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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The forward one of the VCF has said that we were over the Schalke and is optimist with a view toward the return game.

Aritz Aduriz analyzed the tie to one set against the Schalke in the League of Champions in the press room of The Calderona, where the team carried out a more playful training session, "is a different, relaxed day, but is very positive for the group and very pretty to do these activities, the head thanks it", has indicated the forward one valencianista, who stands out that the Valencia was, in general lines, Very over the German assembly: "We had more possession and occasions, although lacked success, we were thick, we had desires and illusion to win and we remain with desires to obtain something more".

For the return game, Aduriz promises fight: "Of course that we can pass rooms, we are a nonconforming wardrobe a hundred for a hundred, and we are going to go to death to remove the qualifying round, we are capable of it and we will pass in Germany ahead". "It is one of the prettiest parties than I am going to play, is exciting for all by passing to be among the eight better clubs of Europe, we will try to pass the qualifying round". Despite it, the Basque is conscious of the difficulty to win in lands Germans: "The Schalke is a great team, showed that counts on large players and at any moment they can do goal, but we have the sensation that if we do the things well we can continue ahead and to remove the qualifying round, but always with regard to the Schalke".

With respect to his personal action before the German team, the player of the Valencia CF has been shown critic: "I was not fine, I had many occasions, but clarity he lacked me and coolness at the moment of to define. In the soccer always he is measured for the goal and the success that you have, there I will try to do a rounder party, materializing the occasions that have". Besides, the forward one he regretted of the goal inserted and, although he has affirmed that they tried to be constant during all the party and to maintain the rhythm and the intensity during the 90 minutes, "there are times that the things do not leave like one wants" : "It is of course when you play departure and return is important not to insert goals, yesterday unfortunately we insert one, that leaves the most open qualifying round. Now we should go to Germany with desires to put a goal and to win the party and we are going to go with that ambition".

When him he has been asked for the referee, Aduriz has declared that was very well, "infuyó in nothing in the party".

On the employed system by Emery, the forward one has said: "All we feel comfortable when we play and what we want is to play, we have to play with the system that the míster want and to try to do it possible the best".

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