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Thursday, March 31, 2011


The club seeks a right winger, a head office, and an organizer

The advance of the season multiplies the informations with respect to the next operations of market and in the Valencia comes itself planning the next season time behind. With the beginning of the year, the club already officialized the acquisition of the French central defense Adil Rami, that left yielded in its club of origin, the Lille, until the end of season. Also it is practically closed, only would reduce that the clubs make public the operation, the arrival of the goalkeeper of the Almería Diego Alves. The Brazilian goalkeeper already would have passed the medical review and search marries in the Valencia.

Though the priority of the club is that of incorporating one or two right wingers -works in the cancellation of the contract of Miguel or its transfer, and offerings would listen by Bruno-, to sign another head office and to incorporate an organizer, given that Banega is not yielding at the level expected, from Croatia aims at an offering of the Spanish club to the Brazilian midfield player Jorge Sammir of the Dynamo of Zagreb.

According to statements to the press sports Croatian of the own one Sammir, the player wants to leave in June bound for Spain or Germany, though he aims that "my more beloved club is the Valencia, perhaps would go me well there". The footballer would be limited by the Dynamo by ten million euro, although Sammir considers that exaggerated that figure and indicated that "I believe that I am worth between seven and eight (millions of euro). I am 24 years old and the time is arriving to go me".

On the matter of this operation there is not any type of concreteness more than the informations that arrive from Croatia. In any case, given the economic situation of the club, in no case the Valencia would disburse ten million euro by the Brazilian midfield player. And the fact is that the elevation marked is a lot more low. Sammir already dazzled in the double clash in the pool of the Europe League set against the Villarreal. The Brazilian was an authentic headache for the yellow in the away game. Velocity and a lot of class, besides facility to attend is what showed. In the second parted, to Sammir cost him more and had to be substituted.

Before the situation of Miguel and the fact that offerings would listen itself by Bruno Saltor, the Valencia tracks the market of right wingers. The one that better reports has of the black and white technical office of the secretary is the footballer of the Hoffenheim Andreas Beck. Nevertheless, the price of the player complicates the operation. To this they continue him in the ready one Coke (Ray), Hugo Mallet (Celtic), Kiko Femenía (Hercules) or Martin Montoya (Barcelona B).

For the center of the defense counts on itself Rami and David from Navarre. Besides the club would be able to make use of the option of purchase that considers Stankevicius, property of the Sampdoria. Nevertheless, offerings will listen by Dealbert and Ricardo Coast, who has placard, above all in Italy. Of such form, the Valencia will try to sign another fast head office.

In the central one, Skill Coast counts on itself, but the Valencia needs a "8". With the intention to transfer finally to Manuel Fernandes (yielded in the Besiktas) and to expect proposals by an Ever Banega too irregular, the Valencia has in that position an important lack.


The coach assures in its "web" that to reach the third plaza passes because the footballers be heads with its private life Unai does not want that the attitude of some question its discipline

The first reactions of the coach of the Valencia, Unai Emery, to the last act of lack of discipline lived in the staff of the team they arrived yesterday by digital way. The technician defended "the healthy life" as one of the large premises of their methodology, and at the same time sent a message to Vicente and to the three footballers -Bruno, Soldier and Joaquín- that stayed up late the past Thursday, with some especially harmful consequences for the first one, guilty person with 6,000 euro after to have participated in a fight to the doors of a record store. To be third parties in the League, he wrote the technician in his "web" (, only he is not necessary to mark goals and to defend the entrance.
The professionalism, the compliance of the internal norms, to carry a healthy life, are equal factors of transcendentes to reach the objective marked by the club. "The players have a series of obligations, and one of them is that of carrying a sports life of highly level as for training, rest and diet", indicates, in clearly reference to the last incident. Yesterday chatted with the team for 45 minutes before beginning the training.
The message of Emery only is not a message for its staff. Is also an image wash intent. The coach does not want that the cut off from attitude some footballers blur, according to him, a norm that promulgates especially in the wardrobe, although the success is not the expected. "We want and we work to obtain the a hundred for a hundred of a behavior as an example inside the responsibility that have toward the fondness. In the Valencia we are very exacting in it and the players carry out it, and the punctual exceptions are lows and brought back with the norms already established. We seek the a hundred for a hundred in the compliance of those norms", adds the coach.
The announcement of the celebration of the day this weekend -the Valencia plays on Saturday, at 20 o'clock, in Getafe- well was received yesterday by the coach of the Valencia. "At last we have schedules to play, we have many desires to compete again and does not affect to the preparation since we work thinking about play", indicated. "The party of Getafe is ours first final and there is where we have to speak and to be positive news for our a lot followers. The party he will be hard and exacting, since the humility we confront it with the idea to return to the regularity that has shown the team in this competition", adds in its writing.

The Second one B, quarry of referees
Emery make public yesterday an idea in its "web" that can cause an interesting debate. It proposes that the footballers of Second B could be a "potential source" of future referees. "Since a position of maximum respect toward the arbitration and knowing about the difficulty by the context in which they work, I believe that would be able to find a potential source of referees in players of 2ª B, where, since the experience of being footballers, be prepared them to be referees", explained. The Basque technician added that he treats simply of an opinion and of an idea that has wanted to suggest. "But above all, I insist, with a lot of respect toward the arbitration class", he affirmed. Is not the first time that this matter leaves to the light.


Banega only will coach with the team Friday; Pablo will play for the right and Mata, by the left.

Unai Emery begins to clear unknown quantities for the important encounter that will measure to the Valencia with the Getafe on Saturday. Once it canceled the strike and acquaintances the schedules, added to the return of the international, save Éver Banega, the technician presented a training behind closed doors to begin to work in the team with the one that will be played the three points this day.

Banega, that arrives today on the 14,00 hours, for which so alone he will be able to participate in the training of Friday next to its companions, the team can leave. Its position would occupy Tino Costa next to Topal, ONLY medcenter defensive with the one that counts Emery right now and to which in fact expected to initiate the training. The Turk arrived a little late due to a delay in the flight to Madrid, although he could complete great part of the work, as also Juan Mata, that will return to the eleven by the left band, by the right he will accompany him Pablo Hernández completing the central one. Joaquín he cannot play and Vicente after his nocturnal incident he can be remained out of the assembly.
Another that can be drop for the sorrow before the Getafe is David  Navarro. The head office did not coach yesterday with the team upon being suffered of the inconveniences in the isquios and worked in the gymnasium. Their lack of regularity in the training the last weeks would be able to leave it out of the list for on Saturday.


Tino Costa wants to react from Saturday on

Tino Costa has commented this afternoon with respect to the encounter of the next day before the Getafe, that" from Saturday on one must accelerate to achieve the objective " of be classified for the League of Champions. ¿What seems you the fund of its message?

The Argentine aimed that the team" wants to conquer" after the last routs. "The last parties did us damage, but from Saturday on one must accelerate to achieve the objective of the club", indicated.

The player was asked by the last polemics arisen in the Valencia by the nocturnal exits. "The club has norms that one must respect", affirmed. Of all forms, qualified that" can pass that a pair of players they leave and they remain a little later". "The players understood that exist the rules and is done everything possible by respecting them", added.

Tino Costa is alert of its French nationalization. "The truth is that I do not know how goes. It is all directed and one must expect that the news from France arrive, but itself nothing is known", aimed. The player was asked if he is passed him for the head the idea to be able to be international French, since with Argentina never he played. "I Prefer not to speak of this and to prepare me for on Saturday because we have a lot that to do. I concentrate on the Valencia and later already he will be seen what happens", he explained.

With respect to the stop that intended the LFP and that he has been seen frustrated by the judge, the valencianista commented that" the staff prepared the week to play on Saturday". Tino Costa did not want to deepen a lot in the question. " I amNot to look at many sports programs, neither to read the press. I always thought that was going to play and him did not I give too much importance", finalized.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The exgolkeeper of the Valencia will participate in the first test of the championship of Spain of Rallies. The twentieth first edition of the Rally The Despicable one Joiosa 'Trophy White Coast' will open April 1 and 2 the Championship of Spain of rallies of asphalt, with the participation of 63 vehicles that will have to travel through 356 kilometers, of the ones that 158 they will be disputed in eight time trials. Friday 1 of April will proceed to the verifications and will be carried out the 'shakedown', a traveled through of test for the participants with similar characteristics to that of the official sections. In the afternoon, the official exit will be given, from the 20,30 hours, in the Palace of the Provincial Delegation in Alicante, what will recall to the rallys of the eighties and ninety that left from the city of Alicante and they were countable for the then Championship of Europe. The career, that complies twelve years as countable for the Championship of Spain, will be disputed officially on Saturday 2 of April in a total of eight time trials: Orxeta-Relleu (2), Seals-Relleu (2), Callused (2) and Confrides-Relleu (2), that is the most long one with a length of 35 kilometers. The first half of the rally will be identical to that of it passed edition, but for the present change the two last sections, in which likely the winner of the test will be decided. The Rally The Despicable one will include the participation of Xevi Pons, the champion of the world 2010 of the category S2000; Alberto Hevia, in force champion of Spain; and of other three pilots that have in their winning list the national title, Miguel Fuster, Enrique Garcia Ojeda and Sergio Vallejo. The pilot to beat in the test alicantina will be Miguel Fuster if one keeps in mind that that of Benidorm has been judged the four last editions of the Rally. It fit in in the team official Suzuki will participate also the one that was a goalkeeper of the Real Madrid, Valencia and the Spanish selection -among others teams-, Santiago Reedbeds, who already took part in the edition from 2010 to the steering wheel of a Fiat 131 Abarth. In the act of presentation of the Rally The Despicable one present Luis been Moya, who he achieved various world titles as the copilot of Carlos Sainz and that at present is the sports director of the Nupel Global Racing, that is respected like the most powerful team of the National one and that he counts on Xevi Pons as pilot.


The president anticipates to organize a food this at nine o'clock final week looking that reduce them. Manuel Llorente prepares a food with all the staff this week. To the Valencia they remain nine ends in League to be done with the third position and to assure its presence in the League of Champions the next campaign, great objective of the club, and the president wants to all the mentally prepared team and prepared to add and to help to obtain the challenge to play again the maximum European competition. The idea is that be carried out a food when they have returned all the players of its different international commitments and once he be known also if finally there is day of League this weekend or if there is strike. Does not it do a lot, last March 16, already a food with the president was done and the team to the complete one in Benisanó, in which Cry you asked to the staff the third position. The objective is so important for the club, not only to sports but also economic level, that the president does not want to leave no loose end. Besides, after the nocturnal incident that starred in Vicente in the early morning of Friday, Cry you he wants to recall again the players that desires implication and professionalism, above all now in the final straight line of the season, to comply the objective. Those of Unai Emery returned yesterday to the training after two free days, but the team is not to the complete one by the international parties. This Tuesday they anticipate to eat in Paternal, something that already have carried out in other occasions during the season by I express desire of the medical services, after the morning training. The session yesterday consisted of a practice game between two teams to half a field and exercises with movements of attack and crownings, in which emphasized above all Roberto Soldier, with great success with a view toward door, to continue with a party to three entrances, in which Aritz Aduriz starred in a small scare after hurt an ankle, although finally could complete the work next to its companions. Albelda, to the margin of the group The midfield player will not be this weekend, in the event that the day of League be disputed, with the team in the encounter set against the Getafe. David Albeda was exercised again yesterday to the margin of the team. Still it drags inconveniences in the psoas and continues working in its recovery, yesterday carried out continuous career and does not anticipate to touch ball until the end of week and to be incorporated at work next to its companions the next week to try to be able to be to the orders of Unai Emery for the encounter set against the Villarreal. On the other hand, the presence of the international Jonas Gonçalves and Hedwiges I Mature was the great news in the first training of the week, in which also participated David from Navarre, once surpassed the muscular inconveniences that impeded him to coach with normality it passed week. The head office is already recovered, as also I Mature, that could complete the session, to which was incorporated after leaving the concentration with Holland after to be supervised by the medical services and to verify that could not play with its selection, although if will be able to do it with the Valencia.


Mata, happy by its goal, the triumph and to finish without injured, assures that the "tremendous goal" of its companion is not new. Juan Mata, international Spaniard of the Valencia CF, the end of the encounter in Lithuania told that Spain tried to be adapted to the land of play "that was not easy". " They marked a tremendous goal, Stankevicius has done a tremendous goal that already has done in the training with the Valencia. What is important has been the triumph and that there has not been wounds", aimed Juan Mata. " One must win in all the lands, is true that today was more difficult than other times, but what we want is to win the eight parties to sign a phase of perfect classification", underlined Juan Mata.


The team focused the session thinking about playing the weekend. In the end will be played in Getafe on Saturday (20:00 h.) "¿When do we play against the Getafe? When do we coach this week? When do we be going to travel to Madrid?". Those they were the questions that the footballers were done before and after the training on Tuesday in the sports complex of Paternal. Some questions that have found its answers this Wednesday to the 10:00 when the holder of the Court of First Instance number 63 of Madrid, Purification Pujol, has communicated its resolution on the unemployment of this day. While, the coach, the team and the club put in operation the machinery as if to have parted this weekend in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez. In the end the encounter will be to the 20:00 hours on Saturday, but Emery already began at the beginning from week to play it. It showed it Tuesday with a session of work in which, for the first time since a week ago, began to work tactically with a view toward the party. Emery focused the the training thinking about the Getafe. It divided to the group in two teams and while some worked the band kick-off progressions and the lateral lacks with Juan Carlos Carcedo, other they practiced the exit of ball, the up the pressure and the finalización of them played with Emery. To the wait of the incorporation of Jordi and Stankevicius, the technical body began to work with two lines of four. A, it formed by Mathieu, Ricardo Coast, the Brown reserve player and Miguel. The other, with the reserve one Carles Savior in the left, from Navarre and Mature —Dealbert played before being withdrawn for an overload— and Bruno in the right. Emery parked the Mundialitos and the playful sessions to coach ´truly´ a team that counts by routs its last parties of League and Champions. The technicians anticipate to continue the preparation of the party in the evening training of this Wednesday. Not alone Emery was alert of the decision of the judge by the sports thing. Also the Valencia was during all the pending day of the LFP. The club maintained contacts during all the day with the leaders of the LFP and the sensations already were that finally the day of League would be disputed, like in the end has occurred. Do not only there was uncertainty to sports and institutional level. The travel agency that organizes the displacements of the club was another of them affected by this possibility of unemployment in the soccer. The agency, since the calendar in summer leaves, blocks two nights the hotels and the transportations of each city in which plays the Valencia. The normal thing is that once confirmed the schedules, the agency have confirmed at the same time its reserves and bills. Caesar began the jokes The goalkeeper starred in one of the most amusing moments of the training. All he began with a bad transfer of Guaita. Caesar controlled badly, he lost the control and he fell of backs colliding with the stick and inserting a goal. A move that raised the laughters of all. Especially those of Guaita, Joaquín and Bruno. That of Torrent asked him excuses among laughters, but itself was not freed of Caesar. The cacereño attacked him knocking down on the lawn. Instants later, the from Cadiz and the Catalonian they amused the move and the fall of the goalkeeper. Soldier could neither be contained. Together they recalled another of them played fools of the session. The kick-off of band of Bruno to the head of one of the dummies that utilize the technicians.


The Brazilian lived his début next to the rocks in a day in which Españeta he told him that was its saint

29 of March. A day that will not forget neither the members of the rock valencianista of Altea neither neither the Brazilian of the Valencia CF, Jonas Gonçalves. The international of new stamp with the selection canarinha lived its first experience with the rocks. In company of the young one Isco Alarcón, the exjugador of Guild became the guest of exception of the V Anniversary of this rock of The Marine one Baixa. And it did it in the same date in which the saint's day of San was celebrated Jonás martyr. Before it went the ´Mestre´ was congratulated by the assistants to the celebration. Nevertheless, the first one in doing it, in the morning and inside the wardrobe, was the mythical property manager of the VCF, Bernardo Spain, ´Españeta´. The forward black and white one remained pleasantly "surprised" with the environment in Altea. "It has been my first time with the rocks and the truth is that has impressed me enough. In Brazil also they are done this type of acts with the torçida, but much less and not with so much I take care", commented. Jonas "there was oido to speak of the force of the valencianismo" and yesterday verified it or situ. "The fondness of the team shows, provided that has a minimum opportunity, a lot affection, corresponds with the greatness of the club and we should return them all with the attainment of the third plaza", added. For the 166 peñistas of Altea signified an "enormous pleasure" to include two players as Jonas and Isco, according to them same, the first one represents to the "present" and the second is the "future". Both they complied with strict exactness —estaban cited to the 21:00 hours— to the festival with the followers of The Navy and, above all, they attended with gratitude to each one of valencianistas of the zone that approached for a firm, a photography, a dedication or only to give them spirits. Besides Altea, to the act and subsequent to have supper in the restaurant ´Coast d´Altea´ they attended members of the neighboring rocks and so much representatives of the Valencia CF as of l´Agrupació of Penyes. On the part of the club they were the counselor José Garcia Roig, the exfutbolista Xavier Subirats and the External Relations, Jordi Bruixola. Blas Madrigal, president, and the executive María Eugenia from Navarre and David Tops represented to l´APV. Altea is one of the localities where with more forces beats the valencianismo. A data evidence the black and white supremacy in the region. "Here there is a lot fondness to the VCF. We duplicate in number to the rocks of the Barça and Real Madrid that also there are in Altea... Even, in this headquarters we meet to many people of nearby towns as Alfàs or Benidorm to see the parties", sentence José Pérez.

Getafe-Valencia, Saturday at 20:00

The Real Madrid-Sporting match, Getafe and Villarreal-Valencia-Barcelona, the 30-day first division will be played on Saturday, once called off by the judge of the Court of Instruction No. 63 the strike called by the League of Professional Football.

- First division (Week 30)
. Saturday, February
18:00 Real Madrid-Sporting
20:00 Getafe-Valencia
Villarreal-Barcelona 22:00
. Sunday
Real Sociedad-Hercules 17:00
17:00 Espanyol-Racing
Lift-Málaga 17:00
17:00 Deportivo-Mallorca
Sevilla-Zaragoza 19:00
Osasuna-At. Madrid 21:00
. Monday
Almeria Athletic 21:00

- Second division, day 32
. Friday
Las Palmas-Elche 21:00
. Saturday
16:00-Granada Cartagena
Gimnastic-Tenerife 18:00
Huesca-Córdoba 18:00
Villarreal B-Barcelona B 18:00
Recreativo-Xerez 18:00
Rayo Vallecano Valladolid 18:00
Salamanca Albacete 18:00
. Sunday
Alcorcón-Numancia 12:00
12:00 Real Betis-Celta
Ponferradina-Girona 17:00.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The club sanctions with 6,000 euro the lack of discipline of one of the captains - The club foresees to harden more the regimen internal
To Vicente Rodriguez recalled him yesterday its you owe as the professional. And, as a bad boy repented, the player listened the reprimand of its greater. And went with the ears porridge. The umpteenth lack of discipline of a player will be translated in a hardening of the internal state and the increase in the economic amount of the sanctions. Unai Emery in the morning and Braulio Vázquez in the afternoon, they met with the Valencian interior to listen their version on what happened the early morning on Thursday to Friday at the door of a record store. Fact that was watchful Raise-EMV on Saturday. The player, so much to the coach as to the coordinator of the technical secretary, told him that assumed his fault by being a Thursday at five in the morning of spree -when the internal state prohibits him-, but assured him that he had not participated in the argument that was produced at the door of the record store. "I am tranquil because I have not done anything", affirmed yesterday the player on the way out of the meeting with the technician -lasted three quarters of an hour and he was produced in Paternal, since the 13 at 13.45 o'clock-.
The nocturnal exit, besides the reprimand, he will cost to Vicente a sanction of 6,000 euro -the same one that, only some months ago, they imposed on Banega, Mathieu, and a month ago to Chori, Miguel, Moyà, Banega, Dawn, Skill and Mature-. The player, that finishes contract in June, was exercised yesterday afternoon with normality. It accompanied by Joaquín, Soldier and Moyà, the player left to the field being covered the mouth with the knicker -scarf- to avoid that himself to read his lips. The meeting he counted him with Emery?
After the evening training, Braulio waited for the player. Vicente, one of the four captains of the team, intoned again the fault wets by being outside of house at five in the morning when the next day should coach -he arrived punctual-. As on the way out nocturnal excuse, he used that the weekend there was not competition.
And there they did not stop the scoldings. The agent of the player, Miguel Angel Cermeño, also showed publicly their discomfort with the attitude of its represented. "To that hour should have been at home. It made a mistake", affirmed to Radio 9. "Will obey the sanction. I believe to Vicente and he says that he did not participate in to the fight", he maintained.
The president Manuel Cry you, only fifteen days ago, he announced to the staff in the trascurso of a food that was not going to consent more lacks of discipline. He anticipates to respond this week to Paternal.

He kills: "In the Valencia we fight for which we have to fight"
Juan Kills is satisfied with its season in the Valencia. Yesterday, since the concentration of the selection, said to be satisfied, although confessed that miss a little more than equality in the championship. "Being realists, there are two teams above us. Inside our possibilities, we fight for which we have to fight and the season is being good", explained.
The of Burgos referred to one of the two teams that are above the Valencia, the Barcelona. "Since I see soccer I have not seen a so reliable and so strong assembly. It is the best team", assured with completeness.
With respect to the rumors that linked to the valencianista with the 'culés' last season, Kills commented to know not anything. "I was in the World one and caught me all by surprise. In summer all are rumors, but if an offering arrives, has to arrive at the club and they communicate it me. To me nobody told me nothing", he revealed. The international one he was not wet with a favorite one for the League of Champions, but he has his preferred. "That a Spanish team he win it, independently of Real Madrid or Barça. That he win the best of the two, I he went with the Valencia, but he has not been able to be", he regretted.
He kills he complies today two years of his début with the Spanish selection, that took place March 28, 2009 in a qualifying encounter for the World one of south Africa that Spain won for 1-0 to Turkey in the stadium Santiago Bernabeu of Madrid. Since his début, he has disputed ten encounters in which he has noted three goals.


Vicente excuses by his act of lack of discipline but recalls that "I have bundled anything neither I have attacked nobody".

Vicente Rodriguez, midfield player of the Valencia, has asked today pardon to its companions of team, to the club and to the fondness by its act of lack of discipline of the past Thursday, when starred in an argument on the way out of a record store at 5 o'clock of the early morning.

" I want to ask pardon to my companions, to the club and to the fondness. Because in eleven years that I carry here never I have had no act of lack of discipline of this type and I believe that is not going to return to pass", has declared Vicente to Channel 9-Valencian Television.

Nevertheless, the Valencian footballer has clarified on the event that: "I have not bundled anything in a record store. They have rebuked me and, besides, I have not attacked anyone".

Upon being asked by his possibilities of renewing his contract with the Valencia after the next one 30 from June the player has given understand that he has few options of prolonging his linking with the company of Mestalla.

" I Have the sensation -that I will not continue-, because the club has not said me nothing to renew. I want to leave possible the best and to be able to return some day with another type of work", has added Vicente.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Results and School Activities this weekend

3 ª Jornada 31C.F. DIVISION III GROUP Borriol 2 to 1 VALENCIA C.F. - MESTALLAGol: CF 27ELCHE Cristian.JUVENILES Day 3-1 VALENCIA C.F. JUVENIL "A" Goal: Nacho Porcar.C.D. OLIMPIC Xàtiva 1 to 0 VALENCIA C.F. JUVENIL "B"
1 st REGIONAL CADETEC.D. SAN MARCELINO 0 to 3 VALENCIA C.F. CADET "B" Goals: Crespo, Dani and Alvaro.
CHILDREN 22VALENCIA C.F. Day INFANTIL "A" 1 to 0 LEVANTE UDGol: Jorge.CD SAN MARCELINO 1 to 4 VALENCIA C.F. INFANTIL "B" Goals: Joel, Cuenca (2) and Fran.
FEMINAS F-11 Sunday 27/03/2011 (12:15 pm) 1 Liga Women SuperligaCampo BeniferriVALENCIA FEMINAS CF "A" 1 - OVIEDO MODERN 0Gol: Genma.

Carlos Arroyo former Valencia player and coach

- What can you tell Aluche district of Madrid?

"That's where I was born. A poor neighborhood. Before there were many vacant lots.

- And there he started playing football?

"Yes, I spent all day playing and my mother was in despair.

- Why do they pass through the Alcorcón?

"We had family there and my brother Thomas had also played.

"And at 18 he came to Valencia.

"Yes. They came to me and Mestre bouquet signed me. And I have been here longer than in Madrid.

- Valencia paid one million pesetas?

"Something like that. What goes from yesterday to today!

- Real Madrid went through?

"Yes. When they heard that Valencia was concerned, by the president of Alcorcón went to do a test to Castilla.

- Coincided with the fifth stage of the Vulture?

"Sure. I spent a couple of weeks training with Michel, Butragueño.

- Why did not you stay?

"Because I offered to start the preseason in Castile and Valencia contract was more interesting. If I had stayed there would not have risen as the first team ever ...

"Well, here began in the subsidiary.

"Yeah, but they played friendlies with the first team and even before the official debut party dispute Mestalla professional strike against Espanyol. We were all juveniles: Cuxart, Giner, Palone, Sixto, Juárez, García Pitarch ...

"By the way, what do you think of the strike which aims to promote football league?

"It's complicated because in the middle catches the amateur, but it is a purely economic issue between the clubs and television.

- His debut was in the field of Betis?

"Yes. Start playing because Roberto had been injured and Subirats. I got a good game and also scored a goal. We won 1-3.

There was good in that template twigs, right?

"Yes. It was the generation of Quique, Voro, Giner, Revert, Cuxart, Sixto, Fernando, who was already a year before ... Financial problems had to fall back on us, from the quarry.

"Now is technically in the school of Valencia ...

"I've been to the Juvenile Division of Honour, but I'm working at the school since 2000 and have gone through all the categories.

- Who gave him the nickname 'El Chato'?

I do not remember, but maybe it was the Chufa (by Giner) or Serer.

- Have you ever bothered?

"No, what goes. It is said with love and grace. Co-workers still call me Chato.

- What do you do when you have a free moment?

-View football. I was born for football.

- Always football?

"It's my passion. My wife says I'm sick. Maldini goes to me as that, you can not stop watching games. I have a room just for me to watch football. At home they are on one side and I in another. And because there are so many channels and offer football.

"Ever go out with Margaret, his wife, walking, dinner, or a movie.

"A little, by the nanos, to have fun because they have to make drivers.

- Do you live in Valencia?

"No, in Puerto de Sagunto. We had a home in Canet and final, both go, we settled there.

- What their children study?

"Andrea is 19 and is second in Psychology. Daniel is 16, is in fourth in the ESO.

- How to give your kitchen?

"What good are prepared sandwiches and so I, can not you see? (Laughs). I like to chop and is easy to gain weight.

"But down ...

- Ugh! When I played I had no problem. I ate a lot, but it burned everything. Time, sausage sandwiches.!

- How Kiko Rivera?

"I always said that eating is one of the pleasures that life gives you.

- Do you play with the veterans?

"I wish I could, but I have torn away, with two herniated discs, and can not stand the pace. Coaching kids is something else.

- Do you read much press?

"The sport, in particular.

"After Greece and Ireland, comes the financial crisis in Portugal. "Spain will go back?

"Let's hope not, but it is pretty bad. If this does not change.

- What would a party of Berlusconi wine, chocolates or ...?

- (He laughs) After all what is said, better not go or even if accompanied by a lawyer!

Ché even if the dream is to be pierced Banega

Daniel Parejo Muñoz, known simply as a couple, is a Valencia player who has not lost sight for some time and that Braulio Vazquez would sign with my eyes closed if it knew the circumstances necessary to be hired (with the permission given beforehand Manuel Llorente and Emery).

Ever Banega's future in-white is an unknown entity, are in the market and offers one thinks they will not miss-and Parejo is regarded as the ideal replacement, but his signing deal is like climbing Mount Everest in football boots . Among other reasons because Real Madrid is at stake (it has an option to repurchase 4.5 million intend to do effectively) and rains, it pours when it comes to the negotiations referred transfers between Valencia and Florentino Perez.

Clear-and black and whites managers know first hand the fruit of their good relations with Getafe, which to sign Valencia Parejo be scratching your pocket. Banega enters the scene and its possible transfer. Games like he did on Saturday with Argentina and praise as the coach who threw Batista ("the best partner Messi") help the range of possible suitors cope ché revenue expectations. The Copa America will be the perfect setting for Ever. In case the offer finally comes good (no quorum to pass it) is looking for a substitute. Parejo is the ideal and desired, but when 'out' Ever ... his signing may be impossible.


Close relationship with Getafe

Parejo is no secret to Valencia. Getafe is one of the computers that are more technical. Moreover, the relationship between Brad and Toni Muñoz is intimate, as well between Llorente and Torres.

Albiol debt no interest to the club

Real Madrid has pending two installments of the transfer by Albiol (as fractionated 15 million). But the VCF and the notes became effective, so that interest will not reduce debt with Parejo.

The Real Madrid would through

Parejo 4.5 million return to Real Madrid. As published AS, merengue is intended playoffs, although his position has you covered. Almost more than Getafe should negotiate with Real Madrid.

Rubén Pérez unleashes an unexpected battle with 3 bands

Last summer, the transfer of Luis Filipe Atletico Madrid caused one of the young talents of the youth Atletico, midfielder Ruben Perez, landed in Riazor as part of the deal (see article).

And the player, far from being disappointed, has taken the opportunity to assert himself as a combative midfielder could join defensive sacrifice and optimal vision, two qualities that have allowed to accumulate 29 games with Deportivo La Coruna.

The result of his outstanding performance, the board has begun rojiblanca consider midfielder playoffs early, because, in principle, the loan should continue Galician box next academic year.

Moreover, the entity may recover Madrid footballer to do business with him. And, as indicated As both Valencia and Sevilla follow with attention the progress of a player who has also attracted the curiosity of Calcium

Valencia: Real Madrid signing a desired condition

Although the performance of Ever Banega has improved markedly with the passage of the seasons, Valencia directive does not preclude the possibility of accepting an offer to help clean up his still-ailing economy.

So to cover himself with a hypothetical flight, the technical secretariat has already made his possible replacement: Dani Parejo. The midfielder, only 21, has offered a sensational performance from landing at Getafe and his talent and vision of the game make him the ideal replacement.

However, to make his move, the leaders Valencia CF must slog, since this operation will require negotiating with the Real Madrid squad that already has been willing to play-off the player and still doubt among the squad as trusted companion Xabi Alonso (see article) or used as currency (see article).

To make matters worse, other notable sets of earning capacity, such as Juventus, not lose sight of the international sub'21

Jordi Alba turn to the Sub'21 against Belarus

The dispute Sub'21 selection today from 20:30 pm a friendly match against Belarus in Alcalá de Henares. A meeting in which Luis Milla, after the defeat to France in Reims (3-2), with the Valencia player, Jordi Alba, in a trial match ahead of the finals of the Euro in Denmark who played next June.

Vincent explains his version Emery

Unai Emery Vincent quoted at noon on Monday for him to explain and clarify what happened in the early hours of Thursday and Friday where the player was involved in some incidents.

The player arrived at 13.00 hours Paterna until 13.45 and was talking to his coach. At the end of the meeting left Valencia's statement to the media: "I am calm, I have not done anything, " he said.

When asked if the club had called him to clarify the issue on fúbtol not yet responded. Nevertheless, since the club raises the possibility of economic sanctions after-sporting scandals featuring members of staff.

However, the players will attend the afternoon session of training Valencia.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


In its tireless search of a spare for Luis Fabiano, the Seville was related some days ago with a promising forward one Argentine of 20 years to which now continues closely the Valencia.

It seems that in many occasions the better teams of the League trace its respective agendas, since the picture ché is after the steps of Facundo Ferreyra, a footballer that has begun to dazzle in Banfield and that besides is international Sub’21 with the albiceleste. The it combined of Nervión had it among the potential to relieve to ’O Fabulous’ (to see article), but according to the Cadena SER the squad of Mestalla would be able to be be in advance of the Seville. This radio station indicates that the Valencia also wants to put on file to improve its offensive potential. Undoubtedly it is a matter of a bet of future, although is also certain that yet has not been able to show all its potential in its country. To ahota accumulates 6 encounters with its assembly but has only been able to note a goal, although served to give the victory to its team (1-2 set against Tiger).


The Valencian footballer, put on file this summer, does not mark in League since last January 22.

Roberto Soldado, forward of the Valencia, team that is faced to the Getafe in the stadium Alfonso Pérez in the next day of League, needs to beat the goal of the assembly of Madrid to put an end to its worse drought scorer in the first Division.
The Valencian footballer, put on file this coming summer exactly of the Getafe, does not mark in League since last January 22 noted one of the four so many in the victory for 4-3 before the Malaga in Mestalla. Since then, accumulates 549 minutes without seeing door in the nine encounters in which has participated since the only one of the last sorrows that was lost was before the Mallorca by decision of technique.

Its worse one registered is in 574 minutes without marking with the Osasuna in the final section of the season 2005-2006.


For Tino is a "honor" that Ayala be the ambassador of the Valencia in his country. It believes that is a "referring".

For the Tino is a "pride" that Roberto Fabián Ayala dam you to the Valencia in his country. Is an "honor" that be the ambassador of the company of Mestalla in Argentina. Him does´t know him personally, not even had the opportunity to be faced to him inside a field of soccer. Nevertheless, the ´Raton´ marked the sports career and the infancy of the Tino. Still it recalls the midcenter black and white when met next to his two brothers around the television of house to see the parties of the Albiceleste. Each time that there was a move to ball stopped began a liturgy at home of the family Costa. "¡That rise the Raton!, ¡that rise the Raton!", they shouted the Tino, Roberto Carlos, Jeremías and Emiliano, the four brothers. The following thing was to do force so that the butts of Ayala had still more forces of the one that carried. Sure that the brothers Costa had to see in some goal of Ayala.

By it force and you win would not be, just as yesterday recalled Tino after knowing that Ayala was going to be the ambassador of the Valencia in their country. "Memory that joined my brothers and I at home to see the parties of the League Argentina and, above all, the of the selection. Each time that there was some corner or some move to ball stopped always we agreed of him. Raton rises, rises!, shouted". Tino knew that if Ayala connected with the head there were many possibilities that the ball finished among the three sticks. They have passed many years since those late-nights of soccer, but Tino continues hallucinating with that capacity of leap. "In my life I saw equal nothing. What more impressed me of Fabián was its capacity of leap. You saw it so small and lie seemed that gave those bounces", said.

The Tino always recalled that impetus and force at the moment of to jump, but what truly marked was him its character, hierarchy and personality inside a land of play. Therefore, besides ambassador, continues being a "referring" for him. "Ayala is a referring one for all the Argentines. It showed an authority and a hierarchy inside the field that is not easy to see in a footballer. It knew to send, had a lot of personality and was a leader. Therefore he is a referring one for many Argentines and for the people of the soccer". What was not going to imagine he is that those leaps and that personality he would finish being a road to continue for him. Ayala was one of the first people in which thought when knew that was near his acquisition by the Valencia. "It was one of the first people in which first I thought when the opportunity to put on file for the Valencia arrived me. Continuing the steps of a player as he was an incentive more for my career", assured Tino.

The midcenter black and white knows the history of titles of Ayala in the Valencia. It knows that the Raton was one of the makers to build the best team of the Valencia of the history. Trying to leave the track that left would be he a dream. "Fabían was very large for the Valencia. With him a team was built that did history. It won titles and did pretty things for the Valencia and I hope we can obtain that we some day".


The Valencia added a total of 18 points in the last nueves days of it passed season.

The Valencia will agree to the next edition of the League of Champions if in the final section of the current championship maintains the line of it passed season, in which added eighteen points in the last nine days and in it finalized the tournament as third.

After the current stop of the championship by the dispute of parties of the national selections, the club of Mestalla will consider before twenty-seven points in play to agree to its objective to be classified for the first continental tournament.

This series, that will give beginning in the next day with a visit to Getafe, itself complete with other four parties to residence before Almería, Osasuna, Espanyol and Sports of The Coruña and with four encounters in Mestalla against Villarreal, Real Madrid, Real Company and Raise.

If the Valencia adds the two thirds of the pending points, there will be achieved their objective with independence that the Espanyol, that has 43 points, or the teams that pursue him (Athletic of Bilbao or Seville with 42) they manage to do a full almost impossible one in the days that reduce of League.

Another question is the fight between the Villarreal and the Valencia, main contenders to be third parties in the League and that are presented like the two only teams with true possibilities to occupy the third one or the quarter position of the tournament, since currently they are found drawn to 54 points.

In these moments the possibilities of Villarreal and Valencia to catch up with the two first and of to be reached by the ones that teams that pursue they are reduced them.

The difference among being third or fourth itself center in which the third one classified will dispute directly the League of Champions 2011-2012 and the room should agree through a prior qualifying round, in which runs the risk of remaining out of the tournament.

A year ago, the Valencia was third in the League after adding in its last nine parties a total of eighteen points since won its five parties at home, to the ones that added a triumph to residence.

That was the best end of League of the Valencia since 2002, when was champion and accumulated twenty-two points in these last days. Subsequently, in 2004 also it was champion, but lost the two last parties to the ones that was presented with the title of League already obtained.

The eighteen points of the nine last days of the past championship permitted that the Valencia finished the League with 71 points, one less than the 72 that will obtain this year if repeats scoring.

Besides, neither in it they passed campaign neither in the previous one, the 2008-2009, the Valencia lost at home in the final section of the League.

To find routs as localities to these heights of the competition one must mend to the campaign 2007-2008, when with Ronald Koeman in the stool lost with the Majorca (0-3) and the Racing of santander (1-2).


The Valencia CF will fine him for being of festival at five in the morning. Unai does not want that this damage to the group.

This time Vicente Rodriguez has been the at night Valencian protagonist, upon participating in an argument next to a friend at five in the morning from Friday to the doors of the record store ´The Inn of the Souls´, just as he advanced Raise-EMV in his edition of yesterday. According to the two youths supposedly attacked, at the door of the localities they told him Vicente the following thing: "To see if you leave more". This reflection was the origin of a fight.

According to the boys that some minutes before had been photographed with him, they pronounced it with the spirit to encourage him after is not entering a lot in the plans of Unai, nevertheless, the companion of the ´Xiquet´ of Benicalap considered that was a provocation, interpreting that did not you leave so much of festival. Members of the club were put yesterday in contact with the footballer to ask him a first version of him happened, in which admitted that was in the place of the facts but that its participation was limited to "to separate" to his friend, insisting that he at no time attacked nobody. The presumedly they attacked they assure that they were attended in the Clinical hospital, but they have not formulated any accusation.

It is predicted that tomorrow be produced a formal conversation between the footballer and Braulio Vázquez, coordinator of the technical office of the secretary, to listen its version of the facts and later is predicted that him be sanctioned for be at five in the morning of festival, with the extenuating one that this weekend there is not competition.

Unai also is going to speak with the ´Xiquet´ and is not going to carry out any type of appraisal on the matter, but is conscious that the Valencia is played a lot in the last nine days of the championship, where itself is going to permit him no error to reach the third position in the classification that right now occupies the Villarreal with the coefficient of even points. And what is going to clarify in its first chat with the group is that "nothing should damage to the group". Vicente, in spite of at five in the morning to be leaving the record store, responded with exactness to the training, that was not very exacting before enjoying two days and middle of rest.

On the footballer does not weigh any accusation to day of today, since the intention of the presumedly attacked is to converse before with him to try to arrive at a friendly agreement. The responsible for security of the record store they called quickly the police to avoid that the fight went to greater, but when arrived, Vicente already had gone to its residence because the situation calmed itself. Sources of the VCF assured to EFE that "we regret and we reject so much the fact that be insulted any person since be hit someone".


The player of the Valencia entered in the country in the minute 77; Neymar signed the two goals of Brazil.

Neymar, the new promise of the Brazilian soccer, was exhibited today in London and signed the two goals that gave the victory to Brazil before Scotland, that inserted the tenth rout of their history before the pentacampeones of the world in equal number of parties.

The forward youth of the Saints, of 19 years and to which Brazil wants to prepare to be the star of the World one of 2014, showed its smell of goal in the stadium Emirates.

Brazil the sorrow with seriousness was taken because wanted to be compensated of the two consecutive routs in its last appointments, before Argentina, in November, and France, in February.

The Scotch put up a fight during the first quarter of an hour, but, little by little, based on to control the ball with mastery, the Brazilians were opening spaces in the strong defense that built the Scottish coach, Craig Levein.

Dani Alves functioned to the perfection as railroad man and contributed experience to the young woman staff called by Hand Menezes.

But was Neymar who became a nightmare for the Scottish team with its velocity and changes of rhythm.

The forward one of the Saints put in front to Brazil to four minutes of the rest with a smooth shot, after finding the small angle that remained free between two defenders and the rival goalkeeper.

The Brazilians went to the rest without Scotland to have been able to give work to July Caesar.

Brazil continued grew in the second time, administered its played to execute them in the decisive moments and, after a continuous spying to the Scottish entrance, enlarged its advantage in the minute 72, again through Neymar, of penalty, after a lack of Charlie Adam.

The final straight line of the party both coaches they took advantage of it to give minutes to their substitutes.

- List of credits:
2 - Brazil: July Caesar, Dani Alves, Lúcio, Thiago Forest, Lucas Leiva (m. 87 Sandro), André Holy, Elano (m.81 Elias), Ramires, Damiao (m.77 Jonas), Jadson (m.71 Lucas), Neymar (m.90 Renato August).

0 - Scotland: McGregor, Hutton, Crainey, Berra (m.72 Wilson), Caldwell, Whittaker (m.63 Commons), Adam (m.77 Snodgrass), Brown, Miller (m.87 Mackail Smith), Morrison (m.92 Cowie), McArthur (m.55 Bannan).

Goals: 1-0, m. 42: Neymar. 2-0, m. 76: Neymar, of penalty.

Referee: Howard Webb.

Incidents: Friendly game disputed in the stadium Emirates of London.


The from Cadiz does not resign to the third plaza but recognizes that the team suffers when is not "compact and leathery".

The midfield player of the Valencia Joaquín Sánchez recognized in statements to Efe that the team "suffers a lot of" when "does not play of compact form and is leathery defensively", although qualified that the weakness of the rearguard they have known it to compensate with other virtues.

" Defensively we should work since the forward one to the last defense", indicated Joaquín, who declared that also they should treat "to cover the defects and to do that the virtues leave afloat. In spite of what we have suffered the team has known to compete and I believe that is to be happy", continued.

Before the final straight line of the league season, the extreme from Cadiz indicated that the nine final days are going to convert in a "hand by hand" with the Villarreal to try to finish third parties and to achieve the direct access to the final phase of the next League of Champions. "There it will be that to fight to the maximum", said.

Joaquín indicated that the two next days, in which the Villarreal receives to the Barcelona and then visits Mestalla, "they are going to be very important", although despite it he believes that he will maintain the fight to the end of the League.

To weigh that since the club he has been affirmed during all the season that the great objective is to finish in the third plaza of the League, Joaquín said that would not consider "a failure" to finish rooms.

" I Believe that it fact this season has been extraordinary and not one must think in the failure, since if we remain rooms also we have the option of the League of Champions although after a prior one. In any case, the objective is in our hands and is to be third parties", emphasized.

For Joaquín, that the Villarreal continue in two competitions can do that note the wear in the last encounters, although admitted that teams of this level are "so complete in the physical thing and in the tactical thing that itself is not noted a lot".

Another of the burning themes in this final straight line of the season is the renewal of the coach Unai Emery. On the matter, the player explained that "he is the first one that sets apart a little the theme because he can distract. We know that what is important are the objectives independently of the future of each one, already he will be seen what happens".

Joaquín complies its fifth season in the Valencia and assures that this is the campaign in which is shown more satisfied by its performance.

" The maturity and the experience always cause they are you more tranquil and to be a little more intelligent. This it is the season in which more I please I am for it well that I have found me, by the continuity that I have had and by it well that the team is doing it", underlined to Efe.

That continuity has gone in detriment of the ownership of its companion Pablo Hernández, who is season is found more I bother by that lack of regularity, a situation that it passed season lived Joaquín.

" The two we want to play always and there are moments in which one has more continuity than the other and the one that does not play is more irked, but there also the rivalry is shown and the complicity of this team by wanted to be competitive", said.

" What is important is that be benefited the group, but these years they have been given thus and who has to value is him the coach", he said Joaquín.

The player also referred to his absence of the selection in the two last years, although he attributed him more to the situation lived when Ronald Koeman coached to the Valencia that to the statements that carried out when Luis Aragonese was a coach.

In its opinion, the press misinterpreted its words when said that "the selection was a mess".

" Did Not I repent because I did not mean that. That the press interpreted it of that way is because at times is needed to throw of things that sell and at that time what I sold was that because had remained was me, but at no time I wanted that was interpreted like was interpreted", related.

" It Is of course a lot of damage did me, but later I went again, therefore I believe that damage did me more the epoch of Koeman that supposed a great step behind in my career, but that business about those statements remained as an anecdote because later I went again. He (Aragonese) knew me well enough and him not importance gave", concluded.


Mathieu and Jordi Alba they convince, a head office is sought and fights by the best option for the right winger

Beyond what the market he say, in these moments the Valencia has very clear the objectives to reinforce to the first team with a view toward the season that comes. The first thing is that the defense is the line that more wants to be touched, in fact, already there is an acquisition for the season that comes, that of the central defense Rami.

To the margin of the arrival of Rami, the priority in these moments is the acquisition of a right winger. This newspaper was echoed of that information the past month of January and so on has come putting on the table some of the names that the Valencia has been continuing. If with the object of sports planning the priority is a right winger, in recent months the club has determined also to try to put on file a central defense. One must keep in mind that this possibility remained parked when the you pass month from January was put on file to Rami for the season that comes. Therefore well, before the possibility that there be several exits of defenses, is sought in the market.

In this sense there are footballers that would be able to abandon the club as Dealbert, Ricardo Coast —que arrived at price zero and has certain market that therefore would enable to do box with its exit— or the Lithuanian one Stankevicius. Of him can be told in these moments that there is doubt on if to exercise or not to exercise the option of purchase of 1.5 million euro that has the Valencia. It is more, expects the arrival of its agent and the Valencia would be able to ask to the Sampdoria Italian a discount in that option of purchase.

Another aspect to value in which to the search of the head office refers is that at first what is sought is a left-handed central defense, or at least for the left-handed profile. From there that in the last encounters Unai Emery have aligned several times to the Turkish one Topal in that position. Mehmet can be an option to act of left-handed head office but always as a resource, the intention is that be the defensive central middle next to David Albelda.

The left-handed continue
The third news that can be aimed in the planning of the season that comes is the left winger. In these moments he can be affirmed with certain completeness that the Valencia has decided of put not on file a left winger because takes for granted that the French Mathieu will accept the offering of renewal by objectives that has on the table. To this one must add that the sports classes of the club are delighted with the performance that this season has given Jordi Dawn in the left winger. The season that comes, save uppercase surprise, Jordi Dawn and Mathieu will be the left wingers.

In that sense the Valencia has asked for players as the José Angel of the Sporting, by the one that was asked the past winter when broke the operation of transfer to the Malaga of Pellegrini.

Finally, the Valencia be planted seriously the possibility to put on file a middle central organizer. For it is, obliged that leave Éver Banega of the team. The Argentine footballer has not convinced this season inside the land of play, and besides, out of him, there is repeated errors —digamos little professional— of the past. Since the famous supper of birthday of Unai Emery in which arrived late to the subsequent training, Banega did not recover again the soccer rhythm and during phases of the season him has been seen sensitively past of weight. Just in case, an organizer is sought.


Set against the 27% that would transfer it, a 44% would not do it; almost the remaining third would sell it if the offering is good.

They would not transfer to Éver Banega. This it is the main conclusion that can be extracted of the proposed survey to the readers of under the title" ¿you Would Sell to Banega? " . And this after the future of the Argentine middle be found in the air after the last meeting that has maintained the club with its representative, Mark it Simonián, and have decided to study the possibility to leave face to the next season.

Of all the registered votes in our survey, to a 44% of the participants they have voted for the option of the "would not sell it". Nevertheless, the remainder 56% corresponds to two options: a yes and a second yes but with shades.

This second yes conditioned refers to the 28% that only they would sell to the Argentine brain if the offering that arrives for him is good. Almost with identical number of votes and a 27% of the total the option of the ones is found that yes would sell to Éver —sin to import the price of the transfer— and they would seek a new offensive steering wheel. And you, ¿you would sell to Éver Banega?


Since his début, the Asturian of the Valencia has played ten encounters in which he has noted three goals.

The midfield player of the Valencia Juan Manuel Mata will comply tomorrow two years of its début with the Spanish selection, that took place March 28, 2009 in a qualifying encounter for the World one of south Africa that Spain won for 1-0 to Turkey in the stadium Santiago Bernabeu of Madrid.

The player lives its second anniversary as international called with the Spanish selection and to the wait of the party on Tuesday in Lithuania after not to have played the past Friday against the Czech Republic in Granada.

Since his début, the footballer of the Valencia has disputed ten encounters in which he has noted three goals, figure that himself has not been increased because the coach Vicente del Bosque has preferred that he reinforced to the selection sub-21 in his intention by obtaining a plaza for the Olympic Games of London 2012.

The balance with the national team of the player, born in Hamlets and servant in Asturias, he is of eight victories, a tie and a rout.

Mata is one of the few players that was not in the Eurocopa that Spain won in 2008 and that a hole in the list of players managed to do that attended the World one of south Africa in 2010.

Besides, Mata has become the unique valencianista in the selection after the exit of the club last summer of players as David Villa, David Silva or Carlos Marchena, champions of Europe and of the World, with whose march the club of Mestalla has lost the prominence that has had in recent years in the national team.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


The representative of the Argentine midfield player studies the market of Italy, England and Germany.

Comply themselves about the end of course they begin to be piled documents in the office of the Sports Direction that heads Braulio Vázquez, not footballers offerings to arrive pair, equal as now the conversations of the representatives with their footballers multiply to see what strategy they design with a view toward the most next future. Continuing in the Valencia or to study with seriousness the possibility of an exit? One of the last movements that has had in the staff that directs Unai Emery focuses to Éver Banega, whose future is in the air, above all after after the last meeting that has maintained with their representative Mark it Simonián they decided to study the market with a view toward the next season. Éver seeks team.

Exactly on the figure of the Argentine turns one of the unknown quantities in the sports planning with a view toward the next exercise, since the Valencia only intends to reinforce that position if Banega leaves. And to day of today not a concrete proposal exists. This season was considered key so that the footballer of 22 years took a step more in its career and was consolidated like the creator of the team, since so much the technicians as the Sports Direction consider that has many aptitudes, nevertheless a swerve in the ankle braked its spectacular start. Éver did not see the light, returned but never could show their better face, actions that were seen accompanied by a mysterious gastroenteritis at the beginning of November. In the last parties Banega has shown again their better face, and there they remained the compliments of the own one Emery, that comes an indispensable footballer consider him: "Éver is a footballer that likes, he gives many alternatives of play and he is very necessary. You see how does he move and think: Screwing, what player! We expect that be not short-lived. That Éver opens you the eyes, calls you. But when it is not centered in the party ¡uff!, you close the eyes".

Mark it Simonian, of the business Dodici, is listening the intentions of various European clubs —sobre all originating from Italy, Germany and England— but yet no step has been given more. In fact, has also done to know to his represented that him nothing is going to communicate until finalize the season, because he wants that he be with all the senses positions in the next parties. What thinks the Valencia? With the best version of Banega they are delighted, but if to the offices a proposal arrives in firm by an important economic quantity they will study it, like they will do with the remainder of footballers. A clear thing yes that have, and the fact is that at no time are going to open him the doors at any price.


Of the vests with the names in Japanese. The humanitarian Institution will proceed to auction them to collect funds in favour of the victims and harmed by the earthquake and posterior tsunami happened in Japan last March 11

After the successful initiative that the Valencia realized Club of Football last Sunday, the 20th of March, in the meeting before the Sevilla FC, in which the football players of our team jumped to the lawn with his vest which name was translated in Japanese, in honoring and in memory of victims' miles and damaged that it is concerning to Japan; the Club is going to donate the vests of all the players summoned of the past Day of League to the humanitarian Institution RED CROSS with the aim that this so prestigious entity could collect funds and relieve the catastrophe that is destroying the dear Japanese country, which gave so much fondness and I affect the team in his visit of the tour in 2004. Not uselessly, the Valencia CF has received hundreds of samples of gratefulnesses come from Japan after knowing the beautiful initiative, where it has overturned from the first moment. Last March 11 the Valencia CF and the Foundation VCF they put in touch with the schools of football of the Foundation located VCF


Nilmar, just like Duck, falls of the list of Menezes and the 'canarinha' remains practically orphan of forward.

If no misfortune in the shape of wounds occurs, Jonas Gonçalves will debut with the absolute selection of Brazil against Scotland and will do it of holder. And the fact is that the Brazilian selection has announced that Nilmar has been ruled out of the assembly by a muscular wound, motive by the one that will return to Spain in the next hours.

The 'canarinha' remains orphan of forward for the friendly one on Sunday in the Emirates, since downward of the player of the Villarreal he unites the already confirmed one of the milanista Alexandre Duck, who suffered a swerve of ankle the past Sunday.

He is because of it that by hand Menezes only he remains him in it he embroidered as '9' the valencianista next to another newcomer, the maddening youth of the International one of I Carry Happy Leandro Damião. Another of the alternatives to locate a player in the tip of attack would be that of the pearl of the Holy one Neymar, a more usual footballer to initiate his soccer since the band.


The middle still has edema and will be submitted to tests the next week; from Navarre returns Monday to the group.

The current one is not being a season swims easy for the ´6´, in which physical problems refers. First they were various parties playing with inconveniences in the knee. Later, the operation to solve them and the two subsequent months of recovery. And now, an edema in the psoas, one of the muscles flexores of the hip, that impeded him to play Sunday against the Seville and also the next week will do it, in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez.

Alone a radical and immediate improvement would leave margin for the hope. So much the medical body, like the technicians and the own player, nevertheless, already they have done to the idea that Albelda will cause drop before the Getafe. The inconveniences have not sent after two weeks of work to the margin of the group, and, therefore, that of It Populates Llarga will be submitted to a resonance at the beginning of the next week. The zone damaged is very tricky, for which every precaution is little.

The intention of the mediocentro was to have touched ball along the last days. It has not been able to be, as yesterday remained again patent in Paternal, for which the ´6´ will not be able to be reinstated to the discipline of group after the weekend. Its work plan, up to now, has not gone beyond processing, physiotherapy and exercises of career.

Who yes that will be put to the orders of Emery in the at work, predicted return for Monday afternoon, is David from Navarre. The captain valencianista has been exercised to smaller rhythm since the collision before the from Seville for some inconveniences in the aductores, but he will arrive without problems to the appointment in Getafe. Yesterday he coached in the interior gymnasium of the sports complex and he jumped to the lawn to carry out career.


The player discussed with two youths in the early morning on Thursday to Friday. The club will speak with him before taking measures.

The Valencia CF will study to sanction economically their player Vicente Rodriguez if is confirmed that he was outside of house in the early morning on Thursday to Friday, reported sources of the Valencian club.

As it reported the newspaper Raise-EMV, the player "was seen implied in a fight in around at five o'clock of the early morning in which two youths turned out to be injured that needed sanitary attention". The same sources report that when the Police arrived, the player of the Valencia, that went accompanied by a person, already had gone and of that a short time before the two youths, that have affirmed that were attacked, they had been photographed with Vicente in the interior of the localities.

The Valencia reported that do not there was neither aggressions neither kicks on the part of the player of the Valencia and explained that two youths rebuked the footballer and a friend that accompanied to Vicente struck them. "We regret and we reject so much the fact that insult any person as that of that him be hit to someone", they indicated the same sources, that ratified that the hour in which was the player on the street in the eve of a day of training would be able to involve an economic sanction. The incident took place hours before the training that the staff of the Valencia anticipated for the 10:30 hours in the morning of Friday.

Sources of the Valencia indicated also that the club is not going to pronounce on the matter until knowing the version that the player offer him of what has passed. "We are going to expect to Monday to contrast what happened and in function of the information that we have, decisions will be adopted. If it is true what has been said, the opportune measures will be adopted and even themselves not a sanction is ruled out, although always once have themselves studied the matter", they continued the same sources. Once more, the club of Mestalla jumps to the present time by non-sports themes caused by the nocturnal exits of its players.

Vicente, of 30 years, complies its eleventh campaign the club and finishes contract the next one 30 of June. Although it is used to going called by his technician, Unai Emery, played for last time in the nine final minutes of the Majorca-Valencia of three weeks ago and has not been a holder since the Valencia-Sports one, that was played in January.