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Saturday, April 30, 2011


The level of Guaita and of the ´grandfather´ is partner, but this he has greater experience in encounters as that of tomorrow

Emery not yet has decided, but when seemed that the entrance was the only line that was not going to suffer alterations in Pamplona… took charge of opening an unexpected debate assuring that "Cesar has more experience in important sorrows, but that he is acquired also playing those parties". He will continue Guaita or Cesar under the sticks will return? He will play one or another, but the technician is going to value all the details before deciding an alignment with air renewed with respect to the fiasco of the last day, and the experience of Cesar he competes with the youth of Guaita. Unai is not going to blame neither to indicate nobody by the 3-6 of the last day, but wants them to all to stop.

Why doubt Emery? The party in Pamplona is going to be theoretically the most difficult one of the five last, since Osasuna presses a lot in its stadium and the life is played after returning to the zone of descent. To Caesar vouches for his curriculum, equal as to Guaita the actions in complicated settings as Old Trafford or the Santiago Bernabéu. Guaita made mistakes last Saturday in the first goals, but was not the unique one that was not fine; nevertheless, the training that has carried out during the week has settled them with very good note and that is translated in which the defeat has not affected him of mind. In Almería returned to the ownership and was well, continuing the line that showed Cesar so much in the 2-4 of Getafe as in Mestalla with the Villarreal like rival, party in which threw the padlock to its entrance. The performance of the two is quite similar, there is not large distances among them and is what has carried to Unai to open a debate that expects finish benefiting the performance of the collective one. The two goalkeepers are in perfect physical conditions and the last word is going to have it the coach and in the end will be a question of confidence. As it recalled the technician in the press room, the experience that not yet has Guaita in comparison to the ´grandfather´ of the league also is acquired being of concern.

In the end, what is occurring in the entrance valencianista is that the one that comes from behind in a moment determined of the season "presses and asks step". That aspect values positively so much by the technicians as by the Sports Direction, since in spite of its 39 years fight daily by having prominence under the sticks, never low the arms and equal like when they were injured he and Moyà Guaita took over the position of holder, now takes charge of causing to doubt the technician. The two they have had large actions, but Unai meditates seriously to give him the ownership to Cesar…

Friday, April 29, 2011


The associates will be able to acquire entrances by only five euro; want to fill the Reyno of Navarre.

The Osasuna calls to rows. The board of directors of the assembly of Pamplona has placed in motion a promotion to fill the Reyno of Navarre in the visit from the Valencia Sunday. Each associate will be able to remove an additional entrance for the party to an unique price of 5 euro. And the fact is that the party set against the assembly of Emery is a great end in the fight by the salvation for those of Mendilibar. "We play us the entire year and the following one", assured yesterday the captain of Osasuna, Patxi Dagger. For the Valencia, after the painful rout before the Real Madrid in Mestalla, will also be an important validation to calibrate the capacity of reaction of the team and for take a step more in its fight by finish in the third position the League.

It is a new calling to rows of the osasunismo with the objective to fill the stadium and to achieve the adequate climate so that the step be converted once more in the player number twelve of the team and help in the attainment of the objective. The formula is known in Pamplona, and almost has always given good results, and will consist of facilitating the acquisition of entrances for the encounter and that the Reyno of Navarre recovers the environment of the large appointments. "Sunday we have the first end and we go to by her", affirmed yesterday Dagger before asking the support of the fondness because in these moments "exceeds us nothing", the endorsement of the step "has always been important" and now it is necessary "to contribute him to the team that bonus of spirit" that the players thank. Although it was an initiative that was being gestated since days ago in the board of directors of Patxi Izco, the results of the last day, that leave the team in positions of descent after the victories of Hercules, Malaga and Zaragoza, they have advised to set in motion immediately.

The importance of the encounter does not escape anyone, neither in Valencia neither in Osasuna, where the players, that have demanding the support of the fan. The board of directors has determined that the associates of the club will be able to acquire an entrance to a price of 5 euro for a companion. An entrance by each card of associate will be sold that itself present, until exhausting stock. Given the antecedents, the foreseeable thing is that the Reyno of Navarre. The board of directors trusts blindly in the answer that can give the red supporters, that have always responded punctual when the team has needed them. Beyond the club, the red rocks also that are mobilizing to help in the possible thing in the objective of the continuance and they want that all the followers respond to the Reyno of Navarre with a token of red color. To the Valencia a very important party expects him to be confirmed in the third plaza, in a hostile environment that already has lived in other occasions.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Defender speaks in Wednesday's press conference
Valencia CF defender Bruno Sáltor has already turned the page on the loss to Real Madrid, and is looking forward to a chance at redemption in Pamplona at the weekend. Speaking in Wednesday's press conference, the Spaniard said that although "the conclusions drawn from the last game weren't positive," the team will "try to correct as best we can all the mistakes made, in order to avoid repeating them."

"Sunday's game is very different for a number of reasons, but we know how tough it is to go to Pamplona," he continued. "The crowd really get on your back. I think that our mentality will be very different to that of last weekend."

Asked to explain to what he thought the recent heavy defeat could be attributed, Bruno refused to blame a new strategy of a more advanced defender.

"It wasn't just down to this -the team in general weren't right. It wasn't just the fault of the back line. The game panned out much differently to how we expected, and there were many circumstances that didn't help us. I think it will help us to end the season well; we have been having a good season up until now."

Bruno is awaiting the all-clear to return to action, with a final verdict to be taken later on this week as he recovers from a minor muscle tear.


The forward Brazilian disappeared of the eleven, after four consecutive parties, after the arrival of the 4-1-4-1.

Jonas Gonçalves disputed four consecutive parties as the holder before Majorca, Zaragoza, Seville and Getafe, and disappeared of the team of Emery in the two following parties, Villarreal and Almería, because of the system. The Valencia played with 4-1-4-1 and the sacrificed was the Brazilian, in spite of its good minutes with the team, something that for the own footballer was not a surprise, since was the own coach of the black and white team the one that this circumstance communicated him: "It spoke with me and told me that was for tactical questions and is normal. I carry little time in the club". Last Saturday set against the Real Madrid was of the few that were saved from evil I find of the VCF when left since the stool, being an example of fight and delivery. Something that would be able to return to the ownership set against the Osasuna in the Reyno from Navarre Sunday.

Since his arrival to Valencia in the market of winter, the Brazilian has participated in eight encounter of League —cuatro as the holder— and one of League of Champions, in which he has obtained two goals, before the Athletic of Bilbao in San Mamés and last Saturday before the assembly of Madrid in Mestalla, his first goal before the fondness valencianista, that nevertheless he remained blurred by the painful rout that suffered The Valencia. In fact the player recognized yesterday that since the stool in the first part they passed it badly: "Nobody expected what happened but in the second part change a little the situation".

The forward one he recognized that the wardrobe of the team still is affected by 3-6 received in Mestalla before the Real Madrid, although indicated that they should be forgot and to think about achieving the major number of possible points to finish third parties in the championship: "The wardrobe was sad but we have had two days to think, we have a week for work and we have a very important party for obtain ours objective. One must think that remains us little, five parties, to finish in the third position that is ours objective".the next appointment for the team that directs Unai Emery is the encounter on Sunday in the Reyno of Navarre, a first opportunity to be raised and to try to add tes points that certify the bill for the League of Champions, mathematically three points they lack him and nine for assure the third plaza, great Objective of the team for this season.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The English press assures that they offer near 13 million euro. The VCF denies to consider an offering he.

The Valencia will listen offerings this summer by Pablo Hernández and the Tottenham is willing to enter the struggle by being done with the services of the interior this summer. At least that is what says the English press. ´The People´ assured Monday that the player of the joint valencianista is one of the main objectives of the English club, that expects to be able to dispute the League of Champions the next campaign.

In fact the newspaper published that they would be willing to offer a figure close to the 13 million euro by the right interior. SUPER was put in contact with the Valencia, that assured not to have constancy of niguna offering by Pablo Hernández, that has contract with the black and white assembly until 2014 and by the one that at first only important offerings by him would listen. In this news, also referred to the interest of the Manchester City by Juan Kills, indicating that the English assembly already knows that the Valencia will only leave it to go in exchange for 22 million euro.

According to reflects in the news published by ´The People´, the Tottenham has followed the evolution of Pablo Hernández this season in the assembly of Unai Emery and the reports are very positive, and besides the operation to incorporate the player already would have the green light to Harry Redknapp, coach of the English assembly. Besides, citing to sources close to the footballer, he indicates that the player would be willing this movement toward the Premier: "He is wide open to the idea to play in the Premier". Some statements that denied yesterday the environment of the player to this newspaper. On the other hand, relates an anecdote in the wardrobe, where assures that its companions spent jokes, as explains, upon being experts of the news, by carrying a manual of English.

Monday, April 25, 2011


It carries marking of consecutive form in four days; has even to Carew and Sánchez and has to Kempes to shot.

The forward one of the Valencia Roberto Soldado has situated his current high-scoring squall among the better of the history of the club, since he has marked of consecutive form in the four last days, in which he has achieved a total of eight goals.

The forward Valencian one is the high-scoring maximum of the team with fourteen so many. In the four last days has marked four goals in Getafe, two at home before the Villarreal, one in Almería and one against the Real Madrid.

Soldado, after the rout of its team before the Real Madrid in the day on Saturday, reduced importance to the goal obtained against the assembly of Madrid because had not served to obtain the victory.

Their gust of wind current retainer that of the four parties in which they managed to mark of consecutive form Juan Sánchez and John Carew in the season 2000-2001, although only they added six and four so many respectively set against the eight of Soldier.

Waldo, Kempes or Cabillo they saw door in five consecutive parties, but the last one that did it and to which will be able to equalize Soldado if marks Sunday in Pamplona before Osasuna is David Villa in the campaign 2005-2006, in a gust of wind of six goals.
By in front of these registrations they are the of the Paraguayan one Carlos "Lobo" Diarte, that marked eleven goals in six consecutive days in the campaign 76-77, and the best of all, obtained in the decade of the forty by Edmundo Suarez "Mundo", that managed to mark in seven continued collisions.


The team that directs Unai Emery has added 31 points in Mestalla and 32 in its displacements.

The Valencia, after its bulky rout with the Real Madrid (3-6), has remained as the only team of the League that accumulates more points like the visitor that as localities. They elapsed 33 days of the championship, the Valencia is third with 63 points, of the ones that has achieved 31 in Mestalla and has reached 32 in its displacements.

The Valencia distributes its eight routs at fifty percent among the four suffered in its stadium and the four that has received in its displacement. In contrast has earned nine times as localities and ten to residence, with four ties at home and two to residence.

This situation contrasts with that of the majority of the clubs of the championship that are used to being better like localities, although the Malaga is in a very next situation to that of the Valencia therefore has 36 points and has added the half at home and the other half to residence.

Besides, the team that coaches Unai Emery has played a party more to residence that before its public, since in the five final days of the tournament has three displacements to be measured to the Osasuna, Espanyol and Sports and only two encounters at home before Real Company and Raise.


The technicians emphasize the attitude of the Brazilian in a so complicated moment. It did a goal and gave an assistance.

Jonas Gonçalves entered the land of play with 0-5 replacing the Dutchman I Mature, put a march more to the party for lack of 32 minutes for the end and the thing finished with 3-6. Few they are the players that are saved from it burns in a so disastrous party in general lines, but at least by to have tried to throw of the car when the Real Madrid was walking through Mestalla, the forward Brazilian was won the respect of all. Its attitude in that half an hour has not passed unnoticed for the technicians of the Valencia and neither for the fans that endured to the end, already was in Mestalla or before the television set.

The contribution of Jonas was, therefore one of the scarce happinesses in a late one as sad as the on Saturday 23 of April. Barely it carries three months in the Valencia, but already has noticeable by its implication, its fast integration in the group and, as could be verified in that final half an hour of the Valencia-Real Madrid, its desires to be done a hole in the regular team.

A step at the front
To no footballer likes to enter the second time with 0-5 in the scoreboard and with all the public whistling to the team, but he is there where the mentality of a player is seen also. Besides, it carried two parties without entering the plans of the coach and without participating a single minute. It is more, the regular team had left exactly after to have formed in the eleven that beat to the Getafe for 2-4. But Jonas did not descend the arms upon being seen and the stool neither hid upon entering the party in a so delicate moment. To the contrary, it took a step at the front and that has done him to win many entire not alone with the technical body, that itself is not known if will continue, but also in the Valencia CF with a view toward the future.

THE FIGURE: 388. The minutes that has played up to now with the Valencia
Jonas has participated in 9 parties, 8 of League and the return with the Schalke, with a balance of 388 minutes and two goals.


One of the aspects that Emery has failed to instill to the team resides in the vulnerability of the group if receives a stick.

If by something Emery is characterized is for its work, dedicates many hours to its teams under the solitary light of the gooseneck lamp, and one of the aspects that does not manage to improve although pair the time is the vulnerability of the group when receives a stick during the match. Psychological it costs a lot to react and at times the sensation exists that the Valencia current fast drop the arms, and that work has not managed to correct little by little, but is more than evident. To the margin of the disaster that saw Mestalla last Saturday, there has been punctual moments along the determinant season for continue not qualifying in the Cup or in Champions.

In Villarreal two goals were inserted in barely two minutes after the rest and the Valencia disappeared of the rectangle of play, as also occurred in the return game of Champions when drew to one Farfán after a launch of lack. Set against the Madrid gave the sensation that neither they came they begin the party. Emery wants that their team improve in that facet, is important to react —sí went back to him themselves the Athletic one— before an adversity, and that not after receiving a stick they continue you giving without compassion until to be humiliated. A strong team cannot descend the arms with facility, one must work it, although also that goes in function of the person, in this case of the footballer. And this figures in the negative part of the scale. As if in the important parties the Valencia did not give the size, without forgetting that in the two sorrows set against the Barça and in that of the first return against the Madrid yes was near of surprising.

There is escocido a lot the 3-6, to the technician has done damage, but also to the footballers. The Valencia was presented with a balance of three clear victories in the result, without passing for high that in Getafe and Almería they were done some first bad parts, and on Saturday broken toys in the hands of the Madrid seemed.

After Unai conversed in the tunnel of wardrobes with Manuel Cry you and Braulio Vázquez, the technician shared impressions with his collaborators, but also he wanted to palpate the sensations that had some footballers. Himself he could not return behind in the time to correct the ridiculous one and there was that to look at to the future, for that reason he wanted to begin see how he felt the people after the humiliation. One of the most repeated phrases in the wardrobe he was the following one: "We have shit it all". Nobody was removed the fault, because he failed in all the lineas since the minute one, as if they thought that doing the just thing they were going to win. And thus him it was done the walkway so that the Madrid beat.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


The defeat of the Madrid (3-6) he is the most bulky one of the Valencia in more than 1,200 parties of localities in First.

The Valencia never had received six goals in a party of the more than 1,200 that already has disputed as localities in the first Division along the history of the championship.

The Valencia lost against the Real Madrid for 3-6 in a party that lost for 0-4 to the rest and in which the Valencian team came have a disadvantage of 1-6 when reduced half an hour for the end.

The Valencia yes that has received five goals in Mestalla in League in several occasions, the last one in the season 2007-2008 when the Real Madrid was imposed for 1-5 in its visit to the Valencian club.


The Valencian one recognizes that in the first time they passed them "over" and speaks of lack of union and intensity.

Roberto Soldado was one of the players that yesterday lived on the lawn the humiliation to insert six goals against, four of them in the first time. And for the forward one, the key of the collective suicide was supported in two aspects, the separation and to play two marches no matter how behind the Real Madrid. "I believe that union on the field has lacked us, habiamos spoken of intensity and of union and we have not completed none of those two things. They have caught us the back almost all the times and there the goals have come. We had spoken it and it there we are not savido to counteract".

The forward Valencian one he said that the team gave "a lot of life since the principle" to the assembly of Mou, and after a series of good results is "a hard stick that us drop to the reality", but wait that serve for what remains of competition. "The first part was very hard, is the image that we have not to give. It seemed that to the team desires lacked him and therefore us passed through on top".

The tip assured that to the conclusion of the party they felt "a lot of rage" by the defeat and he understands the annoyance of the fans. "Each one is free to do what want in the country that for that they pay. To they to ask them excuses by the first 45 minutes, we were in the country ashamed, but in the end are three points and one must continue fighting for the objective because we depend on ourselves".


The large ups and downs that are produced in the results and in the play of the team do not they clarify the future of the technician.

The coach of the Valencia, Unai Emery, continues without dissipating the doubts on their performance and on their future as a result of the large ups and downs that are produced in the results and in the play of a team without the signs of soccer identity you defined.

Emery complete 109 parties of League, to the ones that adds the corresponding to the Cup of the King and the European tournaments, competitions in which with certain frequency they have been resisted him the important qualifying rounds.

The clearest example of the reality of the Valencia current is that of the last four parties of League, that have become a small sample of what has been the team in the three years that carries directed by Emery. In the three preceding parties to the rout before the Real Madrid, the Valencia added nine points, marked twelve goals, gave a giant step toward the objective of the third position and found in Roberto Soldier to a solvent scorer. Nevertheless, that image of consistent team was dispelled completely in sixty minutes of nonsense before the Real Madrid, that marked six goals in Mestalla in six counterattacks and left in evidence without more effort than the indispensable one the fragility of the Valencian team.

This situation, plagued of precedents, causes that any opinion on the future of the technician have weekly force therefore varies party to party. A hypothetical triumph in Pamplona before Osasuna will return to the altars, of the same form that a possible rout at home a party later, will condemn it again.

Few things remain clearly in the environment of the current one Valencia. The results and, above all, the classification they cause they think that the "project Emery" is valid, although the soccer and the difficulties to know why plays the team they return him themselves against.

The Valencia is irregular as for its form to play, as for the validity or ostracism of its footballers, but tremendously to regulate as for its relation with the other teams.

Rarely time gives the surprise and surpasses to rival of a supposedly greater potential to his, but that also loses very few times before those to the ones that is measured like favorite.

While to the teams of the average zone and drop of the board the Valencia of Emery barely gives options, to those above few times plants them expensive. The recent rout in Zaragoza (4-0) and the defeat in Mestalla before the Villarreal (5-0) are exceptions that confirm the norm.

It tests of the instability of the team are the league scoreboards of the Valencia in the last few weeks that combine the results before Zaragoza and Villarreal with a 2-4 in Getafe, a 0-3 in Almería and, in the home games, a 0-1 with the Seville or a 3-6 against the Real Madrid, the majority of them little frequent in the current soccer.

To these heights of the League, the most serious contender to the third position in the championship is better like the visitor that as localities and is a team that functions to gusts of wind.

In the first six days of the championship added fifteen points and in the six following remained with five and in the ten most recent parties of the League has obtained four points before its fondness and twelve as the visitor.

The unique thing that has not changed in the last times has been the speech of Emery on its future. It has insisted that yet is not moment and has always been sent to that one must have the mind put in the immediate encounter.

The president of the club, Manuel Cry you, has neither been pronounced on the matter. It prefers to expect. Perhaps have the impression that with fifteen points in play in front, this Valencia is so irregular that equal can add them all as to be remained to zero. None of the two options would surprise him.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


The Asturian regrets the image of the team but he says that "now he does not be worth to be regretted, there was that to speak in the country".

Juan Mata, captain of the Valencia in the collision before the Real Madrid, recognized without being hidden that during the first 45 minutes felt "impotence" inside the field upon seeing that they could not do anything before the white avalanche, and therefore wanted to ask pardon to the valencianismo. "In the first forty-five minutes we have not been as we should be. In the second at least we have removed the pride. The fondness did not deserve a party thus. One must ask pardon, above all by the first part, where we have gone 0-4".

On how had he seen the wardrobe to the conclusion, the Asturian said that the image was "looking sad and deception", but at the same time indicated that "now does not be worth to be regretted" because "there was that to speak in the country".

The '10' of the Valencia looked at forward and affirmed that "one must react if we do not want to lose the third plaza", and the fact is that mouth flavor evil after the defeat inserted is large. "The fondness came with a lot of illusion and I see logical that be disappointed. They tried to give the face and to represent to the Valencia with pride in the second time".


The Real Madrid humiliates to the VCF with a historic defeat that hurts the same thing despite that in the end made up.

Of the illusion to the vile temper. Of the opportunity to win him to the Madrid and to leave sentenced the third plaza to a grotesque. Even Mourinho put of its part placing an eleven plagued of substitutes... but passed somewhat unpleasant and humiliating.

In the prior one we spoke to present a party with an enormous intensity, seemed upon playing before the Villarreal, to be able to take advantage of distils it white after its recent title of Cup.

Therefore well, it passed all the contrary thing. The attitude was not seen for none splits. In the players of the Valencia, is understood. The substitutes of the Madrid yes had it. That was the difference and the determinant factor. Only with playing with attitude and with taking advantage of the terrible facilities of the Valencia exceeded him.

The lack of intensity was expressed of more evident way in the defense. The 'horrors' defensive of Cúper remained short. Benzema, Kaká and Higuaín camped to their wide and among the three they placed a surprising one 0-4 in the first time.

The first consequence of it was that the public, logically, was annoyed of the pretty thing. Nobody was freed of the iras of the step, neither the players, neither the technical body. Even, some in the tribunal they rotated toward the box and they showed his annoyance to the president Manuel Llorente.

The second, that the second time already exceeded. Only it would serve to see if the Valencia was capable of make up the fiasco or if on the contrary the Madrid continued with its military walk. Fortunately it passed the first thing, although seemed that would pass the second thing, since Higuaín and Kaká removed again the colors to the Valencia. Among averages, marked Soldado the first one of the Valencia.

With the 1-6, the visitors descended the piston and the Valencia had shame bullfighter. It helped in this sense the contribution of Jonas and Jordi Alba, the unique thing salvable in this party that finished in nightmare.

- List of credits:
3 - VALENCIA: Guaita, Miguel, Stankevicius, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu (Jordi Alba, 83'), Topal, Maduro (Jonas, 59'), Banega, Pablo (Joaquín, 59'), Mata and Soldado.
6 - REAL MADRID: Casillas, Albiol, Garay (Pedro Leon, 75'), Carvalho, Nacho, Lass, Granero, Canales (Xabi Alonso, 62'), Kaká, Higuaín (Christian Ronaldo, 68') and Benzema.

Goals: 0-1, m. 23: Benzema. 0-2, m. 31: Higuaín. 0-3, m. 39: Kaká. 0-4, m. 43: Higuaín. 0-5, m. 53: Higuaín. 1-5, m. 60: Soldado. 1-6, m. 62: Kaká. 2-6, m. 80: Jonas. 3-6, m. 85: Jordi Alba.

Referee: Pérez Lasa. Admonished to the valencianista Jonas.

Incidents: They parted disputed in the country of Mestalla before 50,000 spectators. Land of play in good conditions.


Unai wants a match with a lot of intensity since the minute one and thus to take an almost final step by the third place.

At times one must be at the moment and in the adequate place to obtain the objective. And today it is the ideal day so that the Valencia conquer to the Real Madrid, rival that considers a hindrance the visit to Mestalla while still them hard distils it for the title of Cup and its looks do not have another focus of attention more than for the next sorrow of Champions to face of dog against the Barça. Themselves they are not tired! But to day of today, the war of the Valencia is another and their objective — smaller for the protagonists of the Classic— is not another that to be attached to the third position with force. Who knows if soon they will change their setting? For the time being, the black and white budget only permits them to have troops of infantry while the remainder supplement them with air and naval potential, but in a short battle of 90 minutes to conquer is possible. Why not?

To the Madrid always desires on the banks of the Mediterranean they have him themselves, enlarged exponentially since the march of Mijatovic in 1996. Already it remains very far away that, seems more own of the epoch of the black and blank television when to win to the ´rich´ supposed to settle with success the season, but the triumph of today quotes very high. Hours later would be able to be covered virtually the objective due to the sorrow of the Villarreal in Seville, unique rival capable to do him shadow in the league of the ´mortal´. Unai lived since the step of Mestalla the end of Cup, itself not the notebook was removed to take you note conscious that will be seen a Madrid with different actors, but that does not signify that the Valencia be going to win with the cap. In spite of some private message launched subterranean way from Valdebebas in which was told "on Saturday see us to put four", the technician yes that has wanted to open the eyes of their troop so that be make aware to the maximum. They are not going to present with the names that give him greater shine, but… Thus already they won in San Mamés. The chosen they will not want to be claimed and to present their candidacy to have more prominence in Champions? Well yes. To the margin of the theme of mind, the body technical valencianista wants to take advantage of the sorrow that the Madrid played Wednesday "its exhaustion". Although they change its face, Unai thinks that is going to cost to enter the party and therefore demands its boys — has insisted them enough— a frantic start.

One must continue the tracks that not yet have disappeared of the last party of league played in Mestalla to walk along the way correct, with a stifling pressure it more near their area for avoid that they enjoy with the ball. And to fight it, the Valencia is going to maintain the tactical drawing with three up the footballers that empty to its deposit of reserve — léase Pablo, Soldier and Kills— escorted some meters from behind by another trio that cover a lot of space forming an invisible web that impede to the Madrid to see closely to Guaita. The idea is to see a VCF pressing to the maximum its accelerator since the first minute with the one that to drown to a Madrid that will be physically present in Mestalla but mentally in Europe. And thus to remove three points that could be practically final by the third position, to day of today, balancing its sports classification with the budgetary classification, although with the dream suddenly to bother again to the two transatlantic upper, with parties as that of today in Mestalla is shown that to be more fence is possible.

- Probable Alignments:
VALENCIA: Guaita; Miguel, Stankevicius, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu; Topal, Banega, Maduro; Pablo, Soldado and Mata.
REAL MADRID: Casillas; Albiol, Garay, Pepe, Marcelo; Xabi Alonso, Granero, Kaká; Christiano Ronaldo, Benzema and Higuaín.

Referee: Pérez Lasa (Basque Committee).

Stadium: Mestalla.

Hour: 18:00 (Goal TV and Channel + League).

Friday, April 22, 2011


The defense, put on file by the Valencia for the next season, played the 90 minutes set against the Nice.

Adil Rami will dispute the end of the Cup of France with the Lille. The acquisition of the Valencia for the next season disputed the ninety minutes of the encounter of semifinals that measured to their team before the Nice and that conquered for 0-2. The end will be played the next one 14 of May. It will be the first end of the competition that dispute the Lille since 1955. All a success for the assembly of the head office of the VCF, that after the small incident suffered in the last encounter with the selection, already is completely immersed in the dynamics of the team.

Besides the classification for the end of the competition hostess, the Lille continues immersed in the fight by the leadership of the League, where right now is first although pursues to alone a point the Marseilles, and where Lion, Paris SG and Rennes also they have options to reach the first position.


The lateral one participates in a smooth session in Paternal. Evolves well but will not arrive at the sabado.

This Holy Thursday has been festive, but not for the Valencia CF, that has in views a partidazo before the Real Madrid on Saturday. Therefore they have coached in Paternal. That yes, few trails gave Emery because most of the training went behind closed doors and ahi worked itself the strategy. Previously, the equpo carried out warming-up, some rondos and diverse play.

The best news in the morning was the presence, along with the remainder of the group, of Bruno Saltor. That yes, not one must forget the smoothness of the session.


The campaign thought up by Unibet and the Valencia CF to encourage in the encounter on Saturday has been a great success

´Sentiment´ valencianista set against the Real Madrid. The players of the Valencia will play on Saturday in Mestalla with the aid of 100 beatings of the fondness reflected in the undershirt. Unibet already has selected the 100 messages that will pass to the history of the valencianismo. A historic undershirt that besides the boarders of Emery they will be able to acquire, in an edition limited, the followers since Friday in all the official stores of the Valencia CF.

The 100 messages selected will be reflected in the undershirt with the one that the Valencia will be measured to the Madrid. An alternative with the one that the fans will be more near their players, for a new end with a view toward closing the campaign with the objective of the third position of League obtained. The promotion ´Feels the Undershirt´, campaign thought up by Unibet, one of the patrocionadores of the club, and the Valencia has been all a success.

They have been more than 20,000 visits to the page since the one that the campaign was presented. From among these, the 100 messages with more feeling have been expressed in the undershirt of play of the valencianistas and its authors will be rewarded with the historic undershirt and 50 double entrances for the party. The players have been very participatory with the fans, responding to the messages of spirit, that have gone receiving through an Internet Table of Energy Sistem. So much it has been the success that the initiative will continue active until the end of season, with the objective that the team receive the spirits that help him to obtain the objective: to be in Champions the next campaign.


It wants another transfer or to achieve to the goal in property in exchange for the debt of the Valencia CF.

The Valencia can have in brief a problem less to concoct the staff of the next campaign. It is the one that supposes the year of contract that still subtracts the fourth goalkeeper in payroll, Renan Brito, with whom International of I Carry Happy account beyond June. The Brazilian assembly, in which he is found yielded from principle of course, already he has transferred to the Valencia his desire to be remained with the international Brazilian, in exchange for facing his slip.

Aitor Hunter, agent of the goalkeeper, he is who he has done of intermediary in the first one he takes of contact. In the same one, the responsible for the company gaúcha have left of course they are not arranged "to disburse neither a euro", like he confirmed yesterday to SUPER, Roberto Siegmann, his vice president of soccer, of transfer. What want in Inter is to achieve a new transfer, to negotiate already openly with Renan within a year; the only alternative that shuffle a transfer concealed, in which the club of Mestalla would see condoned the debt —cercana to the million of euro—?que still has with the Brazilians of the purchase of the own goalkeeper three years ago.

The company of I Carry Happy works with a margin of time of of a month. Its intention is that the continuance of the goalkeeper —que sees with good eyes is possibility upon not entering the plans of future of the Valencia— be tied before June 1, when finish the current contract of loan.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The club does not anticipate to transfer it, but important clubs they continue it and a good offering would be able to change it all.

To the Valencia CF have arrived news that the lateral left-handed one Jérémy Mathieu can be object of desire for some important teams of Europe. Before this situation, although to day of today not a concrete offering on the table exists, the truth is that in the club they rub the hands because to the footballer, that finished contract June 30, 2012, him is considered renewed by three years more, although the news yet is not official.

What will do the Valencia if is presented a club with a very good offering by the French? Of entrance, the Valencia will study all the offerings that arrive so much by Mathieu as by any another player of the staff, another thing is that accept them and finish transferring footballers or not. With respect to the French, the Valencia does not intend to sell it although this position would be able to change because in the club exists the conviction that the next summer very important offerings by him will arrive.

What is for the Valencia CF an important offering that can cause that the club decide to dispense with the lateral one? What is clear is that the player will not be sold by a quantity, for example, of three or four million euro. Besides, they are sure that the offerings will be very upper and in Italy he has been spoken even of ten million. He can seem a lot, but Mathieu has a good placard and is a footballer that occupies a very specific position, where there is not a lot to elect in the market if we speak of the elite.

Not only the Rome
Some days ago from Italy was aimed that Jérémy Mathieu is in the agenda of the Rome, that prepares an ambitious project for the next season and has noticed the player of the Valencia. In fact, they had it already in the aim two years ago being Luciano Spalletti coach of the Italian club, but the technicians of the Valencia advanced then. Spalletti directs at present to the Zenit of San Petersburgo, a club property of the great Russian company of gas Gazprom —patrocinador of the Schalke 04 exactly— and that can be in a lot of disposition to spend money the next summer.

The renewal
The situation would be very different from be not renewed the footballer, because has only a year more than contract and in those circumstances the Valencia would be seen obliged to transfer it for a lower quantity to declare Mathieu its desire to accept some offering. That or to wait for that finish its contract and go free in 2012. Before this possibility, that the Valencia has always had present because believes that is a player quoted, the club initiated does already some months the contacts to prolong the contract of Jérémy Mathieu, who certainly is delighted with its family in Valencia..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


With the goal of Stankevicius in Almería, they add ten goals in League where the move part of a corner kick.

Ten goals originating in a corner. With the so much one that obtained Stankevicius before the Almería last Saturday added their tenth goal since the corner kick in League, some figures that become the better team him of the competition in that facet. Emery is removing fruits to the strategy, that prepares among the training behind closed doors in Paternal, as well as with videos individualized for each player. In fact, to the Lithuanian head office the technical body asked him a week ago more I work in the blockades in the corner. The goal of the defense is the same as the obtained by Mata before the Espanyol.

The technician of Hondarribia has always noticeable, along his path, by being a great strategist. With the Almería he achieved the figure of 17 goals to ball stopped, that is in the line of him obtained this campaign, although in his two first years in Valencia he had not removed too much party to this facet. Emery is one of the few technicians of First that gives a lot importance to the actions of strategy, analyzes next to Juanjo Vila and Mikel Jáuregi to the rival to the detail to try to surprise them in a move to ball stopped and of corner.

The closed-door sessions in Paternal have their result with the goals achieved this season. Two goals of Aduriz, great auctioneer, the same that Mata and Stankevicius, to the ones that they add those of Topal, Maduro, Tino Costa and Banega. Different versions since the corner. And the fact is that the VCF devises the different played of strategy —faltas lateral and frontal, corner kicks and of band— in function of the players that has and of the form in which defends the rival one, since large differences are appreciated to if the rival one does it in zone or to the man.


The mythical valencianista visited the exhibition " The science of the sport with the Valencia CF " with Manue Llorente.

Mario Alberto Kempes, mythical figure of the Valencia CF in the 70s and 80s, has met again with his(her,your) more glorious past. The legendary Argentine battering-ram has come to Valencia on the occasion of the final of the Glass of the King provided that it(he,she) will realize comments in the retransfer that the chain American ESPN, for which(whom) works, will offer of the final cabinet for glasses in which the Barça and Royal(Real) Madrid will measure up in the Camp de Mestalla. Kempes wanted to know closely the magnificent exhibition " The science of the sport with the Valencia CF " in the museum of the Sciences Prince Philip, and made it accompanied of the president of the Valencia CF, Manuel Weep For You, of the counselor and president of the Association Football players of the Valencia CF, Fernando Giner and of the director of External and Institutional Relations, Jordi Bruixola. Once there it(he,she) could return to see the last vest that dressed like valencianista in official party(game), in that shock before the Murcia. Kempes enjoyed himself(herself) in his(her,your) visit in the different trophies gained(earned) by the club like that.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The Turk surprises even to those that more they bet on him: "Did not we expect that finished giving this level".

Last April 9 the Real Madrid was imposed with comfort in San Mamés to the Athletic for 0-3. That day Mourinho surprised placing to the Portuguese one Pepe by in front of the head offices and although itself cannot be told that the Portuguese defense won the party, is not any lie to affirm that was one of the keys of the victory. Mou put the just in the place where Fernando Cry you he receives the air balls for since there channel the play of the lions. He seems obvious that the technician of the Real Madrid succeeded because its team won comfortably —en the carousel of classics that approach Pepe is going to swell play of mediocentro—, but in honor of the truth, did not invent much because Pepe already has played in the center of the field with its selection and also because, in San Mamés, the Valencia —y before that the Madrid— began to win the They parted with Mehmet Topal avoiding that Cry you descended the air balls that launched to Gorka Iraizoz since its entrance.

That of San Mamés was possibly the first one of the many good parties that have converted the Turkish midfield player of the Valencia in one of the sensations of the season and in an indisputable footballer in these moments to eyes of the fans and of the technical body, included that of last Saturday in Almería. But not all has been so easy because in that of short moment history of Topal in the Valencia there were complicated situations; two dull months after an encouraging starter and the shadow of the doubt on the footballer by that that no Turk adapts to the European... soccer beyond the exception that confirms the norm: Nihat. Besides, among some things more without importance by itself but that you join they accumulate dangerously, there was a wound that was prolonged more than expected, a visit to a doctor of confidence in Turkey and, above all, a type that had to be adapted to the life in Valencia. And although some more than other, the certain thing is that among all they were on the verge of finishing prematurely with the European adventure of Mehmet. Emery and Braulio you left in its aid, they pressed him when deserved a squeeze, and above all, they gave him affection when more needed it. Now, they collect the fruits.

31 of December in Paternal
The end of the small but narrow tunnel in which without being given account was seen Topal was glimpsed the 31 December of 2010, in a meeting among his person of confidence in Valencia, —su agent Fernando I Continued of IMG—, Braulio Vázquez and the own one Topal. The coordinator of the technical office of the secretary of the Valencia caused saw him that his problems with the language and the adaptation could not result negatively in its sports performance, that had to surpass them in a way or another because the Valencia had not put on file him for five months, had put on file him for five seasons. That day, next to its woman, gave its first class of Spaniard with its new teacher.

Now, Topal not only another person seems, now another footballer seems. The type that another culture arrived from, he spoke with nobody and he had true problems of communication inside the land of play —hay that to keep in mind that the language is very important for a central middle or a free one since has to give orders constantly— has become a person beloved inside the wardrobe by its humility, its sense of humor and its constant jokes. The footballer that began giving tactical equilibrium to the team, has solved one of the problems of the Valencia, the exit of the ball since behind. In fact, that was one of the motives by the ones that Emery played with three head offices before the Villarreal, to open the field since behind and that the balls arrived quickly the railroad men —Miguel and Mathieu— and that these they flew in vertical toward the yellow entrance. Their contribution to the play as the man free in the defense was one of the keys in the defeat on the yellow submarine. A week later, in Almería the Valencia did not play with three head offices and yes with three midfield players by in front of the defense, and the Turk was again vital in the circulation in a second part in which the Andalusian, tired already to run and to pressure, did not they be able more than seeing the Valencia to touch and to touch since behind to their craving and to verify as those of Emery were carried the Three points with a superiority that for moments turned out to be insulting.

The effect Rijkaard
But the short although promising history of Topal hides a curious secret that alone the ones that know it since the principle they knew, although perhaps be exactly that secret the one that brought the Turk to Valencian lands, because caused that never they lost the faith in it. Mehmet has had that to be met again to itself to be useful to the team also with the ball. Last season —su last in the Galatasaray— was not good for him, with the Dutch one Rijkaard in the stool Topal passed to be a mere tightrope walker in an uncompensated team by too many places; its only mission during all the year was to recover and to give, to recover and to give. Nothing more. That, in a footballer disciplined and obedient as he, finished passing him bill because can be told that Mehmet involucionó with the ball in the feet. That situation touched fund when Rijkaard obliged to carry out a coverage to the man for all the field on the average Brazilian tip Alex in a party against the Fenerbahce —al purer style of Boy on Xavi in a Barcelona-Almería— and on top before the amazed eyes of a member of the office of the secretary of the Valencia that had been going to see a defensive central middle with capacity to move the ball and It had before its noses a powerful and industrious player that pursued to a Brazilian one jugón as a bulldog for all the field. An insanity!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


The Lithuanian marks to domicile in play finished by head of central defense valencianistas

From central defender to central defender, and goal. This way one prepared 0-2 of the Valencia CF before the Almería. Scarcely it was fulfilled the minute 20 of the second time when It Kills it pumped a ball to the area become infested with players, in a play of 'slate'. Ricardo Costa, with his powerful air game, gave him of head to cross the ball ' from coast to coast ' for the small area. Stankevicius turned out to be swift for the left stick of the local goalkeeper and to beat it for happiness valencianista. The Lithuanian marked his second goal in League, after marking last December 13 in the Camp de Mestalla opposite to the Osasuna, in party corresponding to the fifteenth day.



The Valencia has marked after the rest the eighty percent of the goals that accumulates in the second return of the League, since of the twenty-five that has marked since the equator of the competition, only five have arrived in the first part.

The twenty remainders have been obtained for the players of Unai Emery in the second halves of the encounters and this tendency has charged special importance in the three last encounters, in which the team accumulates twelve goals, of the ones that only one arrived in the first time.

All the so many of the victory in Getafe (2-4), they arrived in the resumption and subsequently, in Mestalla, the Valencia won for 5-0 to the Villarreal in an encounter that arrived at the rest with 1-0 in the scoreboard. On Saturday in Almería, the Valencia won for 0-3 and achieved again all the goals in the second part.

This tendency contrasts with that of the first return in which the team achieved twenty-nueve goals, of the ones that eighteen arrived in the first period and eleven in the second.

In the last three encounters, the Valencia, besides, has achieved an unprecedented high-scoring gust of wind in the last decade with twelve goals in three parties set against the thirteen that noted in the ten previous.

The circumstance is given that more than the half of the last twelve goals of the Valencia they have been achieved for Roberto Soldier, that accumulates seven so many in these three encounters.

The last time in which the Valencia achieved twelve goals in three parties went at the beginning of the League 2000-2001 when was imposed before Majorca (4-0), The Palms (5-1) and Numantia (0-3).


The team adds 12 dianas in three parties... and seven of them the forward Valencian one has obtained.

The Valencia is in squall. And, all be said, has arrived at the moment just. When it touches to be planted and to say here I am. The assembly of Unai Emery adds three consecutive triumphs that move away the bad results of March, but still there is more. The team has achieved 12 goals before Getafe, Villarreal and Almería, and the proper noun, without doubt, is that of Roberto Soldado.

The forward Valencian one has noted seven of these 12 goals of the Valencia in the last three collisions, some spectacular figures that cause they be placed him alone as the high-scoring maximum of the Valencia in this season with 13 dianas in the League BBVA. The '9' it is in gust of wind and that gust of wind has come to the VCF to the perfection to hitch the third plaza and to show that those of Mestalla are the first of the other League.

And another data. Of the 12 goals, 11 of these they have been noted in the second part, and the fact is that the VCF be seemed again to that of the first part of the season in which gave no party by lost to the end.


The lateral left-handed one was shown happy by the goal and by "to endorse" the third plaza after the defeat to the Villarreal.

Jordi Dawn was one of the protagonists in Almería. The young footballer closed the defeat of the Valencia and he spoke after finishing the party to comment his sensations of the party. "" The team has given the face, has been to a great level and we have been able to obtain the three points".

The left-handed one did not he pass for high the good moment of the team, that accumulates three consecutive victories. "We carry a phenomenal gust of wind. We are happy and in a good line". What did not be able was to hide its happiness by the goal, clear is. "I am happy with the goal. Is my second in First. I have seen that the defense went to the crowning (with Soldier) and went nobody to the rejection. Joaquín has seen me that was there and I have hit him well".

The Catalonian player sees the solid team and with many desires to continue showing that the VCF is the third of the League. "The team is showing that has to be up. It was important to win today to endorse the defeat to the Villarreal".


Soldado, 'Stanke' and Jordi Alba they sign the so many in three played elaborate that serve to win in Almería.

In spite of the fact that the third place is in play and the result of this party could be decisive to assure it, the echoes of the defeat to the Villarreal and the future visits of the Real Madrid they did dangerous this sorrow in Almería. A collision in which, certainly, Guaita was situated under the sticks of the Valencia for the first time since the death of its father.

On the party in itself, the Valencia did not run risks and conquered with reliability to an Almería that remains practically hopeless with the 0-3. And just like did before the Getafe and the Villarreal, those of Emery certified the defeat in the second time, where the three goals arrived.

Because in the first act the Almería, based on determination, claw, pressure to the rival one and velocity to the counterattack, obtained that the sorrow was stable. With all, the better occasions were of the Valencia: a crowning to the stick of Banega and a very devious shot of Miguel alone before the goalkeeper Esteban. In that first period did not seem to function the trivote in the midfield formed by Mature, Mehmet Topal and Banega.

All changed in the resumption. To be strict, since the minute 50, when Soldado, with a magnificent bump on the head crusader and stung, marked the 0-1. Is the seventh goal of the ram in three parties. Is in a spectacular moment.

From there, all was to sew and to sing. The Almería came itself down and the Valencia, besides, won in tranquility and confidence. It was seen that if the team did not descend the piston goals would fall more. And they arrived. Stankevicius culminated from fence a good deed of strategy in a corner kick (minute 67).

With the 0-1, and with the second still more, the control of the Valencia was absolute. The 'xiconiuos' Banega, Mata, Pablo, and even Joaquín, they combined with facility. In one of those arrived the 0-3: Joaquín overflowed for right, centered to the point of penalty so that Jordi Alba, with the right, marked the 0-3.

From there, no longer it passed absolutely nothing, with the Almería sunken and the Valencia without wanted to do blood. Was not necessary, its objective, the to approach the third plaza, was done.

- List of credits:
0 - ALMERÍA: Esteban; Michel, Marcelo Silva , Acasiete, Luna; Bernardello (Ortiz Bernal, 78'), Juanito; Piatti, Corona (Juanma Ortiz, 64'), Crusat, and Ulloa (Kalu Uche, 70').
3 - VALENCIA: Guaita; Miguel, Stankevicius, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu; Banega, Maduro, Mehmet Topal; Pablo Hernández (Joaquín, 76'), Soldado and Mata (Jordi Alba, 78').

Goals: 0-1, m. 50: Soldado. 0-2, m. 66: Stankevicius. 0-3, m. 80: Jordi Alba.

Referee: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes, Cantabrian. Admonished to the visiting one Ricardo Costa.

Incidents: They parted pertaining to the day thirtieth second of the Championship of League of First Division, celebrated in the Stadium of the Mediterranean Play, with 10,562.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Posts to ask is not, other than for trying on the market at a good price so we can get affordable and economical, with this we would make a template very similar to what we present:




4 º CENTRAL Dealbert

1, a defensive midfielder: Topal
2 º defensive midfielder, David Albelda
3-second defensive midfielder: MADURO

1, midfielders: TINO COSTA
2 º midfielders: Dani Parejo
3 º midfielders: JORGE SAMM
4 º midfielders: MICHEL (IRA loan)

3 º INTERIOR RIGHT: SOSO Feghouli (IRA loan)


1 º playmaker: JUAN MATA
2 º mediopunto: ISCO (FORM MESTALLA)

1 º FRONT: Roberto Soldado
3 º FRONT Kevin Gameiro

Well ... .. us once we're still wet, I hope you enjoy it and that next season we break the curse of the great FCB and Madrid and continue more alive in the Champions League is my opinion that the King's Cup I would play with fewer minutes than they have for two reasons:
"The first is because explaining it very clear, this is your competition, when most jugareis more you advance and you claim you can .-
-Avoid unnecessary rotations and each player has his role within the team without hard feelings or outbursts .-


The Valencia wants to do good the I review to the Villarreal with a triumph in Almería that maintain to line to the yellow pursuer

The match that will face this late-night to Valencia and Almería in the stadium Play of the Mediterranean lacks the glamour that had the sorrow against the Villarreal of six days ago in Mestalla. Nevertheless, the visit to the bottom team is as important as was the ´little hand´ to the Underwater one (5-0). The way to dignify the I review the boarders of Juan Carlos Garrido is to continue this very day with the line initiated in the second part of Getafe and to certify of virtual form the classification for the next edition of the League of Champions.

The income harvested in 31 days permits to the black and white to confront with advantage the final section of course in order to assuring the third plaza, the direct bill toward the maximum continental competition of clubs. Nevertheless, the two last they beaten have injected morale to a Valencia that has been proposed to comply with the objective without delays and without an only swaying more. "We have to win all the parties and not to think about the others", commented on the matter the Portuguese defense Ricardo Costa.

If the Valencia hits upon its first ball of party in Almería, would leave the first one of the teams that hurries its reduced options of Champions, the Seville, to a distance from among 14 and 17 points, with only 18 in play. That is to say, the mathematical classification for the League of Champions would be to a small step. With all, the priority thing is the third position and to maintain to the Villarreal to minimum six points from behind, more the goal average, independently of what do the yellow Monday set against the Zaragoza.

Because of it, before the collision in Mestalla against the Real Madrid, the technical one Unai Emery and their players have been taken the Almería-Valencia as an end. There it will not be a form better than arriving at the encounter against the Madrid that with the tranquility of seeing straggler to the rival immediate one and, with it, to try to offer a new happiness to the fondness, being imposing on a rival historic one as the white team.

To the Valencia expects him in the Play of the Mediterranean a party with the own intensity of an end. First, for everything that the team of Emery has to win in Almería. Later, by the motivation with the one that will leave to the field the men of the newcomer in the stool, Roberto Olabe. The localities await with the knife among the teeth… they Are to seven points of the salvation and they cannot be permitted neither a blunder more at home, if they want to continue dreaming of remaining in the League BBVA.

In the sports land, the Valencia will vary probably the drawing after the Tino Costa  drop, for which Jonas aims at the eleven as the companion of the lucky Soldado. The other alternative —trained yesterday behind closed doors— is that I Maduro accompany to Banega in the half a field, both by in front of Topal. Another news would be able to be given in the entrance with the return of Vicent Guaita, that yes, the Basque coach did not want to be watchful the name of the regular goalkeeper to play in a stadium where the VCF has earned two parties and drawn another in its unique three visits.


The VCF recovers for the next season the colors of the 'senyera' in an official undershirt for the fans.

A Senyera as symbol of the Valencia. A Senyera as symbol of the union of all the valencianismo. A Senyera for the fans. A Senyera to forget wars and divisions of the past. A Senyera to look at to the future. That is the idea of the club for the season that comes, some mythical colors as starting point toward the place of the one that never the Valencia should leave. The next season the fans will be able to acquire an official undershirt of the Valencia with the colors of the Senyera, with the red one, the yellow one and the blue one; and it more important, an undershirt inspired in the mythical one Senyera that lit up footballers as Mario Kempes or Ricardo Arias and with the one that they conquered a Cup of the King in the stadium Vicente Cauldron in 1979 after winning for 2-0 to the Real Madrid with Two goals of the ´Matador´ Mario Alberto Kempes. It will be therefore a Senyera for the fans, because is not predicted that the team light up these colors neither as second neither like third uniform. Although the colors of the undershirts for the season that comes yet are not known, obviously, the first one will be white.

This return to the Senyera is not a whim or a remote action, is a matter of the cornerstone of a project that the department of Marketing of the Valencia carries between hands and that is going to call Valencia Mític. The concept of this project is to recall the fans all the historic aspects of its team and if the starting point they are the Senyera and Kempes is because, without doubt, we are before one of the most symbolic images of the valencianismo, before the union of the local colors with the most international player than has had the team never.
Inside the project Valencia Mític, the first clothing that is going to amuse is this Senyera, but each season there will be a shirt for the fans and not for the team —y more important, to an economic price and that will be able to acquire in the official stores— in which mythical luggages along the history of the Valencia they will amuse themselves.

Besides, the design of the guarantee of the next season will also go in harmony with the project Valencia Mític and represents the image of the luggage of the Senyera that is exhibited in the Museum of the club. The idea is that the project Valencia Mític only cover not the uniforms, but in the future have all a series of projects linked to him, like a space in the magazine to carry out historic reports or a section of the Tour Mestalla that go collecting all the elements of Valencia Mític that itself Iran launching along the years. In final, a Senyera as starting point.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Turkish striker an unexpected tangle to Sevilla, Valencia and Espanyol

Sevilla and Valencia, Espanyol have joined, the daily Vatan, which provides odds bid to gain the services of Burak Yilmaz (25 years), Turkish striker has also caught the attention of Fulham, Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain and Toulouse.

The amazing growth in popularity is based on the 14 goals he has scored in the Süper Lig this season and has acquired significant role in the Trabzonspor, current leader of the Ottoman tournament.

With an extensive background in football in his country (he has also worn elastic Antalyaspor, Besiktas, Manisaspor, Fenerbahce and Eskisehirspor), the striker known for his physical strength (188 cms., 81 kgs.) back to your game goal and their ability spiker.

Of course, it should be noted that effective international scorer (7 meetings) is reduced to this course, as in previous campaigns had never reached the ten points.