind sometimes makes me go forward.

€ What have you learned in Valencia?
€ The output of the ball, play with the goalie, fellow closer to me. The frantic pace of play is. I like running, climbing to the top and down, but now I'm a little tired, but I like to travel many meters.

€ do the tips of the League who has put in more trouble?
€ In Spain the level is high, medium teams also make good football. If I have to say, Messi or € Falcao, it is difficult eh! He is a player inside the head area is very dangerous. You have to be very concentrated so you do not have options, it becomes difficult because he insists so much.

€ What peer, what has impressed you?
€ Éver Banega and Soldier. Ever is a very technical player, very important for the team because when we press it is a solution, get and make the game. Robert, meanwhile, is a very strong and effective striker in front of goal with a shot great. In addition, as a person is great. Elegant, charming €

€ Curious, the two, Soldier and Rami, this summer could face a European Championship final.
€ (laughs) Yes, it would be great. I think France will reach the final and Spain did not pass the group € No, just kidding, I think Spain and Germany are the favorites. People know that we are a young team, but France is always France.

Albelda is the word to stay in Valencia

In Valencia there are five players who just contract next June 30, but little by little they are revealing the intentions of Sports Management is about the future and one of the names is David Albelda. Both Emery Braulio Vazquez are pleased with the performance of the captain at 34 years and in a few weeks are going to sit with your representative to stretch considering the option of staying one more season in the first team. With its current performance, the club has a very clear continuity which gives both the grass and what it means in the locker room for the young, and the captain also realizes that if he is fit to be leading as far will continue for another season. Albelda is not going to be in a hurry when making your decision, prefer to wait until the exercise is near completion, but he will have the final say stay tied to the club for another season.

David does not like to look at the long term, prefer to live the present and individually satisfied the first part of the course, summed up in 15 matches, 11 of which have been completed, with very good feelings. Physically it is at a high level, partly because Emery is dealing with Topal minutes so that both are as fresh as possible when they play. Tactically David is a life insurance and parties is seen handing out orders and making corrections to their peers seeking the benefit of the collective. Despite the passage of time, midfielder born in the Pobla Llarga has not lost his hunger and that is still key to maintaining your current level. It moves forward to the day to day while in training and wants to keep playing, but in its roadmap has one thing clear as it manifests in its environment: "I will not be in Valencia for being, only if I I feel useful. " Here are his intentions, in which Albelda continue if you are an important part, he wants to remember a positive and non-account prolong his career at the club, multiply your stay in the stands. That is very clear.

Another aspect that Albelda will evaluate when making a decision on renewal will be the opinion that your coach. What good be able to play if the coach does not count after you? This road followed the end of last year and told Unai wishes to continue. The current coach contract ends June 30 and not yet known whether Valencia will offer to continue or not, but the opinion of the technician will also take into account the player. And the economic field will be secondary to the player, so in that respect there will be discrepancies between the two parties, as happened late last year.

Sports Directorate of Valencia, as done in other positions, is following a profile defensive midfielders Albelda not continue if the next season as Mehmet Topal has a contract until June 30, 2014.

The other cases
Apart from Albelda, Valencia has already taken the decision on the future of the other players whose contract expires on June 30, to Dealbert already have on the table a proposal for renewal, but unlike the case of Bruno Saltor and Miguel Brito. Until the Portuguese side was not late on 27 November, the Athletic Department was considering three sides even have rights to the next course offering continuity with a minimum fixed salary and bonuses for games played, but now that option no longer regarded . And then there is the future of Maduro. The VCF has told Dutch agents tell you if you have any proposal, as it plays its continuity as she recovers from injury.

The VCF ponders the future of Michel to prevent free will

Valencia is beginning to raise what to do with Michel this summer. The midfielder, who is on loan this season at the Hercules, which is doing a good season, out of contract in June 2013 and all Mestalla not want the player to leave then with the charter of freedom in the hand. The club would like to take a performance by the midfielder, including this summer in an operation interesting for the team, because by next summer could go free.

The player Burjassot, from VCF School, is doing a good campaign in the Second Division with Hercules, the midfielder is still a major player for the Juan Carlos Mandi, where he played 16 of the 18 matches of the competition , scoring four goals. From Valencia frown playmaker evolution, but just do not see the possibilities that can have on-white staff next season, playing in a position the team has, in principle, well covered with Sergio Canales , which reached a two-year loan from Real Madrid, and although almost miss the remainder of the season through injury, has left a good feeling at the club, as well as Jonas, who now is the player who is dealing this position playmaker, not counting Pablo Piatti and Dani Parejo, who can also play there.

This is the second consecutive assignment Michel, because last year he played for Deportivo. In his tour of the Galician set in the First Division, Michel could only play eight league games due to a knee operation he had to submit and it took several months in dry dock. The previous year, 2008/2009, participated in nine meetings with the VCF, which debuted in the Cup campaign against Portugalete.

Soldier: 'I live in the goal and this has been my best year'

Soldier Saying goal is like saying in 2011. The forward ends his best year as the top scorer football Spanish, with an average of 0.68 goals per game. Some good numbers result of their daily work and, as he confesses, the great help from his teammates. Between Carol and Carol, the attacker asks for a title to the Three Kings in 2012.

How is Christmas going Roberto Soldado?
€ All right. Some dates are dear to me and my family. I am these days in Madrid with my wife's family.
€ What family house singing carols Soldier?
€ Yeah, right. When you have young children are most intense live Christmas carols and Christmas are on, but honestly I'm not a virtuoso of the song.
Dad Noel € or Kings?
€ I prefer to stay with the two, even if I have to choose I'll take the Kings, is our tradition.
€ What will you ask?
€ A Santa asked him Thursday, August 29, Mestalla is full to help people in Africa. I think we must all do our bit. It's important. Then the Magi ask that all follow health and as before, but if they come with a title under his arm would be very good for Valencia.
€ There are few days to the end of 2011, Has the best football year for Soldier?
€ Yes The live front of the goal and it is true that this has been my best year, but I would also emphasize the role of my colleagues. I can not forget the work of all of them because football is a team sport and if I have many goals has been achieved by the passing of my colleagues. Whoever believes that without a good team next to you can reach these records are wrong. I'm in a great team like Valencia, it shows.
€ Do you still have room in your house for a ball if it achieves a hat trick again this season?
€ (laughs) Do not worry, I will do is place.
€ He has scored 32 goals in 2011, could keep one?
€ I sincerely believe that all goals are equally important. Of all always keep a great souvenir. Some are worth for more, and others, unfortunately, for less, but what I have clear is that I always want to do more. I know of no player to reach the goals and wants to overcome. I hope that by the end of next year we can say that it was even better than this.
€ He has always said he likes talking on the pitch and Del Bosque has been seen several times this season, do you already convinced?
€ do not know. I have to keep doing my job, which is in the field every game, then the coach does what he sees fit. Never reproach him anything because I think we always do what is best for the selection, but I will not hide that I'm very excited to go to selection, although they are aware that the level of the front in Spain is very high. I have to keep doing my work, so one day sure I get the chance.
€ What is clear is that its high performance has not been through something and there are European teams are becoming interested in you.
€ What a great team always look upon you is a compliment, but I just think right now in Valencia. I'm from Valencia, is the team of my country and they trusted me. I do not plan anything else.
€ Do you remember when he was given his first soccer ball?
€ The exact moment I do not remember, but at home the gifts have always been balls. From childhood he was always with a ball under his arm and no doubt always been my greatest gift.
€ Are you beginning to see that is one of the idols to the fans?
€ Do not know, from the moment the fans have always given me lots of love. I am proud to be on this team, I think is one of the most important in Europe and has the best fans. I am eternally grateful to the fans.
€ Keep in touch with them through Twitter, but what message would you give for next year?
€ More than a message, I would like to thank you for everything. I would always help us and never leave us alone. Last season we lived some tough times and have always been at our side. For us to notice your breath every day, every game is crucial.
€ Just back from holiday with the first Copa del Rey match against Sevilla, how does the tie?
€ Surely very close. We are two very evenly matched teams, but I hope to fall on our side. The Cup is a title that makes you look forward to the fans and we're going to fight all the way to go as far as possible.
€ How did you experience the latest title in Valencia Cup in 2008?
€ It was then Real Madrid, but as a good sports fan I am, I remember I saw her. Over time I can say it was a final a bit curious, because they faced Valencia, the team where I am now, and Getafe, a club that always keep a great souvenir.
€ The Cup is one of the goals of the team, also the Europa League, can dream of a title?
€ Why not. What I have clear is that we will fight to the end. In the Champions League did not leave things as they wanted, but now we can not regret. We're thrilled. Valencia are a strong team and two legs can beat anyone.
€ ¿Madrid and Barcelona are now unavailable to the rest of the team?
€ It is clear that today Real Madrid and Barcelona are two of the best teams in Europe, if not the top two, but nothing is unattainable. We must go step by step and when finished the championship will see where we are. Just as we had a difficult time we can have them too, but now are in a great time and I am convinced that at the end of the year will leave little in the way.
€ A wish for 2012?
€ Mainly health, for me, my family and the entire Valencia? and if you can ask for anything more, why not ask for a title in 2012

Victor Ruiz, between the Olympic Games and Euro

Vicente del Bosque and Luis Milla and have held the first meeting for next summer, when the Red dispute the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine and the Rojita sub'21 London Olympics. And one of the conclusions they have reached the two coaches is that the central Inigo Martinez, of the Royal Society, will be in the Olympics, which may be followed by Álvaro Domínguez. What would that mean? That if the national team needs a Euro'2012 central to the chosen will be Victor Ruiz, although Catalan is also meets all requirements to be on the appointment of London.

From June 8 to July 1 Euro is disputed, hence the preference when it comes to summon a player Del Bosque will have it, although in the last meeting held, yes it is planned to have two players (the cases of Juan Mata and Javi Martinez) that can be in both tournaments. According to the regulations of the Olympic Games in London, Rojita can register three players born before January 1, 1989, unless injury setback will be the two mentioned above and Adrian Lopez. The VCF core meets all requirements to be born on January 25, 1989 and played in the European sub'21, although his role was testimonial in favor of Dominguez, center left as a permanent fixture. Milla wants to "reward" the champions of Europe, but with the handicap that instead of 22 players can only register 18 and the bonus decision now playing against Valencia lies in the choice of playing Dominguez Also at left. This would imply that the side Dídac Vila holder and in case of mishap, use the Atletico player and free up a place in the side. And the name of Inigo Martinez, who was not in the European category, but is one of the pillars of the current sub'21, would join the be offering excellent performance, as Victor Ruiz.

The name of the Valencia Del Bosque has stressed since the beginning of course, as he likes to pull the lower levels when there is a setback, a circumstance that may occur in the Red because Raul Albiol is playing very little with the Real Madrid and there doubts about the physical location of Puyol despite the level that has occurred in recent games. The coach has tried the alternative of there lately Sergio Ramos, who has given a great result as it is happening in the Real Madrid, although the intention is to occupy the right side in the tournament. If Albiol will play regularly in the quote from 2012, but if it comes into Mourinho's plans? The first option is Victor Ruiz. Maintaining its current level of Catalan holidays can be shorter.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Villarreal-VCF, Sunday January 8 to 18 hours

Malaga, Atletico Madrid, one of the most important part of the eighteenth day of 2012 and the first First Division, will be held on Saturday, January 7 from 22:00 and will be broadcast opened.

Timetable announced today by the LFP:
- First Division, 18th day:
. Saturday, January 7
Racing-Zaragoza 18:00
Lift-Mallorca 18:00
Real Sociedad, Osasuna 18:00
20:00 Real Madrid-Granada
22:00 Atletico Madrid Malaga

. Sunday, January 8
Rayo Vallecano-Sevilla 12:00
Getafe-Athletic Club 16:00
Villerreal-Valencia 18:00
Betis, Sporting 19:45
Espanyol-Barcelona 21:30

- Second Division, 19th day:
. Friday, January 6
Alcoyano-Celtic 21:00

. Saturday, January 7
16:00 Barcelona 'B'-Numancia
Nastic-Murcia 18:00
Guadalajara-Elche 18:00
Sabadell, Valladolid 18:00
18:00 Hercules-Las Palmas
Xerez Deportivo 18:00
Cartagena-Huesca 18:00
Villarreal 18:00 Recreativo, 'B'

. Sunday, January 8
12:00 Alcorcón-Almería
Cordoba, Girona 16:00

- First Division, 19th day:
. Saturday, January 14
Zaragoza-Getafe 18:00
18:00 Granada-Rayo Vallecano
Sevilla-Espanyol 18:00
Mallorca v Real Madrid 20:00
22:00 Valencia-Real Sociedad

. Sunday, January 15
Atletico Madrid 12:00 Villarreal
Osasuna-Racing 16:00
Athletic Club-Lift 18:00
Malaga 19:45 Sporting-
Barcelona-Betis 21:30

- Second Division, 20th day:
. Friday, January 13
Nastic-Celta 21:00

. Saturday, January 14
Almería-Guadalajara 16:00
Recreativo-Girona 18:00
Murcia, Córdoba 18:00
Elche 18:00 Alcoyano
Valladolid-Alcorcón 18:00
-Sabadell Numancia 18:00
18:00 Las Palmas-Barcelona 'B'
18:00 Villarreal 'B'-Cartagena

. Sunday, January 15
Huesca-Sports 12:00
16:00 Xerez-Hercules.

Emery: 'We look forward to rematch with Sevilla'

Valencia coach Unai Emery has stressed on the rival of his team in the second round of the Copa del Rey, Sevilla, Valencia has the "desire for revenge sport" to the Andalusian by precedent between the two.

"For us, the tie has a special component for recent games. This same season at the Sanchez Pizjuan lost when we were in our hands to achieve at least a draw," Emery recalled in a statement contained in its website.

The coach has continued the review of their matches against Sevilla since becoming coach of Valencia and explained that Sevilla last season won both league games.

"I still remember how we unfairly eliminated the quarterfinals of the Cup in my first season here," added the Basque coach.

For Emery, "as have been clashes between Valencia and Sevilla in recent seasons, this will be a very competitive heat and lasts for two."

"It's a nice challenge no doubt, as it is to get as far as possible in the tournament, for which the cross-quarter and semi finals seem a priori harder than the other part of the picture," stated the coach.

Braulio: "The Sevilla also be worried '

The coordinator of the technical secretariat of Valencia, Braulio Vazquez, said about the rival who will face his team in the knockout round of the Copa del Rey, Sevilla, which "is a very strong and butler" but believes that Valencia "could happen" rounds.

"They are very strong, especially Marcelino, at defensive end. If you take away the game against Madrid in which they lost 2-6 - was the second least at home after beating Barcelona. It is physically very strong," has detailed Braulio told the website of Valencia.

The club Valencia technical secretary recalled that the last tie between the two "decided for details at the end of the second game even."

"It will be complicated, but equally concerned that we may be by Sevilla as they are for us. If you want to go far in the Cup you have to win as hard as rivals Sevilla," he stressed.

The fact that Valencia has to play the first leg at Mestalla, Braulio has indicated that "there are many coaches who prefer to play the first game at home. A tie will be decided by so matched details, but the Valencia aspires to the fullest."

"We must not waste time looking at the possible crossings because if you do not pass no matter the team you play. Come to think of Seville have enough," said the technical secretary of the club Valencia.

The first leg of the tie will be played in the first week of January so that players now have a rest period "both mentally and physically, which will come in handy because there are players played and the schedule is extremely demanding," said Braulio.

The VCF had not scored so many goals in the 6-0 Cup since Real Madrid

Valencia, who beat Cadiz 4-0 at Mestalla in the second leg of the knockout phase of the Copa del Rey, thus got its biggest win at home since 1999 copera.

The Valencian team needed at least one victory to overcome the minimum qualifying, after the first leg 0-0 at the Ramon de Carranza, but eventually ended up imposing their superiority with goals from Victor Ruiz, Jonas, Soldier and Banega .

The last time the Valencian had achieved a triumph so loose it was in the 98-99 season, when they won by a convincing Real Madrid 6-0 in the semifinals of a tournament that would end up winning.

Since then, Valencia had played nearly a dozen home games, several of them with sets of lower quality, and in no case had expressed the difference between the two as it did yesterday.

In these twelve years, most had been a 3-0 victory against Real Irun in the 2007-08 season or endorsed by Logroñés 4-1 last season.

At VCF Sevilla awaits ...And then the Levante!

We've got pairings for the second round of the Copa del Rey and the rest of hypothetical crosses to the final. Valencia have been paired with Sevilla, while the Levante will play against Alcorcón. Fate willed that both sides can see the quarter-finals if they exceed their rounds, the first leg at Mestalla disputándonse and back in the Ciutat. Regarding the 'coconuts' in the draw, Real Madrid and Barcelona would also be the faces in rooms and one of the two cross on the way to Valencia and Levante in the semifinals.

The first leg of the second round will be played on 3, 4 or 5 in January and back on 10, 11 and 12 January.

Round of CLASHES
Miranda - Racing
Albacete - Athletic
Alcorcón - Lift
Córdoba - Espanyol
Real Sociedad - Mallorca
Valencia - Sevilla
Barcelona - Osasuna
Real Madrid - Malaga

(round, January 18, round, 25 January)
A-Cordoba and Espanyol - Miranda or Racing
B - Real Madrid or Malaga - Barcelona or Osasuna
C - Valencia or Sevilla - Alcorcón or Lift
D - Albacete or Athletic - or Mallorca Real Sociedad

- Semi-finals:
(round, February 1, around February 8)
Winner A - Winner D
Winner C - Winner B

- Final (May 25).

Emery: "I am pleased to close the right foot '

Valencia coach, Unai Emery, said after his team's victory 4-0 to Cadiz in the Copa del Rey, which is satisfied by "seal the year" and to continue in the Copa del Rey.

"Surprise is every year. We were advised of the latest overall, and did not want trouble, so we were minded to go out strong, and tighten. The result of the first leg (0-0) we complicated," said Emery wheel in press.

Valencia coach has recognized that the valence has granted some counterattacks the opponent in the first minutes and danger arrivals have enabled the Cadiz keep his options, but pointed out that the Valencia but has been effective.

Regarding the differences with the first leg, Emery commented that the field in Cadiz "was smaller, they were very motivated and we had no success at the rival goal."

Apart from displaying "satisfied seal the year and continue in the Cup," commented that Emery can not hide that he would like him to touch him in the morning draw an opponent that will allow them to go round, but has not qualified accessible either by considering that there are no computers in that regard, though one is in the Second Division B.

Emery has made a "positive" rating in 2011 and has requested for 2012 that "continuity and growth." "It's very good news that the new stadium is done. I think we should keep growing sport, which means not wasting place in the Champions League and closer to a title and illusions," he added.

For his part, Jose Gonzalez, manager of Cadiz, said after the game that the first twenty minutes of play, in which his team had chances, could change the sign of the party. "We wanted that were not comfortable, do not score early, but it was not," he said.

"To do something you need luck that your goalkeeper is the best, its front right, and you have no skill on your part, something that we had with the chances we had in the first time," he added.

"We accept that we have faced a very superior to us, but I liked the image that we have. We made two mistakes in the entire first half, the first yellow card we have made too late and Valencia has been more intense than us, "he added.

Jose Gonzalez believes that his team "has misinterpreted the phrase come to enjoy," as has been suggested that "enjoys competing" and although the party had no relevance in the league, if he thinks will do a reading first half "of what not to do to learn."

Verdú and Braulio talk about the future of Bruno

Bruno's agent, Raúl Verdú, was Mestalla yesterday, watching the match live from King's Cup at Valencia, where the side was not among those cited by Unai Emery, and then quoted the coordinator of the Technical Secretariat, Braulio Vazquez, to see first hand the situation in which Catalan is now the team, as it is not going into the technical plans of the past commitments and the player wants to know if you have an open door to find a solution in the winter market. Bruno would like to be clear about the situation as soon as possible to make a decision. The side is off today, like the rest of his companions, on holiday.

Saltor Bruno, who has no problem with any of his colleagues, believes that the coach does not have him and so he contacted his agent to seek a solution in the winter market. Now they will see what alternatives they have and whether there is a possibility, Catalan not wait for a change of scenery when his contract expires next June 30 as it is aware that not have him for next season, not really expected to be offered for renewal. Another player who could leave would be Ricardo Costa, who is negotiating with Turkey's Trabzonspor.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Torres is playing in Spain with Soldier

After several months that has challenged striker gave Euro 2008 to Spain, Fernando Torres has decided to speak, considering it is "disrespectful" there are doubts about the players that have brought Spain to the summit of world football.

The Chelsea striker was speaking to try to put an end to the controversy that has arisen around her figure after being summoned to the Spanish national team while not performing at his best. There have been many voices have called for the entrance of Roberto Soldado, Valencia player, instead of the former player of Atletico Madrid, Torres and this has much to say.

"Soldiers should go to the team," he says flatly, although this does not mean that the national team without having to close himself to future calls. "If I return to my level, I will again essential in the selection," says Torres does not have a problem admitting "concern" Del Bosque has shown to his timid performances at Chelsea. Low participation in the World Cup in South Africa, attended with discomfort in the knee, was also being valued by the striker, who questioned whether he compensated "risk so much" to be in the finals.

Years controversial

In an interview in which the striker admitted as rarely before has done, Torres also talks about his controversial departure from Liverpool on the regret that "the Liverpool fans were not told the whole truth", being the leaders English club primarily responsible for not everything is beautiful in their trip to Chelsea: "In the end the fans will come a tenth of everything that happens, do not really know, or have a different idea, how people is there now, "said lamenting the promises that were made and" not met ".

Still, Fuenlabrada keeps a good memory of their passage through Anfield and devote best words to fans 'reds': "They made me the best and my memories are unforgettable and unbeatable, I understand your reaction times that I have become Liverpool to face and do not miss anything at face, "says Torres also ensures a not believing anything that is published in the press about his current situation. "When I read something in the Spanish press, I do not think so. When I read in the English press, I know that's a lie", award outright.

Cup Illusion

Adil Rami and Victor Ruiz. The pair of fashion in the defense of Valencia. Two players that are released in this year's Copa del Rey with Valencia shirt with the same goal: to win his first title as black and white. Overcoming the Cadiz is the first step toward a dream shared by staff, the club and the fans. A toast to the Cup and to close the year 2011 with the best feelings. Today will hold at the Mestalla, in fact they are the only plants called by Emery and Angel Dealbert and Ricardo Costa were left off the list.
The illusion of the King's Cup in Mestalla happening today. The Frenchman won the championship last season cup competition in Lille, in France, while the Catalans, who saw from their juvenile stage how Espanyol won the trophy, he dreams now know more about what it takes to be champion Copa del Rey. Rami won the double last season in France, League and Cup On May 14, 2011 won the first title in an historic double in the history of Lille, an unforgettable experience for the defender and another step in its consolidation as a player. Then I knew that his next destination would be the Valencia. With the team coached by Unai Emery debut in the Copa del Rey in the first leg against Cadiz. Now look at the second meeting butler, his first victory and move to the next round to try to repeat the success of last season, but this time as black and white.

Cup debut in Valencia today with the goal of Victor Ruiz, and do it with a victory that allowed Valencia to continue enjoying and excited about this competition. With only 17 years lived from about how Espanyol at the Bernabeu won their fourth Cup title against Zaragoza on April 12, 2006. In fact, I still remember the four goals of the blue and white, including two of Tamudo. This year dream of reliving similar moments, but this time starring with Valencia. Today will live its coming-out as Valencia in the Copa del Rey, and who missed the first leg in the Carranza.

Only you'd better win-win
In today's game, round of the knockout, "only true win-win" to overcome the Cádiz, are clear that what Victor Ruiz and Adil Rami. "There is no other. The team is confident and leave a good match. The players know that we are very demanding, both from the club and from the amateur or the press, and we will try to get to where we can, "said the Catalan. The center noted that "not afraid" to say that Valencia can reach the final, although he acknowledged that "perhaps too early to set goals, go game by game and realize how far you can reach." However, the panel will not hide the fact that the Cup is an important competition that gives great value clothing, as the title is not the objectives of the club: "We must put the five senses and resolve the tie to go quietly on holiday. "

A pair of fashion
A stylish duo on defense, which displays the class and security in the rear and well-matched? they've even changed the very Unai Emery. Black and white repeat the coach a couple of plants has been mission impossible during the first three years at Valencia. On numerous occasions, find out who was in charge of leading the defense team had become very complicated, but everything has changed with the arrival of these two central computer. Since Victor Ruiz joined the team, have stopped sharing only defense in four games. The chemistry between them is total and only two workouts together they became inseparable in the field. Have taken over behind. Their rapport is very good, they themselves admit that they know how the other will act in advance and are familiar with the virtues of his companion. Victor stands Adil and his physical power, but also its position in the field and touch the ball, while Rami confessed that Ruiz is very smart, very smart and gets the ball very well from behind, in a very easy . The couple now wants to offer fashion by knockout.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The sheik wanted to buy the City Valencia CF

Manchester City owner, Sheikh Mansour, wanted to buy the Valencia last September, according to the digital newspaper publishes '​​'. A member of the royal family of Abu Dhabi, which has transformed the City into one of the most powerful clubs in the Premiership and in Europe, wants to expand and is set in the Spanish league. After learning that Real Madrid and Barcelona are not for sale, has also been interested in Sevilla and Atletico Madrid.

As reported in '', Sheikh Mansour held consultations on the situation of the Spanish club through its Universal Trading Company, based in Luxembourg. His advisers were betting on Valencia for several reasons: because it is the nearest sports club Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and therefore the investment would not be as great players and because Universal Trading known economic debt carried by the Valencia and its offer could be very tasty for Valencia CF managers.

Apparently, the sheik would make an initial investment of 1,000 million euros, taking on debt, finishing the new stadium and investing $ 500 million in the sports project.

According to '', the intentions of the owner of the City have been held up at the refusal of the directors of Valencia to sell, for the moment. By knowing the information, Valencia argues that he has never received any offer from the Sheikh Mansour, who will remain on the lookout for the economic movements of Spanish clubs to try one day fulfill his goal.

Chelsea: Spain offers a second option Florent Malouda

Without even looking out the options posed initial onces André Villas-Boas (has started only four Premier League matches this season), the Frenchman Florent Malouda does not rule out leaving Chelsea to start a new adventure away from the islands.

Suitors at the moment, not short. One days ago, the end was identified as a possible replacement for Jose Antonio Reyes at Atletico Madrid (see article), while other rumors linking him with Lazio (see article) and the powerful Anzhi (see article). What's more, a web information Footy Bunker now dared to include among the potential targets of Valencia.

Moreover, the complete information portal ensuring that the entity would be willing to invest ché about 6 million pounds (7.1 M €) in the French international (73 games, 7 goals).

For their experience, their ability to overflow and eye for goal, Malouda could be an interesting boost for the squad led by Unai Emery. What grates, no doubt, is the amount that can offer the Valencian, because its economy is still not for many boasts.

Alves, KO Cup

Diego Alves will not be available for Unai Emery leg of the knockout phase of the Copa del Rey to contest the Mestalla against Valencia CF in Cadiz.

The Brazilian goal, which has passed the medical tests this morning, suffering from a hamstring microrrotura in preventing you from being available to Unai Emery. Although he still has discomfort in his right hand, Vicente Guaita is postulated as a starter to the set of Cadiz, the team against which he played his last game with the VCF.

Bruno gets tired and wants to leave Valencia

Do not play against Malaga when Barragan was indisposed for a few stomach problems has been the straw that broke the camel, because preferred Unai "playoff" to Michael. Saltor Bruno, who has no problem with any of its peers, Emery believes that he has not and so contacted his agent, Raúl Verdú, to seek a solution in the winter market. The idea of ​​representative is to talk this week at a meeting to be held with Braulio, before the holiday starts right side, but the decision is made. Now they will see what alternatives they have and whether there is a possibility, Catalan not wait for a change of scenery when his contract expires next June 30.

Bruno would hold against Chelsea, but eventually did not play because technicians had physical doubt having a small overhead on the day of game, then came to Valencia and after performing medical tests, there was no injury, hence include it in the call to be measured at Betis. Barragan played and then traveled to Cadiz either, thinking that the technician will use against Malaga, where he again summoned to come between? but ended up playing Michael. Seeing that he has not, the player wants to find a quick solution, because it is aware that Valencia is not going to offer renewal.

Giner bet on the Cup final and the Euroleague

Fernando Giner, counselor and former Valencia player has bet on the team led by Unai Emery as a finalist, "both in the Copa del Rey and in the Europa League."

Giner has been made ​​in these terms in the presentation of the new Seat model MII in Valencia North Station, in an act that has been accompanied by the first team player Victor Ruiz.

The counselor explained that Valencia for the team "is a requirement" to try to reach the final stages of both competitions. "Of course, if we are a team that aspires to the fullest, you must be a requirement. Another thing different is what we could achieve," admitted the former international player of Valencia and current president of the Veteran Footballers' Association club.

For its part, the central Victor Ruiz said that in the second leg of the knockout phase of the Copa del Rey that morning, the team played "only true win-win". "There is no other. The team is confident and leave a good game. The players know that we are very demanding, both from the club and from the amateur or the press, and we will try to get to where we can," he stated.

Ruiz said that "not afraid" to say that Valencia can reach the final, although he acknowledged that "perhaps it is too early to set goals, go game by game and realize how far you can go."

Face to face with Ricardo Costa and Emery

Ricardo Costa and Unai face to face. One of the messages sent Valencia coach his players is: "If there is a problem, talk with the intent to fix it." And he has embraced the central Valencia, who in the last hours had a conversation in the office of coach at the Sports City. The two spoke with clarity, each providing their version of what has been happening in recent weeks that ended temporarily away player of the calls, but after that conversation, Unai has pardoned the Portuguese, who again have a chance to enter in a call, following the path of Michael Brito. Everything is solved. Does that mean you will enter yes or yes in the list of 16 for the Copa del Rey match against Cadiz? No, but he is considered one Unai and more for all purposes and will rely solely based on sporting merit.

In the current course, Ricardo has played only two league games, the first 45 minutes in Week 2 € the first championship was played € against Racing and the entire match against Athletic Bilbao on October 23. His discomfort at having expressed them few opportunities with public demonstrations and various tellings of Unai, who left to have him, but the coach could take no more with the last interview conducted in early December, days before to face Chelsea in hinted that he was the coach who had a problem with it. And from that day has not entered into any conference, being punished sport. Braulio Vázquez spoke several times with Portugal after this affair, in which the player expressed his intention to continue to have the option to play at Valencia, while their representatives sought him alongside a team for the winter market, as reported. SUPER said the names of the three clubs who were interested in his assignment, Betis, Trabzonspor and West Bromwich Albion, but initially only considered a sports management transfer. The situation was not comfortable for the player, regardless of the accident he had with his car at the exit of the Sports City, but the player, after much thought, decided to fix it. The Portuguese central, as it's made it known to their representatives, felt that there was a personal problem and the reason was to put an end to the matter.

Still considering offers
Its location within the team and is one more, but that does not mean that the player has changed his mind about his future in the winter market. Portuguese central representatives are analyzing each of the options you have arrived and if you convince them fully, and also has the consent of the Sports Department, will go to get more minutes than he has in the Valencia. The arrival of Rami and Victor Ruiz, besides the excellent performance of Dealbert in games he has played, leave Richard in fourth step in the central line today, so studying the options for change with the intention of being in the Euro 2012, but while try to reverse the situation in Valencia.