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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Emery: "The new well is being incorporated"

The good performance of Valencia CF in yesterday's game against Sporting Lisbon showed in the face of satisfaction of his coach at the conclusion of the meeting. Emery said that "in general terms, and in every way, we keep a work process that today has been reflected in more positive things than negative, unlike the other day in Vienna, but we must learn as much from defeats as victories. "

"In terms of style, we have to switch," said Valencia coach. "The other day we had very little possession and verticality, and today we had a lot of verticality, and then we needed a bit more possession in the second half we did but we scored a goal. Today was a match in which we have done well. "

On the good contribution of new signings this season, Emery said, "With the help of people last year, are joining the new well. Today we have two very different teams, and on Tuesday we will too, so that all players get into this dynamic, from predisosición and commitment to work, and what we represent. "

On fixtures that must confront the Valencia coach Hondarribia said "while we continue with workload, we now have three games we will measure a little more, as was today against Sporting on Tuesday in Hamburg and Liverpool, and these parties wanted to raise the level of demand in terms of minutes and in that each contributing more to go and try to settle a little more thought and style of what we do. "

Hamburg, second champion of Europe, which tests the VCF

Hamburg is Germany, after PSV Eindhoven, the second European champions that will challenge the whole of Unai Emery this season. The meeting will be held in Germany on Tuesday starting at 19.15, against an opponent who has little to do now with that reached the continental title in 1983.

Both sets come at a good time at Tuesday's game, because while the Valencia thrashed on Saturday at home to Sporting Lisbon (0-3) in a friendly, Hamburg broke in the first round of the German Cup and also address of Oldenburg, Second Division team who won 1-2.

The main difference will be shooting as the German team, led by Michael Oenning takes a month of preparation and League debut will occur next Friday at the stadium of defending champion Borussia Dortmund.

The Germanic club finished last season in eighth place in the Bundesliga with 45 points, thirty away from defending champion Borussia Dortmund, and therefore does not compete this year in Europe.

For its reconstruction have relied on an old acquaintance of the fans of Valencia, the former Danish player Frank Arness, who has joined Hamburg as athletic director after six seasons at Chelsea.

The Dane has with coach Michael Oenning, replacing Armin Veh last March after being thrashed by Bayern Munich (6-0), the obligation to repay the fans of the Hanseatic club lost greatness.

His followers await the Hamburg since 1987 to get a league title that resists even though the club has one of the main assumptions of German football.

Arness's influence has already been felt. Three of the latest additions have been young players from Chelsea and Gökhan Töre, Michael Mancienne and Jeffrey Bruma.

Reinforcements coming to complete a set which highlights the Peruvian Paolo Guerrero and Swede Markus Berg and which are no longer Dutch Van Nistelrooy and Mathijsen, transferred to Malaga, and the Brazilian Ze Roberto.

Valencia has a score to settle with Hamburg as it was him out of Europe by winning the Intertoto Cup final of the 2005-2006 season when they beat Germany 1-0 in the scoreless draw at the Mestalla.

France, the great obstacle in Spain

France, Belarus, Georgia and Finland, this is the way that Spain should go down to Brazil to win the title and get put on your elastic second star in three years. 384 days have passed since the men of Vicente del Bosque won the World Cup in South Africa and now begins title defense. The draw held in Rio de Janeiro for the qualifying round of the World Cup (from June 12 to July 13, 2014) started with the red as a rival to beat. The Del Bosque is enclosed in the so-called 'group of death' for being the only one who has two world champions and reached the French title in 1998. Weather conditions can also be an important factor in the other starts against Belarus, Georgia and Finland.
Spain, which came to number one in the world gives the ranking of the FIFA, could not avoid in the qualifying round to the Gauls, rival left him out of Euro 1992 and has never won a match than friendly. The selection of Gourcuff Benzema or part as the main stumbling block after a dark period in football embarrassing patriotism and past performance of the World Cup but that is beginning to change its image and style of Blanc's hand.
After the draw, Vicente del Bosque was cautious and demanded respect for all opponents. "Apparently France is the biggest rival in the group, but it would be dangerous and falling into a serious error to underestimate the other teams we have played. We do not know weather that we have on these trips and there are variables in such games to be handled. Today you can not trust anyone. " The national team will be watching as the first major engagement of the season will play Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in the first leg of the Supercopa of August 14.
The second rival weight is Belarus, which ranks 42 in the FIFA ranking. Georgia is ranked 57 and 75 in Finland in the list. In the European zone qualifying for the 53 participating teams that between September 7, 2012 and October 15, 2013 will contest 13 seats for the World Cup in Brazil. The winners of each of the nine groups will qualify directly for the World Cup, while the eight best runners will pass a second round paired round matches that of the other four will get a seat in 2014. It is expected that the playoff matches will be played between 15 and 19 November 2013.
In other Confederations should be noted that no lot in South America and the nine selections, except Brazil ranked as the host country, will face each other to return. The top four finishers achieve the passport to the World Cup automatically, while the fifth will have to contest a playoff against another Condeferación. In Africa, Ivory Coast, best African team in the FIFA list, was drawn with Morocco and Gambia, while Egypt, champion of the African Nations Cup, will play the league with Guinea and Zimbabwe, and Ghana will against Zambia and Sudan. In Asia, the reigning champions Japan will play against Uzbekistan, Syria and North Korea. Australia, second best team in the Asian Football Confederation in the FIFA ranking, will play in the third round against Saudi Arabia, Oman and Thailand. South Korea in Group B along with Kuwait, UAE and Lebanon. Finally, in the Concacaf group Mexico shares with Costa Rica in the third phase of qualifying in the area of ​​North America, Central America and Caribbean (Concacaf). United States will play Jamaica, while Honduras will play Cuba in Group C.

Valencia wins with the plays rehearsed

He had barely completed the first minute of play and the Spanish side had enjoyed his first chance at the feet of Argentina's Pablo Piatti, who crashed the ball into the stick.

The domain of the Valencian soon bear fruit and five minutes into the first goal came on one occasion did not seem dangerous. A throw-in taken over in length boots Bernat, who used the Lisbon defensive error to open the scoring.

The initial thrust of the visitors was countered by the game timidly from Sporting Lisbon in 17 minutes had his chance to turn the tide of grief through the young Diego Rubio, who took advantage of a mismatch for the defense to stand alone against Valencia Alves, but his shot crashed into the pole.

The danger, however, remained almost exclusive property of Valencia, and in the 30th minute a long pass from Albelda, after a throw-in was used to perfection by Soldado, who slipped between the central, won the Carrico position smoothly and beat Rui Patricio.

Another defensive forgetfulness

When I was about to hit the break, another throw-in is turned into a scoring chance to reach the foot of a fast and skillful Jordi Alba, who ran to end line and passed back to Piatti, one step ahead the central exceed Portuguese goalkeeper.

If the first half was the connection Alba Bernat the highlight of Valencia, the second was the turn of Pablo Hernandez Castellon, who starred in several plays of merit, by the right wing.

The only attraction of the closing stages was the debut of former Sevilla's Diego Capel, who could do little to improve the image of the team in Lisbon.


0 - Sporting Lisbon: Rui Patricio (Marcelo Boeck, min. 66), Joao Pereira, Daniel Carrico (Polga, min. 66), Onyewu (Rodríguez, min. 45), Evaldo, Izmailov (Pereirinha, min.45), Rinaudo, Stijn Schaars (Luis Aguiar, min. 59), Yannick (Diego Capel, min. 66), Diego Rubio (Van Wolfswinkel, min. 45) and Helder Postiga.

3 - Valencia: Diego Alves, Bruno (Michael min. 63), Rami (Dealbert, min. 45), Ricardo Costa (Portuguese, min. 75), Jordi Alba (Mathieu, min. 63), Albelda (Maduro, min . 63), Topal (Parejo, min. 63), Pablo Hernández (Feghouli, min. 63), Piatti (Pardo, min. 75), Bernat (Mata, min. 63), Soldado (Jonah min. 63).

Goals: 0-1, Bernat (min. 5). 0-2, Soldier (min. 30). 0-3, Piatti (min. 41).

Referee: Pedro Proenca

Subs: Friendly match played at the Jose Alvalade stadium in Lisbon before 48,000 spectators.

The human factor in the club

It was very easy to get along with Antonio Company. His image in travel, game days or in the office routine was unmistakable: talking and joking with players, employees, journalists, managers, fans ... Always with a smile, magnetic and unalterable, and inseparable cigarette. With all get along. In an increasingly commercialized football, driven by a volume of business to force the clubs away from personal contact with fans, Company was a human factor and virtually extinct in the elite of the sport, the link between entity and some fans who, thanks to his tireless work (their negotiations, mediation and personal favors), kept immaculate sense of belonging to some colors. With it, the club regained almost forgotten link employees 'home' one hundred percent dedicated to the institution, and it focuses the demands of partners, as it was decades ago Vincent Peris.

Company worked for nearly twenty years in Valencia. He entered the club at the hands of Francisco Roig in 1994. At this time, the institution has undergone a total transformation, which has to regain its prestige in Europe. Parallel to the sporting success, the Company working within the area of ​​external relations of the club contributed to the increase in the number of rocks of Valencia, which went from fifty to 784 currently spread across the globe.

Yesterday, at the Annual Convention of rocks of Valencia, an appointment that never was missing, he was honored with an emotional minute's silence. There were club members who do not know him, do not remember any stories shared.

Since young, Company was associated with sport, playing in the Football Club Simat, in your area. It was also very fond of music and played drums in the group "Els Pitch," as he remembered his brother yesterday Vicent. The concern did not abandon music and never took advantage of every moment to display it, and in 2008, the anniversary of the rock Valencia March 18, based in Madrid, where delighted all present with an improvised concert of trumpet. Enthusiastic supporters and white, to the early past Penya simatera Valencianista already paid the first of his tributes. In addition, the rocks of Benifairó and recognized Valldigna Tavernes of his work and his close ties with the region.

In 2004, during a visit to three cups of Simat won by Valencia in last season-League, UEFA Cup and Super Cup, the City Council recognized his commitment to the sport and made him sign the guestbook the locality. In recent years, Company has fought hard against a long illness, which yesterday finally overcame him, at age 65 in his room at the Valencia Institute of Oncology, where he had been admitted. Company will be cremated today at 9:30 pm in the crematorium cemetery of Valencia. The next week will be a funeral in Simat de la Valldigna.

Valencia, who wisely decided to present their new players in different locations to anchor the feeling and white, has an obligation to preserve and enhance the social and militant Valencianism Company. And always with a frank smile.

Dominguez died, aged 75. Yesterday also confirmed the death of Antonio Carrión Domínguez, 75, of Valencia football club between 56-57 and 59-60, in which he played 23 games and scored 7 goals. He will be buried today at the Port of Sagunto.

Emery 'channels can provide a lot'

Satisfied with the team's work. Unai Emery said that the line of Valencia is very positive in the preseason. The technician said that the outcome of yesterday in Lisbon, with the victory by 0-3, it looks better "embodied the team's work," which is gradually "increasing workload". "The team is a work process, learn from defeats as Vienna and victories like today-yesterday in Lisbon," said the coach of the VCF.

Black and white coach acknowledged that the meeting yesterday at the Jose Alvalade is the best team in preparation for the season, but is a logical process at work in preseason, "Obviously this is the best match, but now we have to go the level of demand. We have two big games next week to continue settling the idea of ​​team we want, but in this game we have seen positive things. " Emery said that the integration of the new signings are still pretty good thanks to "the help of players still in the workforce."

Emery also referred to channels, which only needed to announce the signing, saying it is a "player who can contribute much to the team. We know it takes a path and asecendente. It was a market opportunity and we wanted to take it. " As for Mata, said that "no change".

Canales, just need to make it official

Valencia is awaiting the lawyers have all the documents ready to announce the signing of Sergio Canales, foosball Real Madrid with Mourinho has not and is delighted that his final destination will be Mestalla. The agreement between all parties can claim to be total and, in fact, the club even thought that yesterday would announce the hiring. Manuel Llorente, during the meal Convention held in Alzira Peñas left no time to answer your phone, let the agreement sealed with the player's agent and Channels in principle play two seasons with Valencia CF.

Valencia will cost about five million operation in the next two years and is intended to cost even more, the idea that the club accepts this assignment by the Real Madrid is none other than keep the player property. Assignments not in favor of Manuel Llorente, but have always owned one hundred percent of the rights of their players. It is not official as the amount stated purchase price of the player, in the surroundings of Madrid are talking about 12 million, what is clear is that in the event that the Valencia decide to buy next summer or next, the amount that would have to pay and recover the Madrid would always be higher, 15 million.

The player key
Last Friday had been mostly at the expense of some small fringe that had nothing to do with the contract that the player will have two years with Valencia, which we agreed, but it would in the future if the Valencia club decided to exercise the purchase option. The two sides intend to leave it all now agreed to avoid misunderstandings, both year contract signed as pay channels to be charged in each of them. The player's interest to come to Valencia has made things a lot, because aware that Madrid would not play, Sergio was marked as a priority to do at a club in La Liga. Valencia is undoubtedly the best option.

There is another interesting detail that has facilitated rapid agreement between all parties, both as his father Sergio Canales know perfectly that Valencia are interested in signing him long before he did the Real Madrid for a year and a half. Now is when you have conditions to finally come, albeit on loan and then not to have had little opportunity in his first season as Real Madrid.

The player, as part of the agreement, the parties will not participate in the competitions in the Valencia CF faces in the next two seasons as Mourinho's team.

Other channels, Mata also

Festival of Valencia in Alzira. With more than 1,200 club members arrived from all parts of Spain and the world, l'Agrupació again exceeded one year provided all expectations for this event. Numerous attendees expressed concern over the possible sale of Mata but showed his enthusiasm for the reinforcements that have come and to stay one more year in the Champions League.
Numerous representatives of the Mestalla club approached the capital of the Bank to be with the fans. The delegation was led by its president Manuel Llorente, accompanied by Javier Gomez CEO and President of the Valencia players' association Fernando Giner. Also attended Porter Torrent Vicente Guaita and guests of honor at the motorcycle rider Hector Faubel and Mayor of Valencia Fallas, Laura Caballero.

The event began with a few words and a moving minute's silence for all attendees to the late Toni Company, was the ovation of the evening and was remembered for his great work valecianismo by all present. After the meal, in which several T-shirts were raffled to attendees, it was time for tributes. The first award was for the women's team Valencia made extolling the good seasons and work integration of women in sport. Alongside them, the club members recognized the great year he got his promotion Mestalla a 2 ª B.

Finally, it was the turn of Hector Faubel, named in honor club members to bring the Valencian all over the world. The pilot said of the current issues of his team and hoped to continue, but that Kill "the club has economic needs must be understood." Also promised to wear the shirt of the landmark the next time you get up to the podium.

The other ovation of the evening was for the goalkeeper Vicente Guaita. The Torrent was happy to attend the event with all club members but said he would have been to Lisbon to help their peers in a friendly match. Guaita stayed in Valencia for a thigh problem but is optimistic and hopes to be with the group next week. In addition, the goalkeeper wants "this is a year we get things nice and important" after last season he described as "difficult."

After the words of Guaita was the turn of the institutional discourses of the hand of club president and president Manuel Llorente l'Agrupació, Blas Madrigal. Llorente began his speech with words to Toni Company which he defined as "the key driver of recent Valencia." In esportivas topics, the president continued throwing balls out on the future of Mata and interest channels. Referring to the Spaniard said that "all he knows is that it is in Portugal to play friendly as Valencia" while "is working" to bring the Real Madrid starlet. Finally, he highlighted the economic improvement and stability that has come to Valencia and was excited about the new season starts now be aimed "to improve every year to achieve increasingly ambitious objectives."

The event ended with the words of Madrigal, who was very happy with the growth of the rocks and stressed the importance of the agreement by Grada Jove.

Garcia Quilon discover the secrets of Baraja and Mista

No waste. This may qualify the interview with the La Liga footballers agent Manuel Garcia Quilon. Among many other issues and curiosities of every day a representative of players, Garcia Quilon millionaire speaks of the offer from the Premier League by Ruben Baraja and Mista Barcelona's interest that never saw the light in the media. At the end of the striker chose to stay in Murcia and Valencia CF.

Bernat touched the sky with his goal in Lisbon

Award for John Bernat. The youth touched the sky at the Jose Alvalade. After being included as an integral in the first team to start work this spring and be a member of staff who traveled to the 'stage' of Austria, the squad scored his first goal even had an opportunity to score a second, capping a great performance, one more in the block of Emery. The Valencian already played four minutes in the preseason games, leaving a good image in about 200 minutes. In the fourth minute, after becoming the 'smartest' of class, anticipating his marker and goalkeeper Sporting, and put the 0-1 with a good header. Bernat was always brazenly offering their peers, seeking their continued dribbling down the left, and combining perfectly with the line of attack.

The squad opened the scoring in the best game of the preseason. After the defeat last Tuesday in Vienna, Lisbon Valencia offered his best face, very serious work. A brilliant first part of the team and a second solvent with a very lethal offensive game and good defense, that was the formula of Emery who yesterday opted for a starting lineup, played 60 minutes.
The onset of shock VCF was very good, as the team had gasoline superiority over the Portuguese side was evident. Bernat and Jordi Alba With the left flank, and the pressure in the midfield pairing of Albelda and Topal, the offensive game worked like a charm. Occasions Piatti, who in his first game as a midfielder showed a high level, and Soldier, who scored his first goal of the preseason. The striker took a good deep ball Albelda, won the position of his marker, headed goal and a coolly beat Rui Patricio. In addition, the defense, against Rapid Vienna left negative feelings with some defensive shortcomings, he was very correct. The 4-2-3-1 Emery raised starting in Lisbon was a great result.

It was the first real test for Emery. Loads of minutes have increased to Hamburg followed in the same line, but from there also go up to reach the start of the competition best. For now, the note is positive.


The youth Bernat appears with a goal in the preseason

The youth player of Valencia Juan Bernat, 18, has appeared on the preseason team coach Unai Emery, who told him at parties and played and who scored the first of three goals in the Valencia victory Saturday in Lisbon.

Born in March 1993 in Valencia and international junior level, Bernat anticipated the goal of Sporting Lisbon, Patrick, in the fourth minute of play and headed in a throw-in sent by Bruno from the right side. It was the first goal of his team's victory 0-3.

Bernat, who scored his first goal as Valencia with the number 28 on the back at the Jose Alvalade Stadium, was built by the coach of Valencia to the concentration of pre-season team in Austria.

The Valencia youth player had just played with the reserves last season in the Mestalla won promotion to the Second Division B, as they only took part in two games. He performed regularly in the youth team.

This season, however, has already participated in four preseason games he has played all Valencia.

Sporting Lisboa 0-3 Valencia cf

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Valencia insists on the 'agreed' with Juan Mata

The presence in the city of Valencia's Juan Mata representative was not due to start their holidays, but had scheduled a meeting with club officials, specifically President Manuel Llorente and Javier Gomez. It was the first contact between the two parties on the future of the '10 ', and after meeting the club's position remains adamant: "we will not provide facilities to output Mata." And that means that if the agent brings to the table an offer of 25 million euros for the player, the club will have to decide whether to increase his salary withheld with predetermined figures when he signed his renovation until 2014, what John would stay in Valencia. At the meeting yesterday morning, according to club sources, you are assured the agent that if they took the decision to retain the Spaniard did not revise upward the amounts agreed, notwithstanding that the proposals he manages to reach triple what currently perceived in the VCF. But Manuel Llorente insists that, today, the intention is "to respect the agreement."

Juan Mata has been included in the squad for this afternoon's friendly against Sporting in Lisbon, especially since the floor of the VCF has not received any written offer by the player. Admittedly, using one of the words most used by the president, have been given "inputs", but so far only heard firm offers and will not enter into speculation. Mata's agent sent them also, for its part, had no intention of delaying much decision on the future of the player, whether you choose to reject the proposals it has received, or are just walking away because the VCF accept the 25 million euros and is not retained. The idea is to make a decision over the weekend, but in football, plans can change overnight. As stressed again and again Llorente, "there is nothing to negotiate." The player is informed promptly of the proposals that have come to an agent, but Mata, beyond the issue strictly sporting prioritize the assessment of its future, has also caught much appreciation to the club that is one of the heavyweight apparel. Unai has already said he will be one of the captains. They are a sum of arguments that are delaying their decision, although the last word goes to Valencia, who can better retain the current salary of '10 'as it is signed.

The arrival on the staff of Sergio Canales, who is close in the next few hours, could be an indication that the club would accept the output Mata, but according to Llorente insisted yesterday, is not so clear. It is true that the 25 million that would go into the coffers of the club would have greater economic potential to strengthen the position of central defender and right back, but Llorente Braulio and will do everything possible to keep the Spaniard on the team . And consider signing Channels prerequisite for the departure of Alonso. In the last telephone conversation that took Mata coordinator of the technical secretariat made him see that if there is any economic proposal to reach 25 million, and he seduced the plot sport would you like to explore as it could be important to your progression. But Manuel Llorente will not talk about hypothesis if there are no realities, although he knows the player's agent does have on the table an offer that is valued.

Clubs like Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea are seriously evaluating the incorporation of the Spaniard, but so far the only club that accepts up to 25 million euros would be the Spurs, but sport is not a club that is close to the titles in England. His representative, as reported SUPER, has been in contact recently with the English club in Madrid. A Mata is trying to convince a salary which increases the amount it currently receives, but the question is the projection sports can have on the club. And today, John is not clear, although it is quiet because they know that Valencia is very well and will only emerge if it is for the good of both parties. Economically, the operation would be a luxury for the club, who signed the letter to Mata freedom and pierce him for 25 million euros, but Unai is going to give a very competitive team, hence the intention to retain Mata.

Will they Kill the season wearing an elastic Valencia? His agent has already met with the club, but last word goes to Manuel Llorente ... at the time that has the firm offer, not yet submitted.

Die and Antonio Dominguez Antonio Carrión Company

Valencia CF Company today announced that Antonio Sancho, an employee of Valencia Football Club since 1994, died this morning of Friday, July 30.

In the same statement, the Mestalla club moved its condolences to the families and friends of Don Antonio, "a tireless worker in his task within the area of ​​External Relations and Institutional entity. Valencianista Company was a copy, loved by all -white family, and whose ongoing work with the rock will always be remembered with an invaluable contribution to increasing them in a boom of fans to our team. "

The Mass will take place this Sunday, July 31, in the morgue Municipal de Valencia (Camino Viejo de Picassent, s / n, near the cemetery) at 9:30 pm.

Furthermore it is a sad day for the Valencia family, as the club has also reported the death of Antonio Carrión Domínguez, player of the first team squad since the season 1956/57 to 1959/60, this Saturday morning at 75 years. The funeral in his memory will be held this Sunday, July 31 at 10:00 am at the Sunset Funeral Puerto de Sagunto, his hometown.

All less friendly to Miguel

The game tonight (21:30 CET Spanish. Gol T) will have nothing of friendship Miguel Brito. The Portuguese, said Amateur exfutbolista and Benfica, returns home, Lisbon, to meet an old acquaintance of the city, Sporting, and reviving a rivalry more than a century it has enjoyed and suffered in their own flesh . Benfica fan pleads for his love and because there grew as a player before making the leap to Valencia in the summer of 2005. It feels like an 'Eagle' more. So, faced with the 'Lions' again after so long is really special. It will be anything but a friendly match.

It's been seven years since I landed, the capital of the Turia, and Miguel keeps reminding those derbies of Benfica and Sporting enemy as if they were played yesterday. The Portuguese now wear the shirt of Valencia and not Benfica. However, he knows that his veins run again the blood of that rivalry that seemed struggling to find in Spain. "It's an incredible rivalry, I think the closest thing in Spain is the rivalry between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. I remember they were parties that were beginning to live long before they begin. Throughout the week talking about them everywhere, "said a visibly excited by Miguel face them again years later. Today you can do it. "For me it's always special to face Sporting Lisbon was because my club Benfica and parties were always different from others."

Michael Brown not only has good memories of those derbies emotionally. It also keeps them in sports. The Portuguese do not keep count of how many times you faced the Sporting and Benfica player, but remember, many more victories than defeats which garnered throughout his career against the 'Lions'. "I played many games and finally won I am convinced that many more lost." A kind he hopes to extend this black and white evening dress. Seven years later it is impossible to remember the results, but there are moments that can never be erased from his memory. That will never forget the clash between Benfica and Sporting in which he devoted himself at right back. That game allowed him to take over rail '2 '. "The nicest memory I have of the Benfica-Sporting is one that we won and it was my second game at right back. I things went well and I settled into that position. " Security today is special.

A rivalry is born in 1907
Miguel Brito played for Benfica from 2000 to 2005. Six years he won a League Cup and one Super Cup and in which he continued to enjoy and suffer the derby against Sporting. The Luso began to live them nearly a century after the Benfica-Sporting rivalry became a European classic. The first derby at the official level there is evidence which goes back to December 1, 1907. Benfica was born of the townspeople and Sporting, an elite class. In the end the victory went to the 'red'. The Michael won 2-1.

Used to move to the final

The Spanish team thrashed today the Republic of Ireland 5-0 and with it qualified for the European Championship final sub'19 Romania, which will face Czech Republic, who beat Serbia 4-2, and seek raise the event's title for the fifth time in its history.

The Gines Melendez took the lead from the opening whistle and were encouraged to touch the ball with the intention of creating actions of danger, but the rival was ordered back and gave no space between lines. Spain controlled the ball but could not find clarity in the final touch.

A shot of Juanmi (M.5) and a Carruthers (m.15) were the only options for each team until a lack of Captain John Egan on Alvaro Morata arrival led to the first goal of the game. Sergi Gomez was responsible for collecting the far free throw and his powerful shot crashed into the pole (m.20).

When Ireland was balanced forces, the Spanish coach rotated his midfield, passed by Juanmi Deulofeu right and left, while Sarabia gave greater freedom of movement, which he paid off immediately.

The Barcelona player took the ball down the left and entered the area, O'Connor was by cutting into the center and sent his shot to left corner McCarrey, which scored a great goal and truly ahead of its equipment (m.27).

Spain experienced its best during the first half. One minute after the 1-0, it failed Deulofeu alone against Irish goalkeeper after a low cross from the right Sarabia. The captain of "The Red" also had the opportunity to increase the lead but interrupted shipment McCarrey (m.32).

Eight minutes later, Sarabia reflected on the scoreboard Spanish side's superiority. After combining with Carvajal, the Getafe player turned chute from outside the area and placed his shot hit the base of the keeper's right post for 2-0. Sarabia was the third but missed his shot (M.45).

For the second part seemed that Ireland would be launched ahead in search of the ticket to the final of the tournament, but Spain quickly gave him a mortal blow. Deulofeu burst down the left and within the area ceded to Juanmi, who did not spare McCarrey (m.46).

The set of Ginés Meléndez pulled down the offensive machinery revolutions but he kept knocking Ireland. Morata, after pass filtering Juanmi, scored the 4-0 (m.79) after cutting the goalkeeper and the same Real Madrid striker scored a brace by converting a penalty in the twilight of the match (m.91).

Spain will face the Czech Republic, Serbia dispatched 4-2 in the other semifinal, on Monday August 1 at the same stage Concordia Chiajna in search of sub'19 European title. Where to get it, would be the fifth time I would get it and third-hand Ginés Meléndez.

- Technical:
5 - Spain: Edgar Badia, Daniel Carvajal (Albert Blázquez, m.82), Sergio Gomez, Ignasi Miquel, Jon Aurtenetxe, Ruben Pardo, Alex, Pablo Sarabia (Juan Muniz, m.66), Juanmi, Alvaro Morata and Gerard Deulofeu (Paco Alcácer, m.80). Coach: Ginez Melendez.

0 - R. Ireland: Aaron McCarey, Derrick Williams, John Egan, Anthony O'Connor, Joseph Shaughnessy, Jeffrey Hendrick, Samir Carruthers (Eoin Weare, m.62), Sean Murray (Kevin Knight, m.71), Anthony Forde, John O ' Sullivan and Conor Murphy (Connor Smith, m.46). Manager: Paul Doolin.

Goals: 1-0, m.27: Deulofeu, 2-0, m.40: Sarabia, 3-0, m.46: Juanmi, 4-0, m.79: Morata, 5-0, m.91: Morata (P).

Referee: Clément Turpin (FRA). Hendrick admonished, Murray, McCarey by the Republic of Ireland, Carvajal Spain.

Subs: semifinal of the European Championship in Romania sub'19 of Concordia Chiajna Stadium.

List of 22 summoned for the fourth pre-season friendly

After the evening workout at the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna this Friday, July 29, Valencia CF coach, Unai Emery, has called for the following 22 players for the match for the three friendly match this season for Valencia CF 2011/12 that will face this Saturday, July 30, Sporting Lisbon this Saturday, July 30 at Estadio Jose Alvalade XXI, at 21:30 am (broadcast live on GOL T).

• Goalkeepers: Diego Alves, Cristiano Pereira.
• Defenders: Bruno, Miguel, Ricardo Costa, Dealbert, Rami, Pardo, Jordi Alba, Mathieu.
• Midfielders: Albelda, Mature, Topal, Paul Feghouli, Bernat, Piatti, Portu, Parejo.
• Forwards: Mata, Jonas, Soldier.

Dani Parejo, at the close of the Campus Women's VCF

It has been a successful organization and participation in its first edition, and this Friday has taken place the closing ceremony. Women talked about the VCF Campus that has hosted 47 Valencian 6-16 years, from 25 to 29 July at the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna.
On the other hand, note that the organization of the campus was made possible through collaboration between the VCF Female, Fundació VCF, Sanitas, Bioparc, Consell Valencià de l'Esport de la Generalitat Valenciana, Valencia City Council and Municipal Sports Foundation.
The big stars of the day the 47 players were divided into three groups according to age with three coaches: Ana Amo, Mariló Cases and Carmen Herrera. And he has been enjoying the presence of four crack of the game: the player of Valencia CF footballers Dani Parejo and Maria Feminine 'Thunder' and Arantxa Torrentí Ana. Special guests who have posed with all participants on the campus in a nice family photo.
A closure was also attended by Director General of the Fundació VCF, Pablo Mantilla, CEO of VCF Female, Pedro Malabia, director of the Campus Women's VCF, Ruben Mora, general coordinator, Elías Sanjuán and on behalf of Sanitas Elisabeth Alvarez Fernando Diaz, a company executive.
In short, a special and emotional day for all those who participated and made possible the first VCF Campus Women.

Banega sweat and his shirt

Ever Banega returned a couple of days to Valencia. Stealthy, quietly. Paterna appeared in mid-afternoon and did not leave until nightfall. After talking with Unai Emery, its main supporter in the club. And comment.

The stony silence lasted yesterday. The Argentine went to train for the first time with his teammates since his return from vacation. Days after provoking an unnecessary controversy after appearing wearing the shirt of Real Madrid on Facebook. Unforgivable mistake for a professional.

Banega did not yesterday or one symptom of concern. It is true that the procession goes inside, but to the outside of Argentina seemed to live another day in the office. Stoic endured flashes of photographers and left so relaxed chatting with his teammates at training camp in the sports city of Paterna. No sign of concern.

He would not make any statement. Nor his companions, who appealed the hackneyed "are things that stay in the dressing room," refused to comment on whether Éver had apologized or had explained why the picture of discord.

Banega is expected to meet with the coordinator of the technical secretary, Braulio Vazquez to give explanations on the matter. Recall that the outburst of Argentina comes at the worst moment for him. Just when Valencia had publicly acknowledged that it would consider offers that arrive by Banega long as satisfactory to club and player. Inter Milan came to offer nine million, but the deal did not crystallize.

The Argentine, who obviously is not at the physical level of his teammates, will continue to train in Paterna and does not travel with the rest of the expedition to meet today (21.30 hours) to Sporting Lisbon. Become the fourth pre-season friendly for Valencia and the first after the defeat to Rapid sonrojante.

In the squad are not Guaita and Tino Vicente Costa. The goalkeeper is injured and Argentina, despite having completed the final practice at a high level, still recovering from the ankle discomfort drag from the beginning of the preseason. Today I played a precaution, although Twitter today announced would be released.

Jordi Alba could be the start against the people of Lisbon on the left side. Catalan is focused on pursuing "accumulated experience to have more minutes than last season."

The investment of € 38 million that can be repeated by Arsenal

Arsene Wenger expects the next few hours are critical to your new project. And, if we look at information that publishes The Sun, the Londoners are willing to launch a final offensive by two coveted players: striker Juan Mata (23 years) and defender Phil Jagielka (28).

To achieve the international recruitment of Spanish, the Gunners would on the table about 19 million pounds (just over 21 M €). Although this amount does not reach, in theory, € 23 million set by the Valencia (see article), it does serve at least to confirm that the English body is ready to make a major effort by Burgos.

Hiring the central Jagielka not cheap. Everton has already rejected an initial offer of 12 million pounds and leaders have been forced to increase that number to 15 (about 17 M €).

With both contracts, the staff of the Arsenal experience a considerable improvement, although it remains to see what happens with Cesc Fabregas, the player who led the squad in recent seasons.

Piatti is the hobgoblin with blows strong

Pablo Piatti known for his speed, his skill in dribbling and his nerve when facing the area. All these qualities make it a formidable player for opposing defenses. For this reason, the Argentine soccer player has the dubious privilege of occupying the highest positions in the ranking of fouls last season. A total of 89 times in his 34 games played in their final year at Almeria, the referee signaled a breach with the Argentine and was fouled. In other words, he fell because of a hand every 34 minutes.

Comparing this figure with those obtained by the Valencian players, who leads the position with more fouls is Éver Banega with 43 followed closely by the jellyfish and Joaquin 42, falling far short of the statistics of the new addition Valencia.

However, Piatti is not a player that is easy to tear down their rivals. Its low height 1.63 meters serve to lower its center of gravity and also playing a major role his powerful lower body that makes the defenders should be used more forcefully if they want to cut the player's internal dangers.

Since his arrival at Valencia and has been verified as Argentina does good these statistics. Both in friendly matches and in training, the player unsettles his rivals with his ball handling to the point that the only way to stop it pulling to the ground, the increase in the risk of injury it poses to the footballer.

But not only this negative statistic highlights the Argentine. Pablo Piatti also holds top positions in terms of dribbling made last year. There were a total of 178, ie, every 17 minutes the midfielder launched a possible move to score. In addition, Piatti exceeded about shots on goal for players of a more attacking as the same soldier, Benzema or Kings. The figure rises to 89 but instead on how many goals can not compete with these players not having a profile so pure attacker.
These numbers are expected to exceed at their new stage in the game thanks to Valencia combined with higher quality players around him in Almeria such as Mata, Pablo Hernandez and Soldier among others.

Jordi Alba: 'The arrival of channels would be important'

The Valencia player Jordi Alba said today that "sorry" if it happens, the departure of Juan Mata of Valencia and is "happy", if confirmed, the arrival of the current club Real Madrid, Sergio Canales.

"Personally I'd hate to Kill away. It is a Valencia player who reached the very young, like I did. It has gained much experience in the team and is very focused on Valencia," said Alba.

"Unless things change, I think it will continue with us," said Jordi Alba, who also recalled that there are major players who have left the club in previous seasons and Valencia has remained strong despite his absence.

Upon arrival Channel, Jordi Alba said he had heard of this possibility and if the player arrives, "will be welcomed."

"We now have many young and have a team for the future. I think that is very important and will be beneficial," said the Valencia player.

On the situation arising around Éver Banega, who appeared photographed with a Real Madrid shirt, Jordi Alba explained that the Argentine soccer player who must give explanations.

"They went out pictures of her with that shirt, but do not give it more hype. Although it is annoying, is not so serious," said Alba, who was now "calm" his partner in the return to training after having played the Copa America with Argentina.

Jonas: 'I played midfielder and I like to give assists'

Arguably his second goal in the pre-season friendly against Leicester while reflecting the game that was in Brazil.
Yes, I think I have more mobility, a little more how I play in Brazil. I think I'm a little happy with my performance.
- Do you prefer surprise from behind? That's the feel.
Yes, I am not a striker who has a strong physical body, then I think I lost the technical quality and try to find spaces within the field. And for that I have to always be free, to also have chances.
-Indeed, the pitch is always in motion is to surprise. Rather, therefore, not having a fixed position on the attack?
Yes, I'm not a player fixed. I had a lot of mobility in all computers that played in Brazil. When football was started midfielder never played as a striker then fixed, since one of my characteristics is to look for game, with great mobility and create spaces.
-It is proven since joining Valencia has a good vision, have you is given by those beginnings?
-From my beginnings as a midfielder, yes. I started well in 2005 with Guarani. He played in midfield with good vision to see the forwards. So I think I improved a lot. And then I began to play a few meters ahead. But my early days I also like to take those assists.
He understands very well with Aduriz and Soldier, is it a good support for both?
'I think both are very intelligent, high quality, and procured in the field to be close to them too, not just score goals, but give them passes and mark.
-In the first game against PSV, you were in a good position for auction, but chose to give him the ball Soldier. Why?
-Because I had a clearer position to score. In the field of play must be partners, and we advocate a team where only the collective interest. So we have to decide at a very fast and at that moment I saw Soldier better than me to run the auction and so I preferred to give the pass.
'On the contrary, in the second match against Leicester, you started the play with Aritz Aduriz, who later played to perfection his arrival from behind.
Yes, Aduriz is also always in motion. He saw me coming from behind and gave me a great pass, could not miss.
- Is it more dangerous Jonas incorporated from the second line?
Yes, always. As I said, is one of my conditions, my goal was always the Brazilian championship came from behind, playing with a striker fixed and can now be Aduriz and Soldier, then everything is linked to the football.
- What will change after his first months in Valencia?
'I think six months I have been in Valencia have helped me for my adaptation, both the town and equipment systems. Now I have more assimilated and what is good to start the season knowing all the concepts that the coach wants.
- What are we going to see Jonas did not see last season?
'I hope more goals, many more goals and assists. Always looking to be well and helping colleagues, seeking the victory for Valencia.
-One of the characteristics associated striker is the selfish, are you around?
Valencia-So had many successes years ago. Now follow this path. This is a very collective, very important.
- Is there much difference between playing for a striker with a 4-2-3-1 to do so in a 4-3-3?
'You change. With three forwards played with two fixed points and a 4-4-2, with only two references. Regardless of the systems, Valencia is perfectly prepared to play with both systems. There are differences, but we will adapt perfectly.
- Is the player a variety of systems rather than have one fixed?
Yes, because then we are better able to surprise the rival. And for opponents, too, because they do not know how to play.
- Have you taken steps to be a player community?
Yes, Italian, although it is difficult. But we are working to be community. My grandmother had Italian ancestors.
-Have you shared a room with Diego Alves, how long Brazil continued its activities in Almeria?
-When I started out at Almeria, since before I was studying. I spoke with him and was curious subject to be starting in the elite when he was coming to Europe. Always followed by reports the evolution of Brazilian players in Europe and he also saw the Brazilian team. It is a great goalkeeper for Valencia
- What Alves has asked you?
He has been interested in how the city and the club.
Mano Menezes re-count on you for the Brazil team after the fiasco of the Copa America. How do you feel?
-For me to be in the selection is very important because it is not easy with the large cast of forwards who are in Brazil. For me to return to the selection is a great happiness and a personal goal I had when I signed for Valencia.
- Which player surprised you most in the league?
- And of Valencia?
-Many. But if I had to say some names, and Soldier Aduriz.

Vilamarxant adopted son named Raul Albiol

The full council Vilamarxant today named Raul Albiol, who plays for Real Madrid and the Spanish team, adopted son of the town for winning the World Cup championship with the national team in South Africa a year ago.

The council has justified the decision for "his outstanding work in sports" and "dissemination and promotion of the town and its province Vilamarxant performing elite athlete as it is."

The mayor of the town, Vicente Betoret, is "an honor and pride for these people count among its neighbors with this ambassador named Vilamarxant nationally and internationally"
The three political groups represented on the municipal full, PP, PSOE and Vilamarxant personal commitment, approved the decision.

Albiol receive in a few days the official document informing him of the initiative and convene a plenary council to hand over the appointment.

Albelda and Topal together in Lisbon

After a setback, should back up. The dispute Valencia today its fourth pre-season friendly with a very clear goal: to forget as soon as the defeat against Rapid Vienna, not the importance of the result, but the feelings conveyed all Valencia. A more serious test for the black and white, not only to improve mistakes, especially on defense, the last encounter, but also because the coaching staff plans to increase the minutes. There will be a starting XI that will play at least the first 60 minutes of the match. With the goal Alves, the coach bet on the same two stations in Austria, with Ricardo Costa and Adil Rami, who accompanied by the band and Jordi Bruno Alba. David Albelda and Mehmet Topa, form the dual pivot, while Juan Pablo Hernandez and Bernat will be an offensive reference to the bands. Up, Piatti played first as midfielder and striker Soldado will be the VCF.
Unai Emery is polishing what will be the team this season today against Sporting Lisbon, was first tested with theoretical initial equipment. In the Jose Alvalade XXI, from 21:30 pm (live on Gol T), the technician no longer available as it has done so far in the preseason, two teams with half-game for each of them. In this quotation, the idea is to play at least the first 60 minutes with a computer and then and give input to other players. The same script repeated next Tuesday in the match against Hamburg, but with other actors. The idea is gradually increasing the workload for the team to get the best for the start of the competition.

Beyond the physical aspect, the coaching staff also wants to shape the movement's defense team, the stakes today by the 4-2-3-1 system. Players envisioned a video yesterday more than 30 minutes, before the morning training session, where they were in detail the defensive errors of the first games of the preseason, especially the last game. Today, another bar examination.

Channels may not play against Real Madrid

Channels is very close to Valencia. The Real Madrid and Valencia reached an agreement yesterday that the player played Cantabrian two seasons on loan at the Mestalla entity. Valencia entity, in addition to the tab of the player, will pay one million euros for each of the two seasons and reserves an option to purchase 12 million euros. An amount double the 6 million euros Real Madrid Racing Santander paid by the player last season.

The white set, also reserves a preferential right of first refusal may be executed in the time that the decision be made Canales Valencia property. For a fee of around 18 million euros, Real Madrid could recover when the season ends Channels 2012-13. The agreement includes a clause whereby the player can not face Real Madrid in official competition.

Canales also had a firm proposal from Villarreal. Yellow President, Fernando Roig explained yesterday why the operation was discarded.

"The player agreed to come, but the conditions required by the Real Madrid in the transfer to the amortization payment and the issue of who and when he could play. We decided it was inappropriate to close the signing," confirmed manager.

With the agreement between the clubs closed, remains part of the player. A deal not yet closed.

At the conference yesterday, the player's agent, Antonio Mendoza, finalizing the details. The will of the player is to continue in Spain and is charming as it is a club that will compete in the next edition of the Champions League, but there have been some differences on the tab of the player. The representative requested increase, but the Valencia believes that taking the current amount is more than enough. At press time the negotiation was still open.

Friday, July 29, 2011

SPAIN-4, ICELAND-0......U-17 Women's Soccer

The Spanish Under-17 Women's National Team has defeated Iceland (0-4) in the semifinals of the European category, which means access for the third consecutive time the European Championship final, Sunday, 18.00 -.

"The team is trained to win the final and more"

Marina Garcia and Raquel Carreno have shared their joy with the website of the Federation, and expressed his joy at the great results achieved in the semifinals of the European Under-17 against Iceland. They are optimistic and see the team with all the options to achieve something great in Sunday's final against France.

Marina Garcia: "The final will be decided on small details"

"We are very happy because I think the team responded well and although we could have given more game, hopefully in the end we do as well as the semi-final against Iceland. I think the first 10-15 minutes are the most important in a game, is how it will be the pace of play, what will be the team that will dominate ... The technicians we had heard it was a selection that got a lot of goals, with two very fast players up and had to be careful with them because a lot of haggling. This game have not shown well, we expected a bit more of them. Both France and Germany would be very tough rivals in the final, and in this case, France will be an intense final that will be decided by small details, so you have to be strong mentally and physically. Try to play our game and, above all, be very strong. I do not think you have favorites. I think if we play our game we can take the final, above all, is raring to go. "

Raquel Carreno "With enthusiasm and effort we can win the final"

"The coach Jorge Vilda says: not only the defending side must also join the attack, since that gives much support to the front and get more passes of goals and give more play to the team. The team has responded very well in a semi-final we had very well prepared. The Icelanders have come a little door and that's a point in our favor, go with a clean sheet for as important as the final Sunday. I think the semi-final between Germany and France has been an incredible game. There are two rest days, enough to recover the body, legs and head. In small detail can be lost in the final. You have to be prepared mentally and play a match with our philosophy of play: play and when we have the ball, press. Doing as we know, come the fruits. I see the team able to win this final and much more: a team must first of all that and hope and effort can win Sunday's final. "

FIFA gives green light to the use of technology

Joseph Blatter is opposed to this technology for years and ended the debate about its future implementation in March 2010. However, the opinion of the leader changed after you cancel a valid goal to England's Frank Lampard in contested the World Cup last year.

Blatter later apologized for the mistake of the arbitrators and described the event as unforgivable. The Swiss said Wednesday that if the International Football Association Board (IFAB), an organization that develops the rules of football, approves a "precise and affordable" when it meets in London in 2012, any league can use it from the beginning of the next season.

Blatter also reiterated that the system used in the World Cup Brazil 2014 if approved by the IFAB. Last week, Richard Scudamore, chief executive of the Premier League, said the first division of English football will use the system from the start of the season 2012-2013.

Blatter, speaking at a press conference before the draw for Saturday's qualifying for the 2014 World Cup, said: "The IFAB make a final decision next year." "If the technology proves the goal line is' accurate and affordable," it may be presented to the World Cup in 2014. If this is the case, other national associations and leagues have the right to use it, "said .

Another million for Nou Mestalla

The configuration of the template is not the only front that has opened the Valencia this summer. The expiration of the temporary moorings that hold part of the new stadium will force the club to spend more than a million euros. The aim of the work will be to ensure the structure that faces the street Safor, currently held by some ties that can not be outdoors more than a year and a half and have installed about 24 months. "Action is needed to meet safety standards, but should not be alarmed because the stadium is not falling," explained from the club.

Although it will invest one million euros in the play, Valencia needs at least 8 million euros to balance the slope of the tunnel enclosure street level, a work that includes the strengthening of ties, by way of walls, supporting the weight of the stands on the west side. These walls, as reported Levante-EMV, are clamped with a very thick cables which are to be replaced or enhanced with new ones.

The UTE left this part of the structure is not complete because of the plot where the future is to raise tertiary zone, which includes in its initial draft office buildings, a hotel and a commercial area. Although Valencia does not yet know how this area will be divided, waiting to be marketed, the joint venture has applied to fill the hole, clearly visible from the street Safor-concrete and construction of a wall fastening set. A work which fully guarantee the support of the great mole, but the club's lack of liquidity has prevented its implementation.

The recent ruling of the TSJ-CV negating the General Plan amendment that allowed the change of use of these plots could complicate the start of work. But the club is confident that the work run smoothly by not being a preview of them, but a safety issue and, therefore, urgent. Sources familiar with the project explained that the work to be executed will have a provisional nature serve to ensure the work of a permanent "temporary anchors will not be removed, rather will be strengthened and not put expiration will have problems, "warned the bill's author, the architect Alejandro Escribano, who emphasized that the work is in perfect condition and could restart without problems today.

Manchester United Premier Cup 2011

TEAMS: - AFRICA: Orlando Pirates (South Africa) and Right to Dream (Ghana).

- ASIA: FA Hubei (China), Middle School Ulsan Hyundai (Korea), Kyioto Sanga FC (Japan), Bangkok Christian College (Thailand).

- AUSTRALIA: Onehunga Sports (New Zealand).

- EUROPE: Fenerbahce (Turkey), Catania Calcio (Italy), Manchester United and Chelsea FC (United Kingdom), PSV (Holland), FC Metz (France), Hannover 96 (Germany) and Valencia CF (Spain).

- NORTH AMERICA: Cosmos Academy West (U.S.).

- SOUTH AMERICA: Boca Juniors (Argentina), Universidad de Chile (Chile), Sporting Club Bahia (Brazil), FC Pachuca (Mexico).


- Trafford Training Centre (Sport City Manchester United).

- Old Trafford (Manchester United Stadium, only the Final).

Alba: "I would hate progress and would be delighted Kill the arrival of Channels"

The Valencia player Jordi Alba said today that "sorry", if it happens, the departure of Juan Mata of Valencia and is "happy" if also confirmed the arrival of the current club Real Madrid, Sergio Canales.

"Personally I'd hate to Kill away. He is a player who came to Valencia too young, like I did. Has gained much experience in the team and is very focused on Valencia, "said Alba.

"Unless things change, I think it will continue with us," said Jordi Alba, who also recalled that there are major players who have left the club in previous seasons and Valencia has remained strong despite his absence.

Upon arrival Channel, Jordi Alba said he had heard of this possibility and if the player arrives, "will be welcome."

"We now have many young and have a team for the future. I think that is very important and will be beneficial, "added Valencia player.

On the situation arising around Éver Banega, who appeared photographed with a Real Madrid shirt, Jordi Alba explained that the Argentine soccer player who must give explanations.

"They went out pictures of her with that shirt, but do not give it more hype. Although it is annoying, is not so bad, "said Alba, who was now" quiet "your partner in the return to training after having played the Copa America with Argentina.

Channels will play given a year in Valencia

Sergio Canales given play next season in Valencia. And, as has been told AS, the entity Mestalla is very close to reaching a definitive agreement with Real Madrid to incorporate the Cantabrian player. The negotiation has accelerated in recent days and would fail to solve only a small fringe to make official incorporation. Would loan for a year, although Valencia are squeezing to get it by two. The transfer would cost around two million euros, plus the assumption of football tab, which is around 1.5 million. Moreover, Valencia in the transaction include a purchase option that would amount to 12 million, double what Real Madrid paid out by him a year ago to Racing Santander. The agreement would also establish that Canales could not play against whites.

Currently, the two clubs want to wait to make it official to resolve these small details because I do not want to stun the player, which starts this weekend participating in the FIFA U-20. In fact, its arrival could be announced once completed participation in the Spanish national team unless the Valencia gets the nod from the Real Madrid to do before.

It depends on Mata.
The arrival of channels would not be subject to the departure of Juan Mata. The club understand that site could have the template despite the continuity of the Spaniard, and that alternative channels to be gained in the attack. Moreover, in the Valencia opt for continuity Mata, since there are only two teams might be willing to pay 23 million euros it costs his signing. One is Arsenal, pending transfer to Cesc or Nasri, and the other is Chelsea

Canales is the taste of Unay Emery. The technician has already recognized this past Monday in AS that "Canales is a great player and if we had chance of signing him, I assure you that we would study."

Paterna Banega attended to explain
The Argentine midfielder arrived yesterday in Valencia. He did it by road from Madrid to avoid the media waiting for him at the airport of Manises after enjoying a few days of rest after participating with Argentina in the Copa America, which played a very discreet. In the afternoon, the player went to the Sports City to meet with Emery and give explanations, face to face, the photograph that appeared this week in his Facebook in coming out with the shirt of Real Madrid. Today is expected to enter the job with all his colleagues, although the club must decide whether to sanction.

The VCF-Madrid will be played in full general election

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Prime Minister, has announced the advancement of general elections to November 20. A weekend to be held on the day 13 of the Liga. And what party is expected these days according to the schedule adopted for the 2011/12 season? For whole-Real Madrid CF Valencia. Of course, most likely for security reasons the game is played in Mestalla on Saturday 19, ie. A day earlier. That day also holds an Atletico Madrid-Levante.

Emery asks players to be 'all milk'

The terms most repeated by the technician-white during yesterday's session were "all milk" or "fast." And not by whim. Unai Emery spent two and again in an effort to motivate staff and work properly exit and recovery at the counter, an exercise that focused exclusively over 20 minutes.

Hondarribia The game sees the key to the development speed tactical black and white throughout the season. And in the 10/11, that was one of the strengths in attack, while one of the weaknesses on defense. As it happened again, as the last paragraph refers, in the win loss to the Rapid: the third and fourth goal came after quick actions combined Austrian attack.
Emery asked they reached the front of goal in the shortest possible number of seconds. A little driving the odd pass and shot immediately claimed the Basque Jonas, Piatti, Soldier and Company. As for defenders and defensive midfielders, the mission they had was to occupy and maintain the position on the edge of the area to run from midfield, never losing brand their opponents.
Those responsible for launching the cons, how could it be otherwise, Tino Costa and Parejo were on both sides. Here, with permission from Banega, are designed to exercise the brains of the team.

Banega came and saw Emery

The Argentine Éver Banega Valencia arrived yesterday and went straight to the Sports City. I had to train until the morning when he was summoned to join the job after two weeks of rest after defeating America's Cup in Argentina, but the player is presented with its X6 Paterna just before eight in the later. Not a word, not a single comment with all journalists past ten at night I waited for the departure, after a chat with the coach for a little less than half an hour. Yesterday I spoke with the president nor is it clear that he did with Braulio Vazquez, so it is possible that today both asked for an explanation of that picture of him with the shirt of Madrid circulating for days by the social networks and has appeared on many media around the world.

Hooded men raided their room in Klagenfurt

Hooded men tried to storm a night hotel rooms in the concentration of Valencia in Klagenfurt. It was not a kidnapping or anything like that, but one of the homegrown hazing of the expedition. Portu shared a room with Salva Ruiz, and John Bernat had as a companion to Brown and Adrian, Dani Parejo. It was about eleven at night in Austria and had been for a while trying to sleep after a hard day of work with a double training session, between dream and sleep, hooded men appeared by surprise, were some of his fellow first team, with his head covered with a shirt came by surprise in their rooms to break his calm and try to scare the younger members of the expedition, with pillows in hand.

For "security issues" none of them wanted to disclose the identity of the assailants, who drew a whole plan of attack to the traditional hazing their peers. With malice aforethought, some members of the first team had taken the trouble to ask at the front desk a copy of the key rooms of the youth squad, saying that it had been left forgotten in order to try to surprise full-grown in the dream. The only mistake in this plan was that when we arrived the rooms were not yet asleep, and the surprise was not so great, although it is true that the players recognize that, although expected some hazing, they were surprised when they raided their rooms. In fact, following this incident, security measures were taken quickly so as not to repeat the experience.

It did not come to have visitors in their rooms, but also had to spend their particular baptism in the cold river rafting during the activity of that scheduled Unai Emery after the first preseason game in Austria. In this case it was not just homegrown those who suffered the jokes, it was more widespread, in fact did not escape nor the team leader, but apparently, of those, only Salva Ruiz escaped from the bathroom, was on the boat good, he dipped the rest, although many players ended up in the water, and Portuguese, who kidnapped and plunged into the water without mercy. They confess that the worst was that the water was very cold, but nevertheless was an activity, all agree, very funny.

Outside of training, Salva Ruiz, Portu, Adrian and John Bernat has spent many hours together. They met in one room listening to music on a TV channel or the computer to talk to friends and tell stories every living each day in Klagenfurt, as they tried to ask the hotel reception in a deck card to play in spare time. It took them, language was a little handicap, did not know how to ask and when they got themselves understood ... they had no cards. Efforts were made by John Bernat, known by his peers as the 'character', something he does not hide, in fact says he called because "I am a character." In the end, no letters or snooker or football ... a disappointment, perhaps the only one of its ten days of concentration, along with a free afternoon in the city. The four grand left for a walk in search of a mall that had recommended, but it was Sunday and everything was closed so we had to settle for ice cream and take a bike ride around the hotel. Just cycling to every workout is something that they liked their experience with the first team, of course, the sprints were the order of the day each way, but within what is allowed. Have been good.

Every great dream has become reality these days and have tried to maximize. Every workout, party or counsel of his peers, all highlight the great treatment received by all of them and how much they helped, was the most important day. Now it continue to work to keep dreaming and fulfilling dreams.

Paul: 'I want to be an important man in the VCF'

Since returning from Getafe, has always pursued the shadow of the competition with Joaquin, but he has always tried to give the maximum to be in the starting lineup every game. As he says, "there are days that you leave things and others not," but delivery has never lacked dreams ... now this is their year.

Do you expect this is the season of Pablo Hernandez?
-Hope so, I have three seasons at Valencia and I always think that, and although it is difficult, I'm happy with my progress and what I could live with both the VCF in the selection. I look forward to this, feel more important, continue to grow as a player and that happens to continue working and my first goal is to play more minutes than the past years.
-It sounds weird, but it has been the selection and that means it has had a good performance. The question is aimed at reflecting that "I play here or yes."
'Yes, I'm really happy with what I could live as Valencia's shirt as the selection, and that means I've done well, but it is true that I missed that continuity and that Paul holds throughout. That's what I missed, I wish I could say, but it is difficult for we are many players and it's complicated. We will all have opportunities and my goal is to play more games and more minutes.
- Do you think much in bad times?
-I used to, it is one thing I've learned over the past two years. I've grown before in bad times I looked very down and I could hardly lift his head, but I've learned. I have been fortunate to have the support of my family, my parents and now my girlfriend, and besides I have changed that mentality. And whenever I pass a bad streak, which is normal because you can not always be right, take him peacefully. You have to be quiet to get to turn around such situations.
- Have you ever gone Mestalla sad?
Yes, the truth is, yes, but not only Mestalla, also in other fields. When one does not leave things well, plays very little or even a minute, or the team will lose ... a sad. In this, when I win I'll go with euphoria for something important, but if I miss a few hours until I get up the next day, turning the game, thinking I could have done better or something different. That's post-match, the next day and forget about these things.
- Are you tired of the journalists of the typical questions about the competition I had with Joaquin?
Well, not tired, but sometimes it was back to the same thing I've always said the same thing in football there is competition for a position. I said the day I came back from Getafe to me was an honor, not afraid of this challenge and deal with it as such. I've always given as much, I come out better or worse, to feel the owner and be in the starting lineup. I knew I had a tough competition with Joaquin, who is a great player and had been a lot of caps, but if I had been afraid and I had not been able, would not have signed for Valencia.
- Does it change much the role of Paul with the departure of Joaquin?
I do not know, I'm going to take things equal, face this season as the previous ones, in order to try to play without thinking that no longer Joaquin. Because there are other colleagues who are also eager to play and also have a high level. It's a decision over the role mister I want to, but I am capable and confident to take on any role.
- Do you think there are players who have much more marketing than others?
'In football in general yes, some have more pull than others at marketing, each club tries to exploit that to the fullest and work one way. I have a course I owe this club and in this respect, whenever I needed to do that I will be available because it is our obligation and the club that pays us. The fans behind us encouraging us to give you deserve up for them and for the club.
-A Paul might get better or worse, but the technicians say they always within the field empty.
Yes, I've always said. There are cracks world like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to make a difference and it is unlikely that a party does not see them, and that's the amount of goals scored, but in addition, 98 percent of players has its good points and bad it is impossible to always be well on the pitch, but give it all or be emptied into the field and make the most of yourself depends on each one. There are days when things do not go, in my position for example, can not leave me good dribbling or passing, but you have to empty the field. That's what I have clear and sometimes I get better or worse things.
- Have you ever thought about a change of scenery?
Well, a player, at least from my personal experience, I can say I've always thought of fulfilling my contract with Valencia, who was six years, and hopefully be many more. I have the luck to play on a team that is next to the house, very close to my house, my family, my people, a club I was 16, with whom I played at youth level. I know many people the club's employees, I know the cooks at the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna ... is my home, I have such luck when most players have to go far to play. In my head has always been there to be many years, but in football no one can know what will happen tomorrow, and I am of those who say that football is to enjoy it and live it every day, always at maximum every practice and every game.
- What is its purpose?
I thought 'What on holiday, apart from trying to disconnect is that when I have to prove again that I still want to be an important man in Valencia, I feel holder in this team and give the best level of Paul that has been years improving and why not get great things with these devices. After the departure of Villa or Silva everybody was black, but the club is working hard and this team can fight for things in the future.