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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last night I thought of the victory after five magical intervention, this prodigious and incredible player, our new God, our most successful signing of all our new story and I feel bad for Vincent GUAITA, but I have a bad habit of always saying the reality that I am, and what is my soul and my mind is that ALVES Diego must hold to get football results .-
On the explanations, the fact that their interventions seek to look last night since we saved from a rout .-
And I repeat what my other musical items, Jordi ALBA, RAMI, Victor RUIZ joy apart from the next by Paco CAFTA should be FOREVER, FOR LIFE Valencia.CF players for our good .-
Unai not, changes were very good and says all the press and everyone except me .... because they had to play well throughout the match, Mathieu was not bad, but can do much better when I stop playing so coldly , which seems rather French Russian ..... heck you BRITO Miguel showed that when he wants IS THE BEST SIDE of his years in Europe, and who does not want to see you observe Valencia.CF attacks and kills by whom took these facilities and those detained .-
OH MY CAPTAIN Albelda !!!!!!!!, when playing the note and far is the ax, the hammer of Thor, is an extraordinary power and we need a strike organizer and here .-
To have a team Coaches need what I call rare as the Cross, a good goalkeeper (ALVES and GUAITA in that order), a central command and that has balls (and VICTOR RUIZ RAMI), arrows that grind the opponent ( PABLO HERNANDEZ ALBA GEORGE, the latter weak, but better), a forward that goal even with the ass (Roberto Soldado) and a shaft that moves the team ....... and here I stand for you to think in this player .-
Unai is For Ever Banega and this player has many gaps, EYE TO THE FACT I do not think that is bad as Organizer, I see bad for the lubrication of all parts of the team, has vision, has touch, is Argentinian and therefore very special, but it is Xavi, not Llorente, some may think that Dani couple can be, I do not know because I have not seen so much as might have played .-
I loved Hugo Viana two players that is sure to triumph in the long run and MARIO ROSAS who was in the Castellón and comes from the ranks at FC Barcelona, ​​I dreamed of his signing, but it is the fifth of Puñol and therefore you have two news programs .-
As Braulio must think of a thinker, a product that can eventually be PORTU and hopefully get it, but for today's market unless we have surprises later ..... .-
And one last tip to Unai, comes the great, other than another Extremadura and embitter us on Saturday at 20:00 hours because rain is expected ..... GOALS Unai that is black and white, OK ?!!!!! !


Diego Alves, who became the most outstanding player of Valencia in the Champions stake against Chelsea, chose not to hog limelight. "Sometimes I managed to stop Chelsea, I'm happy for the game stops and the claw has shown the team has helped us to score a point. It's nice to enjoy a game of this nature," the goal .

During 'mad five minutes' Valencia experienced its worst start in the second act. "They were difficult times, we destabilize a bit and we lost concentration. They came, sometimes generated some balls ... I got to stop, also came the goal. Shortly after we had our chances and we react," said former Almeria. During this period Alves made four excellent interventions, which should add to Anelka in the last stretch.

When asked what is the best, he replied: "They are different. The Torres is a header with his hand bag, then there is a head to head with Ramires, stand and pull against my belly ... I'm staying with that of Torres, so strong that it comes close and the ball. " "We worked very hard with one on one Ochotorena. It is clear that very difficult striker"

After his performance, and overlooking the game at Granada, said: "The coach decides, I'm going to work, to stay the same to maintain the level and wait for opportunities. When we have to work to help the team."

Meanwhile, Pablo Piatti which came out in the second half of the game by Mathieu, stressed the importance of having "rescued" a point. "We were able to rescue a point at the end. We know that we are able and depend on us."

On the game, Argentina made the following reading: "The first part mastered enough. The second was opened again, they had their chances, we have ours, and in the end everyone took their weapons."

Finally, Victor Ruiz, told Radio 9, said the party ended with "good taste and we have made merits to tie at least. The test is positive"

Emery was right with the changes giving oxygen to a locked Valencia: "The changes have been good. They are made with that intention."

Ajax spy Braulio and come to take note of Soldier

Still not finished the month of September, but the Valencia Sports Directorate is working hard on right side to sign a "top" for next year, as it is a position which will produce two vacancies on the expiry of contracts Miguel Brito and Bruno. And the coordinator of the technical secretariat, Braulio Vazquez, yesterday moved to Madrid to watch live the evolution of the Ajax side of Gregory van der Wiel, one of those who have very good references. Valencia is well aware that the next major financial investment aimed at going right side, similar to that in his day was done with Victor Ruiz, because it is considered an important field area to be improved.

Can be considered to be early, but a virtue to sign a player at a good price before the most powerful economic entities are filed answers to time. The president's message and Braulio Manuel Llorente is clear: "We must get there before the rest." Van der Wiel reports have been compiled many, as the Ajax was one of the clubs followed by the technical secretariat of last season and in their ranks was the central Jan Vertonghen, although not finally took the step to be a option is economically the parameters set out by the club and there is any doubt about how quickly the player. In the 'Eredivisie' Dutch surrendered to a high level, but neither played at the speed that is in the Liga, for example, and these questions led to another player as Victor Ruiz them down the road to sign for Valencia. In his day is also interested in the figure that the side of Ajax could leave the club, and estimates are handled spoke of between eight and ten million euros. The VCF is aware that if they move fast and good piece price could be less than these amounts, as the season ends when the player only deduct one-year contract and the Amsterdam club prefers to sell as soon as possible to let him go with the charter of freedom. Bayern Munich, who negotiated with Ajax in the summer but do not bet big for him to not be so necessary.

Van der Wiel, at 23, stands out as a long-distance side, quite offensive and has been international. Braulio wanted to see him against a rival entity, making it clear that Valencia is heavily involved in the signing of the accompanying right side next season Barragán.

Mestalla emotional farewell to Kill

Juan Mata for the first time experienced what being a rival of Valencia at the Mestalla. The group received a black and white than were their stars. A player loved, idolized, and chorused by the stands of Mestalla.

In fact, it felt strange on the field. He said that would affect your entire past, but the truth is that probably lived experiences or imagined. It was not very participatory. Villas Boas put him on the right in the first half. He played ball, but very little. He had the opportunity to launch a foul but the veteran prevailed and threw Lampard.

At the end of the match saw a yellow card for protesting to collegiate action and before leaving the field Mestalla was the love you leave with a loud and heartfelt applause.

The Valencia last renewal Paco Alcácer

Paco Valencia and Alcácer are increasingly close to signing a renewal that will allow the club to shield the player with the greatest of the quarry. The vice president, Javier Gómez, and technical secretary, Braulio Vazquez met with Lorenzo and Alberto Toldrá, agents of the player in the clubhouse to bring positions. Consulting Toldrá According to sources, the agency that represents the player, is currently working on "the best for the player and how to translate this into a contract." From Valencia transmitting optimism, but is pending a future meeting to close the deal.

The main conclusion was reached yesterday is that economically the London starts to speak in terms that satisfy Alcácer, although key issues remain to be treated as what to do with the player, who just turned 19 the next season.

This summer there have been many teams that are interested in football, like Barcelona, ​​according MARK unveiled two weeks ago, and Valencia is not willing to let it out. Initially there has been talk of raising the player's buyout clause to 20 million and extend the contract until 2016, although the parties did not confirm nor denied this information.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Opposition to '9 'in Spain at Euro

The Spanish team next June defend its status as European champions. Almost four years have passed since Fernando Torres scored the historic goal against Germany which ended forever with the complex of Spanish football. A few months growing doubts about his future call for Vicente del Bosque. There will be three front and Roberto Soldado is the one who seems more willing to take the site. Tonight measure their worth in Mestalla.

The attacking trident that presumably will travel to the meeting of Ukraine-Poland selections will be led by Villa, now unquestionable. In recent friendlies has also increased participation or Negredo Llorente, who has shown great effectiveness by signing five goals in seven appearances. The various combinations ready to Torres and Soldier in a competition of merit.

The signing of Torres for Chelsea, the most expensive in the history of the Premier League, has not covered so far and the expectations of the club nor the player. "When you do things well and scores goals from the first day is easy for the fans you want, but the first few months for me have been very, very difficult," admitted in a television interview on your computer.

Your credit scoring has three goals since arriving in London, two of them made at the start of this season. Some historical voices of the bank and have publicly targeted poor performance. However, Villas-Boas is a fixture in the front duo.

The Torres goal percentage in 88 appearances (0.3 per game) with the selection is less than that offered Soldier (0.8) in seven. Valencia striker came to meet Villa's march to Barcelona. He finished the year with 18 goals, confirming a clear progression that is to decorate with a new internationalism.

'9 'Valencia sounds hard to the list Del Bosque announced on Friday ahead of clashes with the Czech Republic and Scotland. This course has scored five times, which puts him as the best National League striker.

"It is clear that the selection is the dream of every player and I want to get myself a hole based on goals," said soldier at the beginning of the season. The Champions League has crossed paths with Torres, another player who becomes the lead of Spain in a blessed problem.


Night of revenge for Valencia CF

Nobody is aware that this Valencia-Chelsea is the biggest game so far this season. The hobby has almost exhausted the paper and wait until the clock strikes a quarter to nine in the hope of reviving one of the greatest nights of Champions at the Mestalla. Meanwhile, Unai Emery's men arrive at the appointment with the desire for revenge. Coach and players have conspired to add the first three points of the 2011/2012 Champions League and, incidentally, to settle at a stroke a number of outstanding accounts.

Valencia need a win to repair to take revenge after the bitter aftertaste of the painful defeat in Seville. But especially after the unsuccessful Genk tie two weeks ago. The 0-0 in Belgian land forces during the first day, at least, to add to Chelsea in order to keep intact the sorting options before the momentous stakes with Bayer Leverkusen.

In addition, the desire for revenge are multiplied with Chelsea. While past editions or teams like Werder Bremen surprised Rosenborg on home soil at Valencia, Londoners are the largest single continent that has gone with the victory in each of their visits. Since the release before the Rangers have marched Europe giants Bayern, Manchester, Barca, Arsenal, Liverpool or Inter. Against all at one time or another throughout its history of Champions, the locals were able to get a positive result ... Against all but the Blues, who have gone scot-free.

Valencia got two draws at Stamford Bridge, but Chelsea managed to win house in 2007 and 2008 editions. Moreover, the first year, the district eliminated the rich of London Quique Flores in the quarter-finals after winning 1-2 on goals from Shevchenko back and Essien in the 90th minute. A year later the British returned to win by a goal after two in the second round of the group stage. That day, October 3, 2007, Drogba was the author of the second goal. Today, the Ivorian, who has scored two goals in three games to VCF-opens in the current edition after being sidelined with a neck injury against Bayer.

Champions In 2008, the Valencia Koeman end the group stage goalless draw at Stamford Bridge and out of the competition at the hands of Chelsea, Schalke and Rosenborg, without even playing the UEFA. The black legend gets bigger to see that the VCF has won all the English clubs who have gone through the stadium, with the exception of West Bromwich, with which it tied (1-1) in the UEFA 1978, and precisely Chelsea. In contrast, Manchester City (2-1, UEFA 1972), Nottingham Forest (1-0, Super 1980), Arsenal (1-0 and 2-1, Champions 2001 and 2003) and Liverpool (2-0, Champions 2003) do know the taste of defeat at the Mestalla. Even the United, who lost 2-1 in the UEFA in 1982 thanks to goals from Solsona and Robert. Competition, in which, on the other hand, also lay down to Bayern Munich in 1996 (3-0).

A battle for faith
The three points in the second day in the fast lane would address old grievances and missteps blues Genk and Seville. Also serve to restore the optimism of the early games. After the premiere of Belgium 0-0, David Albelda and warned "the pessimists" that the team can turn around the situation and win the powerful club of Russian Abramovich and rising to the top of the group E. "He is assuming that we will lose to Chelsea and we can beat them ... It's early and there is room for correction," said the captain, who enraged added: "People are pessimistic."

The Llarga Popula-man's most experienced group with more than 50 games in the Champions League, has found his trip to Valencia in Mestalla and the team will always show their faces in the big European nights.

- Probable teams:
VALENCIA: Diego Alves, Miguel, Rami, Victor Ruiz, Jordi Alba, Albelda, Banega, Paul Canales, Mathieu, and Soldier.
CHELSEA: Cech, Bosingwa, Ivanovic, Terry, Cole, Obi Mikel, Raul Meireles, Ramires, Anelka, Torres and Mata.

Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (Italy).

Stadium: Mestalla.

Time: 20.45 hours. (Canal Nou)

Emery: "We do not promise to win, it does give the most '

Unai Emery began emphasizing how important appearances are the three points for Valencia: "Obviously it would be very important to win. We are convinced of them. We want to amend the two points lost against Genk." And he was convinced that "in our best state we can win." He added that one of those states' is the game on Wednesday against Barcelona. "

On the characteristics of Chelsea, said, "is a very physical team, with many joining from behind, and with great force in the incorporation. They accumulate a lot of muscle on defense, too."

What I did not say publicly is the way to approach the game, he simply said, "We want to be actors. Always make the party with the idea of ​​winning, almost always with the same style and the same philosophy." He also said to be "play smart, and be able to look over our virtues our shortcomings." He also admitted that "serves as a reference" to harm, the party that Chelsea lost to Manchester United last few dates in the Premiership, but also noted that "We know the two teams, and there will be no surprises, each will play its "

On the role of the fans, Emery said "I'd love for the field was full, but we know that those who come will be very stuck with the team. It is also a party to enjoy it. We hope to offer a great game. No can not promise victory, but if we promise to do everything possible to achieve. " He added that "at the Mestalla the team feels comfortable and strong, we must seize the camp factor to one of the favorites of the group."

Basque technician asked whether he could Mata somehow affect his return to the Mestalla. He dodged the question by saying that "we are focused on our team. We provide a great game to the fans and also be able to beat them. Any player dressed in blue is our enemy"

Returning to Chelsea, Unai had no qualms about saying that "and Chelsea is great, they are favorites, which shows the order of hype, but we know we can beat, we have faith."

Finally, the Valencia coach admitted that hope to win in order to "dedicate a victory to Paco Real, which has left us this Tuesday."

'We need the Virgin and the fans against Chelsea'

It's finally time to debut at the Mestalla.
Well, I prefer to await the decision of Mr.. I prefer to wait because it is still not one hundred percent official. We have to wait and see if you really play. But if I do I can not deny it's a nice game to play.
- He had imagined a premiere in their new stadium as well?
-If game and finally give me the opportunity will be a very nice opportunity to debut at the Mestalla in front of the fans.
And over against Chelsea and the Champions League.
'It's a dream. We played one of the largest in Europe such as Chelsea and hopefully win the game because they will be three important points. I expect to see the environment that I saw against Barcelona.
- Is it the first time you play against them?
Yes, I did not play ever against them, but not okay. It is a normal team like us. It is clear that has many levels and there are very good players, is a team that has a very high prestige.
-In a template with so much potential, what is the player who Chelsea is concerned?
'It's a well known team has great players, are international. All are important. Drogba, Torres in attack, Cech and Terry in defense .. All are players who have become reference Chelsea. There will be very attentive to them. If I have the opportunity to participate is an honor to face them.
'Let's see, first asked by Fernando Torres. The Spaniard has to score in the Premiership.
'I know well. I've seen him play a lot on TV. I know him better than others because I have seen caps. It's a fast player, who has a lot of quality, which is always well positioned and has a good shot.
-Drogba has returned after his injury and is already making ...
'Always. It's a different striker Torres is all strength. Africa is the typical player physically strong, above is very powerful, has a strong shot and is a player who brings many things besides scoring.
- And the French? Anelka is a good way.
-For me, Anelka is a mixture of strength and technical quality he has. Combine the two. It's a finisher, but also has good vision and creates a lot of plays and knows to associate with their peers.
- Do you trust John Mata?
- (Laughs) They all know what he can do. It's a creative player, which starts most often played and also the end. He is a player of great quality and we can not leave even a free minute because they sure will generate much danger.
- Have you changed this a lot with John at Chelsea a few years ago, extreme muscle?
'I think that some English clubs tend to the game less physical and direct in previous years. Find an example with David Silva, Manchester City. Silva, and Mata are good quality players with the ball are more dangerous than without it. I am sure that Mata will also be very successful there. Against us no, but hopefully will have it starting Thursday.
'There are three compatriots. Ramires, Alex and David Luiz.
-I know them well. A Ramires know him very well because it has grown at Atletico Mineiro football terms. I've played against them many times and has always been a very powerful player and a lot of speed and arrival. Here in Brazil was a flyer that came much to the area. I do not know where he plays for Chelsea, but it's a dangerous player. I remember I had a very quick exit. Above is improving every year. He is a player who must be taken into account.
- What about the other two?
Alex is a strong central lefty, which is well above, it is very big and fast. He had a very strong shot. We must be aware of the faults because it is a good pitcher and has a lot of goals from a distance. David has come recently, but I met him in the selection and was surprised at the quality it has to be central. Always got the ball played very quietly. And the peace of mind that has to take the ball to the front also has to finish. The other day I checked, is a major player.
The players and goalkeepers even more, if demand continued to perform better. Is it difficult playing every two or three weeks?
'I have to adapt to the situation of the goal. I have to wait until the day I have to play. I think we should work and be ready when I get the chance. If I play against Chelsea will try to do our best without thinking how long ago it does not play.
'I opened the competition in Belgium. Is it so nice to play the Champions League as they say?
Yes. This is a competition that many people want to play. We are privileged to be playing in the Champions League by the players involved, the teams there and everything it produces.
-The draw against Genk to win now required to have Chelsea in Mestalla. Is it another final half as the party named Unai Sevilla?
'It was a draw against a team that is theoretically less strong the group and that forces you to win because it's a short competition, are only three matches in Mestalla and you have to use them. We have to get the nine points of Mestalla.
-They took a miraculous hand when there were six minutes to the end point is worth bearing the team now. Were you happy with your first gig?
Yes, but not by the hand, I was good overall. People stay with that stop, but the feelings were good throughout the match, I was aware and prepared, as I said is important. Wait, work
-Against Chelsea will need more than ever to the Virgin.
On Wednesday we need the Virgin, to the fans of FC Barcelona and Valencia to win at Chelsea. It will be a very difficult match. Surely if we repeat the game against Barcelona we can achieve a lot. That atmosphere was very positive and hopefully be repeated because it is the way to win.

Michael and Albeda, experts 'blues'

The meeting tonight at the Mestalla (20:45 pm) is the fifth clash between Valencia and Chelsea in the Champions League. A duel of two players that survive only in the template of Unai Emery: David Albelda and Miguel Brito. Both return to the starting lineup of Emery. The right-luso 'rested' against Sevilla in the last game of the VCF, while midfielder also returns to the team after recovering from back injury suffered against the club.

The Portuguese have played four games against the London as a starter, while the Pobla Larga has lost only one, the last one played against the Blues with Valencia Koeman on the bench. Now both players repeated in the starting XI Valencia-white look for first win against the Andre Villas Boas. Chelsea won 1-2 in the two previous meetings at the Mestalla. In the group stage of the 2007/08 season the whole of London was imposed following a goal from Moretti's own goal and another from Didier Drogba. The match at Stamford Bridge ended with a goalless draw on the scoreboard. The previous season the two teams faced off in the quarterfinals. After a 1-1 draw in London, Morientes Valencia ahead after 32 minutes, but in the early stages of the second half tied Andriy Shevchenko and Michael Essien's goal on 90 minutes gave the pass to the semifinals to set London (1 -2). Today, new revalidation, with Michael and Albelda as the only survivors.

'Hoolingans' in search of input and beer

A Valencia-Chelsea game is almost the national interest, even internationally. And if it occurs in the Champions League and has the added Mata's return, 'the last great hero' of the parish che. Reasons why more than a thousand fans have moved from London to attend the meeting, but Chelsea, who had requested tickets 1300, has withdrawn 300, so it is anticipated that the affected roam the city of Valencia in search resale and, of course, beer.

They will also be many English from the Levant who come to Valencia to prowl the outskirts of Mestalla. Therefore, the party has declared high risk and are about 600 police officers who ensure security for the whole day runs smoothly.

As for the entry that regristrará in the field, 40,000 fans who will take their places. Champions members pay in your pocket and not notice it. During the afternoon of Wednesday is expected to approach the last stragglers to the stadium to wear their best clothes before a special game.

Valencia and Atletico convene a meeting on TV rights

Valencia and Atletico Madrid have called a meeting next Monday at the headquarters of the Professional Football League, to discuss the management of television rights by the League itself.

Sevilla said on their official website, quotation, which have already confirmed their attendance "80 percent of the clubs," will start at 11.00.

More specifically, the meeting has six points and will be in their room where they will discuss the management of television rights "looking for a more solvent and equitable competition."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The VCF visit to Mallorca on Saturday, 15 to 18 hours

The Football League (LFP) announced today the schedules of the eighth game of the season in the First Division in which the Mallorca-Valencia will be played on Saturday 15 at 18:00, just as the Getafe-Villarreal and Levante Málaga is on Sunday also at 18:00.

Rayo Vallecano-Espanyol will be the meeting that the 12 hours ahead of Sunday 16 Athletic Bilbao and Osasuna close the day at 21.00 am on Monday 17.

The complete list provided by the league schedule is as follows:
The 8th day Primera Division (Liga BBVA)
- Saturday, October 15
Mallorca-Valencia 18:00
Getafe-Villarreal 18:00
Real Madrid-Betis 18:00
20:00 F.C. Barcelona-Racing
22:00 Atletico Madrid-Granada

- Sunday, October 16
Espanyol 12:00 Rayo Vallecano-
Zaragoza-Real Sociedad 16:00
Lift-Málaga 18:00
Sevilla-Sporting 22:00

- Monday, October 17
Athletic-Osasuna 21:00

Second day the 9th Division (Liga Adelante)
- Friday, October 14
21:00 Villarreal 'B'-Girona

- Saturday, October 15th
16:00 Deportivo Nàstic
Sabadell-Alcorcón 18:00
Alcoyano Hercules 18:00
Cartagena, Córdoba 18:00
18:00 Huesca-Murcia
18:00 Numancia-Almería
Recreativo-Valladolid 18:00
18:00 Las Palmas-Elche (Hours Peninsular)

- Sunday, October 16
18:00 F.C. Barcelona 'B'-Guadalajara
20:00 Xerez-Celta.

Topal extra work and Albelda in El Saler

Mehmet Topal David Albeda and tightened to be a hundred percent against Chelsea. After meeting yesterday gentle with his colleagues on the beach of El Saler, the two players had an extra work session with the recovery Jordi Sorli, the football field at the Parador de El Saler, while the rest of the staff enjoyed the pool. The goal is to be available tomorrow for the major technical meeting in Mestalla against Chelsea. Today will be the ultimate test in the final session of team work, although in principle should have no problem Albeda to be today in the squad, while it is more difficult Topal despite the efforts of the past sessions.

The presence of both players was the major innovation in training on Sunday and again yesterday to move forward in their process to return to the normal dynamics of the team. The captain suffered a blow in the lower back in the early part of the Valencia-Barcelona. The night of Wednesday, when the game was played in Mestalla, underwent a medical examination at the clinic emergency Chiron, near Valencia stadium as a result of intense pain. Tests ruled out a crack. On Thursday, after a new test, the doctors reported that Albelda suffered "a severe contusion in the lumbar spine." Four days after the injury occurs, the Pobla Llarga midfielder returned to work and it looks like it will be available to Emery. Meanwhile, Turk is shortening the period of two to three weeks which was set to monitor your progress after the tear in the labrum of the shoulder that was done in Belgium against Genk, yesterday worked on the same line and its evolution is positive.

Barragan: "We can stand up to anyone '

The Valencia side he spent his first official party-minute black and white on their land, Sevilla,
and showed the team have fitted perfectly. After the good image that offered the VCF against Barca, Barragan is optimistic about the match against Chelsea despite the poor result in the Pizjuán harvested. Thus, the player faces with confidence his second participation in the Champions League after having played in his time with Liverpool.

It was waiting for your debut, but it came.
Yes, but I've enjoyed and although I am happy for the debut, I'm not the outcome.
- Do you keep a memory of each of the premieres?
-Always remember those days because they are special and have in your mind as time goes by you remember as a positive story. And every time I keep the shirt debuted that day.
- How were his debut with Deportivo, Liverpool and Valladolid?
In Valladolid, we lost 1-2 against Osasuna, Deportivo won 3-2 in Zaragoza in the first round of league and Liverpool won 3-1 with CSKA Sofia. I remember very well of all, are beautiful things.
And with Valencia was no other place where short dress in Seville, where he grew as a person and player.
Anecdotal, but it seems so. It was my land, my family went to the field to support me and it was a beautiful day for me to be my first official minutes in Valencia. Maybe a little sad about the result, because I think we deserved a little more.
- Ran out of tickets?
-I got all I could but some did have to buy (laughs). Always supporting me in everything that may have been by my side in bad times and was a nice time to go to me but it was going to be on the bench.
- What differences found between the triangular friendly played against Villarreal Malaga and meeting with Sánchez Pizjuán? From the podium he was more comfortable and loose.
Yes, that day in Murcia did not know much to peers, a few days was busy with the issue of contract signing and presentation were quite moved a few days and may not rested enough to perform. I saw well that day, maybe a little fast, but I found it quite comfortable Sevilla thank my colleagues, I quickly clothed.
He started with a line of three central and total freedom to raise the band, he played well?
-With yes Deportivo Lotina we played with five defenders, I adapt to the system that the coach sees fit to play and try to do things the best way to help the team with the bad luck that did not win.
- He spoke later with a former teammate of Seville?
-I was with Jesus Navas and Coke, with whom I met in the selection and Sub'18 Sub'17. I have many friends there in that house, as a doctor, utilleros, physical therapists emigrated players ... maybe more, but people are always there to greet you and it's nice to see how they are spending so many years there.
-Thanks to his training in Seville is part of the elite.
'Of course, I was nine years where there treated me great and I grew as a player and person. They personally guide you and educate you to be a civilized person in the world we live in now, when you're in footballing quarry a big club like Sevilla also learn sport. I have only words of thanks. They are beautiful memories will always remember.
- Do you wonder why was not called?
Well, that decides whether the game is the boss and me the only thing I can do is work in practice for the coach to try to trust me and give me the opportunity. Is what makes a call and then a starting lineup, I have to get into that, what I do is be humble and hardworking, for when the coach required to take the opportunity.
-Raised in the city of Seville, is it so rare is that Valencia is a game like this, with two local expelled and a penalty for it?
-It is true that perhaps the circumstances of the second half were rare, when Sevilla ahead on the scoreboard is rockier team back snug and is more difficult to hurt, but in this case the game put us face to face with the two ejections and then had the misfortune of missing the penalty. If the penalty mark in history have been different, but that can happen to anyone and it is pulling it fails, do not give you more turns.
-Now we have to be positive to get to Chelsea.
'Of course, we must move on, be as positive as possible, stay focused and get the three points that are also as important as those of Seville.
-Unai often write messages on the board of clothing, have you sent them one for the end of Wednesday?
Unai Emery-up and always wants us to be focused on all sites. Sevilla parties like the lost one in five times and came to us.
-You have been in English football, remember a game against the Blues?
-I did not play many games in the league with Liverpool but English football is probably stronger than ours, but here is more technical. Each league has its own thing and everybody knows what it is Chelsea.
-In England he spent a season and almost coincided with the transformation of Chelsea.
'That's true, more or less was the time when Abramovich came to Chelsea and it was when they were up. Large teams were Manchester, Liverpool and Arsenal, following are other major Abramovich and Mourinho won the league.
-He also knows what it is to play the Champions League as a player 'Red'.
-A party in the run against CSKA Sofia in Bulgaria, after several times I called.
- Would you like to now be one of the protagonists?
Yes, these games are very nice to play, but I am calm, the only thing I can do is work in practice so that the coach trusts me, and especially the victory.
-Da quiet before this match that the VCF can tutear the best player in the world such as Barcelona.
'Of course, compared to Barca, we realized that we can be up to them, it was a pretty good game and maybe we missed because of bad luck, because we had chances to win. The staff of the VCF can stand up to any computer.
- Is there a Chelsea player that appeals to you most?
Mata, Fernando Torres ... they have many good players but always stay with the Spanish. Mata's presence is giving more quality to Chelsea, and Silva, Manchester City, and that last pass is missing in England.
'You and Fernando Torres are Galician adoption, do you know personally?
I have no pleasure, but kills itself because we were champions of Europe together and Silva Sub'19 also know the sub'21.
-They have an important role, would you like to have in Valencia?
Yes, of course. As explained in the presentation Braulio my career a bit frustrated by the issue of knee injury. I went to Valladolid to return football to the wheel with the bad luck we went down to second, but it is what has made me recover as a player, forget the injuries and play my game to enjoy football. Have posted for me and all the confidence expected to return.

Champions Therapy

"It is not the same thing to give a talk in the dressing room to do it outside in a different and unusual. Thus the message reaches more players. " They are words of Emery, but it could be. The coach wanted to make a break from the daily routine of the team to a change of scenery and to enhance confidence of the group after their first offense of the season in just two days Pizjuán and the Champions League match against Chelsea. A different training at the Parador de El Saler, a half-hour animated conversation on the sandy beach, a fun time at the pool complex and a good paella on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea were the ingredients chosen to recover emotionally to Unai Some players played for the last few games, keep trusting in the season opener and encourage the costume to turn the page, the British win with the intensity displayed at the club and become strong in the group at the Mestalla. And yesterday's session was much more than a summer fun training. More than a day at the beach, it was therapy.

Unai decided on Sunday afternoon that he had to escape from the routine. Air had to change the stale atmosphere that was created after the defeat against Sevilla. Why the beach? The coach understood that it was an ideal place to disconnect from the mistakes of Sevilla and recharge your batteries in the face of tomorrow's clash against England. The Basque also choose the beach when considering a change in the workplace would increase players' attention. As it was. In his opinion, the message comes over the group if it is launched from a different scenario as yesterday. In addition, Emery wants to exploit the full potential offered by the city. Which city has sun, sand and peace at the end of September? Unai want to optimize all resources.

It was for all these reasons that the team traveled by bus yesterday to El Saler, changing for a day Paterna grass on the dunes to the beach. Many were the targets. The virtually all developed during his talk with the players on the edge of the beach volleyball before playing. It was the moment of therapy. Away from the glare of the media and fans, Unai mentalizing team need to be strong in Mestalla and score nine points which would mean putting a foot in the next phase of the Champions League. Also encouraged the team to recover the intensity shown against Barca.

Another objective was to assess the Mister start of the season and remind the players that are within range of all-league teams put emphasis on that Sevilla is only a point-and if they were able to stand up to Barca can beat Chelsea too. And why not? Beach therapy also served to encourage some players emotionally touched after recent games Banega, Jordi and Aduriz. That left the group aware of the importance of the party and how much you play. The target was met. What's more, the coach liked the atmosphere that lived minutes after the pool and the Parador restaurant. Yesterday was the turn of the psychic aspect. Today will take over tactics. For tomorrow, so emotional. And, in communion with the fans is another goal. The news is hopeful. Until last night, between partners and the general public, there were 35,000 tickets sold compared to 2,000 England fans to accompany the Chelsea. Fans, coaches and team are moving. Until the earth! Yes, yesterday detected an earthquake in the sea of ​​2.8 magnitude on the Richter scale in front of El Saler, where hours before the VCF was averted. Is it a sign? Perhaps the advance of the earthquake that is expected tomorrow at the Mestalla

Emery asked 'calm' to Parejo

Dani Parejo was one of the first signings to materialize but Unai is not counting a lot with him, hence it has taken the decision to talk alone with him and discuss your personal situation. According to the technician explained, are happy with the level that is occurring in practice, but its absence in the parties justifies the great moment of Ever Banega. Today, the technician removed the Argentine does not include the starting lineup in order to take advantage of these high performance peaks that a player has during the season, but he's prepared to Dani up for when you have the opportunity. The meeting between the two was at the request of the technician and partner understands his reasons for being deprived of having role in the beginning of the course, but also like to see their name more times between the 18-man squad.

Their presence in the summons to travel to Sevilla was the second so far this season, before he went to Genk and started the party in a great performance that caught on. Before and after has always been one of discards because technicians will ask for more "intensity" in defensive duties. Unai relies heavily on the conditions of the 'Prince' de Coslada yet is aware that in the current Valencia is very difficult to play because of the enormous competition that exists, especially when not using the system is usually more known for their stage in the Getafe, placing him in a 'triangle' in the middle lane with a defensive midfielder and two creative. In the Champions League match played against Genk, played with a 1-4-3-3 Unai and Dani was supported by Banega and Topal few meters behind. According to technical reports, the party played "very well" and reminded him in conversation the two had.

Seeing his little role, representatives of the international-soccer-Bay are very aware of him to continue training hard. They know that this is the only way to account for the coach with him, and he is well aware Parejo having learned the lesson of years ago, especially in the financial year 2008/09 when he returned to Real Madrid after his loan spell at QPR. He is well aware that is to maintain its level of intensity in practice and what you are doing, quality is more than enough and should be complemented with physical labor.

Dani Parejo is at home in Valencia, he knows he would not be easy its journey through the competition but he is attracted to the challenge and is well aware that will maximize your opportunity. Unai asks "calm" to keep pushing, because Éver can not change it now.

Jonas returns to Brazil

The Jonas Gonçalves Valencia has been summoned again by the Brazilian National Team to contest the upcoming friendlies with the five-time world. After a day of this weekend's League will stand to leave center stage to the national teams. One of the Valencian will defend the colors of your country will be coming forward Jonas for the third time in the call for Menezes, which coincided with the technician for a few months in his time at Gremio.

The first party to contest the 'canarinha' selection will be against Costa Rica on October 7, in the Costa Rican city of San Jose. Once finished the game, the Valencia striker will travel to Mexico to face the combined 'Chepo' de la Torre. The match will take place on October 11 in Torreon.

Thus, the attacker has won back the confidence of Brazilian technicians after the good start to the season that has been done with Valencia. So this will be the third time you travel with the absolute as it was last March when he wore his colors for the first time in a friendly against Scotland. Subsequently reconvened in August to face Germany on the 10th of that month, but this time not dressed up short.

Real Paco dies

Valencia CF has issued an official statement expressing their condolences to the families and friends of Paco Real, sadly died on Tuesday. Francisco Valencia Real was one who spent much of his life associated with the institution, and always had the recognition and affection of all-white family. Real occupied many functions within the entity was first team coach coach subsidiary, director and head of the School of Foreign Affairs and Institutional Relations, among others. The Mass will be held on Wednesday, 28, at 15:30 pm in the Municipal Funeral Valencia. SUPER Since we joined the family's grief at this difficult time.

Bayern Banega Éver spy

Despite that bit of luck at the Sanchez Pizjuan failed to score the penalty, the performance of Ever Banega in the beginning of the course is being of outstanding, and this has attracted interest from several European clubs like Bayern Munich, which has applied for accreditation to be tomorrow and take note of Argentina. The team coached by Jupp Heynckes leads the Bundesliga, but that does not mean you have a deficit in the creation of football, and that together with the undisputed Schweinsteiger-a-likes to play Tymoshchuk SUV, which corresponds to that profile.

Banega is a very high level and Emery has given the trust claimed in previous seasons, hence it has played all 90 minutes from start to finish in five of the six games, resting solely in the match against Atletico Madrid after a very long journey with Argentina to India and Bangladesh. And that is symptomatic of that Valencia has left the building in the hands of Argentine midfielder, aware that it is also important at a time individually to regain his place in the starting lineup with Argentina. Undoubtedly, the situation in Valencia Éver has turned 180 degrees since the end of last year, when he joined the Department Dani Parejo Sport to exercise the creative midfield role for a possible departure of Argentine, who was the not reach the club a financial offer important, and now they are both competing for a job.

The presence of technicians from Bayern Munich to see the Argentine joins Inter Milan, who on Wednesday moved to Luis Suárez to watch 'in situ' Hitch developments Argentine embroidered party. From day one wanted to take responsibility, and that was one reason why last Saturday took the ball to launch the penalty is common but not him, was confident and deceived the goalkeeper, but repelled the ball as the club . The technicians are very happy with Banega, who already come brides.

Llorente preferred to 'lose' money Mata

Juan Mata passed medical examination with Chelsea on 22 August after the club headed Abramovich paid 28 million euros for Valencia, but if the economic situation of the club have been very different and no one lived a crisis level World Manuel Mata Llorente have retained one more season, assuming the risk of losing four or five million euros in a transfer later. As head of the entity and "watchdog" of the economic situation, was forced to transfer the footballer Asturian-named first captain a few weeks earlier not expecting to receive - only and exclusively by the economic situation, and that apart from money that has been admitted by transfer, the club also saved four million euros gross per year, as reflected by the new contract the player signed on 1 August in the offices of the club. At one time more economically buoyant Mata play tomorrow's match with the shirt of Valencia, because the intention was not to pass it.

John still has not returned to the city from which fired at a press conference at the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna, and therefore has not set foot in the Mestalla stadium, so today will have strange feelings in spite of having adapted to his new life in London since the first day. His name was linked all summer with several English clubs, but there was a key date was July 30, the day on which expires at 23.59 hours a clause that the Spaniard could leave unilaterally changed a lot close to 22 million euros. That day, John traveled to Valencia to Lisbon and even played the final 26 minutes that afternoon when the president wanted to announce publicly that "Kill remains" was the player himself who asked him to wait ... why? The current '10 'Chelsea always clear to their leaders spoke in telephone conversations they had in summer, as both President Braulio Vazquez, asking that if clubs like Manchester, Chelsea, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona and Madrid were presented with an offer economic interest would like to accept it. That request was also heard.

Chelsea paid more for the tour
Why Llorente thought Mata would not July 30? Because after that night, having no obligation to sell the player to balance the budget, told the player's agent would put a price 'prohibitive' next at 30 million euros. It was expected that if a club could sign John pay more for less money, but Chelsea had an explanation but it seems surreal. In late July, 21 to 30, the Blues were on tour in Asia and the team was the Executive Director, Ron Gourlay. Until the club returned to England did not begin to negotiate, thus benefiting financially because Valencia charging more money over which fixed the unilateral termination clause Mata Manuel Llorente run ... but other that it complied with the contract set renovation and will be substantially improved tab to four million euros gross, becoming the highest paid player of the workforce for a few days.

Chelsea do not lose in Spain for six years

Chelsea, who visit the Mestalla on Wednesday to face Valencia in the second day of the first phase of the Champions League, knows no defeat in Spain for six years.

The team currently headed by Portugal's Luis André Villas-Boas lost last time in Spain on November 1, 2005 when they lost 1-0 against Real Betis in the group stage of the Champions League.

Since then, the London team has played six games with a record of four draws and two wins, both against Valencia. Of the four draws made ​​in Spanish fields, three of them were in the Nou Camp against Barcelona and the final against Atletico Madrid (2-2) on his last visit to our country two seasons ago.

Mata: "If you do not frame to celebrate Valencia respect"

Juan Mata Valencia back today, much sooner than expected the day we said goodbye to the crowd at the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna. Then, he launched a desire on the air - "I wish we face in the final of the Champions" - which can still be met, albeit complicated.

The Spaniard player has gotten into the pockets of the fans at Stamford Bridge in a month. Logical, considering that in the first game and scored. But he still talks to his club with a certain respect, "Cech, Drogba, Terry and Lampard are players who have spent many years at Chelsea, but from the first day made me feel very integrated in the dressing room. I will try to learn everything I can of them. "

Valencia Mata was a gentleman and have a great reception at the Mestalla. And when the fans know that if a goal is scored, do not place: "Out of respect for the fans and the four years I spent there, not held. It will be a very special game for me and a little strange too."

Mata also has already opened this season in the Champions League and he scored a goal against Leverkusen in the first round. In fact, in a match with the London club has scored the same points in the continental showpiece in the previous eight black and white dress.

Mata is delighted that he has in store draw their first Champions League exit is to return to Valencia: "It was a disappointment, on the contrary. In any case, we must be very alert because Valencia is a great team, as saw in the match against Barcelona. " He also maintains his desire for the Champions, "Whatever happens at the Mestalla, hopefully in the final game of the group stage we are both mathematically classified and we are then in the end."

Monday, September 26, 2011


Film is a phrase from the movie The Alamo, the pimp tells Yankee vaqero chief officer and borraco john "is not what you say, is as you say," because at the Sanchez Pizjuan was the same in Seville could lose, but not so, not that way, missed a penalty and against (the end) one less, but it is always the same story with this coach and this team because everyone is to blame, we as lightning, going as Thor, Captain America is left behind and suddenly ....
Everything is shit !!!!!!
As Santiago Canizares said on Thursday the league and we ate on Saturday night we avoided relegation, as I always say we have to evolve our mindset from ONCE AND FOR ALL, and I am the first, recorded in the Minutes -
1 - O RAMI We tied a season or next we remove it, this player must be a standard for the VCF as always .-
We tied 2-O º Jordi Alba or taketh away the FCB for the next season .-
3 - "Air" to be a complement Aduritz Roberto Soldado and you're good experiments, the player made ​​a mistake, like any mortal .-
4 º-tia Banega a penalty not bad, even the failed El Matador .-
5 º-really need a coach, I've been saying PUTOS AND LONG YEARS 4 .-

Three options for Del Bosque

The Red could be dyed black and white again in the next call. Unlike what happened in the past, and many of the academic year, the most normal thing is that Vicente Del Bosque included in the list on Friday to a Valencia. More than anything, because there are three wards of Emery to which the selector is followed extensively in recent weeks with a view to possible citation: Victor Ruiz, Jordi Alba and Soldier.

The name of the '9 'appears in the pools continuously for months. However, during his spectacular start with five goals in as many league duels, further strengthen their chances of returning to complete four years later. Their main problem is that the front has to Villa, Llorente, Negredo and Torres, who are untouchable to the forest for one reason or another.

Who gains a lot within a short time is the defense. The coach, who had lost a bit of sight during his time at Naples, has received a very good grade their performance as black and white. The Salamanca believes that Victor brings a plus at the start of the ball over Dominguez, another left-hander from the central sub in '21 as an alternative to relying Piqué. And so, and because the athlete had his chance last month, the Barça enter the call just returned from an injury and Spain and has ensured its presence in the European Championship, the '18 'black and white has enough options to debut in a complete citation.
Like Ruiz, Jordi Alba is ready to debut with the Red List for commitments to the Czech Republic and Scotland. Del Bosque, who is out since the left-back Capdevila left Benfica, where he does not play-not-white eyes off the squad so far this season. Pleased with his performance and the opportunities they are offering Emery, coach included in Catalan in his first screen. Arbeloa had to play a banda changed in recent games.

He was against Atletico
The Salamanca has seen him play in person to set the starting league Mestalla. It was at the meeting two weeks ago, before the Atleti, in which three candidates took the call minutes. Even on Wednesday, but not yet confirmed, Del Bosque could see live the visit of Chelsea and in the morning will be in Alicante, in presenting the game against Scotland.

Rami, the untouchable Emery

Adil Rami, Valencia and French defender who played ninety minutes in his team's defeat against Sevilla 1-0 at the Sanchez Pizjuan, has become the only player who has played every minute of play in both league and Champions League.

Gallic defender, which was signed this summer from Lille, has become little more than a month 'must have' for coach Unai Emery has not renounced it for a minute in the five matches played so far by Valencia.

The French international has played in the league against Racing Santander, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona at home against Sporting and Sevilla at home, plus also participated in the first match of the Champions League to the Belgian Genk.

So far, Rami shared this untouchability in league with the goalkeeper Vicente Guaita and midfielder Pablo Hernandez but against Sevilla coach Emery decided to rest the latter facing the meeting next Wednesday against Chelsea.

Moreover, the Dutch and defender Maduro Barragan made ​​its debut this season against Sevilla and now only remains to debut the central Dealbert Angel.

The change of habits Valencia to face Chelsea

Valencia have changed their routine for the next Champions League match they will face Chelsea. The Emery has been translated form the National Parador Saler and will be exercised where the day to do "pineapple" in the future commitment.

Unay Emery has taken his players to National Parador Saler, which is unusual so far, as usual in the team is training ché in the sports city of Paterna and have the technical talk there.

The team from the city of Valencia will meet next Wednesday to rival the strongest of their group, Chelsea, military computer that a star that shined through this season in the city of Valencia, Juan Mata.

The plan envisaged by Emery for this session so unusual is that all his "boys" spend the day together, to make pineapple, plus training course which will be subject to all available players. The slogan is clear: The repository should be united.

Arsenal offer 8 million euros for Parejo

Arsenal continues its idea of ​​signing Dani Parejo on the winter market. In fact, representatives of the English club were on Thursday and Friday of last week's Madrid office meeting with the agents, Bahia International, which directs the destinies of the midfielder.

As reported in the Daily Mail, Arsenal would be willing to provide about 8 million euros for Valencia midfielder Coslada. For now, the player convinces League Wenger though has not played a single minute with Valencia this season. Parejo and knows firsthand English football. He was in the Queens Park Rangers Alejandro Agag in the stage of the First Division.

Marco and a few days ago reported that Valencia has not received any communication on the interest of the English club. In the Mestalla not miss work one of the future signings this summer that cost six million euros. However, Manuel Llorente has always made ​​clear its sales policy.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Two-match ban for Jordi Alba

The Competition Committee met on Friday, has been banned for two matches to Jordi Alba suffered after being sent off against Barcelona on Wednesday. Competition imposes this punishment at Valencia by "contact one of the assistant referees in terms of contempt or disrespect."

Marcelino: "Sevilla are at the level of Valencia '

The Sevilla coach Marcelino Garcia Toral, said today that his team "is at the level of Valencia" beat tomorrow it would be "well ahead and start with an extremely demanding schedule."

Marcelino has stressed to reporters that Valencian set has "enhanced defense with the additions" and has said it faces a clash with "the utmost respect but also with the utmost confidence," but has admitted that the rival "comes in a good gameplay and results. "

"We own style. We will always take into account how the opponent attacks and defends, but will not change our approach. We respect him, is a team dynamic that comes with a very good, but we are at your level, we can win this game and we will fight for it, "he insisted.

The Spaniard faces the coach crash "with the pressures of any other party and an excellent attitude to win," because it held that "when you have a different bias, you make a mistake."

Marcelino has thanked the club president Jose Maria Del Nido, "the words of support" had for him yesterday, but understands that she needs "time" to "apply new criteria which was not used", which explains why "every game has been best and worst moments," he qualified.

The coach has made it clear that Argentina's Federico Fazio does not enter the call "by some muscle problems" and has stated that, despite playing as a midfielder in Pamplona, ​​his "idea is to compete as a central point and at times act as a pivot" as "defensive in point was a very good level but in the offensive section was very participatory."

Marcelino also praised Real Betis, which "is a leader because he has won four games and have to congratulate him," but warned that "nobody can argue with the League to Real Madrid and Barcelona. The leader you out fifteen or twenty points the third party ".

In any case, the Sevilla coach has stated that "four days are few for making judgments. Betis's obligation is not to be fighting for Europe, but if a game deserve it, be."

Guaita: "We get the three merit points"

Vicente Guaita has appeared before the media at a press conference in which he reviewed the sensations and impressions after Wednesday's game against FC Barcelona. "At the end was a point where we could have stayed home without a point, but we get the three merit," said Valencia's goalkeeper. "It is normal to the dip we had in the second part, because it is very hard to keep up the pace that we had 90 minutes."

On the possibilities of Valencia CF this season to get a title, Guaita said "we all want to achieve something, but it's difficult." With respect to rotations in goal, the Torrent was clear: "To help Diego and the team when it is rotation."

Jordi Alba says he threw the insult "the air"

The left side of Valencia Jordi Alba said yesterday that it insulted the assistant Velasco Carballo, who expelled the Catalan straight red for lack of a minute. The record reflects that the arbitration young linesman yelled at Valencia, "Fuck a bitch!".

Jordi Alba said in an interview yesterday PROVINCES Punto Radio (92.0 FM), which was an expression "thrown in the air. At no time was to insult the linesman and was not aimed at him. "Of course, admitted that after seeing the red and gave the attendant protested new cleats, although this was not reflected in the minutes.

The Valencia player, who may not play tomorrow against Sevilla at the expulsion, could be punished by more than one party if it considers today the Competition Committee. Alba argued that expulsion will learn from this, motivated by an offside he said in a moment the rival pressed.

The record remains 24 hours after the goal was scored by Paul Michael

The minutes of the game Valencia-Barcelona has four hours after the conclusion of the meeting that Valencia's second goal, marked by Paul Hernandez, was made ​​by the Portuguese Miguel Brito.

In the minutes that drafted the match referee, Carlos Velasco Carballo, claimed the goal of Paul Michael, even though Paul was only in the area and there was no possibility of being confused with another player, as no player from his rival team or was around him.

With that goal, all earned Valencia a 2-1 advantage on the scoreboard in a match whose final score was tied at two goals.

There is, moreover, the fact that Paul and Michael are two players with very little physical resemblance and, even, are of a different race, which caused a certain irony by Paul when asked about the authorship of the goal.

"The important thing is we scored and the match ended 2-2. Who scored the goal is not essential, but the television images leave little doubt," he said.

It so happens that in the minutes, the referee also was wrong to point out the minute that scored the goal because the goal came in 23 of the first part and adjudged to be in the record that was marked in 19.

This fact suggests that the error comes from confusion between the notation in minutes of the goal and the name of its author, as the leading scorer and scored number 19 in 23, while the goal set at 19 minutes was attributed to a player who wears number 23.

Spanish Team - Soldier Knocks selection

In the next list of Vicente del Bosque could be changes if we stick to numbers that are making a number of national players. One of them, the Valencia striker Roberto Soldado, is one that has the greatest chance to play the next game with Spain. His personal statistics are devastating. Currently has five goals to his credit five goals in the league, which places it in front of the scorer ranking.

The Valencia could make his debut with the Red matches 7 and October 11 if it considers the national coach considering also the wrong way when one of the attackers Salamanca fixed in their concentrations. And is that Fernando Torres is experiencing one of its worst moments in his career. Since I joined Chelsea have scored in only two games and also at the last meeting was one of the most glaring failures in the history of the Premier in front of goal.

great progress

'9 'Valencia has had a great progression in his career whose end is unknown. Each season has been more and goals are becoming larger. Since Real Madrid out of the factory has continued to improve their standard and performance.

However, its arrival marked the momentum Getafe lacked. In 2009 ended the national league championship with 13 goals to his credit including the following year and rising up the table to finish top scorer with 16 goals this season. The stay in the city of Madrid peripheral meant he moved on to Valencia where he scored 18 goals last season. Following its advance, could be one of the top candidates to be the top scorer.

Braulio is already looking to their new Rami and Jonas

If Valencia has become very competitive template, which can put Barca on the ropes is also of the work of their players and coach, because he anticipated the day when many clubs strengthened. So it was particularly fast when brought to Rami and Diego Alves. What's more, the coordinator of the technical secretariat, Braulio Vazquez walked ready for operation Jonas found a clause in his contract (which went unnoticed by the other teams involved), which made landfall in the set of Mestalla by 1.2 million. And that was the top scorer of the Brasileirao. Therefore, working for days in search of their new Rami and Jonas.

Specifically, what you are looking Braulio, unless you find a white blackbird in another position, is a right side, a center, a defensive midfielder and a striker. Repeating the formula to move in the market last year. An example is Rami. The French, more or less at this point in the season, and was committed to the joint chairs Manuel Llorente and when the scouts were teams in Europe than it was able to make the defender, it was too late. Finally, the Frenchman continued to play at Lille until the end of the championship of their country. Diego Alves went too fast and signed by ché much before the end of the 2010-11 season. This quest is twofold: for the coming season but also for the market next January, as there is a free tab.

The search for concrete reinforcement for those positions means that players like Bruno, Miguel Brito, Dealbert or Maduro, terminating the contract, are very difficult to continue. Albelda would be less complicated as it is to see how he would react if his role Ricardo Costa continued to decline.

Albelda would continue at its current level
A different case within the contract is ending Albelda. And if different from the rest is because the captain has surrendered to a high level in the games he has played so far. This leads us to conclude that the directive-white, if you keep these benefits until the end of the season, the renovation will have gained some very positive things because it provides both the team and the group. Yes, the La Pobla Llarga end the year with almost 35 years and, therefore, is asked to be renewing season after season. Its continuity is independent, of course, they find another pivot, despite being himself and Topal.

Mathieu: "I was thrilled with the ovation '

The Mestalla crowd was able to put the "goose bumps" ice man Valencia. The Frenchman made a show of power and speed to destroy Mascherano and, therefore, to Barca in a game where he finished "very tired". Now aims to maintain the "high level"

Banega, eye with Inter Milan

On a day like yesterday in the city of Milan, someone would regret for not having posted more this summer to sign Ever Banega. The Argentine is back in a big moment, perhaps the best of his career as a footballer, so he could see the stands Wednesday at the Mestalla Luis Suarez, coach of Inter Milan. It is next to Naples, the club showed the most interest during the month to sign Banega market.

Vincent made his debut against Liverpool in the Carling Cup

The exvalencianista Vicente Rodriguez was "very satisfied" by the public reception of his debut for Brighton in the third round of the Carling Cup against Liverpool. The player said he had found "much better than I expected" after having been "a long time without competition and a big return to the Premier." The Benicalap footballer came in the 60th minute and completed an outstanding performance and that caused a penalty and he starred in several actions of attack.

Albelda, low to Sevilla

Valencia CF remains crippled in midfield. Medical tests carried out this morning David Albelda has revealed that La Pobla Llarga midfielder will miss Saturday's game at the Sanchez Pizjuan and is doubtful for Wednesday's Champions League against Chelsea.

According to medical evidence has been submitted, Albelda suffered a severe contusion on the lumbar spine. The player will remain at rest for the next 48 hours, and from that moment, assessing their evolution will, depending on the symptoms, according to Valencia CF in the medical report.

Although yesterday its replacement in the match against Barcelona was Tino Costa, Albelda downward opens the doors to Hedwiges Maduro lineup as the natural relief of La Pobla Larga, Mehmet Topal, is also injured.

Barragan Parejo and enter the call

Unai Emery has made the call to travel to Sevilla. The list consists of 18 players and there are several developments with respect to the match against Barcelona. Emphasizes, first, the presence of Barragan and Parejo on the list. French also enter Feghouli and Ricardo Costa.

In the absence chapter (always from the past Wednesday), include those of Paul Hernandez, Miguel Brito, Jordi Alba and David Albelda, the latter two forced through suspension and injury respectively.

Goalkeepers: Guaita, Diego Alves
DEFENSES: Barragán, Bruno, Victor Ruiz, Rami, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu, Mature
Midfielders: Banega, Tino Costa, Parejo, Feghouli, Piatti, Channels.
Forwards: Jonas, Soldier, Aduriz.

Pablo Hernández: "Let no one forget that we are going to war"

The team was tired. The effort had been great, almost to exhaustion, but against Barcelona did not just see a complete game. "Let no one forget that we are going to war. We are taking a good dynamic to get used to score and win. We played a great game and we could finish in the first half, but the fact is that the dynamics against Barca are doing great parties, but we can not win, "said Pablo Hernandez.

Castellon midfielder added that despite the tie, the team will make the cut if the big giants fail. "It really was a shame because we made a huge effort. We will be there and if Barca and Madrid we will continue to lower blood war." Of course, Paul was happy with the image. "We were really pleased that we were to match the best team in the world but in the end could not be."

Another of the protagonists was Sergio Canales. Lamented midfielder failed to win the chance to Barca. "On how the game has passed we have a bad taste in my mouth, but in the end I think the draw is good. Right now the leadership is anecdotal, but we must continue in a positive dynamic and go to Seville for the win."
And Mathieu were happy for their game against Barça. "I always feel good playing against Barcelona. It is a very good point. I took that Alves is going up."

On the other hand, David Albelda was forced off the field by a blow on the back. At the workshop will undergo tests today to determine the extent of his injury, but it looks like it will be low at Sevilla while it is surely serious doubt for the match against Chelsea.

Benitez: "I have no doubt that Valencia can compete with the best"

A good percentage of the successes that adorn the museum Valencia Sport Science and Rafa Benitez have as a principal technician who has traveled in the company of black and white counselor and former player Fernando Giner. The former coach of cosets 'che' has been recognized very well go to Valencia after the match against Barcelona.

Double coach received the insignia of gold and diamonds of Valencia at the hands of President Manuel Llorente. Although technical output in 2004 marked a break between the staff, time has served to close the wound: "My relationship with Manolo Llorente was very good until each one had to go their way. I always management has defended Llorente why I bought shares in the club. Yesterday I had a private conversation with Manolo and both understand that part of the past. "

Benitez saw in a box at Mestalla match between Valencia and Barcelona. The coach enjoyed the game and with Valencia game that promises you a great short-term future: "After watching the match against Barcelona I have no doubt that Valencia can compete with the best. Unai is making a great job and I think you can reach the level of teams with more budget.'ll have to see, but the steps are given. "

Obviously, as a football commentator who is currently the coach of Madrid, also responded to questions relating to the national championship in the league, but without going into details when, for example, asked about the public attitude of José Mourinho: "I have a maxim that is respect for other coaches. Today is the Museum of Valencia ".

Valencia Benitez denied that there is so much to return it recently, but did not rule out long-term although its priority remains the Premier: "There were rumors, but at no time was nothing. When there were rumors talked to Emery. I've had offers from several countries, but right now the priority is the Premier ".

Arsenal coming for Parejo

The start of season Dani Parejo has not gone unnoticed in the Premier League. Obviously this time is not a player who has shone in the first days and gives the talk of the islands. On the contrary. The absence of the calls of Coslada and feel that will have very few minutes this campaign has opened my eyes to Arsenal.

Representatives of the English club were gathered in Madrid yesterday with the release of agents, Bahia International, which directs the destinies of the midfielder. The idea is to incorporate a partner when the market reopens in December.

Arsenal have started the Premier on the wrong foot, too many sales in the area of ​​creation and the incorporation of the Valencia player would stop the coup. For now, the player convinces the coach gunner, although no contact has been initiated between the two clubs.

The player realizes that he has many companions ahead of time to be a starter in Valencia and, although just arrived, its main objective is to play and grow, which in the Mestalla club has been complicated. Right now its only minutes have been in the Champions League, but league has four consecutive games without getting into the squad. Parejo and knows firsthand English football. He was in the Queens Park Rangers Alejandro Agag in the stage of the First Division.

They tried to Kill
The fact is that Arsenal keep an eye on young talent Valencia. This summer his attempt to sign Juan Mata was serious. There was interest and many calls, but in the end Chelsea's billionaire supply cut short any possibility that the Spaniard had just playing in Wenger's team.

So far, Valencia has not received any communication on the interest of the English club. In the Mestalla not miss work one of the future signings this summer. However, Manuel Llorente has always made clear its sales policy.