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Monday, January 30, 2012

Racing - Valencia 2-2

Saturday, January 28, 2012

February for Valencia CF infarction

A total of nine matches in the three competitions in less than a month, between tomorrow and February 26, will decide much of the future of Valencia in the current campaign, and that five meetings scheduled in the league, the club added Mestalla a Copa del Rey tie and a Europa League.

After reaching the Cup semi-final by beating Levante in the quarterfinals, Valencia must play the next two Wednesday against Barcelona.

In this tie adds the second Thursday following the knockout round of the Europa League final against Stoke City English rival with which it was paired in the draw held last December after their elimination from the Champions League.

These four games, Valencia adds five league games, three of which are contested on the road and two at the Mestalla.

After tomorrow's visit to Racing Santander, Valencia will play away to two powerful rivals such as Atletico Madrid (5 February) and Barcelona the next day 19, so that in less than twenty days will be measured three times with the club.

As a local, Valencia will host Sevilla Sporting Gijon, before which will close this series of two meetings per week, because in the last week of February there is no competition for clubs playing a friendly match the Spanish team.

After those days without football during the week, Unai Emery's team will compete with a visit to Granada in the first weekend in March.

The dates and games in this series Valencia commitments are as follows:

29.1.12: Valencia Racing League
02/01/12: Valencia-Barcelona Copa del Rey
02.05.12: League Atletico Madrid
02/08/12: Barcelona-Valencia Cup
12.2.12: Valencia-Sporting League
16.2.12: Stoke City-Valencia Europa League
19.2.12: Barcelona-Valencia League
23.2.12: Valencia-Stoke City Europa League
26.2.12: Valencia-Sevilla League

Emery and Michael Rami pampers for the Cup

Neither Brown nor Adil Rami Miguel is expected to play tomorrow in El Sardinero. Emery thinks of the Portuguese and French for Wednesday's Cup match against Barcelona and is not willing to risk them for the league match in Santander. And, the two points to plot holders in the right holder in charge of the defense to stop Messi, Cesc, Peter and company. For the same reason, the right side was 'braking' yesterday after training all week with the central group and underwent an MRI which revealed a swelling in the calf. None was brought to the group and none is expected to force it to play. Unai not want setbacks in the form of injuries facing the biggest game of the season.

Miguel returned to the group on Monday after the hamstring injury that has kept him in recent weeks section. The side Luso was increasing workloads gradually to reach the best conditions for the weekend. The sensations were good, but not for taking unnecessary risks at Santander. For that reason, the medical staff decided to 'stop' to Michael. Yesterday trained outside the group and will not return until Monday. Today, unlike their peers, attend morning at Paterna to continue their specific work plan to meet face butler. In a similar situation is Rami. French underwent an MRI yesterday in the Levante Rehabilitation Centre to rule out a muscle injury in the twin. Medical tests revealed that it has a small swelling in the twin who did not stop him from playing, if the game against Barca play-off tomorrow, but requires physicians to act with caution. And considering the game already looming on the horizon.

That it could take minutes, but is unlikely to be home, will be Mathieu. The French made the first part of training with the group last Wednesday and yesterday completed its first full session. The player hopes to enter the squad, but knows that he has the pace of competition from their peers. Emery will be to decide now because of their feelings in training. Another novelty was Topal. The group returned to Turkey after the bout of flu that has suffered this week and will start in Santander down to the sanction of Albelda.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Athletic offensive Aduriz prepares another

Athletic does not budge for Aritz Aduriz. The black and white front is the great aim of the locals to strengthen the team of Marcelo Bielsa in the winter market and the continuing negative and Valencia have made so far to desist. Sources close to Atletico ensure that Athletic has submitted a formal offer for the whole of Mestalla Aduriz.

Valencia, however, denies any contact and ensures that it will not negotiate with any club forward in this market-white winter. Aduriz is not transferable to Braulio Vazquez, provided they do not come off-market bid for a striker 31.

Bielsa Emery and share the same dilemma in that district. Hondarribia coach can not let go because Aduriz is the only replacement with experience to his new title, Roberto Soldado. The Argentine, on the other hand, only account for the post with Fernando Llorente. If the Rioja is out, Athletic options up front in Gaizka Toquero pass, which is not a pure striker. Hence the insistence of the locals by Aduriz, whose stay in the 2005-06 Athletic left a pleasant memory in San Mamés.

A five-day closure of the winter market, the technical secretariat of Valencia is still working on the incorporation of a goalkeeper for the subsidiary. The plight of the Mestalla has forced Braulio Juan Sanchez Vazquez and more reinforcements to think beyond the goal. Both rely on close in the next few hours the signing of Carlos Delgado, center of Orihuela has already been capped by Spain in the lower grades.

Piatti, 'I have a lot to prove'

The Argentine player of Valencia Pablo Piatti, who in the match against Levante scored two of the three goals of his team (0-3), has shown without doubt that "you can win at Barcelona," Cup for next opponent Valencia team.

"Addressing the semifinals thrilled, we know what it means. The team is passionate and people, we are looking forward to. There will be two matches very complicated and the effort will be great, but we will try with all our weapons," he stressed.

Piatti has recognized that the first match against Levante, where he scored a goal, gave "moral" and served "as a good starting point for further growth."

"I always said that mentality is a very important factor, I never stopped working and trying, sooner or later results appear, but the three goals are a fluke," said Piatti, who added that will work "with the same desire two months ago, when it got goals. "

"I have a lot to prove in Valencia. Yesterday was a good game all. The head and make a lot of confidence. Always talked to Emery and I made ​​it clear he would tell me and have my chances, and was in me seize power, "he noted.

The next challenge of Valencia is the game against Racing Santander in the league, a competition that Piatti "we need a win."

"The league is very important to us, we must endure. We must try to keep this regularly," has recommended the Valencia player.


That why?
Because Valencia.CF in the semifinals and possible final against the Lions may come to Spain and especially to their anthem .-
It was precisely in Valencia where the fateful final was played between two self-selection of the brain and disgusting and absurd political ideas and his faithful followers mocked an entire nation for a minute or two .....
But those smiles now be deleted if all Spain wants to see a team lift the Cup SPANISH his country and not a selection "Other" .-
From these lines Valencia.CF Spanish ....... We know about our country for the FIFA World Champion and Europe may not be the laughing stock of clowns Endometrial .-
"V" for Vendetta Spain psonificada in Valencia.CF-

Albelda, 'We've got other times'

David Albelda is one of the authoritative voices of the wardrobe. The captain knows how to win at Barcelona in different rounds and of course he would not rule again. He has done in the Champions League and Copa del Rey, as he hopes now, and have utmost confidence. "We've got more time, I always I have great confidence because I've been lucky enough to win titles against big teams like Madrid and Barcelona, and the truth is that we will try for sure."

'6 'Of VCF expected to continue showing competitive team in the Cup as it has done so far. "We have gone to Seville, Levante ... and we're very excited and wanted to play for Barcelona. Sure we're going to make some uncomfortable matches, a lot of pressure and intensity. I hope to do well and be competitive. We esperanazas that we can do well even if they are favorites. "

Regarding the return match against Levante, Albelda pointed out the importance of marking also in the Ciutat to settle the tie. "We came with an important advantage but it is best that the team has not committed. The Levant in their field is complicated and the truth is that after the first goal was all something more comfortable." He also highlighted the good work of the less common because "the team has suffered hardly has had the same line of work and the truth is that happy about many things."

Finally I wish to congratulate John Bernat, which expects a lot in the future. "Sure to be a major player. In the preseason and see that is a very valid player to be on the first team and certainly going to contribute much yet."

Emery: "In illusion if we are the favorites to Barcelona '

Unai Emery, Valencia coach said after the filing of your team to the semifinals of the Copa del Rey, which now reach semifinals few illusions, and challenge the team to Barcelona.

"That's difficult, yes. That we can, too. That we'll try for sure," said Valencia coach after his team won 0-3 that in the field of the Levant.

Emery said his team had two objectives: to go round and manage the first leg 4-1. "We are looking to the mentality of a team without regular players, but with confidence and the team, regardless of the outcome, play to win. We've got no expulsions and a clean sheet."

On the level of play, Valencia coach said some things to polish even though the team was good overall.

Bernat highlighted, "a youth player who showed that football is done," and was glad the two goals he managed Piatti, "a player who needs power and line work Ricardo Costa", now returned to team.

Regarding the tie against Barcelona, ​​admitted that 180 minutes against the Catalans are many, and that favoritism will be for this set, but added that Valencia will prepare a forward commitment and concentration to be a joy. "That's what we do we will be favorites," he said.

Finally congratulations to the Levant for his career both in the Copa del Rey and in the League, which is in the fourth.

The VCF has reached the final more than half the time

Valencia, who qualified for the semifinals of the Copa del Rey by eliminating the Levant in the quarterfinals by a score of 7-1 overall, will play this round copera by thirty-first occasion throughout its history.

So far the Valencian group had reached that round about thirty times since his debut in this tournament in the season 22-23.

In more than half of these thirty cases, Valencia reached the final, you have already played sixteen times, but has won only seven times, most recently in 2008 when he became champion last.

In this season, the team just got rid of his next rival, Barcelona, ​​by tying one in the leg at the Nou Camp and win in the Mestalla back at 3-2. That campaign Cup champion by beating Getafe.

Butler reunion with Barcelona four years later

Valencia, who qualified for the semifinals of the Copa del Rey by eliminating the Levant in the quarterfinals by a score of 7-1 overall, will play this round copera by thirty-first occasion throughout its history.

So far the Valencian group had reached that round about thirty times since his debut in this tournament in the season 22-23.

In more than half of these thirty cases, Valencia reached the final, you have already played sixteen times, but has won only seven times, most recently in 2008 when he became champion last.

In this season, the team just got rid of his next rival, Barcelona, ​​by tying one in the leg at the Nou Camp and win in the Mestalla back at 3-2. That campaign Cup champion by beating Getafe.

Barcelona comes with the job

The cross-quarter with Real Madrid has gone very expensive to Barca, who have only 14 players available to the first team to be measured at Valencia, after injuries to Iniesta and Alexis Sanchez on Wednesday. The manchego and Chile will miss the semi-final twice, with confirmation yesterday suffered a torn hamstring in his left leg and a dislocated collarbone, respectively. The first must be a minimum of three weeks off, while the latter will miss the next 15 days of competition, as reported in a medical Catalans published on its website.

Where else are played Barça is in attack. There, Guardiola will not have any margin for maneuver, with Villa and Afellay also in dry dock. Messi and Pedro are the only two forwards in a position, plus the option of putting Cesc as a false tip. In defense and midfield, with Fontàs Keita seriously injured and playing the African Nations Cup respectively, players like Mascherano, Thiago and Adriano have to acquire more importance than usual.

Only the goalkeeper is outside the culé manpower shortage. Valdes and Pinto are able to share the minutes, as usual: the undisputed international Liga and the Copa Andalusian As has happened in previous rounds, including the recently concluded before the Madrid, the veteran will be in goal goal in the semifinals, against Valencia. In these, and in tomorrow's league clash in Vila-real, Guardiola must convene at least four team players. It seems fixed Basin, yesterday also trained with the first team Dos Santos, Tello, Balliu, Sergi and Robert Rosell.

Wednesday 1 and 8, at 21:00
The semifinals schedule became official yesterday, even before the dispute Levante-Valencia. The Valencia-Barca played on Day 1 at 21:00, at the same time, a week later, will be held around the Nou Camp. As Miranda twice Athletic clash will take place on Tuesday 31 January and 7 February, at ten o'clock at night in both cases.

The VCF is not lost in four years Santander

The visit Valencia on Sunday Racing Santander, where he will serve forty shares of First Division, where he has won on ten occasions and where not lost since the 2007-2008 season.

In the last three championships, with Unai Emery on the bench, Valencia has won two 0-1 victories and a draw to both the meeting last championship, which was played on January 31, 2011.

In that game, played with Toño Racing, Francis, Torrejón, Henrique, Christian (Schism), Kennedy, Colsa, Lacen, Adrian (Bolado), Ariel and Rosenberg (Arana) and formed with Guaita Valencia, Bruno (Michael) Stankevicius, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu, Tino Costa, Maduro, Banega, Joaquín (Soldier), Paul ("Chori" Dominguez) and Aduriz.

Ariel made ​​it 1-0 in the first half and Tino Costa tied for 77 minutes at a meeting in which the player was ejected in the 88th minute and that too was David Navarro, who was on the bench.

The history of the league match between Valencia and Racing started in 31-32 campaign, the rise of the Valencia team to First Division, with a party that ended with a 4-1 win local.

Valencia won for the first time in Santander in the 51-52 season (0-2) and scored his first tie in the 76-77 (2-2), while the best results for Valencia have been two wins by 0 - 3 and the worst two-game losing 5-0 and 6-2 in the thirties.

So far, the results of these 39 games is twenty-one home wins, eight draws and ten wins Valencia, with 69 goals for Racing and Team 47 for the Mestalla.

Valencia's semifinal live longer

The intensity of Valencia and lives with the King's Cup tie against Barcelona. After qualifying in the Ciutat de Valencia on Thursday night, many fans have come from early in the morning at Mestalla lockers to begin withdrawing their localities. From 10 hours, at which have been opened, fans have begun to show their enthusiasm and desire with a constant flow. The rate of sales has been high and is expected to come into a Mestalla on Wednesday. Tomorrow, in your copy of Superdeporte, comprehensive report of the illusion of Valencia for the Cup


TRIBUNE € 70.00
COVER € 50.00
GOL CHAIRS € 50.00
OUTDOOR € 40.00
SIDE HIGH € 40.00
GREAT GOAL € 30.00

AB.TRIBUNA € 30.00
GREAT AB.GOL € 10.00

Levante vs Valencia 0-3

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valencia has lost seven points in time extension

Valencia, who has completed the first round of the championship with 35 points and in third place in the table, has lost seven points in time prolongation in three of the matches in the first half of the tournament, which came at minute nineties with advantage on the scoreboard.

This has happened in three of the nine movements of the first round of the tournament, the last on his visit to Osasuna in Pamplona, ​​where winning by 0-1 and both received a rival in the second minute of added time.

Previously, he had left Valencia to win two league games in which they arrived at the last minute for a 0-1 score.

First it was against Mallorca, against which he received a penalty goal on 90 minutes, and then against Betis, when conceded two goals in the time of extension, which became a victory in defeat

Braulio Parejo studying the transfer of

Consideration is being output in the January of Dani Parejo. Yesterday there was a further telephone conversation between Braulio Vazquez, coordinator of the technical secretariat, and the agency Bahía International, which represents the player, to address the issue after the conversation he had with Unai footballer on Monday unveiled yesterday SUPER. Today, Mallorca is the most viable option, if only he would open the gates with favorable economic conditions as the Balearic team is in bankruptcy.

It is becoming closer to the date on which the transfer market closes and Valencia have already defined the position of midfielder in the team, yesterday assured his players that are going to see all the options available to the player to exit given, because, as published SUPER, Unai Emery's intention, and the club is that the player has minutes in the remainder of the season. And like today's Valencia has it complicated, the club has told agents 'Prince' of Coslada to study the proposals that have come because given the green light to his assignment after spending a few weeks closing the door out. Unai and Braulio bet big this summer he signed from Getafe and although for some reason or other had not been followed, still believe in him, so they are in favor of yielding to play more and return to Valencia star to be more .

The midfielder is one of the reinforcements that like in all the Balearic Islands, and most importantly, has the approval of both Serra Ferrer. In Mallorca are very aware that they just talent and the arrival of Madrid bring more depth to the midfield, especially because one of its features is the ability to give his last pass to the forwards. From Valencia welcomes the output of the Balearic team player, because they think they can have the minutes yet has not enjoyed the orders of Unai Emery. Serra Ferrer and Braulio and early January spoke of the possibility of transfer of the player a few weeks ago, if finally decided that the best solution for the player was a departure, provided that it also was good for Valencia, as Emery not want to lose competitiveness in the template. And seeing that here will not have as many minutes ... you can leave.

Llorente remains steadfast in offering Jordi Alba

With the contract extension Banega and "ok" from David Albelda to continue a course again, Manuel Llorente is going to get fully into the subject of Jordi Alba. Both sides want to renew his contract but has not yet reached an economic meeting, there are minimal differences and salvageable, but Valencia is cautious and not signed until all documents are not going to take for granted the continuity . The president stands by his idea to offer the Red side of the economic contract considered "consistent" to the current economic climate, located on the second step salary of the staff. The football players are relaxed and want Jordi remains bound to Valencia, but consider that a player holds the best team in the world should be among the best paid of the group. Sooner or later there will be white smoke because George does not think change of air, is 22 and here is the holder. Reality also says that it is a player who came to the school for 6,000 euros VCF "risked" their representatives, and the club knows, you can always "get money" by age and the progression it has.

"We are working on the issue, but much depends on both. The economic situation is difficult, because we have to take positions in football, at least in Spain, not so good times ahead, rather we must be cautious because they are difficult times, "Llorente said defending the economic proposal put to Jordi Alba, today that have not yet accepted the player's agents.

Nou Mestalla News
Another current issue that was addressed Manuel Llorente on building the new stadium: "Within a couple of months may give details of the new stadium. We talked to all political parties to put maximum facilities because it is a goal not only of Valencia, but the city and Valencia. All are supporting us. "

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am very crazy to start at the beginning, so I play and I look at the balls and start where I guide my genitals:

Juan Mata, renovating and selling, Jordi Alba, one speaks of renewal and finish in order to extract more money FCBARCELONA the Catalans, if we Catalans seem ....

RAMI Adil, even renewal, we will take our great Leonardo PSG .-

Aritz Aduriz, because you have to sell it, that I explain it because you have to sell it and it does not play this season?
If ....

Paco CAFTA is a crack, but very young to meet the SOLDIER OF LEGEND long as the next coach of Real Madrid, if, as you listen, Vicente del Bosque after Euro will be the new coach Roberto merengue and therefore will not SOLDIER go with the Red, to lower its cost, as will the good lie Robert and left for an English club wants Don white Mostaho capital .-

Want more?
The story of the new stadium as the fable of Shrek, when pigs fly triumph as he said Benjamin (JB) .-
Because if the new stadium will give a glorious and blessed calclado profit at 107 million euros a year .... to sell more raw fuck?

For those who are reading news and analyzing situations, something smells like shit .......

Time to time

Athletic and Sunderland want to Aritz Aduriz

Rumors about a possible exit from Aritz Aduriz of Valencia CF does not cease. It is known the interest of Athletic Bilbao to gain the services of striker Basque, to the extent that the absence of one week to close the winter transfer market, is trying to close his contract and, if not to get it will try to seal a preliminary agreement to close his move next summer.

But as disclosed in today's edition of the "Courier" Basque in its sports channel, another English team has been interested in Gipuzkoa. It appears that the Premier League Sunderland would obtain the transfer of striker Gipuzkoa until the end of the season. Something that seems really complicated, since neither Emery nor Braulio Vazquez would be willing to lose a piece of this caliber offensive considering quea lack of Roberto Soldado, the only point is the young born Paco Alcácer, currently injured.

Soldier completed the first lap of his career scoring

Roberto Soldado, Valencia striker, who scored the team both in the draw against Osasuna in Pamplona, has completed the first round of the season with twelve goals, making this the best season of his scoring in first round Premier League career.

Valencia striker has added these twelve goals in eighteen parties and achieves two goals which until now was their best record, set in the ten goals that got into the ranks of Getafe in the 2009-2010 season.

In addition, both against Osasuna served to end a drought that had lasted home four months, since there was no door in the league away from the triumph of Valencia against Sporting Gijon in the month of September.

Since then, Soldier, who is also the best Spanish striker had joined the championship a total of seven starts without beating the rival goal in games against Sevilla, Mallorca, Zaragoza, Levante, Rayo Vallecano, Betis and Villarreal.

The opposite happens when he plays to his audience, which saw him score in the last three commitments which it has participated. With its twelve much current, substantially improves the numbers of last season, which was the first in Valencia and in which he scored five goals, but finished the tournament with eighteen.

Evidence also made its 2008-09 season statistics, which scored three goals in Getafe, or six of the 2006-07 season, when he wore the shirt of Osasuna. At twelve goals achieved in the league, Valencia striker this season adds the three made ​​in the Copa del Rey and five in the Champions League, so it accumulates and twenty goals in five months of competition.

Shortens timelines and Canales Braulio Botía spied in Vila-real

Sergio Canales gave the good news yesterday in Valencia to jump into the grass to start a new phase of its recovery work. The Spaniard broke his anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in the match against Athletic held on 23 October and, although in principle should be six months out, could cut in a month of his return to competition, ie about half of March and not April as planned. Yes, the midfielder wants to return as soon as possible but without rushing to not suffer a relapse.

Another young player, in this case from another team, which is like the central Valencia Alberto Botia Sporting. A Ricardo Costa, but has come back on calls, we seek a way out this summer and need another player to do Rami competition and Victor Ruiz. Last night, the coordinator of the technical secretariat che Braulio Vazquez was in El Madrigal Villarreal, Sporting witnessing and, as has been done several times, noting the Atletico defender.

'I hope to win a title this year'

Valencia CF has staged in the press room at the Mestalla stadium immediately Ever Banega renewal until June 30, 2015. Manuel Llorente has been the first to speak after the broadcast of a video which set out the path of the Argentine in the Valencia to praise the player: "The human level of Ever Banega is the best I've seen in the Valencia. We are happy that follow us, that do those assists and a goal ahead. "

Then he thanked Banga and the opportunity to follow in Valencia, "I hope I can repay you in the field, I hope this season we can win a title."

After a shaky start and a transfer to Atletico Madrid, Banega has become one of the men of reference for this Valencia: "I've improved a lot, I learned a lot of job and personal life, today I am here to enjoy the moment ". "I came very young, I struggled a bit to adapt, a year ago I'm in the club and I am very happy. I hope to continue like this."

Asked what Banega we'll see from now, the Valencia has emphasized: "I like living day to day, I'm hard to add minutes Tabajaras and do well on and off the field."

The Argentine international distanced himself from the rumors that came out this vernao about his possible departure Mestalla club: "I always said I'm happy at the club, I always wanted to stay here and hope to be many years here."

About it, that Llorente said: "We are a club that we have important players traded internationally. Éver is Argentina's national team player. Sometimes there are offers, we in the renewal policy, to strengthen the staff, we considered different situations. Banega rumors output is the importance of this player, in life there are ups and downs and there are always rumors then exit. Today we announce the renewal for two more years of a major player, I highlight the growing sport and Ever human, we can contribute much, and we to him. "

For its part, Braulio Vazquez has suggested that the change in status within the club of Ever Banega "is shown step by step and day by day" and said of him that "in the world there are few players that can make your future and he will be in the future what he wants to be. "

Although the president has acknowledged that "we can not say I will not drink this water," and that while "the intention to renew it to continue to sell it here and at other times the circumstances have required other decisions." "We have renewed Banega not with the intention of selling it, if it continues to build here a long time that Valencia we all want. We have taken unpopular decisions for the situation we have lived. It is a long way to go but hopefully we want players important to stay here to help this team become increasingly large, "said Llorente.

PSG continues to Rami

The Apache Tevez, the Brazilians Kaka and Alexandre Pato, the goblin Belgian Eden Hazard and the fashion center of Europe, which is none other than Valencia's Adil Rami.

The Paris Saint-Germain has plans for the future defender of Valencia, one of the main headlines of the French are doing that lately ordered a comprehensive monitoring of all the sports director of Paris, who played for Valencia CF Leonardo de Araujo.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Valencia will play their matches on Sundays in February

The Football League (LFP) has announced the schedule of the days 22, 23 and 24 First Division and the 23, 24 and 25 Second. Valencia will face Athletic Madrid in the Vicente Calderon on Sunday 5 February at 21:30 hours in the day 23 receive at Sporting Gijon on Sunday February 12 at 18:00 hours, while Week 24 in the club banquinegro visit the Nou Camp on Sunday, February 19, at 21:30. Meanwhile, Levante-Racing will be held Saturday February 4 at 18:00 hours and the Sevilla-Villarreal, Sunday 5 to 18:00. In Week 23, Real Madrid-Levante on Sunday, February 12, at 21:30 pm and Granada Villarreal on Sunday 12, at 19:45. Finally, in Week 24, the East-Rayo Vallecano, Sunday 19 at 19:45 Villarreal and Mallorca but that Sunday at 18:00 hours.

- First Division (Liga BBVA)

22nd day
. Saturday, April-February
Mallorca-Betis 18:00
Espanyol-Athletic Club 18:00
Lift-Racing 18:00
Getafe v Real Madrid 20:00
22:00 Barcelona-Real Sociedad
. Sunday, May-February
Sporting-Osasuna 12:00
Sevilla-Villarreal 18:00
Zaragoza-Ray Vallecano 19:45
21:30 Atletico Madrid-Valencia
. Monday, June-February
21:00 Granada-Málaga

23rd day
. Saturday, November-February
18:00 Racing-Atletico Madrid
Osasuna-Barcelona 20:00
Betis, Athletic Club 22:00
. Sunday, December-February
Espanyol-Zaragoza 12:00
Malaga 16:00 Mallorca
Rayo Vallecano-Getafe 16:00
Valencia 18:00 Sporting
19:45 Villarreal-Granada
21:30 Real Madrid-Levante
. Monday, February 13-
Real Sociedad, Sevilla 21:00

24th day
. Saturday, 18-February
Espanyol Getafe 18:00
Real Madrid v Racing 20:00
Sevilla-Osasuna 22:00
. Sunday, 19-February
12:00 Granada-Real Sociedad
Athletic Club-Malaga 16:00
18:00 Sporting-Atletico Madrid
Mallorca-Villarreal 18:00
Lift-Rayo Vallecano 19:45
Barcelona-Valencia 21:30
. Monday, 20-February
Zaragoza-Betis 21:00

- Second Division (League Two)

Matchday 23
. Friday, March-February
21:00 Villarreal 'B'-Barcelona' B '
. Saturday, April-February
Recreation-Sports 16:00
Huesca-Sabadell 18:00
18:00 Xerez-Alcorcón
18:00 Numancia-Alcoyano
Almería-Cordova 18:00
Elche-Girona 18:00
18:00 Celtic-Murcia
Las Palmas-Guadalajara 18:30 (GMT)
. Sunday, May-February
Hercules Cartagena 12:00
Valladolid-Nàstic 16:00

24 th day
. Friday, October-February
21:00 Celtic-Recreation
. Saturday, November-February
Murcia, Elche 16:00
18:00 Barcelona 'B'-Cartagena
18:00 Sabadell-Villarreal 'B'
Alcorcón-Huesca 18:00
Guadalajara-Xerez 18:00
18:00 Alcoyano-Las Palmas
Nastic vs Numancia 18:00
Cordoba Valladolid 18:00
. Sunday, December-February
Hercules Sport 12:00
Girona-Almería 16:00

25 th day
. Friday, 17-February
21:00 Numancia-Córdoba
. Saturday, 18-February
Valladolid-Girona 16:00
18:00 Deportivo-Barcelona 'B'
Cartagena-Sabadell 18:00
18:00 Villarreal 'B'-Alcorcón
18:00 Xerez-Alcoyano
Almeria-Murcia 18:00
Huesca-Guadalajara 18:00
Las Palmas-Nàstic 18:30 (GMT)
. Sunday, 19-February
12:00 Celtic Elche
19:45 Recreativo-Hercules.

Reuben, a janitor in the room

Valencia continues to turn to the issue of the goal. A few days ago was on the table the possibility of signing a third goalkeeper first team to play in the reserves when they enter the call for Emery, but, as has been SUPER know, is not the only option shuffled technicians and white. Valencia's technical secretariat works on all options and one of them, more or less remote, is that Vicente Guaita not recover from his wrist injury. If this happens, one of the names that deck is Ruben Valencia, who until recently nothing was Malaga goalkeeper, but with the arrival of Carlos Kameni of Cameroon could not come to pass in the calls.

So far, Vicente Guaita recovery is well under way, the player will start working Valencia next week with foam balls with little weight, but not until within a week when evaluating how will the young keeper recovery to make a final decision. Guaita is a very important asset for Valencia, so the possibility that the recovery is not as positive as expected, there is the possibility of signing a goalkeeper that lets you stop long enough to recover permanently from bone edema suffered in the right wrist. The decision will be made in a week, which only have one week to go before the closing date, hence the work has advanced.

Unai Emery said.....

In the Seat dealership where Valencia coach has been one of the cars of the brand, took place the press conference before the game Sunday morning before the Osasuna (12:00 hours), where the technician expects "a party hard "and adapt as quickly as possible to the early hours" we will not make excuses about it. " "The schedule does change habits, but should not be conditional, because the workouts are in the morning. We need to adapt the dinner and breakfast with the rest for the game, but players are accustomed to do at that time," said .

Nor does it excuse Unai in the amount of drag injured, who have joined in recent days Mathieu, Miguel Brito, who will not get to be in the Reyno de Navarra and Pablo Hernandez, who is actually tested this Saturday , and Piatti, that although only reveals a strong resonance is very painful blow after the Cup match against Levante: "We have low, but we have people. We are confident and the time of the contribution of players. It is not an excuse, is another way for them to play other players. I'm busier in the mentality of the team who is going to be. I hope that we have the mentality to win. "

For the coach of Valencia CF, "the team should continue to work" regardless of the players to use in every game, and therefore not involved should "be prepared to do my best," a case that has as an example the lateral Antonio Barragan. "Except for cases such as Ricardo Costa, which has now run out of minutes, involving everyone. It is our daily message. Whoever is concerned that no minutes, I invite you to prepare for their moment," stated Emery, who has admitted not heard at the club the idea that the Portuguese can leave the team. "Nobody has suggested that one can go and therefore do not appreciate it. With Mature injured, we're having four central and low. Today, for example, Victor Ruiz has been with fever and gone home."

Regarding the Argentine Piatti, author of one of the goals against Levante, Emery stressed: "We will not know until tomorrow, the last workout, if you can play. I believe, on the doctor's feelings and pain of the player, not may be. The player is hurt.'s goal earned him a strong kick but there also demonstrated the will to sacrifice for Valencia. Yesterday we saw and were glad we all make, and played a game in which reduced his anxiety and gave us hope we can see the best Piatti ".

After the defeat against Real Sociedad, a party that Emery has described as "stumbling", the game against Osasuna is a party "very important", in which Valencia has "little time" and should use "the most effective ".

Emery has also been recognized that the time of the match that closes the first round might come in handy to Valencia "to avoid the cold," I can do in winter evening in Pamplona. "The game will be very hard. Osasuna we will run a lot. When they do not run so we will have more chances of losing. Now we want to focus our energies in the game we played," he said.

Valencia coach recalled the first game against Levante in Copa del Rey as a meeting "with maximum competitive tension in the playing field" in which the players was a "either you or me." "The dispute noble good and I see I have nothing to reproach. Derbies have to be strong and noble. If you do not wish there were shafts at those levels of competition, may not be talking about this game," has indicadopara downplay the statements made by Captain de Levante, Ballesteros.

Valencia vs Levante 4-1

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Soldier says will "change the image that was on Saturday at the Real"

Valencia striker Roberto Soldado has indicated that the team wants to "change the image that was on Saturday" in the defeat against Real Sociedad (0-1) in the match against Levante in the first leg of quarterfinals King's Cup.

If the tie goes Valencia, in the semifinals would face Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​two teams before the Valencia "is able to stand up as seen in his recent visits to Mestalla," said the striker.

However, the Valencia player would rather go "step by step" and is centered in the Levant, "a very tough opponent because he comes connected from the first minute."

"The last game against Real Sociedad was not all good and is still in memory. We have not lost confidence and we have to make a very complete game for people to be happy. The illusion is not going to lose," he said.

Soldier has rejected the role of favorite in Valencia this tie, although he acknowledged that if they are, must prove on the field.

"The Levant is doing a great job. They are sorted and have veteran people, making it difficult to create opportunities. If we are not one hundred percent have problems, if we are, we will have many chances to pass the tie," he detailed.

For Valencia striker, playing a derby is special because the team knows "what it means for the fans" and you have to add that "are the quarter-finals and the team looks to be in semifinals," just as the Levante.

"We are trained to play the semifinals, we want to continue in this competition as it is. At the next intersection would have a Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but that should be eliminated to the Levant. Then anything could happen," he admitted.

Asked which of the two rivals would prefer to meet in the semifinals, Soldier has stated that "does not play much now" think about it and that "it would not be able to" opt for one of the two.

"What I care is that the repository is in the semifinals. It does not matter against which of the two. I hope that today is tired a lot," he commented.

Soldiers also referred to Mirandés player Pablo Infante, on who has acknowledged that "you can not add more than what you're seeing."

"We were surprised at all. It showed again against Espanyol, and that's good for Spanish football," he concluded.

"I have made known to my agent I wanted to go in Valencia"

Do you want the Barcelona?
I personally no one told me anything nor do I ask if it's true or not, I honestly do not know anything and I do not care about those things.

Personally you do not, but what about their representatives?
To my knowledge either.

And does not really curious if all the news coming out in the press?
I have not got because a club like Barca is set in a lot of players do not know if it's true or not interested. Some people like me more and some less, but a firm proposal or not there has been and I do not want to get into any of that is beside the point.

Is it a compliment that a club like Barca is set in Alba?
If so, because I do not know, of course it is a compliment to any player that a club the size of Barcelona is set in one, but I say I'm quiet, I think of Valencia and other things distract me.

So why is entrenched its renewal?
Well now there are already talks of my representatives in Valencia and now what remains is that both parties agree and come to fruition.

When you say right now ... Is it now?
I do not know when you have collected, but I know that my representatives are for the work that I do here.

So the knot was undone could have?
I do not know how they were before, because I never go into detail with them, but it is true that there and talks with Valencia and hopefully we can come to fruition.

Jordi Alba ¿optimistic?
I've always said I'm very comfortable here, my intention is to continue for many years and I have never come out of that speech.

Do you know the atranque of negotiation?
Economic is not safe. One when you renew it because the club is that the player has taken a leap in quality and I have to say I am very grateful to Valencia. I've always said and I think I just want to improve. There is something economical.

What do you want to give and what you're looking at Valencia?
I feel very valued. It is true that at first all I wanted to play, waiting for my opportunity, and today has changed me my way to be here and I feel important. I'm in negotiations for my agents and I do not know what one is talking, but I say I feel valued because they are betting on me and treated me excellent.

Is there another computer that is not the club you asked?
I do not know if I believe or not, but I never ask my agent if there are offers for me. Right now it's impossible to know if these rumors are true.

Last week came to Valencia's agent Guardiola and sat down to eat with their agents. Do you understand that people may think they are negotiating?
They may think, but it is not. My agents have a good relationship with Guardiola years. People have to be quiet because my intention is to renew. They are free to think whatever they want, whether that meeting had been a leader of Barça because then it would give up, but my agents are many players and has nothing to do with how focused.

And if from Barcelona now ...
I owe it to Valencia and it is clear that I have to be respectful, I never said anything against it, I feel very good here and if Barca come now would be foolish.

Are you bothered by the subject and not be asked if people can not even think they do not believe him?
I've always told the truth. The issue does not bother me but I always answer the same, people can think what they want and I'm comfortable here, and we want to renew it and that says it all. Everything else is hearsay. I have a contract until 2013 and we'll see how it ends.

Could you briefly tell if an agreement is reached?
I do not know the time, but it's true we have met with the club, we're at it, but do not know when or if agreement is reached. I do not know the percentage of how advanced it is. I have made known to my representatives and I want to keep them agree. Now it is they who must come to an agreement with the club.

Tito Vilanova said he made a mistake letting go of the club, but Emery is ...
What Tito honored and flattered, but I owe a lot to Unai.

Banega renewed his contract until 2015

Valencia CF has officially renewed Ever Banega until 30 June 2015. The Argentine midfielder then expands its links with the black and white club two seasons of a contract ending in June 2013.

In his first statement to the official website of Valencia CF, Banega said she is "very happy to extend my contract with Valencia. I keep adding to this team, more and more".

For its part, the president of Valencia CF, Manuel Llorente, stated that ever "is one of the great talents of the Spanish League. It's a young player who is growing and maturing every day and we are convinced that in the future will to be a more important player for Valencia. "

As had been informed Superdeporte one of the main reasons that have led to renewed Banega realize, regardless of their performance and maturity, are that it is the only player in the squad of Valencia CF capable of carrying the team to handle day today.

5500 balloons will encourage the stands

The colors of Valencia CF will be present tomorrow at the Mestalla derby thanks to the followers of the Great Goal Valencianista Peña, who are scheduled to appear in the middle-tier in South Gol chairs high-a total of 5,500 black and white balloons, and other orange a bit larger. This will put a touch of color to an already night special, in which both the club as the main entertainment groups want to create the best possible environment for a game in which the two city teams vying for first for assault in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey.

Great goal, one of the promoters of the Tier rocks at the Mestalla Jove, giant banners displayed also two five minutes before players from both teams leave the pitch. Great Goal makers have refused to reveal the exact message of the same and only commented that one of them will refer to two of the biggest clubs in the city of Valencia. From the Tier Jove is contemplated to begin football tonight with a concentration in the hours before the crash. However, being a midweek game in which people often arrive just in time, the call would not have much success as it did in the Champions League Valencia faced the whole against Genk. Another thing is already inside the stadium, where they try to make the most of the audience encourages the team throughout the game for the semi-final against Barcelona or Madrid.

More than 3,000 people
Just one day of the derby Valencia in the Cup, more than 3,000 people have gained entry through outlets that facilitates the club. For those who do not yet have an entry in his possession and waited until the last minute to join the bandwagon of excitement of the Cup in Mestalla box office will be open today and tomorrow Thursday between 10:00 and 14:00, and afternoon, from 17:00 hours until minutes before the referee stops Romero, assume the meeting started.
Valencia has set affordable prices, between 15 and 50 euros, for the greatest number of followers go to an event in which the heat from the fans is a plus for the players. From the club, in this line to win a major following in the stadium, it was decided that subscribers agree to this game for free simply teaching the pass, if initially the only payment was included to the King's Cup the second round. It is difficult to record the entry that finally Mestalla, due to uncertainty about the presence of subscribers, but by reference to the last game against Sevilla in the Copa, the objective is to match the 40,000 fans who attended.

Levante Presence
The Levante UD has set up a booth at the Ciutat de Valencia Stadium to make it easier for fans wishing to attend granota derby arena in Valencia can buy tickets more easily. Valencia has made available a total of 645 granota locations in the Tier Guest, at a price of 15 euros. Yesterday still not completely sold.

All ready for to live a derby in which, in principle, there will be many visiting fans in the stands of Mestalla. The swollen Valencia, however, is prepared to help the team to extend the dream of the Cup's knockout quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey has already begun and tomorrow will be the results of all that animation is ready.

Tino takes its character

It was five minutes to complete the work session of Valencia and jumped all the alarms in the Sports City. Tino Costa left the training early ... after pulling his breastplate to the ground after a word with Unai Emery and scowl. An anger between the coach and the midfielder will have no consequences, though not the first time they have an exchange of views and where training comes out the strong character of the Argentine. Emery demands more, but the player apologized in a physical discomfort for not completing the work.

A bad form to leave the meeting at which the player wanted to play down what happened in Paterna ensuring that retired before the end of the session for a little discomfort in the leg. The coach asked him to do a little effort to complete the work, which ultimately failed to make the Argentine, hence the anger to leave the training, explained the protagonist. At that time black and white players were making a partidillo seven to seven and since he had to take second coach Juan Carlos Carcedo.

The technician was very aware of the Argentine midfielder wants more because he is proposing to give the title tomorrow against Levante, but the Argentine broke down and went to shower before their peers. The head of the medical services of Valencia, Jorge Candel, said Tino Costa has some minor discomfort in the leg "nonspecific" and need not be available to prevent granota set in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey.

If anything characterizes the Argentine is competitive. A Tino Costa hurt not have the option of reversing the outcome favorable to the Royal Society, was to enter Topal 20 minutes in the absence of injury Feghouli but changed plans, and yesterday also hurt not being able to complete the training by discomfort physical. However, his character is something that also takes its toll in terms of forms, as it was with his action in the change at the last meeting, and yesterday to leave the camp. One thing that may work to correct and control so as not to subtract sporting potential.

Unai is intended to raise a very physical game at the Mestalla tomorrow granota team, giving a high intensity from the first minute and to that end is the figure of Tino Costa to accompany Albelda, if the Popula Llarga is recovered from the Yesterday flu prevented him from exercising with their peers and is doubtful for tomorrow. Valencia coach wants to have the best version of the Argentine player on the pitch, hence both the training session Monday as at yesterday, it was very steep and demanding more intense each year. Everything was in training

Michael plays it to continue

"If conditions are good ... Miguel would like to stay." Time in which the Portuguese side and it plays its renewal will depend on their behavior at the end of the season here, as on the playing field does not offer any sort of doubt and Sports Department justifies its approach to future with the involvement you have. Valencia is not going to forgive other mischief. Today is the right side of most games played, despite the punishment imposed sports Emery for being late to a workout, and if it continues along these lines have many options to continue for one more season with a permanent contract more affordable premiums for games played. Valencia are heavily involved in the incorporation of a holder the right side, with Van der Wiel as the best placed, and alternative Debuchy and Azpilicueta. And then when will seek to define who will compete with him, and that's when the Portuguese name comes in, along with that of Antonio Barragan and several young side who used the Technical Secretariat.

Michael did not wear short in the derby tomorrow and have all made sense to recover as soon as possible, leaving the subject of his future in the hands of his agent Paulo Barbosa, who knows the intention of Valencia after the informal conversation that took the Braulio Vázquez player and would have supported from the public area of ​​the entity. Both parties understand that now have to wait beyond that football can sign with another club freely. Miguel is not going to do, is at home in Valencia and the best example occurred a few weeks ago, when Paulo Barbosa told the player that had options to sign for Galatasaray. That rule preferred the Portuguese player the option of a change of scenery after the conversation he had with Emery in which he "forgave" to be aware that this would continue. Paulo Barbosa and Javier Gómez recent days have spoken with other matters relating to football, but as has been SUPER know, the option of not Galatasaray came to refer to the club at the express request of Michael. They both share a great relationship forged over the years and are aware that the side Luso is picking up a great season just when the player went so far as to travel to Lisbon on the last day of the transfer market to try a change of scenery . Now the situation has turned around 180 degrees.

What do you think Miguel about his future? At 32 years is well aware how important it is to finish the course at a high level and would love to sign a contract for two seasons in a class team, but he is not keen to go anywhere even though they are economically very important. Last summer had the option of leaving a club in the middle of the classification in Russia, but not accepted. Miguel highly values ​​two hours have the option of going to see their daughters in Lisbon and still compete at a top level competition. And that gives it the Valencia.

At the moment, as reported in its edition SUPER yesterday, it is a spirit that was to be implemented depending on the performance of the player until end of season and the coach's opinion. Miguel knows that he has a chance, expected not to be late because Valencia is very comfortable, and the first step is to continue providing this level and no more neglect outside the pitch. Nobody doubts his worth sports, but to have a chance to continue a year has to offer more. Michael plays it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Koeman renews with the Feyenoord

The one that was a coach of the Valencia CF, in the assembly Dutch from July, will continue until 2013.

EFE The Feyenoord Dutch announced today that has arrived at a principle according to Ronald Koeman to prolong until 2013 the contract of this as the coach of the club, to which was incorporated the past month of July.

The Dutch team occupies in these moments the fifth position of the classification of the Dutch league, to seven points of the leader AZ Alkmaar, after the dispute of 17 days of the championship.

Koeman, that was a player of the Barcelona that champion of Europe in 1992 was proclaimed, assumed last summer the direction of the team of Rotterdam, with the one that compromised for a season to replace Mario Been.

International in 78 occasions with Holland, with the one that won the Eurocopa of 1988, Ronald Koeman played more than 50 parties with the Feyenoord, team to which also coached its brother Erwin between 2005 and 2007.

In its phase as the coach Ronald Koeman directed previously to teams like the Ajax, the PSV Eindhoven, the Benfica and the Valencia.

Four to six weeks off to Alcácer

Paco has been submitted Alcácer Tuesday, 17, a resonance that is seen a hamstring about three inches in the femoral biceps of his left leg. The player, who started treatment at rest and physiotherapy, will be assessed in 2-3 weeks and it is estimated a recovery period of 4-6 weeks.

On Monday, '9 'Torrent first time went to the Sports City, where he was examined by club doctors, who decided to wait 24 hours for the swelling is reduced and the tests were most enlightening. The first explorations aimed to Paco and suffered a break. Therefore, the Spanish Federation confirmed the low Paco, along with that of Rafinha, the call to train with the sub'19. I replaced Ruben Omar and Levante.

The youth of Valencia, who played Saturday night with the first team, was injured in Sunday's match between Valencia Mestalla and Orihuela.

Valencia renew arises Miguel Brito

Valencia has already communicated to the representative of Miguel Brito informally that they are seriously considering offering the option of renewal for a season. This was made known to Paulo Barbosa in late 2011, which is reviewing market options you have before making a decision. What is behind the decision of the club? With the exception of slip that meant being late for training on Nov. 27, both sports management and coaching staff are delighted with the sporty handling of Michael and value would be a good replacement on the right side to enter the room to compete with Antonio Barragan, who is the only one of the three sides that are in the template with the existing contract.

Michael is the most widely used right side so far this season, Emery is considered the "owner" and his experience is highly valued in the future if it continues on the current line of work, because you can not know what will be his adaptation. With the differences in each case, there are similarities with the renewal of David Albelda. We aim to sign a player in their positions, but is highly valued and have the experience and allows them to remain very valid another season, regardless of the permanence of Barragán-on the issue of right-lateral and Mehmet Topal . Both Emery and Braulio are well above the Portuguese footballer, aware of the importance of the team. They talk weekly to check that is an important part in the group and apart from their role purely sporting, confirm the affection you have the costume for him.

Since that there have been informal communication more contacts, and his representative Paulo Barbosa going to wait a few weeks before coming to Valencia and study in detail the proposals that have on the table. Several clubs in Turkey and Russia are interested in signing Portuguese as a free agent, and depending on the final proposal equated with the option to stay in Valencia. Economically, the club plans to offer a permanent contract, with a substantial reduction on the current contract, plus incentives for games played, similar to what has Dealbert, as this will ensure that it is competing at the highest.

The side did not play last Saturday against Real Sociedad to be injured, but from the coaching staff are proving their willingness to return as soon as a few hours back from Sevilla (game that was injured) was doing recovery, but will not reach the derby.

Racing-Valencia on Sunday 29 at 18:00

The Football League (LFP) has announced the timetable for the twenty-first day of the season, in which the Villarreal-Barcelona will be the party of interest and will be televised open on Saturday 28 at 22.00.

The Real Madrid-Zaragoza will take place on Saturday at 20.00, Real Betis-Granada will be a meeting to be played on Sunday 29 at 12.00, while Osasuna, Atletico Madrid close the day on Monday 30 at 21.00 hours.

The complete schedule of First and Second division provided by the LFP is as follows:

- Matchday 21 First Division (Liga BBVA)
. Saturday, January 28
Espanyol-Mallorca 18:00
18:00 Rayo Vallecano-Athletic Club
20:00 Real Madrid-Zaragoza
22:00 Villarreal-Barcelona
. Sunday, January 29
12:00 Real Betis-Granada
Real Sociedad-Sporting 16:00
Lift-Getafe 16:00
Racing-Valencia 18:00
Malaga-Sevilla 21:30
. Monday, January 30
Osasuna, Atletico Madrid 21:00

- 21st day Second Division (League Two)

. Saturday, January 28
16:00 Alcoyano-Valladolid
Hercules-Villarreal 18:00 "B"
18:00 Barcelona "B"-Huesca
Sabadell-Xerez 18:00
Alcorcón-U.D 18:00. Las Palmas
Guadalajara vs Numancia 18:00
Girona-Celtic 18:00
18:00 Real Murcia-Recreation
. Sunday, January 29
Cordoba Elche 12:00
16:00 Sports-Cartagena
19:45 Gimnastic-Almeria.

Ricardo Costa studying his return to France

The Portuguese Ricardo Costa is posed to return to French football, where it arrived at Valencia from Lille in the summer of 2010. After being 'pardoned' by Unai Emery after a statement in which he criticized and said not to understand the reasons for his replacement, the international center continues without going into the calls. Without going too far, Saturday was again the disposal of Unai, although he had previously been included in the initial list of 19 players. There are now nearly three months in which Costa is not part of a citation and the player feels disappointed that Luso has not seen even a listing in the end, what he said Unai before Christmas break, which would be a more .

Therefore, having not entered into the plans in the first four games of 2012 in a month that the calendar has been intensified, Ricardo Costa has returned to inform their agents who seek an outlet in the next two weeks before it closes the term of the winter market.

Betis option remains on the table. However, the overall economic and Seville has limitations, as expressed in the central agents, is not willing to see a noticeable lowered their salaries. Costa's preference, under contract with the VCF into force until 2014, is to stay in Spain or bet on his return to the league gala. From the central environment indicates that the Luso coach, Paulo Bento, paying particular attention to as the Spanish league or the Ligue 1, higher level of Portuguese.
In this sense, one of the teams he has rescued as an option is the name of Costa Lille after he was injured last week for three months one of its main owners, Basa. The player would welcome a return to a club he was delighted

The Valencia CF, on the lookout for Lass

Valencia has not only accurately track Lass Bangoura over recent months. Once confirmed the possibilities of the 'pearl of the quarry' of Ray, has stepped forward and began to negotiate hiring for the next season. Earlier this year, Braulio Vazquez filed the first contacts with the current representative of the Guinean end, Julio Prieto, with the intention of securing their services, then sit at the expense of the leaders of his current club, which has a contract with until June 2015.

The Mestalla is not the only team that is behind the young player, that March 30 will turn 20 years. Also of interest to Atletico and Malaga, as well as representatives of the Premier, as Chelsea and Tottenham. Therefore, as has happened in previous operations, such as Rami or Guardado, the coordinator of the technical secretariat-white is ready to move quickly to take the upper hand. Today, its main competitors appear the mattress, which also want to bind to Lass shortly.

The Valencian intend to offer him a long, a young and promising future. The tab should not be a problem when addressing the signing, because the end has a more typical emoluments of a subsidiary rayista player. However, when extended his contract in the summer, was designed to alternate performances with the first team and the Ray B.

In favor of the possible signing of the African capacity to play their work, their shamelessness, their versatility, can act on right and left, and his status as Community: Bangoura was born in Guinea Conakry, but has a Spanish passport. Only his temper has played against him on occasion, something affordable, according to experts, for their youth.

The rayista fits perfectly with the profile of the Valencian young player looking for the band. This has been ratified disferentes technical secretariat members who have seen live, without going any further, Braulio Vazquez was Vallecas last Sunday, watching the Lightning win against Sevilla 2-1. Interestingly Bangoura was not a starter in this meeting, prior to incorporation with his selection to play the African Nations Cup.

Sharing Rights
One of the main weapons-white at the time of closing the transfer of Lass is the complicated economic situation which is his current club. Vallecana entity is currently immersed in bankruptcy, so it has no alternative but to sell their best assets to pay debts. Although the rights are not exclusively end of rayistas, who only have 50% of your pass. The other half is the company representative of his agent, Julio Prieto, plus a small part of L'Etoile Guinea. It was in the ranks of the latter where he took his first steps as a player, until he joined the youth of the Lightning in 2010.

Three assists and a goal
Lass is one of the revelations of the Liga. For his prodigious adaptation to it and that accumulates numbers. After having played 978 minutes, the Guinean added three assists and a goal in the domestic competition, which debuted in San Mamés on 28 August. That day, not in vain, just needed to be four minutes on the pitch to put the tray 1-1 in Movilla.
His first team debut came at the end rayista last season in the Liga Adelante. It was with Betis as an opponent, as his debut filmmaker: Vaseline on 23 October.

'We do not hang the favorites'

In the unique setting of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, Unai Emery and Juan Ignacio Martinez have disputed the first assault of the derby Cup, which will star Levante Valencia at the Mestalla on Thursday. None of the coaches want to hang the poster of favorite.

"We are in a critical situation, with players in the match played in San Mamés, but face the game with the utmost respect for our fans, we will try to compete. For various reasons, Valencia is a favorite, but in football can happen thing, "remarked Juan Ignacio Martinez.

"Every game is an opportunity, face forward to the derby, win, with memories of the missteps in the near Mestalla against Real. Mestalla want to feel strong ones and establish the basis of the objectives. We now have a good shot at a direct rival of the city of Valencia and the League, since it is doing a great season quarter. It is a good time for everyone to enjoy, but we hang the favorites, do not want it, we prove in the field of game if you are. "

Valencia and Levante facing bereavement at a sensitive time for both the black and white club for his defeat at home to Real and granota because defeat in Bilbao has also brought some injuries. In this regard, JIM said: "You never know when we arrived at the worst, we got a party that has left physical scars, we have the workforce we have and from humility we get a result at the Mestalla."

Both coaches have agreed to welcome the confrontation. "The best opponent we can find is the Levant, is a very attractive derby for all, is a step which, if passed, leads to semi-final against Barcelona and Madrid or miss being close to an end we look forward," he wanted the Basque. Meanwhile, Levante coach has emphasized: "For convenience and award for our hobby and challenge for healthy rivalry, we preferred to Valencia."

A good result in the leg, that is the goal of the coaches of both teams. "There are 180 minutes, with the addition of the away goal is worth double. We put strong bases to go with the maximum guarantee to their stadium, where they have overcome adversity in the playoffs butler," recalled Unai. "There is always going to pick up, it would be ideal to score in Mestalla and, above all, be competitive and be back outside the Levant old house," he answered Jim.

Regarding the choices you have David Albeda, this has not been exercised Tuesday by flu being in the side Valencia, the Hondarribia said: "It is a febrile illness that, in principle, it should refer to the passing of the hours . I think he even tomorrow, but if you can not play him there are people wanting to take their chance, although in principle I have him. " "We need all the players by the number of games in recent weeks."

Despite the stumbling block before the Royal Society, Emery trusts his own: "In other games at the Mestalla we have maintained a good intensity level. On Saturday, coming from a demanding tie against Sevilla, we could not maintain the level, but reading and detailed analysis we have shelled and the solution, work, optimism, confidence, and I have it. "

To the shock of Thursday, Juan Ignacio Martínez expected the best version of Valencia: "In the excitement and rivalry, no win, the coach in his eleven against Real and showed the intent to reserve troops for the Cup game My most immediate is the Cup and I want to stop it. " Unai Espar also a big lift, "The reality is that the Levant is doing a magnificent season, are in positions of Champions with an advantage over its rivals, near us, and making great games. Levante That's the hope, regardless of defeat and casualties Bilbao. Levante deserve it, the work is there is no chance. "

"The Cup-continued Emery-for us is an illusion and focus our efforts to get as far as possible, the Levant and is now going to focus hard in this round. I do not want to put anything forward or Cup or League or Euroleague, in every time each one has its importance. "

Focusing on the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa fibal del Rey, neither rival coaches wanted to look semi-finals.
"First I will eliminate the Valencia and then I'll think in Madrid and Barcelona. Our mentality should be Valencia, will be a tough tie, Valencia has much potential and just think to get a result at the Mestalla and then take forward the qualifying home, "said coach granota, which has certified Unai:" More of the same. Madrid and Barcelona are very good, the greatest, but others also want our role. "

Regarding the transfer market, Juan Ignacio Martinez asked him if he still thinks as reinforcement Botelho despite being detained under the influence of alcohol: "I am a person who is responsible I template, the Transfer is more than the technical. It had to go around and must reach others, we need effective for Juanlu injury. "