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Thursday, February 3, 2011

'I still believe in showing what I am'

Elastic may be defending the Italian Juventus at the moment, but Alejandro 'Chori' Dominguez has been in Valencia and you do so entirely convinced. Argentine footballer claims to have the same desire to succeed than the first day and hopes to show what has so far not been for one thing or another. "To this day things were not as one intended, but never stopped thinking he could be on this team. I keep thinking the same thing when I came and I am glad that big teams are infatuated with me, but I keep thinking prove myself as a player.

Rubin Kazan The former says "never" has been off the team and has worked because "I knew the opportunity to play was coming." What I recognized is that spanned a week "complicated" by his possible departure, especially on the day of the match in Santander. "We did not know how it would end the matter, but in my way was the game's only Racing. Other people's problems were managed. When I said it was still at Valencia followed gotten into mine."

The main objective of Chori Dominguez is earning a continuity that has not had, and I want to take the job. "I do not claim anything, you have to earn it in training, although one needs to be good continuity. Just got injured after the good match in Manchester, but the other day I played well in Santander and be patient. There were several reasons by which I could not have that continuity and we must try to bring in the best way. "

Lastly, he referred to the arrival of Jonas, which will mean more competition for him. "I think all of us playing in the attacking position we will have plenty of competition. From the first day he wanted to compare me and say I would take my place, but I think that those who prove themselves to be better in training are the ones to play. " What he made clear is that "everyone" should help in adapting because "whenever you come to a new computer you need a period."

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