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Saturday, January 29, 2011


The former ram of the VCF discovered its compatriot, in 2004, coaching with the subsidiary of the modest team paulista.

Paulo Sergio Rose ´Viola´ recalls to Jonas in the same way that the valencianismo agrees of him. With affection and good words. Very good, as yesterday it could verify SUPER. The very veteran Brazilian footballer, despite be of holidays with his family, attended kindly the call to speak of his countryman and new reinforcement of him, to which, coincidences of the life, discovered when yet was not a professional. "Happinesses. It is a great acquisition", notifies already of first the tip, of 42 recently polite years.

The lives of Viola and the former Guild were crossed for the first time in the rows of the modest Guarani of Campinas. Was 2004, and the first one had just returned to its country after its experience in the Gaziantepspor Turkish. "It had the custom to go before the training to see to work the boys of lower categories. And there, in the second team, there was a kid that already promised, that was seen that was going to arrive far away. It was Jonas and barely was 19 years old", recalls the one that was tip of the black and white assembly during the season 95/96.

They come quickly to the memory the qualities that already by then called the attention of Jonas. "Was explosive, as now, and did not only move inside the area. It fell very well to bands", emphasizes the Brazilian, that considers that Jonas Gonçalves will not be found as many problems as he to its arrival to Valencia. "Now the footballers are more prepared to change of country; the adaptation is not as difficult as old. It cost me me to, because was the first time that Brazil left", aims the forward one.

It violates never has had the opportunity to be faced to the new black and white acquisition on a land of play. In its opinion, "better" thus, therefore the paulista, by its qualities, becomes "a rival one of little flavor". "Has a lot of quality. Does not it emphasize especially by its crowning of head, but in the management of the two legs and the crowning is phenomenal".

The veteran footballer, that doubts if to continue in assets to June or to begin immediately a new phase "as the leader, coach or representative", does not hide that "in the Brazilian league is easier to do goals that in Spain". Neither, even so, that "the numbers of Jonas are not normal, they are own of previous epochs, in which there was less defenses". "In Saints not the things were him well, but in Guild has scored a goal each two parties and has become one of the better gunners of the history".

It was that innate capacity of Jonas to see entrance the one that permitted that Guarani forgot quickly the march of the own Viola to Bay at the beginning of 2005. The modest club paulista, then in the Series B of its country, covered its drop promoting to which to day of today is already new forward black and white. 12 so many in alone 25 official commitments permitted that the young ram was won the affection of the fondness and the attention of the large of the South American country; would put on file for Saints the following year and subsequently would saturate in Guild of I Carry Happy.

He wants to see Jonas in direct Pushed by the desires that has to return and the security that his compatriot will yield to great level, Viola is marked like objective to travel in Valencia "from here to end of year". Thus podra to recall the epoch in Guarani and to see Jonas playing in Mestalla, besides enjoying the excellences of a city of the one that is declared openly "in love". "In my next holidays, planted me there. I have many desires to eat me a paella", says before being said good-bye.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Feghouli be transferred to the remainder of the season Almería

Valencia closed on Friday this week the sale of midfielder Sofiane Feghouli Almeria. The French player will play the remainder of the season on the Andalucian team under the command of José Luis Oltra.

The negotiations were accelerated in the last few hours and can be used to degrease the future transfer of goalkeeper Diego Alves to Valencia from July. Valencia signed a Feghouli this summer after it became free from French Grenoble. He has not had many options to be seen as its position, attacking midfielder who can act right down or in the band, have much competition in the staffing of Valencia.

Just three league games totaling 28 minutes and a meeting of Cup The idea of the technical secretary, Braulio Vazquez is likely to have enough parties to demonstrate their true level thinking about the future at the Mestalla.


Like an illusion of ours, it is clear what we owe the destination and it is clear what we all want, by Juan Mata, by Vicente Rodriguez, Vicente Guaita, by Jordi Alba, David Albelda, for all players of Valencia. CF in the present, past and future, for all our suffering fans, I ask that you give all in the Champions League regardless of who the opponent to be CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE and all that this would represent.

We know that the League and Cup are awarded to two teams that hate and every day in Spain it will be more because there is no right to what they are getting over his face while the rest of team we eat snot.

But in Europe there is no budget, no colors, it is our best chance though sometimes disguised selfish leaders and philosophers such equipment as Valdano, who had better watch his shadow or what's left of it.

I want to believe it, that I ask Catholics to atheists to God and nature, but once and for all that is met:

THE third time lucky

And the five will be fulfilled ... ..

Paco Alcácer not leave in January

Alcácer Paco far assumed the role of third front of the first team, a situation that will now occupy the Brazilian Jonas. Valencia does not intend to seek a transfer in the winter market, since the objective is to achieve the ascent of the Mestalla at Second B and you have a role.

Another thing is when you end the season as there was consider his future, but has a contract in force until June 30, 2013.

The club does not exclude the possibility that there are "way out"

Next Monday is the deadline for teams to close their templates and so far may be to maintain the uncertainty. "I would not rule anything, " says Braulio when he raises the possibility that some of the players who currently make up the Valencian template change of scenery. The last to go was Manuel Fernandes, who decided to head to Besiktas.

And with the arrival of Jonas Gonçalves all eyes turn to Chori Domínguez. Over Argentine Vázquez takes days explaining that the club is still waiting for more of their performance, but it is also true that even states that "the destination is marked by the player", he immediately adds: "I talked to Alexander and in principle does not come out this winter '.

One aspect draws attention to the words of the coordinator of the technical secretariat Valencia. It explains the nuance when it's "this winter. " Is quite another when it comes June.

For now, Llorente talks with Jonas and includes correction for Dominguez in their plans: "With Aduriz, Soldier, Chori Mata and we had a good front that is now complete, with a different player to make other things. "


The judge allowed the claim that the Foundation wants to avoid vote at meetings

The Commercial Court number 2 of Valencia has begun processing the application that the platform presented Valencia Nou shareholders requesting the veto vote of the Foundation at meetings of shareholders of Valencia.

For this group, the judge's action was well received and although obviously still a long way to go legal, it is considered a step forward in their struggle for the Foundation to decide by their votes (75% of total capital ) the future of the club meetings, relying on Article 148 of the Corporations Act.

Everything is motivated by what happened at the last meeting held on 20 November. The club refused to provide details of Valencia Nou ballots from the vote. That meant that this group went to court to file a civil lawsuit that time can be extended until later this spring. There will be a preliminary hearing between the parties and, if not agree, the dispute ended in court.

Notification of the trial was discussed at the meeting last night held by the executive committee Nou Valencia, which include Carlos Casañ, Henry Bouquet, Juan José Verdú, José Ramón Fuster, Andres Sanchis, José Domingo, Francisco Navarro, Angel Mínguez, José Manuel Baeza, Lucas Gonzalez, Jaime Sanchez and Jorge Ferrando.

Valencia Nou commission decided, as already advised, go to court to request the convening of a general meeting of shareholders to vote on board that if Valencia or not social responsibility action against the president, council and CEO at the time involved in signing the contract with the sponsor ghost (Valencia Experience).

Ricardo Costa eleven can return to Santander

Unai Emery works and thinking about the match against Racing Santander on Monday. The technician is raised again to place in the starting lineup Ricardo Costa, who formed groups in defense Stankevicius. In the last three games, Lithuanian duo had formed in the rear with Dealbert, everything points to that would be sacrificed after the team's defensive errors in the match against Malaga.

The staff began training yesterday to face meeting at the Sardinero after two days off with analytics to analyze the state of the players, and after a talk in the locker room, common in the first training day of the week to talk about work week and the next opponent. More than an hour's work with great intensity in the field, where both Unai Emery as Juan Carlos Carcedo were very attentive to the movements of the defense. The coach wants to improve the marking and defensive coverage to be committed again as in the match against Malaga, where Baptista was almost alone with the keeper on more than one occasion.

The Portuguese defender fell off the starting line of Emery after serving one-match ban against Levante and has missed the last two matches, Deportivo and Manchester-by technical decision, and the technician wanted to continue Dealbert on the computer with Stankevicius, which has become a fixture for the technician in his initial statement, in fact has started the last four games. During the session, the black and white coach divided the staff into two teams for a practice match, which proved to Stankevicius Coast and one of the teams, and Dealbert and Navarro, on the other.

Beyond defense, Emery has on its list of outstanding tasks to improve the team's ball movement and the effectiveness of face-to-door, which also were working on yesterday's meeting in Paterson to play four against three in attack.

Eating soup with rice and Emperor

The staff of the Valencia returned to lunch together in the dining room of the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna at the end of practice on Thursday. As happened last week, the players were black and whites up to the dining room as they were finishing their treatments to sample the lunch menu as prepared by the head of medical services in Valencia, Jordi Candel. An initiative that was implemented last week, as told the coaching staff, would be repeated throughout the week cleaning the equipment in the months of January and February after an intense training and demanding as the Thursday.

The menu of the day returned to a common denominator in most foods, proteins and especially carbohydrates. The latter needed to restore muscle glycogen more quality and therefore help the body recover better. Yesterday's menu consisted of rice soup for starters, warm salad with oil, bacon and nuts and second emperor. A combined food like last week. At that time the doctors chose the Milanese rice, baked chicken, tomatoes and salad, egg custard and fruit. This time, we opted for the rice pudding. The drink was again the basic water and orange juice.

Tactical moves in the rain
Unai Emery, Valencia coach prepared a work session Thursday in which impacted on the tactical moves by line pressure in a workout that lasted almost two hours and took place under a steady rain.

Basque coach divided the staff into three groups, one composed of the porters, among those who exercised without problems César Sánchez and Miguel Angel Moya, another court defense and defensive midfielders and a third composed of players of a more offensive .

After testing pressure moves defensive players, while the rest carried out in a field exercise Annex, later exchanged both groups work to conclude the session with a practice match tournament between the four teams that made up the template.

Precisely in the dispute of one of these matches was when he injured Juan Mata, who will have to await the outcome of medical tests to determine whether or not the injury is of importance.

The goal of Valencia laughs again

Guaita, Caesar, Moya, Saul and Salva. Emery worked on Thursday for the first time this season with five first-team goalkeepers and a subsidiary of Valencia. Extraordinary news for a province that has suffered greatly throughout the year with injuries and the Mallorcan Caceres. The five participants and, most importantly, competed in the 'Mundialito' prepared by the technical staff at the Sports City.

César Moya and still not one hundred percent to make the jump to the squad of Unai, but are becoming closer. Not yet make time-even on the horizon is a week for one and two to the other, but they have recovered his smile. On Thursday and were seen out on the lawn joking Paterna. The best sign that the goal becomes to laugh.

Starting Guaita. The torrent you want to show that it can be the goalkeeper of Valencia without injury. Valencia has been achieved with the sticks Vicent five consecutive wins in La Liga-Real Sociedad, Espanyol, Levante, Deportivo La Coruna and Malaga, and has before it a challenge to add the sixth in the Sardinero. A stadium that resists in recent seasons. He has never played there, but has been twice in the dock with Valencia in La Liga and Copa del Rey. This is your chance. It now seeking "no rush" Caesar and Moya. The two already competing in practice, although not yet to stop and continue to do specific work with 'Otxoto'. The Caesar can return in a week. The De Moya, in two. But neither is marking time. At the moment, are focused on regaining the pace of training and, incidentally, joy. The demonstrated yesterday in Paterna joking during the exercises. The two ended up on the lawn next to Saul, the squad that finished with the quintet Salva goalkeepers.

The Valencia offers the opportunity to meet in person to Jonas

Want to meet Jonas Gonçalves, Brazilian Golden Boot in 2010 and signing of Valencia CF? The club provides an opportunity to be with the player on your special day, of his presentation. To attend as a guest at the official launch of the new VCF player, you need to buy the shirt screenprinted with his name and his number, 18 in any store Official VCF.

The club gives balnquinegro later from right now until the end of the VCF Official Store next Tuesday at 20:00.

Mata suffered a left leg edema and is doubtful against Racing

Valencia striker Juan Mata has a swelling in the membrane between the tibia and fibula of his left leg as the club said in a statement.

The international was forced off the whole morning workout Valencia and evidence submitted which confirmed the condition, although doctors ruled out any bone pathology Valencia and ligaments in his ankle. Professionals will evaluate the physical condition of Mata on Friday, so that, for now, the interior is doubtful for next game Valencia, to be held on Monday at El Sardinero against Racing Santander.

Juan Manuel Mata was forced to retire on the final stretch of Valencia training after suffering a bruised lower left leg fibula. The Spaniard player was injured after suffering a collision with David Navarro, who was a sprained ankle that had to retreat to the locker room and was later transferred to a hospital to undergo the relevant medical evidence.

Unai Emery has prepared a working session which had an impact on the tactical moves by line pressure in a workout that lasted almost two hours and took place under a steady rain. The coach divided the staff into three groups, one composed of the porters, among those who exercised without problems César Sánchez and Miguel Angel Moya, another court defense and defensive midfielders and a third composed of players of a more offensive.

After testing pressure moves defensive players, while the rest carried out in a field exercise Annex, both groups shared the work to complete the preparatory session with a series of practice match between the four teams that made up the template. It was precisely in the dispute of one of these games when Mata was injured.

Llorente states that the aim of Valencia is to finish in the top four

Manuel Llorente insisted on Thursday that Valencia key passes the current season to qualify for the next edition of the Champions League, "so the team can not relax for even a second." This was said club president ché in a statement released by the club, which welcomed Llorente hiring Jonas Gonçalves.

"We are excited about the signing of Jonas, but more important is to continue on Monday in Santander with the current line of victories. We are all focused on getting the points there in a very difficult, because we all know the stakes in each game, "he said. On the Brazilian forward, adding that a player is "highly valued and priced in Brazilian football, contrasted as the best scorer on a good championship like that, each year the great players come to Europe." "It's worth signing by his sport and quality. Moreover, as economic conditions are good, everything perfect. Now I just have to prove their value in the field. With Aduriz, Soldier, Chori Mata and we had a good frontal now complete, with a different player to make other things, "he added.

Llorente congratulated Braulio Vazquez and the technical secretariat of the club by the work of "information gathering, monitoring and negotiating sports." "Jonas Gonsalves is a great guy and a good player who has already shown us something very important: his great enthusiasm for wearing the shirt of Valencia, the value given to belong to an institution like ours. Now you have to work stop to play minutes, "he said in conclusion.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jonas comes to Valencia with 96 goals in 197 games in six years

Jonas Gonçalves striker whose move to Valencia was confirmed today by the club, reached a total of 96 goals in 197 games he has played since 2005 in four clubs in your country: Guarani, Santos, Portuguesa and Gremio.

According to the club Valencia, Jonas Gonçalves Oliveira was born on April 1, 1984 in Bebedouro and combined his football with his studies in pharmacy, completed not to engage in this sport.

Started in Guaraní, the second category of football in his country, which happened to Santos, where he won two championships in Sao Paulo before moving to Gremio of Porto Alegre, the club he was the fifth top scorer of all time 78 goals in 147 games and leading scorer Brasileirao, 2010 with twenty-three goals.

He has also played matches in the Copa Libertadores, the Copa do Brasil, the Gaucho championship, the teams contesting the southern states of Brazil and the Brazilian League.

Cuatrecasas Soriano demand for unpaid efforts of Dalport

Vicente Soriano attempts to return to the presidency of Valencia in the summer of 2009, through the mysterious company called Dalport, we are going to take its toll on the courts. Cuatrecasas Goncalves Pereira, the law firm that managed private businesses Soriano and advised him in that operation, has decided to sit on the bench. The reason is the many defaults that have been piling on the table. Soriano about 300,000 euros owed to law firm for fees that were never to be rewarded, according to The complaint not only appears Soriano as an individual, but also some companies Valencian businessman, whose principal business is buying and selling property.
After several months as president of Valencia, Soriano broke again in the scene Valencia in July 2009. Representing Dalport said buying public shareholding of Valencia. To do this, brokered the sale of shares of Juan Soler (38 percent), then majority shareholder of the entity, and other former advisers, the Uruguayan society. Dalport, however, never pay a single euro of that operation, which was never made official.
Of all those efforts, and others, Cuatrecasas demands a considerable amount of money the former president. The law firm has asked for the notation in the Land Registry house about a hundred of his former client, as recorded by the digital newspaper said. The problem for the firm, the newspaper adds, "It weighs on them and a garnishment order from another court to ensure the 39 million calls on Soriano Soler.
Attempts to Vicente Soriano - who, outside offices, staff was advised by Miguel Zori, former vice president of Valencia, in many of his efforts "to buy the Valencia were in vain. While Dalport gave no sign of financial credibility, Valencia adopted a capital of 92 million, forcing the company that operated in Spain by Victor Bravo, to cope with 50 percent of new social capital .
Dalport faded quickly after the summer, but left in the social consequences. Jesus Barrachina, a former executive who had chosen to "give" their shares to the group through Vicente Soriano chair, accused the former adviser to feel "tricked."

Valencia: A Spanish team fumbles Miguel Angel Moya

The continued speculation about the possible signing of Diego Alves and Valencia (see article) may have implications for other goalkeepers in the template ché. If the Brazilian finally lands in Mestalla, playing options for Guaita Vicente and Miguel Angel Moya will be drastically reduced.

The latter is what is presumably less likely to have a few minutes and so far he has come a suitor who would be willing to receive it. According to Cadena Ser, it is the Real Zaragoza, who might be thinking of him going forward, despite last summer signed a Leo Franco and Toni Doblas.

The Guild twisted protest after learning of the sale of Jonas

The fans of Gremio Porto Alegre have not conceded anything good progress Jonas Gonçalves. So much so that anything after learning of the forward march to Valencia, the 'twisted' began to mobilize to hold a peaceful demonstration march by the attacker, and the gunner's goodbye comes on the eve of the Copa Libertadores. As suggested by the Brazilian newspaper "Zero Hora", some even appeared at the door of his house in the neighborhood, "Menino Deus" of Porto Alegre to show his displeasure with banners.

Who bothers, EAT GARLIC

Jonas: "I have wanted to step Mestalla '

Jonas Gonçalves Oliveira, a new player of Valencia CF until June 30, 2015, has told the club's official website that his move "by a European giant like the Valencia CF involves achieving a sporting dream, a dream fulfilled, "he stated in his first words as black and white. Jonas knows and his new team: "It's a club admired throughout South America and I are proud to be part of its workforce. The huge military and Valencia CF players like Mata, Soldier, Aduriz ... are certainly many with them I can grow professionally, "he assured.

The attacker has been a reminder to the great Brazilian players who have gone through our team, as is the case of Waldo, another legendary striker, "first-class Brazilian players have gone through the Valencia CF and I promise to give everything for my name to go to the club's history, "he said about it.

Finally, the striker wanted to send a message to it and his new hobby: "I have only wanted to step Mestalla and show all the 'twisted' my evenings conditions and give joy to all the Valencianism. I come with humility and want to add to what is already a great team. "

Aduriz soldier and welcome Jonas

Jonas Gonçalves has successfully passed the medical examination, but the Guild refused to give the floor and until the morning of Thursday the Valencia could not officially announce his signing until June 30, 2015 and a buyout clause low. Will be the third front of the staff, joining the pair formed by Aduriz and Soldier. Jonas arrive Sunday to join Valencia definitely discipline. The presentation will be after the commitment to play Valencia on Monday in Santander, where will the Brazilian if he deems it appropriate to start Emery meet his new teammates, but not decided because they prefer to train alone to see what state is physical. Manuel Llorente, first thing, he formally notified the City Unai Emery Paterna Sports plans to continue the Brazilian until he came.

Aduriz and Soldier are the two forwards who have up to now the coach at your disposal, the two have been alternating in the starting line but have also been supported in many games, as well as the Department has told Sports Emery's new signing. Jonas offers different strengths, and is willing to come to work, as it has done to establish itself as the top scorer in the Brazilian championship, his teammates will welcome with open arms, as well as publicly stated that the pair of strikers will be in El Sardinero. "It seems to me very well, the club has added new people, and all that is in the interest of the team and come with a desire to help is totally welcome. Hopefully I can make many things," said Aduriz, before giving way to Soldier: "Hopefully this is an important player and that helps us to achieve all the goals we have scored this season, we welcome you with open arms. We have to fight and put all the batteries to earn a spot, but it benefits the Valencia and that is what we want. " In the locker room no one had seen pictures of Jonas Gonçalves with the Guild, his name had not aroused the curiosity, but once they knew the possibility was coming resorted to videos posted on Web sites to learn more, as was the case of '9 'Valencia: "The truth is that I knew him when I heard he was coming I've seen some video of it online."

It now remains to be seen whether Emery decided to make a tactical change with the arrival of Jonas, but he prefers to wait to see you soon to talk about hypotheses. The Brazilian was playing with two strikers at his side, with him in the middle lane, even in matches like associate notes that much with the players that leave the band. Aduriz soldier and have been exchanging their roles during the season, when matched on the pitch is the '9 'reference, in Donostia delaying its position a few meters, but both are giving a great performance. Jonas's signing has been done because it provides different characteristics than the two that are present that may be useful for certain opponents and times of a game, but also will insist that Europe must work harder on defense. All in good time, but the first thing that will happen is the announcement of his move, something expected this morning if the Guild has just sending all the documentation.

Edu: 'Jonas Gonçalves going to win in Valencia'

Edu Gaspar is a voice only authorized to discuss the strengthening of all the Mestalla winter. And not just because he knows perfectly to Valencia and knows what kind of player and person is Jonas Gonçalves. Also, hence the phone call SUPER, because until the very Braulio Vazquez asked his opinion on the Sao Paulo striker before the start of the contacts for recruitment. Then, as now, the former black and white could not get better reports.

"I'm sure going to win," repeated over and over again midfielder when asked about it. He already did when he spoke by phone with the coordinator of the technical secretariat in mid-December. Galician personally had good reports confirm that there Gremio player and wanted someone trustworthy and knowledgeable of Brazilian football, as Edu, will confirm that if your incorporation immediately bet was right.

The fact is that the Brazilian international has not faced or ever has coincided with Jonas costumes. Neither has made much needed. "I've seen in many games. And not only that. It speaks wonders for some time in the world of football in my country, "says the veteran midfielder, to complete its report particular point, called several former teammates or friends in common. "There is no doubt. It's a serious person, very professional and personality: a born winner. "

Those who most stand to gain, according to Edu, are the Valencian supporters. "It's a great player and comes with the perfect age, will turn 27 next April 1," emphasizes player who was black and white from 2005 to 2009. "It is not too fast in the race, but mentally, when making decisions, which is much more important in football elite. Does not think at the time of finishing, "said the midfielder, reluctant, yes, comparisons with other attackers of the Liga. "The best thing for all will not say who is the new Villa or something else, because Jonas has its own style."

The hallmark of the tip of São Paulo are the goals. However, his compatriot in the analysis goes beyond pure football than was the '7 'Guild until Monday. "He has shown that they can live together in a challenging team and is able to score easily, but also to assist their peers," says Edu, whose return to Brazil, mid-2009, coincided with the final explosion of new signing set of Mestalla. "Even the fans knew it could go, for the national championship he was staying small, hence it had problems lately."

All that remains to be seen is whether Jonas Gonçalves uses all his qualities in Spain. If Valencia is not large, so to speak. Edu, for those who have doubts, reaffirms its role as guarantor of the tip and alerts. "We talked again in a few months and tell me if I was right." For the good black and white, so be it and not follow in the footsteps of compatriots and Gaspar Edu own, the two serious knee injuries prevented win at the Mestalla.

Waldo, role model
The whole of Mestalla did not hire a battering ram of the same nationality as Jonas for seven years. The latter was Ricardo Oliveira, who ended up swelling the list of Brazilian strikers who have not met the expectations raised by the club for his transfer. Something similar happened before with Leandro Machado, Romario, Viola and Toni in the 90's. Waldo, the third highest scorer in the history of Valencia, behind Kempes World and the only '9 'South American country that was successful.

Jordi Alba: "I just think to follow in Valencia

The Valencia player Jordi Alba has acknowledged Thursday that "no other thought than to continue" at the Valencia club after rumors about possible interest in signing Manchester.

Jordi Alba explained that nothing has come of Malaga and admitted that his desire is to "keep learning a lot in Valencia." "This club gave me the opportunity to play at first, I'm happy here and I have to go to another team would not be good," he said at a news conference.

On defense
"Last year had said it was not my position but I'm learning a lot and little by little I'll do better"
The player was "pleased by the confidence of Emery" and admitted that "in the team competition is intense." "From last season it has been a great change. You always want to participate more but I played enough to be satisfied," he said.

Jordi Alba, who served as interior left in the last match against Malaga, recalled that "life" has played as a winger but since it debuted in the first team has played as a winger in most games.

"Nobody expected me to defend, but the coach decided to put me there and I play wherever. The last year had said it was not my position but I'm learning a lot and little by little I'll do better. Back to the far left now costs a little, "he said.

"Valencia is qualified to be the third"
The Valencia also discussed the fight for Champions League place and said that "while Villarreal and Valencia are distant, is very seasonal and we should not rule out other teams, as even at Athletic Bilbao."

However, Beckham said he was confident of his side's chances. "Valencia is qualified to be third," he said. In addition, Alba admitted, "the superiority of Real Madrid and Barcelona, in Spain and Europe."

The player admitted he is "not knowing" the club's latest addition, Jonas Gonçalves Brazil, but said that "if the signing has been done, it will be good for the team." "We have two great strikers like Soldier and Aduriz but if you are eligible for this Valencia certain to be positive," he said.

Mata is removed from the training with a heavy blow on his left ankle

Juan Manuel Mata was forced to retire on the final leg of training after suffering a concussion Valencia at the bottom of the fibula in his left leg. The Spaniard player was injured after suffering a collision with David Navarro, who was a sprained ankle that had to retreat to the locker room and was later transferred to a hospital to undergo medical tests to determine the scope injury.

Unai Emery has prepared a working session which had an impact on the tactical moves by line pressure in a workout that lasted almost two hours and took place under a steady rain. The coach divided the staff into three groups, one composed of the porters, among those who exercised without problems César Sánchez and Miguel Angel Moya, another court defense and defensive midfielders and a third composed of players of a more offensive.

After testing pressure moves defensive players, while the rest carried out in a field exercise Annex, both groups shared the work to complete the preparatory session with a series of practice match between the four teams that made up the template. It was precisely in the dispute of one of these games when he injured Mata, who will have to await the outcome of medical tests to determine whether or not the injury is of importance.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The title and the Champions League places are decided at the Mestalla and El Madrigal

The Mestalla stadium and El Madrigal, where competing commitments Valencia and Villarreal respectively, could become the second round in the two scenarios where you choose both the league title and the posts are right to challenge the next edition of Champions League.

The first classification is now led by Barcelona (55), second is the Real Madrid (51), followed in third place Villarreal (42) and fourth is the Valencia (40).

Therefore both campuses will help determine the future of the championship, as they are, along with the Sanchez Pizjuan, travel more complicated than visiting the two great Spanish football in the second round, along with the Bernabeu by Barcelona.

While in El Madrigal has not been able to impose any equipment, the only one that has been rated Valencia (1-1), set at the Mestalla Valencia has yielded only one victory against Mallorca (1-2).

In this way and with respect to the league title will be final as to be able to do both great in these scenarios, since the victory at the Bernabeu in the confrontation between the two is not sufficient to give the white set Barca hunting in the table.

So, Real Madrid will have to be entrusted to another rival will subtract points for Barcelona in their fight for the title and best allies that the teams that preceded it on the table and also fighting for a spot in Champions League .

In this sense the first game is scheduled for early March, when Barcelona visit the Mestalla in the twenty-sixth day. A month later, on 2 or 3 April, in El Madrigal will face villarrealense and Barça in Week 30 of the championship.

After those two visits to the FC Barcelona Valencia region will be the turn of the two teams of the Community measure in a match that may decide a place in the Champions League, especially the third position that provides direct access to this competition, and will take place at the Mestalla between 9 and 10 April.

In the last stage of the race will be the Real Madrid who surrender visit to both stages: on 23-24 April at Mestalla, day 33 and in the penultimate game of the season at El Madrigal, 14-15 May.






Maduro, preset with the Netherlands

Hedwiges Maduro has been shortlisted by the Netherlands for their team will play friendly against Austria on 9 February in Eindhoven. The meeting is scheduled disputed after 20.30 in the Philips Stadium.


The Valencia can match against Racing its best winning streak in the league in a season

Valencia, who is facing the following Monday to Racing Santander in El Sardinero could equal, if a victory before the Santander group, their best streak of consecutive wins historic in the league in a season.

The Valencia set up in the now five-game winning streak after tax at the Mestalla to Malaga (4-3), Espanyol (2-1) and Deportivo (2-0) and away to Real Sociedad (1-2) and Levante (0-1).

Thus, if he can defeat Racing will add its sixth win and match a record that stretches from the season 2006-2007, when the team coached by Quique Sanchez Flores was able to string six victories between days 14 to 19.

On that occasion, at the Mestalla Valencia thrashed Deportivo Coruna (4-0), Real Mallorca (3-1) and the East, while at home was imposed by the minimum (0-1) at Zaragoza, Villarreal and Real Society.

This streak was cut short when he fell in the Ruiz de Lopera against Real Betis 2-1 with goals from Robert, two, for locals and David Villa for Valencia.

This series of victories in one campaign has been on five other occasions but the record of the entity is seven wins but straddles two seasons, 46-47 and 47-48, since it began in the week 22 the first year and finished second in the second.

Espanyol: Victor Ruiz's replacement may be in Valencia

The continuing rumors that place away from Espanyol Victor Ruiz also cause the parrot box has to hurry to find a replacement. So every once in a while some information such as signing the Cadena Ser in stating that the combined Dealbert Angel Catalan want.

This defender of 28 years only account for Unai Emery, who has given the opportunity to play in 6 league games this season with Valencia (but has started only 3 times). Now might be a new opportunity in the squad that goes Mauricio Pochettino, being undoubtedly the surprise team of the season.

The Jonas VCF wants to have as soon as possible

Jonas Gonçalves's farewell still in Porto Alegre fishtailing nearly two days after learning of the player up to Valencia. While principals have expected Mestalla in Valencia striker as soon as possible, in Brazil had speculated that Jonas rush to the Copa Libertadores with Gremio, which is discarded.

The player's brother and agent, Tiago Gonçalves, Brazil has said that it had considered that possibility because of the commitment of the Copa Libertadores which had the old team and Jonas, a proposal rejected by the leaders of the VCF despite including insurance for what might happen. And, as indicated by Tiago in the newspaper Zero Hora, Valencian principals are "like crazy " because I arrived in the city of Valencia. Jonas, who has not chipping creates the illusion that you deal with Barcelona and Real Madrid will travel to Valencia this weekend and next week is scheduled presentation, although there is still the club make his signing official upon completion of the relevant medical examination being carried out in Sao Paulo, where Monday was a holiday and could not perform cardiology tests.

The VCF-Hercules on Sunday, February 6 to 21 hours

Valencia CF already know the game schedule for Week 22 of La Liga. The commitment that Unai Emery played to the Hercules at the Mestalla will be held on Sunday February 6 to 21 hours. For its part, the other regional match of the day, Villarreal, Levante, will be held one day prior to 20 hours. The complete list provided by the League schedule is as follows:

- First Division (League Matchday BBVA/22)
. Saturday, February 5
Athletic-Sporting 18:00
Zaragoza-Racing 18:00
Getafe-Deportivo 18:00
Almeria Espanyol 18:00
18:00 Osasuna-Mallorca
20:00 Villarreal-Levante
22:00 Barcelona-Atletico Madrid
. Sunday, February 6
Sevilla-Málaga 17:00
19:00 Real Madrid-Real Sociedad
Valencia-Hercules 21:00

- Second Division (League Adelante/23a day)
. Friday, February 4
21:00 Xerez-Barcelona 'B '
. Saturday, February 5
16:00 Valladolid Granada
17:00 Huesca Las Palmas (island time)
Elche, Cartagena 18:00
Rayo Vallecano-Córdoba 18:00
Salamanca, Tenerife 18:00
Girona-Nastic 18:00
18:00 Albacete-Villarreal 'B'
. Sunday, February 6
Betis-Recreativo 12:00
17:00 Ponferradina-Alcorcón
. Monday, February 7
21:00 Celtic vs Numancia.

Banega:''The fans are right to say whatever you want''

Valencia midfielder said at a news conference that the Valencia fans "is entitled to say whatever he wants" after they accused him of having alcohol problems in several games.

The Argentine was sanctioned for violating the internal rules of the club and go into the wee hours of the morning on the birthday of technical Unai Emery. Banega wants to forget the issue "because they are things of the past" and acknowledged that the fine imposed on the entity for its conduct amounted to 6,000 euros. The player also recognized "have no problem with the media, think their job is."

Regarding the celebration of his goal against Malaga last weekend, when it seemed that was a gesture of contempt for some of the fans, Banega said he "wanted to show the crowd who was not killed in a party that complicated. "

The midfielder, who has returned to the team after an injury, said, "is proud to be back" in a season, said Banega, "not being good." The player has been called by Argentina's national team for the next commitment Albiceleste.

Imbued with Tino Costa

Banega blamed his absence in recent games to "coach's decision as there are players who are in better shape, as is the case of Costa Tino." The player, who played 45 minutes in the game against Manchester, admitted he felt "very comfortable next to Tino as during the second half the team handled the ball very well." "When should you play has to be one hundred percent knowing that fellow out there willing to do as well or better," he said.

The midfielder said that injuries have so far limited minutes because he has always had "continued at Valencia." The player was "pleased" with the club and his companions and said that attempts to "give my best in every practice and every game to go back to eleven."

Regarding the latest addition of Valencia, the Brazilian Jonas, Banega requested "leave him alone" and acknowledged that the template will facilitate their adaptation. The player was very distant on the latest signing of Real Madrid, Adebayor of Togo, and said "Every team who wants to form." I just think at Valencia, "he concluded.

74% of the shares have been sold

With just three working days to buy stocks, since the deadline is next Monday, January 31, has sold 32,684 shares, having bought 2 269 people. Therefore, it has sold 74% of the 44,247 shares offered for sale.

Jonah opens the door Chori

Jonas Gonçalves happened last medical examination and, except setback, today will officially become a Valencia player. The transfer of 1.25 million euros of its buyout is already made. The Brazilian, 26, will wear the shirt of Valencia until June 2015, when it lands in the city, you can choose to wear the dorsal 5 to 16 (leaving open the oven) or 18 (from Manuel Fernandes). So far, the Gremio de Porto Alegre, had 7. Is scheduled to start training next week with the team and, if deemed appropriate Unai Emery, could even play some minutes at the Mestalla against Hercules. If the script meets planned in Valencia.
To Porto Alegre (Brazil) have traveled, both Vice President Javier Gomez as the coordinator of the technical secretariat Braulio Vazquez and medical services chief Jorge Candel. The front and the rest of the expedition, is expected to land in Valencia on Friday. The fans of Gremio Porto Alegre in anger mounted Friday after hearing about the progress of the player, known as the "trigger" that had a contract with the Brazilian club until the end of June.
Jonah, who turns 27 on April 1, is a forward high (181 cm) which was the top scorer last Brazilian Championship with 23 goals. Previously, the player. who has a degree in pharmacy and who is his brother - Fifa lawyer but no agent, "had gone through the Guarani of Campinas, Santos, then played for a short period in the Guild and finally, after calling at the San Portuguese Paul returned to Porto Alegre. With the tricolor gaucho, Jonah scored 78 goals in 147 games.

"Forward or midfielder?
With Jonah, by widening the front of the team payroll. Or midfielders. And, while some analysts define the player as a striker with characteristics similar to David Villa, others consider that their characteristics are maximized if you play as second striker, ie a David Silva. Thus, as a striker completed a Aduriz and Soldier, but since the arrival of Jonah playmaker would open the door to the progress of Chori Domínguez, a player who came to the band's best player in the Russian league and, for whatever other reasons, Valencia has failed to gel as reflected by the fact that a year has only played 24 official matches, has three assists and only scored one goal.
Valencia, if Chori has one of the many offers which says it, accept it because, although the club has publicly backed the player and he continues to show its confidence in private does not hide its disappointment over the poor performance and behavior of the Argentine. "In the words must be transformed into actions. It has to be competitive," he said yesterday in Taula Unai Emery Radio 9. The winter market closes on Monday. The coach also admitted he was "aware" of the negotiation as Jonah said, "I am informed of the operations of the club." Still, the coach revealed not have asked for "any" forward because it is "satisfied" with the coaching team, with whom he intends to "reach the goal, but if someone" is to add and contribute either. "
Jonah also closes the doors of the first team to homegrown Isco (midfielder) and Paco Alcácer (front). Isco, which has not entered into the last calls, has returned to train with the reserves but is a temporary decision.

Four years in a row clocking in winter
Valencia has reverted to the winter transfer window deadline for the fourth consecutive season. After a series of seasons in which the economic situation discouraged this type of contract, the club Valencia to rule out new signings at this time of year between the periods 2002-2003 and 2007-2008, although in recent seasons has been re-used this resource. The two players who broke with this trend were Hedwiges Maduro and Ever Banega who arrived in 2007-2008 from the Boca Juniors and Ajax, respectively, with the intention of strengthening a team that finished struggling to avoid relegation.
Also bound by the circumstances had to hire a porter in the 2008-2009 season, when the Brazilian Renan Brito injury led to the signing of Tottenham Valencia Cesar Sanchez. That same season, along with Caesar, also hired a Brazilian side, Thiago Carleto, which passed without dawn by Mestalla and after being transferred to Elche, in February last year, returned home to play for Santos.
The past year was the Argentinian Alenjandro "Chori" Domínguez who joined the team from Rubin Kazan. valencia efe

Jonah try to forget the past fiascos other attackers featuring his compatriots. Valencia did not hire a Brazilian striker since he landed in Valencia in 2003, Ricardo Oliveira, who left a bitter taste and to be appreciated a great potential but did not quite stand out as it would later in the Betis, Zaragoza and Milan. A Oliveira Leandro Machado before him (1996), Romario de Souza (1996), which came in his footballing decline, Paulo Sergio Viola (1995). To find a Brazilian striker who succeed have to go back to the sixties with Waldo Machado, who made history at the club.

"Hopefully we play better but if you do not win, nobody remembers the game"

I guess his Twitter (R9Soldado) would throw smoke after a good last game ...
Even I'm starting with the Twitter, but the truth is that I did get compliments, but more mobile.

And they say that the strikers are selfish ...
Well, it was the best, calling the play. Aritz was in front of goal and, if you put it well, I knew that would get.

They understand you well.
And that at first there was talk about whether we could play together ... the truth is that I feel very comfortable with Aduriz, we help, we fight together against the defense and things are going well.

In case now comes another attacker, Jonas.
Welcome. Anything to add staff and resources to support the Valencia team so hopefully things will go well because the well will be the whole group.

Are you concerned that growing competition in the lead?
Everywhere I've been has been no competition so it's something I'm used to. If you're a professional should give everything every day, every practice and every game, no need for Scout players in his position. I can only influence my performance and that's what worries me. Otherwise, I say that everything that is helping Valencia is good for me.

But recognize that when signing a striker is a warning to other strikers in the squad.
Do not think so at least I did not take it well. If it was felt that the staff needed another striker is to bring normal. There are also three goalkeepers, four central ... all posts should be well covered.

Do you know Jonas?
The truth is that when I searched I found your videos on youtube, but the important thing is to see it live.

Returning to the team, you said Saturday that he would like the Valencia had more possession ...
It was not a criticism, it was a desire, but because I think that's the idea of all, starting with the coach who always advocates a dominating Valencia, who believes many occasions ... but then the games are as they are, there is a rival in front and know what is really important to play them, as required by each commitment compete and win. And that we're doing.

Five straight victories capped a lot of things, right?
Winning five straight games in the Spanish League has a terrible credit. What could we play better? Sure, but while we wait for this improvement must be added in groups of three. Aesthetics, play attractive ... agree on that, but the priority is to win and win again. Look, there are games we've been better and instead we have not won, who would remember that? Nobody. For example Anoeta I was not good, but Valencia won and what is left to the people and equipment? Then we add three points in a very difficult and we continue upwards. This is a race to the bottom and there we are performing. Hopefully we do better football, but on the basis of the need to keep winning, because if you do not, nobody remembers how you played.

Do you think you play better with two points?
The footballer, like all people are selfish and want to play forever. The coach must decide and it is who has more data to evaluate and implement an eleven or another. What I say is very subjective because I want to play forever and that is impossible. If the central question prefer to play with three, if you talk to inside bet to play more bands ... is normal because we all want to play and see a once in which we are forever.

In a few weeks back the Champions League, the tournament ...
Is a special competition and now comes the good. Would make a great paper, I dream about being in rooms but nobody thinks it will be easy because Schalke has less name, because it has a great team.

Is Raul ...
That's a big, his goals are still talking about him.

Valencia: Vicente does not close the door to the Premier

Vicente has been linked with Blackburn Rovers for the last few hours since, but has played 16 games this year (3 goals), not far from guaranteed title in Valencia. So the combination of Ewood Park would have knocked on his door recently.

Most surprising of all, it seems that the player himself would not averse to a change of scenery and it has revealed to Sky Sports. "I have heard very good things in the Premiership and if the project is interesting not be a problem to play there, " said the extreme.

Valencia: Siren Song for Ever Banega in the Premier

The Argentine was one of thethe names that shuffled the Reds last summer to meet with Javier Mascherano . Finally it was at the Mestalla and has now played 13 league games (7 starts) and even managed to score a goal in the final match against Malaga.

Now back on the orbit of a combined British, as stated in a information. This is the Tottenham, apparently looking for a new midfielder and that is why you would have noticed the Valencia player.

The aforementioned source also ensures that the Spurs believe that to sign Ever Banega could cost around 16 M €, an amount similar to the picture ché paid by him in 2008. However, the main obstacle would be the London squad is that he can not play the Champions League.

Now what about the Chori?

The arrival of Jonas Gonçalves Valencia broad options offensive team in the land where Aduriz Soldier and have occupied almost every minute, but also raises some questions and more will undoubtedly revolves around the Chori Domínguez.

The Argentine striker is in a somewhat difficult position strengthened after the attack. The former Rubin Kazan was a year ago with many projects ahead and aim to find a place in the team to the possible departure of Silva and Villa but, despite the farewell of these players, has failed to win a place. Its performance is not being expected and just enter in Unai Emery's plans, a circumstance that the club has even thought out during the winter, although the player does not want to leave. The question is, what will happen to the Chori? What position is after the arrival of Jonas?

Isco and Paco Alcácer
Others that can take its toll and Paco are Isco Alcácer. The youth squad will be more difficult to get into the first team plans with the imminent arrival of Jonas. In the case of Alcácer will not be as flashy, as it has only come to enjoy official game minutes in the Copa del Rey. For its part, Isco has not played in the first team since the game against Osasuna in mid-December, they may notice more the arrival of an attacking player.

The 4-1 to Barcelona in the Champions League, a 'classic ' for UEFA

Valencia is news for the UEFA. And is that the governing body has excelled in his classic matches section of the Champions League rout that infringed Valencia to Barcelona in the first leg of the semifinals in 2000. It was a match that ended 4-1 for Valencia, with two goals from Angulo, one of Mendieta's penalty and a Claudio Lopez.

UEFA thus this meeting is: "Few men relied on Cuper when the draw paired them with the Catalans in the semifinals. In the first leg, the" patches "won a comfortable victory with which to travel to the Nou Camp. "

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moya wants to leave

The signing of Diego Alves has sat like a kick in the gut to Miguel Angel Moya, Valencia goalkeeper, who feel any of the club, little more than contempt, news that advanced yesterday PROVINCES Punto Radio (92.0 FM). So he did know, off the record, reporters who visited the facilities of the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna, where the goalkeeper Balearic continues the process of recovery from the injury that removed him from the team.

What did Moya lost his eternal patience? Something as simple as being able to personally verify that the signing of Diego Alves is irrevocable and, therefore, the Brazilian will join next season to join the list of goalies who now comprise Caesar himself Guaita and Moya, hurt because no club has submitted to the upcoming arrival of Alves.

Binisalem goalkeeper made clear that his will would even leave and Valencia, but assumes that there is little time for the closure of the winter market on Monday. In case you do not get to leave on the days that remain, is willing to do at the end of this season.

Miguel Angel Moya believes that the treatment received by the Valencia is unfair, understand that have not been carried with it the right way, which has increased the anger inside. Primary responsibility for these point to the coach, Unai Emery, and the coordinator of the technical secretariat, Braulio Vazquez, who understands that should have reported the recruitment of Diego Alves.

This is the current feeling Moya, but another thing is that in the remaining months until the summer persists in its attitude as the way issues are as crucial as the process of negotiating Guaita Vicente, who has attracted interest from teams Premier.

Manuel Garcia Quilon therefore, representative of Moya, is more cautious and simply to place the matter before the end of the season, when known, among other things, who will coach the team.

Balearic goalkeeper knows that deals are not going to miss, but the alternative he is greedy for Sevilla. If Gregorio Manzano put the team through Seville in Europe through the League or Copa del Rey-renewed contract. In this case prompted the signing of Moya, who knows very well by the time they were together in Mallorca. The club's Sanchez Pizjuan know that Palop has entered its final stage and wants to leave Javi Varas hurt because he has lost the title despite their good performances while de l'Alcúdia was low. Varas want to leave, thus paving the way to the club Moya headed by José María del Nido.

Party time in four years of Mata

At 22, Juan Mata is already an icon of Valencia. Yesterday, in Dénia, signed his renovation and expansion of four-year contract. There has been a bed of roses. The agreement reached after two years of negotiations. "I never feared that this day would come," proclaimed Mata, who insisted again and again that it is "happy at Valencia." Long wait well worth a party. And a party was the renewal of playmaker. Mata has star status. And a curriculum to match. Valencia won the Copa del Rey and the Spanish team's World Cup. For that last title, Valencia will "was" a tribute postponed by the tug of war in the renewal. Yesterday was the day.
A thousand people gathered at the social center of Denia to attend the party and Valencianism Mata. The audience was small. Rocks came across the Region of Valencia. The children cheered their idol. Mata, as emphasized by the president of Valencia, Manuel Llorente, is more than a player, is a symbol. "He embodies the best values of sport: humility, perseverance and loyalty to his teammates and the club. We have to thank you and your father (and representative) as well, but has tightened considerably. I was always sure you would take in the Valencia, "the president said. However, referring to the renovation, it was always with the tagline of "finally." Finally, Mata. "It has been seven months arguing with his father, but always with good humor," he admitted Llorente.
Besides all the virtues displayed by the leader of Valencia CF, Mata has more prudence. "All the contract the club has" interrupted when asked about this exception (the club is obliged to listen to offers if more than 30 million euros) has been introduced in the clause of 60 million. "I feel very comfortable at this club. I feel happy," clinched.
With the care, the player said when asked if the new referent of Valencia. "I am aware that there are players who should have more responsibility, but we won and we all lose." It is clear that other values embodied in Mata is to make equipment.
The club prepared with great care the renewal of football. The policy of bringing such acts to different municipalities Valencian works. "We have thousands of followers throughout the Region. We believe the success of this event. Come to where the fans and so respond to the effort made by all these fans come every Sunday at Mestalla" summed Llorente. Children of school football and Denia ranks of screaming, shouting the name of Mata. Several kids took the stage to ask the player. "What title would you like to win?", Launched one of them. The midfielder was thought a few seconds, with a smile, said "Champions." "In Valencia I've won the Cup and the club has also secured several leagues. I do hope the Champions League." Prudente is a while, but does not lack ambition point makes great athletes.

The world champion's jersey, at the Museum of Valencia
Valencia boasts a world champion in their ranks and Mata gives his team a piece of his experience in South Africa. The player gave yesterday to the president of the club's jersey which debuted in the World. The band with the number 13. Llorente said that the jersey will feature prominently in the museum to open in Valencia CF in the City of Arts and Sciences. For any fan can overlook that Mata, ten of Valencia, has already entered the history of the club.
Meanwhile, Llorente gave him another shirt, but it's Valencia, Dénia Mayor, Ana Kringe, who confessed to the core Valencia.
In the act of renewal no shortage of compliments from other players. In a first video, Cesar, Joaquin and Pablo Hernandez reviewed the qualities of your partner as a player and person. And in another video, FC Barcelona, and Asturian exvalencianista Mata, David Villa, and the national coach, Vicente del Bosque, congratulated him and wished to renew this step in his career as a stimulus for further growth.
Juan Mata is the present and the future of Valencia. "The feeling I have inside and outside the field is that I want to improve. I want to be a better player at 23 than 22 and more at 24," said the footballer and white.
Meanwhile Llorente did not hesitate to speak of "Mata style." "It's the one we want to spread to the rest of his teammates and is characterized by honesty and dedication."
The player arrived in Dénia with his father and the president of Valencia CF. The mayor met them at the town hall and joined for a cause much of the Marina Alta. Mata Llorente and signed on behalf of the rail link between Denia and Gandia.
Meanwhile, the social center auditorium was filling up. Among the most boisterous fans were the de la Peña Valencianista Juan Mata. Altea also came crags, Pedreguer, Gata, the Verger and Oliva. And not without three of Denia, Els Collons Montgo, the Cape and Me'n Pic.

Notice all the information and pictures and videos where you can only see them with us here:

Valencia: Another front to close the winter market?

The Valencia striker could experience considerable growth in the final stretch of the market. And, after the arrival of striker realize canarinho Jonah, the policy looks set to get the assignment of a new player in attack.

This is the Mexican Carlos Vela (21 years), ram the British press that stands on the brink of the entity ché. In fact, the TalkSport website indicates that the Arsenal has already given the nod to his departure and is only a matter of time his landing at the Mestalla.

Of unquestionable talent, Aztec has not finished winning the trust of Arsene Wenger (the course owner has not come in Premier League) and has only left traces of his quality in his previous stays in the Spanish league (Celta de Vigo, Salamanca and Osasuna).

Jonas, 'O Rei do gol ', 2010

Jonas Gonçalves Oliveira not call him 'The bomb' because. The new black and white player has earned the nickname pulse. Theirs is to blow up the opposing defenses, goalscoring statistics, as demonstrated in recent months. The Sao Paulo has become fashionable footballer in Brazil, along with the coveted Neymar of Santos, after scoring 42 goals in 2010 official.

The truth is that nothing has been easy in the career of ram. Or after becoming its main figure, the fans of Gremio was treated with special care. So, on Friday, which ultimately would be his last match with Porto Alegre, was faced with the crowd after scoring one of the goals against San Jose. Tired of criticism, that the club had prioritized the possible return of Ronaldinho to the negotiation for renewal, sick of everything, it slipped a ball into the stands.

Two angry much put the end to his time in 'Greece'. Three and a half years in which he has accumulated experience of all colors. From black, which is how he saw everything when he spent seven months in 2008 stand up to the pink rearwardly year. A Jonas have come to be treated in their country of 'quarter' after being the top scorer of his club in a Brasileirao (23 goals) also managed 11 goals in the Championship Gaucho, eight in the Brazilian Cup and two in the Copa Sudamericana.

Already in the network who wanted to compare the exvalencianista footballing Ricardo Oliveira or groguet Rossi. Strengthening the brand new Mestalla, however, is genuine on the pitch. Ambidextrous, able to score goals for power and subtlety, from within and from outside the area, deserves to be known only by their merits after becoming the fifth leading scorer in the history of Guild: 78 goals in 147 official matches, ahead of figures the likes of Mario Jardel, or himself 'Dinho'.

These have been so many who have opened the door of Valencia. For those in Europe and was open since 2009, when AEK Athens was about to sign him. Someone on the Greek side in this way was pale and skilled point of 1.81 that had the 7, which is a muscle injury prevented him from fighting with Adriano, now in Rome for the title of top scorer in the national championship. Still, had 15 points in the same and won a better contract and a decrease in the clause, in the end key to their arrival at the Mestalla.
The black and white will be the fifth team of Jonas Gonçalves. After excelling in the Guaraní of the Series B in 2006 was hired by the Santos of Pele, which suffered the most serious injury of his career. Nothing more to win the Paulista Championship, where he had scored four goals in five games, tore knee ligaments and had to a halt six months.

Paradoxically, the ostracism of his first season in Gremio, 2007/08, of which only remember the goal that caused the historic decline in Corinthians, "is that he finished as a person and as a footballer. Much more prepared for the shock, Jonas was given six months at no cost to Portuguese and finally became a man-gol. Role that had her back to the 'Tri' in 2009, ahead of Alex Mineiro. With the 3-5-2 Celso Roth and former Barcelona Maxi López, swelled to score as many until he was injured and again in disgrace. They talked about their exchange by Vitor, Goias, and Silas was a regular at the premiere of 2010. However, 45 minutes were enough to undo the mess. Jonas came out, marked and you do not stop throughout the year.

Jonas will leave for Spain this morning

Jonas Gonçalves could leave early this morning bound for Spain if it does not last-minute mishap. The new player of Valencia has already signed his contract with the entity Mestalla, although the club have not been made official, and now would be in Sao Paulo, where it would take a plane to Europe.

The black and white last booster was fired yesterday from his peers and from the time when the news broke of his farewell has been the most searched Guild. Nobody knew the player and VCF, but his mother and his brother, located at the home of football in Porto Alegre, have confirmed that Jonas is already in Sao Paulo, since it will take a plane to Spain, as reported by 'click Esportes '. His mother, in fact, has reported that in the coming hours will also fly to Valencia.

The intention of the front is leaving the state capital late on Tuesday that the early morning hours would be Spanish, so that tomorrow or Thursday could already be in Valencia, according to the scales that have to do to reach the capital Turia.

Clause waning detected Valencia

Braulio traveled to Brazil and Argentina last December with the aim of seeing live Jonas, a Valencia striker that already had good reports. The other main objective was to Students, Fede Fernandes, whose price was exorbitant, leaving the way open for Adil Rami. Recently, taking advantage of the Copa Sao Paulo, another coach of the club was in Brazil looking to play and train Jonas.

Early reports from Valencia on Brasileirao Jonas is the last season. Valencia club technicians took note of it because it was a forward who began to emerge. Months later, in December last year, the coordinator of the Technical Secretariat of Valencia, Braulio Vazquez, and one of his trusted technical, Javi Garrido, traveled to Argentina and Brazil in search of a striker and a central defender. Both players liked best were the Argentine central defender Federico Fernandes, who plays for students, and Valencia and Jonas Gonçalves, who saw Braulio Vazquez live twice.

In fact, days later, on December 23 SUPER reported that the coordinator of the technical secretariat of Valencia, Braulio, had asked price for the Brazilian. Recently, another Braulio technical confidence, Sunday Caton, traveled to Brazil trip that also published SUPER-for Cup matches Sao Paulo, and also see Jonas. Caton's task is to find Jonas data beyond the games, so what you saw was training train and found out about their afterlife. The reports were positive, Jonas was also convinced of the pitch.

The interest of Valencia for this player is precipitated when technicians were knowledgeable about the true clause of the front was 1.250 million, since when asked about the price of the player, the Guild asked for between 8 and 10 million. Keep in mind that Valencia has purchased 50% of the player's pass, namely belonging to the Guild, the other is his brother and agent, Thiago Gonçalves. And if Jonas had a real price so affordable it was because football club failed to reach agreement on expansion and improvement of contract and also the Guild owed premia. Moreover, as the Guild was not paid to Jonas, the clause was down to los1, 2 finals has paid Valencia. This has led Valencia takes the top scorer in the Brazilian league for a price much lower than the market quotation marks.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Brazilian striker tab Valencia Jonas Gonçalves

Brazilian striker Jonas Gonçalves, 26, is devinculó Portoalegre Guild to have an agreement with Valencia. Mestalla club is outlining the details of the deal.

Valencia will pay 1.2 million euros. Will own a percentage of his passes and is incorporated in this winter market sources said Valencia.

That's how we officially announced this afternoon the Brazilian club's vice president, Vicente Martins Press in an appearance and that is reflected in the official website.

Guild leader explained that they have sought to renew the striker, but ultimately the player has been seduced by the proposal of Valencia. "Now a proposal for Spain that says Jonah is a great challenge in his career, " the vice president of the Guild.


Manchester earned the most, of course, that the way to complain is not correct, but of course I hope for Málaga and Málaga friends we must be saved, of course, but not like children, they showed throughout Spain to be in such positions is a serious error that will address and ....
.... Valencia.CF we showed that defense is a mother.

But the good thing about football is that now if you have given us almost everything we have won, because it resembled the Osasuna game (and I had screwed up the pool again), but this time put it Aduritz .-

However, and I still have my guns, is a warning of what can happen to us in the future, notice to mariners and especially for Unai that is what gives the face begins to espabilar machine because despite following the submarine, we have time to forgive if the defense is not safe, now that we have a goalkeeper who saves us every weekend, as did Cesar and Moya, that nobody should forget history, Guaita has won the job and yes, serious Cesar a bitch to come back after the signing of Diego Alves.

On the other hand I keep throwing at fault Albelda and Pipo, are insurance and securities veterans Tino Costa does not seem very focused, Banega much better and should have let go to the Jamus and still exploding, it seems incredible that the only really encourage you to slacken Ever, I hope they change their fitness.

We have given a serious warning friends and associates, friends and partners and this Monday we played a lot in Santander, but as we all think and if not the time .-

Rumors of future coaches, I say to death with Unai this season and is it true what I have said, to death with Laudrup next .-