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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

José Manuel Jurado INTERVIEW

What is going to Germany?
"Well, the truth is that all right.
- Have you noticed many changes in the Bundesliga La Liga?
"Yes that is quite different from a competition in Germany any team can beat anyone and in Spain the dominion of Barcelona and Real Madrid is much higher.
- Why it took them both start in the league?
"We're a very young club and many new players, I think we are 13 or 14 recruits and we needed some time.
- Being so far from the European region means that all efforts go to Schalke 04 Champions League?
"No, for we too are important league matches. It is true that the battle of the Champions League knockout is very important, but we have not parked in the Bundesliga.
- In the beginning of the playoffs is a more open?
"I think it is at 50 percent. Valencia is a very strong team that plays good football, players with speed and you can do much damage. We have seen several videos of them, but also we looked at individual players, we know that we will be faced with a great team.
- Are you happy about the step he took to go to Germany?
"The truth is that yes, I know that the first year is always more complicated and would be difficult for me to start playing right from the start, but every time I feel more comfortable.
- Have you met the three Spanish Magath's team to request information from Valencia?
"Now, with so much game on TV is easier to have details of all teams, not asked us for anything because it is not necessary, Valencia is also known widely in Europe and is not an unknown rival.
- Do you have you seen?
"In Germany we have made the Spanish channels on TV and when I can see the matches on Saturday could only see the last fifteen minutes against Atletico, because we play at 15.30 and I have the stage to 60 miles from home ... One who remembers well is the party of Malaga at the Mestalla, the truth is it was very exciting, despite the inferiority of Malaga.
"One of the issues that strike us from afar is that the stadiums are always full in Germany.
"There's a passion, people never fails. They are very passionate but not much looks and live football, Saturday is a big day and is fully dedicated to football, first going to take their beers with the shirts on your computer, then spend some time near the stadium and to encourage your computer.
- What has surprised you in the first months of stay there?
-How to live football among other things, after the teams are very strong and physically tough. All teams pose round matches, do not stop for a moment.
- Do you place a player with exquisite quality like you?
"Even if a team is in Germany, the Bundesliga is a strong competition and I do not care to be a different football, little by little I'm adapting.
"In the old Valencia CF has known.
"I met in Mallorca with Moya and Aduriz, but I have not talked to them about the game.
-Aritz is making a lot of goals, are you surprised?
"It's a great striker and I'm not surprised at all the good season they are doing.
"In an interview published yesterday Soldier put through the roof ...
"I appreciate the flattery of Robert, to me is a great tip, it was very easy to play with him, uncheck some of '9 'pure. Uncheck few strikers do Soldier.
"If it snows, you better not take shelter under the roof at the stadium just in case, right?
"We spent a month and a half with lots of snow and very cold, but I came to Germany to play football and not live ...
"His agent, Garcia Quilon, put his name on the table of Valencia several times. Have you ever seen near the VCF?
"I've never heard that has been close to signing for the VCF, but it is a great team, football takes many turns and you never know what can happen in the future.
- What are your memories of the Mestalla?
"Especially the last game I played there last season in the Europe League, tied at two and then get home equal to zero allowed us to move on to the semifinals. That game was vibrant, with Villa's shot against the crossbar and a penalty from Juan Zigic in the last minute that the referee did not whistle.
- So was penalty?
"What the cameras showed ... was yes.
- What do you have Raul in Germany?
"It's an ambitious player and although age is having the same enthusiasm as when it started.
"They say that going to buy bread by bike, did you also take walks?
- (Laughs) No, no ... I have no bike, but in Germany are normal cycling.

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