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Saturday, May 28, 2011


The father of the goalkeeper of the VCF suffered a tragic accident of traffic March 3 that took the life of its wife.

The father of Renan Brito, Alberto Furtado Soares, has deceased after the tragic accident of traffic in which lost the life its wife and mother of the goal of the Valencia CF last March 3.

The Valencia CF, through its official web, has emitted a communiqué showing its condolence and its condolences to the family and close people of Renan.


The renewals of Guaita and Mathieu officials in some days will be done.

Are not two, but four the reinforcements that the Valencia already has closed for the next campaign. Because to Vicente Guaita and Jérémy Mathieu, despite that already they have formed part of the staff 10/11, practically one must consider them as such and to put them to the height of Rami and Diego Alves. After various months of negotiations, the Torrent has closed its enlargement of contract and the left winger is on the verge of doing it, to the point that the assembly of Mestalla will do officials both in some days.

The goalkeeper will be the first one in signing publicly the agreement that links to the Valencia until 2015. He will do him next Tuesday, in the school Our Lady of Mount-Zion of Torrent. The club, as opposed to other occasions, in which he has sent similar presentations to tourist enclaves, he has done a wink to the ´13´ and he has set the act there where he passed his first years as the person and like footballer. He has wanted that he be next to the his, in a moment as emotional as the staging of his continuity. "Is a very positive news, without doubt. A lot of illusion did me to continue in the club of all my life", recognized yesterday Guaita to SUPER.

"This season we have completed the objective, that was to enter Champions. Now we should have ambition to continue improving", emphasizes Vicente, who has passed of third goalkeeper to indisputable holder in barely some months. Therefore, perhaps, in spite of the arrival of Alves, have not any worry. "Always I have trusted in me", is justified.

Mathieu, just like the goal, finishes the season with the role of holder in the pocket. And with the enlargement until 2014 only to expenses of the firm and the subsequent official statement. "Here I have what I want. I feel well so much with the club as with the city, where already I am acclimated; has been a key in the negotiation. I sign two years more in search of a continuity", recognizes the lateral one, who next year will include the presence at least of a countryman, Rami, in the staff.

"The project of the VCF is attraction, a pretty challenge: to grow each time a little more. I like this type of challenges, for which desire to achieve them next to the club", aims the French one, by whom various clubs of their country have been interested, included the Marseilles in recent months. With its renewal, nevertheless, closes any at the outset short-term way; their future passes again by competing for a position with Jordi Dawn.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Chori Domínguez and Vicente continue without counting for Emery; does neither enter Stankevicius in the list before the Real one.

Unai Emery throws again hand of David from Navarre. The head office of the Port of Sagunt returns to an assembly after several weeks, and the fact is that the last party that played was the VCF-SEVILLE the past 20 March. The return of the defense coincides also with other news as that of Bruno Saltor, recovered already completely of its inconveniences, and Topal, that has arrived on time to be set against the Real Company.

The technician of the Valencia has cited 18 footballers for the sorrow of Mestalla before the assembly 'txurri urdin'. Among them itself they are not found Chori Dominguez, as comes being habitual the last weeks, and neither Vicente Rodriguez, that hurries in the ostracism its last days as valencianista. As for the absent it emphasizes the absence of Marius Stankevicius, that is not cited for the party, as do neither I Mature. The list of called is the following one:

Goalkeepers: Caesar and Guaita.
Defenses: Miguel, Bruno, Ricardo Coast, Dealbert, from Navarre, Jordi Dawn and Mathieu.
Midfield players: Albelda, Topal, Éver, Joaquín, Pablo, Kills.
Forward: Jonas, Aduriz and Soldier.


The goal would be able to go yielded to accumulate the minutes that does not have; Lux finishes contract and Aouate can be sold.

Since it recovered of the muscular wound that was produced set against the Bursaspor to ends of the month of November, Miguel Angel Moyà has not played again neither a single minute in the entrance of the Valencia and barely he has gone again called. Because of it, to day from today the intention of the Majorcan goalkeeper is that of finding a team in which the next campaign can be felt again an important piece and where to accumulate minutes of play.among the possibilities that handles the goalkeeper and its agent is found that of the Real Majorca, club of origin of Moyà before landing in Valencia in the summer of 2009 for five million euro.

The club vermillion will not renew to Germán Lux for the next season and, for the time being, only counts on a goalkeeper of guarantees for the next course, the Israeli one Dudu Aouate. Nevertheless, no wonder that the Majorca also to sell to the former one of the Sports one and Racing to do box, due to the delicate economic situation of the company that presides Saws Ferrer. Aouate is between the main values of the Majorca and inside the list of ´is sold´ of the maximum shareholder.

In this context, the Majorca already has tested with the VCF —que would not put problems— and the agent of the player the possibility to be reinforced the campaign that comes with Moyà. That yes, it would have that to be yielded by a season with option of purchase, since the vermillions would not be able to assume alone the slip of the goalkeeper of Binissalem.


The Turk suffers a light overload in the twin; Skill Coast already touches ball and would be able to have minutes before the Raise.

The Turkish midfield players Mehmet Topal remained yesterday in the gymnasium and next to the provided physical therapists to smooth out the zone hardened of its left twin in which suffers a light overload. In the afternoon, the ´5´ of the Valencia returned to the sports complex to continue with the processing. All it, with the objective to be able to be available for Unai Emery to be faced on Saturday to the Real Company of San Sebastián.

So much the Ottoman one as the medical one Jordi Candel are optimists as for the contest of Topal before the from San Sebastian. According to the physicians, the inconvenience is not worrying and the footballer did not leave to the field by precaution. The intention is that the former one of Galatasaray test today with the remainder of companions and, if the sensations are good, among in the list of called that he will facilitate Unai Emery.

In turn, the Argentine Skill Coast continues evolving in a positive way of its wound in the muscle sóleo of the left leg. Yesterday it worked again to the margin of the group next to the Uruguayan one Nacho González, carrying out continuous career and in the final straight line of the session Skill touched ball for the first time since was injured in the league party against the yellow in Mestalla of last April 10. Then, after the medical tests, a minimum of a month of drop was established. The wound is delicate, but the improvement has been considerable and the physicians see possible that May 15 already can play minutes before the Raise in Mestalla.

Finally, the team was exercised yesterday during barely an hour. Emery prepared a party in which two teams practiced the possession, circulation of the ball and pressure. The training session finalized with good humor in the practice games of soccer-tennis.


And later it responded to a session of firms in the English cut, where verified the affection of the fondness.

Nothing more to finalize the training session and after crossing the barrier of the sports complex, Vicente Guaita attended some fans that sought their autograph before stopping their vehicle in the end where were its representatives Vicente Forés and José Tárraga. They had remained in the afternoon to sign some documents, but taking advantage of that they were going to have lunch with Jordi Dawn, they decided to comment him some matters on the last conversations that have had with Manuel Cry you before sign all the documents, that is the unique thing that lacks for officialize their contractual enlargement until June 30, 2015. Just as it has gone reporting SUPER in the last few weeks, to the representatives was commented them after the party against the Real Madrid that was week they were going to speak to close it, but itself will not be officialized until the end of course. With the insured future, Vicente already is completely centered of the parties that remain to obtain the objective of the third plaza that guarantees a position in the next edition of the Champions.

"My representatives have spoken with the club, they will have arrived at some thing and as we are playing us a lot sports I told them that we expected to the end. Now it is important to be centered to obtain the third plaza and later we will see my future", assured the goalkeeper before the session of firms that carried out in The English Cut of Painter Sorolla because of the presentation of the Seat Ibiza Spotify. Around a hundred fans they responded to the plant of sports to obtain a firm and a photography with the goalkeeper revelation of First Division. Half an hour before initiating the act began to be formed the queue, and the first one was presented with the undershirt of Caesar put. "What is important is that carry the undershirt of the Valencia", the born goalkeeper joked in Torrent, to who recalled him a fan that some days before he had been eaten some candies that a his companion of class he carried him of Mount-Sion. The young woman did not be 18 years old but he caught the meter to be in the act and to take advantage of so that he signed him various autographs, since is his idol. It is their first season in First playing with regularity, but the fame has not risen to the head, and was shown very loving with the smallest, some they arrived from the school with the backpack to slopes.

To Vicente also they asked him for the situation of the defense, that ultimately has received enough criticisms, although he considers that when he wins and he is lost is merit of all: "During all the year we are working well and does not only look to the defense, also to the goalkeeper, to the media, to the front… one must look at to all the team. I believe that the team is working a lot, we are finishing the season and one must finish possible the best". Tomorrow be placed again under the sticks after its magnificent action in the Reyno of Navarre, removing a hand and a miraculous leg, although was incapable of stopping the 1-0.

Also with Jordi Dawn
Tárraga and Forés were of the sports complex with Jordi Dawn to see how was found mentally since was expected to play against Osasuna after the "good minutes" that had so much in Almería as set against the Madrid, in which marked two goals. Unai decided to continue betting on Mathieu because wanted a linea defensive with "height", but is happy with the performance of Jordi and will have another opportunity.


L´Agrupació recalled him the Brazilians that passed through the club. They predicted that will mark more goals than Romario.

Jonas is one of the few illusions that has the valencianismo after the two deceptions before the Real Madrid and Osasuna. Thursday was shown in the supper of l´Agrupació of Penyes of the Valencia. The peñistas have blind confidence in its ´18´. They have adopted as a son. Therefore they asked him that themselves "he study the history of the Valencia to verify the greatness of this club", they recalled him one for one the Brazilian players that have dressed the undershirt, they predicted that will mark more goals than Romario and they put him as "example" some countrymen that left track in Mestalla by their "professionalism" like "Waldo and Leonardo". They want that Jonas be one more.

That was the pretty one. It less pretty it was to ask him explanations by the last routs and to require him the third plaza in the League. "We have to fight so that the next season we can be in Champions. They remain four parties and one must try to be third parties. It is normal that the fondness want more because is a large team". As it could not be otherwise, the peñistas showed its indignation by the routs before Madrid and Osasuna. "We know that we did the things badly and we have to be working to improve and that us pass not again. The peñistas, yesterday represented with 42 rocks, they asked him for the attitude. "The team is well, confident to win the parties. One must win again on Saturday because would be very important to maintain or to enlarge the advantage. The team has shown during the season that has quality. Finally, it showed its passion by its new city, Valencia. I like a lot of Valencia, me likes the climate that seems to that of Guild. The city is very rich and very pretty. The paellas, the Failures that seems to carnival, my family wants to live here", said.


The reports of the clubs that intend it, among them the Valencia, they coincide in defining to Kevin as "the young Village"

"Characteristic of David Villa", "the young Sucker", "Velocity and crowning to the style Villa" … These phrases head the reports of Kevin Gameiro that handle the clubs interested in putting on file the forward fashionable one of the French soccer, among them, the Valencia, the Villarreal or the Seville. For the talent scouts of these teams, the virtues that shows Gameiro in the Ligue1 are a copy of the ones that have done to succeed the current player of the Barcelona: Velocity, so much to overflow to the defense as for define, capacity to be associated in wall and to attend, ability for read the spaces…

It is more, is the own player the one that speaks to the clear of his seemed with David Villa. The ´9´, light and fast as a deer, he is compared in the French stadiums with the Sucker. Gameiro wants to play in the Valencia and the ´7´ is his model to continue. "I have the same style that David Villa: Small and mobile, to the search of the verticality in the country, without being an egotist… ¡If one must pass the ball, him step!", he has confessed the tip of the Lorient in the French press.

Who better they know to Kevin they relate that the French learns of the Asturian the forms to control and to protect the ball in front of a lot more strong defenses than he. They seemed in style, the physiognomy of Gameiro is identical to that of Villa. The two they weigh 70 kilograms and alone two centimeters of height they separate them. "Always I have been lower that the defenders and that has served myself to return me more astute.

Ultimately I have earned muscle, but only weight 70 kilograms, so I see me obliged to be intelligent to be able to face to the largest. Even so I should improve my protection of the ball and my play of head", indicated in an interview granted to ´Him Journal du Dimanche´.

Gameiro is 23 years old, the same age with the one that the Valencia put on file in summer from 2005 to the Sucker originating in the Zaragoza. The French is still a player in growth, like Spanish was it when gave its first steps in Mestalla. While Villa began to bring to light with the Sporting, Gameiro has done it in Lorient. Three years in which has evolved for "to know to do other things on the field, besides marking goals". "Before it was an I raise, he played without raising the face. He did not think a lot in the companions, he was incapable to give a pair. Now I have done myself more complete, I help the half a field… I Know that I can leave in career with a meter of disadvantage with the defense that always I will finish him winning for my velocity. Few times I am in away. The defenses know that they should lend me attention, already I cause them a respect", explains.

The moment to give the leap to a large one also compares the history of the small assailant with that of Villa. Gameiro would arrive at the Valencia, if finally itself concrete the operation, after marking 48 goals and to give 17 assistances in three campaigns with the Lorient in First. In turn, the Sucker put on file after obtaining 32 dianas in two years in Zaragoza. By then, the Sucker had debuted with the Spanish selection in February from 2005 set against San Marine. Nowadays, Kevin barely he carries 32 minutes played in a pair of friendly and an official sorrow with the new one France of Laurent Blanc. A selection for the one that likes the boss of "low players" that has carried to the Spain of its soccer mirror to be a champion of the world. "There was an epoch in which the small did not have opportunities in France. Fortunately Gourcuff (technical of Lorient) and other they have seen my qualities. After all, in Spain, champion of the world, there is not neither a giant neither is neither it Messi".
Kevin, like David, carries the goal in the blood. Both are among the maximum gunners of its leagues. That of the Lorient accumulates 20 dianas in 31 parties and only surpasses him Sow (Lille). The Sucker walks behind Messi and Christian with 18 so many in 32 parties with the Barça.


The Argentine wrote yesterday in Twitter that would study offerings, but today he affirms that was a joke for a friend.

If the future of Éver Banega in the Valencia with a view toward the next season is to day of today an unknown quantity, the mediocentro Argentine increased the doubts about its continuity in the black and white assembly. And the fact is that Éver Banega wanted to leave constancy in its account of Twitter @Everagos which is its predisposition with a view toward its more next future writing this —textualmente— : "Remains 1 month. And to Argentina with my flia. Dsp d the cup america... I Studied offerings!!". All a statement of intentions, that today has wanted to qualify and to contradict upon affirming that all was a joke for an its friend that wants that put on file for Newell Old Boys.