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Friday, February 18, 2011

The League asserts that the EU supports its argument to suppress the game open

The Football League (LFP) said that the ruling yesterday by the General Court of the European Union (TEU) for the World Cup and Euro must be issued in an open endorses the thesis that supports the employer's clubs ask the Government the removal of the obligation to offer a free game per day.

The European court's decision means that the World Cup and UEFA Euro should be open to be issued, as expressly recognized, events' unique and exceptional. " That is, the TEU recognizes that both sports are not formed by a succession of individual events, for example, the championships organized in the form of links. The LFP believes that Spanish law would be likely to breach the fundamental principles of community and state, to compel to give an open game every day.

The League believes that his thesis has been to threaten a break carries with it again, "because the general declaration of interest as a weekly meeting of the competition without compensation to the copyright owner or its use might, as interpreted by the High Court, a sacrifice of individuals based on a concept of general interest and perfectly interpreted generously questionable. "

"La Liga BBVA, quite obviously, is not a unique or exceptional event, following the jurisprudence conferred today by the Court, but a competition, we repeat, regular and continuous basis', insists the agency headed by José Luis Astiazaran.

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