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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Cup mania that I when I want a cup I am going to a place intended for that task and not that he wants to play down the Copa del Rey but I understand as a coach that is a mini league aimed at the rest of our staff which has fewer minutes to enjoy whatever happens happens and I have already explained that the mayonnaise and garlic ....
The slope of January is the highest difficulty but no Champions League because the legs are human and if players called holders given extra wiggle then paid with muscle injuries, cramps and hamstring fucking .-
The best thing is that the salary of the least minutes have is that they encourage the King's Cup and the prize is that of all staff and all the fans, who at the Mestalla new players to be motivated Cup King and teams can foguear really is like a small transfer of power from older brother to younger siblings and step MOTIVATION, a situation that does not exist in the other teams except at FC Barcelona, ​​who can only play 4 players the subsidiary does not mean it can hold up to 8 players from Mestalla, is not a utopia .-
And if anyone wants to contradict me like this is not serious to tell me if it is serious about what we have achieved so far burning starters, because I tell you NO NOTHING, ZERO Patatero, so much to gain and little to lose .-

About the League know what you think, I do not care liners can be four times more money than us, they can compete with courage, will and eggs, so there is no excuse for finishing third and feeling other Champions League is not because the other league has no statistics or trophies, simply does not exist ..

And finally the Champions League, Unai you lack the doctorate, in the semifinals of the Uefa against At.Madrid is true that lacked luck and a referee who will beep what he saw, but the fucked Schalke Burt Lancaster, I still remember not to see Roberto Soldado and note that lacked finish the match with a 0-2 that would have given us the hope of keeping up the semifinal because face Manchester United or FC Barcelona had not realized the pass, but the pirates of the Mediterranean we have what others have, feeling for the causes and many FE, sometimes too much for what we are given .-

Thursday, June 2, 2011


The indecision with respect to Cesar Sánchez costs to the Valencia to be remained without the cacereño: according to Onda Cero, the goalkeeper would have closed already its acquisition by the Villarreal of Juan Carlos Garrido. ¿It has committed an error the Valencia upon not renewing him?

The daily ACE was the first one in aiming, there by May 17, that the Villarreal expected with the sharp eyeteeth to that the Valencia to decide the future of the goalkeeper of Coria, whose contract expired June 30. Already we count you a week ago that the club did not want to renew him, but that Emery had asked explicitly its continuity by a season. And that Caesar was willing to wait for the club che.
But to Cesar him there is side to be remained too many days "stopped". For a pair of weeks had an offering of the "underwater" on the table, with many points in favor of its acquisition by the team of the Page. And finally, this night has closed its march, for lack of official confirmation.

Cesar has a magnificent relation with Juan Carlos Garrido, yellow technician; its acquisition by the Villarreal would not oblige to displace their family, installed in Valencia; only would consider before to Diego López and would be able to compete with him on equal terms; and would dispute the season that the Champions comes League, whenever the of Elegant they surpass the prior qualifying round of access to the maximum European competition.