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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunny Sunday terminates and returns to Numancia

Valencia gave yet another boost to the operation and split out another player who was not in the plans of Emery. Sunny Sunday became the eighth discard-white discipline to leave this summer for only Chori-loan has gone after agreeing his termination.

Hispanic-Nigerian footballer, who was signed two years with the entity Mestalla, has forgiven part of the emoluments that he had to collect: 1,300,000 euros. Also, a good chunk of his severance will stop his former agent, Rodrigo Fernandez, who seized 130,000 euros through the courts for nonpayment of its relevant committees.

The midfielder's future is on the same team that his recent past. Sunny returns to Numancia, where he was given the second half of last year, as announced late in the afternoon all soriano on its website. The agreement is for two seasons, the player will join in training today.

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