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Monday, July 18, 2011

"A Valencia player has to think of titles"

What to expect from this Austrian concentration just beginning?

'I'm very happy to be the first season I do in this club. I have many desires and illusion. Hopefully we do very well because it is the base of the season. We do well both physically and psychologically.

- Are you prepared mentally for this type of work?

-We're used to. I came to Austria with the same enthusiasm and excitement in my first season as a professional.

- Are you of those who find it hard to leave behind the family?

-Always on the phone with them. We are far but now with the internet everything is close.

- What has been brought to Austria?

-I have my computer, my iphone ... Still do not know if people will like to play play, but had the habit of taking her Almería.

'With these few days of work in Valencia, is beginning to define the project?

-There is much yet. We have begun the physical work and some parts but knowing Unai tactics, as you near the league will be riding the team he wants.

- Have you found much difference Unai you know?

'I've little time with him here, but knowing how he is every year they study and grow. It's the same as any player who takes more experience.

'I could not imagine three years ago that they would match here ...

-Soccer is a tiny world. People may think that is great but these things happen many times. Not only is Emery also Bruno Piatti. Glad to be back with them.

- What is the Valencia Almeria always fishing there?

'That'll have to ask the president, do not know. Almeria is a club that buys very young players and try to grow and then sell them. Valencia have taken the time to sign. Piatti is a player who will give a lot in this club, you'll see. I too am young and I have room for improvement.

-The change from Almeria to Valencia is important, but this time with the added bonus that comes from a fallen one of Champions.

-The outside does seem a change but not for us, because they always compete. We knew it could happen in Almeria what happened. It is a modest club, fighting always stay and if things go wrong during the season, sooner or later it happens. First we endured four years and enjoyed it. Now we set other goals.

They say that the player gets more than his share when playing the descent when he wants to qualify for Europe ...

-It depends on the club and the goals, but I think also in the Champions League played a life. The problem is that the continued fight for many more teams.

'Well, it appears that Malaga is also added to the squad in Europe.

'It really has made important signings and investments, but do not know what will happen next.

'Here were divided opinions on the season became the Valencia: third, but far ahead of Real Madrid and Barcelona ...

-Everyone wants to bridge the differences.

- Can you as are economies?

'Of course you can. A Valencia player has to think like a big one. It has a large structure, is a club of Champions and the players have come to know that you can fight for everything.

- What do you mean by fighting for it? Do you talk about a title?

-The illusion is a title dispute. If we are able to do or not will be seen during the season, but the illusion has to be that. Think of as high as possible. A Valencia player has to think about titles. Otherwise, it is not a player to a team as big as this.

- Is it risky or ambitious on their part?

The players have to be ambitious. When you come to a club like Valencia, the pressure and responsibility, it must be one of those ambitions is to get as far as possible. Why not fight for titles? The League Cup or whatever.

- Why Alves will fight Diego this year by the title, and fit ...?

'I'm very happy. I am a club player and I will not fight with anyone. The fight will be with players from other teams. Guaita and I will help the team as much regardless of who is playing. The winner will be the gatekeepers Valencia has.

'When we signed him that came to be a starter, but has shown Guaita is also trained.

-In the season that Guaita has been shown to have opportunities to participate in everything. Nobody expected them to explode. It's an amazing guy, very well trained, has the affection of fans and is in town. The only winner is the club. I have come to help the team play or the bench.

'Now we can think Guaita and you are similar, is it good that struggle or as specific demarcation is better to know who owns and who is the alternate?

-The goalkeepers have their moments. If you are not playing as support. We must be calm, we will train the best. Both Guaita and I know that during the season we will have a very good friendship.

- Are two goalkeepers enough for Valencia?

-I leave that for you, not my turn to respond.

- How did the distance from the accumulation of goalkeepers who have arrived in Valencia?

'I had an agreement and focused on Almeria.

- Is it true you had offers this summer?

'I have no idea, I was in Brazil disconnected from everything that came here.

-Now that mentioned Brazil, how about the Copa America?

-Brazil is going through a difficult time. It is forming a new team. There are other strong teams that are already formed, so he suffers.

- Is your goal the selection?

-The priority is not, is Valencia and if in the future comes the selection, since perfect.

- As good is Neymar has been the star of the summer?

Yes, a very young player two years ago began to emerge and has grown tremendously, with a good future. His head is very focused even though her image is a bit worn. There are people on your side who will help a lot.

-Ochotorena was world champion as goalkeeping coach, are you motivated to work with?

'Of course, today Ochotorena is one of the best coaches in the world. It is a pleasure and great pride to be with him. Sure I'll grow a lot. I've known him a few days ago and I think a spectacular person.

Carry out you have a profile different from the common Brazilian, apparently a man he looks pretty focused.

-Also I am Italian ... (Laughs)

-Either way, there's that old saying that the goalkeepers tend to be somewhat rare types ...

-Old ... Today the goalie has to be smart. He plays a lot with the psychological part. So it is with Casillas, is very intelligent and knows how to act properly at all times. Football is very dynamic and we must be very focused. May say that we are 'mad' because every day we fall down sometimes. Now that's crazy! But what is the raw intelligence. It's a difficult position in which it can not fail.

-Are you a believer and has Jonas as a teammate that is too.

Yes, I am very religious. Jonas is a good guy. I did not know despite living in Brazil close to my city. We'll have a good friendship. May we have both a very good future and Jonas enjoy your career in Europe. Live football is a pleasure that is short, but friendship should keep for life.

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