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Friday, July 8, 2011

Adil Rami, a 'giant' in Paterna

"French commands respect even in your own team." One of the feelings with which some of the players left the first practice of Adil Rami in Paterna. The French international was amazed with his physical strength to both physicians and some members of staff. The trainers do not yet have the results of the first medical tests yesterday submitted. The new center of Valencia still has not played any game even in the first practice. However, their mere presence scared. His physique is scary. Since yesterday, all in the Ciudad Deportiva already know because the French football Adil affectionately known as the 'colossus'. It comes in handy.

Upper and lower body, strength, elasticity and a corpulent than the rest. That's Adil Rami. Only a few minutes was enough to realize the physical potential power of French and intimidating it can mean for the rest of the rivals. And that no data yet on the table. The trainers handle data of almost all players, but not yet of the two new faces in the training yesterday, Diego Alves and Adil Rami himself and the four homegrown. Nor were needed yesterday to draw attention to the occasional player. His own colleagues were amazed with their costumes physical strength and presence in the field. Something rare in professional football and yesterday the French managed to transmit beyond their height and weight.

Rami did speak on the first day of work. And he did when he walked in the door of the Sports City. The Frenchman struck for the first time today, driving a black convertible that does not go unnoticed by fans. Everyone wanted to take pictures with Rami and his car! It was the turn of the greetings and introductions. Immediately afterwards, he did Rami was surrounded by his fellow French upon arrival to the locker room: Mathieu Feghouli. Jeremy jumped into the lawn with a laugh, but it was Soso with the longest was with during the training. The Frenchman was responsible for being his "cicerone" in its first day of work translated from French into Castilian, teaching the occasional word, presenting his new teammates of staff and guiding them through the facilities of Paterna. The penalty was that it was for personal reasons Carcedo Juan Carlos, a member of staff who has more knowledge of French lenguna. Rami says little Castilian, but defended. Much worse was spent in the heat. The French are not used to the high temperatures of the Mediterranean coast in the summer and did not stop to hydrate during the workout. He did it on par with Alves, a new one in the morning! Maybe it was the heat and that the new poster to be what brought them together. The French and the Brazilian left the lawns of Paterna, way to the shower together. Before he had left other interesting details in the early morning training exercises. One of them, the air, as shown in the images.

The French international left the room black and white in his convertible car. This time behind the car Topal. Adil still does not know the roads in your new city and, as recognized by their peers, will need some help during the early days. The Turkish joked as he left saying he would Paterna together because it would teach Castilian. It was the anecdote which closed the first morning of the French in Paterna. One morning in which, beyond its physical scary, also made friends. That will be preparing the rivals ...

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