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Friday, February 11, 2011


A follow-up has realized this season

Coke is fashionable. The name of the right wings of the Rayo is aimed in the agendas of several sports directors with a view to the next season. And every day appears in more. The last club that has joined the intensive follow-up that is realized to the defensa of the team vallecano has been the Valencia. Mestalla's entity wants to reinforce the right wings in the future course and three are the football players to whom he, realizes a special marking during this season. One is the rayista Coke, other two are Hugo Mallo, of the Celt, and Montoya, of the Barcelona B.

Hercules and Betis already wanted to incorporate into his staff the canterano of the Rayo before it began this season. The problem which they met was the price of the operation. Coke has contract with the Rayo until 2013 and the clause of rescission is established in six million Euros if the Rayo is in The Second Division and in eight if milita in the maximum category.

The Betis managed to offer 1,2 million Euros last day in the one that was closed the market of signings in the last summer, but the Rayo answered that the price of item to initiate the conversations directed to a transfer was established in a minimum of three millions, for what the operation did not come to good port.

The Athletic one was the following club that did an intensive follow-up to Coke, though up to the date he has not realized any formal offer for the defensa to the club franjirrojo.

On the other hand, the Beam continues preparing the game before the Sunday Tenerife (12:00 hours, Channel +) that Heliodoro Rodríguez will be disputed in the stadium. The team vallecano will defend in him the leadership reached in the previous day and that does not want to retire so soon. Sandoval, his technician, is dependent on the evolution of the troubles that there suffers Trejo, who has moved retired before time of the last two trainings. What yes seems to be clear is he will have to his regulation so much

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