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Monday, February 14, 2011


On 2/12/2011, l'Agrupació Penyes Valencianistes, organized the trip to Madrid, to encourage our Valencia CF, this time at the head of the expedition director Federico Sagreras, a bus from the door of the Mestalla Aragon Avenue, between the fans were the Rocks Jarafuel Valencia, Benetuser, Balaguer, VCF SUD, Pata i Avant, The Goat Vendat, Les cagarneres Torrent.

The trip was running a perfectly normal, making technical stops so that passengers can have a snack.
Around 15:00 you get to the stadium, where tickets were delivered and were able to enjoy a nice walk around.
There was no such incident regrettable and the performance was excellent by all passengers and by the Athletic fans.

The rest of the rocks that traveled by bus, several more were rocks at the Calderon giving encouragement to our team. Among those who were, rock Valencia San Antonio (Requena), PV Serer (Quart de les Valls), P.V. Paco Camarasa (Torrent), P.V. Manolo Mestre (Oliva), P.V. La Mar, P.V. Fem For (La Pobla Larga).

The output stage is carried out without an escort, a fact which only serves to emphasize the good atmosphere prevailing in both the arrival and in the back, there was no police intervention saved the subsequent support from the stands onto the street.
The return was therefore happy for the victory and the feeling of accomplishment for the great effort throughout the game giving encouragement to our team.
Around 1:30 was reached Mestalla

Amunt Valencia!

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