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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jonas and 'triggers' Paterna

Jonas Gonçalves, the new Brazilian striker Valencia, yesterday joined the team training. Former Guild became the star of the session regenerative harvested after tie against Racing. The Detonator completed the hour and ten minutes from train, leaving the first glimpses of the killer instinct by which in 2010 became the Brasileirao scorer. Jonas scored three goals in the final stretch of the game changed for the comeback that claimed Unai Emery.

At half past nine spent the last phase of the Sanitas medical review. Then came the Ciudad Deportiva. While his new teammates were returning from Santander, Sao Paulo player was with the doctors, who performed tests anatomic injury prevention. A comprehensive study of past interventions, Santos was operated in the Crusader-bone and muscle structure. Just perfect.
Once the team arrived by bus, Braulio was introduced to Unai Emery and the coaching staff. Subsequently, the delegate Voro him into the locker room, where he greeted them one by one his comrades, which was welcomed. Miguel Brito made cicerone. The defense that he sent him as Ricardo Costa, are at your disposal for anything you need, because they share the Portuguese as mother tongue. Even Michael and Topal left with him and gave him a scarf side from the cold.

Before starting to train the Brazilian was presented to the homegrown-Saul, Cristian, Harvey King, and Lara Javier Borja, and also shook hands with Angel Dealbert, another of those most concerned with Jonas in his debut with the group. After heating, the year round and a short drive, Emery gave the first statement. He said the working party for the possession and pressure was limited to two touches. The tip showed a smooth touch with both legs, mobility and sacrifice.

Unai then prepared a final practice match with those who did not play on Monday. The team that formed Jonas began losing 0-3 and the coach ordered 'round the flag. " His first shot narrowly went wide. The second Saul stopped him with his feet. But in the third made no mistake. Controlled and the second hit put the ball at the gusset. Dealbert moments before had encouraged him: "Now, Jonas!". He also drew a penalty crusader, strong and released at medium altitude. Before the end of the third-traced artwork superior photo stream.

Searching for your new home
Jonas left the Sports City after three, accompanied by his brother and agent Thiago, which intends to be at his side next month to help in adaptation. The player's intention was to see two or three houses in 'Torre en Conill' and Valencian Parliament, and that in the coming days you want to choose your home, but ended up "very tired" after the session. The trainers will observe their willingness to loads as with Gremio was in preseason. Yes, they have already prepared a plan complements aerobic Jonas, the new face of VCF, who left a positive impression on the coaching staff: "It seems a good finisher."

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