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Thursday, October 6, 2011

'I prefer to put it in front of the goalkeeper to use force'

The goal was resisting was Anthony 'Choco' Lozano, but also win the CD Alcoyano.
Yes, it's the truth. I am very happy. Finally he reached the goal, I knew it would sooner or later because I'm working well. In the end the reward has come, I want to continue with this, we continue to enjoy it all.
His first goal in Europe has also helped the team win in second after 42 years. How do you see?
-Fantastic. It is a goal for me and the club is very valuable. Against the Cartagena made my first goal in Europe and that I will never forget.
'I have to be up on the walls of the desire I had to hold the first. He had canceled a brace, against Villarreal finished off the pole ...
'I was eager to record it. In every game I want to score goals and when I get in a game I go mad. Because God has already reached the goal. I'm adapting well to Alcoyano and hope to score many more.
-Has the word goal in the head. Have you always been forward?
Yes, indeed. Since I started playing in the popcorn on the street in the neighborhood ... or in the fillies as they say in Honduras.
-Count how was your journey from then until his move to Valencia with 18 years ...
-From the eight years playing in the street, then my brother, who also plays football and now in Hungary, I led the team of Marathon, where I started. From there I went to Junior Platense San Pedro Sula. I was there three years. I had the chance to play pre-World in Panama with the lower categories of Honduras. Then I hired the Olympia debut in the top of my country at 15. In 2009 World Cup sub'17 lived in Nigeria, marked an experience that leaves any footballer.
-The history of every player is a person who encourages him to pursue the ball, who was in the case of Choco Lozano?
'My brother, Luis Ramos, is eight years older than him, encouraged me to want to be a player in San Pedro popcorn, two blocks from home. I always admired his talent, as I said, eventually led to stocks Marathon.
-Apart from soccer, has had other work to pump an extra?
Fortunately, it was not necessary. My mother always gave me what I needed, he sacrificed a lot for me when I was little. She is my motivation to try to do the right thing in football and in life. Moreover, as soon as I played professional with 15 years, had a salary that allowed me to help at home and be fine.
-In Alcoi is single and living alone, how soon expected to visit his mother Eugenia?
-For very soon. She will cum to Europe, first going to see my brother on the 21 day of June, then come here to visit me.
'I ask her ... Anthony Lozano was a good student?
-To all, I must admit that I often forget to go to classes to play ball.
'Well, what type of front has become the child that haunted him so much football? What is your greatest virtue?
-I love putting a goal set the ball. I do not use force when hitting in front of the goalkeeper. That would be cool I think my best virtue. It is also said that I am powerful and technically to play on the counterattack.
In Honduras, having him playing in Spain he is becoming a national idol. I hope she is well aware.
'I know my brother tells me, my family ... In the TVs, the radios and the Internet is much talk about my presence in the Spanish competition. The pity is that parties can not be on television, so my need to hear on the radio on the Internet.
- What advice would you give to young Hondurans who begin to follow the footsteps of Choco?
'Well, stay away from all vice, the sport of football is the nicest thing is, one must appreciate what you have, away from the negative and sport is a wonderful refuge.
-By the way, what image you have in your country of a club like Valencia, you belong to?
-Of course, a big club in Europe and Spain, which is among the best in the league. For me it would be an enormous pride playing in Mestalla against Valencia, so I want to make a fine campaign with Alcoyano, leaving the team in that category and I open the door of Valencia.
-At the moment, enjoying it. Technicians do not take away eye club even have followed him live as the day of Villarreal B.
-I know that are watching and following me. Morale is a plus to make it better each day to make goals to help the future Alcoyano and able to contribute my skills in Valencia. I'm not afraid of responsibility, but that motivates me.
-Right now this is your priority, is why did not attend the call of the selection?
Well, with the absolute played against Venezuela in August, but now they were parties to the triangular sub'23 for a pre-Olympic. All parties spoke and took a decision, I think I did the best because it allowed me to continue to adapt to football than mine.
-This question is inevitable: Why do they call Choco?
'It's my brother, because he said began playing in goal and had a goalkeeper who called him and Honduras, Chocolate Flowers. When I took my first team, as I was with him, began to tell me well in the end I adapted and I like to tell me Choco.
His brother is his counselor. Surely seeing her example-Luis Ramos plays in the Hungarian Debreceni passed before other clubs in Eastern Europe, did not hesitate to undertake the adventure.
Yes, since childhood I have been advised and has sent me strength to keep going. He plays midfield and gives me tips football. My dream always was to go to Europe to play and form, both me and my brother, things are giving us in order to help their loved ones. My dream is to become a championship and Spanish. All my family, people who advise me well, they are my biggest supporters.
And not long ago from her one-year, also named Anthony. So young and already a father ... Look.
Yes, these are things that have life. The goal the other day is dedicated to him who gives me much strength to try to do well and spend more points. At the moment, is in Honduras, but do not rule in the future may be coming.
- Pray for the games?
Yes, I usually pray to God. I ask you to give me strength to make a good game and I appreciate everything that life offers me, the conditions that gave me being able to dedicate myself to football.
-To end the interview, back to football. Are you able to play in Valencia in the near future?
Yes, I feel I can be player of the VCF, I can reach in Europe the level of the great players that make up a team by now. I admire them much at all, I know it's hard to get there, but I have faith in me and look forward to. That is my dream and I know that I will comply. For that I went to Honduras and decided to try luck in Spain.

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