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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Not if you will remember a Mestalla Jewel about a decade ago that those who came to the Sports City to see what we were playing football at this young player who now plays for second division Girona ....

And it Jandro had the misfortune to be played when the Clown triumphed Aimar and nobody wanted to give the opportunity to prove his worth, no one took a drive by and marched Celta Vigo then at the first division and had the Jandro Curse of the players leaving the back door our sacred Club, not victory, the only one season JUDAS I avoid the curse was Mijatovic, but already paid with his divorce and the revelry and the Tower of Babel which is the Real Madrid more than the curse, corruption, parties, prostitutes, drugs all the journalistic taboo by the press MARK-Tooms is what you see at night in the capital .-

I focus on the issue Isco, Malaga has lad looks a great project that starts this coming season, but nobody will dare to predict that the fall in stroke or ostracism, nobody can give this team a hard-to-day But today and your future in the VCF is real, that you can cherish and enjoy a team and a Club Champions internationally renowned not sold to a sheikh who may tire morning of your new toy when it is young man is very fickle, but you have to store many data in this life of footballer they are 10 years of work and 2 or 3 of glory in this world there is little time you have two chances and if not ask Jandro, say if I good choice or because the expected one or two more seasons?

Nevertheless, and knowing that you're very good player also say that Portuguese is knocking on the door and Portugal is younger, is more Valencia and Pipo is the future of the next upper deck with VCF champion, who Forewarned is forearmed friend .-

Think, analyze, read between the lines and stop talking nonsense because your future may become a promising career ruined by one who has told you the story of La DAIRY .-

Good luck with whatever you decide ....

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