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Monday, October 31, 2011


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Diego Alves Brazil calls for 270 minutes of Champions

Diego Alves returns to Brazil squad to play two friendlies against Gabon and Egypt within two weeks and the watchdog has said this morning that he is happy to return to the 'Carioca' for work done in his current club Valencia. "Reaching the selection is the work you do in your club. The games I've played I've done well. It is a work detail at this club. I am proud and gives me strength to continue."

Alves will be recalled that only plays for Valencia in the Champions League matches because there is competition in the demarcation of goalkeeper. For now been able to play against Genk, Chelsea and Bayer Leverkusen and only these three parties have served to retell for the coach carioca given their great performances.

Regarding the match against Bayer Leverkusen, Valencia key to continue to seek to stay alive in the Champions Continetal, keeper of 26 years said: "We have achieved so far all three points. Genk draw against Chelsea and lost to Leverkusen. Now it's time to win to stay with options to pass. "

Valencia - FC Getafe (3:1)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Valencia aim to keep for the 2012-13

Valencia works in the future and has set its eyes on Mexican midfielder Andres Guardado just contract in June 2012 in Sport.

According to Radio 9 advanced on Friday, the Mestalla club is tied to the player in 25 years to be a free agent in January and may sign a preliminary contract with any club. Valencia, and in particular the technical secretariat coordinator Braulio Vazquez takes a long time after this player.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jonas and Diego Alves, called by the Brazilian

Valencia CF Brazilians Jonas Alves and Diego are in luck. This Thursday, October 27, coach Mano Menezes has called them both to a dispute between two friendly matches played the character on 10 November canarinha against Gabon in Libreville, and four days later against Egypt in the capital of Qatar Doha.

It supports Braulio Llorente: "A dream you can not put them doors now"

Braulio Vázquez president shares with his ambitious speech, stressed that Ricardo Costa was wrong with the first statement but did not know the second does not arise punch anyone in the January and announced that his proposed 2012-13 Valencia will leave three or four new pieces in the head. Now that October is about to say goodbye and get the first rains is the best time for a pro Galician open your logbook and he chose his interview in THE PROVINCES Punto Radio (92.0 FM).

Manuel Llorente was criticized by the famous phrase that the objective of Valencia was fighting for a title. The question assumed a good bull, but Braulio faced it with courage. "It is out of context the words of the president, always go out and compete and that does not mean you know it's very difficult, but your dreams can not put them doors now. It is very difficult, but you're intended to be third can finish sixth and if you take the goal of being first, but not turn some of your ultimate goal, you will get good results. Winning the league is very difficult, sport possibilities there always is, but based on the current situation is very complicated, very difficult. For the Valencia finish between 70 and 80 points is a great season. "

Braulio The second bull was not easy, especially taking into account that the press officer returned fire Ricardo Costa internet with their poison darts news. As if it were two different crimes judge, the coordinator of the technical secretariat of the Luso convicted the former but not guilty of the second. "Here in Valencia people think that with a more demanding coach Unai or different from these things would not happen, but sometimes worse situations happen on other computers. These things are also in the formation of the player, not just the coach you have. Ricardo was wrong in the first statement because he was a participant. In the second and was a participant did not even know. I believe him, but does not preclude its responsibility for the lack of standard compliance does not exempt you. I think it will not happen again, because I talked to him and was hurt, and that was the first participant and the second not. "

Braulio was so sincere that, when it was challenged to defend the signing of the summer over his performance so far (couple), took a veiled criticism of the decisions of Emery. "It is true that higher performance expected of the staff at this point, but it makes me more optimistic that says we have not seen the best of many players. You certainly we are wrong, but those tests are not done in October. My partner in Zaragoza I was enjoying, I was giving discretion to the game but the coach changed the system to rest and nothing else. Parejo has talent, but we must combine talent and performance. Dani at home, a talented footballer, how many minutes he has played? None. I say this because they stand out more in Mestalla was, as it is when we will have more possession in the game. Let's let the players have a margin of five straight to say whether or not they are going. Victor plays them all, it is easier and you see the performance. When we finished the year balance, but certainly there are players who because of age this year and are held in a year that comes from another. "

Today it operates Braulio Channels and contains no incorporation by the Spaniard, but speaks of the future. "At first I did not bring anyone we propose nor by channels in the winter market. I will not say 'no we will strengthen us,' but now I think not. Next season will probably come three or four signings. In the summer try to shore up the template and cut differences with Real Madrid and Barcelona. Trying to keep and raise the competitive level knowing the economic needs of the club is very complicated. "

Rami also spoke of Braulio and Alba. "So far no offers have come by Rami but I get this other inputs that will happen. I am convinced that ends in a 'top' of Europe, the player is happy and renewal is an option to raise now. With Jordi agents I met long ago, our willingness to renew there and I think yours too. "

And finally, another thorny issue, the future in the Champions League. How does one deal with a deletion in the group stage? "I do not consider a failure to finish in the Europa League. A word should not define either the success or failure depends on how we classify or not. In Europe there is much equality, Leverkusen is not my hometown team is runner-German, sometimes underestimates rivals Valencia. I think if we win two games at home we go to class, I say sure. " Word of Braulio.

Alcoyano & Valencia and signed a new agreement

Alcoyano and Valencia have signed a new collaboration agreement Alcoyano president, Juan Serrano, considered "historic and exceptional" and allow the team to Alicante alleviate their economic situation.

The deal, whose endowment has not officially transpired, was signed at the headquarters of Alcoyano and includes in addition to financial contribution, the transfer of players, legal advice and sports and the use of the city of Valencia in Paterna.

Last year, the Alcoyano already used this facility for two weeks while they proceeded to replant the field Collao. Legal advice will go to the Alcoyano tackles the process of transition to the sports corporation. The objectives of Alcoyano is the possibility of having players like Paco Bernat Alcácer or as assigned in the winter market.

At the meeting were the presidents of Valencia, Manuel Llorente, and Alcoyano, Juan Serrano, also a representation of Valencia consists of Braulio Vázquez, Juan Sanchez and Jordi Bruixola, while the Caesar came Alcoyano Fernando Puig and Ovid.

Soldier threatens the return of Moya

With a 'final' Champions League just around the corner, again try the Mestalla Valencia Getafe Luis Garcia as a witness (18:00 pm, Gol T, C League, comments). Moya returns to the big threat soldiers face in a match where rain is the main character.

Rami Emery recovered after its passage and turns to the rotations in shaping their eleven. The victory strengthened the Romareda Valencia at the top of the table, but the feelings were not the best and peace has not ended to get the team. The episode between Tino Costa and Emery is the best example of this.

Parejo not measure their former given that Emery does not stop being satisfied with its performance as demonstrated in Zaragoza. Moreover, it has had in Mestalla and it looks like it will play Jonas the soldier behind.

Getafe will not finish booting and reaches a stage where only Cup won in a game that Güiza shone above the rest. In League, Valencia has added six wins and a draw against Getafe at the Mestalla.

Luis Garcia returns to Valencia
The Blues have their last three games with draws, but to face Osasuna team improved with Güiza doublet included, which can return the title to the detriment of Miku Jerez.

The decline in Pedro Leon, who came to reappear in Anoeta but has had to undergo surgery to fix his knee problems, a decline Getafe need a win to escape the danger zone.

Good memories assail Luis Garcia in his return to Valencia, where he triumphed in the Levant, and Mestalla stadium in which certified the granota stay. What today is another movie

Vicente del Bosque will continue to Victor Ruiz

Victor Ruiz is to be congratulated for different reasons. The left-handed central Valencia has found a new partner in the center of the rear full guarantees as Angel Dealbert. In addition, tomorrow during the game against Getafe, will be followed very closely by the national coach, Vicente del Bosque, from the box of Mestalla. And is that the black and white defense is giving a lot of talk over the season.

Has reason to be happy. On Tuesday helped Valencia Zaragoza to leave a clean sheet as a pair with Dealbert. A partner who promptly adopted. "We were speaking from the coach gave the lineup and I think I left a good feeling. He played very safe and quiet and served like everyone else. I'm happy for him because it was his debut this year. " Victor is also happy with their feelings. Despite having played everything-except for the first day which formed along Rami and Ricardo Costa against Racing Santander to Valencia is not passed through the head rest against Getafe. "I have very good feelings. I think fits me pretty good group and I am delighted to play Wednesday and Saturday because it's something that makes you stronger. " Stronger could make a call with the Spanish. Something that is not so far. Red-handed for the central and Victor is on the agenda. Del Bosque will use his visit this weekend to the capital of Turia-chair XXVI Day morning with Coach Toni Valencia Grande, Ginés Meléndez and Luis Milla, to come and see then in person Mestalla the league match between the Valencia and Getafe.

Victor believes that "you are doing a very good" and that the points against Getafe tomorrow are more important even than those of Zaragoza. "Yes it is true that many games and now we are other very important. On Saturday we will play three points if it is even more important than those achieved in Zaragoza, "added Valencia do not think there is need for reconciliation with the public because the relationship is not broken. "The fans showed on Sunday against Athletic who is there with us and supported us at all times," he said.

Banega and Topal, convened by Argentina and Turkey

The Valencia player Mehmet Topal has been summoned by the Turkish National Team to compete in the qualifiers for Euro 2012 that his team played 11 and November 15 against Croatia in Istanbul and Zagreb, respectively.

In addition, Ever Banega of Argentina has been selected to play the game against Bolivar and Colombia, the 2014 World Cup qualifiers in Brazil. These meetings are held, to Bolivia, on 11 November in Buenos Aires, and to Colombia on November 15 in Barranquilla.

Alcácer worth 20 million

The futures price is '9 'of Valencia CF, the price of the home goal with Torrent name. Valencia CF is about to sign the renewal of Paco Alcácer an agreement whereby the club ensures the continuity of the front at least until 2016, because in addition to raise its buyout clause to the round figure of 20 million euros. It was not an easy negotiation. Although the player will stay in Valencia above all has made things all this time a lot has happened, has also had other proposals and there are still teams that are on the prowl to take the pearl of the quarry Valencia . From now on, all they know what is. As the agreement is signed, whoever wants to be Paco Alcácer have to put on the table.

The negotiation for the extension of contract Alcácer has two important points. On the economic side, the clause of 20 million euros as a requirement of Valencia CF. In sporting terms, which always has been first and foremost by the player and his agent Toldrá Consulting, its inclusion in the first team. Today, with the agreement ready to sign, Valencia has Alcácer as one more in the first team squad ahead of next season, fulfilling a condition of the player. Their willingness to spend more years in the Valencia had to be assessed by the club with this gesture of trust.

As we reported a few weeks ago, as the parties deem appropriate shall be signed and announced this agreement that was quite refined at a meeting held on September 28. This agreement was reached after negotiations that have gone through different stages. Perhaps the most critical was after Spain won the European sub'19 with two goals from Paco Alcácer in the final against the Czech Republic. Earlier, the fact that Valencia had tried to sign Kevin Gameiro French had not fallen at all well in the family as the agents of Paco. But because of that final very strong interest from different teams, Arsenal, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich between them raised questions. It helped clear the fact that Unai take him to the friendly Liverpool and return the following day as the only invited the 22 who did not play a single minute.

Convinced of their options
The crisis of confidence, so to speak, happened. Today, the priority is not to move Alcácer Torrent and its decision has been crucial for the agreement to be signed. Torrent course is to be followed in the first team player or as the only alternative, transfer to a club so close that he can follow at home. That will be in peace, now the front is making a lot of goals to the Mestalla and the opportunity for the first team will not tarry.

The VCF spy Griezmann

The technical secretariat of Valencia, in the person of Miguel Ángel Bossio, lost no detail of the evolution of party leader, Jim Levante, before the Royal Society. The Uruguayan former player was present at the stadium box granota, where special attention was paid to the actions of two of the brightest players of all Sebastian: Antoine Griezmann and Inigo Martinez.

Antoine is a left-winger Griezmann 20 years has attracted interest from top clubs in Europe. For example, Atletico Madrid has made a lot of strength to take him, reaching seven million offer, although Real has always sent to all stakeholders to the termination clause of the Gaul, 30 million euros. The current one is still more irregular the beginning of this skillful player, formed in the quarry txuri-urdin since age 13, after seeing this summer frustrated his departure.

Griezmann Lift Front was more or less, highlighting especially the first act. The other player that the coach took note of the technical secretariat was Iñigo Martínez-white. The central lefty, who scored the second goal of the Real, is emerging as the mainstay defensive technician Phillip Montanier.

VCF and lift tickets for 25 euros agree

The Levante and Valencia have agreed a price of twenty-one euros in tickets for visiting fans in the two games that both teams played in the League this season.

The goal posts for the 809 visitor to the Levante Stadium for the match on Saturday November 5 between the teams, only available for sale Valencia and can not be purchased at the box office of the Levant.

Moreover, the price of tickets for the general public between eighty euros the most expensive ticket and 35 for the cheapest. Tickets are on sale from today.

The Levant has also reported that it has agreed a special price for subscribers who wish to withdraw an entry for a companion with various discounts. Will be on sale from next Monday.

Victor Ruiz: "Nobody makes it easy"

Victor Ruiz, Valencia central defender, said the team would also like to win games by more goals difference, but explained that no team in the first division makes it easy, so it is difficult to achieve. After the 0-1 win at Zaragoza and despite the team's game was not very remarkable, the defender said in a press conference today was a pretty tough game in the team worked "phenomenal".

At this meeting, the football player for the first time shared central defense with Angel Dealbert, who played his first minutes of this season. "We were speaking from the coach gave the lineup and I think I left a good feeling. He played very safe and quiet and served like everyone else. I'm happy for him because it was his debut this year," he said.

A particular level, the former Napoli player said he is "good" physically, despite playing almost every game. "I have very good feelings. I think fits me pretty good group and I am delighted to play Wednesday and Saturday because it's something that makes you stronger," he said. Questioned by the amazing leadership of another team in town, the Levant, Victor Ruiz said that is something that has surprised everyone because nobody expected that beginning. "They have not lost a game and a rival to take into account," he said.

Despite the downturn that Valencia has experienced in the second part of several parties, the center said they are physically well and added that in this way "is doing a very good job." "Yes it is true that many games and now we are other very important. On Saturday, against Getafe at Mestalla, we will play three points if it is even more important than those achieved in Zaragoza" he said. First of all Madrid, Valencia will a new revalidation before their fans, although the defense did not think there is need for reconciliation with the public. "The fans showed on Sunday against Athletic who is there with us and supported us at all times," the central Catalan.

Channels operated in Madrid in his right knee

Sergio Canales rests in a room of the Clinique La Moraleja in Madrid after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. The player joined Valencia last two thirty in the afternoon in the center and an hour later it was tapped. It confirms the almost complete rupture of anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, so it will be about six months out, a period that will try to cut through their willingness and courage.

He has made a replacement plasty in which Dr. Sanz has intervened. The forecast indicates that Canales, who was accompanied by his parents, will be released next Monday. Held in Valencia rehabilitation that allows you to recover his best level.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Channels will be sidelined three to six months

Tests conducted this Monday at Valencia player Sergio Canales confirmed that the Spaniard suffered a partially torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, so it will perform an arthroscopy.

The head of medical services, Jorge Candel, said in an appearance before the media channels are at least three months out may extend to six months if the injury requires surgery. Something on Tuesday confirmed a new exploration in Madrid by Francisco Javier Sanz.

"We determined that on Tuesday we will make a new query in Madrid with Francisco Javier Sanz dcotor in clinical Moral of Sanitas for arthroscopy Thursday or Friday, the sooner the better, hope to have the full diagnótico injury if broken total total plasty should be done and if not value. "

Surgical intervention is in the air and would be based on perform a plasty, consisting of the substitution of an artificial tendon or a donor. "If there plasty have to think six months. If that does not require the plasty would be talking about three months," confirmed Candel.

On the use of this technique, Candel reported that Valencia has not yet been used in any player and explained that this technique is "normal." "It gets a ligament is the ligament that is artificial or from a deceased donor. You put another ligament that serves as the anterior cruciate ligament."

Chronicle of a serious injury
At the end is yourself who else knows your own body, hence when Sergio quickly raised his hand and started screaming from the lawn was aware of the gravity. It was 33 minutes of the game. Fought with Iraola channels for control of the ball, but at the time of support, his right knee could not resist ... As the first exploration Mestalla in the locker room, the player was diagnosed with involvement in the lateral meniscus at the expense of diagnosis that they made final early in the morning, which revealed the partial tear of the ACL ligamneto in his right knee. The '16 'black and white went to his home accompanied by a club employee, since he could not drive, with a heavy bandage on his knee and protection, beyond using crutches to walk. You will spend several weeks in dry dock.

No luck-white player, just start the game approached the band to be seen by doctors. Channels did not feel at ease, but remained on the lawn to have a good feeling until it reached the fateful 33 minutes. At that time, despite the pain I had while I retreated to the locker room stretcher to the Mestalla, the player was the first major show of affection of his fans, and the stands chanted his name several times. No doubt, Sergio has become a player beloved by the fans despite having only a few months in Valencia, he is feeling very comfortable, plus the day that ownership again. He started pulling from the left, with the explicit order to draw diagonal inward to facilitate the incorporation of Mathieu, who joined in the first half to cross. When the black and white player broke, Unai sent to make the relevant heating to two players, Paul and Piatti, and after consultation with Juan Carlos Carcedo, opted for the Argentine. So far Piatti course was the most capped player has occupied this area, and Unai bet on him despite being one of the discards in Germany, keeping the right lane Feghouli.

Unai and took a few weeks to put together the idea behind Soldier and Jonas Canales, considering that this was the formula to increase the danger from the second line, but only lasted half an hour. You do not want overly dependent on the success striker Soldado, hence the players with three punchy. Nor was he with them a lucid Valencia.

Juan Ignacio, the teacher hidden Unai Emery

In the beginning coaching three teams at once: one juvenile, one female and evenings at Mar Menor. The man who forced "to shower" to every one of their young players, Juan Ignacio Martinez, is now coach of Spanish football fashion. The phone is smoking, which require national television and colleagues recognize the leadership of its lift a compliment after another. However, he lives "naturally" and kept his feet on the ground. Yesterday was the star of the second day of training for technicians sport of Valencia with Unai Emery, Juan Carlos Garrido and the coach of Playas de Castellón, Fran Torres. A ceremony "of not having been a speaker, had attended to learn from peers' ... According to its motto," that keeps getting better, stops being good. "

The paper-organized by the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment-Valencia coach was late, but he knew to break the ice smiling and saying, "Let the coach to congratulate the leader!". Martinez said: "Football is the milk ... I was talking to Juan Carlos'. As they headed to the auditorium of the sports-cultural Pechina, Unai insisted that therefore "we must take advantage of the times." Inside the hall, with the panel in action, black and white Mr. revealed something that nobody knew. In addition to J. B. Thosack "for his uncompromising way of making decisions" or Goyo Manzano "for his ability to build rapport within a group," Jim is also among the models of Basque.

"I faced the Mar Menor with Lorca in a Cup match. Scoreless, but I liked that team tactically. When asked who ended the game was the coach ... This guy here with me! He taught me concepts of strategy work, then takes interest, dedication, but the base is necessary, "he confessed Unai, who was then, in September 2004, and" thought to be technical and absorbed every detail. " Jim became one of the first 'profs' of Unai. And, she says laughing Levante, he quickly learned the lesson: "What is not said is that we thrashed around and they went round. Began to improve tactics ... When it comes to game pieces, Unai is a reference in Spain. "

In November 2004, the current coach of Valencia debut on a bench coaching Lorca their own mates after the dismissal of Quique Yagüe. Emery was told how the first of his lectures and as a player helped him learn the need to "look into the eyes." "But if you're the first tile when we talk accounts," he said Aitor Huegun. Different story would be the first face to face with the group from Valencia in 2008: "This imposes dress and someone like me who did not come from the elite. You have to deal with egos and did so with ease, strength and conviction ... A coach should never show indecision. "

The derby on the horizon
Although the derby at the Ciutat de Valencia will be the 5 or 6 November, Emery could not hide the desire to win. "My highest award to the Levant, I saw it live and it deserves its points. They are doing a great job over individuals. The rest of us is hard to prepare when we meet very soon trying to find our place, "he said. "We will put all the emphasis, all weapons, even if it can be a trap," he added jokingly in the paper. For his part, Juan Ignacio, who sees no ceiling to the Levant, "only the next game and add it up to here at Christmas" - chose to refer to the Royal party and want to "last long" the current streak.

The coach of the LUD stressed that the road is humility. "The team is not succeeding, success will come with permanence. It is true that, now with 20 points, we have taken a brilliant step towards the goal, "said Jim, a man" happy for making happy a long-suffering fans. " Juan Carlos Garrido, instead, after suffered by Villarreal 0-3 against Levante, he could not say the same: "The coach must take responsibility, even in bad situations like now." That was his advice to students in the course of technical football and Futsal.

The representatives of Ricardo Costa defended the performance of your player

The representatives of Ricardo Costa recalled, through its website, the Valencia team does not lose a competitive match when defender Luso is in the field, a situation that has occurred twice this season.

Costa returned to hold with Valencia on Sunday after the last play in the first game of the season against Racing Santander, a party that won Unai Emery's team with two goals in the final moments. "Having been used in the first round, against Racing Santander, Ricardo Costa was used for the second time in the championship, against Athletic Club and the Valencia-tied and won two matches," the website Desportímedia , which highlights that Costa Valencia in the field is "undefeated".

After this tie, their representatives point out that Ricardo Costa happens to be one of the few players used in official matches of the season still has not lost to accumulate a victory against Racing and a draw with Athletic Bilbao. However, in the game against Racing, played in Mestalla, the Portuguese defender was substituted at halftime when Valencia lost 1-2, but in the second half his team rallied from 1-3 to impose a 4-3 adverse .

In addition, the web of representatives of Ricardo Costa is noted that after two straight defeats, a draw against Athletic "ends to disappoint fans," Valencia "despite the Soldier's goal at 89 minutes, which restored the equality and Valencia allowed to keep fifth place in the standings. "

Likewise, with regard to Iker Muniain goal for Athletic, exempt from any blame to Ricardo Costa and points out that so much that came after "a shot indefensible", was produced by the inaccuracies of other players in the Valencia team. "It was the launch in which Ricardo Costa appears in the photograph contained on the web, in trying to prevent the auction of Bilbao player after a fumble by Paul Hernandez and the lack of coverage of the Valencia midfield "is explained in the information disseminated.

The criticism against Racing
Emery turned to Ricardo Costa as a starter against Athletic after the enactment of bipartisan defender Adil Rami, the red card that was once the match against Mallorca last weekend.

Costa and representatives issued a statement in early October to fend off criticism of his players and praise his work in Valencia and then recalled that the team also received goals when he is not in the field. "" Was the Valencia goals that suffered or was Ricardo Costa? "he argued in a statement put into the mouth of the player as well to remember then that was only about a half-game field and that" in the second half, Racing continued to create opportunities goal. "

"I remember that was substituted at halftime and the team had suffered only two goals in the field with me (1-2). When Racing scored the third goal I was gone. Also, I well remember that game and I do not remember have played alone, "he said in the statement of Oct. 5.

A couple was winter market closes

Who has to take a step forward at this time is Dani Parejo. The absence of a long period of time Sergio Canales Unai Emery forces not to dispense with the Coslada midfielder has been doing so far. Because going to have to dip into it.

The team building suffers in the absence of Cantabria and the technician will now enter more into the rotation to the couple. It's your chance. If it was awaiting the arrival of the winter market opening and sit with Valencia to find solutions now everything is frozen, at least for now. He closes the door. Emery always want to have all strengthened their positions. And if Parejo until Sunday had overbooked in creation, everything has shifted.

For now, his appearances have been rather intermittent. Suddenly he had minutes before the Champions Genk team and later disappeared and was later head to Mallorca and then disappeared again. Until today. Just in the last call came not because Emery opted for Tino Costa, and Jonas Canales as he had plenty of attacking midfielders and one that was never the of Coslada.

Unai Emery is usually a coach who likes to have their backs covered. Best said. Well covered. And he prefers to have placed very well covered and not for any mishap you can see diminished effective. Channels, Parejo had little to do. Too many offensive players. But after half Santander physical problems, which are likely to extend the remainder of the season, the presence of a partner will have more weight.

Although not only going to be worth that number is in the template. No. The coaching staff is demanding sacrifice to be among those summoned to win and then play. So far has participated with dropper and his time at Valencia stands out for its absence in the calls that just the opposite.

Under the rules of Spanish football, if a player suffers an injury that more than five months of convalescence his club can sign. For now, the template parts are sufficient. But do not close the door on that possibility.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The VCF is guaranteed only eight million Champions

The poor performance of Valencia CF in the first three games of the Champions League, not only pose a problem on a sporting level, because the computer no longer depend on yourself to achieve the classification, but it is also economically. With two draws and defeat harvested in the competition, the club has only been guaranteed income of 8 million euros in the competition.

A fixed amounts allocated by UEFA concepts are added depending on the outcome variables that are available in the group stage of the competition, amounting to € 800,000 per win and 400,000 € for a draw. On this basis, the accumulated so far Valencia € 800,000 earnings variables due to ties against Genk and Chelsea, compared to 2.4 million could have entered the event winning every game.

The eight million euros so far has ensured Valencia come from adding to the 800,000 € mentioned above, fixed 3.9 million for participating in the competition and fixed € 550,000 per game played. This amount represents only the third of 24 million euros to the club last season gained its full participation in the Champions League.

Mestalla will seek full to save the lives of 10,000 children

The party organization "Champions for Africa" ​​("Champions for Africa"), which seeks to raise funds to save the lives of 10,000 children in Ethiopia, hopes to fill Mestalla, Valencia, solidarity in the match between a selection of players Africans with other players from the league on December 29.

Frederic Kanoute Kanoute Foundation representative, stated that "over the outcome, the important thing in this game is solidarity," and has announced that ticket prices will be five dollars and the organization expects more than 35,000 euros collection.

Sevilla's Malian player explained in the presentation of the fourth edition of this party, "UNICEF greatly facilitated the organization with their experience" and that it is Frederic Kanoute who disputes the game, but "all the league and the citizens."

Welcome Guerrero, UNICEF Representative in the Valencian Community, recalled that "in emergencies, are always the children who suffer earlier and more".

"In Ethiopia there are more than one million people suffering from acute malnutrition. There is risk of measles, diarrhea and malaria. With the game, we gather at the Mestalla 50,000 citizens to improve the lives of these people," he added.

For its part, the mayor of Valencia, Rita Barbera, has expressed his "sincere admiration for the sense of solidarity" in the Malian footballer and stressed that the players are "models and mirrors for the children."

Manuel Llorente, president of Valencia, host of the party club, recalled that Mestalla "has hosted major events in its 88 year history and this will be another."

"Valencia reiterates its social commitment and dedication. We have to win in Africa and we will win it all," added the president of the Valencian club.

The president of the Professional Football League (LFP), Jose Luis Astiazaran, and his counterpart at the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE), Luis Manuel Rubiales, have recognized the link between the two organizations with UNICEF, "four years" .

"Kanoute, I congratulate you, you're an example for us. We have an obligation to work for children, AFE will always be with justice and equality," stressed Rubiales.

Sergio Ballesteros, captain of the Levant, one of two First Division clubs in the city of Valencia, has indicated that such initiatives "are extremely important to society." "We will bring everything on the field, but people have come to support us and help," he realized.

Valencia coach, Unai Emery, who will lead a team in the party, stressed "the importance of the protagonists, the 10,000 children in Ethiopia," whose lives hopes to save the party organization

The future of the League is traded in Valencia

The domes of the Football League (LFP) and the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) met yesterday morning at Valencia to advance the negotiations for signing a new collective agreement, according to sources close to parties, it is becoming closer.

The conflict that led to the postponement at the time of the first game of the season and is provisionally unlocked in order to start the competition, is still awaiting a definitive agreement that is being forged in part on the Cap i Casal because Valencia has become one of the usual places of meeting between the parties, the other is Madrid where both union and employer have their respective headquarters.

Over two hours
Yesterday morning, for a space of about two hours, both sides took advantage of their presence in Valencia, on the occasion of the presentation of the meeting 'Champions for Africa'-to meet in the professional office Nebot & Hernandez Attorneys located on the Avenue Valencia Balearic Islands. There, the topics were the wage guarantee fund as a result of the amounts that some clubs still owed to his players after benefiting from the Insolvency Act and, mostly, non-payment issues such as contract terminations in short-term and payment guarantees in case of decline. Attendees were by Luis Manuel Rubiales LFP, Luis Santiago Gil Nebot and his counsel (head of the firm) as legal counsel, while by the club bosses people are taking charge of the negotiation are José Luis Astiazaran, Miguel Garcia and attorney Martha Caba German.

According to the sources mentioned above, the final agreement is "very advanced" after that since last August have held several meetings to go outlining the details of the document. In fact, yesterday was not the first such conclave which was held in Valencia nor the last.

The lesson of Leverkusen

Wednesday's loss has left a bitter aftertaste in Valencia. The 2-1 loss to Bayer has hurt so complicated that is already qualified for Champions League second round, especially because he has assumed yet another example of Emery and his face always against the stones. Psychological weakness, lack of firepower, defensive gaps, problems in the creation or drop in performance after the break. The evils are known, what is needed short-term solutions, on which the team can build the reaction and turn the delicate situation.

When the opponent turns out nails and goes in search of the comeback of an adverse outcome, the black and white legs were shaking. Without going any further, it had occurred last weekend in Palma. And it happened again in the first minutes after the restart before the Germans, when they scored their two goals. "We caught a poor showing in the second half, as we do not go with the attitude of the first" acknowledges Ever Banega.

"The Bayer was better for 15 or 20 minutes. We lost many opportunities and we paid, "notes Albelda, who says he has not seen" any equipment far superior to Valencia "so far, despite two defeats harvested so far this season. Perhaps it is this second point, leaving aside the little glued-on Wednesday demonstrated the Emery had up to 10 times in 30 minutes-which has spread in the locker room to lift the spirits.

Players and coaches, at least to the outside door, and backed by mathematics, "believe" still on the move to the next round of the Champions League. Messages via Twitter and Tino Bruno prove it. "There is no worse loss to stop fighting, people. We must continue, not slacken ever, "said the Argentine. "Impossible is not a French word," said Napoleon Bonaparte ... This sentence, make it ours, "he wrote in Catalan.

What is clear, as highlighted Soldier, is that the black and white wants to be a big team, "can not be lower arms." Now it work and make concessions, such as "defend a little better when the team folded," as stated by Albelda. And do not be victimized physically and tactically for the opponent in the second part, or when the pressure ahead of the ball to the exit.

Not only the team is required to find solutions to the difficult situation in Europe and white. The club will also be put to work to fill the Mestalla stadium to Bayer and Genk. The next week is expected that those responsible for the entity to meet to consider measures in this regard. Allow free entry to all partners is an option that would involve the return of the payment of the price of tickets to those who bought in advance. The support of the fans is very important and the club will consider options for better good of the team dle.

Valencia needs a miracle and Mata

Three games, zero wins. Not much after much effort. To say that Valencia is out of the Champions League would truthfully. Despite the disastrous defeat last night, Emery still have a mathematical chance of qualifying for the knockout stages. Of course, they need help from an old friend. Mata, I need you, metaphorically yesterday echoed in the costumes of Valencia.

With only two points in the box by six German and seven of the English, the Valencia is two games behind second-placed apart from the group when there are only three to play. Winning only nine points, and complicated thing you have to visit on the last day the fortress of Stamford Bridge, Valencia does not depend on other results.

The next game against Leverkusen at the Mestalla stadium will only know if the mathematical possibilities are still intact, would win the Valencia five points and Leverkusen have six, or else it's elimination final.

Even with a victory, likely because last night the team showed that Emery is not inferior to the Germans and dominated much of the game, the chance to stay alive would inexorably by the boots of the players of Chelsea. The English side of the field visit Leverkusen in the penultimate round. If the Villas-Boas failed to win in the BayArena of little use Valencia's effort since the removal would be a fact. The fact is that after the defeat, Valencia is doomed to fail and not to get outside a little help.

Chelsea's involvement can be key in case of mathematically arrived first to the last day and that Valencia could take advantage of a relaxation of the blues in the last meeting. If Leverkusen win at Genk only a draw in London would be enough to goal difference.

Soldier: "The worst is the poor response of the team"

Roberto Soldado, Valencia striker has said, after the defeat against Bayer Leverkusen in the German League Champions (2-1), that "the worst was the disproportionate reaction that took the team after the two goals."

"We depend on ourselves and do what it takes to pass"
"It was a shock, especially the first part we had done. We deserved more but had no reaction. If we are a big team, you can lower your arms," stated the Valencia player at the end of the presentation of the party "Champions for Africa"​​, organized by Kanoute Foundation and UNICEF.

The defeat against Bayer Leverkusen, the first of Valencia this season in Europe, complicates the choices of the Spanish team moving on to the second round, and that this can not fail in the three games that lie ahead.

"We will win yes or yes in the parties of Mestalla. Yet we depend on ourselves, and we will do whatever it takes to pass. It's very complicated, but we are confident lift. Let's go, we believe," he pointed the player, for whom Valencia deserved "more than what he got."

The Valencia striker, who has said he was "a shame" not to have hit in Germany in front of goal, has insisted that the first part of the meeting that made ​​his team was "very good, similar to the game against Barcelona" .

Valencia striker said in presenting the game, "Champions for Africa" which will attempt to raise funds to save the lives of 10,000 children in Ethiopia, that "every player wants to be in the big races and this is one of them."

The Rocks of the Valencia team accuse the lack of involvement and dignity

Rocks of the Association of Valencia has issued a harsh statement after the defeat of all che against Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League, which accused the team of lack of involvement and dignity and believes that Emery has exhausted all possible credit for to remain coach of Valencia.

Press release from the pains of Valencia:
1. Our total dissatisfaction with what we mean lack of commitment, courage, and above all dignity to the time to defend the shirt of our team by the coaches and staff.

2. Involvement with our Club, must be of the same intensity in each of the competitions and in each of the fighting.

3. We want a winning team in DELIVERY, IN COURAGE IN DISPUTE, each of the balls in play, in every minute of every game, so this hobby will continue to be proud of having the best team in the world.

4. Enough, we as football fans and Valencia do not understand the various statements by the representatives of the team and not in anything approaching reality seen in the field.

5. The fans believe that with these attitudes shown game after game, season after season, little credit is left and the coaching staff with the head coach.

6. We will not tolerate such attitudes and play with our enthusiasm and feeling Valencia. We demand a radical change in these attitudes.

7. Only if we stand together we can get out of this, but we need the team to give us samples of pride, of courage and I really think of Valencia. We demonstrate every day our pride of being Valencian.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Last night was again business as usual and we took four long and dreary years of doing and thinking the same, those who have always defended Unai Emery may be happy as only a miracle called 9 points us to pass first round of the Champions of the elite of European football and that?

Last night a friend told me FC Barcelona in the first part that goes great match, that if we won tonight, going bathroom we were giving the Germans, my response was this:
Playing well is not enough because what rules the soccer GOALS I call you put or go to hell, and here we are in the shit NOTHING .-

We need a coach who knows psychology applied to group of players there, Unai is a very good coach, I would never say no, but what if you scream is that we used for this Club and the worst is that like others were in the league and return to eat it with potatoes .-

He said .-

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bayern Munich will closely Soldier

Bayern Munich, the most powerful club in German football, will use the visit of Valencia Germanic lands to follow the evolution of live Roberto Soldado. The '9 'black and white is one of the names you have listed in your book Bayer's sporting director, the former player Christian Nerlinger in order to strengthen the front of the Bavarians from the season 2012/2013.

The technicians of the current Bundesliga leaders have reserved a seat at the BayArena for Bayer Leverkusen to witness the-Valencia game in the third round of the Champions League in the group E. The Germans have been outstanding in the evolution of art in recent seasons and Wednesday want to expand the reports which have a duel Valencian most demanding, such as those from European competition for excellence.

Since his departure from Real Madrid, Soldado figures attest to his progression as a gunner. In Osasuna reached 11 goals in La Liga, two fewer than two seasons with Getafe later. Before signing for Valencia scored 16 league goals with azulones, and the last academic year, and as a player blanquiengro, exploded with 18 goals in the League, which joined a Cup and six in the Champions League. This season the player made in Don Bosco now has six goals to his credit, Ma 50% of everyone who has made Valencia.

At Bayern are very aware of the effectiveness of a man scoring as a Soldier, above all, taking into account the needs to come to the front of the Bavarian club. The veteran Miroslav Klose Munich last summer left to enlist in the ranks of Lazio of Rome. The entity led by heavyweights such as Franz Beckenbauer, Uli Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge short walk forwards. The German-Spanish Mario Gomez is the Bundesliga top scorer with ten goals. Nils Petersen, signed this summer as Bundesliga2 top scorer, has five goals and is behaving as a good complement. However, the Croatian Ivica Olic out of contract and is very difficult to renew his contract after last season irregular.

Roberto Soldado, who out of contract in 2014, is not the only player that Bayern has noted in its agenda. Emissaries of the whole Teutonic and were watching the match at the Mestalla against Chelsea Ever Banega.

Emery can rejoin Alba and Mathieu

Jordi Alba and Mathieu. That may be the biggest bet Unai Emery to face Bayer Leverkusen tomorrow. The technician tried yesterday in the training behind closed doors with Catalan and French as a solution to the left, which has changed its approach depending on the opponent, although it has been Piatti most used player in that position. This pair and the coach has been used twice this season against Barcelona at Chelsea.

A proposal is not new this season, as he did last season on occasion. This year, to Barcelona, ​​Mathieu was the great nightmare blaugrana during the first half and Chelsea looked compared to the same effect, although the result was not so successful. Leverkusen is a team that has similarities with the Blaugrana and the English by their physical characteristics, is a physically strong team and also the domain of the ball. The commitment and Mathieu Jordi Alba is one of the major conclusions can be drawn from training behind closed doors yesterday at the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna. A high intensity training, about two hours, in which the coach made a small partidillo, as well as strategic moves. The coach had all the staff, except the injured Maduro, to perform its tests, have the final session today to try to achieve tomorrow's first victory in the Champions League. A very important game for Valencia CF.

Emery has a pending task in the left wing. The role of the two sides, both as Mathieu Jordi Alba is still positive, but not entirely satisfied with the interior. The coach knows that has not yet found the best Piatti, with which we must have patience. The other option is Sergio Canales, although the Spaniard is more comfortable for the center, but not the first time I played by the band, in fact it is an alternative for you to play with soldiers and Jonas. Indeed, these two attackers also tried yesterday in training in Paterna. Pablo Hernandez would be in the right wing, but without ruling out the option Feghouli ahead of Miguel-a possibility that Emery also tested yesterday, while in midfield it looks to return to the starting Banega Éver to pair with Albelda , although yesterday was proof that accompanied the couple to the Pobla Larga. Things seem clearer on defense, where Rami and Victor Ruiz seem fixed, but the coach yesterday also put on the same computer, with Jordi Alba and Miguel, who return to the team.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Valencia CF shirt sponsor negotiates

Valencia has not yet given up on finding a sponsor for the shirt. In fact, the black and white club is negotiating with some of the leading companies in China, Tasting and UAE who are interested in collaborating with Valencia this season and sign a sponsorship to be extended for next season.

Jonas Canales, scoring solution

Unai is already looking for the formula to win Valencia offensive power and most of his goals not only carry the signature of Roberto Soldado. Beyond normal considering that the only striker who plays, the most common is 1-4-2-3-1 - is the author of most goals after analyzing in detail the events of the first month of competition official wants the players who come from second line have more punch and is seeking formula that gather in the starting lineup and Jonas Sergio Canales. Emery is a solution that is looking to implement as soon as possible and so far has been a temporary solution, based on the following argument: the players who act out of band only Paul was able to score and when Jonas or

Channels act behind the front reference delay his game very much, losing potential attack.
It is not easy to translate on the pitch the solution, because that would sit and Pablo Piatti. It is true that Argentina needed a goal to shed that conveys anxiety at times when you need to define, but brings other things. With the exception of games against Barca and Chelsea, where Emery opted for Mathieu as far left, the Argentine Piatti just started a game on the bench, in the Molinón, the day that the attack was made by Paul Canales, Jonas and Soldier ... the formula you want to retrieve. It is true that the Brazilian, who returned to play a few minutes with his team on Tuesday in the triumph of Brazil to Mexico, not marked on the current course, but has a goal, such as Sergio Canales, a left-footer that gave the victory masterful the VCF against Granada. Is a solution that Hondarribia born coach is looking to see that there is much distance between the reference theoretical playmaker on offense, because in his book considers alternative secondary two forwards together pure, resorting to Aduriz, who is pressing much in practice and is eager to return to the limelight.

In the plan, beyond the break you need, do not pack the option of setting the 'creator' Banega, but it is intended that Sergio will not be obliged to fall so far behind for the ball (although it feels very comfortable ) and Jonas also limit their functions to wait for the ball hit the bottom, which is why we insist Unai uncheck plotting to find the back of the defense as it does Soldier, the player who has scored six of the ten goals for Valencia this added course in official matches.

Jordi Alba went to look for Del Bosque after his debut in Alicante

"Jordi is a person who is loved", said the fellow who had not shared with him in Red dress. It's reality, Catalan is also characterized by a grateful person with all the people who helped him get where he is and when to get on the road headed to the car with his friend Leo before returning to Valencia, he realized that something was missing. His father had already collected the bags, but George could not leave the Rico Pérez without leave of the coach who has been given the opportunity to be with the squad, Vicente del Bosque. It was not so easy to find a journalist, but he sought to Catalan shake hands and thank him. No one has given anything and if they donned the shirt of the national team has its own merits, but that you have educated their parents and there was.

How have you been living together in the locker room with the champions of Europe and the world? Jordi only good words and even though you made ​​some jokes that remain secret for now, received no hazing or they had to pay a dinner, as do international basketball team. The atmosphere is great, but where it has 'embedded' Valencia defender is ... in the game Parcheesi.Only played one! And why now is the game of poker games are organized fashion and important.

"From the first day I felt very comfortable, although when I arrived I asked, 'Where did I get?'. I've been treated well and given me much love, the truth is that the environment is excellent and all the success is the result of that. "The Euro is still far, but Del Bosque has already scored Jordi name because it fits the group perfectly.

The Princess Elena goes to the sports city of Paterna

The Princess Elena has come to inaugurate Paterna Football Training Workshops for the disabled 7. The event is organized by Valencia CF Foundation, the Foundation Mapfre, Valencia CF and the city of Valencia.

Elena has been very attentive to the first training of children held in the morning on Thursday, and has spoken and photographed with all participants.

The Infanta was accompanied by Manuel Llorente, President of Valencia, Tarsilo Piles, President of the Valencia CF Foundation and the President of the Territorial Mapfre, Vicente Guarch.

Mature four months will be low to be serious ankle injury

Hedwiges Maduro has been operated in the Netherlands this morning by Dr. Van Dijk and the worst fears were fulfilled when the ankle injury more serious than expected, so it will be four-month low. Valencia claim compensation from the Dutch Federation.

Maduro has affected the ligament in his left ankle and Van Dijk has recontruido. Although the operation was a success, it was expected that the period of leave beyond two months, but eventually it will be twice as long as it will be far from the pitch.

The Valencia recover damages from the Dutch Federation, since the injury occurred during Maduro concentration selection 'Oranje'.

Unai Emery will have a face to face with Ricardo Costa

It is the right hand of Unai Emery in everything related to the daily life of the equipment and their reflections can be extrapolated to the technician Gipuzkoa. With less focus on their movements, Juan Carlos Carcedo often address issues that make today's Valencia bluntly. Is more direct than his boss and that is appreciated.

BRAND Radio Valencia, the second mate was hit. He had no problem in explaining how he sees the current situation of the team and everything that surrounds it. He spoke of the president's words - "The goal is to be champions" - the cracked Ricardo Costa, minutes Dani Parejo nonexistent ... and even the fiercest criticism Pablo Piatti after the first half of the season.

With respect to the central Portuguese, announced that during the next few hours will meet him for explanations of the words he had during the past week and have not sat well: "His statements do good to the group. Talk to him and if you have a complaint we are open and people can safely transmitted to us. Surely Ricardo Costa reconsiders and accepts that what he did was not right. End up helping. " First case taken by the horns and explained.

About the President slipped a little sore, but understandable. "You can not press more because that's not good for the environment. The president is in his paper to anyone let their guard down, we understand your position, "said Juan Carlos Carcedo about it.

Partner to piatti
Finally, the coach spoke of two names. A couple of very different cases, and no one is counting the minutes now, while the second account with them, but is being very self-critical. Are smooth and Pablo Piatti. Regarding Coslada, said: "Parejo has plenty of competition. In that role we have three men. Banega has started well and cover the others. You always have minutes. "

On the case of Piatti, Carcedo recognized its virtues and is made for a club like Valencia, where it will grow, "has to be done Piatti elite player here. We are confident that bring many things. "

Monday, October 10, 2011

The signings for Valencia CF in South America

One of the secrets of the current sports management, as recognized by the President of Valencia, is to arrive before the other clubs. And that is one of the reasons why Braulio Vazquez these days has shifted to South America to see live several parties in Argentina and Brazil has been told SUPER. Its agenda included several team matches, but not the only objective, and plans to extend their stay by several days to see meetings of the local tournaments. It is the first step in a signing, a sort of initial screening of players who are considered "future" for the club, and so manage informació enough to the nail.

Braulio Vazquez's presence in South America does not mean that Valencia is entering the final phase for an immediate incorporation, but if it detects a very interesting player, will move to the next stage in the proceedings of the signings, which is monitoring exhaustive training and in their personal lives. One of the slogans that asks the president to the Athletic Department is trying to get before anyone else-there is the signing of Adil Rami, and not rely on forward-looking representatives to detect signings. In a similar trip last season found the contractual status of Jonas, as their potential in the field and is controlled because their statistics had highlighted, and Valencia managed to sign him for 1.2 million euros.

Today, the template does not have a compelling need to sign in a particular position, but the work of Sport Management is aimed at finding players at a good price, hence they are gathering information from all positions, although the main objective for next year is to strengthen the position of right back.

Darin Emery receives Senyera

The brother of the coach, and manager of its website, used the presence of Argentine actor to give him a Biarritz shirt signed by Unai VCF. Darin thanked the present and wished luck to the black and white, especially his fellow Banega, Tino Costa and Piatti.

Rami said that the VCF want extended by one year

"Leaders are Valencia's conversation with my agents. The club wants the contract extended for another year. I signed for four years ... I have time. " These are the words he said to the microphones Adil Rami 'Radio Montecarlo' from the concentration of the French. The central defender's statement is a clear indication of mutual satisfaction, both by the Mestalla club and the player, the agreement reached at the time. However, the player's agent and club sources say there is still no negotiations underway.

SUPER unveiled the meeting held on Wednesday, September 14 between the representative of Rami, Alain Migliaccio, and the president-white, Manuel Llorente. The parties to broadcast at the time that the meeting was to exchange information on the current state of defense. The main conclusion of that meeting between the club and the agent is that both are "thrilled" and very happy to have joined his ways.

Currently, both sides are sending the same message. It's too soon and has not been talked to check the player's contract because the team has just arrived and has a clause of 25 million. This journal is placed in contact yesterday with the player's agent, Alain Migliaccio, who insisted that "it's early." "We signed four years (the contract expires in June 2015) and soon," he said. Migliaccio acknowledged the meeting with the Valencia of weeks ago. "We are all very pleased by how well it is doing Adil, but today we do not negotiate or talk to renew", said the representative.

On the other hand, Adil Rami referred to his new sensations in the Spanish League, in contrast to the French: "The Spanish league is very different. The rate is higher, it is also tactically different. To go higher, I have to progress further and Spain is contributing much to me in this regard. Each week game against the best attackers. But the one I have made these months is Laurent Blanc. "

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jordi Alba has come to the 'Red' to play

His boots caught the eye with the bright fluorescent green, but what he is landing on the Jordi Red to stay. The shirt looks good and although Del Bosque has not said personally, in his book and count the hours for its debut. ¿Front against the Czech Republic or Scotland? Catalan is very quiet and although everything is new to him, the truth is that you feel comfortable from early in the morning, when he called David Villa to go together to Soccer City taxi. Jordi came surrounded by Barca players and shared many hours of its release with Thiago does not mean you will be persuaded to sign for Barca, Mata (down to train with a bag of Chelsea) was also very aware of him and all the unknowns I had the Catalan side were cleared before they reach with their peers.

Upon arrival it was Vicente del Bosque, who wished him all the luck in the world. The coach is a very natural and do everything in their power to take the pressure off the delicate situations. Course, is well aware that George will get his chance. Besides being the only left-specific, Catalan arrives "fresh" for having participated in only one of the last three games with Valencia due to the penalty in the league. In the last two official engagements was chosen Arbeloa, acting band changed, but yesterday had to be treated by small muscle problems. Such is the demand in the international clubs that worked on the field only 40 minutes, long enough to see little touches of what you want your kids Forest. After the classic rounds, the coach divided the players into two groups formed a line Jordi back four with Javi Martínez-and central-lefty, Pique and Sergio Ramos. The other team brought a group of three, Albiol and central pique Arbeloa at left. Another slogan that gave coach Jordi is that he wants joins the attack as normally done in Valencia. This has been featured at the Mestalla and now with the Red, when Del Bosque will give the opportunity to have, because if you cited is to play.

'I prefer to put it in front of the goalkeeper to use force'

The goal was resisting was Anthony 'Choco' Lozano, but also win the CD Alcoyano.
Yes, it's the truth. I am very happy. Finally he reached the goal, I knew it would sooner or later because I'm working well. In the end the reward has come, I want to continue with this, we continue to enjoy it all.
His first goal in Europe has also helped the team win in second after 42 years. How do you see?
-Fantastic. It is a goal for me and the club is very valuable. Against the Cartagena made my first goal in Europe and that I will never forget.
'I have to be up on the walls of the desire I had to hold the first. He had canceled a brace, against Villarreal finished off the pole ...
'I was eager to record it. In every game I want to score goals and when I get in a game I go mad. Because God has already reached the goal. I'm adapting well to Alcoyano and hope to score many more.
-Has the word goal in the head. Have you always been forward?
Yes, indeed. Since I started playing in the popcorn on the street in the neighborhood ... or in the fillies as they say in Honduras.
-Count how was your journey from then until his move to Valencia with 18 years ...
-From the eight years playing in the street, then my brother, who also plays football and now in Hungary, I led the team of Marathon, where I started. From there I went to Junior Platense San Pedro Sula. I was there three years. I had the chance to play pre-World in Panama with the lower categories of Honduras. Then I hired the Olympia debut in the top of my country at 15. In 2009 World Cup sub'17 lived in Nigeria, marked an experience that leaves any footballer.
-The history of every player is a person who encourages him to pursue the ball, who was in the case of Choco Lozano?
'My brother, Luis Ramos, is eight years older than him, encouraged me to want to be a player in San Pedro popcorn, two blocks from home. I always admired his talent, as I said, eventually led to stocks Marathon.
-Apart from soccer, has had other work to pump an extra?
Fortunately, it was not necessary. My mother always gave me what I needed, he sacrificed a lot for me when I was little. She is my motivation to try to do the right thing in football and in life. Moreover, as soon as I played professional with 15 years, had a salary that allowed me to help at home and be fine.
-In Alcoi is single and living alone, how soon expected to visit his mother Eugenia?
-For very soon. She will cum to Europe, first going to see my brother on the 21 day of June, then come here to visit me.
'I ask her ... Anthony Lozano was a good student?
-To all, I must admit that I often forget to go to classes to play ball.
'Well, what type of front has become the child that haunted him so much football? What is your greatest virtue?
-I love putting a goal set the ball. I do not use force when hitting in front of the goalkeeper. That would be cool I think my best virtue. It is also said that I am powerful and technically to play on the counterattack.
In Honduras, having him playing in Spain he is becoming a national idol. I hope she is well aware.
'I know my brother tells me, my family ... In the TVs, the radios and the Internet is much talk about my presence in the Spanish competition. The pity is that parties can not be on television, so my need to hear on the radio on the Internet.
- What advice would you give to young Hondurans who begin to follow the footsteps of Choco?
'Well, stay away from all vice, the sport of football is the nicest thing is, one must appreciate what you have, away from the negative and sport is a wonderful refuge.
-By the way, what image you have in your country of a club like Valencia, you belong to?
-Of course, a big club in Europe and Spain, which is among the best in the league. For me it would be an enormous pride playing in Mestalla against Valencia, so I want to make a fine campaign with Alcoyano, leaving the team in that category and I open the door of Valencia.
-At the moment, enjoying it. Technicians do not take away eye club even have followed him live as the day of Villarreal B.
-I know that are watching and following me. Morale is a plus to make it better each day to make goals to help the future Alcoyano and able to contribute my skills in Valencia. I'm not afraid of responsibility, but that motivates me.
-Right now this is your priority, is why did not attend the call of the selection?
Well, with the absolute played against Venezuela in August, but now they were parties to the triangular sub'23 for a pre-Olympic. All parties spoke and took a decision, I think I did the best because it allowed me to continue to adapt to football than mine.
-This question is inevitable: Why do they call Choco?
'It's my brother, because he said began playing in goal and had a goalkeeper who called him and Honduras, Chocolate Flowers. When I took my first team, as I was with him, began to tell me well in the end I adapted and I like to tell me Choco.
His brother is his counselor. Surely seeing her example-Luis Ramos plays in the Hungarian Debreceni passed before other clubs in Eastern Europe, did not hesitate to undertake the adventure.
Yes, since childhood I have been advised and has sent me strength to keep going. He plays midfield and gives me tips football. My dream always was to go to Europe to play and form, both me and my brother, things are giving us in order to help their loved ones. My dream is to become a championship and Spanish. All my family, people who advise me well, they are my biggest supporters.
And not long ago from her one-year, also named Anthony. So young and already a father ... Look.
Yes, these are things that have life. The goal the other day is dedicated to him who gives me much strength to try to do well and spend more points. At the moment, is in Honduras, but do not rule in the future may be coming.
- Pray for the games?
Yes, I usually pray to God. I ask you to give me strength to make a good game and I appreciate everything that life offers me, the conditions that gave me being able to dedicate myself to football.
-To end the interview, back to football. Are you able to play in Valencia in the near future?
Yes, I feel I can be player of the VCF, I can reach in Europe the level of the great players that make up a team by now. I admire them much at all, I know it's hard to get there, but I have faith in me and look forward to. That is my dream and I know that I will comply. For that I went to Honduras and decided to try luck in Spain.

Braulio: "There may be departures in the January '

The coordinator of the technical secretariat of Valencia, Braulio Vazquez has said that the Portuguese central Ricardo Costa "deceives no one in training," and that "full and compete like everyone else, want to play."

Speaking to The Taula Esportiva program of Radio Nou, Braulio has referred to the substitution of the defense, which this year is one of the captains of the first team.

The Portuguese defender has today defended the criticism he has received in the season opener and discussing who does not believe that Valencia has offered what any team and express your desire for the Mestalla club disprove this possibility points from a media.

Valencia technical secretary Ricardo Costa has predicted that "will take minutes safe" throughout this season because of the requirement of the calendar.

He has also denied that the player has been offered to Espanyol in the final hours. "I know you have not been any offer because such operations have to go through me," he said about Braulio.

Valencia technical secretary also defended the work of midfielder Dani Parejo, who has only played in the Champions League game against Genk.

"Parejo is not bad. Dani hope to begin to pay now," stated Braulio, who has called for patience with the midfielder to remember that "we have six games" and Parejo did "phenomenal last year playing double pivot. "

Valencia technical secretary has admitted that "there may be departures in the January transfer" of some players in the squad that are not available in minutes, but added that everything "depends on the will of the players."

Similarly, Braulio has said he sees "complicated the arrival of players on the market before winter if there are no exits," but although he pointed out that the coaching staff is happy with the current staff has not ruled out signing if there is any good opportunity.

Braulio Vazquez has shown cautious about the possibility of reviewing the contract and the termination clause of the central Adil Rami, who is currently at 25 million euros. "Let's wait on the possibility of revising the clause. We have six games," he stated.

Concerned about the ankle Maduro

They bad news from Holland: Hedwiges Maduro injury suffered on Tuesday training with the Oranje does not look good. The media could have broken his left ankle ligaments because of a bad turn, as the first test point which has been submitted in your country. Will today, after a new X-ray and an MRI of the area, when know the exact extent of the injury, if confirmed the bad omens, the black and white will be around two months out.

Gert Jan Goudswaard, head of medical services of World Cup runner, is who is monitoring the fitness of Maduro. Still, the Mestalla club doctors are aware of the movements of '3 ', Jordi Candel and yesterday the company had first diagnosis and analysis reports were performed to Hedwiges morning, which is reference to the tremendous swelling of the affected joint. If confirmed by the ailment is serious, the player would return to Valencia and recovery begin immediately. If you stay in a simple sprain, start tuning in the concentration of the Netherlands and return to the middle of next week.

The injury comes at the worst time to mature. This was to be a starter tomorrow in qualifying for Euro clash that Holland will play against Moldova. In addition, after remaining unpublished until just 10 days, the midfielder had entered two of the last three alignments of Emery: in front of Seville and Granada, benefiting from the physical problems of Albelda and Topal.

This setback means that nursing-white to refill just hours after being emptied. With Christian and the other two midfielders and retrieved, the Palm would have been the first time since August without any player down.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seven appointments to strengthen aspirations.

With the forced rest in the league by the commitment of the national team for qualifying matches for Euro 2012 against Czech Republic and Scotland, Valencia prepared without eight internationals, the following appointments in the domestic championship and two momentous clashes with Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League.

The league schedule is quite favorable to accumulate points in the particular box. Three outputs, Mallorca, Zaragoza and Valencia Ciutat Stadium, home of the current co-leader, Levante UD, and two visits at the Mestalla, Athletic Club and Getafe. In between the Germans and the European Cup. And for dessert, and 'out of competition', the 19-N, Real Madrid's Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho controversial.

If we report on the most recent statements from Unai, five games in the league, a bit of intensity and focus, the team must accumulate at least, twelve of the fifteen possible points. And it is a contempt for rivals, but if the anger at the defeat in Sevilla was monumental and only appeased by the closeness of the match against Chelsea, it is conceivable that the points in dispute Iberoestar Stadium, La Romareda and the old stadium Orriols neighborhood are feasible to add most of them. In Mestalla, Emery dixit, must always win.

But then there are the very important two games with Leverkusen. Momentous and decisive for the continuity of Europe. And interspersed with games against Athletic, Real Zaragoza and Getafe. Important mentality and psychological fueza according to the results being produced.

The climax, with the Champions almost resolved for better or for worse, what will the 19-N Madrid at the Mestalla. With the air of a little revenge on the circumstances and the accompanying classification. The next thirty days are therefore confirmation of the initial aspirations to stay in the elite of the two most important competitions of the season.

Banega Renewal: the dilemma black and white

Ever Banega has a contract with Valencia until June 30, 2013. It may seem that is a world hitherto but the reality is that the che club has to start and to decide what to do with Argentina, and in that choice is. Because it's time to start negotiating a renewal of contacts for the club having the upper hand or, otherwise, keep in mind that start next summer Banega should be transferred, unless you choose to keep him until the end of his contract and leave leave without receiving anything in return (no policy that communicates Llorente case management for a footballer to do box). But today they do not know, no answer. There are doubts.

Banega one day makes them think one thing, the next, the opposite. Without going too far this summer was the sign hanging from transferable before going to the Copa America, yet today is indispensable piece Unai Emery's plans and technicians stand his attitude and commitment. To the extent that has been relegated to the background Tino Costa and forgetfulness (passenger) to couple. But his performance in the games also encourage such trade regarding the plan to go about its future as black and white.

Banega has shown in games such as the Sporting and Barcelona has plenty of football to bring the handle of Valencia (and most European clubs), although others such as the Granada has reopened the door to that player that led irregular to be on the market last summer. What we were Banega? Well that's the question that made today at the offices of the company and hope that before the month of February (date on which you have already taken a decision) has been answered by the same '10 'for Argentina opt for H or B, renew or transfer.

Banega is not the only player contract ends in 2013. Also Aritz Aduriz. But the case of the front is different. It is true that you can be one of the names in the market next winter and continue being in the background, although Valencia never pose a Aduriz renewal until next year.