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Sunday, February 27, 2011


The Valencia and the Agrupació are preparing a spectacular typhus, to complete field, for the league visit of the azulgrana

The valencianismo expects that that of next Wednesday become a night of festival. At least, with that intention they work so much member of the club as of the Agrupació of Penyes, who they are concocting a gigantic mosaic for the league encounter before the Barça. The complete stadium will receive the boarders of Unai Emery with red, yellow, and blue pasteboards — the colors of the Senyera— to their exit to the land of play; the motto, save last minute change, will be one as indigenous as goes of bo.

The it mentioned typhus will recover a tradition that had been lost ultimately, because of the economic crisis and the consequent lack of sponsors. One must mend to the previous visit of the azulgrana, does and medium year, to find an initiative of similar animation. A lot more, even, to be come upon a that implied to all the stadium, as will occur before the Barça. The ‘taronja’ of the rooms of the League of Champions 06/07, against the Chelsea, mark the most next precedent in that sense.

Aside from the work that are carrying out days ago the peñistas, and Valencia himself, in it put in scene of the mosaic will have a fundamental role Movistar. The business of phone system will vote the expenses that supposes the same one, as for materials and preparation, as already has occurred in some previous opportunity.

If other times have dominated the white one, the black one or the orange, in this will be the shift of the blue one pitufo. The main color of the third luggage valencianista will occupy the great part of the steps; the motto will go dying of yellow. To complete the typhus, a thin red-and-yellow stripe will travel through the stadium, except in the part where itself leará ‘ goes of bo’, or the one that finally be the message.

Next Monday, once passed the collision in San Mamés, will remain defined the motto. But in the meantime, the Agrupació continues finalizing the organizing preparations. With that intention, not in vain, they met their leaders only yesterday.

Will not be the last one of the course
The objective of club and peñistas is to repeat the initiative in a next future. With the league visits of Madrid or Villarreal in perspective, more the possible classification for rooms of the League of Champions, thinks already in other typhus for the final part of the season.

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