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Friday, February 25, 2011


The forward one was echoed of the "support" of the president of the Madrid and also spoke of the importance to win in San Mamés.

The statements of Florentino Pérez declaring its 'love' to the Schalke 04 of Raúl González still fishtail and, far from bothering to the valencianistas they have taken them as a form more to be motivated with a view toward the return game of the quarterfinals of the League of Champions that should be disputed in Germany, where the Valencia CF travels with the tie to one in the departure: "Florentine it has affection to Raúl and will be therefore, to us that should motivate us more. It is a fundamental party for us and I believe that Florentino will prefer to see in rooms of end to the Valencia, that is a Spanish team, before that to the Schalke.

Before the decisive collision of Champions (9 of March), the black and white club should confront three important encounters of League, in its objective to remain third and to obtain of direct form the classification for the next edition of the maximum continental competition. "In March, we are going to have five parties in little time, very intense, but we are going to go step by step, achieving the objective in each party. Sunday, in San Mamés, we should leave us the skin in the country before thinking about the party of Barcelona". Soldado does emphasis in the importance of 'the end' of Bilbao: "To win in San Mamés is fundamental to be in Champions and to remove advantage to the Athletic, to them moral damage would do them to lose at home before a rival direct one". "We know about the importance of the party against a rival very strong one, that fights by the same thing that we, to them life would give them that won us. It will be a complicated party, they are strong at home, with a fondness that is very on top encouraging them, we will see an intense party, in which we should be concentrated during all the party to remove good result".

Despite the difficulty of the rival one on Sunday, the Valencian player gives some keys to leave San Mamés with somewhat positive: "Before the direct play of the Athletic there is few things that to do, by the air play they are preligrosos and we should control that, the seconds played should be ours, to have possession and to control the party, although is dificil in San Mamés".

With respect to the moment in which the Valencia to the party of Bilbao arrives, after the tie before the Sporting in Mestalla and the doubts that creates his play, Soldado has declared: "The situation is very good, for all it obtained, before the Sporting two points they escaped itself us, but the team has raised itself other times with more you doubt that now. Sunday we should think that we can win, improving the failures of it passed week". All it as a new step to remain third parties in the League, a since is preferred to the room, that would imply to play the prior phase of the League of Champions: "From principles of season, the objective that we mark is us to put to the team in Champions, we prefer to remain third parties that fourth and we are going to fight because of it".

With the absence of Aduriz by wound, the respondabilidad high-scoring falls in the hands of Roberto Soldier: "It is a grief the drop of Aritz, but among all we are going to try that him do not we throw in lack, we are an extensive staff and Jonas, that has just arrived, can lend a hand and to help so that they continue not noting the absences, as has occurred up to now".

Itself not the valencianista on the renewal wanted to be pronounced of Emery if is obtained the European classification: "On the renewal of Emery, the one that sends and decides is the president".

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