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Monday, February 28, 2011


First place FC Barcelona, Real Madrid second and third ...... Valencia and Power, by chance or purpose?

We leave it there for now .....


Another question that we in the air to the German President of Real Madrid, Spanish dignified by history and now I get a dirty leech sell shirts born in Germany ...... what to do .-


I'm tired but alive, very alive because oddly enough I've changed my thinking on the coming and going of Unai Emery, is that gaining the respect of all and finally I guess, and hit on the changes to turn around a side marker idyllic countryside, Tino Costa learned to play football and divide the areas of attack with a Bruno who did something worthy of Pele, then when Susaeta, another arrow in Bilbao, left the field, knew him break into French and then let Jordi Alba a single mission, end plug rojiblanco entries.
Jonah is showing in a few minutes which is another Gladiator, one of the soldiers warriors of Leonidas, Amunt SPARTA, SPARTA VIVA FOR OUR ENGLISH BLOG.

The match was the most exciting of the Scottish League, and warns more needs to happen a binomial never cursed in Spain or the people began to tire more than they already had enough.

To play or play Puñol Xavi, who plays Villa or Messi plays to us the sweats, I do not care until it beeps the unpresentable the pillar of salt, slips me because we will see a grown Valencia against a Championship team, but whose Spanish internationals are tired and some have asked to Raul-Schalke OXYGEN them .-

Unai notes, the danger is small, only Messi can become bitter night, who Forewarned is forearmed.

Certainly ignoring us again and start the miracle of Germany, the team with two bands devilish is dangerous to continue .-

For you to see David Navarro as a violent player, once again remind broken ribs Ayala by the now asking the Federation to punish the de Sagunto, not to mention the incorrigible Pepe and his majesty Gorrin THE MOST OF SPAIN FERNANDO HIERRO stopped playing when he could no elbows.


Birmingham Zigic teaches the way to the title

The Birmingham City today proclaimed champion of the League Cup (Carling Cup ') for 1-2 to snatch the trophy that Arsenal wanted to end his nearly six years of drought in a final marked by low Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott.

Fourteen years after these devices were measured for the first and only time, until today, in the Carling Cup ', an occasion in which the Gunners won 4-1, Birmingham and Arsenal offered an attractive show in the cathedral English football, Wembley Stadium.

They did it as an equal despite the difference in status that separates them in the Premier League table, where the combination of London ranks second, with 56 points, and Birmingham added only 30 in the sixteenth square two downhill terrain.

Both came hungry for titles. Arsenal broke the highly offensive and sometimes that was followed in the first thirteen minutes of the match did anticipate an early lead it.

These options outlined a solo run of Frenchman Samir Nasri, in which he warned of the danger of Arsenal, a club looking for his first trophy since the FA Cup won on May 21, 2005 against Manchester United on penalties in round the Spanish Cesc Fabregas and Jose Antonio Reyes in the template.

Just down the current captain of Arsenal, Cesc, who aggravated a hamstring injury in the last league match, on Wednesday against Stoke (1-0) - was evident in the template while Czech Tomas Rosicky was done with the position of world champion.

On the other side, the detentions of goalkeeper Ben Foster in the first quarter of an hour to Birmingham allowed to continue with hope.

Despite the lack of major attacks by the Birmingham campus of Alex McLeish was smart to take the bad deliveries and Arsenal on 27 minutes opened the scoring after a double header inside the area.

The author's goal, the former Serbian striker Nikola Zigic from Valencia, was a center of head completed the same part of his body in an impressive jump to that goal and beat several defenders.

Against all odds, the Birmingham took the lead after scoring the team that came to be favorite for the event. However, the obligation to go for the tie and, with the comeback in mind, the Arsenal woke up and changed the pace of the game, which remained tense and disturbing.

The domain offered at this time Arsenal did not allow the whole of north London came to rest with numerical inferiority.

After the failed attempt to Jack Wilshere, whose shot hit the crossbar, the retention of Russia's Andrey Arshavin was key to the tip of the Netherlands Robin Van is placed and received a perfectly defined center. Of course, it took a pain in the knee, which eventually had to retire.

At the time of greatest football show it came to rest. On his return, Arsenal began with greater force, but after a few minutes, the level of the two teams are balanced.

After an entire second half strong, full of opportunities for the two adversaries, which took the field the Chilean Jean Beausejour, but not hit, the output of Nigerian Obafemi Martins as reinforcement of Birmingham, to replace the Irishman Keith Fahey was the key to victory for that team.

He jumped into the field like a bullet and individual action when the clock marked the 89th minute found the net. That was how Birmingham City were champions of the League Cup and lifted their first major trophy since 1963.

- Technical:
1 .- ARSENAL: Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou, Clichy, Song, Rosicky, Nasri, Wilshere, Arshavin (Chamakh m.77) and Van Persie (Bendtner m.69).
2 .- BIRMINGHAM CITY: Foster, Carr, Johnson, Ridgewell, Jiranek, Larsson, Bowyer, Ferguson, Gardner (Beausejour m.50), Fahey (Martins m.83) and Zigic (Jerome m.92).

Goals: 0-1: Zigic, m.28; 1-1: van Persie, M.39; 1-2: Martins, m.89.

Referee: Dean. He showed yellow card to Koscielny and Clichy, the Arsenal, as well as Larsson, Jerome and Ferguson, of Birmingham.

Subs: Final League Cup played in London's Wembley Stadium before 88,851 spectators.


Jonas: "I am very happy to help the team"

Jonas Gonçalves was the happiest man in San Mames to the conclusion of last night's game against Athletic Bilbao. With just 40 minutes played since his debut last week against Racing Santander, has not only premiered as a scorer, but won the decisive goal that gave the team three vital points che. "I'm very happy about the goal," said the Brazilian striker. "First I want to dedicate this goal to God, then my family and certainly the fans of Valencia, who have welcomed me and given me a lot of love, which has given me much confidence. So I want to devote too this goal and I hope they can continue to help the team in the field. "

Jonas said the conclusion of the meeting how mentalizing challenge facing the few minutes that set forth in the Cathedral. "With the little time I had to be on the field, tried to help the team as best as possible. I was making moves, helping to uncheck and trying to get score, so I'm very happy to have helped achieve victory .

Finally, the front was all thanks for your great Valencai host. "This is great, with just two games with the shirt of Valencia, and in the second game to score and help the team to victory is to me something wonderful. I have much to thank and I continue working because the big teams always the most important is to continue always looking for the best and continue to improve. "

'10 'came back in 10

In Bilbao character needed to achieve victory in a famous stadium like San Mames. For its magic, its mystique, the rival, for confronting one of the teams and stadiums with more flavor of the old continent. In these scenarios and times displayed the great players, and Valencia is a '10 'which, surely, deserves the applause of an audience as selective as is' The Cathedral'. Mata was completing a good match against Athletic this great day in La Liga, 25, repeatedly looking between the lines to their fellow travelers in attack, Joachim, Paul Jonas Soldier and then, but did not neglect the opposing goal. The Spaniard tried several times, with little spike, in candid situations, but on 70 minutes yes it was, and how. To certify a big play, the equalizer, which Bruno took to Soldier, in connection with Joaquin, sublime, and its center at the far post, mortal need, clinched the black and white. Mata scored his fifth goal in the league, with a capital importance, six in all competitions to add the convert to Bursaspor. Don Juan sat professor at San Mames.

Barca seemed

Fernando Gómez Colomer | .-

Without looking for (who knows me knows that I like to go unnoticed in almost everything I do and the discretion is one of my principles of conduct), I am suffering in my flesh, especially in recent weeks and following some of the comments I do in these articles postpartum THE PROVINCES, confirmation of that popular saying: "Let them talk to you, even evil." Now, if I am criticized by those who believe that, for example, that Stankevicius can not play the Champions League is an oversight and not a bug, or speak from ignorance without even compare the information they receive, no problem. Better to remain silent and appear stupid than open your mouth and prove it.

Moreover, consider that Fernando Gomez, cataloging the history of Valencia CF, he can not speak this way. And I wonder: Where were they when all at once in the club, those who will never be part of that history to both cling to criticize me as a real shit stopped basing their comments on lies and reviews unprovable? I never heard criticize. Of course, they are in power and I do not. There are many advantages. These are my opinions, personal and not transferable.

No offense to anyone. I'm being pretty fair. Always apologize, without exception, the players and the coach, because I've played this, 'but has not won any title as a player. " However, thank God, my family and my colleagues for this, as sports director, I've been successful. I refer to the evidence. Let's leave it here and hopefully from now breathe more justice to those who, like me, are not present.

Honestly, what assessment must be done in such nonsense when you hear yesterday of the death of Dean Richards, former player for the Wolves, at age 36 after a long illness? One type of over 1.90 and with a back as wide as the columns of Mestalla. And humanity unusual, discordant with its monumental appearance. A great person and an amazing companion. A total stranger to you, for me the memory of someone who did not go unnoticed. Costume for a year I shared with him. Not worth it. Two big losses in a few days, his and above any other that of Alejandro Lopez Ufarte, the quiet man. Who know, hopefully have the character that had Alexander. You will have a sincere and seamless. Finally, we discuss the game.

He was commenting on the meeting to Punto Radio and told the rest that the Valencia, although that was below the score, I was enjoying. We had some problems on defense because of Toquero and uncheck the work of its reference point, Fernando Llorente, but he played with personality, kept the ball, combined with skill and deepened, when possible, with real danger.

And if I said that talking about the first half, imagine what I could say about the second part played tremendous football players of our team. I seemed to be looking at Barcelona. We played in the attacking half, we always had the ball we gave we stole with ease and sense of impending danger.

The plants performed better in this sequel. Topal again made another extraordinary match, with and without the ball, and Mata and Joaquin, the latter mainly, were quite destabilizing. How well is the Andalusian. Probably his best season with Valencia.

Very good minutes of Tino Costa, applying to play something that had occurred during his absence in the first 75 minutes: the shot from outside the area. And finally Jonas. Although the goal was simple, well worth it. Learned to grasp the possible Iraizoz poor clearance, go to reject and push the back of the net. Goal that makes for a vital victory to the schedule that lies ahead and an advantage that can face the commitment to the Barcelona with confidence.

"Now I know otherwise the work of journalists"

- What does since he left Sporting Lisbon?

"Right now I'm working as a commentator on the radio, enjoying it, because somehow I'm connected to the football and manage separate business.

- Was it an ant?

"Yes. Long known that football was going to end and had to plan ahead.

- Has life changed much?

"In terms of obligations, of course change. Just the routine of training and have more time to spend with family and enjoy the children.

- Do you see football from a different perspective?

"Yes. When you play everything happens so fast that you do not realize this perspective and have more capacity for analysis.

- Is considered a harsh critic?

-No. I try to be objective.

- Do you miss playing around?

"In a way, yes, but certainly not for anything I miss the competition.

- And do not feel like 'up an appetite with veterans?

"At the moment, no. The truth is that John (Sanchez) has called me several times and eventually I'll finish going.

- What about the Spaniard footballer who spent 13 seasons at Valencia?

"Recently I've left and I think I'm still the same. Is the person, how to be ... And nobody can take away are the titles I've achieved.

"Having played as a striker, midfielder, and even interior side is called wildcard Would you hurt that condition?

"On the contrary. I think that helped me. While he was as a striker, there were times when I had no place in the team, for example, when they were Romario, Ortega, Ilie ... Then my condition benefited me to continue playing and add minutes.

- Do you always have fun playing football?

"Just let's enjoy the last few years. Since I always enjoyed myself, but from the stage of Koeman, and then Unai and Sporting Lisbon, was different.

- Why he decided to retire?


- Have you thought about coaching?

"It's something in mind for the future, but even I have the title of coach. I do not know ...

- Who brought to Valencia?

"I got a change of residence, at no cost. The president was then Paco Roig and monitoring did Javier Subirats and Manolo Macia.

- In what looked mirror when he started playing?

-Luis Enrique was the reference that we all had at Sporting, and I eventually identified by their play, for its versatility.

- Have you ever been a player of strong character?

- (Laughs) Yes sometimes too.

- Off the field has changed?

"I am a normal guy, although I understand a lot more work of journalists. When he played what looked like a heavy, now I see otherwise.

- How do you spend leisure time?

-A family. I am very familiar.

- Need help with Nuria at home?

"Yes. We have two children, one of two and half years and another seven months, and I enjoy them.

- We talked about his ideology?

"Politics does not interest me too. I do not care who is the PP and the PSOE as long as they do benefits us.

- Is it wrong for someone to perpetuate in office?

"If you do things well and has the support of the majority, does not have to quit.

- I imagined that Berlusconi would sit on the bench for the crime of child prostitution?

"I do not think, but seeing that has been scandal after scandal, is not a surprise.

- What values govern its life?

"Basically, the truth. With the truth in front of it goes everywhere.

- Which character would have liked to know?

- (Thinks a while before answering) Clint Eastwood.

- Is Harry the Magnum or the Bridges of Madison?

-No. That of western movies.

- In the appetizer culín drink beer or cider in a winch?

"The Cider culín.

- Do you know pour?

"Of course (answer almost annoyed by the questions.)

- Do you know that the jet has to break the glass against the edge so that the oxygen in the air to mix with the carbon?

"Sure. Besides enhancing the taste and smell, is beneficial for the body because if the baby without oxygen, you may feel bad.


Valencia equals the number of years of "double", but is farther from the leader

Valencia, who beat Athletic Bilbao at San Mames by 1-2, added 51 points after twenty days of League, which equaled the score was at this point in the 2003-2004 season, which won the League and UEFA Cup, although it is now far beyond leadership.

Therein lies the main difference between this campaign and now, as is now in third position to seventeen points behind leaders Barcelona, as it was then second to only five points behind then-leader Real Madrid, which finally surpassed.

On both occasions the Valencia has won fifteen games, lost six and drawn four, with the difference in the number of goals both for and against from one to another league.

While in the 2003-2004 season, with Rafa Benitez on the bench of Valencia, the team totaled 46 in favor and many against only eighteen now, with Unai Emery as coach, are forty to twenty-six in favor and against.

Unai Emery is serving her third season at the Mestalla club and has improved its performance over the previous two because accumulate four points higher than in the 2009-2010 season to twelve rather than on their debut, 2008-2009.

Already thinking about the Barcelona

No time to rest, Valencia CF has begun to prepare the visit of Barcelona to the Mestalla, Wednesday at 22:00.

Unai Emery has prepared a training session, from 11:45 am. San Mames holders have had a session regenerative bath and massage, and have not jumped onto the field. The rest, including without Miguel Chori coaching solo when the group is not in Paterna, has begun training at 12:00 am under orders from the Basque coach to Ronda, with cries of 'O Trigger' every time Brazil played the ball out of the ball, arriving a banda shot on goal. The goalies have been working specifically with Ochoa,

Aritz Aduriz has not jumped on the lawn on Monday to train, if Albelda and Nacho Gonzalez is still recovering from his injuries and on the pitch.

The training will be Tuesday afternoon at 17:30 hours, but Emery will speak at a press conference in the morning.

Llorente Competition requires acting against Navarro

The Athletic Club player Fernando Llorente he was "outraged" with the permission of the referee Cesar Muniz Fernandez to the behavior of David Navarro, a player "everybody knows that going to hurt" and that in view of the striker Sunday "has the great role of his life." "Surely now give an Oscar. That the referee, knowing how this player allows this sort of thing is unfortunate. I'm outraged. It's amazing that I go with a card and the other of roses, yet what he has done" has Apostille Llorente.

The striker has described as "incredible" that the Valencia player was removed on a stretcher after a head jump between the two in which Llorente has received an elbow to the head which has required "three staples" suture. "I'm tired of you have players of this type and are not stand feet. It is very ugly between professionals do these things and what bothers me most is that the referee allows it," he added Llorente, who also demanded that the Competition Committee from among its own motion to punish such action.

"Have I talked to him?. Of course you talk about, but do you think I will say this guy?. You try to frighten the whole game because he has another game," he concluded.


Iturralde address its third Valencia-Barcelona

The referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez Basque address on Wednesday its third match between Barcelona and Valencia at the Mestalla, after two previous solved with a victory for each team.

The group beat Valencia 2-1 in the 2006-2007 season and was thrashed a campaign later, in 2007-2008, when they fell 0-3.

The first of the two meetings was the most controversial because at that time Iturralde expelled two players, one for each team.

Albelda and Deco did not end on the pitch in a match which saw four yellow cards Valencian and Catalan institution, five.

However, their second encounter was much more peaceful since the early risers goals from Eto'o, who put the 0-2 on the scoreboard on 26 minutes, decanted fast crash that closed the Icelandic Gudjhonsen.

Since then, Valencia has become lost in their stadium with the Basque and collegiate referee. At this time it has added two wins (against Espanyol and Real Madrid 2-1 and 3-0 in the season 2008-2009) and two draws to a goal (against Mallorca last season and against Atletico Madrid current).

This trend is opposite to that which has followed the Barcelona and since then has only been able to win with this referee in one of his four starts, 0-2 at Getafe last season.

I have received a ticket last '

David Navarro defended himself after the game and Llorente reminded that he had fractured ribs Ayala. "I'm calm, within the pitch in these type of games are tough actions, but at any time either by them or by me going to do damage, Spanish football is. As I have received a hard input far no complains because they are plays that happen in a game and stay there, no bad intention at any time. If we see the yellow card count, they have had more than us. I wish you only saw him as my fellow are the legs, is a tough match and I think there getting around it, it stays in the field and it is. ""We know that Bilbao is a very tough team, but without intent to harm as I said. I remember a play Llorente Ayala at the Mestalla, in an involuntary action, Ayala left with a broken rib and was injured two months But these things happen, nor would Llorente intent of injury, these things happen. Football is like that. "

David explained about the move to Llorente, which had to be treated, he felt a "pull on the neck" and so he became dizzy in the clash against Athletic Bilbao player.

Emery notes 'engagement' and 'personality' of Valencia

The Valencia coach Unai Emery, emphasized the "commitment" and "personality " that has proven to Valencia in San Mames to trace a party that "had been uphill" in the first half with a goal from Fernando Llorente.

"With perseverance we won a big rival and it's a very difficult stage and that is to be doubly pleased, "said Emery before underlining the ability of his players to "control the game through possession of the ball" after the break .

At the individual level, the technician Gipuzkoa highlighted the "strength"which in his opinion, has "transmitted" to the team David Navarro, who has starred in an action Llorente a few minutes into the second half that cost him the central tier of reprobation for the rest of the party.

"San Mames demands and fight duels, and I think there has been. Each one has its strengths and Navarro passed that strength, which is important, "said Emery expects a visit to Barcelona Mestalla on Wednesday "with enthusiasm and need to win to defend his third place.

Spirits of the rock 511 de Bilbao Valencia

The rock Valencia visited Bilbao's 511-white issue on arrival at the team hotel. The club members took photos with their idols, who shared a beautiful day, having a relaxed conversation with his countryman, Unai Emery, and much of the work force, as Juan Mata and Marius Stankevicius. The center itself, the exciting game that will play against Athletic Club, so they moved all the strength to achieve victory at San Mames, without losing sight of the Champions League knockout round. In addition, the rock gave the traditional beret Manuel Llorente, which has become a beautiful and habitual act whenever our team visits the capital of Vizcaya and were with the president and director Fernando Giner along its long expected and pleasant visit.

Jonas detonates Cathedral

Flavored comeback mission accomplished in San Mames. Valencia managed to change the face in the second half thanks to the success of changes in Unai Emery and the tenacity of the players who did not lose faith in a comeback in the team was held back by defensive mismatches.

Four points of difference with respect to Villarreal and eleven fifth-placed Espanyol are more than enough income to start buying the ticket for the Champions League. The other party happy face the reflected Jonas Gonçalves, author of the well with which it was turned around the game and the first and Valencia.

Valencia suffered in the first half. Mark, David Lopez and stabbed Toquero when the band took down Mathieu in the first half. All came speeding along the highway had just left the French and reference looking for Athletic.

It was for Caparrós but not for central Valencia, between passivity and permissiveness that lacked only put out the red carpet Fernando Llorente on Oscar night. Forgave the lanky striker too and eventually you end up paying.

The Valencia was nervous and overcome, something that was staged on the bench with the expulsion of Carcedo. But it was the most controversial downturn, Muñiz Fernández. The referee ate a penalty and a half in the Athletic area. Ekiz clear about who cut the hands of an assist, and before falling more doubtful of Joaquin.

The second half was another story. Between natural physical downturn of the 'Lions' and Emery substitutions changed the script the script. Especially with the entry of Tino Costa, for a little toned Banega, and Jonas Gonçalves. The Brazilian told with a good shot and best maneuver just stepped on the grass.

Then came the tie. Bruno gave it to Soldier, that first enabled for the career of Joaquin. The Cadiz put a precise and beautiful town at the far post where Mata appeared to push the ball inside.

Valencia found himself increasingly in the Cathedral and it was Athletic who prayed not fit the goal. But their prayers were not heard because the pitch was a player for which the goal is your religion: Jonas Gonçalves. In a lesson of opportunism, Brazil followed the path of the shot to push Tino Costa 1-2. 'O Trigger' had just detonated the Cathedral.

Emery's office pulled in the final minutes and came back the enormous figure of Guaita. But though they tried to Athletic and had no bellows.

- Technical:
1 - Athletic Club: Iraizoz; De Marcos, San José, Ekiz, Koikili, David Lopez (Susaeta, min.72), Gurpegui, Javi Martínez, Muniain (Diaz de Cerio, min.83); Toquero (Gabilondo, min.75 ) and Llorente.

2 - Valencia CF: Guaita, Bruno, Stankevicius, David Navarro, Mathieu (Jordi Alba, min.73), Topal, Banega (Tino Costa, min.77), Joaquín, Mata, Pablo Hernández (Jonas, min.63); and Soldier.

Goals: 1-0, min.14: Llorente. 1-1, min.71: Mata. 1-2, min.81: Jonah.

Referee: Muniz Fernandez (Asturias Committee). He showed yellow card to the local Muniain, Llorente and Mark, and visitor Topal, Soldier, Bruno, Stankevicius and Tino Costa.

Incidents: Some 35,000 spectators at San Mames. Cold and rainy night. Fast pitch by rainfall, but in good condition to play. Twenty-fifth day of the season.

The Valencia is catapulted into the Champions League

The comeback at San Mames against Athletic Bilbao has considerable value. There are three other points. Goals from Mata and Jonas suppose, for starters, the 15 th victory in 25 games for Valencia, which adds 51 points. Also, Athletic Bilbao left sixth and, more importantly, thirteen points adrift.

In addition, the poor performance of its direct competitors allow you to increase your distance with them. His closest rival, Villarreal, now runs four points (the yellow add 47). Remember that being third allows qualified for the group stage of the Champions League, while the fourth should play a pre-qualifying.

But there's more. The fifth-placed Espanyol (only won on this day) is added 40 points and eleven units of Valencia. That is, the box has a mattress Emery almost four games, when there are 13 to play "with the rival that makes the cut for the Champions League.

Teams like Sevilla and Atletico in theory be called to fight alongside Valencia, are seventh and eighth in the standings, 16 and 17 points behind, respectively, of the black and whites.

The Valencia is not lost in league since December 4, 2010, when it fell 2-0 at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid and in eleven matches without losing accumulated eight wins and three draws, which has allowed for a total twenty-seven of the 33 points played since that last loss.

In addition, the team that trains Unai Emery has made comebacks this time four, three of them at home, the last one this Sunday at San Mames. All of them have been by a score of 1-2 on the go to play against Real Sociedad, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Club. In all these meetings, the most comprehensive set of Mestalla has been to San Mames despite the discretion defensive team in the first half.

With her three comebacks, Valencia won 0-1 on their visit to the Levant and yielded the only tie the series with a matched one against Racing Santander, but also lost in that game and managed to tie.

These thirteen points from five away games also show that Valencia is best handled as a visitor. Have drawn at home to Osasuna and Sporting has won smugly Sports and Hercules and has spent two agonizing triumphs against Espanyol and Malaga. A goal from offside Mata gave the victory over the Catalans (2-1), while Valencia beat Malaga 4-3 in the which was the fourth comeback in recent months, in a match in the he had twice side marker (0-1 and 1-2) and scored his last goal at the very end.

Frequently criticized the proposal for Unai Emery's football on Sunday against Athletic Valencia was able to appear as a bronco and butler team, which competed with the Basque side with their own arguments in a very physical game. With this win the Valencia has the fifth position to eleven points.

In addition, the team has found in recent meetings with Guaita stops and the balance in midfield by Topal, to which has joined a great team spirit and Valencia's first goal as Jonas Gonçalves, the new Brazilian player reached from the Mestalla club Gremio. This has enabled more than Valencia Villarreal four points in eleven and thirteen Espanyol Athletic Bilbao awaiting Wednesday's Barcelona at the Mestalla.

No right side against Barcelona

Unai Emery will have to reconstruct the-white lineup on Wednesday in a visit by the leader of La Liga at Mestalla, because of the cards. Especially on the right side, which is not specific players after watching the fifth Bruno Stankevicius and yellow in the Cathedral, as Mehmet Topal.

With Miguel paragraph after his umpteenth act of indiscipline, the Basque coach will be forced to convert to Paul or some central, and Ricardo Costa, to cover the right flank of the rear to the club, the other possibility is to use an affiliate player Either Joel or Ximo Navarro, although it seems less likely. Emery does not have much choice in the defensive midfielder. Albelda is still injured and Topal comply cycle, so that Maduro is the only natural choice.


Schuster wants to train a part of Valencia

Arrived last summer to the discipline of Valencia, the Portuguese central passage of Ricardo Costa for all ché could be much shorter than expected, as Unai Emery has started receiving siren songs from Turkey with the intention of closing the signing of the player.

Specifically, and as highlighted by the information published by Super Sport, a representative on behalf of Besiktas has been in touch with the Valencia squad to show its interest in recruiting the player, although the Spanish side would not accept a sale for less 5 M €.

Valencia marks its territory

Valencia won a key victory against a direct rival to trace the Athletic at San Mames. The locals took the lead with a goal by Llorente, but Emery turned the scoring with a great second half. Jonah kills and signed many of the comeback.

Fell short this time the Athletic. The Basque team came to bite from the beginning and that attitude Valencia forced to retreat. A perfect match approach that collapsed when the forces began to fail to Caparrós.

The Valencian called two penalties in the first half, but not noted Muñiz
The damage done rojiblancos suffocating pressure and additions to the Marcos-attack today a lateral. Did not expect the first goal, which looked at the scoreboard before the quarter hour mark. Toquero gave Llorente inside the box and the Rioja, his back to goal, finished off a half turn with the outside of the foot. A goal.

The rest of the first half was marked by two decisions of Muñiz Fernández. The Spaniard gave no penalty at Valencia in two controversial plays. First, from a theoretical boost Gorka Soldier in the area. The second, on the one hand Ekiz, also within the area.

Beyond those two actions, the first part also included the first episode of "Late Show with David Navarro." A show in which the protagonist is dedicated to jump off the side without being punished. In the first act left bleeding and Javi Martinez in the second half, Llorente opened a gap in the head.

Che reaction
In the second half, Valencia took the initiative and control of the ball. That shift in power coincided with the downturn in the Athletic. Caparros those arriving no longer so, although they did it with danger. Llorente had the better of his team when still contained in the score 1-0. Sent it to stick.

Shortly after Mata put the tie on the scoreboard to take a center of Joaquin. The Andalusian was, as in the old days, a dagger in his belt.

Athletic accused the goal and the second goal was a simple matter of time. Emery had to do something good with the changes as the actors of the winning goal came in the second half. Tino Costa launched a shot from the edge, which could only repel Iraizoz. Jonah took the rebound and got the victory both for his family.

With the 1-2 Athletic tried to react, but it was time that the forces had failed to lions. Valencia Villarreal takes the trip to gain a foothold in third place. Athletic still in Europe, but the dream of Champions and he is a bit far.


The Brazilian notes the final one 1-2 in the minute 81. His entrance and that of Tino Costa, decisive in the recovery.

Recovery with flavor to polite objective in San Mamés. The Valencia managed to change looking in the second part thanks to the success in the changes of Unai Emery and to the determination of the footballers that did not lose the faith in a recovery in which the team was weighed down by the defensive maladjustments.

Four points of difference with the Villarreal and eleven with respect to the fifth one classified, the Espanyol, they are rents more than sufficient to begin to buy the bill for the League of Champions. The other happy face of the party reflected it Jonas Gonçalves, author of the so much one with the one that gave he turned around to the party and the first one as valencianista.

The Valencia suffered in the first half. Of Frameworks, David López and Toquero when was taken down they stabbed the band of Mathieu in the first half. All they entered with speeding by the freeway that left the French and they finished seeking to the reference of the Athletic.

It was him for him but not for the head offices of the Valencia, that between passiveness and permissiveness only they lacked to put him the red carpet to Fernando Llorente you in the night of the Oscar. He forgave too many the scrutinized forward and at last he would finish him paying.

The Valencia was nervous and surpassed, something that remained portrayed in the stool with the expulsion of Carcedo. But was not the decesión more polemics of Muñiz Fernández. The referee was eaten a penalty and middle in the area of the Athletic. Some clear hands of Ekiza that cut a pair of goal and before a fall something more doubtful of Joaquín.

The second part was another to sing. Among the natural physical fall of the 'Lions' and the replacements of Emery changed the hyphen the hyphen. Above all with the Tino Costa entrance, by a little intoned Banega, and of Jonas Gonçalves. The Brazilian notified with a good shot and better maneuver swims more stepped the lawn.

Next the tie arrived. Bruno it was given to Soldado, that of first supplied for the career of Joaquín. The from Cadiz put an I need and precious center to the second stick where appeared Mata to push the ball inside.

The Valencia was found better and better in The Cathedral and was the Athletic the one that prayed for insert not the goal. But its prayers were not listened because in the land of play a player for the one was found that the goal is its religion: Jonas Gonçalves. In a lesson of opportunism, the Brazilian continued the path of the Tino Costa shot to push the 1-2. 'Or Detonator' had just detonated The Cathedral.

Those of Emery threw of position in the last minutes and the enormous figure appeared again of Guaita. But although they tried it to the Athletic no longer remained him bellows.

- List of credits:
1 - Athletic Club: Iraizoz; De Marcos, San José, Ekiza, Koikili; David López (Susaeta, min.72), Gurpegui, Javi Martínez, Muniain (Díaz of Cerio, min.83); Toquero (Gabilondo, min. 75) and Llorente.

2 - Valencia CF: Guaita; Bruno, Stankevicius, David Navarro, Mathieu (Jordi Alba, min.73); Topal, Banega (Tino Costa, min.77); Joaquín, Mata, Pablo Hernández (Jonas, min.63); and Soldado.

Goals: 1-0, min. 14: Llorente. 1-1, min. 71: Mata. 1-2, min. 81: Jonás.

Referee: Muñiz Fernández (Asturian Committee). It showed yellow card to the local Muniain, Llorente and De Marcos, and to the visiting Topal, Soldado, Bruno, Stankevicius and Tino Costa.

Incidents: Some 35,000 spectators in San Mamés. Rainy and cold night. Land of very fast play by the water fall, but in good conditions to play. Twentieth fifth day of League.


The triumph in Bilbao permits to guarantee the third plaza and to leave the fifth one, the Espanyol, to 11 points of distance.

The recovery in San Mamés before the Athletic of Bilbao has a considerable value. Are not three points as other. The goals of Mata and Jonas suppose, to begin, the 15ª victory in 25 parties of the Valencia, that adds 51 points. Besides, it leaves the Athletic of Bilbao sixth and, what is more important, to thirteen points of distance.

Besides, the bad results of their rival direct permit him to enlarge their distance with them. Their more immediate pursuer, the Villarreal, remains now to four points (the yellow add 47). We recall that to be third permits to be classified directly for the phase of groups of the Champions, while the room should play a prior qualifying round.

But there is more. The fifth one classified, the Espanyol (unique that won in this day) sum 40 points and remains to eleven units of the Valencia. That is to say, the picture of Emery has a mattress of almost four parties — when remain 13 by being played— with the rival one that marks the cut by the League of Champions.

Teams as Seville and Athletic, in called theory to to be fighting side by side with the Valencia, they are seventh and eighth in the board, to 16 and 17 points of distance, respectively, of the black and white.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


The champion of the world, the reference in the offensive play ché, is the assistant maximum of the rival one today of the Athletic

The power of the Valencia resides in the velocity of its mediapuntas and its letalidad in attack. Juan Kills (Hamlets, 1988) hoards both virtues, something that has become the reference him of the assembly of Unai Emery. Its ability for the overflow, their facility to set the rival framework and its vision of play permit to endow of sense to the difficult rhythm of the chés to the counterattack. The forty assistances that has distributed this season become the better pin him of the today rival one of the Athletic.

It kills showed its maturity since gave the leap to the first team valencianista. In spite of his precodidad -was 19 years old when debuted-, the of Burgos moved for the lands of play of First as if was a veteran, without difficulties to reach the exacting rhythm of the elite and with a quality that surprised the Valencian fans.

The mediapunta attributes its unusual maturity to its exit to the Real Madrid. "I was myself of house with 15 years and I passed not very good moments. That is what fortifies you", says. The certain thing is that the international Spaniard did not have too much luck in the white subsidiary, with the one that signed a surprising descent to Second B in spite of including large players as the Borgia Was worth, Negredo, Even, Granary and Of the Network, among others.

Upon finalizing the season, the Madrid offered him a new contract, but with puts on file of the subsidiary, something that Kills considered insufficient. It was then when the Valencia took advantage of the occasion to incorporate to its '10' without having that to pay money by its transfer.

Without minutes with Quique Sánchez Flowers in the stool of Mestalla, Kills gave the leap with the revolution that starred in Ronald Koeman in the season 2007-08. The Dutch technician set apart of the group to some sacred cows as Albelda and Angulo, of whom he inherited his current number.

The assailant gave something of light to the calamitous campaign of the team in League, camouflaged by the conquest of the Cup of the King, in whose end he Kills he turned out to be decisive upon marking one of the three goals that the chés endorsed to the Getafe.


The cornerstone of the Valencia itself encumbró last season, in which formed a deadly association with Pablo, Forest and Village. The giddy rhythm to which they operated permitted them to be consecrated as one of the assemblies more producers of the League. The it overflow of Pablo and Kills in the wings, the precise pass from Forest and the inclemency of Village they did of the Valencian a fearsome picture in rival field and they conducted to the visa for the World one of south Africa.

The debts and the impossibility to sell the stadium, nevertheless, they obliged the club of the capital of the Turia to be removed of their more valuable assets: Forest and Village. The leak of talents obliged Emery to restructure its group, that seemed condemned to suffer a year of transition, stagnant to the doors of the aristocracy.

It kills was the major benefited in the re-organization. The midfield player centered its position and achieved a vision pan of the field, what has permitted him to be the rector of the offensive play of its team.


In his hotel of concentration of Bilbao, supported by Herbalife

Juan Mata, one of the idols of the Spanish football for his performance in our team and his participation in the World one conquered by Spain, and the international Marius Stankevicius they have realized the session of signature of autographs, supported by Herbalife, this Saturday, after the arrival of the team to Bilbao, in the Hotel NH Villa Bilbao, scene in the one that will remain the team up to the meeting (Sunday, the 27th, 21:00 hours, Athletic Club-VCF, San Mamés), and where they have attended to, again, a fans' great quantity blanquinegros neighboring of the Basque city.


And they did delivery to the president of the traditional one txapela

The peñavalencianista 511 of Bilbao, one of the most recognized and famous follower of our team, visited to the expedition blanquinegra at his arrival to the hotel of concentration this night of Saturday, the 26th of February. The peñistas did photos to themselves with his idols, with which they shared a nice day, after a distended chat with his countryman, Unai Emery, and with good part of the staff, as Juan Mata and Marius Stankevicius. The center of the same one, the exciting party that will dispute opposite to the Athletic Club, for what they moved all the spirits to reach the victory in San Mamés, without losing of sight the return of eighth of Champions. In addition, the peña gave the traditional txapela to Manuel Llorente, in the one that has turned into a beautiful and habitual act whenever our team visits the Biscayan capital and they were with the president and the counselor Fernando Giner along his always awaited and agreeable visit.


The footballer finished the night to wee hours in the record store 'Mya' with two companions

19:20 hours. The Valencia trench the ´case Miguel´ with a communiqué in which explains that expedient is opened and is set apart of the team to the footballer. Was the end of the penultimate festival of the Portuguese. Of its umpteenth act of lack of discipline. At night that has left him more expensive since signed five years ago. But ¿how this decision was gestated? What happened during the prior hours to the punishment? The night of the Portuguese was very long... almost so much as the day for Cry you, Braulio and Emery.

All began in the pub Oil. There, a firm of Italian clothes had organized a festival to which they attended, among others, Emery and a group of footballers of the staff —SUPER only names Miguel because is the unique one to which referred the club publicly — among the ones that was the Portuguese. So much the technician as the majority of players they went home to a reasonable hour. Nevertheless, Miguel —que had arrived past the 3:00— and two of their companions stretched the festival in the record store Mya until wee hours. A spree that would not have a happy end. The Portuguese remained asleep, he did not appear for Paternal and Emery lost patience to the extent that they spent the minutes. It had exploited. Around ten o'clock in the morning was put in contact with Cry you and Braulio to communicate them the delay of the Portuguese and, above all, to transfer them its firm decision to punish it. It was not willing to pass none more. Did not it do lack neither to wait for the arrival of the player to the sports complex. In the offices of the club of the street Lauria already had begun to edit its disciplinary expedient. This time there was not return behind. Emery was going to be inflexible. Was already enough of its acts of lack of discipline. Recently, a just Sunday after the party before the Malaga, Miguel had not arrived in conditions to the training. At that time was covered, now not. Before the player arrived at Paternal, Emery spoke with some of the heavy pesos of the wardrobe. It wanted to know its opinions on the matter and to tell them that this time him would not give another opportunity. Above all, after a week with two days of rest with evening, smooth sessions and even a day of contact in the snow. Minutes later, to the 11:20 hours, the Portuguese arrived at the black and white installations in its car. Not even it jumped to the lawn to coach. Unai and Braulio met with him to ask him explanations and to communicate him that would be sanctioned. "There it will be punishment", the technician to its exit said of Paternal. By that then, Miguel already had abandoned Paternal. He did him with a smiling appearance and telling the mass media that he had not had "row" in the wardrobe because "if not not to have stopped". To the luxury was permitted of ´to hesitate´ to a journalist of a national television. "¿You have seen me to arrive late?".

The decision to punish to Miguel already was taken. Cry you and Braulio met to eat together and to outline the decision. After the lunch, Braulio returned to the offices of the club and Cry you communicated personally the sanction to the player before was make public through an official statement. The club also was put in contact with the remainder of implied and themselves is not ruled out that the two companions of spree of Miguel have also an internal fine. The Valencia has itself placed hard and intransigent. No longer it will pass none more. It requires professionalism.


The Valencia and the Agrupació are preparing a spectacular typhus, to complete field, for the league visit of the azulgrana

The valencianismo expects that that of next Wednesday become a night of festival. At least, with that intention they work so much member of the club as of the Agrupació of Penyes, who they are concocting a gigantic mosaic for the league encounter before the Barça. The complete stadium will receive the boarders of Unai Emery with red, yellow, and blue pasteboards — the colors of the Senyera— to their exit to the land of play; the motto, save last minute change, will be one as indigenous as goes of bo.

The it mentioned typhus will recover a tradition that had been lost ultimately, because of the economic crisis and the consequent lack of sponsors. One must mend to the previous visit of the azulgrana, does and medium year, to find an initiative of similar animation. A lot more, even, to be come upon a that implied to all the stadium, as will occur before the Barça. The ‘taronja’ of the rooms of the League of Champions 06/07, against the Chelsea, mark the most next precedent in that sense.

Aside from the work that are carrying out days ago the peñistas, and Valencia himself, in it put in scene of the mosaic will have a fundamental role Movistar. The business of phone system will vote the expenses that supposes the same one, as for materials and preparation, as already has occurred in some previous opportunity.

If other times have dominated the white one, the black one or the orange, in this will be the shift of the blue one pitufo. The main color of the third luggage valencianista will occupy the great part of the steps; the motto will go dying of yellow. To complete the typhus, a thin red-and-yellow stripe will travel through the stadium, except in the part where itself leará ‘ goes of bo’, or the one that finally be the message.

Next Monday, once passed the collision in San Mamés, will remain defined the motto. But in the meantime, the Agrupació continues finalizing the organizing preparations. With that intention, not in vain, they met their leaders only yesterday.

Will not be the last one of the course
The objective of club and peñistas is to repeat the initiative in a next future. With the league visits of Madrid or Villarreal in perspective, more the possible classification for rooms of the League of Champions, thinks already in other typhus for the final part of the season.


Today do not be worth half measures. Winning is half a bill for the Champions; to lose, to reopen the box of the thunders.

Neither an excess neither a foolishness more. The hour has arrived that the Valencia be put serious on the land of play, as already did Friday out of this upon punishing with hardness the umpteenth act of lack of discipline of Miguel. Today it begins the most important section of the season, and one must remove it ahead in the better possible way. Beginning for the visit to the always difficult field of the Athletic, where the black and white have an unique opportunity of leaving sentenced beforehand its classification for the next League of Champions.

It will continue a day more in third place, will leave the fifth one classified to 11 points —que would pass to be the Espanyol after the victory before the Real one— and will close the injuries of this week so scene. All will be good for the assembly of Mestalla if wins in San Mamés, although will also be every evil if loses. A blunder would permit to a rival direct one "to be hooked up" and to be remained to alone seven points, as notified yesterday the technician of Hondarribia. "He is very important that we center us in this party. We have a great responsibility", he said Unai Emery, who he was carried to almost all the available players to Bilbao.

In the alone list they lacked them injured and the two cases aside. Because thus is like the one must qualify Miguel and Chori. The first one is publicly section of the group; the second, after the uprooted to Carcedo after to be changed against the Sporting, does not form part of "the 20 most compromised, more implied, the 20 that add and they are necessary to do group", that is like the technician catalogued to those that got onto the plane after the last session in Paternal. "When it is passed from the responsibility to the irresponsibility, letters in the matter are taken. Although the people can be mistaken, there is a limits". Nothing that to add to the explanation of the Basque.

They are the numbers, with 10 collisions conecutivos of League BBVA, the ones that more are giving the reason to Emery and to their team ultimately. Not so much the sensations, especially after the poor ties harvested in Mestalla before Schalke and Sporting last week. The performance valencianista was far from the desired, what will motivate a new change of faces in the eleven initial of today. And not alone by the disciplinary absences of Miguel and Chori, whose place in the mediapunta will occupy Kills.

The presence of Cry you in the contrary edict will favor one of the variations of the black and white alignment. Coast will leave its position to from Navarre in the axis of the rear, with ´Stanke´ as the companion, more Mathieu and Bruno —relevo of the Portuguese— in the sides.

And in the center of the field, ¿what? Therefore there it situates the main doubt. Topal has left behind the edema of the right twin and will act of start as defensive pivot, while Banega and Skill Coast they aspire to the position of organizer. In this occasion has more options to be a holder the first one, to give thus rest to that of The Flowers with a view toward the next commitments.

Probable alignments:
Athletic: Iraizoz; De Marcos, San José, Ekiza, Koikili; David López, Gurpegui, Javi Martínez, Muniain; Toquero and Llorente.

Valencia: Guaita; Bruno, Stankevicius, David Navarro, Mathieu; Topal, Banega or Tino Costa, Joaquín, Pablo; Mata and Soldado.

Referee: Muñiz Fernández (Asturian Committee).

Field: San Mamés.

Hour: 21,00.

Saturday, February 26, 2011



This saturday, 26 of February, in Bilbao

The players of the Valencia CF Juan Mata and Marius Stankevicius realized a sesion of firms of autografhs, sponsored by Herbalife, this saturday, 26 of February, from the 20,30 hours, in the Hotel NH Village Bilbao, after the arrival of the expedicion to the Basque city. The sesion of firms will be done in the first place for the clients of Herbalife and immediately afterwards with the remainder of the aficipn black and white.


The Turkish midfield player and its woman are comfortable in Valencia. And each day that passes, more.

Month ago and medium that Mehmet Topal and their woman they go to classes of Spaniard. In it was of Internet, with the apparition of the social networks as ´Twitter´ and ´Facebook´ the world is each time one more global village, but the differences among different cultures continue being a reality. So much, that was not easy to find in Valencia a person that Spaniard know and Turkish, that have some most minimum studies that give capacity for the teaching, that have time and and above all, that be willing to teach Spaniard to two youths arrived from Turkey that fight for being integrated in Valencia.

And although also it sound strange, this is the first interview that grants personally the footballer of the Valencia since arrived at Spain this summer. Is not, obviously, the first time that theirs statements in press appear, because before they had done an interpreter, this time not. This time has been the own one Topal who, carrying out a worthy and considerable effort of thanking, has been impelled personally in responding in Spaniard. And it has responded to all and each one of the questions that this newspaper formulated him. Good, to all not, because in spite of the pledge and of the more than apparent improvement. And in spite of the fact that already understands perfectly the Spaniard, and in spite of the fact that to he dares to bromar "I swallowed pair valencià", the certain thing is that costs him to free a parrafada long and more if has most minimum deep reflections. Is obvious, Mehmet is a footballer, not a philologist. Surely, as all in the life, be a question of time. That be not qualified to count the difficult thing that is for a Moslem to be adapted to the life in Valencia —por that of the culture clash—, but yes is capable of explain the different thing that is the Turkish soccer of Spanish.

—¿Cómo has the twin? He believes that he will be in Bilbao?
—Lo I have better, two days ago a little harder he had him and I find me quite better. Before travelling to Bilbao we will speak and we will decide if I am in conditions, but I am doing everything possible to play.
—Cuando does not play for wound gives many returns to the head or is quite tranquil and carries the situation possible the best.
—Suelo to be quite tranquil, the truth, above all because always I put all of my part to be with the team as soon as possible.
—¿Está living now its better soccer moment since arrived at the Valencia?
—Pienso so so much in the team as with my companions. They are helping me a lot in any thing and that causes feels me more comfortable.
Do —¿Por what has now more confidence inside the field?
—Llevo various parties played, the technician is giving me confidence. Always I seek to coach hardly every day, with the maximum concentration, later my family is giving me a lot of energy, and the truth he is that I love this profession a lot, therefore after each training I carry out more I work physical, each time I feel better.
—¿Influye a lot the language in that position, upon being key among the attack and the defense?
—Poco to little I speak more Spanish, and the truth is that I understand it well enough. In the wardrobe I go alternating a little English and increasingly more Spanish, because always is going to help me. I go improving each day, but I believe that in little time already I will be able to speak with more naturalness.
—¿Habla a lot with Albelda upon carrying out a similar role in the country?
—Hablo enough with him.
—Braulio Vázquez commented some days ago that you were better footballer than Khedira, ¿what opinion deserves him?
—(Risas) Khedira is a good player.
—¿Le they have spoken of what signifies and transmits San Mamés?
—Sí, they have said me that is a stadium with an environment very seemed to the English soccer, with a fondness that is very on top and that wraps a lot its players. Will be a pretty party.
—¿Cambia a lot its work inside the field if acts with a mediocentro to the side or if does it with two as Skill and Banega?
—No passes nothing, I adapt to the system that decides the coach. I think that all the professional players can act with a system or another, they are prepared for it.
—Usted defends very well, but gives the impression that has margin of improvement with the ball in the feet, ¿thinks that can free itself and to improve in that sense?
—En defense I find me better, intent always to maintain my position so that the defensive system be organized, but offensively still I can improve and I work for it.
—A the League various players of their country have come that have not had just jelled, ¿so difficult is to be acclimated of a championship and another? Rustu, Emre, Nihat can be one of the exceptions.
—La ties here is very complicated, is difficult for us, because the level is very high and I think that in Turkey there are three good teams historically, like they are the Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Besiktas, although now they are up also the Bursaspor and Trabzonspor. Also there are many differences cultures between a country and another, was the first time that have changed of country and therefore I try to adapt me as soon as possible, beginning for the language.
—¿Qué rival player has him placed in more predicaments?
—A my i like a lot of Xavi Hernández, that of the Barcelona, but of the ones that more problems he has me placed inside the field… would say Fernando Cry you, also Javi Martínez, is very good footballer. He will be a pretty sorrow.
—En the field will measure its forces with Javi, that is champion of the World, and a footballer that is growing a lot. Has a lot unfold physicist.
—Es very good, the truth, in spite of his youth. Goes very well in the air play and is powerful. Has also arrival to goal. We will have to be attentive.
—¿Qué miss of its country?
—Mi family and the friends. I have to three or four my friends here in Valencia, but to the margin of this I find me very comfortable.
—¿Habla a lot by telephone with its relatives or friends?
—¿Han visited Valencia?
—Aún they have not come, but they are going to have time.
—¿Qué zones recommends or is used to going enough?
—Suelo to be enough at home, because after coaching you should respect a time of rest to recover you of the effort as soon as possible. Every Friday I go to the Mosque with my wife.
—¿Qué footballer has surprised him more than the staff?
—Hay very good players and he it would be not fair to name to some only, the staff has a great level.
—¿Le fascinates that here always it be sunny?
—Hace very good weather, the truth is that i like.
—¿Se has given some bath in the beaches?
—Aún not, yes that I have gone to the beach of Dénia.
—¿Cuál was its food preferred in Turkey? And now?
—La that cooks my wife, i like a lot. My it preferred? Kisir, is a similar special rice to the couscous. From here? The paella and the fish to the plate.
—¿Es coincidence that carry an undershirt of Muhammad Ali?
—Me likes a lot, was a great professional of the boxing, that was converted to the Moslem religion.
—¿Cómo is entertained in the concentrations?
—Comparto room with Caesar and we speak a lot, he already knows some words in Turk (laughters). To Caesar he likes a lot to speak. Also I read a little, I listen music and I surf the net.
—¿Qué companion has surprised him more out of the field?
—César, I carry me very well with him, is a good friend for my and he helps me a lot. I am him very thanked because he helps myself in everything that he is able.
—¿Sigue watching television in Spaniard to continue learning and to improve the language?
—Sí, I carry various months here and I put me the television from here. It serves me a lot to learn the Spaniard, and now I am more comfortable because I understand enough, I will go winning fluency


The forward one Basque advances of considerable form the terms of the loans of his wound in the ankle.

Aritz Aduriz has coached again this morning alone in Paternal, but the news is that has done it with ball... only six days after suffering a swerve of ankle by the one that him was diagnosed a month of drop.

Aduriz jumped to one of the lands of the sports complex of Paternal accompanied by one of the recuperadores of the team Jordi, Sorlí. Among others things, carried out a small exercises with the ball in the feet.

This data endorses that the forward one Basque is shortening of a spectacular way his terms of the loans. In fact, the medical services of the club did not expect that Aduriz carried out this class of work to inside of seven or ten days.


Unai didn´t want to speak on Miguel. He says that one must conquer in Bilbao because, if not, "they are hooked".

The coach of the Valencia, Unai Emery, affirmed today that "before the irresponsibility one must make decisions", after the decision of the club to set apart of the team to the player Miguel Brito and the technical decision of count not for the encounter of tomorrow in Bilbao with Alejandro "Chori" Domínguez.

The club decided to set apart of the team to Miguel, that accumulates many acts of lack of discipline and that arrived late Friday to the training, and Emery has not counted for this displacement with Domínguez, that showed its disagreement after to be substituted in the last party.

On the matter of Miguel, the technician of the Valencia affirmed that he was remitted to the communiqué of the club, that was a participant of the decision adopted, that had been taken with the intention to seek the best.

When him he was asked for the absence of Domínguez in the list, he explained that the team is going to confront two weeks with very important parties and that to Bilbao travel the twenty "more compromised and more implied, what add and they try to do group".

" The main thing is that all they comply with a discipline, a conduct and some values. The majority of the people goes in a same line. The ones that add are and to the ones that do not they add, in the end, the group excludes them, the fondness and the club", explained.

It said that is a technician that "spreads the hand with conviction" and that just like the president, Manuel Cry you, or the coordinator of the technical office of the secretary, Braulio Vázquez, himself does not he escape from his responsibility. "What happens is that when someone passes from the responsibility to the irresponsibility one must take letters in the matter", added the coach of the Valencia.

" The people can be mistaken, but all has its limit. We seek the best for the Valencia and also we can mistake us, but this club carries many people behind and we should execute the responsibility", said.

On the party before the Athletic affirmed that its team has to try to win tomorrow in San Mamés to avoid that the Athletic of Bilbao itself coupling to the fight by be the next season in the League of Champions. "It is very important that we center us in this party", he said Emery, who he indicated that in encounters as this important steps toward the objectives are given that are sought.

" To Be in the League of Champions passes for winning this type of parties because if they win us, they are they the ones that are hooked up. A victory would give us a lot of", added.

Emery recalled that in Bilbao the party expects as an end. "They are going to show a great mental force and we have in this encounter a lot of responsibility", added.

Also it affirmed on its future upon being shown according to the statements of the president of the Valencia, Manuel Cry you, who he has indicated that this does not depend on that the team be or not third in the League. "Now the news is not in my future, but in the party of tomorrow before the Athletic of Bilbao", concluded the coach of the Valencia


Unai Emery quotes 20 men to travel to Bilbao. The two unique rule out technicians are the Portuguese and the Argentine

Twenty footballers of the Valencia travel to Bilbao to be faced to the Athletic in San Mamés. Among them it is not Miguel Brito, something expected after the communiqué of yesterday of the Valencia in which was set apart the player of the team. Does neither he travel by technical decision the Argentine one Alejandro' Chori' Domínguez.

The other absences are those of them injured Albelda and Aduriz.

In the chapter of news, finally the Turkish Topal enters the list, just like the reserve one Isco or the central one Dealbert. At any rate, one must recall that Emery should carry out two rule out before the party.

The expedition splits toward Bilbao Saturday afternoon, to the 18:30 hours.

List of called:
Goalkeepers: Guaita, Cesar
Defenses: Bruno, Stankevicius, David NavarrO, Dealbert, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu, Jordi Alba
Midfield players: Mehmet Topal, Banega, Tino Cost, Maduro, Pablo, Joaquín, Mta, Vicente
Forward: Soldado, Jonas and Isco.

Friday, February 25, 2011


The club is tired after its new delay, decides to open him expedient and to leave it was "by an indefinite time".

The Valencia CF has decided to set apart of the team "by an indefinite time" to Miguel Brito after its delay in the training of this morning. The club has brought to light this news through an official statement, besides confirming that they will open him disciplinary expedient.

They have been satiated. Coach and leaders have decided to set apart of the team to Miguel Brito after their umpteenth act of lack of discipline. The lateral one Portuguese has arrived more than one late hour to the sports complex and has not arrived not even to coach with the group. Uncomfortable with the attitude of the footballer they have determined that coach not with the group "by an indefinite time", so that remains section of the team and therefore he will not play until further notice.

Besides, the club has decided to open disciplinary expedient to the player and will be sanctioned economically by its new delay.


The 'Chori' Domínguez does not he count on the minutes desired and, if nothing changes, will abandon Mestalla in summer. Already was near to be gone to Italy in January.

Some they speak of David Silva, but the canario will not be the acquisition that you aim him the attack of the Athletic one of Madrid. The economic aspect and the sports one do not they permit the possibility to see the canario with the elastic one colchonera.

The true objectives of the red-and-white club are other. In the agenda there are cheaper players, with a lower salary and without the media power of the champion of Europe and of the world.

There is where the name of the Chori appears Domínguez. The Argentine, that shone with own light in the Rubin Kazan, does not finish to find its place in Mestalla. It has been able to know, its relation with Unai Emery would not pass for its better moment and the player would be thinking about abandoning the Valencia to end of season.

One should recall that the Chori was very near the Juventus in January, but the operation did not arrive at good port, for which the crack remained finally in the League BBVA. Despite all, the Vecchia Signora will return to by the former one of the Rubin, as well as the Athletic one of Madrid. Both they want the Argentine and they will do an effort by him.

The operation by the Chori would not surpass, in no case, the ten million euro, although the Juventus, we have been able to know, would be weighing the idea of including some footballer in the negotiation for thus cheapen the price of the transfer.

Juventus and Athletic. Athletic and Juventus. Two they are the teams that want to the Chori. He has of course he will go of the Valencia if they do not change the things. Where is their future? If Emery remains, he goes, if not, we will see...


The forward one was echoed of the "support" of the president of the Madrid and also spoke of the importance to win in San Mamés.

The statements of Florentino Pérez declaring its 'love' to the Schalke 04 of Raúl González still fishtail and, far from bothering to the valencianistas they have taken them as a form more to be motivated with a view toward the return game of the quarterfinals of the League of Champions that should be disputed in Germany, where the Valencia CF travels with the tie to one in the departure: "Florentine it has affection to Raúl and will be therefore, to us that should motivate us more. It is a fundamental party for us and I believe that Florentino will prefer to see in rooms of end to the Valencia, that is a Spanish team, before that to the Schalke.

Before the decisive collision of Champions (9 of March), the black and white club should confront three important encounters of League, in its objective to remain third and to obtain of direct form the classification for the next edition of the maximum continental competition. "In March, we are going to have five parties in little time, very intense, but we are going to go step by step, achieving the objective in each party. Sunday, in San Mamés, we should leave us the skin in the country before thinking about the party of Barcelona". Soldado does emphasis in the importance of 'the end' of Bilbao: "To win in San Mamés is fundamental to be in Champions and to remove advantage to the Athletic, to them moral damage would do them to lose at home before a rival direct one". "We know about the importance of the party against a rival very strong one, that fights by the same thing that we, to them life would give them that won us. It will be a complicated party, they are strong at home, with a fondness that is very on top encouraging them, we will see an intense party, in which we should be concentrated during all the party to remove good result".

Despite the difficulty of the rival one on Sunday, the Valencian player gives some keys to leave San Mamés with somewhat positive: "Before the direct play of the Athletic there is few things that to do, by the air play they are preligrosos and we should control that, the seconds played should be ours, to have possession and to control the party, although is dificil in San Mamés".

With respect to the moment in which the Valencia to the party of Bilbao arrives, after the tie before the Sporting in Mestalla and the doubts that creates his play, Soldado has declared: "The situation is very good, for all it obtained, before the Sporting two points they escaped itself us, but the team has raised itself other times with more you doubt that now. Sunday we should think that we can win, improving the failures of it passed week". All it as a new step to remain third parties in the League, a since is preferred to the room, that would imply to play the prior phase of the League of Champions: "From principles of season, the objective that we mark is us to put to the team in Champions, we prefer to remain third parties that fourth and we are going to fight because of it".

With the absence of Aduriz by wound, the respondabilidad high-scoring falls in the hands of Roberto Soldier: "It is a grief the drop of Aritz, but among all we are going to try that him do not we throw in lack, we are an extensive staff and Jonas, that has just arrived, can lend a hand and to help so that they continue not noting the absences, as has occurred up to now".

Itself not the valencianista on the renewal wanted to be pronounced of Emery if is obtained the European classification: "On the renewal of Emery, the one that sends and decides is the president".