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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paul introduces his girlfriend in society

Four arrested for assault on German authority
Four German fans were arrested at the Mestalla last night for assaulting a police officer.

A fashion Paul introduces his girlfriend in society
Paul's relationship with Mar García Hernández consolidates. Who is Mar? the sister of golfer Sergio Garcia. Yesterday, Hernandez-Garcia families are very complicit saw during the game.

Palco From Caco Senante through Rufete Caicedo
One of the "popular" more curious than we saw in the box was the singer canary Caco Senante. The player of Hercules, Rufete, returned to the Mestalla after the applause received a week ago. The former Curro Torres and striker Caicedo also enjoyed the show.

Sporting Preciado Barral and recovers lost Lora and Gregory
Sporting striker David Barral may not play against Valencia to see his fifth yellow card in the match played on Saturday against Barcelona but coach Manolo Preciado, recovers the sanctioned Lora and Gregory and probably injured Eguren.

Raúl a follower: "I read online that you've done
800 km for me "
Kiko Vazquez, a young lepero who has traveled from his village in Valencia to try to get a picture with Raul Gonzalez Blanco, yesterday got their goal and, moreover, the striker was interested in his story to the concentration Check out the German team . Young, 22, told Efe that when the team was leaving his team hotel, got a picture with the striker who craved since childhood. The former Real Madrid, as the young man, approached him and said: "I read online that you've done 800 miles for me." Vazquez, an employee of a company in the town of Huelva blinds could not get over his astonishment when he approached his idol "-factly." This young man was 5 when Raul made his debut at La Romareda, Zaragoza, Real Madrid.

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