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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rami, with Debuchy

The center of Valencia attended the charity event organized by Rio Mavuba in Lille and there coincided with Mathieu Debuchy, one side aimed at Valencia CF.

The moment of truth for the Valencia

The sporting situation of Valencia is very sensitive and non-negotiable minimum order to qualify directly for the Champions, the third overall in the league, is in danger and needed to speak well of course, tell everyone what you think honestly and without fear reprisals. He believes in the ability of the group but have entered a very negative spiral that results can not be extended further, hence quoted Manuel Llorente at home to Bob Vazquez, as head of the field sports, and representatives of the template-Albelda, Soldier, Ricardo Costa, Pablo Hernandez and Guaita.

There, in Picassent, calmly and without the presence of outsiders, began to detect situations considered correctable sports-including tactical aspects, and also focused on finding solutions. We must be more united than ever. Braulio would then was to communicate what you think Unai Emery actually exercising and partner staff. The Basque coach was not present at the meeting, but was aware of it. I was officially informed. And a conclusion reached by the present is that Valencia must "defend more and better" because it is always ahead in the score, score first but now no longer synonymous with success for this team.

Manuel Llorente on Monday sent a message to the staff with which he made to see the players who had been able during the first round to take third place with solvency, but it was a one-way speech. At the meeting who spoke yesterday yes everyone, Braulio Vazquez, in some specific moments of the season had different opinions regarding the technical approaches. In early 2012, especially in matches against Barca, it was felt that playing the ball out from behind meant taking too many risks, as many balls were lost. Was it the fault of Rami and Victor Ruiz, who were the headlines? No, because that was the slogan of Unai.

Now, as he was told to Llorente and Braulio, it feels too happy playing, an idea that football is linked to the pattern of Unai Emery, always faithful to his ideas. The people who work daily with him does not hesitate to ensure that the technician is "very stubborn" but now I want to show that it may be more appropriate to take precautions to finish third. An argument also advanced by the director of this newspaper on Tuesday opinion column: "... the players free from the presence of Emery Llorente told that the problem is mental, but defends very bad ...".

Released without the technical
Why was not Unai this? Basque technician informed him of the meeting but the meeting took place without it so that no player was embarrassed and had shut the risk that something you really think. Then, the quote would be meaningless. Everything goes with the character of each, there is always clear who is speaking loudly, others prefer to be more reserved in case his words are then retaliation, but was not the case yesterday. The seriousness of these meetings is high. And Llorente, in this way, we also send a subliminal message: "This situation is you have to get the players." This will not detract from or going to impose Emery alignments, but qualifying for the Champions League is vital, most of the staff will continue and the technical change of scenery. Therefore, stresses the slogans and future goals to the group. They are the players who must play the Champions League next year and is the ultimate goal, without neglecting the Europa League, but in economic terms this is in the background.

We communicate the raw
The President also informed the players the amount to be disbursed in case of premium to be third and also in the case of winning the Champions League, where tomorrow is faced with AZ Alkmaar. The group took the matter of premiums without generating any discussion as the most important thing is the sporting situation.

The Council fully supports the coach and the team
After lunch with the coordinator of the technical secretariat, Braulio Vazquez, and five staff heavyweights Valencia, all of them have worn the bracelet of Valencia CF-David Albelda, Roberto Soldado, Ricardo Costa, Pablo Hernandez and Vincent Guaita- The President continued with the meetings. Next was the full of its Board of Directors at the club offices.

In principle, the meeting was scheduled on a routine basis in order to approve bills to be submitted to UEFA. However, the conclave was a major. In the meeting between the leaders, which also went Braulio Vazquez, the main idea is that the top draws is confident the team's in the next matches against AZ Alkmaar and Levante. The message you want to convey is one of complete trust and support the team and coaching staff to correct the course in the coming matches.

After the Council at the club, Llorente missed the Fonteta from 20:30 to see the clash between Valencia and Buducnost Basket.

Braulio went live Lass

After moving to Madrid to accompany the team in the match against Getafe's Coliseum, Braulio decided to extend their stay in the capital to take advantage of the visit and watch more football. The coordinator of the technical secretariat of Valencia was in Vallecas on Sunday afternoon for live encounter between Ray and Villarreal, where he participated Lass Bangoura. The Pearl at the Mestalla Guinean love and his career is being followed closely. But the presence of African attacker rayista box was not the only motivation of Braulio, who also paid attention to fashion players like Tito right side, the midfielder and left back Michu Jose Manuel Casado. Much to do in that game, Bruno Soriano, included.

Lass was precisely one of the best players in the game, despite the defeat against Villarreal rayista (0-2). The young attacker tore off the bench and went after the break replacing Casado. Sandoval played cornet with the intention of neutralizing the first goal by Marco Ruben and Lass was the protagonist of the most dangerous actions that led to the goal defended by Diego Lopez. Speed, nerve, permanent mobility, flooding, verticality ... It was not a particularly bright afternoon for the team of Sandoval, however, the Guinean returned to make his mark.

A 'llegador' very appetizing
The impact of good season is doing Vallecano Ray has made several of his players 'stars'. Michu playmaker is one of them. The Spaniard, arrived last summer from Celtic at zero cost, has signed 13 goals in league and their freedom is estimated at four million euros. At 26, his physique and ability to reach from the second line are impressed to the point which is the third leading scorer behind national Fernando Llorente and Roberto Soldado.

Valencia right-back and looking at that position is also highlighting Titus. In his first season in Primera, former Alcorcón Alcala and has attracted the attention of bigger clubs like Manchester United. His release is estimated at six million euros.

Paul: "We have to give the final push '

Pablo Hernandez noted in Manises airport before leaving for Dutch soil, where Thursday was measured at AZ Alkmaar in the first leg of quarterfinals of the Euroleague he expects a playoff "complicated", but trust options their equipment to be "in high spirits and enthusiasm" and ready to give "the last push." "Come on in high spirits, looking forward, we know it will be a tie aa complicated, contested, but we know we have our chance, an opportunity to do something nice, come to fight for a semifinal and final and are looking forward to going there."

Valencia midfielder said to be "a very open tie" because "AZ is a good team." "We know it's a very open tie, the AZ Alkmaar is a good team that is leading the league and will be difficult, but not distrust of our ability." Nevertheless, the Castellon to Valencia does not hang the favorites, or for elimination or for the title. "We are very excited, we know that is within our reach, but also of the difficulty. There are many level teams, including two Spanish. Have to fight, everything is very open, anyone of us in the quarter has its possibilities," considered.

Regarding the team's league slump, which has lost the cushion of points in the fight for third place, Paul calls for calm and appealing to team spirit. "When poor results are always good to self, talk things out and know that we are all in the same way that we are all together for the same goal, which will not be long and we have to make that final push." "The coach is like us, fucked, by the latest results, but transmitting positivism. It's what we do not begin to regret and lower head and arms. Further work and give my best to make the team and between achieve all the goals, "he said.

In recent talks with President Manuel Llorente, the Castellon revealed that he gave them "no anger", and only tried to make them "know that maintaining confidence." "We have wasted an advantage that we had major league, but the goal is still there, still the same and you have to paste the last push."

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tottenham are interested in Unai Emery

The continuity of Unai Emery on the bench Valencia is increasingly questioned, but, of course, the technician Basque does not go missing brides should not continue in the city of Turia. The last team to show interest in Valencia coach has been the Tottenham Hotspur, which is not clear that current coach Harry Redknapp, will continue next season as it may sound like British coach.

This situation has made the Tottenham probed the market for a replacement for your bench. Londoners handled a short list of candidates and one of the best seems to be placed Emery, if Redknapp eventually abandoned the bench at White Hart Lane.

Siqueira, Braulio on the agenda if it is Jordi Alba

Siqueira, left-handed side of Granada is on the list of objectives of Valencia for next season. And especially if Jordi Alba ended up being transferred. The positions of both sides agree on one specific point, as it has been offered to the Mestalla club and this, in turn, has been following several parties. However, getting the player will not be easy, not least because his name is on the agenda of the Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, whose technicians also have seen him live several times.

Guilherme Siqueira Madalena, Brazil 26, does not occupy space alien to have an EU passport. Rose to prominence with 18 years in the ranks of Ipatinga, which moved on loan to Avai, also Brazilian. He jumped to Europe to play in the Inter subsidiary until it was purchased half by Lazio and Udinese. Also played on loan at Ancona, the same situation that ended up at the Granada last season, with which he managed to ascend to the first division.

Currently, Siqueira property is already set in Granada, with which it signed a new four seasons. Quique Pina, president of the organization and representative of Udinese Andalusia in Spain, it was definitely the rights of the player. The businessman Gino Pozzo, Italian club owner, a partner in Pina. The termination clause contained in the contract the left side rises to 15 million euros, an amount which can not reach Valencia and that would reduce significantly if negotiations start.

As regards the Barcelona player Siqueira is a very agreeable to Guardiola. The Catalan club, as has been told PROVINCES, has already signed a left back for the coming season, a stranger whose name is kept secret, while the market may be speculated that Kolarov or Bale. Barcelona On the agenda also included, as is known, Jordi Alba.

Atletico Madrid is one of the clubs whose technicians have been playing Siqueira. However, before getting into serious negotiations rojiblancos leaders want to solve first the future of Antonio Lopez, who seems not to continue in the workforce who now runs Simeone.

Siqueira definitively exploded this season, which is emerging as a player of high quality. It is a converted midfielder at left back, hence the great projection offensive, which has used to score five goals in 26 games he has been a regular at the Granada. Saw seven yellow cards and one red for two bookings. The decision of the Valencia will depend on whether or not Jordi Alba.

On other fronts, Valencia Getafe returned with the impression that the Madrid team will execute the purchase option for Miguel Angel Moya, who is doing an excellent season. The possibility that Angel Torres back up and do not want to pay the 2.2 million contained in the contract is something that does not worry at Valencia, as the goalkeeper has a market at the moment, since it has been revalued.

Clos Gomez and Jose Mourinho's papers

His name is Carlos Clos Gomez, is from Zaragoza and will be the man to follow on Sunday April 8, when I have ordered referee the match between Real Madrid and Valencia at the Bernabeu. For him no longer a ballot again face to face with Jose Mourinho, who after a Real Madrid-Seville Madrid also in the feud was presented at the press conference after a paper in which he showed his 13 alleged errors committed in that game, which incidentally was Mourinho's team won 1-0.

Have you had any effect that public display of their mistakes? What happened in subsequent matches that went to Madrid Clos? The party piece of paper bearing the letterhead of Real Madrid was in Round 16 of the League 2010/11 and did not return Clos to meet Mourinho to 31, when whistled in the Cathedral. That day was not wrong, said two penalties to put Madrid ahead at 0-2 and the match ended 0-3. Clos returned to the Bernabeu in September 2011, in a game for the current season and between Madrid and Getafe. That day was also wrong, said penalty in a haul between 'Cata' Diaz and Christian outside the area and to Mourinho, this time without papers through said at the press conference was "no penalty". That day finally expelling the Getafe coach Luis Garcia for protesting at minute 84.

The last game that has led to the Madrid Aragon was last December, a comfortable win the set 2-6 in Seville Mourinho. Pepe expelled for two yellow, one for cutting a backlash causing a fault and the other for hitting Negredo in the face. It was in the 44th minute of the game, although the Madrid and won 0-3. After Manu del Moral expel a straight red.

Clos and Valencia
For Carlos Clos Gomez will not be the first Real Madrid-Valencia at the Santiago Bernabeu. For four seasons, curiously also Easter Sunday, he led the party that won there Ronald Koeman's Valencia with a goal of Arizmendi in the last minute. His most controversial was the Valencian derby last season, when he kills the validity of the goal that sealed the game and dubious position was criticized by the levantinismo. This season has just led a party at Valencia, was at the Mestalla against Athletic and the result 1-1.

Not only had with Mourinho, but with Guardiola, who publicly accused him of lying in the drafting of a report. Will it become this time in unworthy successor to Perez Lasa, Pino Zamorano, Tristante Oliva and many others in recent memory of Valencia?

The referees appointed by the Referees Technical Committee for 32 days in first division and 33 in II, are as follows:

- First division (32a. day)
R. Ferrero-Granada Mallorca Delgado (C. Basque)
Athletic Club-Sevilla Alvarez Izquierdo (C. Catalan)
R. Zaragoza-Barcelona Turienzo Alvarez (C. Cass.-Leon)
Sporting Gijon Getafe F. Vitienes Teixeira (C. Cantabria)
Lift-At. Villanueva Madrid Churches (C. Gallego)
Real Madrid-Valencia Clos Gomez (C. Aragonés)
Rayo Vallecano-At. Osasuna Estrada Fernandez (C. Catalan)
RCD Espanyol-Real Sociedad Muniz Fernandez (C. Asturian)
R. Velasco Carballo Betis-Villarreal (C. Madrid)
Malaga-Racing Santander Cerro Grande (C. Madrid)

- Second Division (33rd day)
Stoke City-Guadalajara Bengoetxea Burgos (C. Basque)
Lopez-Alcoyano Alcorcón Sidewalk (C. Extremadura)
Sabadell, Tarragona Ginmastic Lopez Melero (C. Andalusian)
Barcelona "B" Lesma López-Córdoba (C. Madrid)
Chas Amoedo Hercules Girona (C. Gallego)
Deportivo Coruna-R. Murcia Gil Manzano (C. Extremadura)
Cartagena-R. Celtic Pino Zamorano (C. Cass.-Manchego)
Villarreal "B"-Elche Pineiro Crespo (C. Asturian)
Huesca-Almeria Iglesias Prieto (C. Navarro)
Xerez-R. Lopez Arias Valladolid (C. Cantabria)
Utd vs Numancia Jaime Latre (C. Aragon).

Now is the Milan who want to Jordi Alba

In recent times has generated a torrent of information on the lateral posbilidad Valencia Jordi Alba fiche for AC Milan. The vortex media has been caused by some alleged statements by the representative of Catalan, Vicente Fores, the Italian website ''. This web gathered Monday Forés words as saying that the club would be interested in Lombard incorporate the Valencia player, and another of their constituents, midfielder Bruno Soriano, from Villareal. The article refers to has not been a meeting for these players but it is possible that in a fortnight has a meeting with the head of the Milan sports, Ariedo Braida.

Malaga infiltrates the city of Valencia CF

Last Sunday Malaga to Valencia Manuel Pellegrini reached in the classification. The advantage of points with which Emery had the box already gone and only the goal average remains in third position in the Valencian.

So now that Malaga is the main rival for third place, it is curious that yesterday morning a van carrying the Andalusian club scarf with the message "Feel the Pride" Campara at home in the City facilities sports Paterna. Beware, the enemy infiltrates at home ...

Soldier: 'We understand the attitude of the fans'

Roberto Soldado, the Valencia striker said Monday he understands "the attitude of the fans with the team" after two consecutive defeats against Zaragoza and Getafe in the league that have allowed them to Malaga tie on points in the fight for third place in the championship.

"We know that the discomfort is from the fans and the locker room, because things are not going as expected. Understand the attitude of the fans, because we are aware that we are not doing a good job," said the player during the presentation of the "European Day of Professional Football against Hunger '.

"Now you have to do is react and the first step we have it in Europe on Thursday. We hope that this week, which is key, let's take the two games against AZ Alkmaar in the league against Europe and the Levant in the league, to give reverse this situation that we all want change, "he confessed.

Soldier recognized that in today's morning practice was attended by the club president Manuel Llorente, to "pass trust" to the group.

"It is true that he was the president but the talk in the locker room I will not say. We passed because we trust others, fighting for the Europa League and we are quiet. It is a downturn and you have to react so that we lengthen more, "he said.

Carlos Cuellar offered to center

Valencia have offered the center Carlos Cuellar, whose contract with Aston Villa ends next June 30. The Sports Management aims to strengthen the rear with a center and is studying the market closely, to see Dealbert still does not respond to the proposal for renewal that is on the table, playing to have another offer that appeals to you more.

Then there is the situation of Ricardo Costa, under contract until 2014 and despite not playing the minutes you want, your intention is to continue working to be an important piece. According to the planning team have today, Victor Ruiz and continue to be the theoretical Rami titular couple, but they are following both central defenders with a future-is one of the objectives of the technical secretariat trip to South America, as alternative contract just experienced, and that's where the name Cuellar figure-not among the priorities, or the Colotto. Both come at zero cost and have been offered to Valencia.

Carlos Cuellar, who turns 31 next August, like his physical bulk and despite early season did not play much, it becomes the protagonist. Alex McLeish as central placed right next to Collins, but sometimes also acted on the left, a role that it now covers the VCF Ricardo Costa. Braulio Vazquez has not made a final decision on the name of the center will come next year and Pedro Bravo, the player's agent Aston Villa, has made it known that Cuellar would rather the option to return to the Premier League to play for Valencia in one of the meetings he had with Braulio Vazquez Jonathan Viera, midfielder UD Las Palmas has a tentative agreement with the VCF.

Ideally, pull the quarry
With the idea that people have to further reduce the staffing budget for next year, one of the options was to have only looked at three plants of the first team, with the alternative that gives Topal, and one with information about the subsidiary, which train with the first team. However, it is of the opinion that there is still no central school ready to perform the function, hence the Sports Management is tracking the market and receiving offers, such as Carlos Cuellar, who hurries his final weeks with Aston Villa.

'I have asked the players to change the mood'

Valencia president, Manuel Llorente, said today that it has asked the players in the first team at a meeting he had with them in Paterna, to change the mood to achieve team goals this season.

"I wanted to convey to the players that we must change the mood and pessimism is the worst enemy, must have trust and transfer all their talent to the field. It was a message of optimism and demand. Not me who has the power to make them react, but themselves, "he pointed Llorente in the club's website.

Manuel Llorente believes that while it is true that it has lost an advantage to clinch third place in the league, they must "move serenity and tranquility" to the players, because in the coming days the team has "two great opportunities, in their own league and in the Europa League "to recover.

In that sense, Llorente has been suggested that the technicians and the players must "give the best they have in the next games" because they have shown themselves capable of doing. "We have good staff and resources to win the next matches," he added.

Valencia president stressed that there is no debate about the involvement and criticism from the fans, as he recalled that since he is on the board of the club has seen the demand of the followers.

"All fans of the world want to see their teams play well and win, and Mestalla is no different to the rest, but may require more because our expectations generated by the club history and successes Mestalla has seen recently," said .

Llorente also he was "convinced" that Valencia will "get results and that the Valencia CF will help and will enjoy" plus point that players "must learn to live with this pressure, so they are in Valencia ".

Channel points to the reaction

It is back. Sergio Canales was the big news in yesterday's workout at the Sports City Valencia Paterna. The Spaniard started the final stage of recovery. After five months out, midfielder and is under the command of Unai Emery.

The player's feelings were positive and slowly will gradually increase the workload ... just yesterday made ​​the first part of the session, but his goal is to join the team to help get the ticket for the Champions League.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Channels train with the group five months after

Sergio Canales, Valencia midfielder, participated today for the first time in training with the rest of his teammates after the injury he suffered in late October in the league match against Athletic Bilbao at the Mestalla.

Channels in that game was almost complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, and he was operated on 28 October in Madrid and was established after surgery recovery period of six months.

The Cantabrian player only played the first part of the training session, which is more physical, but not in the practice game later ordered the coach Unai Emery, who did not participate in the lateral Miguel Brito, who is in the final recovery of muscle injury.

Channels expressed satisfaction at the end of training through a social network. "We started the week with great optimism," he said before thanking the show of support he has received after the Friday announcement through the same channel that had been his last workout recovery. "I hope to be in the next week helping the team," he said.

Llorente meets with the players and asked for a reaction

Manuel Llorente, president of Valencia, on Monday visited the city of Valencia, where he held a talk with the players, in which they asked for a reaction after recent poor results that threaten the third place in the League, the main objective of the season.

Llorente declined to comment when he left the sports and then the team captain David Albelda, acknowledged that there had been a meeting, but did not disclose the contents thereof.

Thus, the veteran player said at a news conference later that "I guess Llorente is concerned about the situation, as all and want to react. Sometimes we think this is a competition and not easy to achieve the goals, we are now in the last section to be tightened and improved. "

"We are now in order to play the Champions League and fighting for a title at the European level, but what the president created there to ask him, not me," he said.

In addition, Albelda said he has not spoken of the premium can receive for finishing in third place.

"No premium has been said, that usually talk more with the captains. It's something we have not because we played many games and travel with. Premiums are only Champions toward the goal," he said.

The VCF has two years without losing in Euroleague

Valencia has lost nine games in the Europa League and intends to extend this record to ten games during his visit on Thursday to AZ Alkmaar, after having passed two years without falling into this competition.

The set Valencia fell recently in the Europa League on 18 February 2010 when the Belgian Bruges won 1-0 in the first leg of the knockout phase, but on lap Valencia qualified for the win Mestalla 3-0.

Since the defeat in Bruges, the balance of the team has been four wins and five draws with seventeen goals in favor and ten against.

At this time, Valencia lived in the 2009-2010 season with a win streak began with the Witches (3-0) at the Mestalla and continued with the tie against Werder Bremen exceed the double value of the goals scored in the attacking and the loss to Atletico Madrid for the same circumstances.

In the current season, the team has removed to Stoke City and PSV Eindhoven, before having to be measured this week with the Alkmaar.

Albelda, 'If you give the fans hooked'

David Albelda, captain of Valencia, said today at a press conference that, although the Malaga managed to tie them to points in third place, having had a wide lead for much of the championship, before it was so easy to get that job not now so difficult.

"We come from a season that we had a cushion of points from the beginning and now we see teams that come down strong and is costing us more. It was not easy before and is not as difficult now. In a season you have to be until the end, has always been very difficult, "he said.

"Obviously the results we are getting are not the best but the situation did not want to see as critical as you maybe you see it," he said before the media.

The veteran player said wear suffered by the teams participating in three competitions as the underlying cause of the bumps along the teams suffer season.

"From the experience of other years, being in three competitions there is a greater wear and all equipment, sooner or later accuse him. Even the Barcelona or Real Madrid, although quality have brought forward without playing games as well . We all had these bumps in a season with so much saturation of games, "he said.

In this regard, he acknowledged that some rivals Valencia have the advantage in this championship final only to be immersed in a competition, but noted that "what is left is short. There is little more than a month and the goal is to decide the end. "

Questioned by the number of games in which Valencia is ahead on the scoreboard and has not won, Albelda simply noted that "you have to do is win games. Comebacks blamed on the mistakes, when so many comebacks is errors and because we know they must be corrected. "

Valencia midfielder said he is "a topic that the older players are the ones that we take this forward," adding that "if the experience we're screwed, because this is a template in progression, which in the coming years have to give much more. "

Nor thought to harm the computer to talk much about the future of the coach, as it ensured that "is something each day. We live here to live there, to change partners, who do you think is going and that goes into our work. I look very normal. "

Regarding the relationship with the crowd, the Valencia said the behavior of the crowd is different from other years and stressed that "if you give, they are hooked. The day of Zaragoza and the fans missed was sensational and only at the end showed his disapproval. "

Albelda said he did not weigh them play at the Mestalla and commented that "our work, if well paid, it is because we work in front of 50,000 fans every day. If the results do not go is because we do bad things not because complex at Mestalla have been in much worse situations, "he recalled.

Despite the bad image given in recent league games, Valencia should focus on Thursday in the Europa League competition in which to contest the first leg of their quarter-final against AZ Alkmar Netherlands,
"Now we must think of every game and most immediate is the AZ. In the Europa League we have a nice way and the short time for a title," he said.

A runoff with declining numbers

Valencia has complicated the future of an almost dramatic. What seemed like a pleasant situation at the end of the first round, just a month and a half, has become a red flag of concern to technicians, hobbyists, and, above all, the club's board, which fears the economic costs and sports can lead to non-qualification for the next edition of the Champions League.

In late January, the Valencia players living in absolute quiet. Ended the first round and the team was comfortably settled in third place with 35 points, ahead of Levante UD in four points and Málaga CF in ten. Furthermore, only a few days before the Valencia team had managed to defeat both teams. There was nothing to suspect what was coming, but the omens were not too good. Unai Emery had intended to reach the end of the first round with 40 points, but the obstacles against Villarreal (2-2), Real Sociedad (0-1) and Osasuna (1-1) left the Valencian with 35 points and with a principle of bitter feelings.

In the second round, it all fell apart. The advantage he held over Malaga Valencia has disappeared in less than two months. In just ten games, the Andalusians have cut all the difference from Unai Emery and are now equal on points in the standings. The second round of Valencia is dramatic, as it has added only 12 of the 30 points at stake and would be only 3 points from relegation, led by Real Betis, in a hypothetical classification. The Andalusians, however, have the turbo and have managed to add 22 of the 30 points, just 10 points more than Valencia.

Unai Emery's team has also seen how he escaped six of the ten matches in the second round comebacks against. Perhaps most striking is that of these ten matches, Valencia managed to get ahead in nine, that is, in all but the match against Atletico Madrid at the Vicente Calderon, which ended 0-0. Despite this, Valencia has only managed to win 3 of those games, drawing 3 and losing 4 others. Undoubtedly, the most serious problem is that no team is able to close games when it gets ahead on the scoreboard.

Another of the pursuers that should concern the Valencia, Malaga and Levante addition, the Osasuna, who is also starring in a second round and now totals 16 points and it is only four of Valencia, as well as the Levant. Feelings are not good and the dynamic in which the team entered is not encouraging. Players are locked at the time they receive a goal, without reactivity, without ideas and, even worse, without any attitude. This reflects the fact that we mentioned earlier about comebacks against and other data, that Valencia has, in the second round, the same number of goals for and against (16), very distant figures to those needed for a Champions team that aspires to.

The mattress is gone. But can anyone imagine what would happen if in the tenth game of the season at Valencia would take twelve points and three of the decline?

Alcácer not leave despite the interest of Elche

Paco Alcácer not move from Valencia. Although the Elche asked about the status of the front and looked at the possibility of negotiating its incorporation to cover the square of Linares, long-term injured, both the Mestalla entity as its representative have given a 'no' for an answer.

The club's number one goal is Alex Geijo franjiverde, but given the delays in Granada to provide an answer, the choice of Alcacer had gained prominence. Valencia, meanwhile, does not contemplate the march of Alcacer. Although the salvation of the subsidiary is closer every day, the sports management understands that the most positive developments Torrent-old striker is further integrated into the dynamics of the first team.

We must close ranks'

Manuel Llorente and Braulio Vazquez left the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez in Getafe with extreme seriousness, after going through the locker room area, very uncomfortable with what they saw your eyes and see that the fears in the public area to see it not "insured "had become reality for his own mistakes. And that hurts. After leaving, the president went walking to the car park where his car, as with the director of marketing and communications and employee Damià Vidagany Fernando Valls return to Valencia Road. His head kept turning, the phone rang several times while he was changing his suit jacket for a sweater to travel more comfortable ... if possible, with many questions to answer I was looking inside.

Soldier: 'We'll leave it, we are the Valencia'

Roberto Soldado, Valencia striker, said today that the team is capable of leaving the sport in a bad situation that is, while the end has qualified parties to be resolved in the coming days against AZ Alkmaar in League Europe and the Levant, in the league.

"He joined Valencia CF is very large, we have two finals and have to be won. Let's get out of this, we are the Valencia", has said the Soldier club's website.

For the Valencia striker the team should leave the current situation "all together and playing better football," as it believes that "there is a problem of 'mister', or players, or fans or media."

"Together we form the Valencia CF and the finals that lie ahead are drawn below the shoulder snuggling all. The Valencianism together is great and we all like to play the Champions League and advance to the semifinals Europe. That's the goal for to strive together, "added Soldier.

The Valencia player has said that the team is aware that the situation is "very complicated", but now have "two finals to go, before the Alkmaar and the Levant" that must deal with them "with responsibility and without fear."

"We're a good team and we must not forget. We Valencia and we are able to win the next matches. And then come more challenges, but we think this week as key. Let's get out of this situation," he asserted.

Soldier recalls that AZ Alkmaar win at Levante and would leave them in a European semi-final and Champions League places in the Champions League. "We would have dreamed of all in September, but we demonstrate in the field that we want, time to learn to suffer," he added.

It has also been directed to the fans, which requested "assistance" as their support is able to win. "It's hard to ask after it proved, but we can not slay, we need to win and to win the fans are needed," he concluded.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


There is a principle that says that when everything is shit, just sunk and drowned, and when trying to remedy, even of good football and score countless occasions as against Real Zaragoza v Getafe and keep out any and Thursday we take chafón (in English shit) in the Europa League because we are not going to happen .... and I'm serious, I did not seek dismissal of Unai at this point, for me it is incredible what is happening because neither is Mister own he deserves it. -
Nor am I talking about Meigas or Witchcraft, are yes, but none of them has made a curse to Stephen King, just go wrong, from bad to worse and not just in the Europa League as there is no change of clothing. -
Of course it's easier to switch to one (Unai) be changed to 22 players. -
And for fans of Unai, that miracles in this day and in Lourdes ..... before we were fans of Quique Sanchez Flores (myself included because I have nothing to hide) and screw us and touch us. -
Water garlic and gentlemen, now we can match Levante and Malaga and in the last days of this league we face unequal both in shock, as though next week is at home against Levante Macho never seen before, we played the Champions Malaga and Unai palmamos, if or if there are two teams going from most to least, Real Madrid and Valencia, two teams that remain constant are the FC Barcelona and Levante and other equipment ranging from less to more, the Malaga and Zaragoza and do not want to see it so go with Steve Wonder. -
As we come to this point with income and more importantly, play, we had few days ago, I do not, is passed, the reality is that you must take action and they should be thinking about the entity and the immediate future of the club, future sure is giving headaches to Manuel Llorente. -
They are selling a Champions Club, a New Stadium Champions, a new sports center and a future Champions Champions Advertisement and we can be the reality of the story of the milkmaid. -
Everyone who thinks that right now ...... we analyze more dead than alive, it is possible to reverse the tables, but with determination and with head, let's get the balls to players on Thursday and the next derby then it will be too late and regret, but the message will be written for anyone who wants to read it. -
And today there is no music, they know not to touch these issues. -
The poets are dead. -

The 'Unai, go now!' Is heard for the first time

A day after scolding Unai Emery had thrown at Valencia CF, the fans gave a new example of fidelity in the steps of the Coliseum. About 200 fans anticipate black and whites wanted to complain, the coach, and wanted to tuck the computer for the purpose of being in the next edition of the Champions League. However, the joy of the previous hours, or Soldier's goal at minute 5, ended in anger uppercase for the given image. About 50 club members against staff and players sang "Unai, go now! ',' Unai, resign!" 0 "players, mercenaries!".

In the Coliseum met members of the rocks of 'Every u pa d'ell' Massamagrell, 'The Titus' Catarroja,' The Elm 'of knives,' Les Alfàbegues' Bétera, Titaguas and 'The knights of Castile '. The latter brings together various Valencian in 'Hurt Locker'. "We are a group of club members from various sites: Toledo, Cuenca, Tarancón Móstoles, Madrid ..." they say themselves on their own website.

Fans began the day with the bus transportation for Madrid. In the vehicle the mood was very different from the final disappointment. Before the meeting, the Valencian allowed to see the outskirts of the Coliseum with distinctive black and whites and their respective clubs. On arrival at Valencia CF and a group of club members reacted to the words of the coach the day before the encuetro. "Unai, rogue, out of Mestalla!" Though from the same area would be heard again: "Unai, stay!".

'I can not fall, I am optimistic'

Get up. Not expected defeat, but lost again and again falling into the same error. Unai Emery admitted is a good time, although he was "optimistic" towards the future. Valencia is the third and the technician is the time to "talk little and work hard" and pull the players to keep the ultimate goal of the season: "I can not fall, I have to see the players, but we must get. " "I have to seek to have your head up so that no one campion hit me," added the coach.

"I have lived there tense and I have to prove my ability, ability for the team after this defeat is firm on Thursday in the Netherlands, on Sunday at the Mestalla against Levante, and we are all capable. I am optimistic, "said Valencia coach again requested that, in these difficult times union between the team and the fans:" I understand the fans, I called to be united. Praised by 80 percent to the hobby. After a defeat there will be voices as you have seen for answers and we must react and of course, now I must hold fast. We need the fans, that's my call ... and then work and dedication. Let's try to be as objective as possible, the team is not good but we get it back. I return to claim it. We need them but they also come together and spur the team. " "I try to convey strength. In the good, must be balanced, and in bad, I have to be a thermometer of dedication, and bonding requirements for this moment. Decisions are made on the day to day. Those that are taken, they'll come in due course. Now, we must work together. We have to push, we have to adhere to that. The key is at home. So I make that call, "he said.

Emery said that in general lines Valencia is well, and still retain the third position, while acknowledging that they have lost virtually-a lack of results and Malaga-Lift the mattress of points they had and when 'bad' for the team: "We must be objective. The team is not good and we have to recover. Against Levante, we have to be us. "

Regarding the game, the coach said that the plays from the ends of Getafe, where all three goals came from all Madrid, were the key: "We had a good memory of the Athletic, and we wanted continuity. But we have been very bad on the sides. Have cost us three goals. We have few options to Getafe, but enough. We had a timid reaction, but stable. But the score was already 3-1. " "It's a game that we have been wrong in the defensive phase of the three goals, very similar. With these errors the team has seen a 3-1 we have not turned around. We have been so conditioned by those goals, "declared the coach of Valencia.

Disaster at the Coliseum

The heart does not beat Valencia CF and the game is sad. The defeat at the Coliseum for the consequences but it hurts as much or more forms. The team continues to show predictable, soulless and unable to solve a growing problem. A week ago the mash in the Cathedral and it's all blown up within days, with two losses against Zaragoza indolent and Getafe at stake than ever for third place.

Unai Emery on Friday asked the fans that one day lifted the team, but take a step forward. A speech closing ranks in the locker room, which was to be a turning point, but the disappointments are linked and the reaction fails. When a team can score three goals in 17 minutes something is wrong. Coach almost entirely wiped defense, keeping only about the party Rami Zaragoza, and the defensive weakness consuming over a team that was ahead four minutes into the game.

Valencia CF has missed more than 20 points in games he had gone ahead on the scoreboard. There are many for a team without stubs Real Madrid and Barcelona has plenty of potential to stand up to other teams in the league.

Soldier, almost always, illuminating the path Valencia at the very beginning but once again was a mirage. The horrors Getafe defense allowed the leave the game almost sentenced to rest. He had only a little bit of order to defend a flag that was no longer moving. Since the defeat at the Coliseum, regardless of the outcome, let negative feelings that scare. The VCF has destroyed the mattress which once had 10 points and the Levant could reach the level on points if you take out their derby clash against Osasuna. And last but not least, Bruno, Soldier and Jordi Alba, admonished in Getafe, may not meet play cycle.

Technical details:

3. - Getafe: Moya, Varela, "Cata" Diaz, Alexis, Mane, Lacen, Michel, Peter Rios (Sarabia, min. 85), Diego Castro, Gavilan (Casquero, min. 68), Miku (Guiza, min. 77).

A. - Valencia: Guaita, Bruno (Mathieu, min. 68), Rami, Victor Ruiz, Jordi Alba Feghouli, Parejo, Topal, Jonas (Aduriz, min. 76), Piatti (Pablo Hernandez, min. 60) and Soldier .

Goals: 0-1, min. 4: Soldier, 1-1, min. 12: Pedro Rios. 2-1, min. 24: Miku, 3-1, min. 30: Bruno, an own goal.

Referee: Estrada Fernandez (Catalan Committee). Bruno showed a yellow card (min. 26) and Soldier (min.45), Piatti (min. 50) by the visitor and Miku (min. 72) and Michel (min. 80) by local.

Incidents: Party for the thirtieth day of League First Division match at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez in Getafe before about 8,000 spectators.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jordi Alba could go to Barcelona for 15 million euros

According to various media reports in Catalan and the online newspaper informs Valencia, Jordi Alba's future is getting closer to Barcelona. In fact, the lefty side of Valencia could become the first signing of the 2012-13 season Barca. The Valencia have already a pre-contract and agreement between Barcelona and Valencia would be complete, although the transfer would not be official until the end of this season, as unveiled the digital newspaper. Facts which flatly refused the player's agent last week.

Barca, the sources said, had agreed to pay 15 million euros for the defender, who signed for the Catalan club for four seasons at the rate of three million each, plus incentives for titles won.

Born in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Alba was formed through the ranks at Barcelona, ​​where he played until the cadet category. De La Masia happened to Cornella and from there to Valencia, in exchange for 6,000 euros. After a season on loan at Nastic, Emery bounced back to Valencia, where he has sportingly exploited to the point of being summoned by coach Vicente del Bosque, who has him facing the European Championship this summer.


It happened in the last five (5) days of the era Koeman, Boro had to demonstrate that with title or without title we need and what we needed at that time was a person familiar with the inner Valencia. -
We do not want a poet of nonsense words and over charging at fans, this time Unai have dug your own grave or did you have proven that you can not but, if so, grab your bags, grab your pronunciations and your tactics, you the get in your ass and go the way you came. -
The association of small shareholders makes it very clear, you've never been "feeling" with the fans, you have not won anything in 4 years (although it is true that in the Europa League I pointed out to us not as a grab maximum penalty Nikolas Zigic in the Calderon), but you're lucky nor the countless experiments you have done. -
You had, for me, the best squad in history with three full internationals and players like Hugo Viana, Manuel Fernandes who have succeeded outside Mestalla positive would not? , You've ousted the, you've sunk and the fans have humiliated and you have left. -
You're a good guy and a very good coach for Almeria, but for a VCF has shown for four (4) years or seasons that were doing a MASTER, not serving a large club for many surveys you do or think some who are valid for our Club. -
I'm not going to's take less, you have it clear, I deserve all the respect in the world and I wish you to succeed wherever you go, but do not love you anymore in my feeling. -
Now we'll see if Pochettino works because it is a hard worker who takes a good team with many economic problems, but their profile does not see it very suitable, with Rafael Benitez and left us play well, but this happens once every hundred or one thousand, we need a figure with experience and a couple of eggs to turn to excite. -
Names are many, very few men. -

The Association of Small Shareholders' charge against Unai Emery

The last press conference of Unai Emery has not gone unnoticed by anyone. His words and the manner in which said Friday morning, have raised much controversy in both the media and social networks. The Association of Small Shareholders of Valencia Football Club has refused to stand aside and decided to express their point of view, issuing an official statement which openly charged against Valencia coach understand why are some unfortunate statements. Following is the statement in full:

From the Association of Small Shareholders Valencia CF S.A.D

After the press conference statements made by the Valencia CF Entrador S.A.D. Mr. Emery, we have to answer to the nonsense that has made against Valencia CF fans S.A.D. He questioned the ability of the Valencian supporters to their colors and their involvement in the team.

Mr. Emery, you are in the biggest club in the world to our liking. We do not know if you know it. A hobby that since the club was born March 18, 1919 have been contributing effort and feeling into their colors. In addition, many fans thought first its own assets to make even bigger our Valencia CF S.A.D.

Even some of them thanks to the club owns the land where today the team plays. All this we believe that you have never been clear.

In addition, each fan, Mr. Emery, puts his hand. The first feeling, the latter an important part of the economy of renewing club passes, buying tickets, merchandising, etc ... And not long ago some of the fans spent more than 20 million buying shares.

We do this by a feeling that is born within us. Feeling that you have shown not understand.

This is the difference between you, Mr. Emery, the entity charged Valencia, as the players and the president of Valencia CF S.A.D. and we, subscribers and shareholders, who pay only. He says that you and President "are screwed." How will the fans according to you? ¿Baliando and clapping for joy?

We invest our heritage so that people like you live very well. That's the difference between you and many shareholders whose efforts raise the club daily.

Do not pamper from APAVCF who doubts the partner, shareholder and fan club. Not that we have to say what to do or say. How dare you say that pelemos by Valencia CF and when we give everything for him?

The fans at the Mestalla exposes his feelings at all times. But remember you must have done something wrong when he has never engaged with the crowd, which you have conveyed that "half and half."

Mr. Emery in his statements raise the question whether we realize it or not. See if we are so aware that we put up with four years.

Everything has an end. The subscriber has already woken up and says "I no longer sell the donkey lame and blind is a thoroughbred" in reference to their team play. We're tired of mediocre in all areas of the club, although some of us want to believe otherwise.

Mediocrity is not success, and we deny this. This club only want people who is prepared to withstand the demands and pressures of our hobby. Always in search of success, that in these four years have never gone out of his hand.

Amunt Valencia!

Board of Directors of the Association of Small Shareholders Valencia CF S.A.D.

Unai is released mane

Unai Emery yesterday was coated with the institutional habits of the club. "Sometimes I am the spokesperson and I have no fear to say what others dare not." The coach was referring to public address, and critically, to the fans. Uninhibited, daring, brave and respectful, Emery asked the crowd that "a step forward" and demanded more support for the team. "It's good that requires Mestalla but also" threw his rebuke with accompanying gestures.

Without trying to upload to the public, which he defined as "leaders" because football "is mounted to them," said Emery insisted that the fans represents the "essence" and "feeling" of the club. Spontaneous and very talkative, requested the preparation Basque tier 'syrup' to the team. "There are players who, although they are professionals and should be used, the murmurs were destabilized. We trust, "he claimed. "The union is strength and we need the fans," he testified. "I know that if we were in a difficult situation, support would be disproportionate and would mobilize all our support. It would be nice to give the union "report that Voro held after representing the team, had told how the Valencia CF turned the team in second and how, during the last decade, the team had wrapped up on time. "I am convinced that if we reached the final of the Europa League, the fans will be mobilized en masse, but to get to that point is the time you need to feel that confidence," he reflected.

At times too honest and bold, this topic is taboo for coaches and players, the fans asked to 'take the team to back him up and in the field "and leave it until the end of the match displaying his discomfort. Self-critical to the game - "I know we've done many things wrong," he admitted was sympathetic with discontent, despite "being the third team. "The fans are angry, but you know how I'm doing, how is the president? On Thursday I spent all day and just fucked up. We have to give, we know. I give them confidence to the players, all of the supermarket, but I need some confidence "claimed.

Basque, in his fourth season at Valencia, when all indications are that the cycle ends, launched a public commitment, "Things can go good or bad, but I'll kill myself, and it is my obligation to try to do your best and make things right. " "Above the personal interests, I have always tried to do the best for Valencia," he confessed.

"I know we've done things wrong, but good. We are optimistic and we have arguments, but must be improved. We know there is something we are doing wrong and we should correct, "he reflected. And was asked for support from a hobby "faithful" but very demanding. "What will the coach? For it is the coach. Or the president. Or the players. But this will be the feeling, the essence, the fans. Fight for the Valencia, be united, "he claimed. "To my successor, if I have the opportunity, I will say to try to achieve the unity that I have not got it ', was sincere.

"Sometimes someone says a player: This is not a kick in a boat, and the player hears. It is the worst insult to a player and if you listen know there are many doubts. But I say to him: I do not hear, you're the fucking boss "revealed. "The players I say we win on Saturday. They are people, laugh, cry, ... On Wednesday we knew we had failed and were annoyed, as it should be. After the game against Mallorca heard some laughter in the hall, I went out and said "but this, what is it, and all were silent," he continued.

"To me it comes when people say to me when I lost the Valencia did not have dinner. A hobby costs you money to see us. The other day the team does not succeed, people get nervous and there are players who say they play so hard. I tell them to be overcome, but you have to put on your skin, "he argued.

In fifty-minute press conference, which aired Emery be very comfortable, the coach acknowledged that sometimes had to "dumb" to silence or no relevance to certain problems.

Getafe recognized that the team "has a lot to improve"
Emery trusts that, against Getafe, Valencia "again be a solid team," and acknowledged that "more must be done because, with what is being done so far, are approaching much the other teams." "The team is in two ways: one out, showing strong in the game but especially in the result, and the other at home, where curiously in these last two games, which game has created more and more fence has been won, not won, "he reflected. Thus, to Emery, the team "needs to improve certain aspects, of course."
"When we have to be optimistic, a pessimistic result gives us. The two victories give us another composition deserved the moment. You can see the good, which is the team play, or bad, that is the result. The truth is that we're doing something wrong, "he admitted.

Emery provides for a meeting today pra "very difficult" because it is "a team led by Luis Garcia, who has won at Barcelona and has lost three of thirteen at home." On the absence in the call for Dealbert, Emery justified that "is not left out because of a failure," but "on balance". "If I had to weigh Dealbert failure with its good, I won by a landslide. Is an example. It has been left out for balance, we have to Ricardo Costa who can play center or side. By invitation, he has had to rest justified.

SERGIO CANALES will be helping 'within weeks'

Sergio Canales is very close to the light at the end of the tunnel, the six-month ordeal low outside pitch-after knee ligament tear that occurred in the past Valencia-Athletic-October 23 is Just a few days come to an end. Next week the Cantabrian player will return to training with the group. After many months of hard work in solo sessions, Sergio will be surrounded by colleagues on Monday 26 March. From there, you subtract channels from two to three weeks to adapt to the workload before returning to racing in the colors of the VCF.

The 21-year midfielder yesterday conveyed through your personal account on Twitter, the joy that the final lesion approaches. 'Good morning' s friends, today was my last workout recovery. I hope to be in the coming weeks to help the team. A hug, "published in futblista popular social network.

On Friday evening, while the team was training behind closed doors at the Mini Stadium Sports City, Canal was brought alongside the last recovery Jordi Sorli. The player trained with the ball in the cage called reduced dimensions. The good humor of the young southpaw could check with the banter he had with Sorli, as it faced the recovery in a game of one on one.

Medical evidence to Miguel
The other injured also worked separately in Paterna. Banega continues magnetotherapy treatment after the acute fracture of tibia and fibula. Miguel Brito, meanwhile, went on the lawn of the outermost field to continue their work of circuits with ball in order to be aggregated to the group next week. The Portuguese were injured at Camp Nou on 19 February and, then, fixed an estimated period for recovery would vary, depending on their evolution, four to six weeks. After the Portuguese left the session to submit to a new resonance control.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dealbert and Maduro are not going to Getafe

After training this morning of Saturday, March 23 at the Sports City Paterna, Unai Emery has called up 18 players for the league match between Valencia CF and Getafe CF (Saturday, March 24, 22:00 pm, Coliseum Alfonso Perez) for Week 30 of La Liga. The presence of Ricardo Costa, at the expense of Angel Dealbert, and the return of Tino Costa after serving two-match ban after the meeting that lecayeron against Mallorca. Nor is the call, a technical decision, Maduro, while injury has left out Sergio Canales, who announced on Twitter that has made his last training Retrieving and that next week he joined the group, Ever Banega and Miguel Brito and Antonio Barragan, signed by accumulation of cautions.

* Goalkeepers: Diego Alves, Guaita.

* Defenders: Bruno, Victor Ruiz, Rami, Ricado Costa, Jordi Alba, Mathieu.

* Center field: Albelda, Tino Costa, Topal, Parejo, Feghouli, Pablo Piatti.

* Forwards: Jonas, Aduriz, Soldier.

'Fight for Valencia, stay united'

Valencia coach Unai Emery has asked the fans "to take the team to back him up and in the field" and acknowledged that in recent home games, which have suffered adverse outcomes, "the fault of the team at eighty percent and the other twenty is to be found. " "The fans are angry, but you know how I'm doing, how is the president? We have to give, we know. I give them confidence to the players, all of the supermarket, but I also need confidence," stated coach .

The Basque coach, who has continued his analysis of recent games, in which the fans whistling over the team, acknowledged that "need" to the fans, and has admitted that Wednesday fans "had just upset," but asked that "sometimes take a step forward."

"What will the coach? For it is the coach. Or the president. Or the players. But this will be the feeling, the essence, the fans. Fight for Valencia, be united," he claimed Emery.

Valencia coach explained that the team "failed against Zaragoza," but also "has done many things right" and emphasized that "if the player hears many whistles, it costs."

"Sometimes someone says a player: This is not a kick in a boat, and the player hears. It is the worst insult to a player and if you listen to know that there are many doubts. But I say to him: Do not hear, you're the fucking boss, "he revealed.

"The players I say we win on Saturday. Are people, laugh, cry, ... On Wednesday we knew we had failed, were hurt, as it should be. After the game against Mallorca heard some laughter and said" but this what is it? "he continued.

"I come when people say to me when I lost the Valencia did not have dinner. A hobby costs you money to see us. The other day the team does not succeed, people get nervous and there are players who say it is difficult to the fans when he gets a game are twisted with bitterness toward the team, "he added.

Valencia coach recalled that the team remains third in the league, and was convinced that if we played this place in the last day, "the fans would be mobilized."

"The third, which is the maximum because we can not fight against Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the day you play to win to achieve this, the crowd moves. We have lost the advantage we had, we are concerned, but all teams are ups and downs, "he stated.

Asked if the fans would accept a fifth season with him at the helm, replied that "now is not worth that question today and it all depends on what you do now. On the work of this now and then builds the future. "

"I will not never against my bosses, the fans, but I have to ask. My responsibility is to think about tomorrow's match, if not, would not be here. Players were identified who were and are no longer lie" recognized.

"We all have an expiration date, but I will not fail in my moments, although I have bad days and yesterday I spent a day fucking, myself," he underlined.

Llorente Pochettino personally called to be the next coach of Valencia

Three defeats and a draw in the last six games the fans have brought the stands of white dyed them Wednesday. "We will return the handkerchiefs in their pockets," said Unai Emery after losing at home to bottom club. The coach of Valencia, in the same room, admitted that "maybe" your cycle in the whole milk had come to an end. To some extent, it depends on him, or the results of his team because the decision is taken from above and the president, Manuel Llorente, who is personally undertook to seek a substitute: Mauricio Pochettino is a priority and Argentina, with good tone, told the president's request that remains League and to call back in June.

Unai Emery is the longest followed leads in the current Liga technicians. And it is not easy because it works for one of the most demanding hobbies competition. Despite being third in the league and qualified for the quarterfinals of the Europa League on Wednesday, the fans sent a message of renewal. The 'pañolada' was in two directions: bench and box. In the latter case, the most affected, the president had set to work ahead of next season.

Last year Llorente Luis García contacted at that time in the Levant, to bear the ship Valencia. There was no agreement and now, Getafe, no longer interested. Currently, one of the priorities is Pochettino, coach of Sevilla contacted at the time and, today, is centered at RCD Espanyol. In Argentina have emerged more 'girlfriends' as there is a foreign club pending their future, in addition to monitoring have been made since Barcelona and Real Madrid. Mauritius is fashionable.

Emery is aware of calls Llorente

In all these movements is aware Unai Emery. Basque is sitting on the bench at Mestalla because the policy did not find a replacement to its height last summer. Since June, it may be something similar.

The 'dissent' Valencia wants something more than a third in league and League well in Europe. "We must work to feel strong in our house, and seek and find." Emery does not throw in the towel and used to being hit on and off the pitch. His personality fits with the instability in a job like yours.

Emery seeks team

Valencia is looking for a coach. It uncovered evidence that a few weeks ago this newspaper. It was the first public sign that the cycle of Unai Emery's Valencia had come to an end. The second corresponded to Unai Emery.

On Tuesday afternoon, in the press room of the sports city of Paterson, when asked if after this his fourth season at Valencia, could this be the end of its cycle, the coach replied with a terse but sincere "can be." There's more, now, as has been told this newspaper, the Valencia coach is still looking for team for next season.

Malaga to Valencia pinches

The Malaga in a match winning goal, got the fifth straight win at home to Rayo Vallecano, who was ahead on the scoreboard, but the Venezuelan striker Jose Salomon Rondon, was the architect of the comeback with two goals.

The set came out determined to rayista by the party, with an offensive approach and the first action surprised to Malaga with a penalty of Gamez, who zancadilleó to Armenteros when entering the area. His teammate Diego Costa turned him into a minute 5.

Malaga, which was not expected that action, calmed his game and took the lead, with Cazorla, Isco and Joaquin. Cadiz midfielder had the tie but its launch Joel stopped him. The group quickly Malaga played by bands and placed the Lightning in their own area.

Weligton defender, he could draw, but his header hit the crossbar. The team was around malaguista goal, the goal of Joel besieged with many approaches, but without an equalizer.

This came after a move from Cazorla and Eliseu, with center of Portuguese who headed Rondon in the small area.

The meeting went into another dimension, although the Malaga down the piston, saved energy for the second half and the Lightning forward lines to try to scare the locals, something that did not happen.

The start of the second part was the Lightning, expeditious, without complexes, Knight was around the goal with a throw of Piti, which cleared Knight Married and a center who played in Gamez and nearly introduced by the parable that takes the ball and saved Caballero.

Malaga, despite the impetus rayista, did not lose his composure and Rondon, could unbalance the scoring but his shot was off by a few centimeters. The second did not miss the Venezuelan because Eliseu took a pass and the penalty spot, the striker turned around and beat on low to Joel strong shot satin.

The premises were runaway and Italian Enzo Maresca, fresh from the field, said the meeting with a header after a cross from Gamez. The Lightning had suffered a setback Vallecano important, but continued to attack and scored again from the penalty spot that made him Knight Diego coast, who scored Trashorras.

Had nine minutes to get the comeback, but Doubt, released by Cazorla, hollow and saw his shot from over a hundred feet, entered the square, making it clear who was boss in the game. In the end, victory and fifth in the standings, tied with the Levant.

- Specifications:
4. - Malaga CF: Caballero, Gamez, Mathijsen, Weligton, Monreal, Joaquin (Sebastian Fernandez, m. 76), Demichelis, Cazorla (Duda, m. 84), Eliseu (Maresca, m. 67); Isco and Rondon.

2. - Rayo Vallecano: Joel Titus, Arribas (Tamudo, m. 84), Pulido, Married, Piti, Movilla (Trashorras, m. 71), Javi Fuego, Armenteros (Lass, m. 60); Michu and Diego Costa .

Goals: 0-1, M. 5: Diego Costa penalty. 1-1, M. 35: Rondon. 2-1, M. 58: Rondon. 3-1, M. 69: Maresca. 3-2, M. 84: Trashorras, a penalty. 4-2, M. 85: Doubt.

Referee: Mateu Lahoz (College Valencia). He showed yellow card to malaguistas Gamez (M.4), Maresca (c. 69), Knight (c. 83), and the Lightning players Vallecano Arribas (c. 10), Diego Costa (c. 20), Tito ( m. 31), Married (M.33).

Incidents: Party for the twenty-ninth day of the season played at the stadium in the Rose Garden before 30,000 spectators.

The end loses AZ

Heracles Almelo host the Cup final against PSV Eindhoven Netherlands, after winning against prognosis and home to AZ Alkmaar, Valencia's rival in the Europa League League leader of his country and was eliminated today extension, which conceded two goals (2-4).

Thomas Bruns, in minute 110, and Children Gouriye, at 120, sealed a historical classification of your team, twelfth in the league and will play the Cup final for the first time after the break ended 2-2 with 90 minutes, in which Adam Johann Berg Gudmundsson Maher and had achieved many of AZ and Brazilian and Ghanaian Kwame Everton Qwansah those of Heracles.

His final opponent will be the PSV Eindhoven, who beat Heerenveen on Wednesday by 1-3 in the other semifinal.

Moya: "If I were Angel Torres, I would sign '

Miguel Angel Moya, a player on loan from Valencia, Getafe until June, joked at a press conference today and said that if its president, Angel Torres, one who decides whether to continue next year in Madrid set , it would sign himself.

"It's a question for Angel Torres, but if I have to answer me, of course I would sign is evident. But joking aside, it's something that not only has to decide Angel Torres, who has an opinion, but also the technical and sporting director. not just decide to Moya, but of future signings or players in and out. For my part, I am happy and stay is a shuffle option quite important, "he said.

All Madrid goalkeeper was one of the protagonists of his team tie at the Reyno de Navarra against Osasuna in the last game of the season. With stops, kept goal for Getafe undefeated and won a spot for the men of Luis Garcia. For his good season, his stay at the club was one of the most insistent of his appearance before the media.

"The season's going great. What I seek is to be happy and I'm still here. Do not see why not stay. But there are many factors that influence it. I have a contract with Valencia, Getafe have the option to purchase. It so easy that if at the time of the purchase option could be exercised, and I was happy with the conditions, go ahead, "he said.

"I have to see the options that I may have. But if I have a choice to stay in Getafe, I'm happy and I for one would not mind. But many things can happen that I could attract. But I'm here happy and I think it shows, "he added.

"Not that I'm thinking not uncommon for the coming year, I just mean the issue Getafe and Valencia. It is clear that if an individual stands on your computer may have options as there are more options in the future. But I focus to do well this season. I had a difficult year in Valencia and I'm happy here. 'Day by day I live here is what I pleased. If next year I find some option that makes me feel like, because at that I'm gonna get, "he said.

He also referred to the meeting place on Saturday against his former teammates of Valencia, who will visit the Coliseum Alfonso Perez sport at a bad time after losing to the last of the classification, Zaragoza.

"People sometimes say that when a team has touched off a loss, could be worse. But I prefer that Valencia played and take advantage comes that moment of doubt and uncertainty. Valencia prefer to lose than to come to Valencia comes with five straight wins, "he said.

In the set of Unai Emery will find Roberto Soldado, a former player of Getafe last term coincided with Moya on the computer. The keeper of the whole "Mallard" recalled the passage of the front by the Coliseum last season, scoring four goals in the top Madrid.

"I was at Valencia, I saw the match and said .." Go son, to be your former team, you too ... "to score four goals is difficult, but I think it was a bittersweet day for Him. His colors now are Valencia and has to defend their interests. Angry, or wanting to make, are all forwards. always a war in a good way. "

"It's a special game for me. Redeem myself, I do it all season and I'm satisfied. My goal is to remain the same. Valencia is the team, in quotes, to which I belong by contract. But now defend against Getafe and my goal is to win that game, "he concluded.