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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gregory Van der Wiel would be happy to come

Although not going to say in public, because they look a mess, I think. Gregory Van der Wiel is leaving the work of the anchor in Ajax and Valencia. The Mestalla is one team that fills their future expectations and, therefore, may well be their final destination course if Braulio Vázquez and co. fast moving parts. Last summer and there were contacts between the parties, but the disbursement made by Victor Ruiz prevented then face recruitment.

Chelsea returns to defraud and falls into the Carling

Liverpool, who beat in a chaotic Stamford Bridge Chelsea (0-2), Cardiff, winner against Blackburn Rovers (2-0) and Manchester City, Arsenal thanks to a goal by Kun Aguero (1 - 0), qualified for the semifinals of the English League Cup, the "Carling Cup" today was marked by the memory of the late Gary Speed.

At Stamford Bridge, Chelsea came back to show signs of concern, a team adrift. The Portuguese coach Andre Villas Boas gave input on the team and Fernando Torres Romelu Lukaku, but did not work.

Torres is not scoring, Lukaku contributed little and the defense of the "blues" was too vulnerable. And that Liverpool missed a penalty at the hands of Brazilian Alex, at 21 minutes. Ross Turnbull, Chelsea goalkeeper guessed the intention of temporarily saved Andrew Carroll and his team, which nevertheless succumbed in the second half.

Overcame the tradition of Kenny Dalglish, who has 13 game unbeaten as coach to rival London, that momentum shown by Chelsea after the break, which came to send a ball into the crossbar with a shot of Frenchman Florent Malouda (m.55).

Three minutes later, a backlash culminated with Maxi Rodriguez went ahead and, at 62, sentenced Martin Kelly, who remato header just inside the area.

Still lost, Villas Boas ushered Juan Mata and Nicolas Anelka, but nothing changed.

The quarter-finals of the League Cup will be completed tomorrow with Manchester United, Crystal Palace.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Know John MATA, we know very well and by and with a little "magic soup" may get a slight fever before the game, you quickly because we want to spend like crazy, but with this "voodoo" will see the Valencia.CF triumph from your TV and alone, without any "paparachi" you can see his orange heart .-

Against the blue is not worth speculating as against Schalke, go to death from the first second, knowing the way they play, the English but with a touch of the ball, melons are not sending or goals from the defense, but sometimes if they do have an enormous physical and a blistering pace when left, sorry but it is a match for Miguel Barragan and not because we caught .-

We are not interested in having organized or center field lines close together, defend and attack with seven points for the two speed and two strikers born to go crazy on defense, so Terry and others who already know Unai and the ball is going and become dislodged fairly easily, I love the audacity of this "Ballesteros" English, but no match for Roberto SOLDIER oF AIR LEGEND nor Aduritz .-

The truth is so complicated that even players not on his head must have the result you're being given, they must make their game and take it easy to hold the rain water and to assert their pride when you play .-

Barragan: "I would debut with my fans"

Antonio Barragan, right side of Valencia, said Tuesday it is willing to play his first minutes at the Mestalla, because, after being signed from the Valladolid this season, has only played three games and all your team has acted as a visitor .

"It is true that I have yet to debut at the Mestalla. The three games I've played have been away from home and I would love to debut in front of my fans," said the defender, who last Saturday in Vallecas first performed as title this season.

Asked for the umpteenth act of indiscipline also right back Miguel Brito, who arrived late for training on Monday, Barragan would not delve into the matter and said that "the subject" has "nothing to say, the one who decides is the coach ".

Barragan added that today's talk that kept coach with the template was not designed to address issues-sporting.

Personally, the player admitted that when he had a fit "slower than normal", but said now is "phenomenally fit" in every way.

"I do not know if I am the first, second or third right side, but I work very hard in training to play as much as possible," he said.

Despite the vital meeting that Valencia must face next week in London against Chelsea, which will play their qualification for the knockout stages of the Champions League, the defense said the team only think of the league's commitment Saturday against Espanyol at the Mestalla.

"We know Chelsea's game is quite important, but we have to play against Espanyol and we are preparing the party. Chelsea are a great team and process, as we move to second round. It will be a tough match, but they will think the same. "

The VCF, at the height of Barcelona

The league standings does not deceive. Enrachado Only Real Madrid, helped by some controversial decisions, such as hands-Mestalla Higuain, is now one step ahead of Valencia. Six wins in the last seven days have put Unai Emery powerful even at the club, champions and Champions League, which perfectly could snatch second place in the remainder of 2011. The Catalans still have a vantage point, but come to lose unbeaten against Getafe and must cope with their current concerns and a busy schedule.

Barca If feelings are not the best, the Mestalla to have room to pass "tests continue to grow and overcome." That is the challenge it has set himself a coach, as he wrote yesterday on his official website. And is that once passed a late September and early October with a negative-only victory in seven games, official, Valencians are released. They seem to have reached a maturity unknown in recent years, with a very interesting mix between spectacular thrashings, such as Genk, or wins incurred, as the last Saturday in Vallecas.

Emery has found the key to balance offense and defense. Never before, with him on the bench, the black and white had given so much sense of security. Their numbers, therefore, fall short of a team whose budget is four times higher, and this year has been spent double signings. Because Alexis and Cesc, by themselves, have cost at least 65 million euros by incentives, the number could still increase by another 11 - by 32.5 Valencia disbursed by Diego Alves, Rami, Piatti, Canales, Victor Ruiz Barragan and Parejo.

The direct confrontation of September 21, at the Mestalla, is another proof of equality now existing between the benefits and white and Catalans. That day, Guardiola could win in the final stretch, but those who were superior and deserved the win for much of the crash were from Emery. In the end, the result was a draw.

If the recent past provides interesting findings, the immediate future appears equally attractive. The Valencia is a great opportunity to endorse the leap in quality as in the remainder of 2011. On one side is the coin toss against Chelsea, which plays the Champions League qualifying round. Furthermore, the premiere butler, with a smaller rival, such as Cadiz. And above all, theoretically accessible three-game league with a visit to Benito Villamarin, and Espanyol and Malaga at the Mestalla.

The aspirations of the Emery will be in some way also involved 10-D at the Bernabeu, in the duel between first and second, Madrid and Barça. The Catalans played after the World Club Cup in Japan Club, to do this week with league dual commitment, to Ray and Levante.

Jonas: 'My most beautiful goal, which is against Chelsea'

- How goes the trip?
- Well, well. I like the plane!
- Better ground than by air, right?
'For me, the better, I prefer to travel by train.
'But we go too fast, now make 284 km / h.
- (Laughs) So we come before ...
'I heard you were playing with their peers ...
-Al Parcheesi ... (laughs) But sometimes the plane. This is easier ... Besides, I have a little scared on the plane.
He looks very happy, Jonas. Has exploded in all directions.
Yes, I have to be happy about all the things that are happening to me. Me things are going well for me so I am happy and content. I can not complain.
- That happiness is transferred to the field or are the goals that make you be happy?
'It's a mix of everything. The family, peers, work ... And so come the goals. Now things are going well, but I have to keep working to continue to do so and to keep things going as well.
-Has already been released in the league too.
-Yes, it was my first goal in the league. I was trying for some time, but could not be. I had resisted the first, but I hope this is the first goal and come many more. ("Do not tell Jonas, say goal," says Braulio as it passes through us. Jonas looks at him, smiles and makes a gesture of complicity).
This streak-safe ... Three goals in Champions League and one in less than a month.
Yes, to continue a long time. For a striker is always good to be on a roll because it gives you confidence. We thus increases confidence and it is always easier.
- I respect him to the suits!
Yes, I scored in the Champions League, in the league. Before I was there, looking for goals, but not entered. But I knew that when he entered the first to arrive were the others. There were also very unlucky with the sticks, but luckily, with work, it's over.
Leverkusen-Two, one at Genk and now Rayo Vallecano to win a tough game. Of all what to use?
-I think the best is yet to come. I hope it's a nice goal against Chelsea and that will help us to get out of there classified.
- Where is the key to Jonas has now become a striker who does not forgive?
'I think at work. I work a lot every day. It came from a different football like Brazil, so I tried to learn from the first day with the coaches, fellow ... I've had to work hard in training to get the things I are leaving now.
- It has also helped adapt permanently to the rearmost position in midfield as a second striker?
Yes, it's important. I've got a lot to learn still, but slowly I'm finding more comfortable and I'm adapting. I also noticed that I have improved on the defensive work and it is important for the team. I have come to Valencia with offensive characteristics, but not defensively. I worked hard and now I realize that and come back, that Brazil did not, stealing balls, mediated in the moves and reaching up like that before, that's what I like.
-He has found a good partner. Is it easier to play with soldiers next?
Yes, yes (laughs). I am very happy to play there next to him. But also with Aduriz. The important thing is that we help and continue scoring goals for the team keeps winning. And not just the front, are also contributing a lot of players like Feghouli, Pablo Piatti ... All are good players and are helping a lot.
-Your partner in many goals and celebrations is being Tino Costa ...
- (Laughs) Yes, we are always playing tricks and how to celebrate ... was fun. Tino also has a long goal and that is very important for Valencia too.
- Did he have any special dedication your goal?
Yes, yes, I'm dedicated to a physio, Luis, I said in the locker room that if he made a goal would be for him. When I scored I pointed to him. (Jonas raises his voice to Luis Deck, which is two seats behind hear you and Luis starts to laugh. "We were joking in the dressing room"! He explains.
- Is at his best as a player for Valencia?
-I think so. I've got a lot of goals in a row and is important for me and the team. It is also important to me that not all have been goals. I have also given many assists, I'm playing well and every time I am happier in the field. I am very happy.
- Who remembers now that things are going well?
-In my family, who were always there beside me. Whenever I have here one of the family and that helps me a lot. They are enjoying and will continue to be with me.
-If you were the Brazil coach would have it clear ... Jonas holder.
- (Laughs) Thank you. It's amazing, have been a great experience and I would like to be there year end with the selection. It would be the best reward and the best reward for the work to finish the year with the selection. If you want to go, I have to keep working well. I fought hard to be there because it is very difficult, and now more than ever I will keep working.
Let's talk about the team, goes like a flash as we called SUPER. Where is the ceiling?
'I think that we should not set boundaries, nor do we know. We always go for more. We won the Ray, but we have to think to win at Espanyol with our fans.
'I've seen that it is impossible not to think about the final of the Champions of London ...
Yes, we are keen to qualify. I wish I were a mark and goal for the classification.

Summit in Madrid by the Ajax side of Van der Wiel

Valencia CF has launched Operation Right Side and last Thursday took a major step forward. That day, the coordinator of the technical secretariat moved Braulio Vazquez Javier Gomez accompanied to Madrid, where they met with the representative of one of the most exciting players the club has in its portfolio to reinforce this position, the Dutch Gregory van der Wiel. Suffice to say that football is a school of Ajax, who is 23 years and the contract ends June 30, 2013, so that by the end of this season will be only one year link with the Amsterdam club.

The Matador is honoring Valencia

Valencia CF will pay tribute this Saturday, December 3, one of the great myths: Mario Alberto Kempes. The event takes place on the eve of the match between Valencia CF and RCD Espanyol at the Camp de Mestalla (22:00 hours) and will feature the real protagonist of the same, the Matador. Thus Kempes, who currently resides in the U.S., as an analyst and commentator for ESPN International and ESPN Deportes, will receive his honor on the lawn of Camp de Mestalla before the start of the meeting for the 15 th Day Liga.

The Argentine Mario Alberto Kempes, team player between seasons 76-77 and 80-81, and 82-83 and 83-84, joined Valencia's shirt in two stages in the 293 club games and 173 goals, in addition to King's Cup in season 78-79, the 1980 European Cup Winners Cup and European Super Cup the same year.

In addition, the 'Matador' achieved with the 1978 World Cup team, which was the top scorer in the same way in both 76-77 and 77-78 leagues had been with Valencia.

The Argentine was the subject of a tribute match in 1993, when the Valencia faced the PSV, with the final result of 5-6 for the Dutch team in the Kempes scored three goals from set Valencia , and which also highlighted the performance of Brazilian Romario de Souza in the opposing team with three goals.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Karpin sets her sights on Banega

Spartak Moscow is the last team to join the list of potential suitors ever. Yesterday, half of Europe echoed the information that emerged in an Italian portal, Valery Karpin asserting that he wants to tell in the near future the services of midfielder. This, we must not forget, has a contract with all the Mestalla until June 30, 2013.

The former Valencia and Valery Karpin was the focus of the present Valencia last summer when Valencia CF became interested in Nico Pareja. Spartak coach made ​​a strong position and asked for more by the Argentine Central ended up staying at the club in Moscow.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tino Costa: "The team was humble '

Argentine midfielder for Valencia CF, Tino Costa, was one of the protagonists of the game against the Lightning to be the author of the second goal for his team. The player, who is in a superb run of play and effective face-to-door, was very happy at the conclusion of the meeting in Vallecas. "Luckily I'm doing pretty well, today I had the good fortune to appear from behind and put the second goal, he loved everyone, so I'm very happy to play and be confident they are giving me."

On the goal, which was the conclusion of a superb counter-attacking play, said, "are plays that work, it was a nice play on the right, I ask to let Mathieu, not what I expected, but luckily I got and it was good. I hope the team can play well every game. "

"It was very hard to play this game. They were constantly above us, but we like to play back, go to duel and clash with them and we knew we would have the opportunity to get the goals. The team was humble, and had to be to play here, and got the victory. "

"After all this praise, played to change the chip"

Satisfied? Has your computer what you want on the lawn?
The aim was to adapt after a week with some praise that we could confuse. Before the Madrid had for a loss and then the rout at Genk. It was a meeting to change the chip. The second was what was going to offer the Ray. You get a lot of pressure, demands a lot, has a very high confidence. We had to prepare to suffer and we are pleased to get it.

Again controversy over a possible hand ... Did you find the Tamudo goal?
We are told that seemed hand but, if the referee has not seen it at least has not had an impact on the outcome.

Is what happens to Valencia attributes it to bad luck with school?
Even the referees are a little hesitant with the new standard, do not apply just because they know they can be wrong and we're here to help. When is voluntary hand and when not? What is hand pressed or not? It is very difficult but we have gone very hurt. We lost points with no hands pitables in Mallorca. Hope you have a more clear.

Has won two changes back?
With two victories we have achieved Dealbert out. It gives us confidence and he deserves it. Barragan is also performing well.

Valencia and Real Betis interests intersect with FC Barcelona

Last October, a report by the Cadena Ser put the boy back Guilherme Costa himself in the orbit of FC Barcelona (see article). Although this news found so little impact as published in the August (see article), at least helped the average amateur knew this young Brazilian player.

Forged in the Sporting Braga midfielder has barely been able to accumulate 5 Sagres league with the first team, a fact which has forced him to accept two consecutive assignments to avoid a long stay in the dock ballast his career.

Last year, the canarinho passed quietly by the modest Vizela, the third division squad Lusa, but this season has taken advantage of their stay in a top flight club, Gil Vicente, to show her considerable talent (accumulates 9 official matches) .

Although his resume is still fairly discrete, Cadena Ser insists on putting on the brink of the Spanish League and notes that both Valencia and Real Betis have sent several scouts to follow the evolution of the midfield.

Rayo Vallecano vs Valencia 1-2 All Goals & Highlights 26.11.2011.mp4

Valencia CF is becoming stronger at home

Valencia, who won in Madrid before the Rayo Vallecano by 1-2 on Saturday afternoon, has been strong this season at home, where he has offered far better performance than before his audience, as has already happened In much of last season.

It seems to accompany the team in any of their movements, by far it is, allows for more joy to approach Mestalla to attend a meeting in which it is assumed that Valencia played with the local advantage.

It is true that in the current league, the team has added fourteen of his twenty-seven and thirteen points at home at home, but has played one more meeting before his hobby as a visitor. If viewed from a different point of view, Valencia has left five points away from home, but there are seven who lost before their fans.

In the league tournament for any rival, and especially in recent times, it is best measured with Unai Emery's team in the old Mestalla to do with the field factor for at her home crowd, as in most every opportunity in which the team makes a move, return to Valencia points.

The proof is the balance of all six games at home Valencia has played in this league, which has posted four wins, one draw and one defeat, with seven goals for and three against.

Valencia have won their last three games away from home since before winning the Ray Vallecano had won in the field of Levante (0-2) and during his visit to Zaragoza (0-1).

He had previously tied at one in Mallorca in a crash that was the goal of the local team in a penalty mentioned in the last minute of game and had previously lost in the field of Sevilla 1-0 in a match in which the Banega Éver Argentine missed a penalty.

Previously, the first movement of the season was to Gijón, where Valencia won by 0-1 Sporting.

It is also true that Valencia has not played this year in the fields of the two strongest teams in the Spanish league, Barcelona and Real Madrid, but so is that in other stages of the history of the whole club was prone Valencia playing at their away games against teams with lower aspirations.

Now the leaves Valencia focused on these parties and although not usually win comfortably, it does become a very rocky for their opponents.

Valencia keeps this championship campaign last line, which added 36 points away from 35 that was to his fans, with eleven victories ten as a stranger and local throughout the tournament 2010-2011.

Any type of data confirms this trend. So with the results away from home in 2011, in which at Valencia so you just need to visit the Betis.

With seventeen league travel far Valencia accounts for a set number of victories since he started the year as a visitor with a 0-1 victory in the field of the Levant.

Valencia has fallen in three games away from home in 2011, losing in the last league against Zaragoza (4-0), which has been the most convincing defeat in recent memory outside the stadium, in addition Pamplona against Osasuna in the last championship and at the Sanchez Pizjuan against Sevilla in the present, both 1-0. The rest is summed up with eleven wins and three draws.

This contrasts with the matches played at home, where Valencia has suffered debacles like the 3-6 that he endorsed the Real Madrid in the month of April or the defeat of one week ago against the same team of Madrid by 2-3.

The duo makes a difference extinguisher

Tino Costa and Jonas, Jonas and Tino Costa. The duo of extinguisher is making a difference in the last few games of Valencia. Still smiling, both go through their best moment of the season, and plotting of yours ... on the pitch. The Brazilian striker was released as this season in the league, while for the Argentine is his second, both in the last three games of Emery in the league competition, although he added four and three goals this season with Valencia. They are happy and on a roll ... a good connection that is using the equipment.

It was the 20th minute when a move down the left, Mathieu satin gave the ball to Jonas. The Brazilian did not think twice and hooked up with the right. A powerful low shot hit the right post of the goal of the network Cobeño drilled. The first goal in the league this season for the striker, who already has four goals. His three goals in the last three Champions League match, in addition to the two that achieved with the Brazilian national team in their first two games as head of the 'canarinha'. His goals, his assists and his work with humility for the Brazilian team make a key player for the Mestalla. In the midfield, makes connection between Tino Costa and Soldier. It is understood perfectly.

The Argentine, who rose to ownership of the injury, Ever Banega, is also giving a great performance at midfield, has three assists in four games, and it is also using the opportunities to face-to-door and added three goals. Before the Genk rounded the scoring and 'shot' the goalkeeper with a shot very powerful and unstoppable in his left Vallecas were also gold. Her left leg is in the spotlight afinadísimo.

Two players on a roll, making a difference, and united by their friendship and the celebration of the extinguisher, emulating what happened in the team hotel the team ... yesterday there was no fire extinguisher, but a gesture of complicity.

"That boat Mestalla! 'Was the song in Vallecas

When Tino Costa scored the 0-2 is silent Vallecas local parish and Valencia players clearly heard from the stands: "That boat Mestalla!That boat Mestalla! ". The historic win last Wednesday, 7-0 at Genk, encouraged many fans to go to Madrid, and at the end were about 300 Valencia fans clothed black and white team for a new victory for his team to address the third row.

Fans were left to note since they entered the stadium, as most wanted to be identified by displaying the name of his rock, having representatives of the 'Fem by' (La Pobla Llarga), 'L'empastre Taronja (Albalat Sorells dels) PV pistachio, 'Balaguer' Popula Vallbona, PV "the knights of Castile 'PV' Benisscareig ',' Every u Pa d'ell 'Massamagrell ... among others. They did not stop to cheer the whole game and the displacement was only a warning of what to expect in the vital match against Chelsea next day 6 in London, in which the VCF is played to access the second round of the Champions and have already made ​​initial estimates of inputs, and that offices do not stop coming club requests.

A plane carrying more passengers
Besides the importance of the game, the game day festivities have increased the amount. Yesterday they were already 235 people who had applied to join the tour of duty, regardless of the trip on the day of l'Agrupació of Penyes and sale of single tickets at the box office. The club has hired a larger capacity aircraft to be around 300 passengers. Valencia makers are also aware that, regardless of organized trips, there are many fans who will go on your own.

Jonas: "I think my goal is the result of a job '

Jonas Gonçalves, Valencia striker, scored the first goal in his team's victory against Rayo Vallecano (1-2), and said he was "very happy to make" his first goal in the league and the victory harvested in a "very difficult stage. "

"I'm very happy for the first goal in the league, and that only made ​​in Europe, but more important is to keep winning like this complicated field and I am very happy," he said. "I think my goal is the result of work done, because I'm giving it up, I'm happy and enjoying it. Now I want to work harder to keep growing, and I appreciate the continuity in the ownership of the coach, because the more you play better for me" he said.

On the game, the Brazilian striker said: "We have learned how to play here in a tiny field" and against an opponent uncomfortable. "Most importantly, he scored twice and we got the win," he stressed.

Finally asked about the great performance that Valencia is having merely remarked that "many players have come this year and we are improving game by game."

Emery: 'We knew we had to suffer to win'

Unai Emery, Valencia coach said Tuesday after beating Rayo Vallecano (1-2), who knew that "to win you had to suffer," and was "satisfied" with the victory and that his players "were prepared" to achieve a positive result in "a complex field."

"The most important aspect of this game was adapted after a week with some praise that they wanted to confuse, and also overcome what was going to give the Lightning," said the coach at a news conference.

"We are pleased that the team has overcome that, and because we knew we had to suffer to win in a complex field and we were ready. I am pleased to pass this game, which for us was very important," he said.

Emery wanted to "congratulate Ray for the great season he's doing" and said that Madrid "deserve to be in the First Division for as they are playing."

"The goal is to be up with the best '

Angel Dealbert was the subject of the press conference after the team back to training this morning. The central Benlloch Vallecas yesterday returned to the ownership due to the low of Victor Ruiz in the axis of the rear and was satisfied with the work done.

Castellón defender explained that the three points yesterday the team stays up on the table, a situation that the equipment is marked as final goal of the season. "Our goal is to be up with the best and if we continue in this line and this mentality we can fight to the end to be up to the end," he said.

On yesterday's rival, elñRayo Vallecano, Dealbert explained that this was not an easy match because "we played against a team that was very good lately at home, had a good line and came enrachado". To Dealbert the key was that "the team was docked right from the start, was intense and well in the second plays."

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fence to the right side

                                                   Mathieu Debuchy
                                                   Sime Vrsaljko
                                                    Hugo Mallo

                                                 Cesar Azpilicueta

Like last season, Valencia is poised to return to pre-empt the other teams in sports that planning is concerned. If day, late in November, already has a bespoken as the Mexican footballer Andrés Guardado, Deportivo La Coruna, close to solving the main problem for next season, the right side. The technical secretariat-white is after a player dedicated to the right and tries to close the signing soon. Not only that, plus the Valencia is behind the signing of another player who plays in that position: the young Hugo Mallo, Celta Vigo, Valencia is on the agenda since the last seasons. Does this mean that the two sides can sign Valencia rights for next season? The answer at this time is neither yes nor no, the answer is that this possibility is not excluded as long as the two operations together not out of the club's initial budget to reinforce this position. Where the unlikely event of signing Hugo Mallo, what about Barragan? Nor should we rule out that Mallo to stay on loan at Celta de Vigo, since it is a very young player. Indeed, last summer, when they praised the signing of Mallo, the possibility was always assigned to stay on the table.

All this is speculation, rather they are opportunities that Valencia managed at the moment, but what is the player best placed to-somehow-be the starting right side next season? Today, the technical secretariat deck Valencia different names. Some of them have already been linked with Valencia when he was looking right back last summer, as is the case of Cesar Azpilicueta, raised in Osasuna player, now playing in the French league in Marseille. This is a player that fits like a lot and its sporty profile, while its price initially escapes which has the portfolio-white club to spend. A similar case is the Colombian Naples, Zuniga, who has seen much live like very much because it's a great player, but has a high price. Even so, you can not say that it is discarded.

Another player who loves the French Mathieu Debuchy. Play the French Lille, where the central Valencia Rami joined the international-and new-style. This is a 26 year old, that is, a reality and not a project player, with a price that would fit best at what he has been saying he is willing to pay Valencia, about 5 million euros. For Debuchy, it is noteworthy that Valencia has already negotiated with Lille and can not rule out an operation was attempted as that now made exactly one season with Adil Rami and could stay there until the season given that comes from.

Finally, we must also talk about the young Sime Vrsaljko, who plays for Dinamo Zagreb and Croatian is momentarily from the team because he refuses to renew his contract, in fact, did not play last Tuesday at the Santiago Bernabeu against Real Madrid. Vrsaljko is now 19 and a promising future.

Not visit Valencia Vallecas from the rout of 2003

The Valencia CF faces on Saturday in Madrid at Rayo Vallecano Vallecas Stadium, a field that no visitor since February 23, 2003, in game for the 23 th day of the League 2002-2003. At that time, Valencia was imposed on the locals by a resounding 0-4, with goals from Angulo, Shuffle and Mista, and Onopko goal own goal. Valencia, coached by Rafa Benitez, formed on that occasion with Canizares, Reveillere, Ayala, Marchena, Carboni, Angle, De los Santos, Deck, Kily, Sanchez and Mista.

Clashes between the two teams in Vallecas over history have some statistics that are very equal, and that Valencia has faced the Lightning in Madrid in the Primera Division for a total of twelve times, with five wins, two draws and five defeats, with a balance of twenty and seventeen goals scored against.

The heaviest defeat suffered by Valencia in Vallecas happened in his first visit in the season 1977-1978, in a match that was held on December 11, 1977, and which was defeated Valencia 3-0. Formed by Valencia Manzanedo in that game, Arias, Jesus Martinez, Castellanos, Juan Carlos, Cabral, Eloy, Reel, Cervero, Lobo Diarte and Kempes.

By contrast, the marker most favorable to the Mestalla, apart of that of the 2002-2003 season, was won two seasons earlier, in 2000-2001, in a match played on April 7, 2001 in which the Valencia won by 1-4. The alignment of Valencia in that game was: Cañizares, Carboni, Pellegrino, Ayala, Angloma, Mendieta, Deck, Angulo, Kily Gonzalez, Carew and Sanchez.

4,000 euros per point a laser at a player in Mestalla

Lest anyone be misleading. The laser pointer little joke, that it has become fashionable in some stages and some fans used to confuse or upset the visiting players, is very expensive. Just ask the audience at the Mestalla on Saturday could not think of anything with that pointer to mark Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema.

Security cameras Mestalla 'hunted' the viewer and the corresponding penalty ruled yesterday the Anti-Violence Committee. He received a fine of 4,000 euros and also has banned from any sports stadium for 12 months. The Commission points out in the statement that the use of these laser pointers is strictly prohibited.

And you know also that if amateur is tempted to enter a stadium in violation of the sanction is at risk very seriously. Another came up to see the Valencia-Real Madrid when he was banned for two years and now have to pay 60,001 euros.

On the other hand, has been fined 3,500 euros and banned from any sports stadium for six months to a Valencia fan causing a disturbance of public safety in the vicinity of Mestalla. Another one. A follower will have to pay 3,500 euros and banned for six months to strike a blow with the fist one of the horses of the Cavalry of the National Police. This occurred minutes before the Valencia-Real Madrid.

Those heroes of 62

For the forgetful, for the palette to the sectarians who do not see beyond their chrematistic interest to those who think that football was invented yesterday, when they began to see a cap from the box, for the novices who have just debut at the Mestalla ... For all those who have not lived, it refresh your memory and remember the seven that he endorsed the Genk Valencia is nothing new. And not only in domestic competition, the Ray Vallecano next opponent, lace, commanded the team that Mario Kempes, the same number of goals at the Mestalla, but also in Europe. The same figure for the team and he did a bit silly of years ago. It was in April 1962, at the Budapest at the time, then a city inhospitable romantically and emotionally much more distant than now. There, isolated and surrounded breaths Hungarians themselves who could not believe, Valencia beat MTK by a convincing 3-7. He scored three on "Palomo" Hector Nunez, the others were divided, in pairs, Waldo and Guillot, as good partners who would then be of the former cafeteria Walgui compared to Mestalla. There are three scorers, full of life, to bear witness. In his honor, and not lose your head and forget the origins, today we rescue that feat. The cranks and superstitious, they are saved by the fact that, in that competition called primitive Fairs Cup-League title of the current Europe-conquering Valencia ended the tournament and opened his belt mainland. No longer a curious precedent. But nothing more. The euphoria of the win at Genk-team resembled a battalion of volunteers from the World War II makes no sense. Looked coldly at Stamford Bridge is Chelsea's favorite. So we land.

I wish my Soldier than 11 goals in London

Mestalla on Wednesday ruled throughout the match and was heard: "Private Selection". In 70 ', the whole stadium stood up to say goodbye to their top scorer in the Champions League. With his three goals against Genk, historic Soldier mark equaled 11 points of Juan Sanchez, who endured 11 years, since last November 12, 2002. Thus, two Valencian front ranks first conducted at the continental showpiece in the 92 year history of the club, a figure that neither David Villa and Morientes could achieve in their campaigns in Valencia.

Soldier has needed only two seasons to reach the figure (made ​​six last season and five great on it), for the three campaigns that Sanchez used in the early XXI (99-00 scored three in five in the 00 -01 and three in the 02-03), but some of the goals from Juanito were the most important story che, as those two did in Mestalla against Leeds United in the semifinals of the Champions of 2001, giving Valencia the passport to the second end, Milan against Bayern Munich.

Both were very comfortable, had feeling from the very beginning and said it looks great goalscorers crooks who were and are, because the goal is for the smartest in the class. Both constant compliments cast: "It's in a great moment, is among the best scorers of the day and I'm glad to be soldiers who overtake me. I wish I could overcome with a goal in London," said Sanchez.

Soldiers took up the gauntlet and returned the 'flowers': "I ​​still remember his two goals against Leeds and how important they were. My dream is to make key goals as he did during his career."

The Spanish press claims to Roberto Soldado (KNOW THE FOREST OF HIGHER BUT CAN SAY NO MORE CLEAR)

Media without the burden of Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Soldado Valencia has become one of the continent's most effective forwards. Undisputed leader of the Valencia striker Vicente del Bosque expected to open it, once and for all, the doors of the Spanish.

"A Soldier of legend." As the newspaper headline perfectly sums up the sort of form that has reached Roberto Soldado. The striker, 26, has accumulated 8 goals in 12 league games and with its 3 targets yesterday was located just a step away from the top two scorers in the Champions League, Germany's Mario Gomez and Argentine Leo Messi (see article).

In what the newspaper El Pais described as a "dream year" has much to do the "physical maturity and emotional tactics" that has reached this player to Real Madrid just given the chance to showcase their talent.

Without a quality that predominates over the rest, soldier conspicuous for its ability to bring disparate qualities such as speed, deft ball handling, positioning, tactical sense, and especially agility spiker.

With Fernando Torres squandered prestige in the Chelsea, no one is aware that Valencia striker should be part of the next calls for the Selection of Spain, because as indicated by the newspaper El Mundo, "Soldier does not know how to make Del Bosque gives him his chance in the selection. "

The hand does not let a Guaita

Time has shown that Guaita mishap for 15 days, training in Paterna, it was not anything. That stop in a bad position to throw Paul not only questioned their presence in the clash against Real Madrid, but eventually prevented him from playing and will do so tomorrow in Vallecas. The goal discomfort in his right hand have not provided, so Emery, except in cases of force majeure, will leave tomorrow bench. Diego Alves, which itself is 100%, is the one between the sticks to put the Lightning.

The Torrent confirmed yesterday that suffering bone edema at the base of the third metacarpal remains virtually unchanged from two weeks ago. This is demonstrated by the tests that were submitted in the Levante Rehabilitation Centre after training with one of the doctors of the club. On the one hand, a magnetic resonance imaging. In addition, a CAT scan. In both tests appeared similar to inflammation could be seen in check the same characteristics that had undergone after the accident.

Guaita's illness comes from afar. First, because last season and was hurt in the same hand after colliding with Aduriz in training. Second, and more importantly, because last October 23 in the clash against Athletic, Llorente stepped on her hand and left seriously touched. From then until the problem 15 days ago aggravated the injury, Vincent was playing with discomfort and infiltrated. Something that could re-do now, but with the logical faculties decline causing bone edema.

In this type of discomfort, the only path to full recovery passes to rest all on hand for several weeks in a row. But that solution is not feasible now, with the campaign halfway through, the Torrent is alternating sessions of higher and lower demand. Yesterday, for example, conducted fieldwork only after heating to the rest of substitutes against Chelsea and the doctors preferred to work out in the gym.

The truth is that Guaita be on the call. Vallecas for travel to alternate. And it will do with a splint on the injured area, who accompanied him during the last days as a precaution. The aim is to prevent the injured hand out a new and hypothetical accident during their routine life.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jonas: "We have a game to achieve our goal"

Valencia's Brazilian striker, Jonas Gonçalves, was commissioned to open the scoring in the win for his team against Genk Belgium. Jonas, who is in a great run scorer in the Champions League, said after the victory, the team must be calm and think about winning in London. "Now we have a game to achieve our goal, we must be quiet now, we still have some days to the match against Chelsea and we must be calm and focused to do well."

"The truth is that I appreciate being able to play next to my peers," said the player. "They're great players and I'm learning a lot playing alongside these players, and I continue to play with assists and goals, it is my property and I am excited and very happy at Valencia."

On the celebration of first goal, Jonas said, "It was a joke, was with Diego in the Chinese room (Tino Costa) and Piatti, and we made some jokes there, and then they went to our room with the fire extinguisher and waitresses I was pissed with us and all we had to be cleaned for an hour. we had talked that if we would do that gesture Marcab. "

The biggest win in Europe's history

Mestalla lived a historic night. On November 23, 2011 will forever be the date on which the Valencia got its biggest win in European competitions. It is no small thing when you consider that the party last night was black and white in 231 of the continental tournament (if one takes into account the officers, and that UEFA will not count in his statistics the defunct Fairs Cup). The 7-0 at Genk already part of the Valencian record books, surpassing the two occasions when thrashed 6-1. The last to suffer this result was the last Turkish Bursaspor Champions.

This festival is offensive, the best reward for the 35,000 Valencian who bet on the field visit also comes in some way the biggest win for Valencia suffered throughout their history in Europe: the humiliating score against Karlsruher in Germany, November 2 1993 in the lap of the second round of the UEFA Cup. He scored 7-0 against an entire generation.

But the joy at the final whistle lasted only a few seconds, which soon came to the stands the news that Leverkusen had gone up the opening goal of Drogba and won 2-1. The historic beating only worth something if the draw with Valencia at least goals in the hell of London, with Mata as a rival.

The protagonist of the game was destined to be the battered lawn Mestalla, but the confusion in the starting lineup of Valencia took over. UEFA official spent Sofiane Feghouli onces included (and confirmed by the communication department of Valencia at 19:45 hours) while heated with Pablo Piatti holders. Something was missing.

Manuel Llorente, oblivious to all this fuss, the state inspected the pitch looking worried. The president left the field for the tunnel at the same time the press department passed, at 20:15, on the eleventh rectified with the novelty of Piatti.

Soon Unai Emery appeared in the club's official tracksuit (not yet had his usual suit and it is normal to let them see during heating). On the pitch formed an emergency meeting between itself Emery, Juan Carlos Carcedo and Voro, delegate of the first team. His face was very serious coach, former player and extécnico while Valencia gave all sorts of explanations. At the end of the talk, Emery sent Piatti outfits and jumped to warm Feghouli.

The club sent another urgent message relocating to Sofiane in the team and removing Paul. Voro was wrong to give the name of French instead of the UEFA Argentina and did not allow the change, since, according to its regulations, the exchange has occurred Sofiane could not continue in the convovatoria and Valencia have had one player less on the bench, in addition to approach the game with only two changes.

The error, less important than those of Juan Cruz Sol illegal alignments that became a league match in Santander and a Copa del Rey in Novelda, Unai be prevented with the left inner chosen to start the match. And with the eleven, not designed Emery, was thrashed Genk.

No one remembered the rest of the state of the grass after heavy rains in recent days, first because endured very well despite being visibly soft and secondly because the 4-0 was more concerned with the fans Del Bosque to sing the 'Soldier selection 'after the hat trick of Valencia, who stood watch if the grass.

He chose a good match Tiago Splitter, the brand new Valencia signing NBA Basketball, to debut at the Mestalla. In the meantime asked the striker who was blinded to the stands just minutes before. His companion made it clear that Armor Pietrus is part of the NBA in Spanish football. The translator was the best gift, trigoleador shirt.

The most celebrated in the second tier was no launch occurred in the field, but Drogba's goal in the Bay Area for Chelsea. The cry of "Goooaal" swept all the seats had a fan attached to a radio station and the collective madness invaded Mestalla, who dared a shy wave (there was no question of calling the rain with the risk of still cold drop in the sky). He was already changing anecdotally by Feghouli Piatti. Soldier left as the great bullfighters, with the audience stood up and heading the bench as if the front door.

Mourinho, provoking trade

Ethics, politeness, fairness, the distance of the facts so that we do not pollute, and in general, good practice of the trade outlet for us from reporters. We go to sporting events haunted by the consciousness that tells us moderate expressions and gestures. In a press box should not be insulting, gesture, or have reactions like those of any fan to feel much sympathy or love for the club. This sometimes causes us discomfort. Especially when we are next to a militant excessive. Repressed, in these times, not good for health and after writing a chronicle we go to bed unsatisfied and downright annoying to ethics.
Journalists, like any mortal, we have access to the dictionary, and we have a handbook or compendium of insults and disqualifications that we have to save. A guess, we'd be wide, satisfied and happy if we could participate in the expressiveness of the stands was a character. Burro call a trainer who is the very coral song is volcanic chump change. Especially when it is also unjust and circumstantial.
If I tell someone, in a fit, which is arrogant, (not because I remordería clown awareness not to respect Diaz Brothers who both enjoy at Christmas of my childhood), surely, if I gave you full name would say that I fall short. One that comes to mind would probably have many fans if they would like to call it, to pin the flat, asshole, but bad blow, bud verbenero, HomeNet, hominids, hominicaco, cagabandurries, xuplabases, buidacalaixos, stupid, liar, manipulator, liar, ass, idiot, drooling and parallel. And all this without resorting to insults familiar character in any case come to mind.
There are individuals that if they do not deserve such a string if a good portion creditors. Football features characters that irritate and promote anything conciliatory attitudes. There are times when you do not notice that certain gestures are provocative and tense atmosphere, with warm blood usually as football fields, can have bad consequences. Should, in order to avoid greater evils and everything was in a shipment of insults, certain players moderate their impulses.
Without going any further, the coach of Madrid, the picturesque Jose Mario dos Santos Mourinho Félix (and other saints) should be given occasional home warning because in the Competition Committee is not entered automatically in order to prevent appear someday someone wires crossing and have a disappointment. There are people who will not settle for putting fine words. Villarreal went to the bench to celebrate a goal and a player in his Mestalla, who was not aligned and thus almost never perhaps called colt, went to his hump to celebrate a bit. He was never seen on a football field.
Mourinho has the power to make enemies wherever he goes. Even the make at home. In its panoply of scorn Iker Casillas also included the captain of his team. A few days ago, when he reminded a press conference balls stamped stopped saying only goal is for it. Still has not forgiven him to call to clarify his mistake Xavi in ​​demonstrations after the dispute of the Supercopa. Now, speaking of Barca players, refers to the friends of Iker.
With it came the scandal. And give him suffer while extravagance, abuse, manipulation and output bank pin no one put a stop to it.

Soldado de leyenda

Roberto se convirtió anoche en un Soldado de leyenda. Primero superó a David Villa (el asturiano anotó ocho goles como che en Champions) y después escribió su nombre en letras de oro junto al de Juan Sánchez. Todo ello en 45 minutos. Los 11 goles que firma Soldado en el torneo de las estrellas desde que fichara por el Valencia le hacen ser junto a Sánchez el máximo goleador de la historia del club blanquinegro en la Champions. Y Soldado tiene pólvora para rato. Mínimo este año jugará un partido más, en 15 días en Londres, y vista la goleada de ayer parece que el Valencia oposita a octavos de final. Pero caprichos del fútbol y cosas que tiene la Champions, el traspiés del Chelsea en Leverkusen (pifia donde las haya porque los ingleses se pusieron por delante en el marcador) obliga a los de Emery a sudar la gota gorda para meterse en la siguiente ronda por más que ayer hicieran siete. Ya no hay lugar a un matrimonio de convencia en Stamford Bridge, porque el Bayer ya figura entre los que estarán en octavos y bien Chelsea bien Valencia dirán adiós muy buenas.

Pero no adelantemos acontecimientos y disfrutemos del momento. La parroquia de Mestalla se pasó muchos minutos de la velada clamando por lo que los números dicen que sería justo. "¡Soldado, selección!, ¡Soldado, selección!". Lo gritaron los aficionados che y hasta algún belga sumó su voz. Tome nota señor Del Bosque: cinco goles en cuatro días; cinco en Champions; ocho en Liga. ¿Quién da más? En el panorama español, hoy por hoy, nadie.

Capítulo Soldado aparte, los jugadores del Valencia hicieron algo difícil en el fútbol de hoy en día: disfrutaron dándole a la pelota como cuando eran niños. El de ayer es uno de esos partidos en los que todo sale como sueñas la noche anterior. Incluso mejor. Porque Jonas rompió la luna del autobús del Genk con un testarazo a los nueve minutos y tres después colocó por dónde parecía no haber hueco un pase que convirtió Soldado en asistencia. Dos a cero.

Hagamos una parada en el relato de los goles para hablar de Jonas. El brasileño se gana en cada partido tener un rol más acorde a su valía como futbolista que el que tiene quizás por lo barato de su fichaje. Entre líneas siempre aparece y tiene un juego combinativo como ninguno en este Valencia. Pasamos página Jonas.

El Genk sólo inquietó a la media hora de juego. Fue entonces cuando Diego Alves tuvo sus tres minutos de gloria. Pero los belgas tienen una manta más bien cortita... y al taparse la cabeza se dejaron los pies al fresco. Contragolpe. Gol. ¿De quién? De Soldado. Después la retahila: de nuevo Soldado, Pablo, Aduriz y Tino Costa. Festival, aunque la Champions pasa por Londres.

El crack


Hizo tres goles antes del descanso como quien no quiere la cosa. Lleva cinco en esta Champions.

¡Vaya día!


Le cayeron siete en Mestalla y eso que hizo hasta tres paradas de mucho mérito en la primera mitad.

El dandy


Omnipresente en labores ofensivas. Gol y dos asistencias. Hizo además lo más difícil: abrir la lata del Genk.

El duro

Víctor Ruiz

La goleada no dio lugar a que hubiera juego duro. La más llamativa, una falta de central en la medular.

Soldier of legend

Roberto became a soldier last night legend. First beat David Villa (the Spaniard scored eight goals in the Champions League as che) and then wrote his name in letters of gold next to Juan Sanchez. All this in 45 minutes. The signing Soldier 11 goals in the tournament of the stars since joining Valencia make him with Sanchez leading scorer in the history of black and white club in the Champions League. And Soldier has gunpowder for a while. Minimum this year will play one more game in 15 days in London, and given the rout of Valencia yesterday seems oppositional to the knockout stage. But vagaries of football and things about the Champions League, the Chelsea stumble in Leverkusen (where they exist blunder because the British went ahead on the scoreboard) requiring Emery to sweat blood to get into the next round of seven did more than yesterday. There is no place for a marriage of convince at Stamford Bridge, because Bayer is among those who will be in the second round, well Chelsea Valencia will say goodbye either very good.

But not anticipate events and enjoy the moment. Mestalla Parish spent many minutes of the evening calling for what the numbers say it would be fair. "Soldier, selection!, Soldier, selection". The fans screamed and even a Belgian che added his voice. Note Mr. Del Bosque: five goals in four days, five in the Champions League, eight in the league. Who gives more? In the Spanish landscape, today, nobody.

Chapter Soldier aside, the Valencia players did something difficult in football today, enjoyed giving the ball as when they were children. Yesterday's is one of those games where everything goes to sleep the night before. Even better. Because the moon broke Jonas Bus Genk with a header nine minutes and three then placed where there seemed to be hollow became a pass Soldier in attendance. Two to zero.

Let's stop the story of the goals to talk about Jonas. The Brazilian won every game have a role more commensurate with their worth as a footballer who has perhaps the cheapness of his signing. Between the lines, and has always displayed a combination play as any in this Valencia. We Jonas page.

The Genk only disturbed the half hour mark. It was then that Diego Alves had his three minutes of glory. But the Belgians have a blanket rather short little ... cover your head and feet were left to cool. Backlash. Gol. Who? Soldier. After the litany: Back Soldier, Paul, Aduriz and Tino Costa. Festival, although the Champions passes through London.

The crack


He made three goals before the break and who does not want the thing. It takes five in the Champions League.

What a day!


We dropped seven in Mestalla and that he made three stops a lot of merit in the first half.

The dandy


Omnipresent in offensive work. Goal and two assists. He also made it more difficult to open the can of Genk.

The hard

Victor Ruiz

The rout did not lead to any rough play. The most striking, a lack of central midfield.

The Belgian press highlights the seven goals to Genk

The Belgian press has stressed the rain of goals received by an experienced Genk who conceded seven, the worst defeat in their history in Europe, ironically to heavy rains in the Levant, which subsided just in time for the plight of the team of Mario Been.

Goals galore''''point the 'Le Soir', yet avoids self-criticism to give, yes, Emery's men, particularly soldiers, who got a hat trick. Most of all was martyred, according to French television RTBF, Genk goalkeeper, Hungarian László Köteles that "little could be done" before the power of the Valencians.

If someone was to blame, says this channel is set behind the Limburg, that he "left to their fate" without any protection. "Festival offensive," says the newspaper La Derniere Heure ', which is reminiscent of another Spanish team, Real Madrid, who held the record for bashing at Genk in Europe (0-6 in 2002).

Critical to the arbitration proceedings shows the Dutch newspaper De Standaard, who notes that "was ignored clear penalty on Thomas Buffel." The paper said that despite the embarrassment, the Genk will need to get home and no longer play anything Bayer Leverkusen.

No echo is the Belgian press Pride Been at the end of the meeting, when he told reporters in Valencia that his team "had not played so bad." Valencia, Roberto Soldado commanded by a state of grace before the Genk signed the biggest win of its history in Europe by winning 7-0, a result of scandal, however, does not relieve the Spanish side to risk their second round qualifying on the last day.

Also despite the hefty victory, Valencia will face Chelsea at Stanford Bridge to clarify the sort order of group E.

Torro: 'I dream of playing for Madrid'

The signing of midfielder Lucas Torres, the pearl of the quarry of Alcoyano, may suffer a major turn after the player's statements in which he affirms that "my dream of playing for Real Madrid passes by Alcoyano now." And is that the operation is now a hot spot, as shown by the same Sunday Juan Sanchez to be moved to join her Alcoi President Juan Serrano and the top club.

Torró visited a couple of weeks with her ​​parents Valdebebas sports village and says he will not have anything signed, "only have my word", but says that "the choice of Madrid is the best for me." But Cocentaina know the only thing that can abort this operation is the VCF if pay this clause in the agreement they signed two clubs less than a month. Juan Serrano himself has said that "if you have something signed with Real Madrid's their problem. Lucas Torres is Alcoyano player and Valencia who has priority. "The president described as "complicated" his march to the capital because the only way is that Madrid will make professional tab.

We are minded to win at Chelsea

Tino Costa was responsible for putting the finishing touches on a historic night at the Mestalla for the legend of the Champions League. Responsible for building the game for 90 minutes, Argentina decided to join the feast of goals at the Mestalla after a move that he decided to end accompanying movements to the small area. The player stands in the small area in the left corner, set up his leg and 'shot' the goalkeeper with a very powerful unstoppable shot at that distance. Tino has two goals in official competition, the first in the continental showpiece this course. "As we were 6-0, let me go a little higher, I was bouncing on that play and I could fit, so happy."

The midfielder is aware of the importance of the last game of the group stage of Champions, which will take them to London: "We are forced to go to win and we're going to do, then if it happens to tie and the tie, perfect, but we are minded to win. "

On the win at Genk, Tino Costa remarked: "Beyond the seven goals, we knew we had to win to continue to have 'chance' to qualify. Put too many goals we had in mind because we knew that in the last game you could play goal difference. We played very concentrated, a difficult game also for the field and all the conditions we had, but I think the team did very well. " Despite the seven goals scored, the Argentine was ambitious: "I think the referee could have one or two penalties whistled clear, the goalie did his job well, we had a chance to put one or two more goals, although we could have put one or two. In general I think the result is correct for what was the game and, really, very happy. "

In addition, Tino Costa stressed the importance of the heroic deeds of Valencia CF: "Today, any team in any division or competition is very hard to get those goals, especially in the Champions League is very difficult, credit for this team."

Now we're going to London to win

The protagonist of the game for his hat-trick, Roberto Soldado, said that "the best way to convince Del Bosque is scoring goals, I prefer talking on the pitch."

Valencia striker, who scored three goals, stressed the importance of victory for the team, but also that several players have been able to find the net, and that this "strengthens us all." "It's important for everyone, we did a complete game and now we're going to London to win, but we also know that we had better tie one, but our mentality is winning," said Soldier.

Emery is forced to align Feghouli wrong alignment giving the UEFA

Valencia was a mistake in reporting the back of the shirts that were to start the game against Genk, which instead contained Piatti Feghouli as intended Unai Emery.

Once the Valencian club realized the error, noticed the same school, although this is not possible to change the alignment, warning that if Emery jumped with Piatti Feghouli instead, counted as change.

Thus, the Valencia jump start with two players usually occupy the right wing in the plans of Emery. Pablo Hernandez started on the right and the left Feghouli.

Emery: "We depend on us and that's the most important"

Unai Emery said after the historic win achieved by Valencia at the Genk by 7-0, that although they play the pass to the knockout stages of the Champions League at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea, the important thing is that they depend themselves to get it. Following the results of this last day, Valencia is obliged, at least, to achieve a tie with goals in London to secure qualification for the next round, which has already won the German side.

"We depend on us and so we must be satisfied. We know it will be difficult but also for them. It shows that Bayer was also a strong opponent and have taken advantage. Now it's played between Chelsea and us," said . "It was fitting that the Chelsea win, but the draw was not welcome. In the last round, the tie from a ticket and win us too. Our mindset will be out to win," he said.

Valencia coach had an impact on his team in London have the opportunity to see what they are capable. "But it depends on us and that's the most important. There are 90 minutes to give a lot and have to play them with intelligence and strength, and try to enjoy that moment," he said. On the match against Belgian side, Emery said that the party faced with great respect "after the draw there" and that's why they played "from the beginning with great intensity." "We also wanted to score as many goals to win the 'goal average' at Chelsea, as it has been."

Asked by Roberto Soldado, who signed a triplet, and heard the screams of the fans of "Soldier, team," Emery said "this is the way the team and him to get this award you with the work being done ".

Soldier becomes the top scorer in the Champions League Valencia

The striker Roberto Soldado became, after scoring three goals against Belgium in Genk Mestalla, the top scorer in the history of Valencia in the Champions League.

The striker accumulated eleven goals in two seasons has played top competition as Valencia, by surpassing the record of nine he held another striker Valencia, Juan Sanchez.

Soldier keeps his romance with the Champions League and has scored eleven goals in ten games, which makes it one of the best percentages in the history of the continental showpiece.

This campaign has five goals in as many games, while the last scored six goals in four games.

Valencia vs Genk [7:0] Goals & Highlights 23/11/2011 - Valencia 7-0 Genk

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The No Hand Higuain Real Madrid Valencia

The Federation and the Referee Committee support Teixeira's performance at the Mestalla Vitienes

The Spanish Football Federation did not understand the debate sparked in the wake of what happened at the Mestalla on Saturday. Referees Technical Committee sees no reason to call to order Vitienes Teixeira or anything. Its president, Victoriano Sanchez Arminio, supports the decisions taken by the referee Cantabrian and no arbitration in collective disputes what happened in Valencia's stadium. The 'fridge' is discarded. "There is nothing to comment. There is no problem whatsoever," the newspaper said yesterday.

The has been told Confidential, the qualification of the referee's performance has been considered as positive by the Referees Technical Committee. Moreover, the season is being considered as good as Sanchez Arminio made known to every school meeting in Madrid last week. So far this campaign has been no reason to visit the dreaded college fridge, as it is known in the days resting after having committed an error in the appreciation of the regulation. Perez Burrul or the same Iturralde Gonzalez know what is being 'punished'.

At the headquarters of the Soccer City do not understand the fuss caused as a result of Teixeira's decision on the final play of the game. Moreover, they point to the media as responsible for the controversy. Praise Unai Emery's attitude to justify whistled, but have not liked the words when speaking of Soldier double standards when it comes to punishing some and other equipment.

The concern comes when thinking about what might happen in other games. What happened in Los Cármenes is merely a reflection of the tension that sometimes the parties are heated from the media, as recognized by federal sources to this newspaper. Yesterday could find profiles on Facebook in which he spoke of Jose Antonio Teixeira as a person 'non grata', which the group seeks to avoid. Iturralde Gonzalez, who officiated in Malaga yesterday, tweeted about the event from Saturday night in Valencia. "Now it's easy to say, there is a kaffir loose, but to discredit and sow the seed of hatred towards this profession is a widespread habit."